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Chapter 369: Aaron: Congratulations to Mr. Xiao for Obtaining the Green Hat Kingdom’s Crown!

[Miss Lu, the tattoo on your belly is so cute.]

Lu Qingqing felt as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water over her head. Her entire body was cold, and her legs, which were in high heels, were shaking. She almost fell to the ground.

The wing tattoo was at the bottom of her stomach, near the most private part of her body.

Not many people knew that she had a tattoo on her body. Other than the tattoo artist, there was only her closest boyfriend, Xiao Ye, and the male artist she had a date with a few days ago.

This person was really holding my video!

Lu Qingqing returned to the car and opened the link. The moment she entered, she saw countless screenshots.

In the photos, she and the male artiste’s faces were not censored. Anyone who saw these photos would know that the female lead was Lu Qingqing.

Since the other party had a screenshot, they must have a video with them!

Lu Qingqing’s heart was in a mess. Her legs and hands were shaking as she sat in the car. She bit her lip and thought about the identity of this stranger.

Could it be that the male artiste was trying to trick me to get rich?

Lu Qingqing immediately called the male artiste to confirm.

“Who is this?” The other party was already asleep. It was inevitable that he would be a little angry when he was woken up by a call in the middle of the night.

Lu Qingqing questioned him, “An Jiayao, did you take a video and threaten me?”

The man called An Jiayao was a little confused.

What video?

He was confused and asked, “What are you talking about? What video? I don’t understand at all.”

Hearing this, Lu Qingqing’s heart turned even colder. “Someone took the video we filmed and uploaded it to a secret website. An Jiayao, other than me, there’s also you on the video.”

An Jiayao sat up abruptly, completely awake. “Are you serious?”

“I’ll send you the link.” Lu Qingqing hung up the phone and sent the link to An Jiayao.

An Jiayao opened the link and entered it. When he saw the screenshots, his heart turned cold. I’m doomed. My future was doomed!

An Jiayao immediately called Lu Qingqing.

Over the phone, An Jiayao’s voice was filled with panic and uneasiness. “Miss Lu, what does that person want you to do? You have to promise him! Otherwise, if this video gets out, our reputation will be ruined! It won’t be good for either of us.”

As An Jiayao spoke, his mind was racing with calculations. He said, “If the other party wants money, we’ll pay together and split it 50-50! After all, I’m not the only one in the video. You’re also in the video. 50-50 is the fairest way!”

Lu Qingqing hung up.

50 / 50!

Cannon friends were heartless.

Without An Jiayao’s noise, Lu Qingqing felt her mind become clearer and her thoughts more active.

It wasn’t An Jiayao.

Who could it be?

If it had been An Jiayao, the two of them would have been able to solve the problem. However, it wasn’t An Jiayao, but a stranger hiding in the dark.

Unable to guess the identity of the person, Lu Qingqing could only send a message to ask: [Who are you? What do you want?]

Lu Qingqing waited for a minute before she received a reply.

The stranger said, [Give me five million yuan. If you kneel down and apologize to Nanyan again, I will let you go. Otherwise, I will upload this video on Weibo, forums, and every software that can be accessed…]

When Lu Qingqing saw this message, what else did she not understand?

So it was him!

Lu Qingqing asked: [Are you Han Rang?]

The other party replied with a smiley face.

Aarong had originally planned to post Lu Qingqing’s videos on Weibo, but in the end, he still went easy on her. If Lu Qingqing couldn’t do as he asked, then he wouldn’t go easy on her!

Lu Qingqing was furious.

He wanted me to apologize to Nan Yanyan?


What a joke!

Back then, I was indeed the one who interfered in Nan Yanyan and Xiao Ye’s relationship, but if Xiao Ye did not have that kind of restlessness, how could I have seduced Xiao Ye?

If he wanted an apology, it should be Xiao Ye apologizing to Nan Yanyan!

Lu Qingqing calmed down a lot. She wrote a new message and sent it to Aaron.

Lu Qingqing replied, [I can give you the money, but I can’t apologize.] She had been proud in front of Nan Yanyan for six years. How could she lower her head?

Aaron knew that Lu Qingqing was someone who would never give in.

After reading the message, Aaron replied calmly: [You’re probably mistaken. Apologizing is the main condition, and five million is the additional condition. If you don’t apologize, then I don’t want the five million either. Since you’re acting as a mistress so righteously, I think it’s reasonable for you to ask for a date. Since that’s the case, I’d better post the video and let everyone see how coquettish the woman who Xiao Ye cheated with is in bed.]

