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Chapter 370: Continue to Face Slap, If the Old Does Not Go, the New would Not Come

If Xiao Ye could still tolerate being provoked by Aaron three or four times, then he was no longer a man.

Xiao Ye threw the empty bottle in his hand onto the ground. He rushed over and grabbed hold of Aaron’s collar. He questioned him angrily, “Are you looking for death! Do you think that with Han Zhan protecting you, I won’t dare to touch you?”

Aaron cracked his lips, revealing a mouthful of white teeth and two deep dimples. He looked indescribably cute and charming.

“Come on, attack me.” Aaron pointed at his own mouth and said, “My mouth is especially cheap, attack me!”

Xiao Ye raised his hand and was about to hit him when he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly looked towards a corner of the roof. Sure enough, there was a surveillance camera there.

Xiao Ye let go of Aaron. He gritted his teeth and stared at Aaron, saying, “Wait and see!”


The group of players inside had finished hunting. It was finally Aaron and Xiao Ye’s turn. Aaron picked up a shotgun and walked with Xiao Ye to the small train on the mountain.

The small train circled around the vast and boundless forest before finally placing the two of them at the entrance of the hunting grounds.

The conductor explained the rules to them. “You have two hours to hunt. The animals in the hunting grounds are created for 3D projection technology. No player is allowed to hunt live creatures.”

“Alright, you can go in now.”

The gate of the hunting ground opened with a rumble. Aaron was the first to lift his legs that were wearing military boots and walked into the hunting ground without looking back.

Xiao Ye stood at the periphery and pondered for a while. In the end, he also picked up his gun and walked in.

The radius of five miles was the hunting grounds. There was a wall outside the hunting grounds, so the players would not get lost or leave the hunting grounds.

Xiao Ye had just walked inside for a few minutes when he saw a 3D projection of a moose. He hurriedly raised his shotgun and aimed at the moose, but before he could fire, he heard a bang, and the moose fell to the ground and disappeared instantly.

Xiao Ye looked up angrily and saw Xiang sitting on a tree, holding a gun in his arms and swinging his legs in the air. “I found him first!”

“But I killed it first. Just because you saw it first doesn’t mean it belongs to you.” Aaron made a face at Xiao Ye. He raised his middle finger and scolded with a smile, “Trash!”

Xiao Ye took a deep breath and continued walking forward.

This time, Aaron didn’t follow him. The two played on their own. However, the gunshots were so loud that Xiao Ye could always hear the continuous gunshots in the forest.

How many prey did Aaron hunt?

Xiao Ye looked at his countdown clock. He had just killed three prey. Xiao Ye suspected that Aaron was putting on an act and opening fire to show him.

An hour and a half later, Xiao Ye arrived at the center of the hunting field. At the center, the size of the prey was getting smaller and smaller, and the number of prey was also increasing. The chances of hitting the prey were getting lower and lower.

Xiao Ye had been busy for more than ten minutes, but he only hit three or four prey by sheer luck. He was a little tired, so he sat down and drank some water.

At this moment, Aaron sauntered over from afar. He had a shotgun in both hands and was chewing on a piece of wild grass. He looked like a gangster.

Xiao Ye sized up Aaron, thinking deeply that this man had nothing but good looks.

Why would Yanyan like this guy?

Did Yanyan like this person, or did she like his identity as Han Zhan’s younger brother?

Xiao Ye speculated about all kinds of possibilities in his heart, but he did not believe that Yanyan and Ah Rang were truly in love. In fact, what he thought in his heart represented how he viewed Nan Yan.

From the moment he thought that Nan Yanyan and Aaron were together because of Aaron’s identity, Nan Yanyan had already become a vain girl in his heart.

Aaron walked to Xiao Ye and extended his left arm to Xiao Ye.

Aaron was wearing a black meter on his left wrist. Xiao Ye sat up straight and stared at the meter on Aaron’s wrist. The number on it was’ 36 ‘, while the number on his meter was’ 12 ‘.

He lost.

Aaron looked down at him from above. “You lost.” After saying that, Aaron paused.

He removed the watch from his wrist and set both the watch and the shotgun on the floor. “You lost the game. In love, you lost to me too.” Aaron’s tone was defiant.

Xiao Ye stood up abruptly and looked up, his face full of indignation. “I broke up with her a long time ago. After we broke up, it’s her own business who she wants to love and who she wants to marry. So, I didn’t lose.”

Aaron laughed out loud. “Since we broke up a long time ago, why do you still have her photo in your computer? I saw it. In that photo album, there’s not only the photo from six years ago but also recent ones. Xiao Ye, you can fool anyone but me.”

