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Chapter 363: Junjun: Mom hates us, so she wants another child?


The elevator stopped at the restaurant on the sixth floor.

The sixth floor was the VIP dining room department of Jetta International. It did not welcome outsiders. If ordinary people wanted to hold a banquet, they were not qualified to come here.

Lu Qingqing raised her head and looked at the number ‘6’. When she thought that Song Ci was the lady boss of this hotel, her heart was instantly filled with jealousy. After marrying Han Zhan, Song Ci, this beautifully packaged fake peacock, finally rose up and became an incomparable phoenix.

How fortunate.

Song Ci stood in the middle of the elevator door and turned around to say to Lu Qingqing, “I’m here, Qingqing. We can meet up again in the future.”

Lu Qingqing: “Okay, Mrs. Han. Goodbye.”

Song Ci walked out of the elevator in her high heels, leaving only her elegant and charming back. Lu Qingqing waited for the elevator door to close before she gave the man a reproachful look. “I told you to come out later.”

The man glanced at her and said casually, “Don’t worry, it’s fine.” After saying that, he stared at the tightly shut elevator door again and recalled the graceful and graceful back view of the woman walking just now.

What a woman.

Lu Qingqing saw the man’s gaze and a mocking expression appeared on her face. “Do you think that woman was very pretty?”

The man didn’t feel awkward at all when his thoughts were guessed. He tilted his head and stared at Lu Qingqing, asking, “Who was this woman just now? Are you guys on good terms?” The man was from Binjiang City and didn’t know much about the famous people in Wang Dongcheng.

Lu Qingqing sneered. “Who is she? She’s the woman your boss, Han Qingshen, calls Madam Han respectfully even if she sees her. Do you know which Han is Madam Han?”

The male artist frowned slightly and heard Lu Qingqing say, “Zeus International, Han Zhan’s Han.”

The man was stunned.

Zeus International’s Han Zhan?

Han Zhan was the most popular young celebrity in the country. He was the CEO of Zeus International and was a man that countless women in the entertainment industry wanted to get to know.

Han Zhan’s woman…

Lu Qingqing curled her lips disdainfully and said, “You can’t eat this piece of swan meat.”

The man laughed awkwardly and tried to find an excuse. “Miss Lu, what are you saying? I just saw that Mrs. Han was pretty and couldn’t help but take a few more glances. After all, everyone loves beautiful women.”


When the elevator reached the underground garage, Lu Qingqing took out a pair of sunglasses from her bag and put them on. Before she stepped out of the elevator, she glanced at the man. “We don’t have to contact each other anymore in the future.” He wasn’t living a good life and was still half-hearted.

In the first place, there was only going to be an open marriage. There was no need for them to meet again after a short period of intimacy.

“Okay, Miss Lu.”

Staring at Lu Qingqing’s arrogant back view, the male artiste’s eyes revealed a hint of disdain. She was just a broken shoe, what was there to be proud about? If she was not President Lu’s younger daughter, who would still be willing to hit on her?

Song Ci walked around the corridor and passed through the pantry before entering the private room.

In the private room, Han Zhan and Aaron had both arrived. Seeing that it was still early, the brothers decided to go to the leisure area to play Snooker.

Han Zhan picked up his coat from the chair and was about to leave the room with Aaron when the sound of high heels came from outside.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Han Zhan stopped in his tracks. “Your sister-in-law is here.”

Aaron complained, “You can even tell from her footsteps?”

Han Zhan: “Of course.”

Aaron looked up at the closed door of the private room.

A few seconds later, Song Ci really pushed the door open and walked in. Han Zhan raised his eyebrows at Aaron and said proudly, “How is it? I guessed right, right?”

Aaron pursed his lips and muttered, “That’s all you’ve got.”

“What are you two brothers talking about?” Song Ci saw Han Zhan standing behind the chair with a suit jacket on his arm and asked him, “Did you just come to sit down, or did you get up and leave?”