After Aaron finished typing, he carefully checked again to make sure that he did not make any mistakes. He also expressed his intentions clearly before sending the message over.

After Lu Qingqing saw Aaron’s reply, she was still fearless. She didn’t believe that Han Rang would dare to do that. After all, she was President Lu’s daughter.

As Lu Qingqing thought about this, she saw that Aaron sent another message: “If you don’t believe me, I dare? Alright then, follow my Weibo account XXX. Two minutes later, I will release the first video.”

Lu Qingqing frowned.

Would he really dare?

Lu Qingqing opened Weibo skeptically and searched for a newly registered account that was filled with letters. The new account did not have any updates, so it was clean.

Lu Qingqing refreshed the page on time.

Once she refreshed the page, she saw that the new user had updated a video. Lu Qingqing hurriedly opened the video and clearly saw the video she and An Jiayao had filmed!


Lu Qingqing screamed in the car and kicked wildly!

She quickly called the unknown number, but the other party did not pick up. It was not until the call was about to end that Aaron slowly picked up the call.

Lu Qingqing shouted into the phone, “Han Rang! You deserve to die!”

Aaron moved the phone further away.

Lu Qingqing cursed and swore on the other end of the phone. She only calmed down when she realized that Aaron might not be listening to her.

After Lu Qingqing finished yelling, Aaron said leisurely, “Miss Lu, three seconds ago, six people saw the video. If you don’t make a decision, someone might have saved it and downloaded it.”

Lu Qingqing was silent for two seconds before she gritted her teeth and said, “I apologize.”

Aaron smiled. “Good girl, you should have listened to me earlier. Why did you let those strangers take advantage of you?”

Aaron deleted the video.

Lu Qingqing refreshed the page again. Seeing that the video had disappeared, she heaved a sigh of relief. “I’ll transfer the money to you later. Apologize…” Lu Qingqing grabbed her skirt tightly and said unwillingly,” I’ll apologize too. ”

“Very good.” Aaron picked up a chicken wing and took a bite. He chewed the chicken wing and swallowed it before telling Lu Qingqing, “An apology has to be sincere. You have to kneel and cry and apologize. Tell Nan Yanyan that you are wrong. You are the slut, Xiao Ye is the slut…”

Aaron made many requests and added, “I want to see you apologize to Nan Yanyan in front of AK Building before 10 am tomorrow.”

Lu Qingqing was immediately agitated and shouted, “You want me to apologize to her in front of the AK eSports building? In front of so many people?”

The corner of Aaron’s lips curled up, and he said righteously, “You snatched her ex-boyfriend in front of the entire eSports scene, and even made love with Xiao Ye in her car. You were so awesome when you snatched her man, then when you apologize, you should be more vigorous.”

Lu Qingqing was so angry that she wanted to kill someone. However, she was like a fish on the chopping board and could only be killed by Aaron.

In the end, between apologizing to Nan Yan or letting the video spread on the Internet, Lu Qingqing chose the former.

It was better to let the entire country know that she was a mistress than to let the entire country keep her video as research.

After weighing the pros and cons, Lu Qingqing finally nodded and admitted defeat. “…Okay, I’ll go.”

Aaron smiled when he achieved his goal.

“Idiot, do you really think you can keep jumping around until the day you enter the coffin?” He, Han Rang, was here to suppress Lu Qingqing.

After cleaning Lu Qingqing up, Aaron focused his attention on Xiao Ye.

Xiao Ye, this grandson, did not cheat or date. His private life was clean and he did not make any mistakes in his career. It was really difficult to deal with him.

After knowing that the delivery guy was actually the younger brother of Zeus International’s CEO, Xiao Ye felt uneasy all night. At two in the night, the team member suggested going out for barbecue.

A lot of esports players were on the plump side. It was rare to see a self-disciplined Esports player like Xiao Ye who went to the gym every day. In Team Faith, most of the players were geeks.

Lin Huo found Xiao Ye and asked him, “Almighty Xiao, are you going out for supper? I heard there’s roasted durian. Little Bean will pay for it.” Little Bean was the new captain of Team Faith. She was only 18 years old and was still a child.

Xiao Ye took out his wallet and handed it to Lin Huo, saying, “Use my money to pay the bill. It’s inappropriate to use the children’s money.”

“Okay!” Lin Huo came to ask Xiao Ye for money. Now that he had the money, he didn’t care whether Xiao Ye went to eat barbecue or not.

