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Chapter 362: Aaron: Is “Wafer Margin” a novel?

Naturally, Nan Yanyan would not be so stupid as to believe that Aaron had gotten sand into his eyes due to the wind. However, they were all adults, and everyone had moments of emotional breakdown and being touched.

Nan Yanyan was considerate and did not ask why Aaron suddenly cried. She raised the ice candy in her hand and said, “Let’s go, I’ve bought the sugar.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

The two of them turned a corner and walked towards the entrance of the district. From afar, Aaron noticed a black Volvo parked on the side of the district’s entrance.

Aaron handed the gift to Nan Yan.

Nan Yanyan received the gift and asked in confusion, “What are you going to do?”

“My brother’s chauffeur sent me something. I’ll go take a look.”

Nan Yanyan and Aaron walked towards Volvo.

Long Yu was taking a nap in the car. He had stayed up late with his girlfriend last night and had been escorting Han Zhan today. Now that no one was disturbing him, he felt a little sleepy.

Hearing the sound of the car door being knocked, Long Yu immediately woke up. He opened the door and walked out. Leaning against the car door, he said to Aaron, “Second Young Master, Sir asked me to bring you something. It’s in the trunk.”

Aaron stared at Long Yu’s sleepy face and asked with a frown, “Did you stay up late last night?” Long Yu did not stay up late often and it would only happen occasionally. The tiredness on his face was obvious.

“I can’t hide anything from you and Mr. Han.” When he went to work this morning, the first thing Mr. Han said when he saw him was to ask if he had stayed up late last night.

“Your eyes are full of fatigue,” said Aaron.

Aaron opened the trunk and took out the items one by one. There were five to six of them. “Mr Han asked me to buy you six gifts. Good things come in pairs.”

Aaron really did not understand these things.

He took a look at the items. There were Western ginseng, red wine, and some supplements suitable for middle-aged and elderly women. The items were not rare and precious, but they were useful, so they appeared sincere.

Aaron took the gift and whispered his thanks to Long Yu. “You should go back and rest early. It’s not safe to drive when you’re tired.”


Long Yu did not stay any longer and drove off.

Nan Yanyan looked at the Volvo and said, “I saw a report about your brother.”

Aaron raised his eyebrows. “What report?”

“Someone dug deep into your brother’s luxury cars and discovered that he didn’t have a real luxury car. It was said that the most expensive car was registered under your sister-in-law’s name.”

“They said that your brother is really rich yet he doesn’t flaunt it.”

Hearing this, Aaron pursed his lips. He said, “The truly rich never use the number of luxury cars to show their identity. When money accumulates to a certain amount, they can afford mountains of gold and silver. Naturally, they have no desire for these worldly possessions.”

Many men were interested in beautiful women, but Han Zhan was not interested in any of that. Compared to cars, Han Zhan preferred guns. He had a secret warehouse that collected almost all the guns in the world.

But this hobby must not be made public.

Nan Yanyan’s mother was cooking. After waiting for a long time for the rock candy, she called Nan Yanyan to rush her again. Nan Yanyan answered the call. “I’ll be there soon. Don’t rush me.”

After hanging up the phone, she pulled Aaron into the neighborhood.

Nan Yanyan’s neighborhood was rather old, and the elevator had to be repaired a few times every year. Her house had four houses on the first floor, eighteen floors high, and only two elevators. When it was time to get off work, the elevators were more crowded.

Coincidentally, one of the elevator doors sensed a problem. The property agent was contacting the technicians for maintenance, but they had not come yet. There were two yellow warning signs in front of the elevator doors.

Five to six people were waiting for the elevator in the lobby on the first floor. Nan Yanyan walked into the elevator and waited with Aaron behind the crowd.

They were all familiar with the same building. They had all seen Nan Yanyan grow up from an elementary school student to an uncle and auntie. When they saw Nan Yanyan holding hands with a man, everyone smiled in mutual understanding.

“Yanyan, you brought your boyfriend back?”

Nan Yanyan blushed slightly. “Yes, his name is Aaron.” Nan Yanyan held Aaron’s hand and told him, “Aaron, this is Auntie Zeng, this is Uncle Zhang, this is Uncle Liu…”

After Nan Yanyan was done with her introduction, Aaron hurriedly called them and became an emotionless naming machine.

