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Chapter 357: Aaron is Powerful! Violently Protect His Girlfriend!

“Yes, this is mine.” She wanted both the roses and the little prince who gave her the flowers.

Aaron did not understand the hidden meaning behind Nan Yanyan’s words. He sat down beside her and took off his suit jacket. He still felt a little hot, so he simply unbuttoned two buttons of his shirt and rolled up his sleeves.

Aaron’s blond hair grew longer, covering his eyes.

Nan Yanyan reached out and pushed his hair back, revealing his mesmerizing blue eyes. She smiled and said to him, “You look better with your eyes shown.”


Aaron had never deliberately done his hair before. In the past, when his hair grew longer, he would use a push-up to casually style a simple hairstyle. Aaron’s hands were more skillful, and the hairstyle he styled himself was not worse than the hairdresser’s.

Nan Yanyan said, “If your eyes are exposed, it will make your facial features look sharp and powerful. If your eyes are blocked, it will make you look like…” Nan Yanyan thought for a moment and held back her laughter.” You’re a good baby. ”

Aaron didn’t understand what ‘good baby’ meant, but he understood what ‘baby’ meant. Usually, the adjectives that were related to baby referred to the word ‘cute’.

Aaron decided that he would shorten his hair when he got back at night. He crossed his legs and took out his cigarette case. He asked Nan Yanyan politely, “Can I smoke?”

Nan Yanyan played with the rose and asked in a bitter tone, “Do you think it’s cruel to mention smoking in front of a quit smoking person?”

Aaron twirled the cigarette in his hand before putting it back into the box.

Staring into the distance, he noticed that the old lady had sold a few roses for eight dollars each. He narrowed his eyes and said, “I think selling roses might be more profitable than delivery.”

Nan Yanyan was silent for a moment before saying, “You can try?”

Aaron touched his very stylish chin and said, “I’m so handsome, my flowers will definitely sell well.” Aaron started to think about the cost and profits of selling flowers and forgot about the question he had asked before.

After calculating, he took out his phone and opened the account-keeping software to record his expenses and income.

This was not Nan Yanyan’s first time seeing Aaron do the accounts. She had been curious about Aaron’s account book for a long time. Finally, she could not help but ask him, “Can I see your account book?”


Aaron passed the phone to Nan Yanyan. Nan Yanyan saw that on today’s spending page, there was a clear record of three to four thousand yuan for a meal and a rose that was five yuan each.

Oh, there was also a two-dollar baby mineral water in the middle.

When Nanyan opened the first page, she saw the words clearly written on yesterday’s earnings: 300,000 yuan a day for a single day from stocks, 15 yuan for a welfare lottery ticket, 20,000 yuan for Cesilio’s return…

Nan Yanyan was stupefied.

A person who earned hundreds of thousands of yuan a day actually had to calculate the money needed to buy tissues.

Nan Yanyan had never met a guy like Aaron before.

He was so stingy and cute.

After returning the phone to Aaron, Nan Yanyan said, “Dating costs a lot. If you date me and see more and more daily expenses, will your heart bleed?”

Aaron said very honestly, “At first, yes, but not now.”


“Because at first, I wasn’t in love with you.”

Nan Yanyan understood what he meant. She asked Aaron, “In other words, are you in love with me now?”

Aaron’s attitude was frank. “Perhaps,” he said. “After all, I’ve never been as generous to anyone else as I am to you.”

Even to himself, Aaron had never been so generous. His Harley-Davidson motorcycle was taken from Han Zhan. His luxury branded goods had all been stolen from Sicilio.

Hearing this answer, Nan Yanyan’s heart warmed. In an instant, she had the desire to talk about the past. “You asked me how I broke up with Xiao Ye.”

Nan Yanyan had just started to speak when the bright and beautiful expression on Aaron’s face turned sinister. “He cheated on you with another woman?”

“I guess.”

“What do you mean by that?” Aaron sneered. “Cheating is cheating. Whenever a man starts flirting with another woman, it’s cheating.”

“If you want to put it that way, then he had indeed cheated on me.”

“Yo.” Aaron snorted cynically. “You don’t have good taste.”

