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Chapter 355: Reunited After A Long Time, Rekindling Old Feelings?

“You send.”

Aaron sat on the sofa and sent Han Zhan a WeChat message. Hearing the sound of water in the bathroom, he picked up the small box beside him and stared at the patterns and words on it. His mood was not as relaxed as he appeared.

He was already in his early thirties, so he naturally knew what men and women should do. In the past, he had taken on a mission. When he went on a mission, the target was drunk on a woman’s stomach.

Nan Yanyan walked out of the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her waist. She saw that Aaron’s slender right hand was spinning the small box he had bought from the adult store. His eyes were darting around, and he looked distracted.

She raised her eyebrows, wondering what this guy was thinking.

Nan Yanyan sat down beside Aaron.

Aaron could smell the scent of the shower gel on Nan Yanyan’s body. He tilted his head and stared at Nan Yanyan, his gaze landing on her exposed chest and collarbones, as well as her thin but sexy shoulders.

He stared at her shoulders, his Adam’s apple bobbing.

Nan Yanyan was very satisfied with Ah Rang’s reaction to her. “Shall we start? Or drink some wine to liven things up?”

Nany Yanyan stood up and walked to the wine cabinet. She said, “I don’t have much wine here, but I have everything I need. What do you want to drink? Red wine? Whiskey? brandy? vodka? White wine?”

She turned around and smiled at Aaron. “Or beer?”

Aaron shook his head. “Whatever you want.”

“Then I’ll make my own decision.” Nan Yanyan bent down and picked out some wine from the wine cabinet. In the end, she chose a bottle of vodka. This wine had a strong aftertaste, and she would only be able to let it go later. Even though she was old, she was still a little nervous.

Nan Yanyan poured two glasses of wine and passed them to Aaron.

Aaron took a sip of his vodka and remembered something. He suddenly said, “I was in Russia once and met an enemy. She chased me for two hours and we met at a brewery. When she shot at me, the bullet went through the brewery and the vodka shot out from the hole. The person was covered in alcohol and within a few minutes, he was drunk.”

Nan Yanyan knew that when Aaron was with Edward, he had done some shady things. Naturally, she would not ask him why he had enemies.

She asked Aaron, “Didn’t you shoot him when he fainted?”

Hearing Nan Yanyan’s words, Aaron was rather surprised. I deliberately revealed the darkness of my past life and the truth that I had many enemies. Was she not afraid of me?

Aaron took a deep look at Nan Yanyan before shaking his head. “No, I killed her father first. It’s only right for her to want to kill me.” He killed her father because he couldn’t resist Edward’s orders.

However, if he could avoid killing people, Aaron would do so. He was stubborn, unpredictable, and sometimes he would do whatever he wanted. However, he hated killing people from the bottom of his heart.

Nan Yanyan suddenly leaned her head on Ah Rang’s shoulder.

Aaron lowered his gaze and stared at her slightly wet curly hair. He heard her say, “I know what you want to say. You want to tell me how unbearable your past life was, and how your future life won’t be very peaceful. In fact, I’m not prepared to spend the rest of my life with you, just like this.”

“Perhaps one day, when I see you covered in blood after being injured by my enemy, I will be afraid and take the initiative to leave you. But Han Rang, for now, at this very moment, I love you.”

Nan Yanyan tilted her head and kissed the corner of Aaron’s lips.

She was inviting him.

Aaron knew this, but he just sat there calmly. Even his breathing was calm. There was no sign of disorder.

]Nan Yanyan frowned in confusion. “Is that your reaction? Am I not attracted to you?”

Aaron pushed her away. “Sorry,” he said. “I have to go.”

Nan Yanyan was shocked. “Leave?” She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She was still a little angry. “After I showered, drank, and kissed you, you told me you were leaving?”

“Han Rang, are you kidding me?” Was a thirty-year-old woman really that unattractive? (italics)

But Han Rang said, “I’ve checked on you.”

