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Chapter 371: Scum and B*tch Attack Each Other

What a good [I have a new down jacket, the old down jacket has already been thrown into the trash bin]. Who was this new down jacket referring to, and who was the old down jacket hinting at? A smart person could tell at a glance.

The words’ if the old won’t go, the new won’t come ‘were spoken in a carefree and open manner. It was obvious that Nan Yanyan had really let go.

Initially, she was still brooding over Xiao Ye and Lu Qingqing’s betrayal. Occasionally, when she thought about it late at night, she would be unable to sleep at night. She was so angry that she wanted to drink a few mouthfuls of wine to relieve her boredom. But today, Lu Qingqing kneeling down to apologize and apologizing to Xiao Ye on the internet had completely vented Nan Yan’s anger.

Nan Yanyan let out a long breath and felt her body lighten up.

She opened WeChat and sent a message to Aaron: [Come to my place tonight?]

Aaron was about to go down the mountain when he arrived at the garage. When he heard his phone ring, Aaron picked it up and glanced at the message.

To her house?

Aaron: “Coming.”

Nan Yanyan received the message and smiled.

She put down her phone and continued talking to the advertisers.

After some time, Nan Yanyan heard someone knock on her office door. Nan Yanyan was typing on the keyboard. She stopped what she was doing and looked up at the closed door. “Please come in.”

The door was pushed open from the outside. A man in a gray Korean shirt and black suit pants leaned against the door, holding a dessert in his hand. He smiled so widely that his two deep dimples could be seen. He tilted his head and asked her, “Manager Nan, we passed by a restaurant and met your favorite Empress Xue. Do you want to eat?”

Nan Yanyan got up from the computer chair and placed her hands on the table. Her waist and hips formed an extremely alluring curve behind the table.

Aaron saw the perky hips shake deliberately. His eyes darkened and his throat tightened.

“Of course,” said Nanyan.

Knowing that she had succeeded, she stood up straight and walked towards Aaron. When Aaron realized that Nan Yan was not wearing high heels, he asked her, “What kind of fetish is this? You don’t wear shoes just because no one can see under the desk?”

“It’s more comfortable without shoes.”

Nan Yanyan was not wearing high heels, so she looked petite standing in front of Ah Rong.

She reached for the empressia, but Aaron did not let go.

Nan Yanyan raised her eyebrows and winked at him. Pretending to be confused, she asked, “Why? You bought it but can’t bear to let me eat it?”

Aaron was expressionless. He said, “You need to pay.”


Nan Yanyan’s satin shirt and skirt had no pockets. She deliberately used her hands to touch her entire body. Then, she spread her hands and sighed helplessly. “I don’t have any money on me. Looks like I can only pay with my flesh.”

Nan Yanyan tiptoed and pressed Aaron’s arms against the door, demanding a kiss.

Nan Yanyan only let go of Aaron after Nan Yanyan sucked all the oxygen out of him. Nan Yanyan crossed her legs in front of Aaron and raised her head, revealing a pair of lustful hazel eyes.

She swept her tongue across her lips and asked Aaron in a low voice, “How is it? Is this reward enough?”

Aaron didn’t dare to speak. He was afraid that Nan Yanyan would hear the panic and hoarseness in his voice. He didn’t dare to move either, afraid that Nan Yanyan would see his reaction.

He narrowed his eyes and extended the hand that held the Empress of China.

Nan Yanyan: “For me?”

“…for you.” Aaron’s voice was hoarse and filled with strong desire, making one’s bones soften.

Nan Yanyan grabbed the Empress of China and walked back to her desk. She threw the Empress of China on her desk and bent over to put on her high heels.

She grabbed her bag, then the Empress of China, and headed for the office door. At the door, she said to Aaron, “Come on, let’s go home.”

“… wait a few minutes.” Aaron sounded uncomfortable.

Nan Yanyan stopped in her tracks.

