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Chapter 347: Has She Come Back?

Dugu Jie stared at him for a long time before nodding. He said to Chen Desheng, “It’s getting late. Mr. Mo should be on his way. Desheng, it’s time for us to return to the palace.”

“Your Majesty is right.”

Mo Liansheng held onto his horse and stood by the side of the road. After sending off the emperor’s carriage, he leaned against a birch tree behind him and sat on the ground, his legs weak.

He touched his forehead and broke out in cold sweat. The Son of Heaven was indeed the Son of Heaven. One look was enough to make one’s legs go weak.

Mo Liansheng only felt his tongue go numb, after his beating heart slowly returned to normal. He felt extremely uncomfortable and was already showing signs of being poisoned.

Mo Liansheng thought that the wine given by the Emperor had been poisoned. He thought that he was dead for sure, but after a day and a night, he did not die from the poison.

But he had lost his taste buds and sense of smell!

The Son of Heaven did not intend to take his life, but he had snatched away Mo Liansheng’s greatest talent in smell! The Son of Heaven wanted to show Mo Liansheng his power and let him know the consequences of daring to covet Nangong Xian!

Taking away Mo Liansheng’s sense of smell was equivalent to taking his life!

Even though the Emperor had not taken Mo Liansheng’s life, he had successfully planted a seed of hatred in Mo Liansheng’s heart.

It took Mo Liansheng nearly ten days to reach Sichuan. After another month, he finally found the legendary mysterious Medicine Valley.

The Medicine Valley had a master. The Valley Master was an old witch doctor, who was already old, but he had a twenty-year-old daughter. In this era, women who were still unmarried at the age of twenty were all old girls.

The old witch doctor saw that Mo Liansheng had a delicate and upright appearance and was proficient in medicine, so she intended to betroth her daughter to him. If Mo Liansheng wanted to gain a foothold in Sichuan, taking the old witch doctor’s daughter was the fastest way.

However, when he thought of Nangong Xian, Mo Liansheng felt indignant.

If he couldn’t marry the woman he loved, then he could marry any woman in the world. After some consideration, Mo Liansheng married the old witch doctor’s daughter.

Not long after they got married, Mo Liansheng’s wife got pregnant.

Seeing that his daughter’s stomach was growing bigger by the day, the old witch doctor completely trusted Mo Liansheng and brought him to his library.

After entering the library, the old witch doctor told Mo Liansheng, “This library contains all of the witchcraft Bible that I have accumulated and created throughout my life. I know that you don’t believe in witchcraft, but since witchcraft exists, there must be a reason for it.”

“Since you’ve entered my valley and married my daughter, this library will be yours from now on. You can freely enter and exit this place.”

“Father-in-law is right.”

The old witch doctor had real skills. Mo Liansheng had already studied all of Doctor Zhou’s skills. Now that he had lost his sense of smell, he sincerely wanted to learn the old witch doctor’s skills.

Mo Liansheng spent a month reading all the books in the library. When he flipped through a black book, he was attracted by two shocking blood-red words—

The medicine man.

Medicine man?

Puzzled, Mo Liansheng opened the book and read its contents. The more he read, the more his eyes widened!

It was the fifth winter of the Taiping era. The Taiping Emperor, Dugu Jie, was critically ill and almost passed away. He was saved by Doctor Zhou’s acupuncture.

Although Dugu Jie’s life was saved, his body was indeed not as strong as before. He could only walk in a wheelchair.

On this day, Dugu Jie sat in his wheelchair and personally examined Crown Prince Dugu Sheng’s knowledge and way of governing the country. Just as he finished his examination, he heard Chen Desheng’s hurried footsteps.

Recently, because His Majesty needed to recuperate, the people in the palace walked quietly, afraid that they would disturb the Emperor’s rest. Chen Desheng’s urgent footsteps today meant that something had happened.

Dugu Jie glanced at the Prince and said, “We’ll continue later.”


“Your Majesty, Your Highness.” Chen Desheng walked to Dugu Jie’s side and bowed. “Your Majesty, the Prime Minister requests an audience.”

“What’s the matter?” Dugu Jie was tired and wanted to sleep.

When the Crown Prince Dugu Sheng saw his father’s exhausted expression, he hurriedly stood up and bowed respectfully. “Father, since the prime minister has something to discuss with you, then I will take my leave first.”

Seeing his father’s weak expression, Gudu Sheng’s heart ached for him. He said, “Father, don’t tire yourself out. Rest early. I will come back tomorrow to greet you.”

“Yeah.” At the thought of this, Dugu Jie said, “My son, your master will look for you later. Don’t be too sleepy.”


Dugu Sheng had already taken Nangong Xian as his teacher and was learning martial arts and archery from her.

After Dugu Sheng left, Chen Desheng told Dugu Jie impatiently, “Your Majesty, the Prime Minister has brought good news for you.”

Dugu Jie waved weakly. “Let him in.”

