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Chapter 356: Yes, This Is Mine

Nan Yanyan smelled something sour and turned to look at Aaron with a playful expression. “Are you jealous?”

Aaron remained silent for a second before admitting, “Yes, I’m jealous.” He pressed Nan Yanyan. “Shouldn’t I be jealous?”

Nan Yanyan opened her mouth and was about to say something when she heard Aaron say, “You’re my girlfriend. You live in the same building as your first love, but we’re separated by half of Wangdong City. Everyone says that a pavilion near the water enjoys moonlight first. Do you think I should be jealous?”

Nan Yanyan was stunned for a moment before saying, “Your Chinese literature is quite good.”

Aaron was speechless.

He scowled and yelled at Nan Yanyan angrily, “Don’t change the topic! Now is not the time to discuss my Chinese standard.”

Nan Yanyan raised her hand and swore, “I swear that I will never rekindle my old flame with my first love. I am a good horse that will never turn back.”

Aaron was stunned for a moment before saying, “Alright, I know you’re a good girl. You don’t have to call yourself a beast.”

Nan Yanyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She told him, “A good horse doesn’t turn back. It’s a Chinese proverb. I’m not cursing that I’m a beast. I’m saying that I won’t degrade myself and rekindle my old flame with the man who hurt me.”

Aaron suffered a loss as he had no knowledge.

He awkwardly touched the hair on his forehead and said, “Okay, I’ll remember this. Let’s go have breakfast.”

After their argument, they completely forgot about their breakup last night. After breakfast, Aaron asked Nan Yanyan, “What are you going to do now? Are you going to the club?”

“No need, they won’t wake up until lunchtime.” Esports players’ daily schedule was always reversed, they sleep in the day and go out at night.

Aaron said, “Why don’t you come to my office to play?”

Nan Yanyan was a little tempted, but she felt that it was inappropriate. “That’s not good. If I go, will it affect your work?”

“No, our department is very free. Sometimes, we have nothing to do for many days. Sometimes, when we are busy, we don’t go home at night.”

“Then I’ll go!”

In Zeus International’s underground garage.

Long Yu parked the car in the garage and turned to Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, we’re here.”

Han Zhan got out of the car. His assistant, who was waiting at the side, quickly walked up and said to him respectfully, “Good morning, Mr. Han. I heard that you’re injured. Have you recovered?”

Han Zhan nodded. “I’ve fully recovered.”

The assistant took the laptop from Han Zhan’s hand and grabbed his own laptop. They turned and walked towards the elevator together. As they walked, they heard the sound of a motorcycle.

Upon hearing this voice, Han Zhan stopped in his tracks and turned to his assistant beside him. “Is Head of Department Han always so arrogant?”

The assistant knew that Head of Department Han was Mr. Han’s younger brother, so he chose his words carefully. “Head of Department Han is more fashionable, and motorcycles are more suitable for him.”

Han Zhan sneered.

He heard the car turn the corner and drive in his direction, so he strode to the middle of the driveway and stopped Aaron’s car.

When Aaron saw that someone had suddenly appeared in front of him, he hurriedly braked. The car finally stopped one meter away from Han Zhan!

After taking a good look at the person blocking the car, Aaron was furious. “Hoff, are you looking for death?”

Han Zhan had wanted to point at Aaron’s nose and scold him. However, seeing that there was a woman sitting behind Aaron, Han Zhan decided to be merciful. “Your girlfriend is here. I’ll give you some face today and not mess with you.”

Hearing this, Aaron was about to heave a sigh of relief when he heard Han Zhan say, “If you drive too fast in the underground garage, it will easily cause casualties. Special Assistant Lin, inform the finance department that Head of Department Han’s salary will be reduced by two thousand this month.”

“You’re deducting my money?” Aaron’s voice was trembling when he heard that money was going to be deducted.

Han Zhan stared at him coldly. “If I catch you driving a fast car in a crowded city, I’ll confiscate your car so that you can only drive a balanced car every day.”

Han Zhan then cast a friendly look at Nan Yanyan, who was behind Ah Rang. “Miss Nan, what do you think of my decision?”

Nan Yanyan smiled and said, “Mr. Han is wise.”