“No.” Nan Yanyan placed her hand on Aaron’s shoulder and asked him back, “What about you? Is my taste good this time?”

Aaron thought deeply for a moment with a serious expression before saying, “At least, I won’t be flirting with someone behind your back. I hate you and if I have feelings for someone else, I’ll tell you in advance and break up with you.”

Nan Yanyan was not comforted.

She took out a pen from her bag and held it between her fingers as if she was holding a cigarette.

Aaron stared at the pen in her hand and understood that she was probably addicted to smoking again.

That pen was spinning in circles on Nan Yanyan’s fingers. She looked at the old granny selling flowers and said, “Xiao Ye is the captain, and also the champion of several eSports competitions.”

“He’s my idol. I’m in the circle because of him.”

When Aaron heard this, he felt particularly upset. “Oh, it’s still the love between an idol and a fan,” he said sourly.

Nan Yanyan said, “It’s a bit melodramatic to talk about what happened between us. When I was fifteen, I was very skinny and I only knew how to study. One night, when I came home from my evening self-study class, I met two or three bad boys. They asked me for money first and I gave it to them. But they refused to give up and wanted me to sleep with them again.”

Aaron knitted his brows and could guess what happened next. “Xiao Ye saved you?”

Nan Yanyan nodded awkwardly. “Yes, he saved me. That day, when their team just won a national competition, they came out to sing and celebrate. He came out to take a breather and met me, who was being bullied.”

“I’ve always been well protected by my parents and never encountered any danger, so the first time I encountered something like this, I was easily tempted. At that time, I was still young and a little girl. Later, I started to gather information about Xiao Ye and his surroundings, following his Weibo…”

“During the winter break when I was 15 years old, I convinced my parents to let me play eSports and became a green trainee for two years. When I was 17 years old, I took the initiative to submit a job application to Team Faith. Their manager chose me in the end.”

“At that time, I grew a lot taller. After two years, Xiao Ye no longer recognized me. I became a substitute member of Team Faith, and after running two matches empty-handed, I finally welcomed my first solo show in the eSports career.”

“At that time, Xiao Ye and I worked well together, leading a team that could only be ranked fourth to get second place. After the first show, Xiao Ye finally noticed me. He might have realized how good my playstyle was with him, and started to have the habit of taking me up the rankings and doing daily tasks.”

“When I was 18, Xiao Ye found out that I was his die-hard fan and our relationship became ambiguous. On my 19th birthday, he cooked me a bowl of longevity noodles and confessed to me.”

Although the process was a tragedy, the process of love was filled with honey. Nan Yanyan explained the sweet process of her and Xiao Ye’s relationship in a flat tone. Listening to it, Aaron’s heart swelled. He could not describe how he felt.

He got impatient and interrupted Nan Yanyan’s narration. ” just tell me the reason for the breakup.” He was not interested in her and Xiao Ye’s intimate past at all.

Nan Yanyan could tell that Aaron was unhappy, and she felt a strange sweetness in her heart. “There’s a saying that goes, if we don’t get married after a long time, there must be a demon. Xiao Ye and I started spending time together every day when we were 17 years old, and we confirmed our relationship when we were 19 years old. After five years of dating, we were too familiar with each other. The sweet lover we had at the start became a relationship that was similar to that of comrades and family.”

“We still love each other, but we’ve lost our passion for each other. When I was 23 years old, there was a new female eSports caster in the eSports scene. That female caster was also a fan of Xiao Ye and specially entered the circle for him.”

“There were a few times in the competition, when the female broadcaster talked about Xiao Ye, her tone was full of admiration. But I interpreted it as a little fan’s admiration for her idol. I never thought that that woman not only admired Xiao Ye, but also wanted Xiao Ye.”

“After I got into the capital’s educational institution, I had been on leave. Because I had a problem with my hands and was getting old, I decided to go back to school to complete my studies. During that period of time, I was busy and didn’t notice Xiao Ye’s change.”

“It was because Frie couldn’t stand it anymore and took the initiative to reveal this to me. I felt like I was struck by lightning back then. I couldn’t believe it was real.”

Nan Yanyan frowned. She stopped turning the pen and stuck the rose between the buttons of Aaron’s shirt.

