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Chapter 365: Song Fei Is a Crazy Woman, Song Ci Is A Narcissist

Han Zhan arranged to meet Long Zhize for dinner in the afternoon. He parked his car at the waiting area outside the hotel and waited in the car for a while. Long Yu reminded him, “Mr. Han, CEO Long is here.”

Han Zhan turned his head to look at the hotel’s door and saw the Long Zhize walking out from under the imposing hotel’s door. His steps were still a little slow, obviously not used to the gravity on Earth.

Although he was walking very slowly, every step he took was very steady and he looked like a CEO.

Han Zhan pushed open the car door and got out. He stood beside the car and waved at Long Zhize. “CEO Long, this way.”

Long Zhize walked over with a black face.

Han Zhan tried to figure out his expression, but he gave up before he could figure out why he was angry. He invited Long Zhize to sit in the car. “Mr. Long, please.”

“Thank you.” Long Zhize slowly climbed into the car. When he sat down, he sighed and said, “After floating in the spacecraft for a few days, I’m really not used to the gravity on Earth. No wonder the astronauts have to train every time they return.”

“It’s all the same.” When Han Zhan returned from space, he had stayed longer than Long Zhize. After returning to Earth, his reaction was even more pathetic.

The two of them sat in the back row with a control panel between them. As soon as the car started, Long Zhize said without rhyme or reason, “Mr. Han, let’s make a hypothesis.”

Han Zhan unbuttoned his suit jacket and opened it, revealing a gray shirt underneath. Hearing this, he nodded. “CEO Long, please speak.”

Long Zhize raised a question and said, “Suppose one day you discover that your wife is actually a man, will you still like her?”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Han Zhan did not expect to hear such a ridiculous question from Long Zhize. After a long silence, he smiled and said, “This hypothesis is quite interesting.”

He was smiling, but Long Zhize’s stern and handsome face was tense. His eyes stared straight at him, and he asked persistently, “Will you?”

Han Zhan, you can’t laugh! If you continue to laugh, the cooperation between the two of you will probably come to an end.

Han Zhan tried hard to hold back his laughter and started to think carefully along with Long Zhize’s question. If Baby Ci suddenly became a man one day, would I still love her?

The answer was yes.

“I will.”

Hearing this, Long Zhize was somewhat surprised. “Why?”

“Because the person I love is her. She’s the most real person. It has nothing to do with gender, appearance, or age.” Han Zhan smiled awkwardly. “Do you think my words sound pretentious? But if that really happened, I would still love her.”

No matter if Song Ci gained weight, lost weight, aged and ugly, his love for her would never change.

Hearing this, Long Zhize pursed his lips tightly. Han Zhan couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

The car drove forward for a while before Han Zhan remembered something and said, “CEO Long, I haven’t congratulated you yet.”

Long Zhize asked, “What good news?”

“Didn’t you propose to Miss Dong? Miss Dong agreed to your proposal, right? When do you plan to get married?”

Long Zhize’s face turned as black as the bottom of a pot, and his aura became terrifying.

Seeing this, Han Zhan quickly shut his mouth. It looked like he had stepped on the devil’s tail. The devil’s embarrassment turned into anger.

Han Zhan turned his head and looked out of the window, pretending to be invisible.

Long Zhize snorted and said fiercely, “It was a misunderstanding between us. I’ve made a joke out of myself.”

]Han Zhan: “…Since it’s a misunderstanding, it’s fine as long as it’s clear.”

Long Zhi Ze: “Yes.”

Han Zhan brought Long Zhize to a Chinese winery to experience the most authentic Chinese dishes.

At the dining table, Long Zhize could not bring himself to eat in front of the table full of delicacies. He raised his glass and invited Han Zhan to drink with him.

Song Ci was pregnant now, and Han Zhan didn’t want to drink. However, Long Zhizewas particularly hard to deal with when drunk. He grabbed Han Zhan’s arm and threatened him, “Mr. Han, are you looking down on me? He doesn’t like me, and even you don’t like me, right?”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Han Zhan had no choice but to get the waiter to bring another bottle of wine that had been replaced by plain water. On the table, Long Zhize drank wine while Han Zhan drank water.

In the end, Long Zhize got drunk. Han Zhan was afraid that he would die from alcohol poisoning, so he changed his drink.

Long Zhize hugged a bottle of water and stared at Han Zhan blankly. He seemed to be looking at another person’s shadow through Han Zhan as he spoke nonsense that Han Zhan couldn’t understand.