“Very good. You are indeed a good child.” He nodded at Nan Yanyan and said sternly, “My younger brother is naughty and mischievous. He has been bothering you for a long time. If my younger brother makes you angry and does anything to let you down, you can deal with him. As long as he doesn’t lose any limbs or parts, I, Han Zhan, will not find trouble with you.”

Nan Yanyan held back her laughter and nodded seriously. “Okay, Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan then brought his men into the elevator.

Aaron leaned against the car and turned back to educate Nan Yanyan. “You are my girlfriend. Don’t betray me.”

Nan Yanyan said, “I’m trying to please your family.”

Aaron wanted to say something, but he could not find a way to refute. After he had his money deducted, Aaron did not dare to speed up anymore. He slowly parked his motorcycle in the car lot before bringing Nan Yan to his office.

His office was on the same floor as Li Li and Bei Zhan.

Li Li’s and Bei Zhan’s offices were very lively. There were a lot of secretaries, and as soon as they got to work, their ringtones would sound non-stop.

Nan Yanyan followed behind Ah Rang. Under everyone’s curious gazes, she passed through Bei Zhan and Li Li’s secretaries’ office and reached the deepest part of the floor.

Aaron’s office was located in the innermost part of the room. It was dark, and Aaron was the first person to arrive. Nan Yanyan stared at the spacious but quiet office hall and asked, “Where are your subordinates?”

Aaron opened his desk and was looking for something in the drawer. He said, “There’s no work to do today. Everyone is resting at home.”

Nan Yanyan was shocked. “So comfortable?”

“Of course I’m comfortable. I deliver takeout at night and sleep in my office during the day.” Aaron pointed to the small cubicle next to the toilet. “There’s a bed in there,” he said. “I’ll rest in there.”

It was the first time that Nan Yan had heard of such a comfortable job. She asked Aaron, “What exactly is your job? Can you explain it to me in detail?”

“Do you really want to know?” Aaron’s expression was a little evil.

Nan Yanyan hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Yes.”

“We are from the special logistics department. I am the head of the department. Our job is to help my brother manage the atmosphere of this company. We care about who cheated, who ran away after a car accident, and who did illegal things behind his back.”

“That’s why our department is especially busy at the end of every year’s end-of-year meeting. We’re as busy as gyros.”

Nan Yanyan had heard that Zeus International was extremely strict with their employees. They didn’t want those who were disrespectful to the country, those who cheated on their mistresses, or those who broke the law…

When this news was first released, many people did not believe it. They thought that Zeus International did a good job in advertising and deliberately promoted such a gimmick to attract talents.

It wasn’t until the end of last year, when Zeus International’s CEO Han Zhan publicly fired a group of employees, and one of the senior executives who committed a heinous crime was taken away by the police at the end of the year conference, did everyone realize that Zeus International was serious!

Ever since then, those top talents who wanted to develop technology but did not know how to play dirty tricks had tried their best to enter Zeus International to work.

]According to this year’s survey of fresh graduates, 80 percent of elite graduates want to work at Zeus International.

Nan Yanyan was enlightened. “So your department is East Factory!”

“What’s that?” Aaron quickly took out his phone and checked the data of the East Factory. After understanding the nature of the East Factory, Aaron also felt that the nature of their department was similar to that of the East Factory.

But he had to make one thing clear. “We’re all men, not eunuchs.”

“You don’t have to tell me that. I can tell.” As she spoke, Nan Yanyan’s eyes darted to places she shouldn’t have.

Aaron coughed and unnaturally lectured her, “What are you looking at? It’s broad daylight.”

Nan Yanyan blushed.

Her phone suddenly rang, and Nan Yanyan picked it up to take a look before saying, “I have to go, a brother team of ours has a new jungler, he’s still young and is used to fighting alone. Today, their captain has arranged to spar with the team, I have to go back and guard, to understand that little kid’s style and ability.”

Nan Yanyan kissed Aaron on the cheek and left.

Aaron touched his cheek and was distracted for a while, before he turned on his computer and downloaded the game that Nan Yan and the rest were playing.

He roughly understood the gaming strategy, went to the gaming forum to take a look at each character’s game ethics, and then went to play the game.