Nan Yanyan: “What?”

The topic changed too quickly. Nan Yanyan could not keep up with Aaron’s jumping thoughts.

Aaron said, “Your father was a university professor, and your mother was born into a scholarly family. You used to study excellently, with the goal of getting into the capital’s number one school. But later, you fell in love with eSports midway, and dreamed of becoming the best eSports player in the country. When you were 15, you took a break from school to attend eSports youth training.”

“When you were 17 years old, you joined the eSports team at that time and became the only female member of the team. At 18 years old, your eSports team achieved fourth place in the world in WCG. In the same year, you took the college entrance examination through self-study and successfully entered the capital’s number one school. However, you gave up the chance to enroll.”

“When you were 24 years old, you retired from the eSports scene because of a problem with your hand joint. You went overseas for an operation. The next year, you joined a motor racing team in France and participated in the Moto Gap. You won first place in the team and third in the world.”

Nan Yanyan listened quietly as Aaron told her about his past. When he was done, she asked him, “Why are you telling me this now?”

“I’m trying to tell you that you’re excellent,” said Aaron.

Nan Yanyan was stunned.

Aaron continued, “An outstanding girl like you should be cherished and protected.” After a pause, Aaron touched Nan Yanyan’s hair and said, “I shouldn’t touch you before I am ready to marry you.”

Nan Yanyan was very attractive to him.

But he couldn’t touch her because he couldn’t give her what she wanted.

Nan Yanyan’s lips moved. She wanted to say that she could accept premarital sex, but when she met Ah Rang’s serious eyes, she felt the joy of being cherished. Nan Yanyan sighed. “When will you want to marry me?”

Aaron was silent.

Nany Yanyan laughed coldly. “If you don’t want to marry me and don’t dare to touch me, then what’s the point of staying together? Little Prince, I’m not interested in platonic love. I’m just an ordinary person with all kinds of desires.”

She rested her chin on Aaron’s shoulder and winked mischievously. “You’re out of the picture, little prince,” she said with the fiercest of words.

She didn’t want this relationship anymore!

Aaron’s fingers tightened.

He rolled his eyes. After a moment, he said, “You can’t confess to me just because you want to date me, and you can’t break up with me because you’re bored.” That didn’t make sense.

Nan Yanyan was speechless. “Then what do you want?”

Aaron said, “I don’t want to break up.”

“But I don’t want to live a life without sex or love.”

I am not a nun!

Aaron was lost for a few seconds before saying, “If we don’t get married, we can only break up?”

Nan Yanyan said, “All relationships that don’t aim to be married are just playing rogue and taking advantage of others.” She crossed her legs and pulled open the drawer of the bedside table to look for cigarettes.

After looking around, she realized that she had long thrown away all her cigarettes.

She didn’t smoke, so she could only stuff her fingers into her mouth and gently bite them.

Staring at the way she was biting her finger, Aaron couldn’t help but take out a cigarette from his pocket and pass it to Nan Yanyan. Nan Yanyan stared at the cigarette on his finger and sneered. “Everyone else is trying to persuade their girlfriends to quit smoking. What’s wrong with you?”

Aaron: “I can’t bear to see you eat yourself in pain.”

Nan Yanyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she didn’t take the cigarette in the end.

She wanted to quit smoking, wanted to be healthy, wanted to live longer. She stared at the man beside her and had a luxurious thought in her heart. She wanted to live a healthy life with her takeout prince.

Aaron put the pack of cigarettes back in his pocket. He stood up and said, “I don’t agree with the breakup. As for getting married… I can think about it.” And he leaves.

Nan Yanyan leaned against the sofa, staring at the closed door and the box on the table.


The little prince is indeed the little prince, tsundere!

Di Rongrong stayed in the hospital for three days for observation. Both mother and daughter were fine and were allowed to be discharged.

