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Chapter 359: Getting Married Can Only Be Because of Love

Yan Qingxiu didn’t know how to explain his identity to Long Zhize, so he remained silent.

At this moment, Long Zhize suddenly said, “Dong Yang, I’ll come to Wangdong City the day after tomorrow. I’m good friends with Han Zhan from Zeus International. I’m going to take Zeus No.1 to space with him. Dong Yang, do you want to go with me?”

It was such a lucky thing to enter space. Dong Yang would definitely agree!

However, Dong Yang’s attention wasn’t on the matter of “entering space”. His attention was entirely on Han Zhan. “You’re saying that you’re friends with Han Zhan from Zeus Airlines?”

Dong Yang had been hiding in Wangdong City for a few months and had already found out who the man with the aura of a true dragon was. It was the owner of Imperial Dragon Building, Han Zhan!

Only by getting close to Han Zhan could he get close to Lord!

“Fine. I promise.”

Long Zhize was pleasantly surprised. “Really?”


Overwhelmed by the unexpected favor, Long Zhize ended the call and turned around to ask his assistant, “Is my ring ready?”

“I called this morning to ask. It has been completed. I’ve already sent someone to retrieve it.”

“Alright then.”

Long Zhize rubbed his hands together, anticipating the day of the proposal.

When Song Ci arrived at the teahouse, the other ladies were already there. Seeing Song Ci, everyone waved at her enthusiastically. “Mrs. Han, here.”

Song Ci walked over, pulled out a chair and sat down. She looked up and scanned the people around the table. Almost all of them were familiar people, all of them had noble statuses. The wife of the president of the TV station, the eldest young mistress of the Dongfang family…

What surprised Song Ci was that Madam Jiang of Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals, Zhu Xiulan, was also there. Zhu Xiulan wasn’t qualified to attend such gatherings for no other reason than because she wasn’t Boss Jiang’s first wife, but the second wife.

When Madam Jiang was still alive, Zhu Xiulan had been Boss Jiang’s right-hand man. However, because Madam Jiang had lost a son and daughter, she had lost her mind and her relationship with Boss Jiang had broken down.

This Zhu Xiulan had been secretly flirting with CEO Jiang for a long time. They had become a shameless couple.

After Madam Jiang passed away, Boss Jiang had to continue with his image for several years before he married Zhu Xiulan. Although no one said anything, they didn’t think much of Zhu Xiulan.

It could be said that she had put in a lot of effort to climb up to the position of Lady Jiang from the deputy general position, but this effort that she had put in so much effort was the most contemptible.

However, Zhu Xiulan’s appearance here also showed that she was capable. Song Ci pursed her lips and looked at her before looking away.

At this moment, the Dongfang family’s Young Madam suddenly asked the Station Head’s wife, “Madam, I saw on your WeChat Moments yesterday that your daughter was injured and beaten up. How is she now? Is her injury serious?”

Hearing this, Song Ci suddenly felt the tea in her hand burning her mouth.

“Cough, cough!” Song Ci quickly spat out the hot tea in her mouth.

Everyone looked at Song Ci. “Mrs. Han, are you choking?”

Song Ci smiled to ease the awkwardness. “It’s a little hot. I didn’t notice it.”

“I forgot to mention that tea was freshly poured.”

Song Ci put down her teacup and looked at the president’s wife. She smiled and asked, “What happened? Who has the guts to hit the president’s wife’s daughter?” She pretended not to know what Aaron did yesterday.

Once Madam Lu heard it, her blood boiled. “It’s Qingqing’s bad luck. Yesterday, when she was shopping, she ran into a pair of crazy men and women. That man is a violent man. He caught our Qingqing and beat her up. Poor Qingqing’s head is bleeding.”

Everyone was extremely surprised when they heard this.

“There’s actually such a thing? Was she beaten up in a big shopping mall? Didn’t you call the police? Why would that person hit Miss Lu for no reason?” These words were like a child being bullied by the school, a parent running to the school to be held accountable, but being questioned by the teacher why the school bullies didn’t hit other children but your child.

Madam Lu avoided the main point and answered, “I’ve already said that he’s a violent maniac and has lost his mind. Doesn’t a lunatic like him like to bully weak women and children? Isn’t this kind of news often seen by everyone? Some time ago, wasn’t there news of an old man hiding a knife and slashing people on the streets of H City?”