She turned her head slightly and glanced down at Aaron’s body, revealing a playful and smug look. “Take your time to tidy up. I’ll wait for you in the car.”

When Nan Yanyan went downstairs, the trainees saw her coming down alone and asked curiously, “Manager, why are you alone? Where’s the little prince?”

Nan Yanyan replied enigmatically, “The little prince is a little hot. He’s upstairs enjoying the breeze.”

Everyone was speechless.

The weather was indeed a little hot.

Nan Yanyan sat in Aaron’s car and waited for more than ten minutes before Aaron got off. He sat in the passenger seat with a cute expression. It seemed like he had regained his composure.

Nan Yanyan had finished eating the Empress Xue, but she was still hungry. “I’m not full yet,” she said.

“I’ll take you to eat something.”

Nan Yanyan asked Aaron, “What do you eat for dinner?”

The Han family’s food was not luxurious, but every meal had meat, vegetables, and soup. It was a balanced combination and the ingredients were exquisite. When Aaron reported a few dishes, it made Nan Yanyan drool.

“What are we going to eat tonight?” Nan Yanyan swallowed her saliva and said, “I want to eat roasted duck, some spicy sauce, some onions and cucumbers, and a piece of meat…”

The more she talked, the hungrier she got.

She was not such a glutton before.

Nan Yanyan couldn’t help but touch her stomach and sigh in confusion, “Could I be pregnant?”

Aaron couldn’t take it anymore. He gave Nan Yanyan a look as if he was looking at an idiot. “Don’t talk nonsense.” They had taken precautions that night, so it was impossible for her to get pregnant.

Nan Yanyan added, “So sweet love makes your appetite increase? And your weight increases?”

Aaron stared at Nan Yanyan’s slender body for a while before saying, “Even if you just grow another five kilograms, you don’t look fat.”

“What if I grow 20 pounds? What if I grow 30 pounds?” Nan Yanyan touched her chin with both hands. She tried to scare Aaron. “I will grow double chin and fat. When you hug me, you will feel fat…”

Aaron thought for a moment and said, “Then follow me on a diet.”

“I thought you would say that I look good even when I’m fat.” Nan Yanyan pouted.

Aaron scoffed. “Forget it. You’re a female king kong when you get fat. What’s there to look at?”

Nan Yanyan was furious and almost fought with Aaron in the car. However, Aaron continued, “Even if you become a female king kong, I won’t return the goods.”

She suddenly did not know whether to feel relieved or sad.

Aaron stopped the car at a noodle restaurant.

Nan Yanyan was extremely disappointed. “Why are you here? I want to eat roasted duck.”

Aaron didn’t say anything. He pulled Nan Yanyan into the noodle shop. The two of them picked a chair and sat down. Nan Yanyan lowered her head to look at the menu. Then, she heard Aaron say to the boss, “Boss, do you know how to make birthday noodles?”

The boss replied loudly, “Yes!”

“Seventy bowls of longevity noodles!”


Nan Yanyan glared at him and pinched Aaron’s arm. “Are you crazy? Who are you giving seventy bowls to?”

Aaron looked at her expressionlessly and said without rhyme or reason, “Isn’t the promise very sweet? Every birthday, I’ll cook you a bowl of longevity noodles. You’re thirty years old this year. I’ll get the boss to cook seventy bowls of longevity noodles for you at one go and let you eat all the longevity noodles before you’re a hundred years old. Isn’t that good?”

Nan Yanyan was speechless.

The entire noodle house was filled with the smell of old vinegar.

Nan Yanyan didn’t know whether to laugh or get angry. “You saw Xiao Ye’s apology post?”

“Hmph!” Aaron only snorted coldly, not wanting to say anything else.

Nan Yanyan suppressed her laughter and asked, “Are you jealous?”

Aaron corroborated his feelings, then nodded seriously. “Well, yes.”

