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Chapter 358: I Will Always Be Your Strongest Support

When Aaron heard the shop assistant’s words, he naturally wouldn’t foolishly reject her. If he could save some money, it would be considered a sum of money.

He, who had a fierce expression a moment ago, immediately revealed an innocent and cute smile to the shop assistant. “Ah, really? Then thank you, little miss!”

The shop assistant stared at Aaron’s cute smile and her heart skipped a beat. She thought to herself, This handsome man beat up a woman just now because that woman did something wrong! Didn’t you hear that it was that woman who snatched the handsome man’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend first?

Little miss didn’t have any principles. To a dog like her, looks were justice!

After settling the bill, Nan Yanyan put on the watch for Aaron. She walked to a stone platform beside a fountain in the shopping mall and sat down. Nan Yanyan told Aaron, “Lu Qingqing is the daughter of the Station Head of the Wang Dong TV Station. You hit her today, and she will never stop taking revenge.”

Aaron stared at the watch on his wrist. He said, “I’m not an artist or media worker. Her father being the station head has nothing to do with me. As the station head, he can’t possibly extend his hand into the delivery industry, right?”

Nan Yanyan was also amused by Aaron. “That won’t happen.”

It was getting late. After they left the mall, they said goodbye. Aaron rode his motorcycle back home and saw Han Jun and Han Miao crying. The two of them were crying and refusing to shower. They wanted to play basketball.

Han Zhan was still working overtime and Song Ci and the housekeeper were coaxing the sisters nicely. Song Ci said, “Then let’s take a shower and sleep. We’ll play basketball tomorrow, okay?” It was already 9: 30 pm, so they had to take a shower and go to sleep after listening to the story.

Han Miao shook his head. “No!”

Han Jun said, “Mommy is lying. We have to play now!”

Song Ci’s head was hurting.

Aaron stood at a distance and watched the commotion. When Song Cici was helpless, he walked over and snatched the ball from Han Miao’s arms.

Suddenly realizing that the ball in her arms was gone, Han Miao stopped crying. She still had tears on her face as she raised her head and stared at Aaron. She choked and said, “Uncle, you stole my ball!”

Han Jun stopped crying, but she was also staring at Aaron, who had snatched their ball.

Aaron placed the ball next to his feet and stepped on the ball in front of Han Miao and Han Jun. He used a lot of strength and the ball was broken!

With a bang, the ball exploded!

Han Miao and Han Jun shivered in fear. No one dared to cry or make a scene.

With a wooden face, Aaron stared at the two little guys and said in a cold and stern tone, “The ball is a toy, and Mommy is the elder. If you don’t listen to Mommy, you won’t have any toys! You’re just a small fart, can you turn the sky upside down?”

Aaron kicked the crippled ball far away.

When Han Miao and Han Jun saw this, they did not even dare to cry. They could only look in the direction where the ball had disappeared in grievance.

They subconsciously moved towards Song Ci’s legs and moved to her side. They quickly hugged her legs and whispered, “Mom, let’s take a shower…”

Song Ci was also frightened by Aaron’s actions. She found that this movement was actually very effective on her two children, and Song Ci was a little surprised. She handed the children to the housekeeper. “Okay, take them to take a shower. They won’t make a fuss anymore.”

The two housekeepers quickly carried the ladies to take a shower, and Han Miao and Han Jun did not dare to resist.

After they left, Song Ci asked Aaron humbly, “Aren’t you afraid that they won’t let you go after the ball breaks?”

Aaron looked at Song Ci enigmatically and said, “Some children are suitable for orthodox education, while some children are obviously more suitable for violent and ruthless education. Your two guys obviously don’t like your gentle ways.”

Song Ci pondered over Aaron’s words in silence. She couldn’t help but ask, “Did Edward treat you like this when you were young?”

Aaron was stunned for a moment. He curled his lips unnaturally and turned to leave.

Song Ci stared at his back and felt disappointed.

