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Chapter 366: Aaron Cheated!

When Zhong Ling’er heard her brother’s evaluation of Song Fei and Song Ci, she smiled.

Seeing her smile like this, Aaron felt baffled. He asked Zhong Ling’er, “What are you laughing at?”

“I’m so happy for you seeing how well you’re getting along with your two sisters,” said Zhong Ling’er. “Mom was always worried that you’d be lonely, but now it seems that you have a lot of people who are genuinely nice to you. Mom and I are relieved.”

Aaron narrowed his eyes and asked, “Do I get along well with them?”

“Yes,” Zhong Ling’er said. “You didn’t realize it, did you? When you’re dealing with strangers, you have an unapproachable expression. But when you got off the motorcycle and saw Brother Jiang, Song Fei, and Second Sister-in-law, you instantly became talkative and lively.”

If Zhong Ling’er had not mentioned it, Aaron would not have realized that this group of people had unknowingly integrated into his life and become his real family.

Zhong Ling’er had the typical appearance of a beauty from Jiangnan. Her temperament was somewhat similar to Su Huanyan’s. She was gentle and reserved as she sat there. She was like a Wu River that had just been cleared after the rain. Her beauty was hazy and intoxicating.

Song Ci looked at Zhong Ling’er and thought that once this girl learned how to dress up, she would become more mature and beautiful. She wondered how many boys she would charm by then.

Sigh, I hope that my two daughters will also become beautiful in the future.

Song Ci glanced at the fatty Miaomiao, who was playing with toys on the mat, and Junjun, whose face was expressionless and wooden, and tears immediately flowed down her face.

It was impossible. The two little mythical beasts in my family would never grow up to be as beautiful as Zhong Ling’er.

Just like what she said earlier, Song Ci really gave Zhong Ling’er a big red packet. After all, this was the little girl’s first time visiting the Han family, so she couldn’t neglect her.

When Zhong Ling’er received the red packet, she was extremely shy. Her face was so red that it reached her neck. “I’m already an adult, how can I still have a red packet?” Zhong Ling’er was too embarrassed to accept it.

Aaron grabbed the red packet and felt its thickness. He was immediately satisfied. Aaron stuffed the red packet into Zhong Ling’er’s arms and said, “Your Second Sister-in-law doesn’t lack money. Take it.”

Zhong Ling’er took the money and said to Song Ci obediently, “Thank you, Second Sister-in-law.”

Song Ci was in a good mood when she called her Second Sister-in-law.

Song Ci glared at a certain guy behind Zhong Ling’er and said meaningfully, “You’re all born from the same mother. Some people have sweet mouths like honey, some people have cheap mouths like they ate…”

Song Ci didn’t say the remaining word out loud. If she said it, it would be insulting.

Aaron pretended not to understand what she was talking about.

After dinner, Zhong Ling’er toured the Imperial Dragon Mansion again. Seeing that it was getting late, she asked Aaron to send her home.

After sending Zhong Ling’er home, Aaron called Nan Yanyan and wanted to tell her about what happened today.

Nan Yanyan might be busy, so she didn’t pick up her phone.

Aaron sent a message to Nan Yanyan, asking her to return the call when she saw the message, then rode his bike back to the manor to rest. The next morning, Aaron received Nan Yanyan’s call.

“Brother Rang, are you awake?” Nan Yanyan looked at the time and called Aaron.

Aaron had just finished brushing his teeth and was shaving when he received the call. When he heard Nan Yanyan call him Brother Rang, Aaron seemed to have thought of something and his eyes darkened.

He used cold water to stimulate his eyes before saying, “I just woke up for a while. How’s the situation on your side?” As he spoke, Aaron applied some shaving cream to his chin and waited for his beard to soften before using the razor to shave.

Nan Yanyan said, “The operation was successful. I heard that Auntie has just woken up. I’ll go to the hospital to take a look later.” Hearing the slight movement of Aaron, Nan Yan asked him, “Are you shaving your beard? Or are you shaving your armpits?”

“A beard, of course.” Aaron never shaved his armpits. “A beard is especially hard if you don’t shave it every day,” said Aaron.

After falling in love with Nan Yanyan, Aaron paid special attention to shaving. He was afraid that his beard would hurt Nan Yanyan when they kissed or made out.

Nan Yanyan hummed in acknowledgement before changing the topic. “When can I shave for you?”

Shaving usually happened in the morning.

Nan Yanyan was asking him when he would let her stay the night.