“It’s still early. Aaron and I are planning to play Snooker.” Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s slender waist and asked curiously, “Baby Ci, do you know how to play? Let’s play two rounds.”

“I know the rules, but I don’t play well.”

“It’s okay. I’ll show you.”

Song Ci said okay. She walked to Han Zhan’s side and looked down at Aaron very close to him. She told Aaron, “When I was taking the elevator down, I met Lu Qingqing.”

Aaron was texting Nan Yanyan and asking if she had left. Hearing Song Ci’s words, Aaron suddenly looked up. He asked Song Ci, “Lu Qingqing? Is she with Xiao Ye?”

Song Ci shook her index finger and shook her head. “No, no. The person with her is another man. He looks like an artist.”

Aaron’s eyes lit up. He looked up and asked Han Zhan, “Can you check who opened the room with Lu Qingqing?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “I’m sorry. The hotel has to keep the client’s privacy a secret.” This was the rule. He couldn’t break it.

Aaron glared at Han Zhan. “Petty!” He would find out himself.

The three of them went to the recreation area to play Snooker for 40 minutes before Aaron’s phone rang. It was Nan Yanyan. Aaron picked up the call and said, “Yanyan and the rest are here. I’ll go down and pick them up.”

Aarong put down the phone and went downstairs to pick her up.

Nan Yanyan and her family were sitting in the guest lounge in the hotel lobby. Mother Nan and Professor Nan rarely came to such a high-end hotel. As they sat in the hotel, they could not help but look at the decorations and decorations in the lobby.

The lobby on the first floor of the Jetta International Hotel was designed to be tall. It was 600 square meters wide and the ceiling was designed to look like a starry sky. The night skylights emitted a beautiful luster.

In the hotel lobby, a uniformed staff member stood upright like a pen. Professor Nan stared at those people and said, “These people seem to be soldiers. Their military posture is very beautiful.”

Nan Yanyan looked at the staff member and said, “I heard from Aaron that the security guards and guards in the hotel are real retired soldiers.”

Nan Guanguan stared at the young handsome man in a suit at the front desk. He tugged at his mother’s sleeve and said, “Mom, do you think that guy is really handsome? If I turn him back to be my companion, do you think it’s appropriate?”

Mother Nan kicked Nan Guanguan on the spot.

Nan Yanyan also warned Nan Guanguan, “Be serious. If you say something like that again, I’ll whip you.”

Professor Nan, on the other hand, pondered for a moment. He stared at Nan Guanguan and said with an understanding expression, “If you really are a crooked tree, then there’s nothing we can do about it. If you really want to find someone, then find a good child with a good moral compass. I have a few students who are very outstanding. Not only are they handsome, but they are also knowledgeable and well-mannered…”

Nan Guanguan was only joking around with his mother. If he really wanted to seduce him, he wouldn’t be able to do it. Hearing Professor Nan’s words, Nan Guanguan tactfully shut his mouth.

Nan Yanyan found it funny when she saw how defeated Nan Guanguan looked.

Aaron finally came down.

He was still at the elevator lobby when he shouted at Nan Yanyan, “Uncle Nan, Auntie, Yanyan, over here!”

Nan Yanyan and the rest stood up and walked towards Aaron.

Aaron brought Nan Yanyan and her family into the elevator. He told Professor Nan, “Uncle Nan, my brother and sister-in-law have arrived. They are waiting upstairs.”

Professor Nan nodded. “Sorry to keep them waiting.”

“It’s alright, we just arrived not long ago.”

Aaron led Professor Nan and the rest out of the room. They saw Han Zhan and his wife standing in the cafe outside the room. They had made a few cups of hot tea and were waiting for them to come.

Seeing Nan Yanyan and the others coming, Han Zhan and Song Ci hurried to welcome them. Han Zhan lowered his posture and looked at Professor Nan and said respectfully, “Uncle, Auntie, hello. I’m Aaron’s second brother, Han Zhan.”