When Song Ci and Han Zhan brought their daughters to the Shen family, Shen Yubei was boiling soup for Di Rongrong in the kitchen. Shen Yubei’s hands were playing the violin, and he rarely cooked in his life.

Song Ci was especially surprised to see her teacher cooking soup. “Teacher, why are you cooking?”

Shen Yubei took two pieces of sliced apple meat from the small bowl and gave them to Miao Miao and Jun Jun. The little fellows took the apples and thanked them obediently. “Thank you, Grandmaster.”

“Good girl.”

Song Ci placed the child at Han Zhan’s feet and said to him, “Han Zhan, take the children to the living room to play. I’ll talk to Teacher for a while.”


Song Ci opened the lid of the pot and smelled the fragrance of chicken. Song Ci was a little surprised. “I didn’t know that Teacher’s cooking skills were good.”

Shen Yubei said, “When you weren’t around, I learned how to cook from the chef.”

“Hmm? Why are you learning this?”

Shen Yubei lowered his eyes to look at the chicken and muttered, “I didn’t expect to be able to marry my wife. I plan to spend the rest of my life alone. When I think about how the butler will leave when he’s old, there will be a time when I need to cook for myself, so I went to learn…”

Song Ci didn’t expect the truth to be like this.

She put down the pot lid in her hand and took a slice of apple from the bowl before saying, “I’ll go upstairs to see Mistress and the baby.”

“Bring the apple up for your godmother!”


Song Ci took the apple upstairs to the master bedroom.

The master bedroom was next to the crib. The baby was placed in the crib by Di Rongrong. He was already awake and kicking his legs. The weather was already warm. The baby was only wearing a monk’s robe and had a small blanket wrapped around him.

She did not cry even when she woke up. She just moved around with her hands and feet. Perhaps she was hungry, she moaned and groaned. Perhaps Di Rongrong was too tired from taking care of the child, the child did not wake her up even when she woke up.

Song Ci walked to the bed and stared at the little guy. She found that after only three or four days, the little guy’s facial features had opened up quite a bit. Her eyes were especially like her mother’s, round and big.

Song Ci put down the bowl in her hand and bent down to pick up the baby.

At this time, Di Rongrong finally woke up. She thought that Shen Yubei was carrying the child, but when she opened her eyes and saw Song Ci, she was shocked. “It’s Song Ci.” Di Rongrong slowly sat up and leaned against the pillow. She stared at Song Ci for a long time and suddenly said, “You’re a little tanned.”

Song Ci couldn’t help but complain. “I’m in the Mo family. I run around in the medicine field all day long. How can I not get tanned?”

The baby didn’t smell any milk on Song Ci’s body. She was especially impatient and started to cry pitifully like a cat.

Di Rongrong felt terrible hearing her child cry. “Give her to me. It’s time to drink milk.”

“Okay.” Song Ci carefully returned the baby to Di Rongrong.

This was the second time Di Rongrong was a mother, and she was very patient. No matter how the child cried or threw a tantrum, she would always speak gently. Song Ci recalled the time when she had just become a mother. At that time, whenever the two children cried, she would have a headache. Even if the children were noisy at night and did not sleep, she would still lose her temper.

Compared to Di Rongrong, she was really unqualified.

Di Rongrong hugged her daughter. She said, “I’m very satisfied whenever I hear the sound of the child swallowing when he’s drinking milk.” The thought of her daughter who had died a horrible death made her heart ache.

After the child had finished the milk, Di Rongrong asked Song Ci to carry the child and let her burp. The little girl burped and soon fell asleep again. Song Ci put her on the bed and talked to Di Rongrong while observing the child to prevent him her suddenly spitting milk.

At this moment, Shen Yubei brought the chicken soup into the bedroom. “Rongrong, I’ve made chicken soup. See if it suits your taste.” When Di Rongrong was discharged in the morning, she said that she wanted to drink chicken soup. After Shen Yubei sent Di Rongrong home, he specially drove to the countryside to buy more than ten chickens and kept them in the courtyard.