“What are you—”

The boss suspected that he had heard wrongly. He walked out of the kitchen and came to the table to ask Aaron, “Young man, how many bowls of noodles did you say you cooked just now?”

Aaron: “Seventy bowls.”

Nan Yanyan was about to persuade Aaron when she heard Aaron say, “My fiancée and I will have a bowl each. Pack up the rest of the longevity noodles for me. I want to take them away.”


The boss happily ran back to the kitchen and took the biggest pot to cook the most noodles.

Nan Yanyan almost had a heart attack from that bowl of longevity noodles. Aaron ate the noodles with a fierce expression and packed all the noodles into the trunk of the car. He then drove Nan Yanyan away.

Nan Yanyan took a small sip of water in the car and finally felt better. The car drove forward for a while and Nan Yanyan noticed that the road was not right. It was not the way home or the way back to the club.

Suspicious, she asked Aaron, “Where are we going? We’re not going home, are we?”

“To send some warmth.” Aaron’s expression was quite calm.

Na Yanyan nodded. “That’s good. I’m just worried that these noodles will be wasted. It won’t taste good if they are wasted.” Nan Yanyan thought for a while before saying, “This is the way to the homeless shelter, right…”

Aaron snorted in a baffling manner.

The car continued to drive for more than ten minutes before stopping. Nan Yanyan pushed open the door and got out of the car with a smile. She looked up and saw a familiar eSports building.

From 17 to 24 years old, she had lived here for seven whole years. She had trained here, lived here, laughed here, and cried here.

This was not a homeless shelter, but Team Faith’s headquarters!

When Nan Yanyan guessed what Aaron was going to do, her expression changed. “Aaron…”

Aaron opened the trunk and said to the guard, “Hello, I’m making a delivery.”

Aaron had come to send Team Faith out a few times in the past. When he saw him outside, he actually smiled. “Yo, this young man even drove a small car here today.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Aaron explained, “You ordered too many things this time. The motorcycle can’t fit them all.”

“Is that so?”

The guard checked outside and saw that it was noodles. He didn’t suspect anything and let Aaron in. Not only did he let him in, but he also helped Aaron move the things.

Nan Yanyan didn’t dare to face the following Asura Arena and directly hid in the car.

Aaron moved the noodles to the lobby on the first floor of Team Faith, sent a message to Xiao Ye and left. Xiao Ye was sitting in his room, reading the insults and comments of the netizens and fans on Weibo. When he heard his phone ring, he took a few seconds to open it.

When he saw Aaron’s message, Xiao Ye immediately stood up and strode downstairs.

Downstairs, the children had already brought out the noodles and distributed them, one serving for each of them. They were very happy. Seeing Xiao Ye come down, they even held the bowl of noodles in their hands and said to Xiao Ye, “CEO Xiao! Thank you for the supper!”

It was not the first time Xiao Ye bought supper for them.

Lin Huo came over with a bag of soup, water and noodles. As he walked towards Xiao Ye, he said, “This restaurant is quite considerate. They’re afraid the noodles will rot, so the noodles and soup are separately packed. But God Xiao, you ordered too much supper today. I counted just now, there are sixty to seventy servings…”

“I didn’t order this takeaway.” Xiao Ye stared at everyone gloomily. “If you’re not afraid of being poisoned to death, just eat.”

Everyone was speechless.

Everyone looked at the noodles, looked at CEO Xiao then looked at each other awkwardly.

Lin Huo thought quickly. Seeing Xiao Ye’s expression, it was obvious that he had suffered a loss. Recalling Xiao Ye’s apology letter on Weibo earlier, the details of the “longevity noodles” seemed to have been mentioned in his heart. Lin Huo was quick-witted and immediately guessed the origin of the noodles.

He quickly turned around and said to the children, “We don’t know where this noodles came from. Who knows if it’s from the anti-fans? Everyone, stop eating. If you lose it, I’ll treat everyone to barbecue tonight!”


