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Chapter 364: Han Zhan: We Paid You to Make Madam Happy

“The butler said that if we don’t listen, Mommy will have another child.”

Han Jun stared at Song Ci’s stomach. Her pink cheeks were furrowed, and she looked confused and uneasy. “Mom, is it like that?”

Song Ci quickly shook her head and said, “No, Mom loves Junjun and Miaomiao. After a while, Mom will give birth to another baby and let her love you like Mom and Dad.”

Han Jun heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this.

As long as it wasn’t because she felt that she wasn’t obedient and wanted to abandon her and give birth to another child, that would be good.

Han Miao asked, “Could it be a younger brother?”

Song Ci smiled. “I don’t know. It might be a younger brother or a younger sister.”

Han Miao picked a small piece of corn from the plate. She used her chubby hand to hold the corn and nibbled on it. As she chewed, she said, “Mom, do you want a younger brother?”

Song Ci said, “I just want another baby. Both my younger brother and mother like it. Why do you think I would like a younger brother?”

Han Miao said, “They said Mom wants to have a younger brother.”

The more Song Ci listened, the more she felt something was wrong.

She went back to her room and took a sip of lemon tea to suppress her anger. Then she returned to the lawn and used a comic method to draw the process of a child being born and taught it to her daughters.

After watching a baby go through the process of giving birth, Han Jun said thoughtfully, “Amazing.” She stared at Song Ci’s flat stomach and said, “Really amazing.”

Han Miao was not as emotional as Han Jun, she refused to admit that she had once been a tadpole in her mother’s womb.

Before Miao Miao fell asleep, she often heard Song Ci tell stories about tadpoles looking for their mother. When she thought about how she used to be a tadpole, she felt scared.

Han Miao couldn’t tell the difference between a frog and a toad.

The thought of becoming a toad scared her to tears.

“Mommy, will I become a green frog?”

Song Ci knew what Han Miao was afraid of. She laughed until tears almost flowed out. “Miaomiao, you are a human. You will not become a tadpole.”

Song Ci pointed at her own body and said to Miaomiao, “When Miaomiao grows up, she will become as beautiful as Mom.”

Miao Miao’s eyes lit up. When I grew up, would I be as beautiful as my mother? “Wow! I want to look better than my mother!” Han Miaomiao looked forward to growing up quickly.

Song Ci smiled and said, “If you want to look as good as Mom, you have to control your diet first…”

After successfully making the children accept the existence of the second child, Song Ci finally heaved a sigh of relief. She put away the drawing board and accompanied the children to play for more than an hour at the back of the mountain. When it was about nine in the morning, the two little guys were a little sleepy.

Song Ci carried the children home. Before they returned to the manor, the children were already asleep. When they reached home, Song Ci personally sent the children back to their respective rooms and waited for them to fall asleep before she came downstairs.

Han Miao and Han Jun’s nursery was below Song Ci’s master bedroom. In order to make it easier for the two butlers to take care of the children, Butler Cai specially arranged the female butlers’ rooms on the first floor.

In the hall on the first floor, two female butlers were packing up the children’s toys. Song Ci stood on the platform and looked at the two female butlers with a thoughtful gaze.

Han Miao’s housekeeper was called Zeng Su. She had worked as a delivery nurse at a maternity and child hospital for five years. After she resigned, she took the exam to become a nurse and was once an ace nurse at a childcare center.

Han Jun’s housekeeper was called Wang Quan. Wang Quan graduated from Kumamoto University in Japan and majored in nursing. She was a senior nurse and had taken care of two distinguished old gentlemen.

When the manor was hiring these people, they had investigated their backgrounds. Zeng Su and Wang Quan were indeed very capable in their business, but that didn’t mean that they had good characters.

Song Ci was accompanying her child at home today. She was wearing comfortable home clothes and a pair of flat white shoes. She didn’t make much noise when she walked.

Song Ci deliberately increased the volume of her footsteps.

Upon hearing the sudden footsteps, the two housekeepers turned around at the same time and saw Madam walking down.

They hurriedly put down the toys in their hands, stood up, and shouted, “Madam.”

Song Ci looked calm, no one could tell what she was thinking. She said lightly, “Inform the others to gather in the hall in ten minutes. I have something to say.”

]”… Okay.”

Watching Song Ci’s back as she left, the two housekeepers looked at each other and felt strange. Why did Madam suddenly call everyone here?

Butler Cai was changing the water in the pool with the servants when he saw Song Ci walking over with a parasol. Butler Cai asked respectfully, “Madam, what can I do for you?”