Di Rongrong took a sip of the delicious soup and nodded in satisfaction. She asked Shen Yubei, “Do you still have chicken soup? Give Song Ci and the children a bowl too.”

Di Rongrong had already heard the children’s laughter downstairs.

Shen Yubei said, “Miaomiao and Junjun have a share. Song Ci and Han Zhan don’t have a share.” There was only one chicken. Di Rongrong was a pregnant woman who could eat more. He gave the children a bowl each. How could Song Ci and the rest have a share?

Song Ci quickly waved her hand and said, “We’ve had dinner, no need.”

After eating the chicken, Di Rongrong told Song Ci, “I haven’t chosen the venue for the children’s one-month-old celebration. Can you recommend a few places for me?”

Song Ci said, “We shouldn’t let our fertile water flow into other people’s fields. It must be done in your godson’s hotel.”

Di Rongrong laughed out loud. “Then you have to give me a discount.”

“Godma, I’ll give you a fifty percent discount.”

“Fair enough.”

Di Rongrong continued, “In that case, I’ll get your teacher to prepare an invitation for the one-month-old celebration in a few days. Your Godmother Luo Lan and Godmother Mo Yao will be coming over. I haven’t seen them for a long time and I really miss them.”

Every time she was happy, Di Rongrong would think of Han Mulan. Han Mulan had already passed away for more than twenty years, but even if some people were no longer around, they would forever live in the hearts of their family and friends.

Di Rongrong was afraid of gaining weight, so she got off the bed and paced around the room.

At this moment, the nanny knocked on the door and walked in. She asked Di Rongrong, “Madam, can we bathe the child now?”

Di Rongrong nodded. “Alright.”

“Then I’ll go prepare the bath water.” After the nanny had prepared everything, she came over to carry the child. Song Ci also wanted to take a look. “I’ll go and see the child shower too.”

“Let’s go together then.” Di Rongrong had been hospitalized a few days ago and had not seen her child shower.

The baby shower room was in the nursery. When Song Ci and Di Rongrong went over, the nanny had already taken off the baby’s clothes. The little guy, who was more than six kilograms, looked very small and small. The nanny was also very careful, afraid that she would hurt the baby.

The child woke up after soaking in the water. She clenched her fists and kicked her legs vigorously in the water. She was especially energetic.

After showering, the nanny wrapped the child in a towel and placed her on the bed. She started to massage and exercise her. The little girl’s joints were very flexible and she enjoyed working out.

Suddenly, Di Rongrong saw something on the child’s leg and shouted, “Wait!”

The nanny was shocked, thinking that she had done something wrong. She quickly put down the little fellow’s legs and turned to ask Di Rongrong, “What’s wrong, Madam?”

Song Ci also looked at Di Rongrong in surprise.

The expression on Di Rongrong’s face was very strange. She walked to the bedside and stood beside the nanny. She lifted one of the child’s legs and saw an irregular birthmark on the back of her left thigh.

The birthmark was dark brown, just like the scars left behind by sunburn.

Di Rongrong stared at the child’s birthmark and suddenly burst into tears. Song Ci seemed to have guessed something. She walked over and stared at the birthmark, asking her, “Does that child also have this birthmark?”

Di Rongrong nodded with tears streaming down her face. “Mm, it’s also this position. I remember it very clearly because I even joked with the nanny that this child was fated to be married in her previous life. She had a birthmark on her and was waiting for her future groom to find her.”

Di Rongrong covered her lips and said in a choked voice, “Hurry up and get her dressed. I’m going back to my room.”

Di Rongrong cried as she returned to her room. Coincidentally, Shen Yubei came upstairs to get a bowl of soup. Seeing that Di Rongrong was crying, Shen Yubei figured out what was going on. He felt that they were quite fated.

Even if he did not know about reincarnation, the birthmark on the child’s leg was the same as the child’s. This obviously comforted Di Rongrong. This was a good thing.

