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Chapter 353: Miaomiao Junjun, Door Gods

The road to the Medicine God Valley Sect was rugged, and the stone stairs were completely built along the mountain. When they went down the mountain, Zhou Wu stared at the steep downhill road, his legs trembling.

He glanced at the tall and imposing figure in front of him and couldn’t help but ask, “Son, why don’t you have a helicopter?”

Zhou Baoguo felt a little helpless. He said, “Dad, why don’t I abandon politics and go to business?” If Zhou Baoguo really wanted to do something, he could really do it.

Zhou Wu hurriedly shook his head. “What’s the point of doing business? Politics is the way to go!” Zhou Wu was born in the Luo Dynasty. In that era where royal power was concentrated, rich businessmen were always lower in rank than high-ranking officials. Those in politics were all nobles.

Compared to making money, Zhou Wu wished that his son could succeed in the election and become a wise ruler like His Majesty.

Zhou Baoguo suddenly unbuttoned his suit jacket and bent down in front of Zhou Wu.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Wu was stunned. He did not understand the significance of Zhou Baoguo’s actions. “What are you doing?”

Zhou Baoguo patted himself on the back. “Come on up, Dad. I’ll carry you.” He couldn’t bear to see Zhou Wu’s legs shake with fear.

He seemed very useless!

Zhou Wu gave Zhou Baoguo a heads-up. “I’m not light.”

“Your son is someone who is going to carry the country. Carrying you is not a problem.” He was no longer the weak boy who could be blown away by a gust of wind.

When he was a child, he was sick and tired after school. It was always Zhou Wu who carried him to and from school. Now it was time for his son to serve his father.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Wu didn’t say anything and just laid on Zhou Baoguo’s back.

Zhou Baoguo carried Zhou Wu and walked down the mountain. He was not a chatterbox, but he patiently told Zhou Baoguo about the trivial matters in his life.

“I have a colleague from Yang City. He is in a political marriage with his wife. The two of them treat each other with respect like strangers. Behind closed doors, they will each play their own game. One day, the two of them went to a private banquet. They did not inform each other and went to meet a new lover. Guess what happened in the end?”

Zhou Wu blinked. “Were they discovered? They fought?”

Zhou Baoguo shook his head and said, “No, when they arrived at the gathering, they realized that their lover was the same person.”

Zhou Wu was dumbfounded. “There’s such a thing? The rich people circle is really messy.”

“This industry is much darker and more twisted than what you’ve seen.” Zhou Baoguo chose ordinary gossip to tell his father about, and there were some darker things that he couldn’t bear to tell Zhou Wu.

“There was also an old man who took a fancy to a 22-year-old actress and planned to keep her. When he was about to take action, he realized that the girl was the granddaughter of his former superior. Because of this, the old man was beaten up by the girl’s grandfather and thrown to the hospital entrance…”

Zhou Baoguo rambled on about many ridiculous things and Zhou Wu listened quietly. When Zhou Baoguo was finished, Zhou Wu asked, “What about you? You haven’t found a girlfriend?”

Zhou Baoguo’s expression froze. “Dad, if we don’t talk about this, we’re still good father and son.”

Zhou Wu chuckled and said, “Your mom and I got engaged when I was 18 and got married when I was 19. Compared to your dad, you really failed.”

This son was good in all aspects. He was handsome and capable. He was eloquent and knew how to handle matters. However, he was not good at one thing. He was born without any love roots.

He was almost 40 years old and had yet to get married. When he was in university, he had dated before but was always dumped by others. Now that he had achieved success and fame, his charm was extraordinary. There were countless women who wanted to get to know him but he did not like any of them.

Zhou Wu was disconsolate. He doubted he’d ever get a grandson.

Being reprimanded by his father, Zhou Baoguo smiled and did not retort.

The stairs down the mountain were really long. Zhou Wu was lying on Zhou Baoguo’s back. He looked back at the building at the top of the mountain and couldn’t help but think of his reincarnation.