Aaron stared at the man in the mirror and could clearly see the desire in his eyes. He shaved the last few strands of his beard before saying, “When you come back, I want you to check the goods.”

He had to let Nan Yanyan see that he was clean except for his hands.

Nan Yanyan was silent for a few seconds before saying, “Okay, I’ll be back in three days. Wait for me.”


Aaron was very concerned about the construction work of the orphanage. He was worried that the contractor and the rest would skimp on the construction work. He had to go over every day to take a look before he could feel at ease.

After all, this was built for the children to live in. It was the children’s home. Home was a warm harbor. It was the last pillar of support after the sky collapsed. There must not be any problems with the quality of the project!

After staying at the construction site for two to three hours, Aaron changed into a clean set of clothes in the car and went to the television station to pick Zhong Ling’er up from work.

It was Zhong Ling’er’s first day at her internship. Aaron kept thinking about her situation. Those who could enter the television station to work were a bunch of cunning foxes. If a little white rabbit like Zhong Ling’er entered the fox den, wouldn’t she be bullied?

Considering that Zhong Ling’er had gotten this internship job opportunity because of her senior brother’s help, and that she would be working at the television station for two months, Aaron wanted to treat Zhong Ling’er’s senior brother to a meal and ask him to take care of her.

Aaron was a stingy person. He could not bear to part with restaurants that were too expensive. After some investigation, he finally chose a Chinese restaurant near the TV station that had a good reputation.

Aaron drove Han Zhan’s Volvo and arrived at the broadcasting station. He parked the car in the open-air garage at the entrance of the broadcasting station and waited in the car for a moment before seeing Zhong Ling’er walk out of the broadcasting station.

It was her first day at work, and this little girl was dressed quite well.

She wore a fresh chiffon blouse paired with a beige one-piece dress. Her fair feet were wearing a pair of beige low-heeled shoes. It was not too high-profile, but it was not too shabby either.

Aaron stared at the girl who had suddenly grown up and thought of the first time he met her, when she rushed out of school with her bag and rushed into Gao Yunyun’s arms.

She had really grown up.

Aaron looked at his younger sister, who had grown even more slender and elegant, and felt a little proud in his heart. However, when he saw the ‘senior brother’ behind Zhong Ling’er, Aaron was immediately unhappy. The senior brother looked at the little girl with a gaze that almost said ‘I want to chase you’.

Aaron got out of the car and waved at Zhong Ling’er. “Ling Ling, here!”

Upon seeing her brother, Zhong Ling’er smiled.

Seeing Zhong Ling’er smile brightly at a handsome mixed-blood man, the senior brother’s internal alarm sounded.


Love rival!

When he was about to leave work, he received a message from Zhong Ling’er inviting him for a meal. He was so excited that he thought he had finally received a reply from this girl after two years of one-sided love.

But now that he saw Zhong Ling’er’s smile, he hesitated again.

Am I mistaken?

Zhong Ling’er held onto her senior brother’s sleeve and gently tugged, saying, “Senior brother, my brother is here. My brother wants to treat you to a meal and thank you for helping me get this internship opportunity.”

“Your brother?” The senior brother looked surprised. He could not see any similarities between Zhong Ling’er and Aaron. They did not look alike at all. They were siblings?

The senior brother asked curiously, “Biological brother?” Or lover brother?

Zhong Ling’er could tell what her senior brother was thinking. She chuckled and explained, “He’s my half-brother. His father is Italian and he looks like his father.”

“Oh, so it’s Big Brother.” Senior Brother knew that he had been frightened for nothing. He quickly adjusted his expression and followed behind Zhong Ling’er, walking towards Aaron with her.

“Brother, this is the Senior Brother I mentioned to you. His name is Lu Liang.”

Lu Liang quickly extended his right hand to Aaron. “Hello, Big Brother.”

Aaron was like an emotionless machine as he said coldly, “My surname is Han and my name is Han Rang. You can call me Brother Rang.” Calling me Big Brother? He is not Ling Ling’s boyfriend.

Lu Liang had become a director of a TV station and he was a smart person. He could tell that Aaron was wary of him and felt a little helpless.

From the looks of it, this big brother of his really valued Ling Ling. Therefore, his enmity towards this pursuer of his was extremely deep.

Lu Liang did not dare to offend Aaron. Offending his future brother-in-law would not end well for him. Lu Liang composed his expression and said, “Big Brother Rang, Ling Ling and I came from the same town. It’s only right to help her, but it’s mainly because she’s talented. Let me treat you to dinner tonight.”

Aaron: “I’ve already booked the table. Please.”