Aaron looked very cute and was of mixed blood. He was very obedient when he spoke to people, and all the uncles and aunties liked him very much.

After everyone squeezed into the elevator, someone said, “Yanyan’s boyfriend doesn’t look that old. He’s younger than you, right?” Aaron indeed looked very young. He didn’t look like someone in his thirties at all. Instead, he looked more like a spirited young man in his late twenties.

Those who knew Nan Yanyan’s real age would think that she was dating an older man.

Aaron smiled meaningfully. He lowered his eyes to look at Nan Yanyan, whose face was turning redder. Then, he told the uncles and aunties, “Everyone has made a mistake this time. I’m four years older than Yan Yan. I’m 34 years old this year.”

“Ah, I really can’t tell. Why does this young man look so young?” The aunties moved closer to Aaron and asked curiously, “How do you maintain yourself? Share it with us!”

Nowadays, it wasn’t rare for boys to take care of their skin. Times had changed, and these aunties could also accept boys taking care of their skin and makeup.

Aarong blinked his eyes and started to spout nonsense. “The aunties are so young and beautiful. If Yanyan didn’t ask me to call you aunties, I would have thought that everyone here is a lady of the same age as my elder sister. You guys are very young, not old at all!”

“You have a sweet mouth.”

Everyone chatted for a while before Nan Yanyan reminded Aaron, “We’re here.”


The elevator door opened. Aaron was still smiling as he said goodbye to the group of uncles and aunties.

As they stepped out of the elevator, Aaron instantly loosened his tie with a sigh of relief. “Let’s never live in a big high-rise again. I’m having trouble with such enthusiastic neighbors.” In fact, Aaron wasn’t a man who enjoyed talking to strangers.

If not for the sake of giving them a good impression of Nan Yanyan’s boyfriend and giving face to his parents-in-law, Aaron really wanted to keep his mouth shut.

Nan Yanyan held back her laughter and teased him. “You seem to know how to coax people.”

“Coaxing people is a lesson that every man should learn.” Aaron, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped in his tracks. Nan Yanyan almost pretended to stop, but fortunately, she stopped in time.

Aaron looked back and lowered his head to meet Nan Yanyan’s eyes. He said affectionately, “But I only want to say all the nice words to make you happy.”

Nan Yanyan thought that he was bullshitting.

When they reached Nan Yanyan’s house, Nan Yanyan was about to press the doorbell when she heard Aaron say, “Wait a minute.”

Aaron put everything down. He quickly retied his loosened tie and ran his fingers through his already neat hair again. Then he picked up the gift and took a deep breath. “All right,” he said. “Open.”

Upon seeing his actions, Nan Yanyan asked him, “Are you nervous?”

Aaron nodded solemnly. “Of course. This is the first time I’ve seen your parents. How can I not be nervous?”

“Don’t worry, my father is easy to talk to.”

“What about your mother?”

“My mother is very gentle with all the beautiful men in the world.”

Aaron smiled in relief. “It’s all thanks to my rather likable face.”

Nan Yanyan nodded and pressed the doorbell. Actually, Nan Yanyan had a key in her bag, but pressing the doorbell was to remind her parents.

Soon, footsteps could be heard in the house. “Coming.” A mellow male voice sounded from behind the door. Aaron saw the doorknob turn and the door opened.

Aaron and Nanyan took a step back and waited for the door to open before looking up.

The person who opened the door was Professor Nan. Professor Nan was not very handsome and could even be considered ordinary. Just by looking at his face, one could not imagine that Nan Yanyan and Nan Guanguan were his children.

Thank you, Mother Nan, for your genetic contribution! This is the survival of the fittest genetic inheritance!

Professor Nan’s sideburns were trimmed very cleanly. It was obvious that he had just gone to the salon to trim them today. He wore a gray Polo shirt, formal suit pants, and a pair of old black leather shoes.

The Polo shirt was tucked into his belt, making him look energetic and scholarly.

From the looks of it, Professor Nan was also very concerned about today’s meeting, so he dressed up rather formally and handsomely.

