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Chapter 368: Face Slapping Time Begins! He Is Han Zhan’s Brother!

Seeing that Han Zhan turned off the voice chat immediately and even hid his phone under the table, Bei Zhan scoffed in disdain. “Why are you so protective? It’s so clingy. I feel numb just looking at it.”

Han Zhan stared at Bei Zhan and said with an unfathomable expression, “Will your CEO Han also have such a soft and cute moment?” Han Zhan thought that Bei Zhan was saying that grapes were sour because he couldn’t eat grapes, so he deliberately provoked Bei Zhan. “I’m afraid you’ve never heard CEO Han call you husband in your entire life, right?”

Bei Zhan:!

Having his sore spot poked, Bei Zhan flew into a rage out of humiliation. “I want to resign!” Bei Zhan turned around and left.

Han Zhan revealed a victorious smile.

How many men wouldn’t like their woman acting cute? He didn’t believe that Bei Zhan was so serious.

Bei Zhan stood in the elevator downstairs. He thought back carefully. It seemed that ever since they got married, Han Qingshen had never called him hubby!

Compared to his married life with Han Zhan, Bei Zhan suddenly felt that he had been wronged. He quickly took out his phone and sent a message to Han Qingshen. His tone was arrogant: [Call me Hubby.]

After sending the message, Bei Zhan locked his phone screen and was about to throw it into his pocket when he felt his phone vibrate. He quickly unlocked his phone and opened WeChat.

Han Qingshen: [What’s wrong with you?]

When Bei Zhan saw this reply, he was instantly enraged. He didn’t even go to work anymore and directly skipped work to Empire Entertainment, barging into the CEO’s office and interrupting Han Qingshen’s work.

At that time, Han Qingshen was discussing with the company’s director about the departure of a Best Actor under his name. Seeing Bei Zhan arrive, Han Qingshen stopped talking to the director and said, “Director An, you should go back first. We’ll talk about this later.”

“Yes, CEO Han.”

Han Qingshen watched as Director An left and even closed the office door considerately. She leaned back and leaned against the computer chair. She lifted her chin slightly and stared at the uninvited Bei Zhan. She couldn’t help but ask in bewilderment, “Your expression looks really bad. Who made you angry?”

Bei Zhan strode over and pressed Han Qingshen between the chair and his chest.

Han Qingshen was baffled. “What are you doing? Prostitution in broad daylight?” Han Qingshen reminded him. “My secretaries are all here. If I lose control and make a sound, aren’t you afraid of losing face?”

Bei Zhan covered Han Qingshen’s mouth. “What nonsense are you spouting?” No matter how much of a beast he was, he would never mess around with Han Qingshen in an office like this.

Hearing this, Han Qingshen still felt a little regretful. She said reluctantly, “If you really want to do it, I’m willing too.”

Bei Zhan was tempted, but his strong self-control made him decide to be a person. He pulled Han Qingshen up and sat himself down on the computer chair, pressing Han Qingshen onto his lap.

Bei Zhan said without rhyme or reason, “Song Ci calls Han Zhan her husband.”

Han Qingshen subconsciously said, “It’s not illegal. Han Zhan is Song Ci’s husband.”

Bei Zhan deliberately patted Han Qingshen’s lower back, hinting at her, “What about me? What am I to you?”

Han Qingshen pressed her index finger between Bei Zhan’s eyebrows. “You are my fool.”

Bei Zhan’s expression darkened.

He held onto Han Qingshen’s waist with both hands and complained in an aggrieved tone, “We’ve been married for so many years and we’ve already given birth to two children, but you’ve never called me husband.”

Han Qingshen could hear Bei Zhan’s grievance and could not help but reflect. Did I really not call Bei Zhan Hubby before?

Come to think of it, I had never called him that before.

However, Han Qingshen couldn’t imitate another woman’s sweet tone and call Bei Zhan ‘hubby’. Han Qingshen frowned and pretended to be cold. “That’s just a little girl’s way of making people happy. What’s there to be envious about?”

“I don’t care. I just want to hear you call me hubby.” If Bei Zhan didn’t hear her call him hubby today, he would just stay in Han Qingshen’s office.