Seeing that everyone had thrown their noodles, Lin Huo pulled Xiao Ye back to his room.

Once they got back to their room, Lin Huo asked Xiao Ye, “What’s going on? Did your anti-fans give this to you? Or was it Yan Yan’s loyal fan?”

Xiao Ye was too lazy to explain and directly handed the phone to Lin Huo.

Taking the phone, Lin Huo lowered his head and saw the contents of the message: [I heard that you want to cook my wife’s birthday noodles for the rest of her life? I’ve returned the noodles to you, and the promise is invalid. You don’t have to worry about my wife’s birthday cake and her three meals a day.]

Lin Huo’s expression changed unpredictably.

When he returned the phone to Xiao Ye, he said with an embarrassed expression, “I didn’t see it. That little prince… that guy is quite stubborn.”

Xiao Ye sneered, “A dog that bullies others!”

He thought that Aaron was a vicious dog, a vicious dog raised by Han Zhan. It was said that dogs relied on others’ power. Without Han Zhan as a master, wouldn’t Aaron be hated by everyone?

“Speaking of which, God Xiao, what are you thinking? This matter has been going on for so long, why did you suddenly think of apologizing? Besides, if you really want to apologize, you can go find Yanyan in private and apologize to her properly. Is there a need to publicly apologize on Weibo?”

Lin Huo felt that Xiao Ye shouldn’t be such a stupid person.

Xiao Ye felt bitter but couldn’t say it.

“You may leave. Those kids must be letting their imaginations run wild. Go and appease them. I want some peace and quiet.”

“Fine, you can spend some alone time.” After Lin Huo left, Xiao Ye once again recalled what happened today. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

Damn it!

Lu Qingqing had lost all her face today. She had apologized to Nan Yanyan in the morning and the video of her kneeling down to apologize was uploaded online.

Needless to say, this must be Han Rang’s doing!

Lu Qingqing sat on the sofa and heard her mother sigh and say, “Look at you, it’s been so long and everyone has forgotten about it. Why are you still apologizing?”

Mrs. Lu stared at Lu Qingqing in disappointment.

She wasn’t someone who liked to play on Weibo, but she added a WeChat group where the rich ladies communicated. When she woke up in the afternoon, she realized that someone had tagged her in the group. Only then did she know what had happened.

At the thought that her daughter had become a mistress and had even gone to kneel down and apologize to that girl called Nan Yanyan to beg for forgiveness, Mrs. Lu felt embarrassed and ashamed. She stayed at home the entire afternoon, feeling extremely anxious.

Let alone attending a gathering or shopping, she was even too embarrassed to read the news from Weizhou County.

Mrs. Lu waited at home for a long time before Lu Qingqing came back. When Lu Qingqing came back, she was pressed down on the sofa by Mrs. Lu and scolded non-stop.

Lu Qingqing was already upset. Now that the whole internet knew that she was a mistress, how could she feel any better? She thought that she would be comforted by her mother when she got home, but she didn’t expect her mother to not only not say a word of comfort to her, but also scold her non-stop. Lu Qingqing wanted to commit suicide.

Lu Qingqing couldn’t take it anymore. She yelled at her mother, “What can I do?! If I don’t apologize, there will be worse things waiting for me!”

“What’s worse?” Madam Lu’s brows twitched as she looked around. Seeing this, the butler immediately dismissed the helpers and chefs and ran out himself.

Only the mother and daughter were left in the villa.

Mrs. Lu held Lu Qingqing’s hand and questioned her sternly, “Qingqing, tell me clearly today! Who exactly threatened you to do this!”

Mrs. Lu was not an idiot. Her daughter loved Xiao Ye so much that she laughed out loud. After being a mistress for so many years, she had never felt remorse. It was obvious that there was something wrong with her suddenly admitting her mistake.

How could I not know my daughter?

She is simply an arrogant, domineering and unrepentant stubborn person!

