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Chapter 354: Aaron Doesn’t Know Love, But He Can Give Nan Yanyan what He Has

Seeing this scene, Song Ci’s expression was blank and Han Zhan was shocked.

They stared at the two children who had been trained by Aaron to be the door gods. For a moment, they did not know whether to scold Aaron or despise the children for being stupid.

After showing off his skills, Aaron pinched the ocean ball and winked at Han Zhan provocatively. “Hoff, look, after you guys left, I raised your children pretty well.”

Han Zhan gritted his teeth. “Thank you then.”

Song Ci quickly accepted that the children were the two door gods. She took out the Spirit Enlightening Fruits she brought back from the Mo Family and stuffed a handful into the palm of Aaron’s hand. She thanked him seriously. “Aaron, it’s been hard on you during this period of time, with your brother and I are not here. If you didn’t accompany these two children, they would definitely be very lonely.”

The children were having fun with Aaron, which meant that Aaron treated them very well. Song Ci was very grateful to anyone who treated her children well.

Aaron squeezed the fruits. “Hmph!” He wanted to see Song Ci and Han Zhan angry. This woman!

Aaron took a bite of the fruit and took two bites. He felt that it tasted good. “This fruit is delicious. What is it called? Where can I buy it?”

Song Ci said, “It’s a specialty product of the Mo family. It’s not for sale. Eat and cherish it.”

Hearing this, Aaron quickly put the other fruits into his pocket. Seeing his small action, Song Ci raised her eyebrows and looked at him with a smile.

After dinner, Song Ci and Han Zhan left the manor with the child and drove to the Shen family to visit Di Rongrong and her daughter.

When the four of them were ready to go, they saw that Aaron had come to the garage as well. Aaron pushed his Harley out of the garage. He put on his safety cap, swept his long legs, and straddled the motorcycle.

Seeing that Aaron was about to drive the motorcycle, Han Miaomiao and Han Junjun clapped their hands and said, “Carriage! Brother Harley!” Ah Rang called his car Brother Harley, and Han Miao and Han Jun both knew that.

Han Zhan stared at the children and Aaron thoughtfully. He had to ask Aaron cautiously, “Ah Rang, you didn’t ride a motorcycle with the children, did you?”

Aaron snorted and said deliberately, “Yes, I tied a carrying pole to the car. I tied a bucket on both sides of the car and a child on each side. I even drove 180 yards!”

Seeing that Aaron was angry, Han Zhan knew that he had wronged him. “Sorry, it’s my fault.” He took a step back with the child in his arms and made way for Aaron. He reminded him, “Drive slowly.”

Aaron sneered. “I am Young Prince Harley of Wangdong City!”

Han Zhan was shocked by this greasy nickname.

After Aaron entered the city, he opened the delivery app. He only received an order from the AK e-sports club at ten o’clock. Aaron went to get supper and milk tea and carried his things to the e-sports building.

He gave the food to this bunch of hungry young men before closing the order software. Then, he carried the remaining takeaway and the hot and sour noodles to the second floor.

Looking at Aaron’s back view, the trainees downstairs started to discuss among themselves—

“I bet that the delivery man and the manager are a couple!”

“I feel that the manager might be chasing after the delivery man. As for whether they got together or not, it’s hard to say.”

The second floor was where the official eSports team members trained. As soon as Aaron appeared, the team members started howling.

“Manager, your little wolfhound is here!”

“Manager! The delivery prince is here to deliver you love!”

When she heard this, Nan Yanyan opened the office door and walked out. She was wearing a loose T-shirt and tight jeans today. Her curly hair was tied into a ponytail and she wore glasses. She held a pen in her mouth and looked sexy and messy.

When she realized that Aaron had been staring at her for a long time, Nan Yanyan quickly took the pen from her mouth and said, “I’ve been quitting smoking recently.” She was addicted to smoking and would feel uncomfortable if she didn’t smoke for a while.

She always wanted to smoke without a pen in her mouth.

After Aaron threw the remaining food to the other team members, he walked towards Nan Yanyan with the hot and sour noodles. He stared at her face and asked, “Why do you want to quit smoking?”

Nan Yanyan replied, “What else other than marrying you and giving birth to children?”

Aaron was shocked.