Hearing this, Xiao Ye’s expression changed slightly and anger flashed across his face. “You hacked my computer?”

Aaron shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry, I accidentally saw it.”

“F*ck you!” Xiao Ye threw his gun away, raised his knee and was about to hit Aaron.

Aaron quickly took half a step back and stretched out his fist. When his fist was about to reach Xiao Ye, he turned his fist into a palm and slapped Xiao Ye’s chest.

Xiao Ye felt as if he had been hit in the chest by a huge hammer. His organs trembled a few times.

Xiao Ye’s expression changed in pain.

He raised his head and stared at Aaron with his gloomy eyes. “You asked for this!” Xiao Ye looked around and realized that there were no surveillance cameras here. He immediately revealed a fierce look.

Xiao Ye had learned some fighting skills, so he wasn’t very good, but he was more than enough to deal with Aaron. Thinking like this, Xiao Ye was confident and raised his fist to attack Aaron.

Aaron did not dodge.

Xiao Ye thought his sneak attack was going to succeed, but he saw Aaron suddenly pull something out from behind his waist.

Xiao Ye’s fist met that thing head-on.

His fist was pressed against something cold, and the hair on Xiao Ye’s back stood up. He stopped and stared at the weapon in Aaron’s hand in bewilderment.

Aaron was holding a gun!

It was a small black pistol that emitted a cold aura!

Xiao Ye had lived for more than thirty years, and this was the first time he had encountered a real gun. Humans had a natural fear of firearms, so Xiao Ye didn’t dare to move.

He stared at the gun as various thoughts flashed through his mind.

Was this a real gun or a fake one?

If it was a real gun, where did Aaron get it from?

It was as if Aaron knew how to mind read, as he could see through Xiao Ye’s genuine thoughts immediately. “Are you curious to know if this is a real or fake gun?”

The right hand that was holding the gun suddenly turned around and pressed the trigger on a tree on the right.


The sound was deafening. It was much louder than the shotgun they were playing with!

Xiao Ye stared at the tree trunk that was almost pierced through by bullets. His red face turned pale.

Pulling back his pistol, Aaron blew at the smoking muzzle. “It’s a real gun!” he said mischievously. He even smiled, revealing his cute dimples.

Xiao Ye looked at Jean with a stiff expression. He felt a chill down his spine. “You…” Xiao Ye’s hands were sweating. He stared at the small black pistol and asked,” You want to kill me? ”

“No, no, no!” Aaron shook the gun in his hand. “I’m a good person. I swore that I would never kill the innocent again.”

Xiao Ye was about to heave a sigh of relief when he saw Aaron raise the gun and press it against his temple.

Xiao Ye’s body stiffened and his breathing became heavy.

“Xiao Ye, if you listen to me, I won’t hurt you.” Aaron raised his gun and walked around Xiao Ye.

Xiao Ye squeezed out a few syllables from his throat. “What do you want me to do?”

Aaron walked to Xiao Ye and stood still. He lowered his head and blew at Xiao Ye’s eyelashes. Xiao Ye did not move, afraid that if he moved, he would anger Aaron.

Aaron was bored, so he asked directly, “I want you to write a confession letter and publish it on the Internet, confessing to how you and Lu Qingqing betrayed Nan Yanyan six years ago. I want you to apologize to Nan Yanyan in front of everyone.”

Xiao Ye’s lips moved, wanting to bargain.

But Aaron didn’t give him a chance.

“Don’t try to bargain with me. I hate it when people bargain with me. I’ll give you two choices. One, publicly apologize to Nan Yanyan. Two…”

He held the muzzle of the gun against Xiao Ye’s temple and smiled lightly. His voice followed, “I will destroy your reputation.”

“Who do you think you are? Just because you are Han Zhan’s younger brother, do you really think you can cover the sky with one hand?” Xiao Ye was angered to death by Aaron’s arrogant look.

“Shoot me if you dare! In this country, killing people with guns is a big crime! Do you think you can escape by killing me?” Xiao Ye finally found his confidence.

No matter how powerful Aaron’s background was, he had to admit to his crime after killing someone.

No matter how powerful you are, can you still be above the law?

Aaron thought this was funny. “Of course I can’t cover everything with one hand. I never said I was going to kill you.”

Aaron pulled back his pistol and wrapped it around his index finger. He twirled it with his index finger and said, “Three years ago, there was a car accident on Wangshan Road. The accident killed a junior high school student who came home from school at night. The driver of the accident drove away.”