Han Qingshen was speechless.

At this moment, Bei Zhan was like a child who started throwing a tantrum and kicking up a fuss because he couldn’t buy a toy in the mall. He was childish and domineering.

However, this childish man was the man she had used a knife to force him to marry her.

The man she chose to pamper even while kneeling.

Han Qingshen coughed and cleared her throat before calling out awkwardly, “Hubby.”

The way she called him ‘hubby’ was like a bad student trying to memorize a word. It sounded indescribably awkward.

Bei Zhan’s originally narrowed eyes finally widened a little. He stared at Han Qingshen’s pair of red ears and was instantly satisfied. “Say it again.” Bei Zhan pushed his luck.

If there was a first, there was always a second time.

“Hubby.” Han Qingshen addressed him as hubby for the second time in a fluent manner without any hint of being a CEO.

Beiz Zan smirked and suddenly said, “I won’t be working in the afternoon. Let’s go on a date!” Since he had already skipped work this afternoon, he might as well make use of this time to do something meaningful.

Han Qingshen stood up and pointed at the pile of documents on the table. “I have work to do,” she said.

Bei Zhan: “We’ll do it tomorrow.”

“It’s not impossible…” Han Qingshen’s deep-set eyes turned gently, with a rare hint of playfulness. She said, “Play coy.”

After a moment of silence, Bei Zhan suddenly pouted and said in a coquettish voice, “Shen shen, I really like you. Can you go on a date with me?”

President Han was elated. “Yes.”

Bei Zhan suddenly skipped work and went on a date. The main work that he was supposed to be in charge of was handed over to Han Zhan. Chief secretary Katy walked into Han Zhan’s office and saw that Han Zhan was talking on the phone. She waited for Han Zhan to hang up before calling him softly.

Han Zhan put down his phone and stared at Katie. “What is it, Katie?”

Katie said, “It’s like this. CEO Bei has something on in the afternoon and is suddenly on leave, but he has a bidding meeting that he must attend tonight…” Han Zhan had already guessed what Katie’s remaining words meant.

“Where’s President Li?”

“I’ve already asked President Li, but he’s not free. He has to go to the hospital to accompany Old Madam Li tonight.” A while ago, Mrs. Li accidentally fell to the ground when she was fighting with someone for the discount vegetables at the supermarket. She had a stroke and was hospitalized now.

Mother Li and Su Beibei’s relationship was still strained. On the night of the incident, Su Beibei had gone to visit Mother Li, but Mother Li had never given Su Beibei a glance. Li Li could not bear to see Su Beibei suffer at her mother’s place, so she did not let Su Beibei visit Mother Li after that.

Li Li found a professional nurse for his mother. He would try his best to visit his mother at the hospital.

Han Zhan knew that Li Li couldn’t leave. Helpless, he could only attend the bidding meeting.

Wangdong City University City was old, its facilities were old, and the environment was backward. Moving was imminent. After several meetings and discussions, the city government finally decided to move the city to the northern suburbs.

This bidding was hosted by the city government.

The bidding was set on the fifth floor of the conference hall. This time, the bidding was only for internal bids. There were a total of nine companies who received the invitation to bid.

These nine companies were the most representative real estate companies in East City.

Zeus Real Estate hadn’t been established for long, so it shouldn’t have received an invitation. However, Zeus Real Estate belonged to the wealthy Zeus International. As the saying goes, the trees grow tall and the surroundings get sheltered. Zeus Real Estate had also received additional care and received an invitation.

When these bidders saw that Han Zhan had actually come personally to attend this bidding meeting, they instantly felt that something was wrong.

There was a legend in Wangdong City—

Wherever Han Zhan was, there would be no place for others!

Everyone’s hearts turned cold. They were afraid that tonight’s bid would fail again.

Han Zhan sat in the first row quietly and asked the assistant to draw the number for the speech. The assistant drew the fifth number for the speech. It was neither the first nor the last.

For the first four companies to win the bid, the proposal was written very beautifully. It sounded very attractive. However, to Han Zhan, those speeches were flashy but not practical.

