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Chapter 367: Call Me Hubby, It’s Worth Two Hundred Million

“Your fiancé cheated on you!”

Those words were like a sudden clap of thunder that made Nan Yanyan’s head jump. She almost had a heart attack.

Brother Rang cheated?

Nan Yanyan’s first reaction was…

Who the fuck is spreading rumors?

The second reaction was…

How beautiful must a woman be to make him cheat on me?

Nan Yanyan didn’t believe that there was a woman more charming than her!

She was no longer the ignorant girl from six years ago who did not know how to dress up and wore jeans and a sweater all day long. Now, she was mature, charming, funny, and charming. If he wanted to cheat on her, it would be because his taste was bad.

Li Jing was worried for Nan Yan when she refused to believe him. She pointed at the phone on the table and said, “You don’t believe me, do you? Look, see if the man in the video is your fiancé!”

Li Jing hoped that the man was not Nan Yanyan’s fiancé.

Six years ago, when she first fell in love, Xiao Ye cheated on her. It wasn’t easy for her to finally have a second relationship. If she was cheated on by her boyfriend again, Yanyan would lose all hope in love.

Nan Yanyan opened the video skeptically and lowered her head to watch it. The video had been edited. At the start, it was not dark yet, so it should be when the employees got off work.

The male lead in the video was wearing a gray suit and leaning against a black Volvo. He was probably waiting for someone. He even looked at his watch twice.

Nan Yanyan immediately recognized that the male lead in the video was indeed Aaron. She even recognized the car. It was Aaron’s second brother, Han Zhan’s car.

Nan Yanyan frowned.

Who is Aaron waiting for?

Soon, a man and a woman walked over. The three of them chatted for a while before getting into the car. Then, the scene changed. It was already dark.

Aaron and the young girl stood at the entrance of the restaurant, talking and laughing. Aaron even stretched out his long arm to hold the other party’s shoulders. The two of them were in an ambiguous position, hugging each other’s shoulders and patting each other’s heads. It really looked like they were on a date.

Nan Yanyan’s expression became more and more serious. Her slightly curved lips were all pursed.

Who was this girl?

Nan Yanyan had never seen Aaron treat other girls so nicely.

Nan Yanyan was a little angry, but she still insisted on watching. Perhaps I had misunderstood him? Nan Yanyan looked down again and saw that Aaron had actually sent the girl to XX neighborhood and stayed at the other party’s house for more than an hour before driving off. Nan Yan instantly threw her phone away.

Frustrated, she scratched at her long black curls. Her heart burned with a fury she couldn’t extinguish.

He actually let that girl stay in his house!

Seeing Nan Yanyan’s reaction, Li Jing knew that the man in the video was indeed her fiancé.

Li Jing felt bad for Nan Yanyan. “A paparazzi in Wangdong City accidentally took this video. I think it’s very likely true.”

Nan Yanyan remained silent.

She opened the video and watched it again. The title of the video read, “The young prince of Harley-Davidson is dating. Look who has captured the young prince’s heart?”

Nan Yanyan was angry and jealous*. I have been in a relationship with Aaron for months. Why hadn’t the paparazzi exposed our relationship?*

“I have to clarify this matter.”

=Nan Yanyan was no longer a young girl in her early twenties. She was already 30 years old and had learned to control her emotions. She knew that if there was a problem, she had to solve it, not avoid it.

If Aaron really cheated on her, she would definitely not pester Aaron anymore. She would only beat him to death!

After bidding farewell to Li Jing, Nan Yanyan drove to Zeus International.

In the afternoon, when Aaron was sleeping in his office, he heard a commotion outside the door. Aaron was woken up. His shirt was wrinkled and he ran to open the door.

The moment he opened the office door, he saw Li Li’s secretary and a handsome young man standing outside.

When Nan Guanguan saw Aaron coming out, he immediately pulled the secretary away and pointed at Aaron while shouting angrily, “Han Rang! Why are you hiding inside!”

Seeing that Aaron had come out, the secretary looked embarrassed. “I’m sorry, Leader Han, I didn’t stop this man…”

Zeus International would not allow strangers to enter. When Nan Guanguan was begging the receptionist to let him in, he coincidentally met Long Yu, who had gone out to settle some matters and returned to the company to report to Han Zhan.