Aaron went around to another room and picked up the small rubber ball that had become a piece of waste skin. He took it back to his room. After fiddling with it for a while, he realized that the rubber ball could not be repaired. He had no choice but to secretly buy a similar rubber ball that night.

The next morning, when Han Miao and Han Jun woke up and saw Aaron eating in the dining room, they were both angry but did not dare to say anything. “Uncle…” When they called him, their voices were as soft as the buzzing of a mosquito.

Aaron looked at the two of them for a moment before taking out the ball hidden behind him.


Seeing that their familiar rubber ball toy, Han Miao and Han Jun’s eyes lit up.

“Qiuqiu!” Han Miao’s chubby body ran up to Aaron and hugged the ball. Then she looked at Aaron dazedly and called out, “Uncle.” This time, she called him ‘uncle’ a lot louder, and her tone was much livelier, not as rigid as before.

Han Jun stood beside her sister and asked Aaron, “Uncle, Qiuqiu has been fixed.”

“Yes, Uncle has fixed it for you.”

“Uncle is awesome!”

The two girls carried the ball and ran to the lawn outside the manor to play soccer.

Song Ci was doing yoga on another lawn. When she saw that the children had obtained a new rubber ball, she turned her head with relief and saw Aaron standing at the entrance of the dining room, staring at the sisters with a gentle expression.

She smiled.

Aaron might not be a good person, but he would definitely be a good father.

After Han Zhan finished his morning exercise, he went to take a shower. He put on a suit and walked out of the elevator. When he saw Aaron standing under the door, he asked, “Have you had breakfast?”

Aaron shook his head. “No.”

“Then let’s go together.”

The brothers sat down together. Han Zhan noticed that Aaron was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt today. He couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you afraid of the cold if you wear short-sleeved shirts now? Be careful of catching a cold. I have children at home. Don’t pass it to the little ones.”

Han Zhan was a worried old father. He was worried about Aaron and the children who would be implicated by him.

Aaron deliberately reached out his left hand to retrieve the cage of dumplings. As he did so, a blue light flashed into Han Zhan’s line of sight. Han Zhan stared at Aaron’s left wrist and asked in bewilderment, “You bought a new watch?”

This watch didn’t look cheap either. How could this stingy ghost be willing to buy something so expensive?

Aaron said, “It’s from Yanyan.”

Han Zhan smelled the sweetness of love. He frowned slightly and warned Aaron seriously, “As a man, you can’t accept such an expensive gift from a girl. Have you bought her a gift?”

Aaron quickly explained, “I took her to Deep Alley for dinner yesterday and went to the mall to buy shoes. I even proposed to her. She insisted on giving me this watch.”

Han Zhan kept nodding, but when he heard Aaron say that he proposed to Nan Yan, Han Zhan was stunned. “You proposed to Nan Yanyan?”


He was shocked for a while before asking, “She agreed?”


Aaron swallowed a mouthful of dry steam and suddenly turned his head to ask Han Zhan, “Huo Fu, when are you free? I want you to meet Nan Yanyan’s parents. After all, I’ve proposed to her. Both families should meet.”

Be it in China or Italy, the families should get to know each other.

Han Zhan looked at him deeply and asked thoughtfully, “Why did you suddenly think of proposing to her?” He was worried that Aaron’s proposal to Nan Yanyan was just for fun.

Aaron thought for a moment. “I’m not sure,” he said. “It’s just that when I heard her talking about breaking up last night, I actually…” Aaronn stared at his plate of breakfast. “I’d be scared, too,” he murmured.

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan felt relieved instead. “You’ll be afraid if you break up with her, so you might as well get engaged to her and be tied to her?”

“That’s right!” Aaron grinned at Han Zhan. He said, “When I proposed to her yesterday, I was so nervous. I was worried that she would shake her head and refuse. She really agreed. My hands were shaking back then.”

Han Zhan was really relieved. “I’ll ask my secretary about my schedule. I’ll let you know when I’m free.”