At first he was still talking, but then it turned into a cry.

“Dong Yang, you’re ruthless, you’re really ruthless!” Long Zhize suddenly placed the wine bottle on the table and knocked it hard twice. He scolded again, “Yan Qingxiu, get lost!”

After cursing, Long Zhize grabbed Han Zhan’s hand again. He touched the back of Han Zhan’s hand gently, giving Han Zhan goosebumps.

Han Zhan sat upright and still, and his hand was pulled over by Long Zhize. Long Zhize pressed his cheek against Han Zhan’s palm. His eyes were already blurry from the alcohol, and he looked like he was meditating.

Long Zhize rubbed his cheek against Han Zhan’s palm. “Yan Qingxiu,” he murmured. “I don’t mind. I don’t mind…”

Han Zhan wanted to retract his left hand, but he failed after trying.

Han Zhan swiftly took out his phone and took a photo of the drunk Long Zhize holding his hand and going crazy. He sent it to Song Ci.

Song Ci was sitting at home. When she saw Long Zhize seducing Han Zhan, she was amused.

It was eleven o’clock at night when Han Zhan finally managed to get away and go home. Once he got home, he was teased by Song Ci. “Oh, why are you willing to come back? Is it because the wild men outside are not handsome or hot enough?”

Han Zhan furrowed his brows and sighed. “That Long Zhize is too torturous when he’s drunk. He treated me like a feast and almost dragged me back to his room tonight.”

In the hotel, Long Zhize hugged Han Zhan’s waist and refused to let go no matter what. He kept saying that he wanted to give it a try. Han Zhan had no choice but to throw Long Zhize over his shoulder onto the ground.

Song Ci stood in the kitchen with a bowl of hangover tea in her hand. Hearing this, she walked over and stuffed the hangover tea into Han Zhan’s hands. “Drink it, or else your head will hurt when you wake up tomorrow.”

Han Zhan picked up the hangover tea and finished it in one gulp before asking Song Ci, “How do you feel today?”

“I’m fine. There’s no sign of morning sickness yet. I’m sleepy, so I’ll go to bed first.”

“I’ll join you.”

Before going to bed, Song Ci asked Han Zhan about looking for the butler. Han Zhan told Song Ci, “I’m still looking, but I haven’t met anyone that I like.”

With Zeng Su and Wang Quan’s example, Han Zhan did not dare to let his guard down now that he was choosing a butler for the child. He was afraid that he would meet another weirdo.

Song Ci muttered, “Then this matter can’t be rushed. Let’s wait a little longer.”

After Song Ci fell asleep, because Han Zhan drank too much water, he kept going to the toilet at night and didn’t sleep much. When he woke up the next day, Han Zhan’s head hurt a little, as if he had caught a cold.

It had been many years since he caught a cold. Suddenly, his cold was like a frosted eggplant. He couldn’t lift his spirits at all.

Han Zhan wore a long-sleeved sweater and sat at the dining table. He said to Song Ci, “I’m not going to work today. I have a cold. Baby Ci, stay away from me. Don’t let the cold spread to you.”

Song Ci was pregnant now. If she caught a cold and couldn’t take medicine, it would be very painful.

“Then I’ll go play with Beibei later. Her new novel has been published. I’ll go ask her for her books so that I can collect them.” After breakfast, Song Ci was sent down the mountain by Long Yu to find Su Beibei.

Han Zhan took two pills, covered himself with a thin blanket, and lay in the courtyard to bask in the morning sun. Butler Cai saw that he wasn’t really asleep, so he walked over and said to him, “Sir, we found a butler. She’s very outstanding. Do you want to interview her?”

Han Zhan took off the thin blanket and stood up. He said to Butler Cai, “Bring her to see me.”


Han Zhan picked up the kettle and poured some water on Luo Hansong. He saw Butler Cai walking in with a woman. The weather was getting warmer and the woman was wearing a round-necked dress. Her hair was tied up and she looked very neat.

Butler Cai was tall and blocked the woman’s face. Han Zhan didn’t see her face. He put down the kettle and touched Luohan Pine. “Old man, you’re alive again.”

If Grampy saw that Luohan Pine had come back to life, he would definitely be very happy.

If he really reincarnated, Grandpa must have gone to a good family and started another wonderful life. I wonder if Grandpa will find Grandma in the next life.

Han Zhan was in a daze when he heard Butler Cai say, “Sir, Madam Dong is here.”

Madam Dong.