Long Yu knew Nan Guanguan. Previously, when Han Zhan and Professor Nan met, Long Yu had met Nan Guanguan once. With Long Yu leading, Nan Guanguan successfully entered Zeus International.

After bidding farewell to Long Yu in the elevator, Nan Guanguan went straight into Aaron’s office.

The secretary saw that Nan Guanguan’s face was dark and he came in a threatening manner. She knew that this person was here to cause trouble, so she quickly stood up to stop him and even called for security.

But before the security guard arrived, Aaron woke up.

Aaron waved his hand and said to his secretary, “Go and work. I’m fine here. I know this person.”

The secretary looked at Aaron worriedly before leaving.

She had just taken two steps away when she heard the handsome and tall handsome man behind her roar angrily, “Han Rang, I thought you were a good thing in vain and even handed my sister to you! You’re good, you’re a fucking cripple and you’re still cheating on me!”

Nan Guanguan was really angered by Aaron’s cheating and started to speak without thinking.

Aaron had never thought that he was inferior just because he was disabled. He did not get angry when he heard what Nan Guanguan said. Aaron explained in a good temper, “This is a misunderstanding…”

“I misunderstood you!” Nan Guanguan interrupted Ah Rang.

Nan Guanguan usually bickered with his older sister. It seemed like the siblings didn’t have a good relationship, but in reality, their relationship was especially good. Once again, his older sister was cheated on by a man. Nan Guanguan was truly angered to death.

He strode towards Ah Rang and kicked him in the stomach. Aaron had been beaten even more viciously. Nan Guanguan’s kick did not hurt Ah Rang at all.

Aaron caught a glimpse of another person running down the corridor of the office. He recognized it at once as Nan Yanyan. With a wail, he stumbled back a few steps, then slammed his back against the office door. Only then did he stop.

Nan Guanguan didn’t expect the power of his kick to be so great, immediately becoming a bit stunned.

“Nan Guanguan!”

Nan Yanyan arrived just in time to see this scene. She strode over and pulled Nan Guanguan behind her. She turned around and questioned Nan Guanguan, “Why did you come here? Did you hit him?”

Nan Guanguan thought that Nan Yanyan wanted to protect Han Zhan, and he was instantly furious. “Nan Yanyan, do you have a brain? Han Rang cheated, and you still want to protect him. Are you stupid?”

“I think you’re just stupid! That year when Xiao Ye cheated on you, you didn’t dare to take revenge on him. You hid yourself and cried every day. At that time, I wanted to scold you! Six years have passed, why haven’t you grown up!”

After Xiao Ye cheated on Nan Yanyan, Nan Yanyan hid at home and became a coward. Nan Guanguan felt sorry for his sister and ran to burn Xiao Ye’s car. Xiao Ye knew that it was Nan Guanguan, so he didn’t call the police and could only blame his bad luck.

Now that Aaron had cheated on Nan Yanyan, how could Nan Guanguan swallow his anger? He grabbed Nan Yanyan’s arm and pulled her behind him. Staring at Aaron, he grimaced and said, “If I don’t cripple his third leg today, I won’t be called Nan Guanguan!”

I would change my name to Guan Guannan!

When Nan Yanyan saw that Nan Guanguan was about to attack again, she grabbed his waist and anxiously said, “Don’t attack, if I want to attack, I’ll do it myself!”

Only then did Nan Guanguan stop.

Aaron leaned against the door and watched the pair of siblings with interest. When he heard that Nan Yanyan wanted to do it herself, he hurriedly said, “Sister Yan, this is really a misunderstanding.”

Nan Yanyan looked at him coldly and asked, “Have you cheated?”

Aaron: “No.”

“You didn’t succeed in cheating or you didn’t cheat?”

Aaron didn’t reply. Instead, he asked Nan Yanyan thoughtfully, “If I cheated on you, what would you do?” Break up with me?

Nan Yanyan remained silent.

She opened her satchel and pulled out a…

A leather whip.

Nan Yanyan whipped the whip hard at Aaron’s feet. Aaron heard a loud crack. His eyebrows twitched and he heard Nan Yanyan say, “If you really cheated, I will whip you as long as you stayed in that woman’s room.”

Nan Yanyan’s eyes were red as she choked out, “Because that was the time you humiliated me. I’ll make whoever humiliates me bleed!”