Everyone ran off to eat barbecue. The lively training room suddenly became quiet. Xiao Ye even felt a little lonely.

He walked out of the room and went to the training room on the second floor. He sat down on his exclusive throne. The seat next to him had already been taken by the new kid.

Six years ago, there was another kid sitting here. At that time, Nan Yanyan was the best female eSports player in the eSports scene and was the treasure of the eSports scene.

Xiao Ye had once obtained this treasure, but he had lost it.

When they first started dating, Nan Yanyan was wearing a sweater and jeans. Her slender hands on the keyboard were the most attractive.

But then he began to despise her for not knowing how to dress, for not wearing makeup, for not knowing how to act coquettishly, for not being proactive enough…

]In the beginning, he clearly loved her for her true nature and her shyness.

When he was wooing Nan Yanyan, he had fantasized about marrying her. When did my heart change?

Xiao Ye pressed his hand against his forehead, feeling extremely pained.

Before he could pick up the lost treasure, it had become someone else’s beloved baby.

Xiao Ye was filled with regret.

At this moment, Xiao Ye suddenly received an unfamiliar message.

Stranger: [Xiao Ye, do you dare to compete with me at the AK shooting range at noon tomorrow?]

Xiao Ye was silent for a moment before asking: [Are you Han Rang?]

Aaron replied with a smiling emoticon.

Xiao Ye had gone to the AK shooting range several times and his results were not bad. He pondered for a moment before agreeing.

The next day, early in the morning, Nan Yanyan got out of bed, washed up, changed her clothes, and sat in front of the dressing table to do her makeup. She glanced at the date on her calendar, which was circled by a red pen. The closer she got to her wedding date, the more nervous she felt.

Nan Yanyan put on her makeup and saw that it was about time, so she went to the breakfast shop outside the district to eat. When she was eating, Aaroncalled her.

Nan Yanyan picked up the phone and asked, “Are you awake?”

Aaron had brought his subordinates to handle some matters. Recently, there were people in the company who were starting to get restless again. They had discovered something fishy and had to catch that bad rat as soon as possible.

Aaron sat in the van the company had sent for their logistics department. He took a bite of the hard French stick and said, “Biting bread in the van. Got to catch someone later. I guess you’re having breakfast.”

Aaron had figured out Nan Yan’s routine.

Nan Yanyan nodded and the two of them chatted for a while before hanging up. After hanging up, Nan Yanyan took a selfie and sent it to Ah Rang.

When he saw the photo, Aaron reminded Nan Yanyan, “Maybe you can put on a red lipstick. The more domineering kind.”

In the photo, Nan Yanyan was wearing a loose, long-sleeved, satin shirt. Her curly hair was draped lazily on her shoulders, but her makeup was plain, so she looked gentle.

When Nan Yanyan received Aaron’s suggestion, she was a little confused. “Don’t you like the color of my lips to be lighter?” In the past, when Nan Yanyan applied the bright red lipstick with the aura of a courtesan, Aaron didn’t even allow her to kiss him, saying that he was afraid that he would get allergic to the lipstick when it touched his face.

After that, to make it easier for her to kiss Aaron, Nan Yanyan rarely put on red lipstick.

Aaron’s reply was interesting. [You’re going to be Empress today,] he said. [So change your lipstick color.]

Nan Yanyan asked him, [What are you doing now?]

Aaron: [It’s a secret. It’s a surprise.]

On the way to the office, Nan Yanyan was still thinking about what Aaron’s so-called secret surprise was. She parked the car downstairs and walked into the building with breakfast. She turned on the loudspeaker and roared, “Bastards, wake up and have breakfast before going to sleep!”

If one didn’t bring them food, they would be able to sleep until one in the afternoon.

With a roar from Nan Yanyan, all the trainees and official members came out of their rooms. They narrowed their eyes and went downstairs in a daze. They took their breakfast and returned to their rooms.

But some of them stayed.

“Manager, your aura is so strong today.” The men didn’t know how to wear lipstick or makeup, so they felt that Nan Yanyan’s aura was stronger today.

Nan Yanyan snorted and said, “Today is the day of a queen.”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Captain Yule had already woken up. He took all the breakfast bags out and threw them away. When he returned, he saw a woman wearing a large sun hat, a mask, and sunglasses in front of the building. She was looking at the AK building sneakily.