After hearing Mrs. Lu’s explanation, everyone thought that Lu Qingqing met with a maniac.

In order to hide her embarrassment, Song Ci picked up her teacup and took another sip. When she put down the cup, she also looked at Mrs. Lu. She wasn’t familiar with Mrs. Lu, and before she got married, she had a good relationship with Lu Qingqing.

Lu Qingqing was the Station Manager’s daughter. At that time, her prestige in the socialite circle was quite high. She was a bit of a bully and only played with pretty girls with good family backgrounds. As a former friend, Song Ci should be concerned about Lu Qingqing’s health.

Song Ci asked Mrs. Lu, “Mrs. Lu, I’m sorry to hear this. Is Qingqing in the hospital now? Is her injury serious?”

Mrs. Lu used to look down on Song Ci. She thought that Song Ci was just a big flower vase in the Mu family’s package and wanted to use her to exchange for better wealth and status. However, things were different now. The former socialite had become the First Lady of Wangdong City. Even Mrs. Lu had to respect Song Ci.

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Mrs. Lu smiled amiably and said, “Thank you for your concern, Mrs. Han. Qingqing’s injury isn’t very serious, but she has a slight concussion. She’s been feeling nauseous these days and is still recuperating in the hospital.”

Song Ci nodded. She lowered her head and said, “The maniac is really crazy. Qingqing is such a beautiful girl, but he’s actually willing to lay his hands on her.”

The others nodded in agreement.

After the discussion about Madam Lu was over, everyone focused their attention on the newcomer, Zhu Xiulan.

The young mistress of the Dongfang family was a gentle and virtuous woman. Seeing that Zhu Xiulan had not spoken much, she wanted to warm up the atmosphere. “Madam Jiang, I don’t really see you attending such gatherings.”

Seeing that someone had finally noticed her, a smile appeared on Zhu Xiulan’s face. She said, “I used to work in the company and have only retired recently.”

The station head’s wife said, “You too, making yourself so tired. I heard that your son is about to take over Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Company. Congratulations! Madam Jiang you’re a businesswoman and your son is very outstanding. Director Jiang is really lucky to be able to marry you.”

Zhu Xiulan’s rise to power was despicable, but no one could deny that she was a strong woman, and her son would become the new CEO of Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals. No matter how much they despised Zhu Xiulan in their hearts, they were still generous with their compliments.

Zhu Xiulan smiled implicitly and said, “From what my husband said, he did mean it. Sigh, our Guchuan is still young, he have to learn more in the future.”

Zhu Xiulan was being too modest.

Among all the young masters in Wang Dongcheng, Jiang Guchuan was one of the most capable ones. Cheng Yanmo, Jiang Guchuan, and Dongfang Siling had always been the Three Young Master of Wangdong City. It was only when Han Zhan, the dark horse, appeared that the Three Young Master of Wangdong City’s powers were completely disrupted.

“Speaking of Guchuan…” Mrs. Lu put down the teacup in her hand and asked Zhu Xiulan with a smile,” He’s almost 30, right? ”

Zhu Xiulan could roughly guess what Mrs. Lu wanted to say, so she nodded. “Yes, he’s almost 30.”

Mrs. Lu then asked, “Does he have a girlfriend?”

Song Ci couldn’t help but smile.

These people loved to matchmake people at every gathering.

Zhu Xiulan had put in a lot of effort before she was allowed to attend today’s gathering. She wanted to find a good match for her son. It would be best if they were of similar family background, and the girl was pretty and capable.

Zhu Xiulan shook her head. “Not yet. If anyone has a suitable girl, remember to introduce her to Guchuan!”

Mrs. Lu gave out a string of names. All of them were girls of good family backgrounds. The more Zhu Xiulan listened, the more excited she became.

At this moment, the Dongfang Young Mistress suddenly said, “Qingqing is already in her twenties. I wonder if Qingqing has a boyfriend?”

Hearing this, Mrs. Lu wanted to say no, but Song Ci said, “Sister Mingyue, you forgot that Qingqing has a boyfriend. A few years ago, you met Qingqing’s boyfriend at a cocktail party.”