After Aaron was done eating, he put down his knife and fork and prepared to rinse his mouth again. There was a washroom at the back of the dining room on the first floor. Aaron was brushing his teeth when he suddenly remembered something. He gritted his teeth and walked out of the washroom. He said to Han Zhan from a distance, “Oh right, I beat up the Station Head’s daughter yesterday.”

Han Zhan put down his chopsticks silently and turned around to ask Aaron, “Crippled?”

“Not so bad. I hit her head with heels.”

Han Zhan thought about that image and looked at Aaron strangely. “You, a man, actually used high heels to pull a girl’s hair and hit her. You even broke her skin?”

That image was so girly.

“No, that’s the mistress who stole Yanyan’s ex-boyfriend. She met Yanyan yesterday, and Yanyan said a few words to her, so she wanted to hit Yanyan. Heh, with my bad temper, how can I tolerate others hitting my woman! Then I naturally have to retaliate!”

Aaron held up his toothbrush as if he was holding up the high heels from yesterday. He described vividly as he showed Han Zhan what happened yesterday.

Han Zhan was so amused that his shoulders were shaking.

When Song Ci entered the house, she saw the scene where Aaron stood in front of Lu Qingqing and threatened her. Song Ci pulled out a chair and sat down. When Aaron finished speaking, she and Han Zhan applauded for Aaron.

After clapping, Song Ci gave a thumbs up to Aaron and said, “Aaron heroically protected his girlfriend, well done!”

Aaron shook his shoulders smugly and said, “The next time I meet her ex-boyfriend, I’ll still hit them!”

“You look like you’re really having fun.” Song Ci poked a piece of dumpling. with her chopsticks. She smiled and asked Aaron, “If that girl goes back and cries to her father, and her father targets you, what will you do?”

Then, Song Ci took a bite of the dumpling.

Hearing this question, Aaron looked at Han Zhan and said matter-of-factly, “My brother is backing me up, isn’t he, Brother?”

It was time for Han Zhan to perform.

Han Zhan stood up and placed his suit jacket on his arm. He looked at Aaron seriously and said, “Aaron Comrade, I will always be your strongest support. If anyone bullies you, as long as you are reasonable, I will definitely protect you!”

Aaron rubbed the goosebumps on his body, waved his hand and said, “Shut up!”

He brushed his teeth and followed Han Zhan’s car to the company. On the way, Han Zhan asked him, “Why aren’t you driving your motorcycle? Aren’t you going to deliver food tonight?”

Aaron shook his head and said, “I’m not delivering food tonight. I have something on tonight.”

“Where are you going?”

Aaron said, “I have some money with me. I want to find a piece of land and build an orphanage.”

Han Zhan patted his shoulder and said, “Tell me if you need anything.”

Aaron immediately followed suit and said, “I lack money.”

Han Zhan was suddenly deaf and could not hear anything.

Aaron pouted. “Petty!”

When they reached the office, Han Zhan entered the office and stopped in front of the secretary desk. The secretary had just walked out of Han Zhan’s office when she arrived at the office at six in the morning. She had just tidied up the mountain of documents on Han Zhan’s desk.

The secretary hurriedly stood up and bowed. “Good morning, Mr. Han.”

“Katie, report my recent schedule.”

The secretary was like a computer. She did not need to go through the schedule to accurately report Han Zhan’s schedule for the past four days.

Every schedule was extremely important and couldn’t be rearranged. Han Zhan told his secretary, “Don’t arrange any appointments for me this Saturday night. I have a private itinerary.”

“Alright, Mr. Han.”

After Han Zhan left, the secretary made a mark on the itinerary to prevent any mistakes.

The assistant followed Han Zhan into the room. He told Han Zhan, “The first batch of students to be sent to the aerospace school will return to Wangdong City next week. Mr. Han, do you need to welcome them personally?”

Han Zhan was thinking too much.

Was the first batch of astronauts coming back? He remembered that when he sent them there, he had just met Song Ci. In the blink of an eye, three years had passed.