Song Ci told Butler Cai, “Inform everyone to gather in the hall in ten minutes.”

Butler Cai’s expression changed slightly. He asked softly, “Madam, what happened?”

“Some people can’t stay.”

Butler Cai’s expression turned serious. “Understood, I’ll go now.”

Ten minutes later.

In the manor, Butler Cai, who was in charge of the entire family, as well as the driver in charge of transporting the trash, were all called to the hall and stood in line.

Song Ci stood in front of everyone.

]She was still wearing her light gray home clothes. Her slender and tall figure stood at the front of the crowd, but she had a heroic air about her.

Madam usually looked very easygoing and always had a smile on her face. Gradually, everyone subconsciously treated Madam as a soft persimmon and thought that she was kind and easy to bully.

But at this moment, being stared at by Madam’s charming black eyes, no one dared to breathe loudly.

Song Ci put her hands behind her back, and her dignified and cold voice echoed in the quiet hall. “Can anyone explain to me the meaning of the words’ be careful with your words’?”

Hearing this, everyone looked around and lowered their heads, not daring to speak.

Butler Cai realized that someone must have said something wrong and angered Madam. Madam was going to punish him.

Butler Cai quickly reminded the people behind him, “Whoever has a loose tongue, stand out.” Anyone who knew how to adapt to the circumstances should take the initiative to stand up and admit their mistake.

But no one made a sound, and no one was willing to admit their mistake.

After all, this job at Imperial Dragon Manor was perfect. Not only was the owner easy to get along with, but his salary was also high. Who wouldn’t want to continue working here?

At this moment, if one took the initiative to apologize, one would lose their job!

Everyone wanted to muddle through and wait for others to suffer.

After Song Ci regained Nangong Xian’s memory, she was affected by Nangong Xian’s memory and became irritable easily. Seeing that everyone was silent, Song Ci’s last bit of patience was exhausted.

She walked quickly into the crowd and slowly walked past the line of servants. Everywhere she went, everyone held their breath and prayed for Madam not to find trouble with her.

Some people’s prayers came true, while others failed.

When Zeng Su saw that the pair of white shoes stopped in front of her, she was stunned for a moment before she raised her head in confusion. Zeng Su was only 1.63 meters tall and wore a pair of flat leather shoes that made it easier for her to move, so she had to raise her head to look into Song Ci’s eyes.

Zeng Su stared at Song Ci and asked in surprise, “Madam, did I do something wrong?” Zeng Su really didn’t know what she did wrong.

Song Ci smirked.

She asked Zeng Su sharply, “Madam Zeng, do you think Imperial Dragon Manor is big?”

Zeng Su nodded in confusion and answered honestly, “Yes.”

Song Ci asked again, “Is Zeus International big?”

Zeng Su’s heart was filled with fear and trepidation. She vaguely felt that something was wrong, but for a moment, she could not figure out what she had done wrong.

Zeng Su stared at Song Ci’s cold gaze and nodded. “Yes.”

Song Ci smiled mysteriously and said, “Imperial Dragon Manor is so big compared to Zeus International. Mr. Han should have another boy to inherit the family business. Don’t you think so, Madam Zeng?”

Hearing this, Madam Zeng’s face turned pale.

“Madam, I… I misspoke!” Song Ci stood here and asked this question, which meant she had found out everything!

A few days ago, when Zeng Su was chatting with her family on the phone, she talked about some matters regarding the host’s family. Her sister told her to work hard in the Han family and told her to develop a good relationship with Han Zhan’s children. There would be many benefits in the future.

Zeng Su’s brain twitched, and she said something disrespectful. She said: [What’s the use of getting on good terms with a little girl? The Han Family is big and powerful, and they will definitely have a son to inherit the family property in the future. There’s no use trying to please a little girl.]

After saying this, Zeng Su turned around and saw Han Miaomiao standing behind her with a toy dog in her arms. She even smiled at her.

Zeng Su was a little nervous at that time, but thinking that the child was still young and might not understand what she was saying, she did not take it to heart.

If Song Ci hadn’t asked about it today, Zeng Su would have forgotten about it.

Since Song Ci would ask her about it, it meant that Song Ci already knew the truth. There were cameras everywhere in this manor, and the things she said and did would be known after checking the surveillance cameras.

Zeng Su gave up struggling and quibbling. She knelt down in front of Song Ci and held Song Ci’s wrist tightly with both hands. She cried and begged for mercy. “Madam, I know I was wrong. I will be careful with my words and actions in the future. I will never say such foolish words again! Madam, can you give me a chance to turn over a new leaf? Don’t fire me!”