Nan Yanyan held onto the handle of the whip and asked Aaron with tears in her eyes, “Han Rang, have you cheated?”

“No.” Aaron raised his right hand and swore. “If I cheated, my third leg will be crippled immediately!”

Hearing this, Nan Yanyan felt more at ease.

Nan Guanguan, on the other hand, was staring at Aaron’s crotch. He was hesitating if he should kick him immediately and fulfil his oath.

Aaron then said, “It’s all a misunderstanding. The girl in the video is my younger sister.”

As soon as he said this, Nan Yanyan was somewhat stunned. “The sister who lives in Qingshui Town? The little girl who has a different father from you?”

Nan Yanyan knew that Aaron had a younger sister, but she had never seen her before. She only knew that she lived in the South and was young.

Nan Guanguan sneered and said, “Younger sister?” Nan Guanguan didn’t believe what Aaron said at all. “You’re a f*cking mixed-blood. Where did you get a Chinese sister from?! Do you think I’m blind and can’t tell that the girl in the video is a Chinese girl?”

This time, without waiting for Aaron to explain, Nan Yanyan said, “Aaron does have a Chinese sister. Aaron’s mother is Chinese. His mother has a daughter with another uncle and is still in university.”

Nan Guanguan’s jaw dropped. He had believed Nan Yanyan.

He glanced over and saw the obvious footprint on Aaron’s abdomen. He immediately felt embarrassed. Realizing that this might be a misunderstanding, Nan Guanguan felt embarrassed.

With his nose facing the sky, he said, “I don’t believe it. Unless you call that girl over and we confront each other!”

Aaron said, “Wait a few minutes. She’s already downstairs.”

“Is that so?”

Nan Guanguan still refused to believe that what Aaron said was real.

He swaggered into Aaron’s office. As soon as he entered the room, he saw the targets and darts on the wall and his hands started to itch. Oh no, he really wanted to play a few rounds.

However, he had to bear with it. He couldn’t just start a fight and run off to play with other people’s toys. That would be so embarrassing!

Nan Yanyan sat on the sofa, deep in thought. When she saw that Nan Guanguan was not sitting properly, she immediately chided him, “Isn’t there a sofa? Why are you sitting on his desk!”

Nan Guanguan quickly stood up and sat down on the sofa opposite Nan Yanyan.

Although there were fewer things in this office, it was very open. If the decorations were well matched and he bought a few pots of green plants, it would be a very stylish office.

Zeus International was indeed different.

As Nan Guanguan was lost in his thoughts, he heard a knock on the door. The three of them looked up at the same time and saw a little girl in an apricot yellow round-necked dress standing outside.

The girl’s long hair was tied up, revealing her clean and fair neck. She looked delicate and exquisite. The girl wasn’t tall, but she had the gentleness and elegance of a southern girl.

Nan Guanguan was used to seeing overbearing tall girls like Nan Yanyan. When he suddenly saw an obedient and quiet girl, he subconsciously sat up straight, and even put his legs down.

Aaron sat on the swivel chair and pressed his hand against his abdomen, looking pitiful from the beating.

Zhong Ling’er immediately saw Nan Yanyan sitting on the sofa, as well as Aaron, who was pressing his abdomen with a pained expression. Zhong Ling’er guessed what had happened. She called out to Aaron timidly, “Brother, you…”

Zhong Ling’er stole a glance at the Nan Guanguan.

She had already heard what happened inside from the secretary outside.

Zhong Ling’er felt sorry.

She asked Aaron, “Brother, did you get beaten up?”

Aaron pretended to cry out in pain. Zhong Ling’er ran over to Nan Guanguan and Nan Yanyan. She stood between the two sofas and said pitifully, “Sister Yan Yan, it’s our first time meeting. Hello, I’m Zhong Ling’er. I’ve seen the video. It’s true, but the content isn’t what everyone thinks.”

Nan Yanyan took out her phone and opened the photo of her, her mother, and Aaron. Zhong Ling’er passed the phone to Nan Yanyan and said in a choked voice, “Sister Yanyan, I’m not Brother’s girlfriend. Brother isn’t cheating on you. Han Rang and I are really siblings. The woman in the photo is our mother.”

Actually, when Aaron explained, Nan Yanyan believed him. Aaron was a very easy person to understand. If he liked someone, he really liked them. If he didn’t like someone, he couldn’t be bothered to pretend.