“This is my wife, Song Ci.”

Song Ci also called them uncle and auntie.

Zeus International’s reputation was too famous. Professor Nan also knew about Han Zhan. Han Zhan was able to create Zeus International at such a young age. One could imagine how powerful and terrifying this young man was.

The more capable a person was, the more low-profile and tactful they would be when dealing with people. After meeting Han Zhan and seeing that he was more outstanding than he had imagined, Professor Nan admired him.

He would rather his daughter marry into a small family than marry into a wealthy family that was not easy to get along with. The Han family, which could nurture such an outstanding descendant like Han Zhan, was probably not that kind of mean, rich family.

After meeting Han Zhan and Song Ci and chatting with them for more than half an hour, Professor Nan found that this family was very down-to-earth and polite in their speech and speech. Only then was he relieved.

After dinner, Song Ci took Professor Nan and the others to the tea room next door to chat. Nan Guanguan saw that there was Snooker in the leisure area and knew that Aaron was good at that, so he pestered Aaron to play Snooker.

Nan Yanyan followed along.

In the tea room, only Professor Nan, his wife, and Han Zhan and his wife were left.

Song Ci poured a cup of tea for Professor Nan. Professor Nan stared at the color of the tea and was a little surprised. The color of this tea was like black tea, but if one looked closely, the color was even fainter. He took a sip of the tea and praised, “Good tea!”

Han Zhan said, “When my grandfather was still alive, an uncle who lived near Wuyishan in Fujian gave this tea to me. This tea is the most authentic Da Hong Pao tea. I heard from Aaron that Uncle has good tea, so I specially brought it over for Uncle to taste.”

Han Zhan nodded at Song Ci, and Song Ci picked up a sealed teapot from under the table. She placed the teapot in front of Professor Nan with both hands and said with a smile, “We specially packed some tea leaves, Uncle please bring them back later.”

Professor Nan was a straightforward person. “Then I’ll accept it.”

He patted the tea pot and sighed. “Actually, when I first found out that Aaron’s leg was slightly disabled and that his family was special, I didn’t approve of them being together.”

Professor Nan knew very well how deeply the influence of a parent’s family on a child. He was worried that Aarons character was incomplete and would hurt his daughter in the future.

Han Zhan looked serious.

He knew Professor Nan had more to say, so he listened quietly.

Professor Nan said, “I haven’t interacted with Aaron for long and I don’t know much about this child. I’ve been teaching in university for almost thirty years and I’ve interacted with many children. I don’t have any other skills, but when it comes to judging people, I think my eyes are still sharp.”

That year when Nan Yanyan brought Xiao Ye home, Professor Nan felt that the child was a little stubborn and rebellious, so he did not approve of Nan Yanyan dating Xiao Ye.

However, at that time, Nan Yanyan was completely focused on Xiao Ye, so Professor Nan could not order them to break up. Later, Xiao Ye cheated on her, which confirmed Professor Nan’s opinion of Xiao Ye.

“But when I first met Aaron, I knew that he was a worthy child.”

Professor Nan recalled. “When he entered the house, the first thing he did was not to size up our house’s renovation and evaluate our environment and conditions. He was not in a hurry to show off either. I remember very clearly that Yanyan was wearing high heels at that time. When she bent down to change her shoes, she was a little unsteady. Aaron stood behind Yan Yan silently and placed a hand on her arm to protect her at all times.”

“This kind of small detail can’t be faked.” Professor Nan was a little emotional. He said, “Seeing that even Aaron treats her like a treasure makes me feel better.”

“I just hope that after my daughter gets married, she won’t be someone else’s nanny or just a fertility machine. I hope that after she marries out of our hands, she will also be another person’s big baby.”

Song Ci was a girl. Her father died early, so when she heard Professor Nan’s heartbreaking words, she was especially touched.

At this moment, she began to miss her father.