“That’s not so bad. The kid knows you’re happy now, that your life is stable, that you’ve been floating around in the sky for a while, and then she comes back for you.”

Shen Yubei held Di Rongrong’s shoulders and told her, “That child loves you very much and has never blamed you. So Rongrong, don’t blame yourself anymore. From now on, protect her well with me, alright?”


Shen Yubei waited for Di Rongrong to lie down before walking out of the room with the bowl. He saw Song Ci in the corridor and told her, “She is fine.”

“That’s good.”

The nanny took the child who was dressed and handed him to Song Ci. Song Ci said, “I’ll carry her down to play for a while. Miaomiao and Junjun haven’t seen her yet.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Song Ci carried the child downstairs. Miaomiao and Junjun were admiring the fish in front of the fish tank. When they saw the little sister coming down, they stopped looking at the fish and ran over to see her.

Song Ci sat on the rocking chair and asked Miaomiao and Jun Jun. “Miao Miao, Junjun Jun, is Auntie cute?” Shen Yubei and Di Rongrong’s child were in the same generation as Song Ci and Han Zhan’s younger sister. They had to call her Auntie.

Miaomiao stared at the child and said, “Cute.”

Song Ci asked Junjun again, “Junjun, what do you think?”

Han Jun’s brows were tightly furrowed as she gave a very honest evaluation. “So ugly.”

Song Ci noticed that Shen Yubei was standing behind them. She was immediately embarrassed and quickly said, “How is she ugly? Little aunt is very cute. Look, she’s so obedient.”

Han Jun stared at the little baby girl and said, “She’s black and red. She’s so ugly!” The children had already started to teach early in the morning and were very good at organizing their words. Han Jun stared at Song Ci’s face and said, “Mommy is beautiful.”

Song Ci was happy and melancholic.

Shen Yubei couldn’t stand hearing others call his daughter ugly. He slapped Han Jun’s butt and said, “When you were born, you were like a little mouse. You were even uglier than Little Aunt.”

Han Jun was shocked.

Han Miaomiao also did not believe that she and her sister were uglier than her little aunt when they were young. She felt a little autistic.

Song Ci didn’t coax her daughters. She asked Shen Yubei, “Have you checked this child’s hand?”

“Yes, I’ve checked. Her knuckles are all there, but her flesh has grown together. She can go for surgery after she’s one year old. After the surgery, there won’t be any problems with her hand joints. It’s just that there might be a scar. It won’t look good.”

“That doesn’t matter. It’s a good thing that she can be cured.”

Recalling Di Rongrong’s persistence back then, Shen Yubei couldn’t help but sigh. “It’s all thanks to your Mistress’s insistence that she gave birth to her. Otherwise, we would have missed her.”

“That’s true.”

Shen Yubei took his daughter away from Song Ci’s arms. She was already so old, yet she still had her own child. Shen Yubei was naturally happy. He looked at Han Zhan and said to Han Zhan, “I gave her a few names. Can you help me choose one?”

Han Zhan nodded. “Teacher Shen, please speak.”

Shen Yubei sat beside Han Zhan. He said, “Her mother and I have thought of four names. We can’t decide which is the best. Listen to it.”

“Shen Yuechu, Shen Yuxuan, Shen Huanian, Shen Yiqing.”

Han Zhan felt that it was fine as long as the names were simple. For example, his and Song Ci’s names were easy to remember and remember. The children’s names were also simple and elegant.

Han Zhan had been in the pugilistic world for so many years, and the most exaggerated thing he had ever encountered was the name of that guy, Long Zhize. Perhaps a person with the surname Long wouldn’t be able to suppress that powerful surname even if he didn’t have a weird name.

Han Zhan carefully tasted the four names before saying, “If you want me to name them, I’ll call them Shen Chu and Shen Xuan. It’s simple and easy to remember. It’s catchy. Last winter, I went with Song Ci to take the vaccine for the children. The names of the children in the hospital are all Korean dramas. There’s also a batch of four words. Now, the two words’ name ‘makes people’s eyes light up.”