Aaron’s heart raced at the sight of his future father-in-law. It had been a long time since he’d felt nervous. The last time he’d felt so nervous was on the night he’d killed Edward.

Aaron heard Nan Yan say, “Dad, this is Han Rang.”

Professor Nan stared at Aaron with a scrutinizing gaze.

His daughter had already given them a heads-up and told them that their future son-in-law was a mixed-blood. He was four years older than her and had a special family. She hoped that they would not question him about his father.

Professor Nan’s gaze was gentle, but Aaron felt nervous.

Professor Nan was a well-respected professor while Aaron was a child who had never attended school. Standing in front of Professor Nan, Aaron was a little ashamed.

He felt bitter.

How great would it be if I wasn’t Edward’s child and I was just a child from an ordinary family? That way, I would be able to study seriously and take the college entrance examination like my half-sister.

That way, I could stand in front of Professor Nan today and talk to him about my mother, my studies, the papers I had written and the books I had read.

But this was all wishful thinking.

He hadn’t been to school. From a young age, he’d taken lessons from the professional teachers Edward had hired for them. He’d studied gunmanship, horsemanship, tactics, fighting techniques, and languages everywhere…

Nan Yanyan noticed that Aaron was in a daze. She nudged Aaron’s arm and reminded him, “Aaron, call him!”

Aaron’s head was spinning. He shouted, “Dad, we’re back!”

Professor Nan was speechless.

Nan Yanyan was stunned for a moment before she lowered her head and giggled.

Professor Nan felt that it was rather sudden, but he did not blame Aaron for his slip of the tongue. He only said, “You’re back, then come in.” As expected of Professor Nan, he had seen the world and could handle it.

At this moment, Aaron also realized what kind of stupid thing he had done. However, apologizing now would make him appear even more clumsy, so he might as well admit his small mistake.

When Aaron was about to take off his shoes, Professor Nan quickly said, “No need for slippers. It’s not raining outside, and your shoes aren’t dirty.”

Nan Yanyan said, “There’s no need to take it off.”

Aaron then stood up and entered the Nan family home in his leather shoes.

They entered the house and walked around a porch screen. Behind them was the dining room. Aaron stood in the dining room with gifts in his hands and saw Mother Nan cooking. He placed the gifts on the dining table and said to the lady in the kitchen, “Hello Auntie, I’m Ah Rang.”

Mama Nan turned off the small fire and looked back at Aaron.

Seeing a handsome young man in a suit standing in the dining room, Mother Nan’s eyes lit up instantly. “Ah, Aaron is here. Quick, go and sit down. Your uncle made tea for you. The oil and smoke here are heavy. You can come again when the meal is ready.”

Aaron nodded and said, “The food smells so good. It’s going to be a feast tonight.”

“Aiyo, you child. What’s so fragrant about it? I only made some.” The woman who said that casually made some food took out half a pork trotter from the fridge when Aaron went to the living room.

Nan Yanyan saw it and asked, “You’re still cooking?” She stared at the food on the counter and felt that it was too much.

Mother Nan said, “Let your boyfriend have a taste of my signature spicy pig trotters! Aaron can eat spicy food, right?”

“Just don’t be too spicy.”

“Alright then.”

Mother Nan poured some hot water into the pot. She wiped her hands and walked out of the kitchen. When she saw the gifts on the dining table, her gaze became even more satisfied.

Nan Yanyan’s family situation was not bad and they did not lack money. They also did not lack Aaron’s gift. However, Mother Nan was interested in Aaron’s kind intentions.

She glanced at the living room and was relieved to see that the child was sitting obediently in front of her husband. He would answer whatever her husband asked.

This child was not any worse than Xiao Ye that dog!

He was even more handsome, taller and more polite!

In the living room, Aaron was sitting by the tea table. He saw that Professor Nan had poured the tea on a chubby purple sand foot.

Very confused, he asked Professor Nan, “Uncle, why did you put a… foot on the tea table and bathe it?”

When Professor Nan heard this, he laughed again. He teased Aaron, “Why aren’t you calling me Dad?”

Aaron rubbed his earlobe before saying, “I was a little nervous earlier. I’m sorry, I’ve embarrassed myself.”