Staring at the bright red rose, she said in a low voice, “That night, it happened to be our friend’s birthday in the same circle, and Xiao Ye went to celebrate the other party’s birthday. I drove to find him and heard that Xiao Ye left early. When I came out of the banquet, I passed by an alley and saw Xiao Ye and that woman in the car…”

Nan Yanyan didn’t explain what she was doing in the car, but they were all adults, so there was nothing he didn’t understand.

Aaron couldn’t help but ask, “Car sex?”

Nan Yanyan nodded.

“It’s done?”

“If I don’t show up, then it would have been done.” She had appeared slightly earlier, before those two had time to take the final step.

But that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is…

“That day, Xiao Ye drove my car to the birthday party.”

Aaron: “!”

“Holy…” Arjan’s expression is so twisted, it’s like he’s just eaten a shitload of cow shit. “That disgusting?”

Nan Yanyan lowered her head and did not reply.

That relationship had consumed her pride and all her passion. As a result, she had never been interested in relationships in the past few years.

Aaron rubbed his stomach and said in disdain, “Luckily, you didn’t mention this in the restaurant. If you did, I would definitely vomit in the restaurant.”

But now, this feeling of wanting to vomit but not being able to do so was really too unbearable.

Nan Yanyan shrugged and asked him, “What do you want to say after hearing this story?”

Aaron said nothing. Anything he said was a taunt to Nan Yanyan. He took the rose out of the middle of the button and stood up. He shook his legs, and his wrinkled suit pants drooped.

Aaron knocked Nan Yanyan’s head with the rose and said to her, “I heard that shopping will make people happy. Let’s go. Let me take you shopping.”

Nan Yanyan looked up at him and asked him a soul-torturing question. “Will you pay or will I pay?”

Aaron hit her harder before saying, “Of course it’s me.”

Nan Yanyan smiled.

Aaron threw the suit jacket on his left hand to Nan Yanyan. “Wear my suit.” Her back was so sexy, who was she showing it to?

Nan Yanyan was tall too, but Aaron was taller. His shirt was draped over Nan Yanyan’s body, making it seem a little loose, but at least it covered his sexy body.

Nan Yanyan held onto Aaron’s arm and followed him into the mall in her heels. Once they entered the mall, Aaron said, “Let’s buy a shorter pair of heels.”

Nan Yanyan nodded. “Okay.”

The women’s clothing and shoebox were mainly on the second and third floor of the mall. Aaron and Nan Yanyan took the elevator to the second floor.

As they approached a boutique, the first thing that Aaron saw was the classic and eye-catching styles. On the other hand, Nan Yanyan’s aesthetic taste was the complete opposite of Aaron’s. She liked all the bling bling shoes, preferably the ones with diamonds and exquisitely made shoes.

Aaron picked up a pair of white high heels with intricate blue lace patterns. It was a more mature and sexy design. “This suits you.”

Nan Yanyan was a little surprised. This pair of shoes happened to be what she liked at first glance.

“Let me try.” Nan Yanyan tried on her shoes. They fit her feet well, and she didn’t feel tired walking at the same height. Her skin was fair, and the lace heels matched her very well.

Nan Yanyan stood in front of the mirror and observed for a moment before saying, “It looks pretty good.”

Aaron stared at Nan Yan’s fair ankle and moved his Adam’s apple slightly before saying, “Yeah, it looks pretty good.”

Nan Yanyan took off her shoes and looked at the price. It was 7,600 yuan. It was not that she had never bought such an expensive pair of shoes before, but it cost her own money. It did not matter if it was 100 or 10,000 yuan, but Aaron would have to pay for the shoes later…

Nan Yanyan placed the shoes on the display rack and said, “I don’t really like this kind of laces. It’s not easy to manage. Let’s look at other things.”

As soon as she put the shoe down, Aaron hooked another finger around the heel and took the shoe right up to the salesperson. “I want this pair,” he said to the salesperson. “Help me get both shoes in the same size”

“Alright, Sir.”

The salesperson went to get her shoes. Nan Yanyan walked behind Ah Rang and patted his shoulder. She whispered, “It’s so expensive. 7600 yuan is equivalent to 20 days of your takeout.”