Lu Qingqing’s eyes turned red. She said in a choked voice, “The man who hit me that day is Nan Yanyan’s new friend. He… He’s Han Zhan’s younger brother!”

Lu Qingqing’s mother’s eyebrows twitched. Her expression changed on the spot. “Han Zhan’s younger brother? Isn’t Han Zhan’s younger brother working at Zeus International? Isn’t the young man who hit you a delivery man?”

Lu Qingqing pouted and said with a wronged tone, “How would I know what’s wrong with Han Rang? As a small leader of Zeus International, why would he deliver food? Is he crazy?”

However, this had already happened. There was no point in saying anything more. Mrs. Lu murmured, “Han Zhan is now the leader of Wangdong City. Even your father has to be respectful when he sees him. Not to mention that Zeus International is a huge company, just based on his identity, we can’t shake him.”

“Although Han Zhan’s grandfather is dead, Old Master Han’s reputation is still there. Although he’s dead, his glory still protects his descendants. Furthermore, Han Zhan’s uncle and cousin are people we can’t afford to offend. You can provoke anyone, but you had to provoke the Han family!”

Lu Qingqing was also full of regret. She said, “If I had known that the delivery guy was Han Rang, I wouldn’t have acted so rashly!”

She was the one who made the first move on Nan Yanyan. Han Rang was protecting his girlfriend, so he stood his ground. No matter what, Lu Qingqing had shot herself in the foot.

Mrs. Lu was tactful. She pondered for a moment before coming to a conclusion. “Did Han Rang threaten you because he had something on you?”

Lu Qingqing nodded hesitantly.

Mrs. Lu furrowed her brows and asked in puzzlement, “What evidence does he have against you?” From what she knew, her daughter might be arrogant, but she hadn’t committed any major mistakes.

For Lu Qingqing to risk being ridiculed by the entire Internet and even kneel down to apologize to Nan Yanyan, it meant that Han Rong had a much more serious issue than Lu Qingqing being a mistress.

After understanding this logic, Mrs. Lu’s expression turned ugly.

“Qingqing, tell me!” Seeing that her daughter wasn’t willing to tell her the truth, Mrs. Lu was really anxious.

Lu Qingqing didn’t dare to say it for fear of being hit by her mother.

Mrs. Lu was extremely anxious. She pinched Lu Qingqing’s arm forcefully. “If you don’t say anything, your father will be back soon! Because of this, he bought a plane ticket and flew back this afternoon. Tell me, we can still discuss a countermeasure!”

Lu Qingqing was really scared when she heard that even her father was alarmed. Her tears fell like rain and she hugged her legs helplessly. She curled up in the corner of the sofa and whimpered, “Mom, Han Rang has my sex tape!”


A bolt of lightning struck Mrs. Lu’s head.

Mrs. Lu almost lost her balance.

“What tape?” Mrs. Lu’s lips were trembling and her voice was shaky.

Lu Qingqing bit her lip and looked up. With tears in her eyes, she said, “Mom, I cheated on him. I was with a male artiste. We recorded the video because we were excited, but Han Rang…”

“I don’t know how Han Rang got that video, but he has the video of An Jiayao and me. If I don’t apologize to Nan Yanyan according to him, he will upload my video online.”

“Mom! I’m really scared!”

“I don’t dare! I don’t dare to disobey him!”

Mrs. Lu’s face turned pale and she was on the verge of collapsing.

She held onto the armrest of the sofa and sat on the sofa behind her, staring at her daughter in a daze. In Mrs. Lu’s eyes, her daughter was arrogant and domineering, but she still knew her bottom line. Although she liked to go to bars and play nightclubs, she would not mess around with others.

Because she would always remember whose daughter she was. Her words and actions would affect the entire Lu family.

Mrs. Lu thought that her daughter knew her limits and thought that she had grown up. However, she did not expect her daughter to give her such a heavy blow!