Zeng Su’s monthly salary was 50,000 yuan. Mr Han even bought her insurance, food and accommodation, and sent four sets of work uniforms every quarter.

She would never be able to find such a good job again!

At this moment, Zeng Su deeply regretted her cheap mouth!

Song Ci pulled Zeng Su’s hand away and gave her a condescending look, then walked past Zeng Su and continued walking forward. She had just taken two steps when she stopped again. This time, Song Ci stopped in front of Han Jun’s butler, Wang Quan.

Wang Quan’s face turned pale.

Her legs were trembling from fear.

Song Ci placed her hand on Wang Quan’s shoulder.

Wang Quan’s body trembled as she called out in a trembling voice, “Ma… Madam.”

Song Ci pinched Wang Quan’s shoulder and said brainlessly, “Because my child’s personality is flawed. She’s not as cute and likable as other children, so you can scare her?”

“Did you tell her that if she doesn’t listen to you, Mommy won’t love her anymore and will have another child to replace her?”

Wang Quan gritted his teeth and struggled. “Madam, I-I didn’t say that.”

She was obviously lying. Her neck was all red.

Seeing that she refused to admit it, Song Ci’s gaze became completely malicious. “Madam Wang, do you want me to take the surveillance camera and edit the images of you secretly scaring my daughter behind her back into video clips? In the future, every time you find a new employer, I will personally send a video to them to show them?”

Song Ci wanted to ruin her future!

Wang Quan finally panicked and knelt down like Zeng Su. “Madam, my mouth is cheap. I said something wrong. I…” She was indignant. Her eyes were red, but she took the initiative to plead,” I will resign! ”

Song Ci stared at Wang Quan, who was kneeling on the ground. She raised her voice and said, “My child, regardless of gender, will be the heir of Zeus International! My child, whether she is cute or not, whether she is likable or not, she will always be my baby!”

“I can tolerate you bullying, but if you bully my baby, I’ll fight you to the death!”

Song Ci not only said this to the two but also to the helpers in the manor who despised them because Han Miao and Han Jun were girls!

When everyone heard this, they put away their contempt.

Song Ci walked out of the crowd and said to Butler Cai, “Remove Zeng Su and Wang Quan’s authority immediately. Ask them to pay the compensation for the breach of contract and leave!” Those who hurt her babies, don’t think of leaving so easily!

Butler Cai hurriedly nodded in agreement.

Before lunch, Zeng Su and Wang Quan carried their luggage and went down the mountain dejectedly. When they went down the mountain, Butler Cai did not send a chauffeur to send them off.

Han Zhan was in the company, but he knew everything that happened at home like the back of his hand. He watched Song Ci drive away the female butlers and didn’t have any objections.

When Han Zhan returned home at night, Butler Cai came to welcome him out of the car.

“Sir, you’re back.”


Han Zhan handed the briefcase to Butler Cai and he walked in front. Butler Cai followed behind him and reported to him about the important things that happened in the manor today.

Speaking of the two female butlers, Butler Cai asked Han Zhan, “Sir, Madam has already fired Madam Zeng Su and Madam Wang Quan. The other helpers might be a little upset. Should we appease them?”

After what happened today, some of the helpers thought that Song Ci was a little unreasonable to fire the two housekeepers over such a small matter. Butler Cai noticed everyone’s conflicting emotions, so he specially mentioned it to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan stopped in his tracks.

He looked up in the direction of the piano room and saw the woman playing the violin behind the window. His gaze softened. “Butler, call the remaining helpers to the hall.”

For the second time in a day, the helpers were summoned to the hall.

This time, they realized that Han Zhan was the one who summoned them. No one dared to speak. They all stood obediently in front of Han Zhan and lowered their heads to stop their training.

Han Zhan didn’t try to be mysterious. When everyone arrived, he said, “I’ve already heard about what happened today. What do you all think?”

Thinking that Han Zhan really wanted to listen to everyone’s opinions, there was really such a daring person who stood up and boasted about his views.

“Sir, Madam is the mistress of the house. We naturally have no objections to who she wants to fire. However, in all fairness, we still feel that Madam is making a mountain out of a molehill today. People will inevitably say the wrong things sometimes. We can all understand why Butler Wang Quan was fired because of her loose lips. But Butler Zeng Su was fired just because of one wrong word. Isn’t this a little too harsh?”

The person who spoke was Song Ci’s family’s chef. This chef’s cooking skills were very good and his status in the Han family was quite high. Other than Butler Cai, he was the second most respected helper.

After saying that, Chef carefully tried to figure out Han Zhan’s reaction.