“You’re a young man. It doesn’t matter if you make a small mistake occasionally, as long as you don’t make a big mistake.” Professor Nan emphasized the word ‘big mistake’.

Aaron heard it and quickly said, “Uncle, don’t worry. I will not make a big mistake.” Aaron would never make a mistake like Xiao Ye’s.

Seeing that Aaron understood what he meant, Professor Nan smiled. He told Aaron, “This is an ornament made from purple sand. It’s the pet of a tea drinker. This kind of pet needs to be watered and nourished with tea.”

“This tea pet of mine is a foot with a small spider on it. In China, the foot is also known as the foot, and there is a small spider on the back. It means to be content with what you have.” After Professor Nan finished speaking, he stopped and asked Aaron, “Have you heard of the phrase ‘contented with what you have?’”

Aaron nodded. “I know that. Be content and smile.”

“That’s true.”

Professor Nan was relieved when he saw that this foreign son-in-law knew a thing or two about Chinese. He was afraid that the foreign son-in-law was a dabbler who couldn’t even speak Mandarin fluently and would make a lot of jokes.

Mother Nan was determined to make a whole table of food. She might not be able to do it anytime soon. There was no point in sitting down and drinking tea. Professor Nan accepted the walnut that Ah Rang had given him and wanted to show Aaron his collection.

Professor Nan’s house had three bedrooms and two living rooms. Without a special study room, he had converted the toilet in the master bedroom into a study room. Professor Nan brought Aaron into his study room and showed him his Four Treasures of the Study and the extinct calligraphy paintings that he had collected throughout his life.

Aaron walked to the bookshelf and picked up a novel. He asked Professor Nan, “Wafer Margin?”

Hearing the pronunciation of Aaron, something in Professor Nan’s mind jumped.

He took the book from Aaron’s hand and placed it in his palm. He pointed his right index finger at the word “Water” on the cover of the book and said to Aaron seriously, “This word isn’t Wafer. It’s pronounced as water.”

Aaron’s face turned red and he was a little annoyed. His brother was right. He was not good at Mandarin and should not be so quick-witted in front of Professor Nan.

After Professor Nan discovered his prospective son-in-law’s shortcomings, he intended to bring Aaron along to study Mandarin. He asked Aaron, “I heard from Yanyan that you want to open an orphanage?”

Aaron nodded quickly. “Yes, I have my eyes on a piece of land. I will build an orphanage on it.”

Professor Nan was rather gratified. “You’re a good child with a heart.” Changing the topic, Professor Nan said rather sternly, “As the head of a hospital, you still have to work hard. Study well in Chinese, don’t teach a group of children who can only recognize half of the words.”

Aaron was embarrassed. He had to explain, “I grew up in Italy. Chinese is indeed too difficult for me.”

Aaron had actually been working very hard. Two years ago, he was still an illiterate who did not even know how to write Chinese text messages. This year, he had already gotten to know common Chinese. He was already quite good.

“But I’m willing to continue learning. Uncle is a professor of literature. Your Chinese must be very good. I’m willing to learn from Uncle.”

Professor Nan was praised by Ah Rang and instantly became proud and self-satisfied. “Learn Chinese from me. You’ve chosen the right person. How about this? After you eat, stay and learn Chinese from me for two hours.”

‘… OK,’said Aaron.

When it was almost time to eat, Nan Yanyan’s younger brother, Nan Guanguan, came back with a shoulder bag and a basketball in his hand. Nan Guanguan was dressed like a hip-hop teenager with a blue sports headband on his head.

The moment they entered the house and saw the table full of food, Nan Guanguan cried out in surprise, “Mom, Sister brought her boyfriend back and you cooked such a big table of food! When I bring my girlfriend back next time, do you want to cook the entire Manchu Han Imperial Feast too?!”

Nan Guanguan was 25 years old. He was a male model on Taobao while taking his degree. He looked just like his mother and was handsome.

With his looks, figure, and academic qualifications, he should be constantly in love. However, he seemed to have no passion for dating and had yet to find a girlfriend.

Mama Nan glared at him. “The last time I was upstairs Aunt Lina even asked me secretly if you were into boys and gave me such a fright—”

“If you can really bring a girlfriend back, I can even prepare a plate of roasted dragon meat for you, let alone the Manchu Han Imperial Feast.”