Mrs. Lu came back to her senses. She grabbed the pillow beside her and threw it at Lu Qingqing. “You’re so unlucky. You can play anything yet you’re learning how to have one-night stands!”

“You even recorded it! How can you be so shameless!”

Mrs. Lu had lived for almost fifty years and had never taken that kind of video with President Lu before. She would never have thought that she would one day see her daughter’s video on the Internet!

“Lu Qingqing, you’re killing us!”

“How did we raise such a disgraceful daughter like you!”

At this moment, Mrs. Lu wished she could stuff Lu Qingqing back into her stomach and rebuild her body. Lu Qingqing buried her head between her legs and sobbed non-stop.

She had been wronged to begin with, and after being scolded by her mother, she felt even worse. In a moment of desperation, Lu Qingqing suddenly stood up from the sofa and ran into the kitchen. She picked up the kitchen knife and slashed her wrist.

Madam Lu realized something was wrong and ran into the kitchen. She saw blood dripping down Lu Qingqing’s wrist.

The drops of red blood on the slippery floor were terrifying!

Mrs. Lu’s eyes widened as she screamed, “Qingqing!”

At this moment, in the face of the threat of death, Mrs. Lu was scared out of her wits and started to regret. While President Lu was on his way home, he received a call from Madam.

Knowing that his daughter had committed suicide and was sent to the hospital, he gritted his teeth in anger. He could only order the doctor to turn the car around and rush to the hospital.

When Xiao Ye received the news and rushed to the hospital, it was already the next morning.

When Xiao Ye arrived at the hospital, Lu Qingqing was already out of danger. When Mrs. Lu saw Xiao Ye, for the first time, she was no longer as arrogant as before.

In the past, Mrs. Lu had looked down on Xiao Ye, thinking that Xiao Ye was a gamer and didn’t have a proper profession. Although he was a little rich and his driving skills weren’t bad, he still wasn’t good enough for Qingqing.

But after knowing what Lu Qingqing did behind Xiao Ye’s back last night, Mrs. Lu felt ashamed in front of Xiao Ye for the first time.

Xiao Ye noticed the change in Mrs. Lu’s mood when facing him. He guessed something and sneered in his heart.

Now you know what it means to be embarrassed?

“Xiao Ye, you’re here?” Madam Lu forced a smile at Xiao Ye.

Xiao Ye nodded and called her aunt. Standing under the door frame, he stared at the pale Lu Qingqing and asked Mrs. Lu in a low voice, “How is Qingqing?”

Madam Lu’s eyes reddened as she wiped away her tears and said, “Fortunately, she was sent in time and was saved. It’s just that she’s bleeding too much and needs to be nourished.”

“I’m glad she’s okay.”

Mrs. Lu pulled Xiao Ye’s arm and said earnestly, “Xiao Ye, our Qingqing likes you the most. You should spend more time with her and talk to her. Don’t make her take things too hard. Auntie begs you.”

“Don’t worry, Auntie. I will.”

Madam Lu thought to herself, Qingqing’s video is still in Han Rang’s hands. As long as this thing isn’t destroyed, Qingqing will face the day her reputation is ruined.

Under such circumstances, Xiao Ye became a good candidate for a son-in-law.

Before Lu Qingqing’s reputation was ruined, Lu Qingqing could get married to Xiao Ye as soon as possible. This way, even if the scandal was exposed one day after the marriage, the two of them might still be able to preserve their marriage if they had children and assets together

With such thoughts in mind, Mrs. Lu’s attitude towards Xiao Ye could be said to be as warm as the spring breeze.

Xiao Ye was a smart person to have come this far.

How could Xiao Ye not know what Madam Lu was planning?

In the past, Madam Lu didn’t like him and would never treat him kindly. Now that her daughter’s scandal was about to be exposed, she treated him like an honest man.

Wishful thinking!

Xiao Ye comforted Mrs. Lu and walked into the ward. He sat on the sofa beside the ward for more than 40 minutes before Lu Qingqing slowly woke up.