After playing for an hour and losing two games in a row, Aaron immediately uninstalled the game. “This trashy game is interrupting my sleep!”

After lunch, Aaron skipped work and went to the club to look for Nan Yanyan. At this time, all the trainees and team members were awake. Some were playing ranking matches while others were doing live broadcasts.

Aaron directly entered Nan Yan’s office.

Nan Yanyan was watching the replay of the competition this morning. When she saw him, she was a little surprised. “Why are you here? Aren’t you going to work in the afternoon?”

“No.” Aaron sat on Nanyan’s desk. He asked Nanyan, “Aren’t you guys going to form a holographic gaming competition team? My brother said that holographic gaming cabins will enter thousands of families. This year’s Demon Island competition is a test for holographic games. It seems like the test results are good.”

“My brother told me that in five years, the holographic game competition will become more and more mature. You can pay attention to the children in your club and see if there are any children who are good at strategy games, have talent in commanding, and have strong mental fortitude. Such children are most suitable to play holographic games.”

“Trust me, holographic games will be mainstream in the future. And you, are you willing to be the first one to eat the crab?”

Two years ago, Han Zhan’s online gaming company recruited a group of gaming design geniuses. In two years, they built a fairy and hero online game with beautiful graphics and rich content.

This game would soon be listed in the holographic game and become the main game. Han Zhan and the rest planned to make this game into a huge IP, and this game would also become the first eSports project in the holographic game.

Aaron came today to give Nan Yanyan a surprise.

After hearing Aaron’s words, Nan Yanyan was silent for nearly half a minute before she said, “You’re right.”

Zeus International had become a domineering force in the country. In another two years, it might even become the overlord of Asia. The holographic game cabin had already produced a second generation companion. Its functions were stronger and its customers were becoming more and more widespread.

Nowadays, almost everyone in the eSports scene had a gaming cabin each. In the future, holographic gaming cabins would replace computers and become mainstream.

Before anyone realized the future of the holographic gaming cabin, if she was the first to organize a group of professional players for training, when the first holographic gaming competition began, VK would definitely achieve a grand slam!

Nan Yanyan put her fist on Aaron’s chest and laughed at him. “Sure, Brother Rang. Your information is very valuable. I’ll treat you to a feast tonight.”

“What do you want to eat?”

“French food?”

Aaron shook his head. “That’s not good. I’m going to the Deep Alley Restaurant. Song Ci said that restaurant tastes good.”

Nan Yanyan was so angry that she almost started smoking. “Deep Alley? Do you know how expensive that restaurant is? One meal costs at least three to four thousand yuan. You’re really asking for too much.” Nan Yanyan suddenly laughed again. She stared at Aaron’s alluring body for a moment and deliberately played dirty. She said, “If you sleep with me, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Aaron: “Sorry, I deliver food, not my body.”

Nan Yanyan pouted. “Forget it then. I’m not going.”

“I made an appointment at the restaurant in Deep Alley last night. Let’s go together tonight.” Ah Rang stared at the OL outfit on Nan Yan. He said, “Wear a dress. I like the way you look in a black dress.”

Sexy and aloof, she deliberately glanced at him from the corner of her eyes, looking especially attractive.

Nan Yanyan was rather surprised. She knew how thrifty Aaron was. He was reluctant to buy a cup of milk tea outside, but ever since he found out that the lollipop was cheaper than a certain treasure, he directly unloaded the treasure.

Such a person was actually willing to bring me to Deep Alley for a meal?

Nan Yanyan could not help but scratch her ears. She approached Ah Rang and asked him in a pretentious manner, “What did you say just now? I didn’t hear you.”

Aaron’s face was wooden as he said, “If you don’t go, I’ll cancel the reservation.”

Nan Yanyan laughed. “Let’s go!”

As she was going to have dinner with Aaron, Nan Yanyan gathered everyone for a meeting in the afternoon and analyzed the combat style of the new member of the team.

After the meeting was dismissed, she called her boss and told him about what Aaron told her.

On the other end of the line, the boss’s voice was a little hoarse. He spoke slowly and lazily, “Is the news accurate?”


“Who told you that?”

Nan Yanyan touched her burning ears and said, “My boyfriend.”