Yule stopped and stood two meters away from the woman, studying her. Dressed so rigidly in broad daylight, she was either a murderer or a lunatic.

Without a second thought, Yule took out his phone and was about to call security.

Lu Qingqing was looking into the AK building when she heard someone behind her say, “Security, come out. There’s a suspicious person outside.”

Lu Qingqing turned her head and looked towards Yule.

Yule was the captain of the AK e-sports team, so of course Lu Qingqing knew this young man. Lu Qingqing quickly took off her glasses and mask and said to Yule, “Yule, it’s me, Sister Lu.”

Yule looked at the sweet and lovely face under the wide-brimmed hat and felt disgusted. Your mother, Sister Lu, the woman who hurt our Manager Nan, still has the face to call herself Sister Lu in front of me?

Yule hung up and stared at Lu Qingqing. “Miss Lu, what are you doing in our AK?”

Lu Qingqing already called herself Miss Lu, yet this guy still called her Miss Lu. He obviously had something against her.

Lu Qingqing stopped pretending to smile. She glanced at the building before saying, “Yule, can you call your manager out for me? I have a few words to say to her.”

Yule turned her down with a cold face and said, “Our manager won’t see anyone unfamiliar without an appointment.”

Motherf*cker, a small manager is quite impressive!

Lu Qingqing cursed in her heart before saying, “Please go in and tell your manager that Lu Qingqing is looking for her. She will come out.”

Yule remained unmoved.

At this moment, a security guard who had received a call and said that there were people with ill intentions ran out fully armed. He wore a bulletproof vest, held a shield in his left hand, and a bombproof fork in his right. He was the first to rush out.

Following behind the security guard was a group of esports players and the manager, Nan Yanyan.

Yuke raised his eyebrows and shot Lu Qingqing a gloating look. “I’m sorry, Miss Lu. I didn’t recognize you just now. It was a misunderstanding.”

Lu Qingqing’s eyes were fixed on Nan Yan.

Today, Nan Yanyan was wearing a loose satin shirt paired with a black, high-waisted, irregularly cut dress. She was wearing a pair of lace-up high-heeled shoes. Standing there, she looked extremely charming.

Who would have thought that the country bumpkin who did not know how to dress up would transform into such a stunning appearance?

The security guard put down his gun and looked warily at Lu Qingqing, who was wearing a hat, a mask, and sunglasses. He questioned her, “Who are you looking for? What are you doing?”

“I’m looking for your manager, Nan Yanyan.”

Nan Yanyan walked over to the security guard and frowned at Lu Qingqing. “There’s nothing to talk about between us. Miss Lu, please go back to where you came from.”

Lu Qingqing hesitated, not knowing what to say. Just then, she received a text message.

Lu Qingqing had a bad feeling.

She switched on her phone and looked down to see that Aaron had sent her a text message urging her: [If you don’t kneel down and apologize within a minute, I’ll make you regret it.]

Lu Qingqing subconsciously looked around, but she didn’t see Aaron.

Who was informing Aaron?

Knowing that Aaron was watching her from the dark, Lu Qingqing realized in despair that she couldn’t just brush him off today.

Lu Qingqing placed her bag, mask, and sunglasses on the ground. She walked towards Nan Yanyan, her eyes filled with jealousy.

Nan Yanyan wasn’t afraid of Lu Qingqing at all. She snatched the weapon from the security guard’s hand. Nan Yanyan’s right hand held the weapon and she frowned at Lu Qingqing. “Do you want to fight? I won’t show mercy this time.”

If I didn’t beat Lu Qingqing up, my surname wouldn’t be Nan!

Lu Qingqing remained silent and continued to approach Nan Yanyan.

Nan Yanyan was about to pick up her fork to stop Lu Qingqing from approaching when she saw Lu Qingqing suddenly kneel in front of her!


What was this woman trying to do?

Nan Yanyan held onto the explosion-proof fork and was stunned.

What are you doing?!” Nan Yanyan put down her anti-explosion fork and looked at the woman kneeling in front of her in disgust.

Lu Qingqing lowered her head and refused to speak.

The phone in her pocket was ringing again, like the sound of the sickle in the hands of the god of death dragging on the ground. Lu Qingqing didn’t dare to take the risk, afraid that if the time dragged on any longer, Han Rang, the madman, would send the video out.

Lu Qingqing was so embarrassed that her cheeks were burning red, as if she was drunk. She gripped her jeans tightly and whispered something.

The voice was too soft and Nan Yanyan could not hear it at all. “What did you say?” Nan Yanyan asked.