Han Zhan stared at Chef’s self-righteous face. He touched the fake finger on his right hand with his left hand and suddenly laughed. “Then what do you think we should do today?”

Everyone stopped talking.

Han Zhan knew that this would happen.

He walked up to Chef.

Han Zhan was nearly 1.9 meters tall and was enough to look down on everyone. He lowered his head and stared at Chef’s fierce face. He said to him, and also to everyone, “Madam is the mistress of this family and also the mistress of Zeus International. My wealth is shared with Madam. Every decision of Madam is my decision.”

“Today, Madam fired two female butlers. I have no objections to that. In the future, if you make a mistake and upset Madam, I will also have no objections if she fires any of you.”

“Everyone, we have to understand something. I spent money to ask everyone to help me do things so that I can share Madam’s worries. If Madam is unhappy because of you, then why would I spend that money?”

His tone was neither harsh nor harsh, and he did not utter a single vulgar word. However, when he finished speaking, everyone was stunned. The chef who spoke earlier looked even more embarrassed.

With a smile on his face, Han Zhan looked at everyone and said, “Since everyone takes money from me, you should do what you should do. If you don’t do what you shouldn’t do, you shouldn’t say what you shouldn’t do. If you’re good, I’m good. If you’re good, everyone is good. Isn’t that right?”

Everyone nods. “Yes.”

“It’s getting late. Let’s all get some rest.” Han Zhan left quickly after saying this. After he left, everyone looked at each other and realized that this job at Imperial Dragon Manor was not easy to do.

Han Zhan went straight to his room. He took a shower and stayed in the study room for half an hour before he heard Song Ci open the door and come in.

Han Zhan patted his muscular thigh. “Come to my arms, Baby Ci.”

Song Ci walked over and sat on Han Zhan’s lap. She snuggled against his chest and hugged his neck. “You’re so handsome today.” Song Ci already knew what Han Zhan told the servants.

Han Zhan asked her, “Are there any rewards?”

“Yes.” Song Ci hugged Han Zhan’s neck and exchanged a deep kiss with him.

This kiss was very clean without any lust.

After the kiss, Song Ci sighed. “The butlers have all been fired. We have to find two more.”

“There’s no hurry. Let the helpers take care of it first. I’ll find a suitable nanny to take care of Miao Miao and Jun Jun as soon as possible.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Before Han Zhan could find a suitable butler for the children, the spaceship that Long Zhize and the rest were on had successfully approached the moon.

In the spaceship, Dragon Lake stared at the moon. He told Yan Qingxiu, “When we get out later, the other party won’t hear us. Now, I have a few words to say to you.”

Yan Qingxiu nodded and said, “A vacuum cannot transmit sound. I know this.” The third soul fragment of the Supremacy floated into a technologically advanced alternate world.

In that world, spaceships had already developed to be as ordinary as airplanes, and were an important driving tool to travel between planets.

]In that plane, the Supremacy was the chief engineer of the Union’s National Science and Technology Research Institute. In order to get close to the Supremacy, Yan Qingxiu spent five years learning about technology and successfully became the Supremacy’s subordinate.

No one was more knowledgeable about this than the banquet.

Yan Qingxiu couldn’t help but think that after this trip to the Moon, he would have to quit his job as an undertaker at the mortuary and apply for a job at Mr. Han’s place to continue his research on spaceships.

If I could gain Mr. Han’s trust, then I would be able to approach Exalt at will! With this thought in mind, Yan Qingxiu couldn’t wait to fly back to Earth immediately.

Seeing the look of anticipation on Yan Qingxiu’s face, Long Zhize’s heart felt warm and hot.


Dong Yang liked me too!

She couldn’t wait to be proposed to!

This was a perfect misunderstanding.

Long Zhize confidently took out the ring he had prepared earlier. He raised the ring and gazed lovingly at Yan Qingxiu.

“Miss Dong.”

Yan Qingxiu looked at him, baffled.

Staring at the ring in Long Zhize’s hand, Yan Qingxiu felt a headache coming on.

With a determined and gentle tone, Long Zhize said to Yan Qingxiu, “Miss Dong, just like you, I love you deeply. I am willing to swear on my soul that I will love you, respect you, and protect you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?”

With that, he glanced at the camera in the corner. It was a tool he used to record important moments. Excitement appeared on his cold face as he waited expectantly for Yan Qingxiu’s reply.

Yan Qingxiu took a deep breath. “I’m sorry…” Yan Qingxiu suddenly stretched out his hand towards the camera. With a squeeze of his hand, the camera was destroyed!