Finally, it was Zeus Real Estate’s turn to give a bidding speech.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Han Zhan stood up, buttoned up his suit, and walked up to the stage with his head held high. Upon seeing Han Zhan on stage, everyone could not help but stare at him.

Standing on the podium, Han Zhan was calm and composed. He first politely thanked the bidders for their invitation before starting his speech. The content of his speech was very pragmatic and did not have many fancy words, but it was very convincing.

He first went through Zeus Real Estate’s outstanding works, then introduced the company’s top designers.

After explaining the advantages of Zeus’ real estate, Han Zhan closed his speech. Just when everyone thought he was going to leave the stage after finishing his speech, Han Zhan adjusted the microphone.

He clearly had something to say.

When Han Zhan was working, he would habitually put on a pair of simple black-framed glasses. He gently pushed the leg of the glasses and said with a smile, “The following words are from the bottom of my heart. It’s not something nice, but I still want to say it.”

The big shots sat up straight.

It’s here, it’s here, the highlight of the show is here!

The people below the stage were all silent. They pricked up their ears and heard Han Zhan say, “Building a school is a good thing for the welfare of the country and the people. In this college relocation project, the country has given quite a lot of money. This is a lucrative job.”

Everyone was speechless.

You don’t have to be so explicit.

Han Zhan: “Of course I want to eat this fat job too, I also want to have a bite. But I have my reasons for being able to get to where I am today. Because I understand a principle very well. When we eat cake, we can only eat the bite that you should eat. Don’t touch the birthday peaches of the birthday stars. Because if you eat something that you shouldn’t eat, you will have diarrhea.”

The meaning behind his words was very deep. Everyone understood it, but no one said anything.

“We are all businessmen, and I’m no exception. I want to earn money as well, but I definitely won’t make any losses! I can’t guarantee anything else, but just one thing. Every house built by Zeus Real Estate is absolutely safe. There’s no cheating or cutting corners! Schools are a place to nurture talents in the country. If even the buildings above them are clay projects, then what’s the point of teaching and promoting China?”

The last few words were powerful and resonating. The entire hall fell silent.

“Mr. Zheng.” Han Zhan suddenly called someone.

Mr. Zheng’s full name was Zheng Mingqiang. He was the representative of the bidding team. Zheng Mingqiang nodded slightly and smiled at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan looked at Mr. Zheng and said, “Zeus Real Estate has promised that we will build a house first and check the receipts later. After the receipts are approved, the company will make a detailed statistical sheet for each employee’s salary and give it to you. At that time, you can just give us the money according to the bill on the statistics sheet.”

After hearing Han Zhan’s every word, the expressions of the representatives from the other companies turned stiff and ugly.

Han Zhan did this to cut off their escape route!

No matter how beautiful their previous plans were, they could not win against Zeus Real Estate. The other party had clearly said that they were willing to build a house and check the receipts before transferring money to them!

The lights seemed to have a mind of their own as they focused on the man in the suit on stage.

Han Zhan smiled and said, “Of course, Zeus Real Estate isn’t a charity foundation, and the company needs to earn money. Therefore, once the bid is successful, I hope that you can promise to pay us an additional 80 million after the project is approved.”

Zeus Real Estate clearly stated that they only needed to earn eighty million yuan for such a huge project. Anyone with a brain would choose to cooperate with Zeus Real Estate!

Zheng Mingqiang was obviously tempted, and his expression was slightly excited. To be honest, in this project, their biggest worry wasn’t that someone was embezzling money, but that there would be a safety hazard in the house due to the heavy work cut.

That was a university town, and the hope of the country was living there!

Therefore, the city government didn’t dare to randomly assign this project to a certain company, so they specially held an internal bidding meeting.

Zheng Mingqiang already had his own decision in his heart, but this wasn’t something he could decide alone. He still had to go back and discuss it with the leaders. Zheng Mingqiang maintained his expression and continued to listen to the others finish their bidding speech before he stood up and left.

Han Zhan walked out of the hall and was about to get into the car when he met a CEO with the surname Yan.