Lu Qingqing gritted her teeth and gave it her all.

“Sorry, Nan Yanyan!”

Nan Yanyan’s expression stiffened slightly, while the rest of the people revealed a playful look. Nan Yanyan regained her senses and asked indifferently, “Why are you apologizing to me?”

Lu Qingqing squeezed out two drops of crocodile tears from her eyes. She sobbed while carrying the apology letter that Aaron sent her last night. She said, [Nan Yanyan, I’m sorry for seducing Xiao Ye six years ago.]

[I like Xiao Ye too much, so I couldn’t help being cheap and seduced Xiao Ye! Xiao Ye is also cheap, the moment I seduced him, he got into my bed.]

[We’ve done too many immoral things as a scum and a slut. I’m sorry, Nan Yanyan!]

Nan Yanyan thought she was hallucinating.

The onlookers were also stunned.

Lu Qingqing actually apologized to the manager? She even said that she and Xiao Ye were a pair of scum and slut?

Nan Yanyan looked at Lu Qingqing thoughtfully. She could guess why Lu Qingqing would apologize. Someone must have threatened her.

Nan Yanyan could guess who that person was even if she used her toes to think. The thought of Aaron successfully avenging her made her feel very happy.

When Lu Qingqing saw that Nan Yanyan was silent, she raised her head and asked her softly, “Nan Yanyan, are you willing to forgive me?”

Nan Yanyan crossed her arms and looked down at Lu Qingqing. She was not moved by Lu Qingqing’s sincere apology.

“I accept your apology, but I won’t forgive you.” This was Nan Yanyan’s reply.

Lu Qingqing was stunned.

“Why won’t you forgive me?” Aaron said that she had to get Nan Yanyan’s forgiveness. If Nan Yanyan refused to forgive him, then she would have knelt for nothing.

Nan Yanyan sneered and said, “You stole my ex-boyfriend and fooled around in my car with him. You scumbags and b*tches openly bullied me and made me the laughing stock of the entire eSports scene. You made me lose face!”

Nan Yanyan pursed her red lips and laughed scornfully. “I’ve suffered all the bitterness. Now that you’ve come to apologize so lightly, I have to forgive you?”

Nan Yanyan had never been a kind child. She was petty. If the Prime Minister could take a boat in his stomach, she could not even hold a small leaf in her stomach.

She was the one who was bullied. Why should she forgive the person who harmed her?

Lu Qingqing was furious when she saw Nan Yanyan. She wanted to stand up and fight Nan Yanyan to see who would win.

However, her phone kept vibrating, reminding her that if Nan Yanyan didn’t accept her apology today, her reputation would be ruined!

Lu Qingqing could only continue to pretend.

She moved her knees to the ground and stood in front of Nan Yanyan. Lu Qingqing hugged Nan Yanyan’s waist and started to tell her about what happened six years ago.

Yule and the rest stood at the side, listening with relish. The more they listened, the more they wanted to smash Lu Qingqing and Xiao Ye to death.

Lu Qingqing continued, “That day, we shouldn’t have messed around in your car. That night, I was too slutty. Xiao Ye originally didn’t agree to go to your car and wanted to go to the hotel. It was me. I insisted on staying in your car. I thought it would be very exciting. And Xiao Ye likes girls like me who are open-minded…”

Nan Yanyan listened with a straight face. Her hatred for Xiao Ye grew deeper.

“Nan Yanyan, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snatched Xiao Ye away. I was wrong. I know my mistake now. Can you forgive me?”

Nan Yanyan didn’t want to look at Lu Qingqing again. If she did, her eyes would get dirty.

She retracted her leg and said coldly, “Leave. I forgive you.” Nan Yanyan was afraid that if Lu Qingqing didn’t leave, she would vomit from disgust.

Hearing this, Lu Qingqing immediately stood up, wiped her tears, picked up the things on the ground and got into the car.

It was as if there was a python chasing after her.

Yule and the others stared in the direction where Lu Qingqing’s car left. They gathered together and discussed this matter.

“Manager, did Lu Qingqing take the wrong medicine? She actually came to apologize to you. If she eally wanted to apologize, she should have apologized in the past six years!”

“That’s right, Lu Qingqing is so delicate, she doesn’t look like someone who would apologize. Did someone threaten her?”

Nan Yanyan shook her head, indicating that she did not know. “Those who are not awake should go to sleep first. Those who are awake, run a few laps for me. You are so young, why are you staying at home everyday!”