Lu Liang compromised.

At the dining table, Lu Liang kept putting food into Zhong Ling’er’s bowl to please her. At a glance, Aaron could tell that this kid had other intentions towards Zhong Ling’er.

After dinner, Lu Liang took a taxi home.

Aaron and Zhong Ling’er were chatting at the entrance of the restaurant. Aaron had a cigarette in his mouth. He stood under the white poplar tree and asked Zhong Ling’er, “Do you have a good impression of Lu Liang?”

Zhong Ling’er wanted to shake her head, but when she met her brother’s eyes, which seemed to have seen through everything, Zhong Ling’er gave up on arguing. “I do have a good impression of him, but I have no intention of agreeing to him early.”

She still wanted to test Lu Liang for some time.

Seeing that Zhong Ling’er was not blinded by love, Aaron was relieved.

Aaron held Zhong Ling’er’s shoulder and said, “A girl can’t easily agree to a boy’s pursuit. He won’t cherish anyone that she gets too easily.”

Zhong Ling’er naturally knew this.

Upon hearing this, Zhong Ling’er asked with some curiosity, “Brother, how long did you chase her before you caught up to her?”

Aaron was speechless.

I’m sorry, but your brother is handsome and charming. He’s the one who’s being courted.

However, what Aaron had just said to educate Zhong Ling’er was still ringing in his ears. He couldn’t ruin his persona. Aaron had a deep, mixed-race face and said, “I chased her for a while before I caught up with her. Your sister-in-law isn’t easy to get, so once I got her, I must dote on her well.”

Nan Yanyan did dote on him after getting him.

Aaron had never been pampered like this before.

“Sister-in-law is so beautiful and powerful, it’s only right,” Zhong Ling’er said. “Then I’ll wait a little longer. If Lu Liang is really good in all aspects, I’ll consider accepting his pursuit.”

“En, it’s good that you understand. Let’s go, I’ll send you back. I’ll be busy later and won’t have time to pick you up. Go back earlier after work. You’re not allowed to go to the nightclub or go out for barbecue with your new colleagues.”

Many people wanted to pull you to a nightclub to trick you into staying at a hotel.

Aaron kept nagging like a mother-in-law.

Zhong Ling’er was a gentle lady. She listened to Aaron quietly before she said obediently, “I know, Brother. Us girls shouldn’t be too suspicious of this world, but we shouldn’t trust this world too much either.”

Aaron nodded. “That’s true.”

When Aaron escorted Zhong Ling’er to the door of the house, Zhong Ling’er remembered something. “Brother.” Zhong Ling’er asked Ah Rang, “Is there no ventilation in the gas pipe at home? There was no hot water last night.”

“Ah, I forgot about that. Wait for me to ask.” Aaron asked Butler Cai about the account number at home and filled it with money. After confirming that the gas could be used, he left.

Aaron walked out of the district and got into the car. He was not in a hurry to drive.

He lit a cigarette and smoked while staring at the rearview mirror of the car. From the rearview mirror, he could see a car parked behind him. That car had been following him all afternoon.

Aaron smirked playfully.


Nan Yanyan stayed in America for another two days. When the mother of the member was out of danger, she returned to China with the captain of the AK team, Yule Amusement.

Nan Yanyan directly brought Amusement back to the headquarters of AK and chatted with the other members about the condition of her teammate’s mother.

It was almost dark by the time they finished their conversation.

Nan Yanyan had not seen Aaron for a few days and missed him a lot. Coupled with the promise of shaving a few days ago, Nan Yanyan was feeling restless.

Seeing that Nan Yanyan kept looking at the time on her phone, Yule asked her, “The manager is distracted. Has his heart flown to the little prince?”

Nan Yanyan looked up and met the teasing gazes of the boys and girls. She stood up expressionlessly and bent down to pick up her bag. She said, “I still have something on, so I’ll take my leave first. You guys train well. After you win the global championship, I’ll ask my boss to bring you guys to Sanya for a few days.”

“Yo, then let’s work hard!”

Amidst the teasing of the children, Nan Yanyan quickly left the AK building.

When she saw that Aaron had sent a photo of him at the orphanage ten minutes ago, Nan Yanyan did not call him to inform him. Instead, she drove her motorcycle to look for Aaron.

When she arrived, Aaron was squatting on the ground wearing his work cap and talking to the foreman about some things to take note of.

Hearing the sound of a motorbike, Aaron looked back. The distant light was so glaring that he could not open his eyes. He narrowed his eyes and saw that the car had stopped. A person got out of the car. Her long hair cast an enchanting shadow on the ground.