“Wangjiang Road was just opened at that time. The surveillance equipment was incomplete, and the driver’s license plate and face were not taken…”

Xiao Ye listened to Aaron’s accurate account of the car accident that night with a dull expression. He felt as if he had fallen into an icehouse and all his bones were frozen.

“You…” Xiao Ye sat on the ground in sorrow. He looked up at the tall figure of Aaron and couldn’t help asking,” How did you know? ”

Aaron squatted down and admired Xiao Ye’s dejected look. “This is what our special logistics department is doing. Great God Xiao, do you think this news is enough to ruin your reputation?”

Not only would his reputation be ruined, he would even go to jail!

“Mr. Xiao, if you want to apologize, please do it quickly. I’m a person who does whatever I want. Maybe I’ll change my mind later.”

With that, Aaron picked up the countdown timer and the shotgun from the ground and walked away humming. “Little boy, carry that schoolbag to school. Don’t be afraid of the sun or the storm…”

Aaron walked away, but the song was still playing in Xiao Ye’s ears.

Xiao Ye sat on the ground, his expression constantly changing. In the end, he stood up with the help of the tree behind him, patted off the dust on his butt, and then followed the path down the mountain.

Down the hill, the little train was still waiting for him.

Aaron was getting impatient and decided to take a nap in the train.

Xiao Ye quietly got on the train and chose the seat furthest away from Aaron to sit down. It was only when the train stopped at the ground floor of the club that Aaron took off his cap and stood up, preparing to get off.

Just then, Xiao Ye stood up as well. He walked behind Aaron and said in a voice no one else could hear, “I’ll apologize.”

Aaron smirked and reminded him, “You have to be sincere.”

After returning to the changing room and taking a shower, Aaron changed into his shirt and trousers, picked up his car keys and left. In the lobby on the first floor, he brushed past a man in a denim shirt.

After walking a distance, Aaron suddenly turned around and stared at the back of the man in denim. He shouted uncertainly, “Mu Feng?”

That person stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around, looking at Aaron thoughtfully.

The cowboy wore a baseball cap that covered his hair. He was very thin and looked weak.

Aaron walked over to the cowboy. He stared into the man’s face. “That mask looks real on you,” he said suddenly. “Did you go to Zurich and ask Suzanne to make it?”

“How did you recognize me?” Mu Feng’s voice was cold like a weapon striking a stone. It was clear and emotionless.

“At least we have carried out a few missions together. Speaking of which, why are you hiding in Wangdong City?” Aaron pointed at the other party’s face and said, “You even wore a mask.”

“Mu Feng” smiled. “I’ve turned good. What about you? Why are you also in Wangdong City?”

Aaron shrugged and smiled. “I’ve also turned good.”

“Is that so? Delivery Young Prince Harley.” There was a hint of laughter in Mu Feng’s tone.

Aaron laughed. “I’ll get married in three days. Do you want to come? I won’t charge you for your share since we’ve been through life and death together.”

‘Mu Feng’ pondered for a moment before saying, “We’ll talk about it when the time comes.”

“Mmm, okay.”

Aaron waved to the other party and turned his car keys with his index finger before walking away.

“Mu Feng” stared at Aaron’s back for a while before he turned and walked to the office on the second floor. He had just sat down when the manager of the club knocked on the door and walked in.


The manager walked in with a tray. He placed the tray in front of Mu Feng and said respectfully, “Boss, I went to the scene and found this bullet and a shell.”

Mu Feng reached down and picked up the bullets and shells from the tray. He touched them without making a sound.

“Boss, this person dares to play with real guns at our place. What do you think we should do with him?”

Mu Feng threw the bullets and shells back onto the tray. “It’s all right. I know this person.” Mu Feng pointed at the items on the tray and said to the manager, “Take them out and destroy them. Don’t leave any traces.”

“Yes, boss.”

After the manager left, Mu Feng changed into a camouflage uniform, got on the small train, and entered the hunting grounds alone. After he entered the hunting grounds, gunshots rang incessantly in the hunting grounds, startling the birds in the forest to the point of flying out of the forest.

When it was almost dark, Mu Feng walked out of the hunting ground.

He returned to his office, showered, and was drying himself when the phone on his desk rang.

Mu Feng picked up his Bluetooth earphone and put it on. He picked up the phone and heard a smiling female voice on the phone. “Jiang Bi, I’ve picked my dress. Do you want to come over and try?”

Mu Feng stared at the man’s skinny body in the mirror. He calmly wiped his wet hair and asked helplessly, “Must I wear a dress?”