The eldest young mistress of the Dongfang family was called Zhou Mingyue. She was the wife of the third young master, Dongfang Siling. Zhou Mingyue was eight years older than Song Ci, and she had always been Song Ci’s respected elder sister.

This sister was not only born into a prestigious family, she was also a real top student. Back then, she had gone to MIT to study.

After hearing what Song Ci said, Zhou Mingyue remembered. “Oh! I remember now. Qingqing’s boyfriend is an eSports player, right? His name is…” Zhou Mingyue wasn’t very familiar with Lu Qingqing, so she really couldn’t remember her name.

Mrs. Lu smiled awkwardly and said, “His name is Xiao Ye.”

Zhou Mingyue: “Yes! Xiao Ye, a very good eSports player who has won many championships for the country.”

Mrs. Lu’s expression was indifferent. She said, “What’s so good about him? He’s not a national sports athlete. He’s just a gamer.” Mrs. Lu looked down on Xiao Ye. Every day, she hoped that her daughter would break up with Xiao Ye. However, Xiao Ye was like a devil, putting a curse on her daughter.

Suddenly, Mrs. Lu looked at Song Ci with sparkling eyes.

Song Ci felt something was wrong.

Then she heard Mrs. Lu say, “Oh right, Mrs. Han, doesn’t Mr. Han have a niece? I’ve seen that girl before. She’s quite a nice person. I think she’s also working at Wangdong City, right? Why don’t we hold a blind date banquet and give the youngsters more opportunities to interact?”

Song Ci was speechless.

Her face was full of smiles, but she was cursing in her heart.

You can just drag your own daughter into a fire pit. Why do you have to drag my child in!

Song Ci smiled elegantly and gently. She said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner, “When our Old Master was still alive, he kept saying that marrying a wife and getting married should be because of love. He said that a lifetime is already very difficult. If one has to weigh the pros and cons of a marriage, it would be too boring for that person to live once.”

“The old master has warned us not to force a marriage connection for the younger generation. That’s asking too much. Therefore, we don’t need you to worry about Wangwang’s marriage. The person she has found is the best.”

Song Ci’s words seemed gentle and beautiful, but it was like an invisible slap to the faces of these self-proclaimed high society people.

Mrs. Lu’s expression was a little awkward, but she still smiled and echoed Song Ci’s words. “Old Master Han is very wise. He’s right.”


Han Wangwang had also grown up and was at the age where they should talk about marriage. If Song Ci didn’t make things explicit, there would still be people who would come and meddle in her business in the future.

Zhou Mingyue picked up the teacup and drank tea to hide the smile on her lips. Her other hand reached under the table and secretly pulled Song Ci’s skirt. Song Ci turned her head and saw the faint smile on Zhou Mingyue’s lips. She also picked up the teacup and took a sip.

After ending the boring wives’ party, Song Ci quickly drove to Song Fei’s house. Song Fei was alone at home today and was washing his hair. She wrapped a towel around her wet hair and pulled open the door. When she saw Song Ci standing outside the door, she quickly pulled her in and threw the wet towel on Song Ci’s hand.

“Blow my hair.” Song Fei had no qualms about ordering Song Ci around.

Song Ci rolled her eyes, but she still had to help her dry her hair.

After her hair was dry, Song Fei stood up and shook her long hair. He asked Song Ci, “Have you eaten?”

Song Ci said, “I came after eating.”

“Then I’ll eat myself.

When Song Fei was alone at home, eating had always been very simple. She held a bowl of stewed beef with potatoes and squatted under the roof that led to the backyard, as if she was a street beggar. Song Ci definitely couldn’t do something like this. She wanted to save face.

After that, Song Fei simply sat on the ground, one leg curled up and the other stretched out. As she ate, she asked Song Ci, “Speaking of which, did anything happen after you brought back the Chasing Sun Arrow?”

“No, it’s very obedient.” Song Ci played with the arrow this morning. Han Zhan specifically found a bow and arrow maker to customize a batch of arrows for Song Ci.

Song Fei tilted her head and stared at Song Ci’s face. She was silent for a while before asking with a frown, “Are you really Song Ci?”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Who else do you think I am?”

Song Fei said seriously, “I’ve always suspected that another soul has taken over your body. You don’t know, but when you woke up and called for His Majesty, my heart almost stopped from fright.”

“I’m fine, Song Fei. Don’t worry about me.”