“Then what should I do? In my heart, you’re only fit to wear such expensive shoes.”

Nan Yanyan’s heart was shot again.

After settling the bill, Aaron let Nan Yanyan sit on the stool. He bent down, took off the 10-centimeter stilettos on Nan Yanyan’s feet and helped her change into the new shoes.

Nan Yanyan stared at the way he was changing her shoes and suddenly said, “You’re making me feel like you’re kneeling down and proposing to me.”

Aaron suddenly stopped moving.

Nan Yanyan realized that she had said something wrong. Aaron didn’t want to get married, so she shouldn’t keep bringing it up. Nan Yanyan secretly used her hand to slap her own lips, thinking, ‘This dog’s mouth just can’t spit out anything good, saying all sorts of things to ruin the atmosphere.’

She suddenly heard Aaron say, “So, will you?”

Nan Yanyan was stunned, not understanding what Aaron meant. “What?”

Aaron raised his neck and pulled open the snake-shaped pendant on his neck. Only then did Nan Yanyan notice that there was a gold ring hidden under the pendant.

Her eyes widened. “When did you buy it?”

Aaron said, “I bought it when I was twenty.”

“It’s been fourteen years…” Nan Yanyan was shocked.” Who did you want to give this ring to? “People wouldn’t buy a ring for no reason. It must have been for the person they liked back then.

Aaron shook his head. “I’ve never been in love.” He didn’t even dare to touch things like love.

Aaron told Nan Yanyan, “When I bought this ring, it happened that the shop was selling it at a discount. The price was unprecedentedly worth it, so I bought it. At that time, Orianna had yet to meet Ye Chen, and Sicilio did not meet Su Huanyan. And I was still looking forward to love…”

But later on, because of Orianna’s love, Ye Chen became a steel statue. Because of Sicilio’s love, Su Huanyan almost died in a car accident. Because of love for him, Sophie fell from the top of the building.

For various reasons, Aaron did not dare to find a girlfriend and fall in love. He always had the fear that if he were to fall in love with someone, it would kill the other party.

Hearing what Aaron said, Nan Yan felt very uncomfortable. “I talked to Song Ci last night. She told me about Orianna’s ex-boyfriend and Su Huanyan. Han Rang, what are you afraid of?”

Aaron said nothing.

Nan Yanyan held his hand and bent down to ask him, “You’re afraid of falling in love with me and admitting that you love me because it will kill me, right?”

Aaron still did not speak, but his pupils started to tremble slightly. The trauma of a parent’s family was very difficult to heal. Even though he knew that no one would ever separate him and Nan Yanyan again, Aaron still felt fear deep in his heart.

What else did Nan Yanyan not understand?

Nan Yanyan’s heart ached for Aaron. This unlucky child! “Han Rang, your father has passed away. No one in this world will hurt you or me.”

“I know.” Aaron would try his best to overcome his fear and get out of the shadows as soon as possible. Then, he would marry his Sister Yan. Aaron took off the ring and passed it to Nan Yan. “It belongs to you and only you.”

Nan Yanyan stared at the ring in her hand, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “I haven’t even agreed to it and you’re already throwing the ring to me. What is this? Is this considered coercion?”

Aaron raised his eyebrows and asked her, “Are you going to return it to me?”

“Of course not. There’s no reason for me to take out things that have come into me, Sister Yan’s hands.” Now that she had a feast and roses, and he had knelt on one knee, it seemed like she had all the romance she needed. She shouldn’t be so pretentious anymore.

Nan Yanyan handed the ring to Ah Rang and said, “Put it on for me.”

Aaron put the ring on her ring finger.

Nan Yanyan reminded him, “The proposal ring should be on your middle finger.”

However, Aaron said, “But this is a wedding ring.”

Nan Yanyan looked at him with a faint smile and teased him, “When are you getting married to me?”

“After your parents and my brother meet,” said Aaron, his face serious.

Nan Yanyan realized that Aaron was telling the truth. Her heart was beating faster. “Alright, alright, it’s time to go.” Nan Yanyan snatched the other shoe from Aaron and bent down to put on her own shoes. She then picked up her old shoes and left.