Hearing these three words, Han Zhan didn’t have any other reaction. He slowly turned around, and when he saw the appearance of the person behind him, he instantly revealed a surprised expression.

Madam Dong was actually the Madam Dong he knew.

Han Zhan was a little stunned. “Miss Dong, don’t tell me you’re the new butler who came to apply for the job.” Han Zhan stared at Dong Yang and felt that it was a fantasy.

Wasn’t Dong Yang an undertaker? Why was she here as a butler?

Yan Qingxiu placed his briefcase in front of his abdomen. He bent down slightly and said, “Mr. Han, Imperial Dragon Manor has posted a recruitment notice for a new butler. I’ve read the recruitment notice and have already passed the previous few assessments.”

“Could it be…” A troubled expression appeared on Yan Qingxiu’s face. He said,” Is it because I’ve been an undertaker, so Mr. Han is more concerned? ”

At the mention of the undertaker profession, most people would frown. After all, it was a profession that dealt with the dead for a long time.

Han Zhan calmed down and said, “No.”

In Han Zhan’s eyes, the occupation of an undertaker was worthy of respect. Back then, his grandmother had passed away due to illness. When she passed away, she had already been tortured beyond recognition by the illness. Her face was so thin that it looked like she was only skin and bones, and she had completely lost the elegance and dignity of her health period.

In order to let grandma leave more decently, Han Haoyu hired an undertaker to help grandma put on makeup and change into a set of exquisite burial clothes.

Under the exquisite hands of the undertaker, his grandmother regained her rosy complexion and looked very dignified and holy. Therefore, Han Zhan was not against the profession of an undertaker. Instead, he respected her.

“I’m just a little surprised. I didn’t expect Ms. Dong to not only know how to read fortunes, do makeup, and take care of children.”

Han Zhan glanced at Butler Cai. Butler Cai was a smart person and immediately knew that Han Zhan had something to say to Dong Yang, so he turned and left.

fter he left, Han Zhan invited Dong Yang to sit at the tea table outside.

“There are no outsiders here. Let’s not beat around the bush.” Han Zhan poured a cup of tea and handed it to Yan Qingxiu with both hands. “My wife has already told me what happened to Mr. Yan.”

Yan Qingxiu maintained an elegant lady’s sitting posture. No one could imagine that under this person’s beautiful and elegant skin was a real man’s soul.

Yan Qingxiu looked at Han Zhan calmly. He said, “I’ve traveled through more than ten planes. I’ve been an Imperial Advisor of a country, a bodyguard for the daughter of a president, a director of a school, a lawyer, a scientist…”

Han Zhan listened quietly and admired Yan Qingxiu.


“I believe that I am more than capable of being a butler. After all, there is no one in this world who understands the venerable… and Miss Junjun better than me.”

Han Zhan believed what Yan Qingxiu said, but he didn’t believe him.

Han Zhan looked at Yan Qingxiu with a sharp gaze. He questioned, “With just your mouth, do I have to believe that you are Junjun’s most loyal subordinate? Perhaps you are her old enemy and deliberately approached her to hurt her?”

Upon hearing this, Yan Qingxiu was slightly stunned.

He smiled and said, “In the first eleven planes, after I revealed my true identity, almost no one suspected my relationship with the Exalt. Mr. Han, you’re the first.”

Yan Qingxiu stood up. He opened his right hand, and in his palm was a small, transparent black bead.

Yan Qingxiu told Han Zhan, “The function of this bead is similar to the camera in your world. It can retain time. Inside this bead is the conversation between me and the Supremacy before the tribulation.”

“Mr. Han, look.”

Yan Qingxiu crushed the transparent bead, and a 3D projection appeared above the garden in front of Han Zhan.

Han Zhan’s pupils constricted slightly, but he quickly regained his composure.

This was probably the so-called power of cultivation.

Han Zhan stared at the two people in the projection and focused on them.

In the image, there was a man and a woman. The woman was extremely tall and wore a black dress, and her hair was tied into a simple bun.

]This woman was very beautiful. Her facial features were not very similar to Han Jun’s, but Han Zhan still felt something familiar from her.

That was probably the so-called soul aura.

The woman stood atop a snowy mountain with frosty eyes.

Han Zhan felt cold when he saw the sea of snow, but the woman in the black dress had a rosy complexion and was not affected by the cold air at all.

Yan Qingxiu stood respectfully behind Yan Qingqiu and listened to her.

“My tribulation day is coming soon, but my intuition tells me that I might fail this tribulation.”