Han Wangwang nodded. “Of course. I want to wear sister outfits with you.”

Jiang Bi put on his pants and tied his belt while asking, “Aren’t they couple outfits?”

Han Wangwang was probably shy. She stayed silent for a while before saying, “Are you coming or not?”

“I’m not in the city now, so it might be a little late to go back. Take one according to my size. I’ll try it on at your place later.”


The wedding of Aaron and Nan Yanyan was going to be held at Imperial Dragon Manor. On this afternoon, the employees of the wedding company arrived at the venue on time.

The wedding was going to be held on the big lawn in the backyard of the manor. The venue was very spacious and could accommodate hundreds of people. The wedding planning plan had been discussed long ago, so the wedding planning company only needed to check the details with Song Ci and the rest.

After carefully checking the venue and wedding decorations, the manager remembered something and asked Song Ci, “Mrs. Han, have you found the flower girl at the wedding? I want a golden couple.”

Han Miao immediately raised her hand and said, “I’ll do it!”

Seeing that Han Jun didn’t say anything, Song Ci asked her, “Don’t you want to come?”

Han Miao also looked at Han Jun.

Han Jun looked up at Song Ci and asked, “Mom, can I be the bride?”

Everyone laughed.

Yan Qingxiu hurriedly covered Han Jun’s mouth and hugged her. “Jun Jun will only become a bride when she grows up.”

Han Jun immediately pouted. “Then I won’t.”

It was meaningless to be a flower girl. It was better to be a bride.

The wedding team verified all the details and was about to leave when Aaron happened to return. They talked to Aaron about a few more details before leaving.

At night, the designer came to the Han family and sent the groom and Han family’s gowns over. Aaron went back to his room to change into the groom’s attire and only took it off after confirming that it was fitting.

After dinner, Aaron returned to his room and changed into the groom’s attire.

There was an activity room outside his bedroom. He usually played games in the activity room. There was a mirror on the wall of the activity room. Aaron was wearing a groom’s outfit and practicing his steps during the wedding ceremony in front of the mirror.

He walked back and forth a few times before he realized that the door had been opened. Han Zhan was standing under the door, looking at him with a faint smile.

Aaron’s face turned red. He quickly closed his legs and glared at Han Zhan. “Hoff, how long have you been peeking?”

Han Zhan said, “Since when did your vigilance become so low? You didn’t even know that someone pushed open your bedroom door.”

Aaron was stunned.

Yes, when did I become so careless?

“This is home. At home, you don’t have to be on tenterhooks,” Aaron looked at Han Zhan and said.

Han Zhan looked at him with a gratified expression. He strode towards Aaron and raised his hand to rub Aaron’s golden fur into a mess. “You’ve grown up. You’re getting married.”

Aaron slapped Han Zhan’s hand away. He tidied his hair seriously and looked at the man with blond hair and blue eyes in the mirror. He murmured, “I’m getting married. I’m actually getting married.”

Han Zhan knew what Aaron was thinking. He held Aaron’s shoulders and said to him, “This is just the beginning. Soon, you will become a woman’s husband, the son-in-law of the two elders, and the father of the baby…”

“Aaron, no matter how bitter the past is, it’s all in the past. The future will definitely be better.”

Aaron smiled embarrassedly. “Don’t be so mushy.” He pushed Han Zhan away and walked one round in front of the mirror. Then, he turned his head and asked Han Zhan, “How is it? If I walk like this, will my lame leg be obvious?”

Although the leg he lacked when he was young had been treated, it was slightly shorter than the other leg, so when he walked faster, he would become a little lame.

Han Zhan said, “No, that’s good.”

“That’s good.”

Han Rang practiced for a while and grasped the technique of walking during the wedding ceremony. Only then did he take off his suit and changed into his casual pajamas, lying on the sofa and browsing Xiao Ye’s Weibo.

He opened Weibo and saw that Xiao Ye had sent an apology letter half an hour ago.

Xiao Ye was a real boy in the eSports scene, an existence akin to Top 1. He had more than seven million fans on Weibo and more than a hundred thousand live fans. When his apology letter was written, the entire internet was shocked.

Xiao Ye’s apology was sincere. In the apology letter, he wrote about how he had wooed Nan Yanyan back then, how he had made a touching promise to Nan Yanyan, and how he had hooked up with Lu Qingqing.

After reading the apology letter, his fans were shocked. The netizens were impressed by how shameless this adulterous couple was. Some netizens felt sorry for Nan Yanyan and went to her Weibo to leave messages of concern.