When he was Divine Doctor Zhou, because he was blind, it was inconvenient for him to move. He didn’t want to get married, in case he delayed the good girl.

He had adopted three orphans in his life, two men and one woman. Mo Liansheng and Zhou Chuan were boys, and there was a girl called Zhou Zhou.

After escaping from the capital and settling down in Jiangling, Zhou Zhou married a local county magistrate. Zhou Chuan retired and sent Doctor Zhou off. After Doctor Zhou died, he took over Doctor Zhou’s medical center and took over his job.

Only Mo Liansheng, that bastard, cheated his mentor and destroyed his ancestors. He was utterly heartless!

Because Mo Liansheng had betrayed him, he was very hesitant when he met Zhou Baoguo that was begging on the streets.

He did not dare to adopt Zhou Guoguo, because his eyes were filled with unyielding stubbornness and unwillingness to accept his fate. Such a person was most likely to go astray.

Zhou Wu was worried that Zhou Baoguo would become the second Mo Liansheng, so he did not plan to adopt Zhou Baoguo.

Zhou Baoguo was only eight years old at that time. He probably saw that Zhou Wu had plans to take him in, so he spent all his time hanging around the entrance of Zhou Wu’s house.

On rainy days, he would help him collect herbs. On sunny days, he would help him dry the herbs. When Madam Zhou went out to buy groceries, he would quietly follow behind her to protect her.

This lasted for half a year. His sincerity finally moved Zhou Wu, and Zhou Wu adopted him.

That year, Zhou Baoguo was eight and a half years old, and Zhou Wu was only twenty-two. They were supposed to address each other as uncle and nephew, but Zhou Wu liked to be a father, so he asked Zhou Baoguo to call him father.

“Baoguo ah!”

Zhou Baoguo asked, “What’s the matter, Dad?”

“Son, don’t learn from Mo Liansheng. You have to be a gentleman.”

Zhou Baoguo told the truth. “Dad, a real gentleman is not suitable to be an official.” Only a cunning fox could make a name for himself in the political world.

“I mean, don’t become a beast like Mo Liansheng.”

“Dad, don’t worry. I won’t become that kind of person.”

“That’s good.”

After reaching the foot of the mountain, Zhou Baoguo put down his father. He lowered his legs and panted heavily.

Zhou Wu sat down against a tree and said to Zhou Baoguo, “Son, come, sit down and rest.”

Zhou Baoguo’s subordinate was still standing beside him. He would not sit on the ground and rest. Zhou Baoguo leaned against the tree trunk and slowly calmed his breathing.

Suddenly, Zeus Corporation heard the sound of propellers rotating on the plane. He looked up in surprise and saw Zeus International’s private jet.

Knowing that Han Zhan was sitting inside, Zhou Wu hurriedly stood up and watched the private plane leave with reverence.

Zhou Baoguo saw his father’s attitude towards Han Zhan and felt a little jealous. “Dad, don’t show that expression to other people’s son. Your son isn’t bad either.”

Zhou Wu chuckled and said, “Let’s go, let’s go. I’ll go to the capital with you. You must be very busy during the elections. Dad will cook soup for you!”


On the plane, Song Ci and Han Zhan also noticed Zhou Wu below. She was very emotional. “I never thought that Doctor Zhou would be reborn into the 21st century.”

Han Zhan said, “I didn’t expect him to be the father of Zhou Baoguo.”

Song Ci couldn’t help but smile at the mention of the Zhou Baoguo and thought of his face. She said, “Mr. Zhou is quite handsome.” The temperament of Zhou Baoguo was very similar to that of a great man surnamed Zhou in history, so everyone called him Second Generation Zhou.

Han Zhan saw Song Ci’s infatuated look and was a little unhappy. “Why are you so infatuated?”

Song Ci told Han Zhan, “To tell you the truth, I’ve always been into good looks.” Back then, Nangong Xian saw Dugu Jie for the first time at the Greensura Banquet and was captured by his handsome face.