“Is that so?”

Shen Yubei listened to Han Zhan’s suggestion and was a little tempted. He asked Song Ci again, “Girl, which name do you think is better?”

“Shen Yuechu is not bad. The beginning of the month is the first few days of every month. The beginning of the month is just hope and anticipation. Don’t listen to Han Zhan. Shen Chu is not as nice as Shen Yuechu.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan raised his eyebrows and didn’t refute Song Ci’s opinion.

Shen Yubei nodded and carried the child back to the room. When they returned to the master bedroom, he told Di Rongrong, “Let the child be called Shen Yuechu. Song Ci said that this name sounds nice.”

“I’m fine with anything.”

Hence, the child’s name was decided.

Song Ci saw that the children were yawning. She looked at the time. It was almost ten o’clock. After informing Di Rongrong and Shen Yubei, Song Ci and Han Zhan brought the children home.

They had only been in the car for a few minutes when the twins fell asleep.

When they reached home, it was already very late.

After sending the child back to her room, the two of them returned to their own bedroom. Song Ci lay on her big bed and hummed comfortably. “My own room is more comfortable.”

“Nothing is better than your own dog house. That makes sense.” Han Zhan took off his shirt and was about to take a shower when his phone lit up.

Song Ci opened his phone and saw the message from Aaron. “Aaron sent you a message.”

Han Zhan pulled open his belt and asked her, “What did he say?”

“Aaron said that he’s not coming back tonight and wants to spend the night with his girlfriend.” After saying that, Song Ci raised her head and looked at Han Zhan with a strange expression.

Han Zhan held the belt and played with it on his wrist. He could not help but ask, “He slept with someone and he has to report to me? Does he treat me as his parent?”

Song Ci burst into laughter. “Don’t you care about him like your child?”

That was true.

Upon receiving this message, Han Zhan felt relieved, as if his useless child had finally grown up. After showering and preparing to sleep, Han Zhan received another message from Ah Rang.

Aaron: [Hoff, Yanyan wants to break up with me.]

Han Zhan frowned.


What is going on?

Han Zhan thought about it and came up with the best answer. He sent a message seriously.

Han Zhan: [You shot in a second?]

Aaron was lying on the sofa, gritting his teeth. [Hoff, don’t look down on me.]

Han Zhan: “Then what happened?”

Aaron: [I suddenly feel that Yan Yan is an outstanding lady and that I am not worthy of her. She wants to marry me but I don’t want to marry her. I feel that it is immoral to touch her.]

Seeing this reply, Han Zhan became serious. He asked Aaron: [Do you not want to marry Nan Yan, or do you simply not want to marry?]

Aaron: “I don’t want to get married.”

Han Zhan: [Idiot, after you really fall in love with someone, you can’t wait to lock her by your side and keep an eye on her at all times. You’re unwilling to get married? That doesn’t exist.]

Aaron: [So I don’t love her?]

Han Zhan wondered if this guy had a screw loose in his head. With his personality, if he didn’t love a person, why would he be entangled with the other party for months. He even used the money he earned from his hard work to buy food and drinks for the other party.

For a stingy person like Aaron, he was willing to spend money for someone. This was love.

Han Zhan: [Maybe you just don’t know that you love her.]

Han Zhan looked at the time and felt that it was getting late, so he turned off his phone and went to sleep. Ever since he got married, he rarely had the chance to sleep before 10: 30 pm.

Sleep, sleep. I still have work tomorrow!

The next day.

Early in the morning, Nan Yanyan walked out of the room in her pajamas. She was shocked to see the man lying on the sofa.

Aaron was very alert. The moment Nan Yan opened the door, he opened his eyes.

Nan Yanyan looked at him in shock. “You didn’t go back last night?”