The prime minister walked in quickly. He was about to kneel down to Dugu Jie when he heard Dugu Jie say, “Prime Minister, there’s no need for formalities.”

The prime minister stood up and bowed.

“Chen Desheng, give the prime minister a seat.”

Chen Desheng gave a look and a eunuch brought a chair for the prime minister. After the prime minister sat down, he couldn’t wait to tell Dugu Jie, “Your Majesty, I’ve heard some good news recently.”


“I’ve heard that a strange beast has appeared at the border of Sichuan. This strange beast’s blood can purify medicine and increase its medicinal effects. Its flesh and blood can allow people with tuberculosis to recover and its heart can revive the dead!”

Upon hearing this, Dugu Jie’s eyes lit up. “Reviving the dead…” Dugu Jie frowned slightly and asked,” What kind of mythical beast? ”

“Nameless, I’ve only heard that strange beasts are very rare and have appeared in Sichuan before. Your Majesty, according to my humble opinion, Your Majesty can send people to Sichuan to look for strange beasts! Your Majesty will definitely be able to find them!”

Dugu Jie pondered for a moment before saying, “Let me think about it.”

Dugu Jie did not believe the prime minister’s words easily. He secretly sent people to Sichuan and other places to inquire about it for a few days. He only believed it after knowing that the legend of strange beasts was widely spread in Sichuan.

That winter, Dugu Jie sent four teams to Sichuan to search for the strange beast, but they never found it.

]After spring, hundreds of flowers bloomed. However, Dugu Jie’s illness worsened.

On this day, after Nangong Xian finished teaching Dugu Sheng the martial arts course, she went to the palace to meet him. Seeing Dugu Jie hiding in his bedroom and coughing blood, she felt as if a knife was twisted in her heart.

After secretly leaving the palace, Nangong Xian went straight to the prime minister’s residence. He met the current prime minister and asked him about the Sichuan miracle beast.

The prime minister said, “This matter is most likely true. As far as I know, His Majesty has already sent people to secretly investigate. If it’s fake, His Majesty won’t send people to search for it.”

Nangong Xian also felt that the prime minister’s analysis was correct.

After leaving the prime minister mansion, Nangong Xian did not greet anyone. She brought her Sun Chasing Arrow and her most trusted subordinate, Ling Xiao, and went to Sichuan alone.

Almost on the same morning that Nangong Xian and Ling Xiao left the capital, the prime minister learned of this news. Upon learning that Nangong Xian had really gone to Sichuan, the prime minister smiled slyly.

“General, General, you are really loyal to His Majesty!” It was a pity that as the General-in-Chief, she should not protect the country and also seize His Majesty!

If she were to occupy His Majesty alone, where would she put the vast harem? Where would she put the empress!

Nangong Xian was completely unaware that she had stepped into a trap with no way out.

She and Ling Xiao traveled through the wind and rain, and it only took them five days to reach Sichuan. Ling Xiao had already ordered his subordinates to investigate Mo Liansheng’s residence. When they reached Sichuan, Ling Xiao led Nangong Xian to the Medicine Valley.

When they arrived at Medicine Valley, Mo Liansheng was picking herbs in the field. Medicine Valley was high up in the sea, it was already spring, and a thin layer of snow could still be seen in the valley.

Mo Liansheng was dressed in a greenish-gray robe and had a fur scarf around his neck to ward off the cold. His nose was slightly red from the cold. He used a small hoe to carefully dig up a medicinal herb. When he heard the sound of horse hooves, Mo Liansheng raised his head and looked in the direction of the sound of horse hooves. He saw Nangong Xian, who was dressed in a fiery red dress, sitting on a fierce horse. She had the Sun Chasing Arrow on her shoulder and was looking down at him from above.

Mo Liansheng threw down the herbs in his hands in shock and hurriedly walked to the edge of the field to kowtow to Nangong Xian. “I didn’t know that the Great General was coming, I failed to welcome you!”

“Liansheng, there’s no need to stand on ceremony. I came uninvited and disturbed the peace in the valley.”

Mo Liansheng stared intently at Nangong Xian for a while before saying, “General, I didn’t know that you would come. I didn’t prepare a banquet. Please follow me into the valley, General. I’ll get my wife to cook a few dishes and boil two pots of warm wine to warm up General and the spirit guard!”

Hearing this, Nangong Xian revealed a surprised expression. “Liansheng, you’re already married?”

Mo Liansheng felt extremely bitter in his heart, but he still had a smile on his face. He smiled embarrassedly and said, “I have been married for half a year. My humble wife is the daughter of the Valley Master and is also a doctor.”


When Nangong Xian saw that Mo Liansheng was already married and thought that he had finally let go of her, she could not help but heave a sigh of relief. When Ling Xiao heard this news, he was also somewhat delighted. Now that His Majesty had one less love rival, he should be relieved.

After returning to the valley, Nangong Xian saw that Mo Liansheng’s wife was pregnant and had a superior appearance. Nangong Xian teased Mo Liansheng, “I’ve long heard that Sichuan produces beautiful women. Now that I’ve met Madam Mo, I believe you.”