“Your Majesty, if you were a little uglier, I might have already fallen in love with someone else on the battlefield.” However, the men on the battlefield had dark skin and were drenched in the wind and rain. She was not interested at all.

Han Zhan was furious and did not speak.

Song Ci hugged his arm and asked him a question. “Han Zhan, in the letter you sent me last time, there was a portrait of Nangong Xian…”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan’s expression became a little unnatural. His gaze wavered as if he was guilty and embarrassed.

Song Ci looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. She said, “Back then, you admitted that you did many things that went against common sense to my portrait.”

Song Ci suddenly leaned her head close to Han Zhan. She bit his earlobe and asked, “Is it true?”

Han Zhan’s ears turned red. He unbuttoned two buttons under the collar of his shirt and breathed more freely before saying, “Nope.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s playful look, and his body started to feel something. When he saw Song Fei lying on the chair by the aisle and watching a movie, he said to Song Ci ambiguously, “Do you want to experience being on a plane?”

Song Ci gave him a meaningful look.

She threw the pillow on her lap onto the seat and stood up. She walked through the corridor and entered the lounge. Han Zhan sat upright for a moment and followed her in.

Song Fei pursed her lips and subconsciously plugged her earphones into her computer before putting them on. This way, no matter what they did in the lounge, Song Fei’s world would remain calm.

When it was almost dark, the plane finally arrived at Wangshan Airport.

Song Ci said to Song Fei, “Song Fei, let’s go to my place for dinner first. You can sleep at my place tonight after dinner, okay?”

“No.” Song Fei took off his headphones, put on her hoodie, and walked towards the exit with her luggage.

Song Ci followed behind Song Fei. She looked over her shoulder and saw Yan Jiang at the exit waiting area.

It had been several months since they last met, and Yan Jiang’s disposition had changed drastically.

He was wearing a loose black casual suit with a smoky gray silk shirt and a narrow, thin tie around his neck.

His hair had grown long and was styled into a wet hairstyle. He wore silver-rimmed glasses and looked like a refined scum.

However, everyone had to admit that this Yan Jiang had the best looks and no one could compete with him.

Song Fei patted Song Ci’s shoulder and said in a cold tone, “If I don’t eat tonight, I’ll drink lava.”

Song Ci was confused.

Drink lava?

It was rare for the experienced driver to get stuck.

Watching Song Fei walk towards Yan Jiang with her luggage, Song Ci finally understood what it meant to drink larva.

She didn’t dare to think about how Song Fei would drink the lava and how much she would drink tonight.

Song Ci rubbed the goosebumps on her arms and said to Han Zhan who was a few steps behind her, “Han Zhan, hurry up. I’m going home to see my daughters!”

Song Ci hadn’t seen her daughters for a long time and suspected that they had forgotten about her again. Han Zhan quickened his pace and held Song Ci’s hand, sitting in Long Yu’s car with her.

In the airport lobby, Yan Jiang looked at the person who was slowly walking towards him through the pair of transparent lenses.

Song Fei wore a short white sweater and a black high-waisted leather skirt, revealing a pair of slender and well-proportioned legs. He also wore a pair of Chelsea boots, looking cool and suave.

When Song Fei walked closer, Yan Jiang reached out to take the luggage from him, then hugged her and pressed her delicate body into his strong embrace.

“You’re back.” His voice was a little hoarse, and his lazy voice made Song Fei’s ears itch.

Song Fei’s ears turned red in his arms, and he reminded her softly, “We’re at the airport.”

“I’m carrying my wife. I’m not cheating on her. What’s there to be afraid of?”

After being separated for a few months, Yan Jiang missed Song Fei so much that he wanted to go to the Medicine God Valley Sect to look for her.

However, after Song Fei went to the Mo Family, he was bored staying at home alone. Two months ago, he accompanied his teacher from university to study in America.