Han Zhan was also a little moved. He said, “Aaron is the most pure and kind child I’ve ever seen. Let me tell you about Aaron’s childhood…”

“Our birth father was an overlord of the Isles of Sicily. As his child, we were destined not to live the lives of ordinary people. Aaron was taken from his mother by my birth father when he was very young. He was very kind when he was young. Because he was kind, he was hated and treated harshly by our birth father…”

In the tea room, Han Zhan spent nearly an hour telling Professor Nan the truth. “Aaron has been stingy since he was young. He knew how to save money when he was very young. He said that he wanted to save money and escape from Sicily. He wanted to find his mother and open an orphanage to take in pitiful children like him…”

Han Zhan’s heart felt heavy as he talked about his feelings.

“I swear on my character that Aaron will be loyal to Yanyan for the rest of his life. If Aaron dares to make a mistake on his principles, I will skin him alive even without the help of you, uncle and auntie.”

Han Zhan saw that the water in Professor Nan’s cup was empty, so he raised the teacup to refill Professor Nan’s cup. Putting down the teacup, Han Zhan lowered his head and looked straight into Professor Nan’s eyes. He pleaded, “Uncle, Auntie, please rest assured and hand Yanyan to Han Rang.”

Mother Nan’s eyes were slightly red and she did not speak. Professor Nan pinched the corners of his eyes and sighed. “The child has grown up. I can’t keep her by my side forever. Since they’ve decided to get married, let’s pick a good day.”

Han Zhan and Song Cici heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, uncle and auntie!”

After the conversation, Aaron sent Nan Yanyan and the rest to the hotel. He asked Nan Yanyan, “Do you really not need me to send you back?”

Nan Yanyan shook her head. “No need. You still have work tomorrow. Go home with your brother.”

“Alright then. Bye bye, uncle and auntie.”

Nan Guanguan sat in the front passenger seat. He tilted his head and asked Aaron, “Brother Jean, when are you bringing me to play shooting?”

Aaron laughed, revealing two cute dimples. “When you call me brother-in-law one day, I’ll take you there.”

Nan Guanguan immediately shouted, “Brother-in-law!”

Aaron made a noise. “I’ll meet you again when I have time.”


After watching Nan Yanyan and the rest leave, Aaron got into Han Zhan’s car. Once he got in, he asked Han Zhan, “Hoff! What did you talk to Professor Nan about?”

Han Zhan wanted to laugh when he saw his anxious look. “Of course, I asked Professor Nan to entrust his daughter to you.”

Aaron asked softly, “What did Professor Nan say?”

“What do you think?”

Aaron said happily, “Of course I agree.” Then, he was a little nervous and couldn’t help but poke Song Ci’s arm. He asked her, “Song Ci, what did Professor Nan say?”

Song Ci pretended to be angry and asked him, “What did you call me?”

‘… sister-in-law,’said Aaron.

Song Ci raised the corner of her lips and smiled. She told Aaron, “Professor Nan has agreed to your marriage. After you have confirmed the wedding date, we will go to their house to propose.”

Aaron, who claimed that he didn’t understand love, wanted to cheer when he heard this answer. He put his hand to his lips and coughed twice to suppress the urge to laugh.

He took out his phone and sent a message to Gao Yunyun, who was far away in Qinshui Town, to share with her what happened to him.

Aaron and Gao Yunyun did not meet often, but whenever something big happened, they would inform each other through WeChat.

That night, after dinner, Gao Yunyun took her husband for a walk by the river.

After Gao Yunyun’s husband, Mr. Zhong, was injured and disabled last year, he almost gave up on himself. In the end, although he relied on his strong willpower to survive, he was still a little depressed.

The doctor that Aaron found had tailored a prosthetic limb for Mr. Zhong. He could now walk normally with that prosthetic limb.

In the future, when his body and prosthetic limbs had completely adapted, he might even be able to find a job to continue earning money. The situation was getting better and better, and Mr. Zhong’s spirit and appearance became more energetic.