Yan Qingqiu stretched out her snow-white hands and shook them in the air, then said, “My cultivation is already high enough, but I can sense that something is still lacking.”

Yan Qingxiu said thoughtfully, “Is it because you lack feelings?”

Yan Qingqiu was stunned for a moment before saying, “Immortal cultivators should be pure and emotionless.”

“But High Lord, since you are human, how can you truly be emotionless and have no desires?” Yan Qingxiu asked boldly, “High Lord, you have suffered all kinds of torture and suffering, but in these tribulations, there has never been a love tribulation. Perhaps, you are still lacking a love tribulation?”

Yan Qingqiu looked thoughtfully at the mountains and rivers before her. After a long while, she sighed and said, “I was born in the land of extreme evil and grew up in the glacier city region. When I was born, I was a little girl. I walked out of that pit of ten thousand people in a daze and once met a youth.”

Yan Qingqiu refused to say anything more about what happened after that. Yan Qingxiu only heard her mumbling, “Could it be because of him?”

Yan Qingxiu didn’t know what had happened between Yan Qingqiu and that youth, so he naturally couldn’t answer. Yan Qingqiu suddenly turned her head and coldly stared at Yan Qingxiu. She said, “Yan Qingxiu, if I fail this tribulation, I will tear open my own soul and escape the hunt of the Heavenly Dao.”

“In this world, the only person I can trust is you. Yan Qingxiu, I have a mission for you.”

Yan Qingxiu hurriedly bowed and cupped his hands. “Exalt, please speak.”

Yan Qingqiu told him, “I want you to find all my soul fragments and help me revive.”

Yan Qingxiu knelt down and swore. “As your disciple, I will definitely fulfill the Exalt’s instructions!”

The 3D projection came to an end.

After Han Zhan saw this scene, he looked at Yan Qingxiu thoughtfully and said, “Are you Junjun’s disciple?”

Yan Qingxiu smiled and nodded. He said proudly, “Yes, I’m the only disciple of the Supremacy.” Countless people in the Aosheng Continent wanted to become Yan Qingqiu’s disciple, but Yan Qingqiu scoffed at them.

To be able to become Yan Qingqiu’s disciple was the most boastful thing in Yan Qingxiu’s life.

Han Zhan looked at Yan Qingxiu like he was looking at a fat lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Yan Qingxiu’s ability was indeed the strongest. In addition, his relationship with Han Jun was not ordinary. It was most suitable for him to teach the children.

Furthermore, Long Zhize’s attitude towards people was very intriguing. Since Yan Qingxiu was staying with his Han family, was there a need to worry that Long Zhize would not take the initiative to cooperate with him?

“In that case, I’ll have to trouble you, sir.”

Although Yan Qingxiu was a woman now, he was a man after all. Han Zhan naturally wouldn’t agree to him taking care of the two girls.

He weighed the pros and cons before making a decision. He told Yan Qingxiu, “Mr. Yan, there are differences between men and women. I will find two nannies for Miaomiao and Junjun. Mr. Yan, you will be their teacher. From now on, you will be responsible for teaching them knowledge, principles, and martial arts.”

Yan Qingxiu could not ask for more. “Thank you, Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan brought Yan Qingqiu to see Han Miao and Han Jun. When Han Miao saw that the new teacher was a beauty, she instantly smiled happily. Han Jun looked at ‘Dong Yang’ coldly and felt that this auntie was quite pleasing to the eye, so she didn’t make things difficult for him.

On the other hand, Yan Qingxiu was instantly excited when Han Jun looked at him like that, and he wished for nothing more than to shed his blood for Han Jun, using death to prove his loyalty.

On the same day, Yan Qingxiu officially started work.

At night, when Aaron returned home and saw the new teacher, he curled his lips and deliberately tried to drive a wedge between them. “Song Ci, aren’t you afraid that this female teacher will seduce Hoff? She’s a great beauty!”

‘Dong Yang’ was indeed beautiful. If she really wanted to seduce a man, not many men would be able to resist her.

But Song Ci knew very well that the shell inside Dong Yang was a man. She really could not feel any hostility towards a man who was a love rival.

Song Ci showed a disdainful expression. “What are you afraid of? I’m young, beautiful, and outstanding. I’m not afraid of any challenge.”

Aaron gave Song Ci a thumbs up. “You’re so magnanimous.”

Song Ci noticed that Aaron was chatting with someone on his phone, so she asked him, “Are you chatting with Yanyan?”