Han Zhan asked again, “Have you fulfilled our promise to give them a house?”

“It’s already done. It’s on the first floor of Zeus Real Estate, in the same building as the elite backbone of Zeus International.”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

“One more thing.”


The assistant smiled and said, “The head of KT Financial Group, CEO Long, called last night to say that he wanted to bring a female companion to space. He plans to propose to her in space.”

“Long Zhize?” That guy was over thirty years old. It was time to get married.

“Yes, CEO Long.”

“Which family is his girlfriend from?”

The assistant’s answer, however, was unexpected. “Not a prestigious heiress, but a Chinese woman whose profession is… an undertaker.”

Han Zhan was confused.

He suspected that he had heard wrongly.

“Undertaker?” He looked surprised.

Just like Han Zhan, the assistant found it unbelievable. “Yes, an undertaker.” An undertaker was someone who put on makeup and clothes for the dead. No one expected Long Zhize to find such a wife.

Han Zhan suddenly felt deep veneration for Long Zhize. After all, in the future, he would be a ruthless person who would be caressed by a woman who had been caressing the skin of a dead person for a long time!

“Do inform me if CEO Long comes. I want to meet his wife.”

“Alright, Mr. Han.”

After the assistant left, Han Zhan kept thinking about this matter. He felt that he couldn’t enjoy this gossip alone and even told it to Song Ci. After Song Ci heard it, she also felt strange.

She told Han Zhan: [If Long Zhize comes, remember to bring me along.]

Han Zhan: [Of course.]

It had been a long time since Song Ci went back to Wangdong City. Several ladies asked her out for lunch.

As Han Zhan’s wife and the former top socialite, Song Ci had to be responsible for socializing.

Considering that she was only going to lunch and not the ball, Song Ci walked around the dressing room and finally picked a Chanel classic dress and a white hat. She took her bag and went to the banquet.

Miaomiao and Junjun had morning lessons this morning, and the teacher had already arrived. Seeing that her mother was dressed up, Han Miao pointed at her and said, “Pretty girl!”

Song Ci blushed at Han Miao’s compliment.

She stared at Han Miao’s fat body, which was becoming increasingly similar to Su Qingjia’s, and could not help but reveal a worried expression. She told Han Miao’s housekeeper again, “Pay attention to Miaomiao’s diet. She can’t get any fatter.”

Although children were cute when they were fat, they would suffer side effects when they were overweight.

The butler responded perfunctorily.

Song Ci wasn’t sure if the butler took her words to heart. She looked at him deeply and said, “If you can’t control Miss’s health well, then someone else will replace you.”

She was saying this to both the butler and the other servants. Song Ci rarely treated her servants so seriously, but sometimes, being merciful would only make them push their luck.

Upon hearing this, not only was the butler shocked, but even the morning tutor straightened his shoulders. The butler hurriedly nodded and said, “I will strictly control Miss’s diet.”

“Mmm, thank you.”

After Song Ci left, the butler and morning teacher looked at each other and stopped playing.

Song Ci was a pilot. She was used to flying planes. Back then, when she went to take the test for a driver’s license, she always failed. In the end, she had no choice but to take the test.

After a car accident a few years ago, Song Ci always had a fear of driving. Fortunately, the appearance of the Aoyu Number 1 solved Song Ci’s fear of driving.

Song Ci opened up Aoyu Number 1 and located the address. She let Aoyu Number 1 drive itself while she sat in the car and read the gossip news on her phone. When she was browsing her Moments, she saw a message.

Her friend, Zheng Suyue, said on her WeChat Moments: [I met Dong Yang today. I really didn’t expect that she, who used to draw a beautiful Chinese painting, would become a… quack.]

Song Ci was shocked by this post.

Although Song Ci was not familiar with Dong Yang, she knew her.

The year that Mu Mian brought Song Ci back to the Mu family, Dong Yang was already 17 years old. The reason why she knew Dong Yang was because she was very pretty and had a good painting skills. She was once the disciple of Chen Chong, a Chinese artist.