Aaron hurried after her and took the shopping bag from her.

After going through the second and third floors, Nan Yanyan didn’t see anything she wanted and went to the fourth floor with Aaron. The fourth floor was the luxury jewelry section. Nan Yanyan picked a bowl watch for Aaron. It was slightly expensive and cost 120,000 yuan.

“Brother Rang, try it.” Hearing this, Aaron took off the watch worth more than 500,000 yuan and put on the watch that Nan Yanyan had chosen for her.

The dark blue dial matched his eyes.

Nan Yanyan decided to buy the watch and give it to Aaron. This was the first time she had ever given someone such an expensive gift.

She told Aaron, “Although this watch is not as expensive as your watches, it is equivalent to a quarter’s salary to me, so you have to cherish it.”

Aaron smiled. “I like it very much,” he said.

“I’ll settle the bill.”

Nan Yanyan took the watch and bill and went to pay the bill. She stood at the counter and was about to swipe her card when she suddenly heard a sharp female voice behind her. “How can you let a woman pay?”

The woman’s voice was not very soft. Not only did Nan Yanyan hear it, the staff in front of her also heard it.

Immediately, she felt a little awkward.

Nan Yanyan turned around and saw a young woman wearing a white shirt and a blue skirt.

The girl’s long black hair was draped behind her head, making her appear rather obedient. She wore a pair of white pearl earrings, and her exquisite makeup made her sweet face appear even more adorable and rosy.

A girl like her was loved by men.

After Nan Yanyan recognized this person, disgust flashed across her eyes.

Lu Qingqing was here, so Xiao Ye should be here too.

Nan Yanyan looked towards the hall and saw Xiao Ye. Xiao Ye, who was wearing a black suit, was two meters away from Ah Rang.

Xiao Ye was more than 1.8 meters tall and was slightly shorter than Aaron. His face, known as the Prince Charming of the eSports scene, was nothing compared to Aaron.

Noticing Nan Yanyan’s gaze, Xiao Ye’s eyes flashed.

This was the first time they had met in private since they had broken up six years ago. In the past, Nan Yanyan would always sit in the team lounge and never show her face.

And after the competition ended, Nan Yanyan was always the first to leave. So even though Xiao Ye knew that Nan Yan was an AK eSports team, he had never met her.

Nan Yanyan was completely different from the little girl in Xiao Ye’s impression.

When they first met, Nan Yanyan was very obedient. She had shoulder-length hair and always wore a comfortable and casual sweater or plaid shirt and jeans. There weren’t many chances for her to wear a skirt.

At that time, Nan Yanyan was more like a gentle and reserved little sister.

In just six years, Nan Yanyan had transformed into a charming girl. She wore a tight black dress that revealed her fair and healthy long legs. Her wavy hair and makeup made her look like a queen.

This kind of her had a resolute and decisive aura. Compared to the obedient and gentle girl in his memories, they were really worlds apart.

Staring at the coat that belonged to another man on Nan Yanyan, Xiao Ye’s eyes darkened but he did not say anything.

Nan Yanyan only glanced at Xiao Ye coldly and realized that there was a murderous look in Aaron’s eyes. Nan Yanyan was afraid of angering Aaron and quickly looked away.

She leaned against the billboard and crossed her arms. She slightly raised her chin and stared at the sweet girl in front of her with disdain.

“Long time no see. Should I call you Miss Lu or Madam Xiao?” As soon as Nan Yanyan finished speaking, she noticed Lu Qingqing’s expression stiffen.

She pretended not to understand Lu Qingqing’s expression and continued, “It’s been six years. You two were so close back then, and you used your phone to chat late into the night every night. You must have been Mrs. Xiao long ago. I’m afraid you’re already having a second child.”

Nan Yanyan smiled charmingly and greeted Lu Qingqing. “Hello, Mrs. Xiao.”

Lu Qingqing glared at the smug smile on Nan Yanyan’s face. She was furious!

How could Nan Yanyan not know if Xiao Ye was married or not!

She was mocking me on purpose!