He pulled Nan Yanyan into the office and threw the hot and sour noodles on the desk. Aaron sat on the desk, his long legs forming a long angle between the desk and the floor.

He looked straight at Nanyan and said, “I don’t want children.” After a pause, he added, “I never thought of getting married before.”

Nan Yanyan was not angry.

After spending a few months together, the most intimate act that Aaron had done to her was merely kissing her lips, touching her cheeks, and holding hands.

He did not dare to touch her, as if he was afraid of something.

Nan Yanyan went to check on Han Zhan and Han Rang’s father and found out that Aaron’s reaction was due to the influence of his birth family. Her heart ached for Aaron, so she wasn’t angry when she heard him say this.

Nan Yanyan walked up to Aaron and touched his grayish-blue eyes. She smiled and asked, “You’ve never thought of getting married before. Then… what about in the future?”

A look of confusion appeared on Aaron’s face. “Currently, I don’t plan to get married.”

Nan Yanyan smiled. “Little friend, that’s because you haven’t tasted my goodness.” She circled her fingers around the back of Aaron’s eyes and teased him. “Why don’t we go to the hotel tonight?”

But Aaron was shaking his head. “I’m not going to the hotel. I’ll either go to my house or yours.”

Nan Yanyan was surprised that Aaron agreed to her suggestion, but she did not understand. “Why can’t we go to a hotel?”

Aaron said righteously, “How can I do that? It’s my first time! How can I give away my first time in a hotel?” said Aaron confidently. His first time was more important than anything else.

Nan Yanyan raised her eyebrows, not knowing what to say.

Actually, she was only teasing Aaron when she said that. But now, Aaron seemed to take it seriously. Nan Yan sized up Aaron. They had been in a relationship for more than four months. If anything were to really happen, it would not seem too fast.

Nan Yanyan said, “When I’m done eating noodles, come back to my house with me.” Nan Yanyan had her own house. It was not big and was about 60 square meters. In this Wangdong City, where every inch of land was worth money, she could buy a house that was about 60 square meters, so she was considered very outstanding.

Aaron said, “My brother gave me a house. It’s a high-quality house. Why don’t you come to my place?” The two of them calmly discussed which house to go to for the first time.

In the end, they decided to go to Nan Yanyan’s house because she had everything.

Thinking about what was going to happen next, Nan Yanyan’s chopsticks could barely hold the hot and sour noodles. She ate half a bowl of hot and sour noodles and was full. Nan Yanyan drank some water and saw Aaron handing her five or six green fruits.

She stared at the fruit she had never seen before and asked Aaron, “What fruit is this?”

“I don’t know. The door gods’ parents are back. Their mother gave this to me. I’ve tasted it. It’s very sweet.” Song Ci gave seven fruits to Aaron. Aaron ate one and gave the remaining six to Nan Yan.

Aaron didn’t know what he was thinking about Nan Yan.

Will I marry Nan Yanyan?

He didn’t know, but he knew that he was willing to leave all the delicious fruits for Nan Yanyan to eat. He was willing to use his money to buy Nan Yanyan food, drinks, and clothes.

Ever since they were kids, Edward had had professionals teach Aaron how to shoot, how to crack a code, how to disguise his identity, how to counter-surveillance… but Edward had never had anyone teach Aaron what love was.

When they heard the door to the manager’s office open, they saw the manager walking out with the little prince of takeaway. The members of the team looked at the two of them ambiguously. “Manager, are you going on a date with the little prince?”

Nan Yanyan smiled. “Go and rest. Don’t stay up too late!”

When they arrived downstairs, Nan Yanyan rushed the young trainees to rest. Then, she got on the Harley-Davidson motorcycle with Aaron and went back to her house.

On the way, they walked into an adult store and stood in front of a dazzling array of products. They had a serious discussion about the performance and smell of the products…

When they returned to Nan Yanyan’s house, Aaron said to Nan Yan, “Go take a shower first. I’m going to send a message to my brother to tell him that I’m not coming home tonight.”

Nan Yanyan was surprised. “I didn’t expect you to be so obedient.”

Aaron: “My brother will be worried if I don’t go home for no reason.” For someone like him, if he didn’t go home at night for no reason, Han Zhan would be worried if he died outside.

After all, he had offended too many people in the past.

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