Boss Yan was the boss of Bright Real Estate, an old real estate company in WangdongCity. Originally, their company was the company with the highest chance of winning the bid, but Zeus Real Estate’s actions were too ruthless, completely cutting off their hopes.

Boss Yan was in his fifties, and his body was well-trained. He stood behind Han Zhan with a smile and said with a sigh, “Mr. Han is indeed worthy of his reputation. His charisma isn’t something old people like us can compare to!”

Han Zhan was not stupid enough to think that Boss Yan was praising him.

Han Zhan replied with a smile, “What are you talking about, Boss Yan? The entire Wangdong City has been conquered by Boss Yan and the other bosses. I’m not as bold as you, Boss Yan.”

“Hahaha, Mr. Han really knows how to talk. What a great idea of building a house first, then checking the receipt, and then transferring funds to the account! Mr. Han, aren’t you afraid of breaking the industry rules by doing this?” Boss Yan’s words were obviously reminding Han Zhan to provoke public anger and be careful of being ostracized.

Han Zhan stood in front of Boss Yan. With his height of 1.9 meters, he had to look down to see Boss Yan’s face clearly.

Staring at Boss Yan’s slightly white hair, Han Zhan said lightly, “If it’s not broken, it’s not built. Sometimes, breaking old things isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Don’t you agree, Boss Yan?”

Boss Yan could feel the kingly aura emanating from Han Zhan. His lips quivered and he didn’t dare to speak again.

Han Zhan got into the car and left.

After Han Zhan’s car left, the CEOs and representatives of the other companies surrounded Boss Yan and condemned Han Zhan’s actions tonight.

Everyone wanted to hire assassins to kill Han Zhan!

Boss Yan narrowed his eyes and stared at the car as it drove away. He sighed. “As expected of Mr. Han’s grandson. He’s a man of great achievements. After this battle, Zeus Real Estate has gained a firm foothold!”

First, he built the house, then checked the receipts and transferred the money.

Zeus Real Estate won.

On the way home, the assistant endured and tolerated. In the end, he still told Han Zhan about the worries in his heart. “Mr. Han, the decision you made tonight will probably incur the wrath of the entire real estate industry.”

He had touched everyone’s cake, how could he not be hated?

Han Zhan laughed and said, “Why do you think the municipal government is bidding internally this time?” With such a lucrative job, the municipal government could have secretly handed it over to a real estate company. However, it had started an internal bid. All these reasons were very intriguing.

The assistant thought for a moment, but still did not think of it. He could not help but shake his head and laugh. “Mr. Han is indeed Mr. Han. To be able to think of something that we did not think of. I can’t figure this out. Mr. Han, please enlighten me.”

However, Han Zhan said, “Do you not watch the News Simulcast much?”

This topic was a little far-fetched.

When he suddenly heard the words “News Simulcast”, the assistant was silent for a moment before saying, “Indeed, I rarely watch it.”

“Remember to watch the news more often.” Han Zhan opened the thermos flask he carried with him and took a sip of water before telling his assistant, “The election last week ended and the new president has already taken office. The day before yesterday, the corridor on the third floor of a shopping mall in Zhen’an City collapsed, causing a huge accident that caused dozens of casualties. The new president has just taken office, so he will definitely be able to clean up the mess. This accident caused by the quality of the project is a fuse.”

“The municipal government must have guessed that something was going on and didn’t dare to mess around. That’s why they came up with this internal bidding scheme. The real estate industry in Wangdong City is almost saturated. If Zeus Real Estate wants to have a foothold, we have to burn our bridges.”

Without destruction, there would be no construction!

Upon hearing this, the assistant felt deep respect for Han Zhan. After all, he was someone who did big things. He could see things that ordinary people couldn’t. He could seize the opportunity before everyone else.

After dropping the assistant at a bus stop, Long Yu sent Han Zhan home.

efore Han Zhan reached home, he received a message from Zhou Wu.

Zeus Corporation said: [Your Majesty, does Zeus International have a real estate business? Your Majesty, you have to supervise the real estate company. Don’t let anything happen to it. My son is planning to reorganize the entire property business. Your Majesty, don’t touch the reef.]