For two-timing and cheating, Aaron would not even bother to do it.

Nan Yanyan handed Zhong Ling’er’s phone to Nan Guanguan and said, “Look, do you believe them now?”

Nan Guanguan took the phone and glanced at it. He realized that Zhong Ling’er looked very similar to her mother, as if they were carved from the same mold.

Although Aaron did not look like his mother, the three of them looked similar when they stood together.

At this time, Aaron also said, “Ling Ling came to the broadcasting station for an internship during the summer vacation and had no place to stay. I was worried about her renting a room alone outside, so I lent her the boutique room for the time being. When we filmed the video, it was Ling Ling’s first day at work. I went to pick her up from work and treat her senior brother to a meal.”

“I didn’t pay for the gas in the spartan room. After I sent her home, I followed her upstairs to check on the gas, so I sat for a while longer.” After explaining, Aaron shifted his gaze to Nan Yanyan and revealed a hurt expression. “Yanyan, this is obviously someone trying to mess with me. You actually don’t believe me…”

Nan Yanyan, who was sitting on the sofa earlier, had also figured out that there was something fishy about this. However, since Nan Guanguan and Zhong Ling’er were both here, it was not convenient for her to discuss this with Aaron.

Nan Yanyan took the phone from Nan Guanguan’s palm and returned it to Zhong Ling’er. She stood up and placed her hands on Zhong Ling’er’s shoulders. “I can call you Ling Ling just like Aaron, right?”

Zhong Ling’er hurriedly nodded. “Alright.”

“Lingling, this is a misunderstanding. My brother has a bad temper, and because of some things that happened in the past, he’s especially afraid of people bullying me. Today, he hit your brother out of impulse. Don’t be angry at him.”

Zhong Ling’er glanced at Nan Guanguan, making him blush.

Zhong Ling’er shook her head and said considerately, “I can understand. If someone bullies me like this, my brother will definitely beat them up without a word.”

This was a close relative.

Only when one’s family was bullied would they do anything to seek justice for one.

“It’s good that Lingling understands. I had something to do in America a few days ago and only came back yesterday. Your brother didn’t have the time to tell me about your internship in Wangdong City. How about this, since you took leave in the afternoon, today’s work is considered delayed. Why don’t you stay over tonight and have dinner with us?”

Zhong Ling’er: “Alright!”

Zhong Ling’er went to the toilet to call Gao Yunyun. Firstly, she wanted to tell her about the mishap that happened today. Secondly, she wanted to praise her sister-in-law.

Nan Guanguan stared in the direction Zhong Ling’er had left. He could not help but sigh and say, “This little sister is quite cute!” She was so obedient that anyone who saw her would want to bully her.

As soon as Nan Guanguan finished speaking, he saw Aaron glaring at him fiercely. Nan Guanguan felt his cheeks burning. He stood up and said, “Erm, sorry, I’ll let you hit me back!”

He pulled off his shirt and fanned himself, muttering, “Doesn’t this office have air conditioning? I’m going out to cool the air conditioning.” Finding a way out for himself, Nan Guanguan quickly ran out.

After everyone had left, Nan Yanyan lay on the sofa and looked at Aaron.

Aaron pressed his abdomen and said in an aggrieved tone, “It hurts…”

Nan Yanyan: “Serves you right.”

Aaron looked worse. “Aren’t you worried about me?”

Nan Yanyan said, “You told me last night that something would happen in the next few days. You wanted me to be mentally prepared. Is that what you said?”

Aaron smiled mysteriously. “What do you think?”

Nan Yanyan did not want to beat around the bush with Aaron. She said, “Who did this?” Aaron was not a famous person in Wangdong City. Whether he was in a relationship and had children, it was not worth being caught by the paparazzi.

Someone must have instructed the paparazzi to take photos of Aaron. Once they found something useful, they would deliberately create hype and attract more attention.

If nothing went wrong, someone would soon dig out the relationship between Aaron and Nan Yan and create trouble on her Weibo.

Soon after, this matter would spread from the eSports scene and eventually become a hot topic.

As the manager of AK, Nan Yanyan knew how to manipulate public opinion and hype up the media.

Aaron smiled and asked her, “Who do you think it is?”

“Xiao Ye.”