“Your boyfriend? Sheng Hui Science and Technology is under Zeus International. Is your boyfriend from Sheng Hui Science and Technology?”

“No, Zeus International.”


The person on the other end of the phone stood up from the front of the computer and walked barefoot into the bathroom. He pulled away the cool dress on him and looked up, revealing his sexy Adam’s apple.

He placed his feet under the cold water and washed them. His voice and the sound of the water could be heard by Nan Yanyan. “Who is it?”

“Han Rang, the head of the Special Logistics Department.”

The boss narrowed his eyes when he heard about the special logistics department. It was actually that guy. “Alright, since he was the one who leaked the information, then it must be accurate. Do as he says. After you have selected the personnel, send them to me directly.”

“Yes, boss.”

After Nan Yanyan hung up the phone, Aaron immediately went to her ear and asked, “Your boss? He doesn’t sound old.”

Nan Yanyan nodded and said, “When I met him, he wasn’t even twenty years old yet. He’s a very powerful junior.” The younger generation nowadays were all more amazing than the previous. They were old and couldn’t compare.

After settling everything, Nan Yanyan went into the dormitory to change. She had a dormitory in the club, so she went to take a shower while Aaron played games on her bed.

Nan Yanyan walked out with a towel wrapped around her, her bare feet stepping on the carpet. She walked to the wardrobe and opened it carefully. However, she did not find a black dress that satisfied her.

She picked up a light blue dress and turned around to ask Aaron, “Is this okay?” Nan Yanyan seemed to be particularly fond of blue. Most of the shirts and dresses in the wardrobe were blue.

Aaron walked behind her and took out a black fishtail dress from the wardrobe.

It was a dress that Aaron had bought at half price from a platform. Even though it was only half price, it cost him more than three thousand yuan.

Aaron said, “Wear this.”

Nan Yanyan felt that this dress was too sexy and was too embarrassed to wear it out. She put the dress in front of her and compared it. “Will it be too revealing?”

“What should be covered is covered. Where is it exposed?” Aaron had grown up in Rome. He thought girls should wear whatever they wanted.

Nan Yanyan changed into a dress and a pair of high heels.

She stood in front of the mirror and stared at the woman with a narrow waist and a round chest. She took a deep breath, picked up her bag, and said to Aaron, “Let’s go!”


Upon the sight of Nan Yanyan, who had changed into a new set of clothes, all the children in the building were stunned by her beauty. “F*ck! Manager! How can you be so beautiful!”

Nan Yanyan put on airs and smiled coldly. “What are you looking at? No matter how pretty I am, I’m not yours!”

“Hahaha, delivery prince, you’re so lucky!”

When Aaron realized that the little guys were secretly looking at Nan Yanyan’s back and figure, he instantly felt that he had made the wrong choice. There was nothing wrong with wearing a more conservative and ordinary outfit.

Nan Yanyan was wearing a skirt, so it was not convenient for her to sit on a motorcycle. After some discussion, the two of them decided to drive Nan Yanyan’s car. Her car was a red Mazda, which was not expensive and cost around 140,000 yuan.

Nan Yanyan was wearing high heels, but Aaron didn’t allow her to drive.

It was almost time to get off work, and the traffic was getting congested. Aaron drove a little slowly, and Nan Yanyan laughed at him. “You were scared by your brother. Are you going to be a good boy and drive steadily?”

Aaron shook his head. “No,” he said. “I only have a three-point driver’s license. I can’t run the red light or press the line.”

Nan Yanyan was speechless.

She was convinced by this reason.

When they reached the alley, Aaron saw that Nan Yanyan was walking slower than usual, so he walked over and held her hand. He said to her, “If it’s inconvenient to walk with high heels, lean on me.”

Nan Yanyan felt warm for Aaron’s thoughtfulness.

She leaned into Aaron’s arms and entered the restaurant. The waiter led them to the reserved double seats. Once Aaron sat down, he said, “Damn!”

He saw someone familiar.

Nan Yanyan looked over at where Ah Rang was looking and saw the president of Sichuan Dong Group, Cheng Yanmo. He was sitting beside them, with a dining table between them. However, there was no one at the table.

Opposite Cheng Yanmo sat a tall woman in a business suit. She wore a pair of serious glasses, but her facial features were beautiful. Her eating movements were like a robot, and every movement was very standard and uniform.