After reading the message, Han Zhan shook his head and laughed.

Foolish loyalty!

However, as an emperor, being able to have batch after batch of blindly loyal subjects meant that he had succeeded. Han Zhan immediately told Bei Zhan what he had heard and told him to keep a good eye on them. He absolutely could not cause a problem with the quality of the project at this critical juncture.

When Bei Zhan received the message, he was very concerned about this matter. He did not even sleep at night and called the management of the real estate company to his house for a secret meeting.

The next day, Zeus Real Estate quietly fired a group of misbehaving employees.

This incident did not attract much attention. People were more concerned that a certain celebrity had taken drugs, that a certain celebrity had an affair…

In the middle of the night, AK’s captain, Yule, was livestreaming. He was a quiet person, and his livestream was about playing ranking matches and interacting with fans.

Because of Nan Yanyan and the Young Prince of Harley-Davidson, AK had been broadcasting very well recently. Even at midnight, there were more than a million fans in Yule’s live-stream.

After Yule finished a ranking competition, he saw someone smash a luxury cruise ship worth five thousand yuan. That person asked, [Is your manager stupid? The delivery prince has already cheated on her, but she still didn’t break up with him and kept him for the new year?]

Yule was waiting for this question.

He said, “Thanks for the luxury cruise, Orange Juice. I can see your question.”

When the fans saw that Yule was looking straight at the question, they started commenting to see if Nan Yanyan was really blind.

Yule was a man of few words, but he never lied. He threw an orange into his mouth and said, “We all know the delivery prince. He’s been delivering food for months. Our manager got to know him through delivery.”

“The rumors online are all fake. We get along very often. I’m sure we know more about the delivery prince than you do. The young prince isn’t the kind of person who would cheat. We believe him.”

A fan asked: [Did the delivery prince really drive Harley?]

Yule nodded and said, “The little prince is indeed a Harley-Davidson. He plays holographic games and married our manager in the game. He participated in Devil’s Island’s first competition and even won the championship. He and our manager both love racing. The two of them are really like-minded. As for the rumors online that our manager is providing for the other party, it’s completely false.”

At this moment, a new account named ‘Xedgf’ gave them a luxury cruise ship. He asked, “If you guys believe him, how do you explain the video? He has been ‘sitting’ at the girl’s house for more than an hour. They aren’t actors, so they can’t be discussing scripts at home.”

Yule raised his eyebrows and stared at the person. He frowned and asked, “Whose alternate account are you?”

That person did not appear again.

Yule was about to say something when he suddenly saw the fans spamming something he couldn’t understand—

[Hurry up and check Zeus International’s official account on Weibo. There’s a surprise!]

[Ah ah ah ah! Stunned! The Little Prince’s identity is actually…]

[No wonder he drove a Harley to deliver food. So the little prince is that person’s brother!]

ule was confused by everyone’s comments. He took out his cell phone and opened Weibo. He entered Zeus International’s official website as indicated by his fans. He saw that Zeus International’s official website had published a new document five minutes ago.

Zeus InternationalV: [Today, my company discovered a video called ‘Young Prince Harleys’ suspected relationship exposed on the internet. Come and guess who the lucky goddess is’. The male lead is Han Rang, head of the Secret Service Logistics Department of our headquarters.

The rules of our department clearly stated that our employees cannot have bad behavior. We will never misuse our employees with bad values or slander any of them.

For this reason, our company specially investigated this matter. After investigation, the truth was as follows—

The male protagonist of the video was indeed Han Rang, a core employee of our department. The female protagonist of the video was Zhong Ling’er, an intern at Wang Dong TV Station. After investigation, the two of them are not lovers but biological siblings.

We have analyzed the angle of the video and the methods used to edit it and found that the video was illegally filmed. There was a deliberate act of maliciously slandering our employees and slandering our image. We have called the police to request an investigation by the cyber-police and will formally file a lawsuit against netizens who are slandering our employees and our image.

Please understand.]

The document was stamped with Zeus International’s seal, so there was no falsification.