Lu Qingqing had a bad temper too. After being tricked by Nan Yanyan, how could she let it go so easily? She exposed Nan Yanyan’s hypocritical face on the spot. “What are you pretending for? Xiao Ye and I are not married yet, you know that.”

“Tsk.” Nan Yanyan’s lips curled up in disdain. “Miss Lu, it’s said that those who remain unmarried after dating for more than four years will end up breaking up in the end. Six years ago, you kicked me out of me and Xiao Ye’s relationship and snatched Xiao Ye away from me. Be careful that one day in six years, there will be other women who will cross your relationship.”

Lu Qingqing flew into a rage when she heard Nan Yanyan’s words. Her beautiful face turned red and white. “Nan Yanyan, you’re so despicable!”

Lu Qingqing raised her hand to hit Nan Yan, but before she could retaliate, a pair of black high heels flew over and hit Lu Qingqing’s head.


Lu Qingqing squatted on the ground in pain and hugged her head.

Lu Qingqing felt dizzy and thought she would faint.

A few seconds later, Lu Qingqing came back to her senses. She turned around and saw Nan Yanyan’s male companion holding the remaining high heels and staring at her coldly.

Not only did the man not apologize after hitting the woman, he even walked towards her. He stared at her from high above and threatened her with an emotionless tone, “If you dare to touch her again, I’ll dislocate your hand!”

Lu Qingqing was frightened by Aaron’s fierce look.

At this moment, Xiao Ye finally came back to his senses.

He strode over with a dark face and pulled Lu Qingqing into his arms. Xiao Ye saw the blood on Lu Qingqing’s hands and quickly pulled Lu Qingqing’s hair away. He realized that Lu Qingqing’s scalp was scratched by the heels of her high heels and was instantly furious!

Xiao Ye glared at Aaron and scolded him. “Sir, hitting a woman is too low.”

Aaron grinned widely, revealing a row of white teeth at Xiao Ye, like a great white shark that ate people. He sneered and asked Xiao Ye back, “To watch your woman get beaten by another woman, is that being noble?”

Aaron cupped his hands at Xiao Ye with his high heels and said, “Sir, you’re so noble. I’m in awe!”

He straightened his back and stared sternly at Xiao Ye and the woman in his arms, but said again, “But I’m a Low. Whoever bullies my woman, I’ll double the bullying.”

“Whoever makes her shed a tear, I’ll make her eyeballs fall out! Whoever makes her get slapped, I’ll chop off that annoying hand!”

Lu Qingqing was so frightened by Aaron’s words that she shivered and didn’t dare to look at him.

Aaron stared at the pale Lu Qingqing and gave her a half-smile. He reminded her gently, “Miss Lu, if you don’t want to lose any limbs, you should take care of your arms and legs. Don’t try to bully our Yanyan after stealing her ex-boyfriend.”

“Her ex-boyfriend is a jerk. So what if you stole it? Our Yanyan is my baby. If you touch my baby, my heart will ache!”

As he spoke, Aaron kept slapping his palms with the roots of his heels.

The wound on Lu Qingqing’s head was throbbing in pain. When she saw Aaron’s actions and the sinister expression on his face, she felt a chill down her spine and fainted.


Xiao Ye panicked.

He turned back to look at Nan Yanyan, who had a blank expression on her face. He said, “Yanyan, is this your boyfriend?” His eyes seemed to be saying, Why is your taste so bad? How dare you provoke such a violent person!

Nan Yanyan finally came back to her senses after being provoked by Xiao Ye. She held Aaron’s arm, raised her head and puffed out her chest, saying to Xiao Ye, “Let me introduce you, this is my boyfriend. He’s not cheating on me and is very protective of me.”

“You!” Xiao Ye was extremely disappointed with Nan Yan.

He was afraid that Lu Qingqing would get into trouble because of Aaron, so he quickly carried her to the hospital.

“Alright, the bill is settled. Let’s go.”

Nan Yanyan went to settle the bill for Aaron while Aaron followed behind her. The shop assistant took the bill and saw the handsome but fierce-looking Aaron behind Nan Yanyan. He said, “I… I can give you a discount for employees…”

Nan Yanyan was speechless.

She turned back to look at Aaron, as if blaming him. Look at how scared she is!

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