It was rumored that she was chosen by the Sichuan Dong Group as the Young Madam. In other words, she was the wife chosen by the Cheng family for Cheng Yanmo.

However, after the Dong family went bankrupt, Father Dong was forced to jump off a building, and the vice-president, who used to be like a brother to Father Dong, reached out to Dong Yang and tried to make him her lover.

Although Dong Yang was a woman, she had a fiery temper and cut off the d*ck of the vice-president with a knife from home. Dong Yang had gotten into a car accident when she was escaping. She had been in a coma for two to three months, but when she woke up, she was a fool.

The Cheng family had some ties with the Dong family. They couldn’t bear to see Dong Yang’s family suffer, so they spent money to send the mother and son overseas to seek refuge. As time passed, everyone forgot about Dong Yang.

Unexpectedly, she had returned to China.

Song Ci opened her chat with Zheng Suyue and asked her: [Suyue, what’s with Dong Yang?]

Zheng Suyue: [Songsong, you saw my Moments too?]

Song Ci: [Yeah, you said Dong Yang became a quack?]

Zheng Suyue told Song Ci where she met Dong Yang by chance. After Song Ci read the news, she sighed. Who would have thought that the goddess of Chinese Arts back then would become a quack?

Aoyu Number 1 suddenly stopped. Song Ci looked up and saw a red light on the other side of the street. She felt that this street looked familiar. She looked to the left and saw the location of the First People’s Hospital.

There was a sidewalk near the First People’s Hospital. Cherry trees were planted on both sides of the road, and there was a group of charlatans sitting under the trees all year round. Some of these charlatans were really capable, while others were fake charlatans who pretended to be gods.

Song Ci remembered what Zheng Suyue said. She saw Dong Yang at Fraud Street.

After thinking for a while, Song Ci asked Aoyu Number 1 to stop by the side. When she walked past the pedestrian road, there were always people shouting for Song Ci to read her fortune.

Song Ci ignored them. She walked forward while sizing up the people on both sides of the road. She noticed a woman in a denim jacket sitting cross-legged on the ground knitting a sweater at the end of the road. In front of her was a fortune-telling sign.

Song Ci stopped in front of that person.

Dong Yang noticed that someone had come. She looked up and stared at Song Ci for a moment, then suddenly said without rhyme or reason, “Although your previous life was bumpy, you’re rich in this life. You’ll be rich in this life. I have nothing to tell you.”

Song Ci squatted down in front of Dong Yang and asked, “How did you tell?”

Dong Yang said, “Song Ci, a famous person on Weibo, Wangdong City’s socialite. I know you.”

Song Ci was speechless.

So honest.

Song Ci couldn’t help but ask, “How did you see the bumpy road in my past life?”

Dong Yang put down the sweater in her hand and stared at Song Ci seriously for a moment before saying, “In your previous life, you were an iron-blooded and decisive person, but you died a miserable death. In this life, you should have died an unnatural death, but someone was too obsessed and wouldn’t stop until they found you, so…”

Dong Yang suddenly laughed strangely and said, “So, you got a second chance.”

Song Ci was shocked!

“Dong Yang.”

Hearing her name from Song Ci, Dong Yang hesitated for a moment. She looked at Song Ci for a moment before saying, “You know me?”

Song Ci said, “I know you, Dong Yang, the daughter of Zhou Yu Real Estate Company…” Song Ci had her previous life’s memories and experiences. Her gaze was especially sharp.” You’re not Dong Yang. ”

When Song Ci attended the banquet with Mu Mian, she had seen Dong Yang once. She was a talented woman, completely different from the girl in front of her. Dong Yang hugged the ball of yarn and asked Song Ci, “Then who do you think I am?”

“I don’t know who you are, but you must not be Dong Yang.” She leaned closer to Dong Yang and said with certainty, “You’re possessed.”

Dong Yang swallowed silently.