Nan Guanguan was shocked by Mother Nan’s words. “Did Auntie Lina really ask you that?”


Mother Nan was worried that Nan Guanguan’s sexual orientation would deviate.

Nan Guanguan, on the other hand, had an expression as if he had discovered a new continent. He muttered, “No wonder I never found a girl I was satisfied with. Did I find the wrong gender?”

Mother Nan was speechless.

Nan Yanyan walked out of the room. She had just washed her hair and was holding a dry towel in her hand. When she heard the Nan Guanguan’s words, she threw the towel mercilessly at Nan Guanguan’s head. “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Nan Guanguan hugged his head and cried, “You hit me the moment you came back! Brother Rang must be blind to have fallen for you!”

Nan Yanyan: “After all, your sister is extremely beautiful.”

“I’ll puke!”

Nan Guanguan put his bag and ball back into his room and ran to his father’s small study. He saw his brother-in-law holding a Xinhua dictionary and leaning against the bookshelf, reading.

Nan Guanguan’s mouth was wide open.

He quietly walked out of the master bedroom and into the living room. He pointed behind him at Nan Yanyan and said, “Do you know what Brother Rang is doing inside?”

Nan Yanyan raised her eyebrows, obviously unaware.

Nan Guanguan whispered, “Brother Rang is memorizing the Xinhua dictionary.”

Nan Yanyan gasped.

“Let’s eat!” Mama Nan shouted. Professor Nan immediately brought Aaron out for dinner.

When Aaron saw the table full of delicacies, he felt touched. “Thank you, Auntie.” Aaron’s thank you was sincere.

Mama Nan enthusiastically put a lot of food into his bowl. By the time dinner was over, Aaron’s stomach felt a little bloated. But he was fully prepared and had already guessed that he might be stuffed tonight. Secretly, he replaced the gum in the box with a digestive pill.

After eating three to four digestive pills, Aaron went to learn Chinese from his father-in-law.

They stayed until 9: 30 pm. Seeing that it was getting late, Aaron decided to leave. However, Mother Nan said, “Why are you going back so late? You can stay here tonight. You can sleep with Guanguan. I found you a set of Guanguan’s pajamas. It might be a little small, but you should be able to wear it.”

Nan Guanguan also said, “That’s right, Brother Rang. Your house is on the mountain. It’s almost eleven o’clock when you drive home. You can sleep at my house tonight.”

Aaron could only agree.

After showering, he lay on Nan Guanguan’s bed in his pajamas.

On the 1.5-meter wide bed lay two 1.8-meter tall men. It was very crowded. Nan Guanguan hugged his blanket and said while sleeping, “I sleep very well. I don’t snore or kick people.”

Aaron had no choice but to ask, “Are you not going to kick people, or is it that there’s usually no one to kick?”

Nan Guanguan thought seriously for a moment, then said guiltily, “I shouldn’t kick people.”

However, that night, Nan Guanguanl, who claimed that he would not kick anyone, kicked Aaron four or five times consecutively and even pushed him to a small corner of the bed.

Aaron leaned against the wall, his eyes wide open. He couldn’t fall asleep. In fact, he had never slept with anyone else. This feeling of being able to touch a hot object with just a slight movement made Aaron very uncomfortable.

It was past three in the morning when Aaron finally fell asleep.

After breakfast the next morning, Aaron finally bid farewell from the Nan family. When he left, he reminded Professor Nan and Mother Nan again not to forget about the parent meeting that night.

Nan Yanyan had just gone to the office in the afternoon, so she didn’t send Aaron. Aaron took a taxi to the office. Once he reached the office, he heard Li Li’s secretary say, “Leader Han, Mr. Han has instructed that if you come to work, you must go upstairs and meet him.”

‘ Oh,’said Aaron, and went upstairs.

Aaron went upstairs and entered Han Zhan’s office directly without the secretary’s notice. Han Zhan was still bringing Song Ci today. When they passed Song Ci’s desk, Aaron stopped and asked her, “Why are you still here?”

“I’m the lady boss. Can’t I be here?”

Aaron pursed his lips before entering the office.