After recognizing who it was, Aaron threw the blueprint to the foreman and said, “Rest first. We’ll start work tomorrow. My girlfriend is here.”

Aaron strode towards Nanyan. The two of them stood under the night light. Aaron stared at Nan Yanyan in front of him and moved his fingers slightly.

He wanted to hug her.

However, he was embarrassed because he was afraid of scaring Nan Yanyan.

Suppressing his urge, Aaron asked Nanyan, “When did you come back? You didn’t even tell me. I should have gone to the airport to pick you up.”

Nan Yanyan stood on her tiptoes and hugged Ah Rang’s neck, kissing him on the lips. Since his girlfriend had taken the initiative, it would be too much if Aaron didn’t take advantage of her.

The two of them kissed for a moment before their breathing became unstable.

Leaning against Aaron’s chest, Nan Yan told him, “I arrived at four in the afternoon. I went to AK for a while and came to look for you directly. I haven’t eaten yet, bring me to eat.”


After saying goodbye to the workers, Aaron and Nan Yanyan rode their motorcycles back to the city.

The two of them found a hotpot restaurant with a booming business and ordered a Mandarin Duck soup base. Nan Yanyan smelled the rich fragrance of the hotpot and swallowed her saliva before saying, “I really miss hotpot these days in America. Are the food in Italy good?”

“It’s fine if you’re used to it, but after staying in China for a long time, you’ll realize that the delicacies there are not as good as those in China. There are a lot of cuisines and the taste is great. It’s the ideal world,” said Aaron.

Nan Yanyan was amused by Aaron’s words.

After eating the hotpot, the two of them went to Nan Yanyan’s house. Once they entered the house, Nan Yanyan pressed Aaron against the door. Both of them had the smell of the hotpot, but neither of them disliked the other.

The two of them came to the room. Nan Yanyan pushed Aaron onto the bed. She sat on his waist with her arms around his waist. Her long hair fell on his neck and face.

Aaron pulled away the long hair on his face and saw Nan Yanyan’s blushing face clearly. He held onto Nan Yanyan’s waist and asked her, “Have you used the things you bought last time?”

Nan Yanyan smiled and asked him, “Who can I use it with?”

Aaron laughed too.

Nan Yanyan got off the bed and opened the second drawer of the bedside table to take out the items. She shook the packaging and said, “How many do you want?”

Aaron raised his eyebrows.

This woman was a little reckless.

“Let’s start with two.” For the first time, he had to restrain himself.

Nan Yanyan took out two cigarettes.

Adult men and women were alone in a room, and they were a genuine couple. It was easy to misfire when they touched each other. The cold-looking Aaron was actually the first to lose his cool.

He tore Nan Yanyan’s shirt open, revealing the wild and evil side of the man to her. “You have no idea how rough I was with you in the dream.”

Aaron had accidentally told the truth.

Nan Yanyan was picked up by him and placed on his waist. She leaned her head back, revealing her fair neck. When she heard this, she said breathlessly, “Let me see how rough you can be.”

Aaron said nothing. He used his actions to tell Nan Yanyan how much he desired her.

It was the first time they had clapped for love. Their chemistry was lacking, but there was more than enough passion, and it lasted long.

After the applause, Nan Yanyan had already turned into a broken doll. She lay on the plain bedsheets with a thin blanket covering her body. She sighed. “In this situation, if I don’t have a cigarette, I’ll be letting down the atmosphere.”

Aaron took out the cigarette from his pocket and asked her, “Are you smoking?”

However, Nan Yanyan shook her head. “No, I really want to quit when I say quit smoking.” Nan Yanyan’s self-control was terrifying. She would do anything she said.

The reason why she touched cigarettes back then was because Xiao Ye cheated on her and she lost control of herself. During that time, she was very depressed.

In the beginning, she only wanted to smoke one cigarette to taste it. After tasting it, she despised the taste of cigarettes but continued smoking pack after pack.

Her failed first love had corrupted her.

The sweet second romance gave her a new life.

Nan Yanyan played with Jean’s fingers. “As long as you’re there all the time,” she said, “I can stop smoking.” She turned over, pressed her cheek against Aaron’s palm, and made a mushy confession—

“You’re my nicotine, Aaron.” Getting me addicted and stopping the pain for me.

Aaron shuddered. He almost did it again.

But he also knew that he could not mess around.