“No, with my younger sister.”

“Your younger sister?” Aaron’s younger sister? Song Ci thought for a while and remembered that Aaron had a half-sister in Qingshui Town whose surname was Zhong.

“What’s your younger sister’s name?” She had never seen that lady before, so she naturally did not remember her name.

Aaron said, “Zhong Ling’er.”

“Good name.”

The corners of Aaron’s lips curled up proudly. He said, “My sister not only has a nice name, but she’s also good-looking. Now that it’s summer vacation, she’s coming to Wangdong City for an internship. I’ll bring her back for you to meet her.”

Song Ci also wanted to see that girl. She told Aaron, “Bring her here. Your brother and I will definitely give her a big red packet.”

Aaron’s eyes light up. “That’ll take a big one.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be small.”A

After getting Song Ci’s affirmative answer, Aaron lowered his head and continued to send messages.

He saw Zhong Ling’er saying, “I’ve found a job. My senior brother is developing in Wangdong and is now a director of the TV station. We’re on good terms and he agreed to let me enter the TV station for an internship.”

“Brother, what do you want to eat? I’ll get Mom to prepare it in advance and bring it to Wangdong City for you.”

Aaron didn’t have anything he liked to eat. He remembered that Song Ci liked to eat stir-fried rice cake and sausages from Qinshui Town, so he said, “Bring some rice cake and sausages over. My sister-in-law likes to eat that.”

Zhong Ling’er: “No problem.”

Aaron then asked Zhong Ling’er, “When are you coming?”

Zhong Ling’er said, “The day after tomorrow. Mom and Dad will only be here on the 28th. They only managed to buy the plane tickets that day.”

Aaron: “Okay.”

Gao Yunyun and Mr. Zhong had already received the invitation card for Aaron’s wedding. Gao Yunyun was a little excited at the thought of attending her eldest son’s wedding. That day, she went to a popular qipao shop and custom-made a dress for the wedding.

Aaron was so busy preparing for the construction of the orphanage and the wedding that he forgot to tell Nan Yanyan that Zhong Ling’er was coming. When Zhong Ling’er arrived at the airport, she sent a message to Aaron. Aaron asked her to take a taxi to his boutique to wait for him.

Aaron was worried about letting Zhong Ling’er stay in the dormitory alone or rent a place outside. After he married Nan Yanyan, he planned to stay in Nan Yanyan’s house first. Thinking that the boutique house was still empty, he invited Zhong Ling’er to stay there for a while.

Zhong Ling’er took a taxi to the district and waited for more than 30 minutes before Aaron rushed over. Aaron had just rushed over from the orphanage and his pants were stained with mud.

Seeing that Zhong Ling’er had brought two suitcases, he asked her, “Why did you bring so much luggage alone?” Summer clothes didn’t take up much space.

“I brought some specialties for you and your brother. Mom insisted that I bring some.”

“Oh, then just leave this downstairs. I’ll bring it to the Imperial Dragon Villa later.” Aaron helped Zhong Ling’er carry another suitcase and brought her to see the house.

After Han Zhan handed the house to Aaron, Aaron added some other decorations and didn’t come to stay.

After Zhong Ling’er finished touring the house, she felt that Han Zhan was really good to Aaron.

Aaron sat on the sofa. When he heard Zhong Ling’er praising Han Zhan, he didn’t retort this time. In front of Han Zhan, Aaron liked to argue with Han Zhan, but Aaron knew very well that Han Zhan really had nothing to say to him.

After staying in the boutique room for a while, Aaron brought Zhong Ling’er back to the Han family. The mother of one of the AK team members had cancer and had to go to an American hospital for surgery. Nan Yanyan was worried, so she followed along. She would only be back after three to four days.

Zhong Ling’er was a little disappointed that she did not manage to see her future sister-in-law. On the way to the Han residence, Zhong Ling’er told Aaron, “I’ve checked Sister-in-law’s photos on Baidu and saw many of her participating photos when she was still competing. Sister-in-law iearing Team Faith’s uniform is especially charming!”

“Brother, you’re really amazing to be able to woo sister-in-law!”

Every time Aaron heard someone complimenting Nan Yanyan, he felt sweet inside. “Yes, your sister-in-law is very charming.” When she was Manager Nan, she was very charming. When she played holographic games, she was very mesmerizing. When she drove a motorcycle, she was even more charming.

Damn woman!

Why was she so beautiful?

At the thought of such an outstanding woman marrying him, Aaron felt that it was unreal.