Song Ci saw Dong Yang’s reaction and knew that she had guessed correctly. “I didn’t mean to make things difficult for you. I just heard that you came back and happened to pass by here, so I came to see you.”

Dong Yang looked at her silently.

After Song Ci left, Dong Yang muttered, “Damn it, the people here are too scary. This girl actually saw through that I’m possessed by a spirit! Damn it, I have to find the Lord as soon as possible and bring the Lord’s soul back to Proud Victory Continent!”

‘Dong Yang’ was indeed possessed by a spirit.

His original name was Yan Qingxiu, and he was originally an Immortal cultivator from the cultivation world’s Proud Victory Continent. He had followed the Exalt for his entire life, Yan Qingqiu, but the Exalt had failed to overcome her tribulation in a thousand years. Her soul had been torn into twelve pieces and scattered across various planes.

In these thousand years, he followed the soul scent of the High Lord and traveled through different planes. He finally managed to gather eleven soul fragments, but the largest soul fragment disappeared without a trace.

A year and a half ago, Yan Qingxiu finally sensed the smell of the High Lord’s soul. He tore open the boundary of the plane and entered this place called Earth.

After he landed in a place called the Bermuda Triangle, he smelled the scent of the Lord’s soul and followed him all the way to China. He had been hiding in Wangdong City for a few months and had yet to accurately lock onto the Lord’s position.

Because this city had the aura of a True Dragon.

It was probably because the High Lord was too close to the True Dragon that the faint smell of her soul was concealed, so he had never been able to find her. But it didn’t matter. The High Lord was only one and a half years old at this time. He still had enough time to find her.

Yan Qingxiu knitted a few more needles of sweaters when his phone rang.

He picked up his phone and rolled his eyes when he saw the number. Yan Qingxiu picked up the call and told the other party mercilessly, “Long, I’m not interested in you. Don’t bother me!”

Long Zhize said nothing. He waited for Yan Qingxiu to scold him a few more times before asking, “Are you done?”

Yan Qingxiu :”…”

Long Zhize asked him gently, “What are you doing?”

Yan Qingxiu stared at the stall in front of him and said, “Fortune-telling!”

Long Zhize gave a muffled laugh and asked, “Then help me calculate who my future other half will be? And you, your other half, will it be me?”

Yan Qingxiu sneered. “Damn it, Long. How many times have I told you? I’m a man!”

Long Zhize’s face darkened as he said to him sternly, “Dong Yang, I know better than anyone that you’re a woman. Even if you don’t love me, you don’t have to find such an excuse to reject me, right?”

Long Zhize and Yan Qingxiu met in the Bermuda Triangle.

On that day, there was a storm in the Bermuda Triangle. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the dark sky. Long Zhize and the exploration team hid in the cabin. When the storm stopped, he came out of the cabin and saw Dong Yang standing on a piece of driftwood.

Her long hair and clothes fluttered in the wind, and her exquisite figure was faintly discernible. However, she stood firmly on that piece of driftwood, giving off the aura of a god descending to the mortal world.

That day, Dong Yang’s god-like appearance was engraved in the mind of Long Zhize and could not be erased.

Dong Yang was invited onto the ship by Long Zhize and the others. On the ship, they spent two months together. Dong Yang was very smart and had a wide range of knowledge. He could boast about anything he wanted to talk about, and his casual composure made Long Zhize infatuated.

Long Zhize had fallen in love with the woman he had picked up from the sea!

After returning to China, he had investigated Dong Yang’s identity and knew that she was a Chinese and had once suffered from mental disorders. He thought that Dong Yang must have gone crazy and ran to the Bermuda Triangle alone.

After checking Dong Yang’s information, by the time Long Zhize found Dong Yang again, she had already found a job. Her job benefits were very good, and her salary was 8,000 yuan a month. She was provided with food and accommodation, but the nature of her job was a little scary—

It was for the dead!

That fairy-like woman was actually working as a cleaner!

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