When they passed by a shop selling tofu pudding, Mr. Zhong suddenly said, “I really want to eat a bowl of tofu pudding.”

“I’ll buy it for you.”

The weather was getting warmer. Gao Yunyun bought a bowl of frozen tofu pudding for Mr. Zhong. Mr. Zhong sat down on a wooden chair by the lake with the tofu pudding in his hand. The couple enjoyed the view of the river and ate the tofu pudding in great satisfaction.

Suddenly, Gao Yunyun’s WeChat rang. She opened it and smiled when she saw that it was a message from Aaron.

“Aaron is looking for me.”

When Aaron was just born and Gao Yunyun was still in confinement, it was Mr. Zhong who bathed and coaxed him to sleep. Mr. Zhong also had a special feeling towards Aaron. Upon hearing this, Mr. Zhong asked, “What did he say? Let me see it too.”

Gao Yunyun opened WeChat and laughed happily when she saw the message.

She handed the phone to Mr. Zhong and said, “Ah Rang sent a text message saying that he’s in a relationship and that he met his girlfriend’s parents tonight. He asked us what time he was born and wanted to use his birth characters to date the girl and get married.”

Mr. Zhong stared at the text for a while before smiling. “This kid…” He shook his head and smiled, sighing with emotion. “Time flies. In the blink of an eye, this kid is getting married.”

The year she gave birth to Ah Rang, Gao Yunyun was only twenty years old. In the blink of an eye, she was already in her fifties. Gao Yunyun touched the creases at the back of her eyes and said, “That child is already thirty-four years old. We are all old.”

However, now was not the time to be sentimental about age. Gao Yunyun asked Mr. Zhong, “When did I give birth to Aaron? It was so long ago that I can’t remember clearly.”

Mr. Zhong accurately pointed out the time of Arjang’s birth. “He was born in 1988, August 18, 6: 20 in the evening. Have you forgotten that you didn’t give him a name when he was born? We called him Little Ice Cream.”

That afternoon, Mr. Zhong ordered a box of ice cream. Gao Yunyun wanted to eat it, but Mr. Zhong was worried that eating the ice cream would cause contractions, so he refused to let her eat it.

In the end, when Mr. Zhong went out to work, Gao Yunyun couldn’t help but secretly eat two sticks, and it really flared up.

Gao Yunyun smiled and said, “If I knew that those two ice creams would cause contractions and premature labor, I wouldn’t have eaten them.” Ah Rang was born at only 35 weeks old. He was considered a premature baby, but he was very strong and healthy.

Aaron’s phone vibrated. He saw Gao Yunyun’s reply and said to Song Ci, “Song… Sister-in-law, don’t you know a fortune-teller? I’ll send Yanyan and my birth characters to you. Ask that fortune-teller to help us get our birth characters together. It’ll be the most suitable day.”

“Are you really going to get married?” Song Ci thought that this guy was going to get married soon and felt that it was unreal.

Last year, Aaron listened to Edward’s orders and kidnapped her from the United States. On the ship, in order to scare Song Ci, Aaron deliberately threw Song Ci into the sea. At that time, Song Ci cursed all eighteen generations of Aaron’s ancestors in her heart and even cursed him for not being able to find a wife.

It seemed that the curse had failed.

“Sure. I’ll talk to my friend.”

Song Ci pasted the message and sent it to Yan Qingxiu.

Yan Qingxiu stayed in a hotel. There was a huge bathtub in the hotel, and he was soaking in it. The phone by the pool lit up. With a thought, the phone flew over and hovered in front of him.

Yan Qingxiu opened WeChat. After reading Song Ci’s message, he casually calculated and made a good date.

Song Ci received a reply from Yan Qingxiu. She told Ah Rang, “It’s been calculated. The most suitable day is the last day of next month. On this day, you two will get married. You will have a happy marriage and two children. The next good day will be three years later.”

“The last day next month?” Aaron was skeptical. “Is your friend reliable?”