Cheng Yanmo had obviously noticed Nan Yanyan and Aaron. He nodded at Aaron and exchanged some pleasantries before he started eating seriously.

]Nan Yanyan stared at Cheng Yanmo and his female companion, who were eating silently. She felt that their relationship was really complicated.

By the time they had finished their meal and left, Nan Yanyan and Aaron were served their appetisers. Nan Yanyan opened the napkin that had been folded into the shape of a rose and spread it on her legs before starting to eat.

She wanted to speak, so she asked Aaron, “Can I speak?” Because the people in the room spoke gently and softly, Nan Yanyan didn’t dare to speak.

It was better for me not to come to such a place in the future.

Compared to this kind of high-end restaurant, she was more suited to eat at food stalls and barbeque, or those bustling hotpot restaurants on the streets. In this kind of restaurant that only high-class people would patronize, she would appear out of place.

But as she quietly sized up Aaron, she felt that this person’s every move was like that of a prince in a British drama, elegant and leisurely.

Temperament was something that could not be learned.

Aaron asked her in confusion, “This is not the examination hall, why can’t we talk?”

Nan Yanyan smiled and said, “Is that lady Mr. Cheng’s girlfriend?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think so.”

“That’s probably just a superior and subordinate,” Nan Yan thought to herself. The life of a rich person was really unimaginable. To us, Deep Alley Restaurant was a high-end restaurant that they had to make an appointment to enjoy.

For someone of Cheng Yanmo’s status, coming to this restaurant for a meal was just a matter of making a call.

As they were eating, Nan Yanyan realized that Aaron had stopped moving. “What are you looking at?” Nan Yanyan asked him curiously.

Aaron looked disgusted. “I see a rodent.” He sliced the denim bone off the plate with a knife and popped the piece of meat into his mouth, chewing it hard.

How would there be a rodent in this district?

Nan Yanyan turned around curiously and saw a couple paying the bill.

The man scanned through WeChat and settled the bill before putting his phone back into his pocket. When he turned around to leave, a narrow and long face was revealed.

It was Xiao Ye, the former captain of the esports team.

He had another identity—

Nan Yanyan’s first love.

Nan Yanyan was speechless.

Her mind kept replaying the word “rodent” that Aaron had said earlier. When she saw Xiao Ye’s face, she couldn’t help but compare his face with the shape of a rodent.


It couldn’t be compared. Once she did, it felt really similar.

Perhaps Nan Yanyan’s gaze was too hot, Xiao Ye felt it and suddenly turned to look at Nan Yanyan and the others.

At first glance, Xiao Ye did not recognize Nan Yanyan He turned around and walked two steps out of the door before suddenly stopping.


Xiao Ye slowly turned his head and stared at a certain table on the right side of the restaurant near the fish tank. Looking at the woman in black dress who was eating with her back facing him, Xiao Ye’s expression became bewildered.

Was it her?

“Xiao Ye, what are you looking at?” The woman beside him pulled Xiao Ye’s hand and pulled his attention back.

Xiao Ye said, “I saw an acquaintance.”

The girl looked in the direction that Xiao Ye was staring at just now. She didn’t see Nan Yanyan’s face, but saw Aaron. Seeing Aaron’s handsome mixed-blood face, the girl’s eyes lit up.

However, she knew that she could just take a look at such a handsome man and not think too much about it.

Besides, Xiao Ye was standing right beside her.

“Who is it? Which old acquaintance?”

Xiao Ye shook his head. “Maybe I’m mistaken.”

After he pulled the girl out of the restaurant, the girl hugged his arm and said in a coquettish tone, “Xiao Ye, summer is coming soon. I bought a new white polka dot dress the day before yesterday and I want to buy a suitable bag. Can you accompany me to take a look?”

They had been together for six or seven years, but Xiao Ye never mentioned marriage. Gradually, Lu Qingqing lost all hope for Xiao Ye. She finally understood that this guy only wanted to play with her. The reason why they didn’t break up was because he was afraid of her identity.

After all, she was the youngest daughter of the TV station head.