He had returned to the country a few days ago, and when he got home, he went to see Yan Rufeng. He got someone to clean up the house, and after lunch today, he drove to the airport to wait for Song Fei.

“The car is outside. Come on up.” Yan Jiang placed the luggage in front of him and gestured for Song Fei to sit on it. Song Fei sat on the luggage and crossed her legs as she listened to Yan Jiang.

“I’ve bought the ingredients and prepared them in advance. When I get home later, I’ll just cook them. After dinner, we’ll sleep. I’ll rest tomorrow.”

He raised his hand and boldly rubbed Song Fei’s head, saying to her, “Stay with me tomorrow.”

Song Fei said bluntly, “Make a baby with you?”

Yan Jiang quickly looked around and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that everyone was busy with their own matters and did not particularly care about them.

Yan Jiang laughed and said, “I went to the Ice Dragon Institute to take a look at their artificial uterus technology.”

“Ah Fei, let’s have a child.”

Song Fei raised his head, the back of her head leaning against the back of Yan Jiang’s hand. She looked up at the handsome face above and smiled. “I don’t like raising children.”

Yan Jiang: “I’ll take care of the child.”

Song Fei: “Then okay.”

Yan Jiang had his own savings, and Song Fei had a disciple who was capable and knew how to earn money. She was also a rich woman now. If the two of them wanted to have a child through high-tech technology, their financial capabilities would allow it.

After entering the car, Song Fei was about to put on her seatbelt when Yan Jiang pressed her against the passenger seat and kissed her domineeringly. Song Fei was momentarily stunned before she raised her hand and hugged Yan Jiang’s head, making love with him.

He had almost misfired in the car. Yan Jiang didn’t want to see the headlines of the battle between him and Song Fei on the Wangdong City forum tomorrow. He could only stop himself from wanting to take Song Fei in the car.

When they returned home and faced the table full of ingredients, the two of them tacitly went upstairs. The moment they entered the room, Song Fei pressed Yan Jiang against the door and pulled open the button of his silk shirt that was glowing.

After taking off his clothes, she tugged at Yan Jiang’s tie and pulled his body in front of her. She raised her head and kissed him roughly…

It was hard for a newlywed couple to hold themselves together after a long separation.

Long Yu hadn’t seen Song Ci for a long time. As soon as he saw her, he revealed a surprise to Song Ci. “Madam, I’m no longer single.”

Song Ci: “Hey!”

She sat gracefully in the back seat with a cup of yogurt in her hand. After drinking the yogurt in her mouth, Song Ci leaned forward and asked Long Yu, “Which girl is she?”

“From Wangdong City.”

“What profession?”

Han Zhan answered on behalf of Long Yu, “Female traffic police officer.”

Song Ci was shocked. “Brother Long, you actually found a female traffic police officer! You’re so cool!”

Long Yu chuckled.

On the way back, Long Yu stared at the directions on the navigation that were not crowded and said, “The route ahead might be a little blocked. Let’s take a detour.”

Han Zhan raised his eyebrows and didn’t answer. Song Ci secretly whispered to Han Zhan and asked him, “Is Brother Long’s girlfriend on duty today?”

Han Zhan gave Song Ci a “you’re very smart” look.

Long Yu drove the car to a large circular intersection. From afar, Song Ci saw a female cop in a traffic police uniform standing in the middle of the road.

The girl was wearing black suit pants and a blue shirt with a fluorescent vest over it. She wore a white hat and a black whistle hung around her neck.

The weather began to heat up and the sun was blazing. The girl’s face was covered in sweat.

As she was always under the sun, the girl’s skin was relatively honey-colored, but it could be seen that her facial features were very good. If she took off her uniform and changed into her own private clothes, she would also be a beautiful girl.

Song Ci whistled at Long Yu. “Pretty girl!”

Long Yu’s ears turned slightly red.

He controlled the steering wheel with one hand and took out a bottle of mineral water from the glove box with the other. As the car drove around the circular road, Long Yu quickly opened the window and threw a bottle of water at the girl.