“Well, I believe you.”

After dinner, Song Fei changed into sportswear and wore a baseball cap, as if she was going out. Song Ci asked her, “Where are you going?”

“The hospital.”

“What for?”

Song Fei said, “I want to check on my body again. I want to have a child with Yan Jiang recently. If my uterus is seriously damaged and I really can’t get pregnant, I’ll have to think of another way.”

“I’ll go with you.”

The two sisters went to the hospital. After a round of examination, Song Fei received the report. The results were the same as before. Her uterus was severely damaged and she couldn’t get pregnant.

Once she got pregnant, the fetus would definitely miscarry once it reached the size of three months. This was also why Song Fei and Yan Jiang had to take precautions every time.

Song Fei had already expected this outcome. After receiving the report, she didn’t lose heart. To Song Fei, she was already grateful that she was still alive.

“Song Fei…” Song Ci was worried that Song Fei would feel uncomfortable and wanted to hug her, but Song Fei placed a finger on her forehead.” Don’t comfort me. I don’t need comforting. ”

Song Ci said shamelessly, “I just want to hug you.”

Only then did Song Fei reluctantly hug Song Ci, but she refused to let go.

Song Ci knew that Song Fei wasn’t as calm as she appeared.

On the way back, Song Fei wasn’t in the mood to drive. She took a photo of the report and sent it to Yan Jiang. Then, she sent Yan Jiang a text message saying, [Take some time off as soon as possible. We’ll make a trip to America.]

Song Ci felt that Song Fei’s desire to have a child was too sudden. She asked Song Fei, “Didn’t you always think that it didn’t matter if you had a child or not? Why did you suddenly want a child?”

Song Ci was extremely surprised by Song Fei’s reply. Song Fei said, “That day, you and Han Zhan suddenly fell into a coma. I was guarding you while you were unconscious, and I suddenly felt that it was really good to have a family member. No matter what, that family member won’t give up on you.”

“I was thinking that Yan Jiang and I should have a child as well. Otherwise, when we’re old and one of us leaves first, the remaining one will definitely be very lonely. However, if we have a child, that child will carry our feelings and hopes. The child can still accompany the remaining one and continue to live the rest of his life.”

Song Fei didn’t expect the child to provide for them when he was old, but she hoped that the child’s existence would allow the person who left last to not be too lonely.

Song Ci was silent for a long time before saying, “You’re right. It’s really good to have a close relative.” In her past life, when Song Fei was still in a vegetative state, Song Ci had suffered grievances and felt terrible. She could even go to the sanatorium to talk to Song Fei, who was in a vegetative state.

But after Song Fei was burned to death, during the holidays, when she was bullied and injured, Song Ci could no longer find someone she could confide in. Only then did she know how it felt to lose one’s family and become an orphan.

Seeing Song Ci’s lonely expression, Song Fei raised his hand and patted her head hard, messing up her carefully styled hair.

Song Ci glared at her. “Itchy hands?”

Song Fei: “Only to you.”

“So it’s my honor?”

The two of them almost quarreled in the car, but Han Zhan’s call interrupted their argument.

Song Ci picked up the call and heard Han Zhan say, “Someone sent me a photo and took a photo of my baby entering the gynecology department. They all came to ask if I’m planning to have a second child.”

Han Zhan seemed to laugh. That low and pleasant laughter made Song Ci’s ears itch. “So, Baby Ci, am I going to be a father again?”

Song Ci teased him on purpose. “Yes, I got pregnant early. I found it after a blood test.”

Han Zhan sat up straight. “Really?” He thought it was true.

Song Ci burst into laughter.

Hearing her laughter, Han Zhan knew that he was fooled by Song Ci. “How dare you lie to me.”

“Then hit me?”

Song Ci’s tone was coquettish, and Song Fei couldn’t stand it anymore. She really raised her hand and slapped her on the arm. Song Ci was instantly furious. She didn’t hang up the phone and started scolding Song Fei. “Song Fei, are you crazy! I was just playing around with Han Zhan, why did you hit me!”

Song Fei sneered. ” I kill every dog that shows off their affection.”

Song Ci was about to retort when she heard Han Zhan ask, “Song Fei is there too?”