Hearing the girl’s sweet voice, Xiao Ye’s dazed mood returned to normal. “Okay, let’s go.” Xiao Ye was not short of money, he still had the money to buy a bag for the girl.

When Nan Yanyan heard Aaron’s deliberate action of cutting the meat, she noticed that the people at the front and back tables were looking at Aaron unhappily. She then reminded Aaron, “Aaron, stop cutting so loudly. The sound is so piercing.”

Aaron put down the plate and took a sip of the delicious red wine. He asked her, “The sound of the knife grinding against the floor is ear-piercing. Would the sound of the knife rubbing against your former captain’s bones be more pleasant?”

Nan Yanyan was shocked.

She stared at Aaron’s cold grayish-blue eyes. For a moment, she could not tell if this person was joking or telling the truth.

Thinking of this man’s unruly behavior, Nan Yanyan did not dare to anger him. She whispered, “I don’t love him anymore. Let him go. If you do this, it will make me think of him repeatedly.”

Aaron was even angrier.

He stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth. As he chewed the meat, he imagined that the meat was the rodent man. Only then did he feel better.

“Why did the two of you break up back then?” Back then, Nan Yanyan and Xiao Ye were the most famous golden couple in the eSports scene. Both of them were capable and both of them were good-looking. There were also a lot of fans who loved them to the core.

When the two of them broke up, they only said that their personalities did not match.

However, if their personalities were incompatible, they should have been incompatible long ago. There was no need to spend four years together before their personalities were incompatible. After all, when Nan Yanyan was 19 years old, she had already publicly announced her relationship with Xiao Ye.

Xiao Ye was the legend of the eSports scene, the legendary gaming god. It was very understandable that Nan Yanyan would develop feelings for him at that time.

Hearing Ah Rang’s question, Nan Yan suddenly felt that the expensive and delicious meat in front of her was no longer fragrant. She put down her cutlery and glared at Aaron. “Are you sure you want to listen to me talk about my disgusting first love in such an expensive and high-end restaurant?”

It was unknown which of Nan Yanyan’s words pleased Aaron, but Aaron’s dark face instantly brightened up.

After the meal, Aaron paid for the meal and took Nan Yanyan to the nearest pedestrian street. They stopped in front of a chestnut stall and Aaron said, “I treated you to meat. You can treat me to chestnuts now.”


Nan Yanyan bought half a kilogram of stir-fried chestnuts and opened one of them. She didn’t touch it because she found it hard to clean the fur on the chestnuts. Aaron sat down on the bench with her. He lowered his head and peeled the chestnuts. He said to Nan Yanyan, “You can tell me now.”

Nan Yanyan leaned back in her chair and stared at an old lady selling fresh flowers in the distance. She saw the old lady asking every stranger if they wanted to buy flowers.

Selling flowers in this life to be beautiful in the next.

She suddenly thought of this sentence.

Nan Yanyan said to Jean, “Everything is perfect today, except that you didn’t give me roses.” Aaron looked up and saw the old lady. He stuffed the peeled chestnuts to Nan Yanyan and walked towards the old lady.

Nan Yanyan stared at the chestnuts in her hands and thought of something that happened a long time ago.

That day, when she was taking a walk on the street with Xiao Ye, she smelled the fragrance of chestnuts and wanted to eat them. Xiao Ye bought a bag for her, but Nan Yanyan found it troublesome to peel chestnuts, so she ate one and didn’t touch it again. However, Xiao Ye didn’t take the initiative to peel chestnuts for her. When she returned to the club, he directly threw the chestnuts to his brothers.

Nan Yanyan clenched hard on the chestnut in her hand.

She stared at Aaron, who was bargaining with the old lady over a rose, and her heart suddenly became firm.

Some people spent money like dirt, how much could they bear to spend for me?

My delivery prince loved money as much as his life. He would still deliver food at midnight, but he would treat me to a big meal while bleeding in his heart. He would bargain and choose the largest and most red rose for me.

At last, Aaron bought a rose for five dollars each.

He returned to the bench and handed the roses to Nan Yanyan. “This one is the most beautiful. The rest are wilted.” It was already nighttime and the roses were not considered fresh.

Nan Yanyan held the rose and stared at the dazzling golden fur on Ah Rang’s head. She smiled and said, “Yes, this is mine.”

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