Seeing this, Long Zhize’s eyebrows jumped. “… You!”

Yan Qingxiu told him, “I told you, I’m not Dong Yang.”

Long Zhize: “… then you are…”

In front of Long Zhize, Yan Qingxiu used his Spiritual Strength to create the image of a man.

The man who had suddenly appeared was thin but very tall. He wore a long purple robe with wide sleeves. His black hair was soft and shiny, and he wore a white jade crown on his head. He had a demonic face that was both righteous and evil, making it impossible to look away.

At this moment, there was an aura of disdain from Yan Qingxiu.

He stared at the dazed Long Zhize and said coldly, “I am a man. Mr. Long, you can give up now.”

Long Zhize stared blankly at the mysterious and powerful Yan Qingxiu, and he felt as if his world had been shattered. “You… you’re really a man!”

That was true!

How could a girl like Dong Yang survive in the Bermuda Triangle?

It did not make sense for her to appear above the angry sea for no reason. It was because he was bewitched by Dong Yang’s god-like appearance and deliberately ignored all the illogicalities, falling hopelessly in love with her.

Long Zhize refused to give up. He asked Yan Qingxiu, “During those days on the ship, were you or Dong Yang the one who interacted with me?”

Yan Qingxiu frowned and replied, “Of course it’s me.”

Long Zhize suddenly heaved a sigh of relief. It was not Dong Yang’s beautiful skin that had bewitched him, but the rich and interesting soul of Yan Qingxiu.

Long Zhize looked at Yan Qingxiu with a complicated expression for a long time before lowering his head to look at the ring in his hand. He had personally designed and supervised the creation of this ring. He had really put in a lot of effort.

The hand holding the ring suddenly trembled with indignation.

Lowering his eyes, Long Zhize very rationally apologized to Yan Qingxiu. “Sorry, I was rude.”

Yan Qingxiu stared at Long Zhize’s dejected face. He thought for a moment, then made a decision. “When we return to Earth, I will erase your memories. Mr. Long, forget the process of our acquaintance.”

Long Zhize said nothing.

During the few days of their return journey, Long Zhize and Yan Qingxiu did not communicate at all. After their successful return, Long Zhize could not walk normally due to gravity and needed to stay for two days of training.

Dong Yang was also brought along for training.

When they arrived at the training room, Long Zhize saw that Yan Qingxiu was walking steadily without any signs of discomfort. He knew that this person was really powerful.

“Are you really human?” Normal people couldn’t be so heaven-defying.

Yan Qingxiu turned back to look at the Long Zhize and said, “As you expected, I’m not an ordinary person. I’m not even from your world. I came from another planet. That day, I tore the plane restriction and came to Earth, coincidentally landing in the Bermuda Triangle.”

“The owner of this body of mine was brought to the Bermuda Triangle by someone due to mental disorders and was exiled to an uninhabited land. When I tore open the space, my soul was severely damaged and I had to find a container to store my soul. Helpless, I could only find the dying Miss Dong.”

Now that he understood the truth, Long Zhize found it ridiculous.

He had a ridiculous feeling that he was being toyed with, but Yan Qingxiu wasn’t playing with him. He had confessed to being a man more than once.

Long Zhize felt a little pained.

After realizing that the other party was not the real Dong Yang, he should not be sad after being rejected.

But his heart hurt.

This was the first time he had fallen in love with someone, yet it was so funny.

“Mr. Long, it was fate that brought us together. I also have to thank you for lending me a sum of money back then to help me smoothly arrive at Wangdong City. I feel very guilty for letting Mr. Long treat me sincerely. I will find an opportunity to repay this karma.”

Seeing that Long Zhize looked like he was about to cry, Yan Qingxiu couldn’t bear it and suggested, “Mr. Long, love causes pain. I’m willing to help you get rid of the pain.”

“You want to erase my memories? You want me to forget you?” Long Zhize was like a paranoid maniac, stubbornly wanting an answer.

Yan Qingxiu said, “Without memories, there will be no pain.”

The heartless Yan Qingxiu!

Long Zhize was silent for a long while before he smiled and said, “I don’t need to erase my memories. Now that I know your true situation, I will definitely not continue to pester you endlessly. Mr. Yan, sorry for disturbing you during this period of time.”

After apologizing to Yan Qingxiu, Long Zhize turned around and left.

The back view looked very straightforward.

What a joke. Even an old disabled person like Han Zhan could marry Song Ci. I am rich, handsome, and clean. Why would I worry about not finding a woman?

Yan Qingxiu thought too highly of himself!

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