Song Fei snatched the phone away from Song Ci and said to Han Zhan, “I’m the one doing the checkup today. Your baby isn’t pregnant.” She deliberately emphasized the word ‘baby’.

Han Zhan expressed his regret.

After hanging up the phone, Han Zhan took out a small calendar book from the drawer and circled Song Ci’s ovulation period on it. He found that these few days were Song Ci’s ovulation period, and he was so busy these days that he almost couldn’t find time, so he felt a little regretful.

After thinking for a while, Han Zhan suddenly called his secretary in and said to her, “Katie, didn’t you say that you wanted to bring the child to the zoo last time? I bought a family ticket. You can bring the child to play in the next two days.”

Katie was stunned for a moment before she asked in confusion, “What did I do wrong? Are you firing me?”

“No, I had some conflict with Madam and wanted her to work with me for two days to repair our relationship. I need to find a reason to send you away. You’re outstanding, so don’t think too much about it.”

Hearing this explanation, Katie didn’t say anything else and obediently agreed. It was necessary to be smart and capable when doing things for Han Zhan. It was necessary not to ask too many questions.

The main reason Katie could become Han Zhan’s chief secretary was that she was married and had a close relationship with her husband. If she were single, Han Zhan wouldn’t have promoted her to be his chief secretary.

The women around Han Zhan were either lesbian or married.

After settling Katie, Han Zhan sent Song Ci a message.

Song Ci sent Song Fei home and drove home herself. Only then did she realize that Han Zhan had sent her a message a long time ago.

he opened the text message and saw Han Zhan saying: [Baby Ci, Katie is on sick leave tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Can you work for her?]

Let me be Han Zhan’s secretary?

Song Ci’s first thought was—

Do I have a suitable office suit?

She ran into the cloakroom and searched for a long time. After finding a suitable outfit for work, she replied Han Zhan: “Ask Katie to send me the work schedule and documents.”

When he came back from work at night, Han Zhan pushed open the door and saw a set of women’s work clothes hanging on the hanger. Staring at the sapphire blue satin suit on the hanger, Han Zhan couldn’t help but laugh.

Song Ci was reading some documents when she heard the laughter. She looked up and stared at Han Zhan, revealing her face that was plastered with mask mud. “What are you laughing at?”

Han Zhan pointed at the set of clothes and said, “Tomorrow, everyone will realize that Zeus International has a supermodel.”

Song Ci’s face turned red from Han Zhan’s praise. She said, “I bought this dress last year. I didn’t even have the chance to wear it.” She put down the computer and walked to the front of the dress. She picked up the dress and compared it in front of her, saying, “Your Baby Ci’s legs are long. This kind of high-waisted, wide-legged suit is the most impressive!”

“It’s true that I’m a secretary, but I’m also your wife. I have the shrewdness and ability of a secretary, and I also have the lady boss’s overbearing manner. Don’t you think so?” Song Ci was so high-profile and flamboyant. She was not a gentle lady by nature.

Han Zhan held back his laughter and nodded. “You’re right.”

The next morning, when Aaron yawned as he walked upstairs, he saw Song Ci wearing a sapphire blue satin suit with a black belt around her waist, revealing her sexy collarbone. She was holding a black Hermes bag and immediately whistled like a gangster.

“Wow, Song Ci looks really good today. She’s dressed so nicely, who is she going to meet?”

Song Ci pulled out a chair and sat down. Because she had put on makeup, her red lips were especially wide open when she ate breakfast. When Aaron saw it, he followed her and opened his mouth wide to eat, but the corner of his mouth was pulled until it hurt a little.

Han Zhan also came down at this time. She didn’t know if it was intentional, but he wore a light pink shirt and a sapphire blue suit today. He didn’t wear gloves on his right hand and only wore two prosthetic limbs.

Han Zhan had made two new artificial limbs. They were black metal fingers. The contrast between the black fingers and the color on his body was huge, but it didn’t diminish his aura and nobility at all.

Some people were distinguished even if their hands were handicapped.

Aaron raised his eyebrows. “In couple outfits?”

Song Ci stared at Han Zhan’s suit and cursed silently: Scheming man!

Han Zhan pulled out a chair and sat down. He said, “Your sister-in-law is going out to socialize with me tomorrow.”

“Oh, no wonder.”

Han Zhan asked Aaron again, “You went to look at the land yesterday. Have you chosen yet?”