Aaron shook his head. “No.”

Nan Yanyan was surprised. “I thought you left.”

Aaron sat up quickly and put on the coat he had covered himself with. He went into the toilet to wash his face. When he didn’t see any new toothbrush, he squeezed Nanyan’s toothpaste and brushed his teeth with his fingers.

After he was done, Nan Yanyan said, “I bought you a toothbrush yesterday.”

Aaron stared at his finger, which was covered with toothpaste bubbles, with a bitter expression. “Then why didn’t you say so?”

Nan Yanyan replied, “A heartless man like you doesn’t deserve my toothbrush.”

The heartless man lost his confidence.

After they were done washing up, Aaron said, “I know a good breakfast shop near your house. Let’s go have breakfast.”

Nan Yanyan took her bag and followed behind Aaron. She mumbled, “Who wants to have breakfast with you? We broke up.”

Hearing this, Aaron’s face darkened. He turned his head and glared at Nan Yanyan warningly, saying, “I didn’t agree to break up, so it’s not considered breaking up.”

Nan Yanyan sneered.

The two of them walked to the elevator lobby. Seeing that the elevator had stopped, Aaron grabbed Nan Yanyan’s wrist and walked into the elevator. Nan Yanran lowered her head and staggered into the elevator. After she steadied herself, she tidied her hair.

Suddenly, a surprised male voice sounded behind her. “Dagge?”

Dagge was Nan Yanyan’s stage name when she was an esports player.

Nan Yanyan turned around in surprise and saw two boys, one fat and one thin, standing behind her. They were about the same age as Nan Yan, the shorter one was wearing a knitted jacket, the taller one was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt.

Nan Yanyan was stunned for a moment before she called out their names. “Fire, Wiki, long time no see.”

They were still in the team, but had switched to behind the scenes.

Back then, when Dagge retired, those who did not know would think that she was injured because of her hand. Those who knew would know that she was injured because of her feelings.

Ever since she was injured and retired, she had not contacted her former teammates. After two years overseas, she returned to China and became the manager of the AK e-sports club. Now that they had become rivals, she naturally would not contact them in private.

“Dagge, you bought your house here too?” Lin Huo and Wang Kaiwen’s house was here as well. They had just renovated it last year and moved in last month. It had been a month since they moved in, but this was the first time they had met Nan Yanyan.

Nan Yanyan noticed the word ‘also’ and asked them, “Do you live here too?”

“That’s right, me, Frie and Captain, we all live here. Yanyan, do you live on the ninth floor? I live on the 12th floor, Captain 15th, Fier is directly opposite Captain.”

After saying that, Wang Kaiwen realized that he shouldn’t have mentioned the captain in front of Nan Yanyan. However, the words that he had said were like water that had been spilled, and it was hard to take back the water that had been spilled.

When Nan Yanyan heard this, her expression remained the same without any abnormal reaction. Her smile was very shallow as she said politely, “That’s really fate.”

“This is your boyfriend? He’s so handsome!” Lin Huo stared at Aaron’s face and found it familiar. He nudged Wang Kaiwen’s shoulder and asked, “Wiki, do you think Yanyan’s boyfriend looks familiar?”

Wang Kaiwen stared at Aaron’s face as if he had seen him somewhere before.

Aaron sensibly introduced himself. “We’ve met before. I often deliver food to your club. Please visit my business more often in the future.”

After hearing Han Rang’s explanation, Lin Huo slapped his thigh and said, “I was wondering, so it’s you!” The delivery man was handsome and had long been noticed by his team members. Hence, Lin Huo and the rest had an impression of him.

Lin Huo and Wang Kaiwen were going to the underground garage and Aaron and Nan Yanyan alighted at the first floor. When they got out of the elevator, Aaron asked Nan Yanyan sarcastically, “Oh, what a coincidence. You’re staying in the same building as your ex-boyfriend. Are you going to rekindle your feelings after a long time?”

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