Zhong Ling’er was sitting on Aaron’s motorbike. The speed of the motorbike was not fast, but with the safety helmet on, Aaron still had to speak loudly for Zhong Ling’er to hear him.

Aaron told Zhong Ling’er, “You’re still young. Do your internship well and don’t fall in love. Let me tell you, those wily old foxes in the workplace like to get an intern sister, but not many of them are sincere.”

Zhong Ling’er chuckled and said, “My brother is so handsome. After seeing you, no other man will catch my eye. Don’t worry, I won’t fall in love so early.”

Aaron had successfully elevated Zhong Ling’er’s taste in finding a boyfriend. This girl who came from Jiangnan Town already had a picky taste.

This made Aaron happy. “It’s good that you know.”

Han Zhan was away on a business trip for a period of time and had to travel to several countries. He would only be back the day before the wedding, so Song Ci was the only one at home.

Knowing that Zhong Ling’er would be arriving today, Song Ci specially waited at home. Song Fei had already contacted the people from Ice Dragon Laboratory in the United States. He would set off tomorrow to do a full body checkup to prepare for the arrival of a new life.

Because she was going to the United States tomorrow, she might have to stay there for a few months. Hence, Song Fei brought Yan Jiang to Imperial Dragon Manor before she left.

Zhong Ling’er alighted from the motorbike and followed Aaron into the manor. From afar, she saw a short-haired man soaking in the pool and swimming with his two babies.

Zhong Ling’er recognized the man. She grabbed Aaron’s arm excitedly and shouted her idol’s name.

“Yan Jiang!”

“It’s Yan Jiang! My Brother Jiang!”

When Zhong Ling’er was still in junior high and senior high school, Yan Jiang was a top celebrity in the entertainment industry and was recognized as the ceiling beauty of the entertainment industry. At that time, countless middle school students were infatuated with him and countless women were clamoring to have a child for him every day.

Zhong Ling’er had also left a message on Weibo calling Yan Jiang her husband.

Seeing her idol whom she had been crazy about for many years, Zhong Ling’er’s heart was about to jump out of her body, and her soul was sublimated.

When Aaron saw that his sister was infatuated with another man, he was instantly unhappy. He told Zhong Ling’er, “Yan Jiang only has a good face. Actually, he can’t do it. At most three minutes.”

Zhong Ling’er was stunned for a moment before she understood what ‘three minutes’ meant.

Zhong Ling’er’s face flushed red as she sized up Yan Jiang with her timid eyes. Yan Jiang was wearing a pair of swimming trunks today. Although he did not have any exaggerated muscles, his body was still considered sturdy and sturdy.

Can he really only last three minutes?

Song Fei walked over with a glass of fruit juice. She probably heard Aaron slandering Yan Jiang. She walked to Aaron and splashed the fruit juice at him without a word.

Aaron was prepared. He quickly pulled Zhong Ling’er to the side to avoid the fruit juice.

Song Fei and Song Ci had completely different styles. Today, she was wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt and had a princess hairstyle. She was wearing a pair of shorts and black shoes.

Zhong Ling’er immediately recognized that this person was Song Fei and not Song Ci.

Song Fei held her empty glass and stared at Aaron coldly. “If you dare to gossip behind my back again, I’ll let you last three minutes at most.”

After saying that, Song Fei nodded at Zhong Ling’er before saying, “I know your Brother Jiang is very handsome and charismatic, but Brother Jiang is mine now. Little sister, don’t let your thoughts run wild. Focus on your internship and strive to become a director as soon as possible.”

“Th-thank you.” Zhong Ling’er majored in directing. The reason why she chose this major was actually because of the influence of Yan Jiang. Back then, Yan Jiang’s classic work had already become an unforgettable masterpiece.

She dreamed that she would be able to make an outstanding movie one day.

She had a daring dream. She hoped that one day, she could invite Yan Jiang to be the male lead in her movie.

However, Zhong Ling’er was too ashamed to speak of this dream.

When Song Fei turned around and walked towards Yan Jiang, Zhong Ling’er said softly, “Brother Jiang’s woman is so cool.”

Aaron pursed his lips. “What’s so cool about her? She’s a crazy woman. Don’t learn from her.” Aaron pulled Zhong Ling’er into the manor and saw Song Ci, who was wearing a pink fairy dress, sitting on the lawn of the manor and taking photos with a selfie stick. Aaron stopped and pointed at Song Ci. “She’s a narcissist. Don’t learn from her too.”

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