“Yes!” More than half of the children went back to sleep, while a few went to the indoor gym to work out.

Nan Yanyan returned to her office and called Aaron.

The call went through and Nan Yanyan asked, “Do you have something on Lu Qingqing?”

“Yes.” Aaron had arranged for his subordinates to sit in a teahouse opposite the eSports building. He had taken a video of Lu Qingqing kneeling and apologizing to Nan Yan.

He asked Nan Yanyan, “Does it feel good?”

Nan Yanyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But she felt good.

“This feels so good!”

Nan Yanyan changed the topic. “What do you have on Lu Qingqing?”

“There are a few videos. Miss Lu is quite open-minded. She is in a sweet relationship with her boyfriend and has a room with her friend with benefit happily. Sister Yan, you belong to someone else.”

Nan Yanyan was shocked. “Lu Qingqing cheated?”


After knowing that Lu Qingqing had cheated on him, Nan Yanyan was relieved. “That’s great, Xiao Ye finally has a taste of being cheated on.”

This could be considered a form of revenge.

I’m not going to talk to you anymore. I have something on here.” Aaron hung up the phone and heard his subordinate say, “Leader Han, we’ve already found that woman’s place. She’s indeed pregnant. Looks like this news is correct.”

The vice president of the Jetta International Hotel despised his wife for not giving him a son and kept a 21-year-old girl outside. This was heard by Aaron’s subordinates. They were here today to verify the news.

“Alright, let’s go back.”

Aaron didn’t go back to the company but went straight to the AK shooting range. He changed into a camouflage uniform and sat on a chair in the waiting room, sending Lu Qingqing’s video to Xiao Ye’s phone.

He had indeed promised Lu Qingqing that he wouldn’t upload the video online, but he hadn’t promised her that he wouldn’t send it to her boyfriend!

After sending the video, Aaron sat on the chair and dozed off, waiting for Xiao Ye’s arrival.

The AK design club was located in the countryside with its back against two mountains. It would take two hours to drive from the city to the club.

Xiao Ye drove to the ground floor of the club, picked up his phone and was about to call Aaron, wanting to ask him where he was. He turned on his phone and found that there was a message he hadn’t read.

He saw the link in the message, hesitated a moment, then clicked on it.

After watching the few edited clips, Xiao Ye’s blood boiled and he felt the top of his head turn green [1. In Chinese, wearing a green hat means being made a cuckold.] “Lu, Qing, Qing!” In a fit of anger, Xiao Ye threw his cell phone at the front passenger seat, hitting the control panel, causing the airbag to explode!

Xiao Ye was startled. He stared at the airbag that suddenly popped out and couldn’t help but rub his short hair in frustration.

Was this the feeling of being cheated on?

I wanted to chop someone up at any moment!

For the time being, Xiao Ye suppressed the anger in his heart and changed his clothes under the lead of the staff. He walked to the waiting area in camouflage clothing and saw Aaron who had been waiting for a long time.

The two of them nodded and greeted each other.

Xiao Ye asked him, “Mr. Han, have you been waiting for a long time?”

Aaron shook his head. “It’s not bad. It’s a long journey and the weather is hot. Mr. Xiao, would you like to have a cold drink?” As he spoke, Aaron threw a bottle of drink to Xiao Ye.

Xiao Ye hurriedly caught it and looked down. He found that it was a bottle of green, glowing kiwi juice!

This color was a little strange.

Xiao Ye’s eyes flickered. He wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence or if it was deliberate.

Aaron knew what Xiao Ye was thinking. He stood up from the chair and walked to Xiao Ye’s side, thoughtfully helping Xiao Ye open the bottle of kiwi-flavored drink.

Aaron stuffed the drink back into Xiao Ye’s palm. He was like a curious baby, tilting his head and asking Xiao Ye, “Let’s interview Mr. Xiao, how does it feel to be cheated on?”

Xiao Ye’s face twitched.

Aaron pointed at the kiwi drink in Xiao Ye’s hand. His smile was sly and evil. “Is it sweet and sour, and the aftertaste is endless?”

Xiao Ye raised the bottle of kiwi and threw it angrily at Aaron. Aaron quickly jumped away and accurately dodged Xiao Ye’s attack.

The kiwi drink was all spilled on the ground. Aaron sniffed and clapped his hands. “Congratulations, Mr. Xiao. You have won the crown of the Green Hat Kingdom’s king! Congratulations!”

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