A few minutes later, Song Ci’s personal Weibo updated with a new post. She posted four pictures. In the pictures, a man and a woman were playing with two little girls whose faces had been censored.

This man and woman were Han Rang and Zhong Ling’er. The children who were given mosaic were Han Miao and Han Jun.

Song Ci added: [There are a lot of things going on these few days and I don’t have time to go online. I didn’t know that my child had a scandal with his sister. I have to say that I’m impressed by a certain reporter with a rich imagination. The matter wasn’t investigated clearly and the video was secretly uploaded online without the consent of the person involved. Isn’t this illegal?]

Song Ci used “my child” to address Han Rang. Clearly, the delivery prince had a close relationship with Han Zhan!

Everyone’s imagination ran wild, and they all ran to Han Zhan’s Weibo to ask for an explanation. Han Zhan’s Weibo was updated a few minutes later. His Weibo was the shortest and had the most explosive content.

Han Han Han Han Han ZhanV: [Let me introduce you. This is my younger brother Han Rang, nicknamed the Young Prince of Harley-Davidson. Additional picture, jpg.] In the picture, it was a photo of Han Rang lying on Han Zhan’s back and the two of them sitting in the restaurant.

Very quickly, the topics such as # Takeout Young Prince Harley #, # Han Zhan’s younger brother # quickly became the hot topic on Weibo like a rocket rising into the sky. At the same time, the Eastern Wang City forum was filled with posts about the relationship between the takeout Young Prince Han Rang and Han Zhan.

In the middle of the night, the night owls of the E-Sports Club were training. Lin Huo was the first to notice what happened on Weibo. He knocked on Xiao Ye’s door.

Xiao Ye was taking a shower and opened the door without putting on his shirt. “Fire, what are you doing?”

Lin Huo’s expression was very complicated. He said, “Have you seen Weibo?”

“Weibo?” Xiao Ye turned back to his room and took out his phone on the bed. He opened Weibo and asked Lin Huo, “What happened on Weibo?”

Lin Huo followed behind him and said, “Yanyan’s boyfriend is Han Zhan’s younger brother!”

Xiao Ye was stunned for a moment before asking, “Which Han Zhan?”

]”Who else could it be? How many famous people in Wangdong City are called Han Zhan?”

Xiao Ye thought of Han Zhan from Zeus International and his face twisted. “Is that guy the brother of Zeus International’s CEO?”

“That’s right! It’s unbelievable, right?” Lin Huo sat on the chair and took a sip of orange water. He smacked his lips and said, “Actually, it’s not strange. Thinking about it carefully, that guy does look a lot like Han Zhan. The same blue eyes, and the facial features do look a little like…”

Xiao Ye thought of the things he found people to do and suddenly felt a panic that burned his feet. He opened Weibo and read through a few Weibo posts, and his heart turned cold.

That girl was that guy’s sister!

How could he, a mixed-blood, have a Chinese sister?

Xiao Ye was not calm at all. Lu Qingqing was not as calm as him. Lu Qingqing was also a night owl. When she saw the news, she was dancing in the nightclub.

She checked a few related posts on Weibo and realized that Nan Yanyan’s friend was Han Zhan’s brother!

No wonder that guy dared to hit me! He had Han Zhan’s support!

Lu Qingqing thought about how she had used her connections to get people to fire Aaron from his food delivery business in order to take revenge. She felt her back sweat.

Would Han Zhan take revenge on me?

Lu Qingqing hated that she couldn’t call Song Ci right away and build a good relationship with her, so that the man called Aaron would forgive her stupid actions. But Lu Qingqing still held back.

It was Aaron who hit me first. It was not overboard for me to take away his job!

Lu Qingqing calmed down again.

Aaron sat at home, pleased when he realized that things were progressing in exactly the direction he had predicted. He stared at the USB file on his computer and sent it out with a grin.

Lu Qingqing walked out of the nightclub and received a message from a stranger. She thought it was a virus and was about to delete it when she received a second message from that person.

Stranger: [Miss Lu, the tattoo on your abdomen is so cute.]

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