The girl subconsciously caught the water and wanted to thank him. However, when she raised her head and saw Long Yu driving, a gentle and charming smile appeared on her serious face.

Long Yu blushed.

Not to mention Long Yu, even Song Ci was happy to see the girl’s smile. After they left Huan Island Road, Song Ci couldn’t help but laugh.

“Brother Long, you have good taste. That sister is very pretty. How did you meet her?”

Long Yu scratched her nose in embarrassment and said, “We met at the blind date party that Mr. Han organized for us.”

Song Ci was slightly shocked.

“Han Zhan, you’re also a part-time matchmaker?” Song Ci looked at Han Zhan in surprise, thinking that this person was really good at hiding his strength. He was quite good at being a matchmaker.

Thinking of Dugu Jie, Nangong Xian added, “At that time, Dugu Jie loved to give marriages.”

Because he hadn’t married the woman he loved, when Dugu Jie heard that some official had forced his daughter to marry, he was especially disapproving. Then, he threw down an imperial edict to fulfill the dream of a young man and woman.

Therefore, at that time, if one’s feelings were obstructed and wanted to ask for a daughter from an official family who was filled with marriage, they would find a way to make this matter known to the Emperor.

The Son of Heaven loved being a Moon Elder [1. A Moon Elder was the Chinese version of a Cupid]. He could always fulfill their dreams.

Han Zhan’s eyes darkened slightly. He said, “I’ve suffered a lifetime of suffering from being unable to stay with the person I love. Naturally, I want to do more good deeds.”

His kindness had now borne fruit. He finally married the woman he loved and had two healthy and adorable children with her.

When they got home, they saw Miaomiao, who had become rounder, and Junjun, who looked more and more arrogant. Song Ci suddenly burst into tears.

Because of her regret in her previous life, Song Ci was grateful to be ble to have children with Han Zhan in this life, so she got emotional easily.

She hugged her two daughters.

Miaomiao and Junjun were already one and a half years old. Even though they could see their mother’s picture every day and had video-chat with her, their daughters still felt embarrassed to be reunited.

After being hugged by Song Ci, the two little guys pursed their lips in embarrassment and smiled. Then, they felt wronged and started to cry at the same time.

Han Zhan kicked Han Miaomiao’s chubby butt. “You don’t even know how to greet us! Who am I?”

Han Miaomiao covered her butt and looked up at Han Zhan with teary eyes. “Uncle.”

Han Zhan’s face darkened.

Song Ci took pleasure in his misfortune and laughed at him. “This is the result of you not talking to them every time you video call.” Han Zhan had gone to Country D for a mission before. After he came back, he had been recuperating in the hospital and then went to the Mo family.

It had been more than a month since Han Zhan last saw the two children.

Han Zhan asked for it.

Han Jun looked up at Han Zhan and said, “Daddy, it’s Daddy.”

Han Zhan immediately revealed a smile. He bent down and picked Han Junjun up. He scratched her nose and asked, “Did you miss Daddy?”

Han Junjun shook her head honestly. “No!”

Han Zhan’s face turned even darker.

Song Ci watched the fun and laughed happily. She noticed someone walking out of the manor. She looked up and saw Aaron with his hands in the pockets of his work clothes.

Aaron was wearing a long-sleeved shirt with a deep V neckline, and a hat with a concave shape on his head, which was quite eye-catching. He was holding an ocean ball in his hand, and he whistled at Han Miaomiao and Han Junjun. “Hmph! Come here!”

Hearing their uncle’s shout, Han Miaomiao and Han Junjun quickly abandoned Song Ci and her husband, turned around, and ran towards Aaron.

Aaron threw the ocean ball in front of Han Miaomiao. Han Miaomiao lifted her chubby leg and kicked the ocean ball away. She even dubbed her own movements. “Hmph!”

Aaron picked up the ball and threw it in front of Han Junjun.

Han Junjun kicked the ocean ball away and shouted, “Ha!”

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