Song Ci nodded as she thought of the evil side of ‘Dong Yang’. “Other things might not be reliable, but when it comes to fortune-telling, she’s still very good.”

As a result, Nan Yanyan received a message from Aaron as soon as she reached home. Brother Rang: [I got someone to match our birth characters. The 30th of next month is the best day to get married. The next good day will have to wait for three years.]

Nan Yanyan stopped in her tracks and leaned against the car. She was about to reply to Aaron’s message when she saw a new message from Aaron.

Brother Rang: [I want to drive a motorcycle to fetch the bride. Are you willing to marry me on a motorcycle?]

Nan Yanyan’s heartbeat suddenly became abnormal.

When the Nan Guanguan saw Nan Yanyan leaning against the car and staring at her phone, he grew impatient. He walked over and kicked Nan Yanyan’s leg. “Sister, are you leaving or not?”

Only then did Nan Yanyan raise her head and look up into Nan Guanguan’s deep eyes. She said to him, “Your trip to Tibet has failed.”

Nan Guanguan had planned to visit Tibet next month. “Why?”

The corners of Nan Yanyan’s lips curled up. She was a little happy but also a little shy. “Because on the 30th of next month, your sister is getting married!”

Hearing this, Nan Guanguan was a bit surprised. “The wedding date has been decided so quickly?”

“Yes! We’re action-oriented.”

After confirming that the news was true, Nan Guanguan burst into laughter. He turned around and ran towards the elevator lobby. As he ran, he said, “Mom, Dad, Nan Yanyan is finally getting married! Hahaha! Someone finally dared to marry that brat.”

Hearing Nan Guanguan’s words, Nan Yanyan’s teeth began to itch. She really wanted to press Nan Guanguan to the ground.

She resisted the urge to hit him, lowered her head, and quickly replied to his message.

Nan Yanyan: [Okay!]

The next day, Long Zhize dragged Yan Qingxiu onto an airline ship. After Han Zhan sent them away, he settled some business matters in Wanyu County before returning to Wangdong City after dark.

It was just past nine when he arrived home.

Han Zhan walked into the manor and didn’t see Song Ci on the first floor. He asked Butler Cai, “Is Madam playing with the ladies? Or did she go out?”

“Neither,” said Housekeeper Cai. “Madam is resting in her room.”


Other than sleeping time, Song Ci usually wouldn’t stay in her room. Usually, at this time, Song Ci should be practicing the violin. Worried that Song Ci wasn’t feeling well, Han Zhan didn’t go to see the children and went straight to his room.

Entering the bedroom, Han Zhan saw that Song Ci was asleep. Seeing this, he became even more worried.

Han Zhan woke Song Ci up and asked her, “Baby Ci, it’s only nine o’clock. Why are you asleep already?”

Song Ci opened her sleepy eyes and asked Han Zhan, “You just came back?”

Han Zhan had been running outside for the whole day, and his body smelled a little of sweat. Song Ci’s sense of smell was getting more and more sensitive. She said in disdain, “Your body smells so bad. Go take a shower.”

Seeing that she really couldn’t stand the smell, Han Zhan went to take a shower.

After showering, Han Zhan walked out in only his underwear. Seeing Song Ci looking at something in her hand, Han Zhan thought that Song Ci was fiddling with some skincare products again. He went over to take a look and found that Song Ci was holding a pregnancy test kit.

There were two purple-red lines on it.

Han Zhan widened his eyes.

No wonder she slept so early. Pregnant women were indeed very sleepy early on in their pregnancy stages.

Ever since the Mo Family, Han Zhan and Song Ci didn’t use any contraception. It had been more than one and a half months since they had their first close contact. He didn’t expect Song Ci to be pregnant that time.

This hit rate was really accurate.

Han Zhan sat down next to Song Ci. He took the pregnancy test kit away and stared at the lines on it. He smiled. “This time, it shouldn’t be twins, right? If it is, I have to work harder to earn money.”