Aaron laughed. “I thought you would say it was Lu Qingqing.”

“Lu Qingqing isn’t that free.” Lu Qingqing’s brain wasn’t that good either.

Aaron picked out a black morning light pen from the pen holder. He spun the pen and said in a long and meaningful tone, “I’ve never been a bun. Not everyone can pinch and rub me. Since I’ve been tricked, I must take revenge.”

Aaron stopped spinning his pen and told Nan Yanyan, “I want to tarnish their reputation.”

Nan Yanyan’s expression turned solemn.

“Because of me?”

Aaron nodded frankly. “Yes, because of you. I told you, you’re my woman. They used to bully you. I have to avenge you.”

Nan Yanyan felt warm and helpless. “There’s no need. It’s been so many years…”

“It’s necessary.”

Aaron said, “They’re still together and have a glorious life. The better they live, the more upset you’ll feel. If you don’t take revenge, how can you calm your anger? Don’t deny that I know people better than you do. You can’t wait for that adulterous couple to lose their reputation.”

Nan Yanyan couldn’t refute Ah Rong’s words.

She stared at Aaron for a long time before asking curiously, “What are you going to do?”

“Just wait and see.”

The two of them exchanged a few words. After Zhong Ling’er finished her call, the four of them went to eat together. After figuring out that it was a misunderstanding,Nan Guanguan apologized to Aaron seriously again.

That kick did not cause any real harm to Aaron and Aaron quickly forgave Nan Guanguan. When they were eating, Nan Yan realized that things were indeed progressing in the direction she had concluded.

A large number of people had already recognized Nan Yanyan’s fiance as the Young Prince Harley-Davidson. Many people were questioning Nan Yanyan in her comments section whether she knew about this.

Some people scolded Aaronfor being a scumbag in Nan Yanyan’s comments section, while others advised Nan Yanyan to wipe her eyes and kick Aaron away so that she would not sink into the mud.

Nan Yanyan didn’t say anything and only posted on Weibo: “I believe him.”

These few words caused her to be scolded.

On the other hand, when those old friends in the eSports scene saw Nan Yanyan’s reply, they all felt that it wasn’t worth it for her. Li Jing was a straightforward person, and she was the first one who couldn’t stand it and called Nan Yanyan immediately, advising her not to forgive Aaron.

Li Jing was someone Nan Yanyan trusted, so Nan Yanyan explained the truth to Li Jing. She knew that it was a misunderstanding and that someone was messing with Nan Yanyan and Aaron. Li Jing could easily guess the identity of that person.

On the other end of the phone, Li Jing cursed, “Xiao Ye, that bastard, how thick-skinned! Of course, he cheated on you first. Now that he’s done being intimate with Lu Qingqing and seeing that you’ve regained your happiness, he’s starting to moan about old feelings that are hard to forget. He’s really a f*cking piece of trash. I’ve never seen such a disgusting thing!”

Nan Yanyan listened to Li Jing’s scolding for a few minutes before hanging up.

Aaron heard Li Jing cursing on the phone. After Nan Yanyan hung up, Aaron smiled and said, “Your friend is quite fiery.” She didn’t even repeat her words when she scolded him.

Nan Yanyan was afraid that Aaron would misunderstand Li Jing, so she quickly explained, “Jingjing is just a little hot-tempered. She’s actually quite a nice person and is very loyal. She’s my only good friend in the circle.”


After the meal, the trend on Weibo changed. Under the manipulation of some people, the topic of # Dagger’s takeout, Prince Harley, slowly pushed into the trending topics. Although it was a flop, as long as it was trending, it would attract the attention of a large number of netizens.

After some people found out who the person was, they scolded her for being blind. Despite knowing that she was two-timed, she still foolishly said that she believed him.

This matter got bigger and bigger, and gradually, people dug up the past grudges between Dagger and Xiao Ye. Overnight, everyone in the eSports scene discussed this matter in detail.

]As for the person involved, Nan Yanyan, she did not say another word.

After dinner, Aaron returned to Imperial Dragon Manor. Seeing that Song Ci and Han Zhan were swimming in the swimming pool instead of sleeping at night, he covered his eyes in an exaggerated manner and asked loudly, “I didn’t see anything I shouldn’t have seen, right?”

Han Zhan said coldly, “Stop acting.”

Only then did Aaron open his eyes.