Han Zhan was working. Aaron walked to the sofa and lay down. He said, “From what I know, your chief secretary isn’t sick. She brought the child to the zoo.”

As the head of the special logistics department, Han Zhan knew the movements of the company’s higher-ups and core employees like the back of his hand. He leaned against the sofa and asked Han Zhan, “Why do you bring Song Ci to work every day?”

Han Zhan didn’t hide it from Aaron. He said, “I’m going to give you a nephew or niece.”

Aaron was stunned for a moment before cursing, “Stupid ruler!”

Han Zhan looked up and stared at Aaron’s tired face. He frowned and asked, “Did you not rest well at the Nan family home last night?”

“Well, I’m not used to sleeping with other people.”

Han Zhan asked thoughtfully, “Who did you sleep with last night?”

Aaron sneered. “Don’t be so dirty-minded. Of course I slept with Yanyan’s brother.”

Han Zhan laughed. “Are you not used to sleeping with men, or are you not used to having another person in bed?”

Aaron: “I’m not used to having someone else in bed.”

“Get used to it slowly.” Han Zhan asked him again, “How was your performance at Nan Yan’s house last night?” Han Zhan knew in his heart that Aaron’s performance must have satisfied Nan Yan’s parents. If they weren’t satisfied, they should have invited Aaron out politely after dinner.

Since he wanted Aaron to stay the night the first time they met, it was obvious that he approved of him as his son-in-law.

Aaron was a little proud. He said, “I’ve already gained the approval of the entire Nan family.” Aaron told Han Zhan everything that happened last night.

When he heard from Aaron that he had memorized the Xinhua dictionary in the Nan family study room last night, Han Zhan’s expressionless face finally cracked.

“Oh right, before leaving, Professor Nan even gave me the Xinhua dictionary, telling me to study more.” After saying that, Aaron took out the Xinhua dictionary from his bag and sat in Han Zhan’s office to read it.

Han Zhan didn’t know if he should feel relieved or troubled.

She had to meet Nan Yanyan’s parents at night. In the afternoon, after Song Ci finished her work, she went to the hotel to arrange for dinner.

Song Ci would serve the Nan family’s parents with the highest standard and didn’t dare to let them feel slighted. After choosing the formal menu and the backup menu, she went to the room upstairs to rest.

Song Ci removed her makeup and soaked in the bathtub. She almost fell asleep in the bathtub. She woke up and quickly got up from the bathtub. After putting on her clothes, Song Ci put on makeup and went downstairs. The elevator stopped halfway and someone wanted to come in.

Song Ci moved to the side and looked up to see a woman in a white suspender top and black skinny jeans.

It was Lu Qingqing.

The bossy Lu Qingqing saw Song Ci and immediately restrained her sharp claws. “Song…” She wanted to call Songsong, but considering that Song Ci was now the First Lady of East City, it was inappropriate to call her Songsong again, so she changed her words.” Mrs. Han, long time no see. ”

Song Ci and Lu Qingqing had indeed not seen each other for a long time. The last time they met was two years ago at a cocktail party.

“Long time no see, Qingqing.”

Lu Qingqing heard this familiar voice and walked into the elevator.

Song Ci asked her, “Are you staying at a hotel alone?”

Lu Qingqing was from the city, so it was rather strange for her to come here alone to get a room and stay in a hotel. The Jetta Hotel was not cheap. The cheapest room cost 1600 yuan a night, and the expensive ones cost up to 4000 yuan. Even if you had money, you shouldn’t spend it like this.

Lu Qingqing nodded and adjusted the Chanel bag on her shoulder. She said, “A friend is celebrating her birthday at the KTV downstairs tonight. I booked a room upstairs.”

“I see.”

Just as the elevator door was about to close, another man walked in from outside. This man was wearing a blue cap and a mask. He was tall and big, and even the mask could not hide his handsome features.

Song Ci could tell at a glance that this person should be an artist in the entertainment industry because there were traces of packaging on his body. This person might be a new actor or idol recently.

The elevator door closed and the space became closed. Song Ci smelled the man’s perfume.

That smell…

It was the same.

Song Ci glanced at Lu Qingqing. She quickly looked down and her eyes flickered.

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