Agang said, “I chose two places. One is in the suburbs of the East District, and the other is in the West District. The West District’s environment is actually better, but I heard that the West District is going to be developed and the government is moving there, so I chose the East District.”

“But there’s also a bad thing about East District.”

Seeing that Song Ci didn’t eat much, Han Zhan picked up a small soup dumpling in front of him and put it into Song Ci’s bowl. He then asked Aaron, “What thing?”

Aaron said, “I heard that the area is haunted.”

Han Zhan frowned and said, “Then change the location. Don’t build it at dirty places.”

Song Ci told Aaron, “Your brother is afraid of ghosts. He doesn’t even dare to watch ghost movies with me.”

Aaron chuckled. He actually said, “I was the one who released the news that it was haunted.”

“Ah?” Song Ci and Han Zhan stopped eating at the same time and looked at him in surprise. After figuring out why Aaron did this, Song Ci couldn’t help but give him a thumbs up. “You’re amazing!”

In order to lower the price of that piece of land, he had spread rumors that it was haunted. Think about it, who would dare to buy this haunted place?

Han Zhan said meaningfully, “You’re good for business.” It would be a pity if he didn’t go into business.

Aaron smiled, hiding his credit and fame. “No, I’m not interested in business. I’m the one who’s going to be a father to all the orphans in the world.”

After breakfast, the three of them headed to the office together.

Long Yu drove the car and Ah Rang sat in the front while Song Ci and Han Zhan sat in the back. When they reached the company building, Han Zhan brought Song Ci directly to the top floor. A group of secretaries and assistants saw Han Zhan and Song Ci behind him and bowed to greet them.

Because Katie was’ sick ‘, Song Ci directly sat in Katie’s seat to work. She was only going to substitute Katie for two days, and the other secretaries wouldn’t bother her, so Song Ci was quite relaxed in the morning.

At 10 am, Luluo, a subsidiary of Zeus International, was about to release its first holographic online game product—Vast Ocean Biography.

This holographic game was a high-quality online game that Luluo online gaming company spent two to three months to successfully create. It was also Han Zhan’s most important game project. Once the game was listed, he would personally attend the press conference and participate in the launch.

At 9: 20 pm, Song Ci and her assistant accompanied Han Zhan to the press conference.

The venue of the press conference was packed with people. The reporters and media sat below the stage, listening to the game’s chief designer’s speech. After the designer’s speech ended, the host would choose five lucky WeChat viewers to go on stage to experience the game.

The first person to be chosen was actually Song Ci. Seeing that Song Ci was chosen, the host was shocked and quickly invited Song Ci on stage. However, the next few candidates were even more unexpected.

The second lucky person, Aaron!

The third lucky person was Nan Yanyan!

The fourth lucky person, Xiao Ye!

The fifth lucky person, Han Zhan!

Seeing this lineup, the reporters were in an uproar.

Han Zhan himself didn’t expect his WeChat to be picked. The key point was that his WeChat profile picture had just changed a few days ago. It had changed to an ugly photo of Song Ci lying in the Mo Family’s medicine field with her face covered in dirt.

Thus, everyone saw Song Ci’s appearance!

Han Zhan stood up. Under Song Ci’s gaze that could shoot him to death, he walked up the stage step by step.

In front of Han Zhan stood Song Ci, Aaron, Nan Yanyan, and Xiao Ye. Han Zhan hesitated for a moment and finally stood beside Aaron silently. He was afraid that his wife would beat him to death.

Aaron leaned over and whispered to him, “Let’s kill Xiao Ye later!”

Han Zhan silently glanced at his wife and thought coldly in his heart: After we kill Xiao Ye together, your sister-in-law will kill me.

Xiao Ye stood beside Nan Yanyan. His hands were hanging in front of his stomach as he said to Nan Yanyan, “I didn’t expect that we would fight in the game again under such circumstances.”

Nan Yanyan put on a fake smile. “Don’t panic. I’ll kill you later.”

At this moment, Aaron suddenly pulled Han Zhan towards Song Ci and he stood beside Nan Yanyan. Aaron grabbed Nan Yanyan’s arm and asked her softly, “What are you saying to your ex-lover?”

Nan Yanyan: “I said he better live well.”

Aaron was speechless.

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