Song Ci was amused by Han Zhan’s words. She touched her stomach and thought of something. Her smile faded a little. “Han Zhan, if this child is still a girl, what would you think?”

Han Zhan knew what Song Ci was thinking in her heart. He didn’t want to see Song Ci’s good mood being affected by those rules. Han Zhan pressed Song Ci into his arms and said, “Don’t feel burdened. I don’t have any thoughts of having a son to carry on the family line.”

Song Ci believed that Han Zhan was speaking the truth, but she still felt a little pressured. An ordinary family would want a boy to inherit their family line even without a crown, let alone the wealthy Han family.

Seeing that Song Ci was still a little unhappy, Han Zhan told her firmly, “If we have three daughters, I will support their choice and nurture them into the Greatest King, regardless of whether they join the army, politics, business, or art.”

What’s wrong with girls?

My godmother, Mo Yao, was a girl, but she still became the richest person in Asia! Godmother Luo lan was in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so didn’t she frequently beat up the foreign media until their faces hurt? Nangong Xian was a girl, but she defeated all men and became the Eastern God of War!

Countless women used their achievements to prove that daughters were not inferior to men!

Han Zhan joked, “What’s there to be afraid of? You don’t have any in-laws to put pressure on you. Just take good care of the baby. It’s our baby whether it’s a boy or a girl.”

With Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci felt relieved.

Because Song Ci was pregnant with her second child, Han Zhan handed the preparations for Nan Yanyan and Aaron’s wedding to a professional wedding planning team. The next morning, after Song Ci woke up, she called Han Miao and Han Jun over.

In the morning, the three of them sat on the lawn.

Han Miao held a plate of breakfast in her hand. Sbe ate while waiting for Song Ci to speak. Han Jun wore a sun hat on her head and played with a small wooden sword.

Staring at the drawing board in Song Ci’s hand, Han Miao asked her, “Mom, are you going to teach us how to draw?”

Song Ci said, “Yes.”

Song Ci opened the lid of the watercolor pen and drew a pregnant woman on the blackboard. Song Ci pointed at the baby in the pregnant woman’s stomach and asked Han Miao and Han Jun, “Miaomiao, Junjun, do you know what this is?”

Han Miao thought for a moment and said, “It’s Mom!”

Song Ci smiled. “Yes.” She said again, “I’m referring to the child in Mom’s stomach.”

Han Miao looked confused.

Han Jun calmly and smartly replied, “It’s a baby.”

Song Ci snapped her fingers. “Correct.”

She told her daughters, “Miaomiao, Junjun, Mommy is pregnant with a baby now.”

Hearing this, Han Miao’s eyes widened, and Han Jun also stared at Song Ci’s stomach. Han Miao put down the plate and crawled to Song Ci’s side. She reached out to touch her stomach and said innocently, “Mom, I don’t see the baby.”

Song Ci was amused by Han Miao. “The baby is still very young. In a few months, you and your sister will be able to see the baby.”

Han Miao asked her, “Will it grow up like a pumpkin?”


Han Jun pouted and said, “Mom, do you hate us?”

Hearing this question, Song Ci was really shocked.

When Han Miao heard that her mother hated them, she immediately became nervous. Han Miao quickly grabbed Song Ci’s arm and pressed her little face against Song Ci’s.

Song Ci knew that Han Jun was different from ordinary children. She hugged Han Miao and looked at Han Jun gently. “Jun Jun, why do you think so?”

Han Jun said, “Mommy, you hate us. You have to have another child.”

Han Jun wasn’t even two years old yet. If someone hadn’t told her this, she wouldn’t have known. Song Ci’s expression darkened. She asked Han Jun, “Jun Jun, who told you this?”

Han Jun and Han Miao had received language training very early on, so they knew how to express many things. Han Jun pointed behind her and said, “The butler said that if we don’t listen, Mommy will have another child.”

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