When she woke up and saw Xiao Ye, Lu Qingqing felt wronged.

“Xiao Ye…”

If it wasn’t for Xiao Ye, if it wasn’t because she loved Xiao Ye too much, why would she be a mistress! At this time, Lu Qingqing didn’t know that Xiao Ye had already received the video of her cheating with An Jiayao. Therefore, she didn’t feel guilty or afraid when facing Xiao Ye.

Xiao Ye looked at the cute and sweet girl in front of him. Nan Yanyan’s face flashed in his mind, along with her heroic bearing when she had once dominated the eSports scene.

In comparison, other than Lu Qingqing having a cute face and a good temper, she was nothing compared to Nan Yanyan.

Xiao Ye suddenly had doubts about his aesthetics back then.


They are really not satisfied!

At first, he thought that he liked clean, pure, and beautiful women. But now that he had gotten what he wanted, he yearned for that sweet, fragrant, and coquettish woman again.

In the end, it was all for naught.

Xiao Ye nodded. “How do you feel?” He asked Lu Qingqing in a cold tone, without any concern.

However, Lu Qingqing didn’t notice Xiao Ye’s coldness. She cried and said aggrievedly, “Xiao Ye, did you see that video too?”

Xiao Ye raised his eyes and stared at her for a moment before he said, “Why did you suddenly apologize to her?”

Lu Qingqing panicked for a few seconds, and the expression on her face became guilty. However, she soon regained her composure and said, “Han Rang threatened me.”

“What did he threaten you with?”

Xiao Ye thought that Lu Qingqing was going to confess everything.

]However, he had underestimated Lu Qingqing’s scheming. Lu Qingqing actually said, “He, he actually found out about the car accident three years ago. He found out about the hit-and-run after you killed someone. He threatened me that if I don’t apologize to Nan Yanyan on my knees, he will hand the evidence to the police…”

After Lu Qingqing finished crying, she looked up and realized that Xiao Ye’s eyes were especially gloomy.

That cold gaze made Lu Qingqing’s heart jump.

“Xiao Ye?” Lu Qingqing’s tone became cautious.

Xiao Ye covered her with the blanket.

“Really?” Xiao Ye asked gently.

Lu Qingqing quickly nodded. “Of course it’s true! Otherwise, how can I go back and apologize to Nan Yanyan? Love is never right or wrong. I’m clearly more suitable for you than her. Why should I apologize?”

If she hadn’t been forced, Lu Qingqing would never apologize to Nan Yanyan.

Xiao Ye had completely given up.

He smiled and suddenly said, “So, Qingqing, I posted an apology letter on Weibo yesterday. It was for Nan Yanyan. Guess, why did I suddenly do this after so many years?”

Lu Qingqing didn’t even dare to look at Weibo yesterday for fear of being scolded by others, so she really didn’t know about this matter. When Lu Qingqing heard Xiao Ye say this, she asked very softly, “W-why?”

Lu Qingqing’s eyes widened. “He threatened you too?”

“Han Rang did threaten me, but…” Xiao Ye paused.

He turned on his phone and found the link. “He used this to threaten me.” Xiao Ye held the phone up to Lu Qingqing.

He held his phone and played the video so that Lu Qingqing could clearly see her and An Jiayao’s actions in the video.

Lu Qingqing glared at the video. Her already pale face turned even paler.

“Xiao Ye, I…” Lu Qingqing looked up and met Xiao Ye’s emotionless eyes. She was speechless.

Xiao Ye smiled cruelly and said, “Would you believe me if I said that I went to apologize to save your reputation with that man?”

Lu Qingqing couldn’t open her mouth to speak.

The corners of Xiao Ye’s mouth curled up.

“Lu Qingqing, tell me, you agreed to Han Rang’s threat because you wanted to protect me. Do you think I believe you?” They were both selfish people. How could they be willing to do something that would harm themselves to protect the other party?

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