The two of them hugged each other. Suddenly, Aaron said, “There might be a drama going on in the next two days. I’ll give you a heads up in advance.”

“Huh?” Nan Yanyan pinched Aaron’s chin and forced him to turn his head to look at her. Nan Yanyan stared at Aaron’s grayish-blue eyes and asked him, “What are you up to again?”

Aaron yawned and said, “Nothing much. I’m tired. Let’s sleep.” He wrapped Nan Yanyan in his arms and covered her with a thin blanket. Then, he really wanted to sleep.

Nan Yanyan thought for a while dazedly before falling asleep.

When she woke up the next day, Nan Yanyan felt that there was something wrong with her walking posture. She walked back and forth in front of the mirror twice to make sure that her walking posture was normal. However, her mind was playing tricks on her, so she changed and prepared to go to the gym.

She usually went to the AK building at noon, and she was free to arrange the time in the morning. Aaron was woken up by Nan Yanyan and saw that she was wearing sportswear and carrying a bag as if she was going out.

He propped himself up and asked her, “Where are you going?”

“To the gym. Aren’t you getting up? You’re going to be late for work.”

“It’s okay,” said Aaron. “It’s the same if I go in the afternoon.”

“Together, then?”


]The two of them had just reached the gym when Aaron received a call from Han Zhan.

“You skipped work?” Han Zhan stood in Ah Rang’s office, staring at the deck of poker cards on his desk and the target filled with darts on the wall. Did this guy treat the office as his playroom?

Aaron: “I’ll apply for leave.”

Han Zhan: “Reason.”

Nan Yanyan was in the middle of a warm-up exercise. She took off her sports jacket and revealed her tank top. Staring at her figure, Aaron shamelessly gave a good reason. “My kidney is weak.”

Han Zhan was confused.

Han Zhan heard music from Aaron and thought that he was at the cafe. “You didn’t come back last night. Where are you?”

“I’m in the gym. With Yanyan.”

Han Zhan instantly understood why Aaron had a weak kidney.

“You have kidney deficiency at such a young age. I think you are useless.” Han Zhan hung up the phone and walked out. He stood in Li Li’s secretary’s office and said to his secretary, “Call the finance department. Leader Han did not pass the examinations and lost the hardworking service award.”

“Alright, Mr. Han.”

After Nan Yan finished her warm-up exercise, she followed the coach to do her training. Aaron leaned against the wall like a gold hook. He stared at the coach’s hands, which kept caressing Nan Yanyan’s body. He was instantly displeased.

He stood up and walked towards Nan Yanyan. He grabbed the coach’s hand and asked, “If you want to teach, teach properly. Why are you touching her?”

The coach was really not touching her. He was merely guiding Nan Yanyan’s movements.

Nan Yanyan quickly got up and said to the coach, “I’m sorry, coach. Go teach someone else first.”

“Alright then.” The coach glanced at Aaron and shook his head before leaving.

Nan Yanyan looked at Aaron with a smile and explained, “He’s my fitness instructor. We’re very familiar with each other. He doesn’t like women either.”

“A lot of coaches harass female trainees with the lie that they don’t like women,” said Aaron.

“Then what should I do? Will you teach me?”

Aaron pulled Nan Yanyan away. “Let’s go. I’ll teach you when we get back.”

When they got home, Aaron had really prepared a fitness exercise for Nan Yanyan. It was quite decent. Nan Yanyan asked him, “How do you know this?”

“I started physical training when I was very young,” said Aaron. “I know better than those trainers how to train every muscle in the body.”

“Oh I see.”

Nan Yanyan picked up her phone and opened her Weibo. She took a photo of the fitness plan that was custom-made for her and posted on Weibo: [Treasure boy, what else do you not know? Attached photo.jpg]

Nan Yanyan rarely posted on Weibo. Compared to Xiao Ye and Lin Huo’s Weibo posts, Nan Yanyan’s Weibo was extremely quiet.

Two to three hundred old fans asked Nan Yanyan if she was dating.

The fans who asked these questions were her true fans who had followed her since she was still competing. After some thought, Nan Yanyan pulled Aaron to her side and took a few photos. She made a photo album and posted it on Weibo. She officially announced her relationship and told all her fans that she was getting married.

Although Nan Yan had retired, she was once the number one female eSports player in the country. She was very respected in the eSports scene. Some gaming gods paid attention to her, and after discovering her Weibo post, they all left messages to repost and give her their blessings.

The former team of Faith also reposted Weibo with a red heart. Even Xiao Ye reposted Nan Yan’s Weibo at the first moment and commented: [You must be happy.]