There was a keyboard company that wanted to find Yule to endorse a type of keyboard. Nan Yanyan was in the midst of negotiating with them about cooperation matters, so she had no idea what was going on online. When Captain Yule was livestreaming, he noticed that someone had left a comment in the comments section.

After seeing Xiao Ye’s Weibo, Yule ran to tell Nan Yanyan, “Manager, God Xiao posted a long message on Weibo, apologizing to you publicly.”

Nan Yanyan asked without raising her head, “Apologize? To me?”

“Yes. He wrote a long paragraph about the betrayal between him and Lu Qingqing. You can take a look. I’m still livestreaming, I’ll get going first.”

After Yule brought the news, he continued the live broadcast.

After exchanging a few words with the advertiser, Nan Yanyan closed the chat box. She took out her phone, which was charging, and opened her application. Her private message box had exploded.

Nan Yanyan realized that many people were @ -ing her. She opened it and took a quick glance before entering Xiao Ye’s Weibo page.

Xiao Ye had pinned the apology letter to the top. The moment Nan Yanyan entered his homepage, she saw it.

Xiao YeV:

[Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Ye, ex eSports team captain of Team Faith.

I want to apologize to all the fans who like me, trust me, and defend me. I also want to apologize to Miss Nan Yanyan, who has wrongly loved me.

At noon today, a video suddenly circulated online. The two female leads in the video were my current girlfriend and my first love and ex-girlfriend. There were many speculations about this video.

I decided to tell everyone about my love affair with Nan Yanyan and Lu Qingqing.

When Dagger was 17 years old, our manager took a fancy to her. She stood out from the freshmen and became the only female eSports player in Team Faith.

She was extremely cute, naive, and smart. She was very good at playing games. I believe all the old fans knew that Dagher and I were the best partners. During those years in Team Faith, I shared every single glory with Dagher.

On her 18th birthday, I stumbled upon the fact that she was a fan of mine and had spent three consecutive years wishing me a happy birthday, confessing to me on my Weibo account. Because of this discovery, I paid more attention to her and cared for her. Slowly, I was attracted to her and started pursuing her.

When I was nineteen, I cooked a bowl of longevity noodles for Dagger. As I watched her eat it, I said, “Dagger, I want to cook you longevity noodles for the rest of your life.”

At that time, dagger’s face had turned red. She said, “Then, I’ll ask Brother Xiao to cook noodles for me for the rest of my life.”

I used to date her with the intention of cooking a lifetime’s worth of longevity noodles for her, but I only cooked for her for six years before I lost her.

In the sixth year of our relationship, I met Lu Qingqing, who was a female eSports commentator. Even knowing that I had a girlfriend, Lu Qingqing added me on WeChat and flirted with me.

During that period of time, I was tired of a dull and emotionless relationship. I couldn’t resist the temptation and was seduced by Lu Qingqing’s tricks.

I cheated.

Six years ago, on the night of my friend Huo Ansheng’s birthday party, my secret relationship with Lu Qingqing was discovered by Dagger.

Six years of long-distance running ended with me cheating. Dagger was disheartened and announced her withdrawal from the eSports scene, and Lu Qingqing and I naturally got together.

The video today was Lu Qingqing apologizing to dagger for her mistake. I, on the other hand, realized my mistake and am sincerely apologizing to dagger now.

I’m sorry, Dagger. I hurt you.

Brother Xiao wishes you a happy marriage and a happy life. @ NanyanV]

Nan Yanyan did not expect Xiao Ye to apologize.

There were a lot of weird things happening today. First, Lu Qingqing came to apologize while crying on her knees, and then Xiao Ye apologized sincerely on the Internet. No matter how you looked at it, it was all someone’s scheme.

There were more and more private messages from Nan Yanyan. Some were from her fans, and some were from her friends in the eSports scene.

Nan Yanyan ignored all of them.

However, after being tagged by Xiao Ye and getting onto the trending searches, if Nan Yanyan didn’t give a reply after a long time, everyone would be lost in their thoughts again. Thinking about it, Nan Yanyan finally responded to Xiao Ye’s apology.

Nanyan V: [When I was 19 years old, I used my first salary to buy a down jacket that cost 1000 yuan. After wearing it for many years, the down jacket was old and worn, but I couldn’t bear to change it. It wasn’t until many years later when I spent 10,000 yuan on a new down jacket that I realized that the new down jacket was warm, light, and fashionable.

If the old won’t go, the new won’t come.

I have a new down jacket. The old down jacket has been thrown into the rubbish bin.]

This was Nan Yanyan’s answer!

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