Seeing that Song Ci was wearing a one-piece swimsuit and Han Zhan was also wearing pants, he walked to the pool and sat down, soaking his feet in the pool. Han Zhan carried Song Ci to the shore and sat down. He put a towel over Song Ci and didn’t look at Aaron, but asked, “Why are you and Lingling on the hot searches?”

Aaron: “Someone is messing with me. Brother, you have to back me up.”

Han Zhan’s heart softened.

Han Zhan finally looked at Aaron and asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Aaron swung his legs and said, “When it’s time, just clarify for me.”

Han Zhan raised his eyebrows. He didn’t agree, but he didn’t reject either.

Aaron knew that Han Zhan must have agreed.

Usually, if he had something to ask Han Zhan, he just had to call him brother and Han Zhan would definitely agree. After Aaron left, Song Ci pulled Han Zhan’s ear and said, “Promise me something, hubby.”

Han Zhan reacted instantly.

Song Ci rarely called him Hubby. She usually called him Brother Han or Han Zhan. When she was in the mood, she would call him Mr. Han on purpose.

Song Ci called him husband because she wanted his life.

Han Zhan grabbed her waist and asked, “Speak.”

Song Ci said, “Well, the high-quality dress that was sent over some time ago is still lacking some suitable jewelry.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Song Ci leaned into Han Zhan’s arms and scratched Han Zhan’s chest with her fingers. She then shouted softly, “Hubby, hubby, I want it.”

Han Zhan’s Adam’s apple bobbed a few times before he asked hoarsely, “How much?”

Song Ci: “Not much, not much, just 200 million!”

Han Zhan was shocked.

The word husband was worth 200 million!

Han Zhan coldly pushed Song Ci away and stood up. He said ruthlessly, “Miss Song, when we meet in the future, please call me Mr. Han.”

With that, Han Zhan turned around and left.

After taking two steps, he stopped to wait for Song Ci. There was water on the side of the pool. He was afraid that Song Ci would slip and didn’t dare to go far.

Song Ci walked over barefooted with her shoes in her hands. She walked to his side and lifted her foot to step on his foot ruthlessly before walking away with her hips swaying.

The next day, Song Ci slept until nine o’clock before she woke up. When she woke up, she felt a little nauseous. This was her second child and she already had experience. She knew that the day of morning sickness was coming.

Song Ci didn’t dare to brush her teeth for too long, fearing that she would vomit.

She wore a set of home clothes and went downstairs without makeup. As soon as she walked out of the dormitory building, she saw a few strangers standing at the reception building. Song Ci called a servant over and asked the other party, “Who came from the reception building?”

Ever since Song Ci showed her might last time and chased away the two female butlers, the helpers were all very respectful when they saw Song Ci. The helper who was stopped bent down and answered, “Madam, the manager of XX Jewelry is here with jewelry. They are all limited edition pieces that have not been released yet. They are waiting for Madam to pick them.”

They would only display the ones that Song Ci did not want, after she picked them.

Song Ci stood rooted to the ground for a moment before smiling again. “Han Zhan, Han Zhan, why are you so cute?”

She had said that to Han Zhan on purpose last night just to tease him. However, the more limited the jewelry was, the more valuable it was. It was fine to keep a few sets. Furthermore, she had two daughters who could pass them to their daughters in the future.

Song Ci went to the reception hall to see the jewelry store manager. She picked three sets of jewelry and let the manager take the rest. Song Ci took a photo of the jewelry and sent it to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan only replied to her at noon.

Han Zhan: [Call me again.]

Song Ci: [What?]

Han Zhan: [The one last night.]

Song Ci held back her laughter and sent a WeChat recording.

Han Zhan opened the WeChat voice message and heard Song Ci’s charming voice calling out sweetly, [Hubby, hubby, are you tired from work? Hubby, I miss you a lot.]

Han Zhan only felt that it was mushy after listening to it once. When he heard it the second time, his heart started to bubble, and when he heard it the third time, his heart became restless.

“I say, how many times do you want to hear it?” Bei Zhan crossed his arms and stood at the door of Han Zhan’s office. He winked at Han Zhan and smiled. “Do you like listening to your sister-in-law act coquettishly?”

Han Zhan quickly turned off the voice message.

Song Ci’s sweet voice could not be heard by other men.

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