The fans realized that Faith’s team, which they had not joined for a long time, had actually joined together. They were all extremely excited. They took screenshots and posted on Weibo, lamenting the glory of Faith’s team back then.

As for the couple fans who had once loved Xiao Ye and Nan Yanyan, they were sad to see their interaction. It seemed that it was really impossible between God Xiao and Nan Yanyan.

When Nan Yanyan saw that Xiao Ye had reposted her Weibo post, she pursed her lips and did not bother about it anymore. She was a little hungry, so she walked to the kitchen and took out two steaks from the fridge to defrost.

She asked Aaron, “Do you know how to cook steak?”

Aaron: “Yes.”

Aaron only knew how to cook steak. When Aaron was frying the steak, Nan Yanyan was squeezing juice from the kitchen. She squeezed two cups of Fire Dragon Juice together with Aaron’s black pepper steak.

After dinner, the two of them went out together. Aaron took Nan Yanyan’s car to work. Nan Yanyan sent Aaron to the company before telling him, “The wedding dress I ordered has arrived. I’m going to try it on tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? What time? I’ll go with you.”

Nan Yanyan rejected him immediately. “No way. I can go by myself. I want you to see me in my wedding dress at the wedding. Just keep looking forward to it.”


The next day, Nan Yanyan brought her good friend to the bridal shop. Her friend used to be in the eSports scene and was a female eSports commentator like Lu Qingqing. Her name was Li Jing.

Li Jing got married three years ago. After she got married, she left the eSports scene and started her own business. Currently, she was running a bar. Li Jing was five months pregnant and her stomach was obvious. She wore a loose dress and did not look fat. She was still cute and adorable.

Seeing Nan Yanyan, Li Jing said emotionally, “I really didn’t expect you to get married so soon. I haven’t seen your fiancé yet.”

Li Jing thought of the photo Nan Yanyan had posted on her Weibo and asked, “Does your fiancé really look like that in the photo? He’s so handsome.”

Nan Yanyan was very proud when she heard Li Jing praise Aaron for being handsome. “That’s nothing. When he smiles, he has two dimples. He’s especially cute. The first time I saw him, I fell for him.”

Li Jing laughed out loud. “Sure. When you meet someone you like, you have to take the initiative. Only by being thick-skinned can you get a handsome man.” Li Jing’s husband had married Li Jing back then because he was thick-skinned.

Li Jing and the staff helped Nan Yanyan change into the wedding dress. Nan Yanyan stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself in the wedding dress. She suddenly felt that it was unreal. She asked Li Jing, “Is it really nice?”

“Yes.” Li Jing hugged Nan Yanyan’s shoulders. She looked at Nan Yanyan in the mirror and smiled. “Yanyan, I wish you happiness.”

Li Jing was smart enough not to mention Xiao Ye.

From Nan Yanyan’s expression when she talked about her fiancé, it could be seen that she really had a good relationship with her fiancé. Since that was the case, Li Jing was relieved.

After trying on the wedding gown, Nan Yanyan invited Li Jing to have some fruit tea. The two of them sat at the fruit tea shop at the corner of the street to cool the air conditioner. Li Jing told Nan Yanyan about her pregnancy while scrolling through Weibo.

“It’s hard to get pregnant, but it’s also good because I don’t have my period. I hear some women have to wait more than a year for their period to come after giving birth. I wonder if I—”

Li Jing suddenly fell silent.

Nan Yanyan was immersed in the conversation, when she noticed that Li Jing suddenly stopped talking. She asked him, “Why aren’t you talking?”

Li Jing stared at the video on Weibo with an ugly expression. She exited the video and asked Nan Yanyan with a serious expression, “Yanyan, is your fiancé the little prince who delivered the takeaway?”

News had spread that there was a little prince doing delivery in Wangdong City.

Nan Yanyan raised her eyebrows in surprise and asked Li Jing, “How did you know about his Harley-Davidson delivery?”

Aaron using a Harley to deliver food had been a hot topic on the forum for some time. After that, whenever someone talked about rich people experiencing life, there would definitely be people talking about Prince Harley.

Li Jing’s face darkened and she said, “I just saw a video on Tongcheng’s Weibo. Take a look and see if this is Young Prince Harley.” Li Jing passed the phone to Nan Yan.

Nan Yanyan was shocked by Li Jing’s expression. She was not in a hurry to watch the video and asked Li Jing curiously, “What is this video about?”

Li Jing snapped, “Your fiancé cheated on you!”

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