Upon hearing this, Madam Mo lowered her head, her face flushed red and her ears were red.

“How many months have you been pregnant?”

Madam Mo replied, “In reply to the Great General, the child is already four months old.”

“She’ll be a smart and healthy child.”

After the meal, Madam Mo and the old Valley Master left. After they left, Nangong Xian told Mo Liansheng the purpose of their trip. “Liansheng, His Majesty is getting weaker by the day. I’m afraid he won’t have much time left…”

Nangong Xian lowered her gaze and looked at the bowl of wine in front of her. She paused for a moment before continuing, “I heard that there is a strange beast in Sichuan that can revive the dead with its heart. That’s not true, is it?”

“To be honest, the moment I saw the Great General, I guessed the purpose of the Great General’s visit to Sichuan.” Mo Liansheng picked up a peanut with his chopsticks and threw it into his mouth. He said, “Strange beasts do exist. As for whether the medicinal effects are as effective as the rumors say, I’m not sure.”

Nangong Xian was overjoyed upon hearing that there was really such a strange beast. “Then do you know where that strange beast lives?”

Mo Liansheng: “Speaking of this strange beast, I do know some information, but I don’t know if it’s accurate or not.”

Ling Xiao hurriedly asked Mo Liansheng, “Liansheng, what do you know?”

Mo Liansheng said, “I heard that the last time that strange beast appeared was on the shore of a lake 100 kilometers away. When it was seen by others, it was drinking water by the lake. Everyone guessed that it might be living in that lake.”

Upon hearing that, Ling Xiao said, “Then let’s go look for that lake tomorrow. Perhaps that strange beast is still hiding in the lake.” They could only bet that they were lucky and that the Son of Heaven’s life would not end so soon!

When Mo Liansheng met Nangong Xian’s gaze, he put down his chopsticks and said in a low voice, “That’s fine too. In that case, General should rest early tonight. Tomorrow morning, we’ll set off to look for strange beasts.”


The next day, Mo Liansheng bade farewell to his pregnant wife and headed towards the lake with Nangong Xian and Ling Xiao.

On the way, the three of them recalled their days in the military camp and felt emotional. Ling Xiao said, “Now that the world is peaceful, thinking about those brothers who died on the battlefield makes me feel very upset.”

Mo Liansheng also had a sad expression on his face. “It’s because I’m useless. Without three heads and six arms, I can’t save more brothers.”

Nangong Xian sat on her black horse and plucked a nameless flower from the tree. She played with it in her hands. When she heard the emotional sighs of the two, she said, “War has always been cruel. Since ancient times, when kings wage war, the people suffer. Who isn’t their parents’ child?”

Nangong Xian was brave and good at fighting, but she did not like war. She hated war more than anyone else.

Placing the flower beside her ear, Nangong Xian untied the water bottle on the horse’s back and took a sip. She let out a long sigh and said, “May this flourishing era last forever and there be no more battles!”

Ling Xiao said, “Well said, General!”

The three of them were riding ordinary mounts, and the horses needed rest as well. They could not run day and night.

At night, the three of them set up a tent at the foot of the lake to rest. Sitting by the bonfire, Mo Liansheng poured a bowl of wine for Nangong Xian and Ling Xiao. “It’s cold in the mountains. General, guards, drink this wine to warm up. This wine was brewed by my father-in-law. It can relieve fatigue.”

Nangong Xian, Ling Xiao, and Mo Liansheng were close friends. They took the wine bowl from Mo Liansheng and downed it without hesitation.

After drinking a bowl of wine, she felt warm all over.

After resting for a night, the three of them rode their horses up the mountain the next morning.

At about fifteen minutes, they finally arrived at the lake.

The lake before them was clear and green. At a glance, it looked like a green gem embedded in the middle of a mountain.

This lake had a moving name. It was called Tears of Beauty. It was rumored that a lady named Ah Ling found out that her husband had died in battle and knelt here to cry. Thus, this lake of Tears of Beauty was born.

The three of them supported themselves on the small bed and searched for traces of strange beasts on the lake. After searching for more than two hours, they still couldn’t find any traces of strange beasts.

Mo Liansheng looked up at the blazing sun above his head and thought that it was about time for the poison to take effect, so he said, “Perhaps that strange beast is hiding under the water and peeping at us. Guard Ling, you have the best water attribute. Do you want to go down and take a look?”

Ling Xiao felt that Mo Liansheng’s consideration was right. He removed his outerwear and sword, held his breath, and dived into the water.

The water was also very clear and could be seen dozens of meters away with the naked eye. Ling Xiao held his breath and swam in the water for a while, preparing to return to the surface to take a breather.

However, at this moment, Ling Xiao’s heart started to ache.

Ling Xiao realized that something was wrong and wanted to swim faster out of the water. However, he only swam for three to four meters before his heart ached terribly.

Ling Xiao was burning with anxiety as he realized that he might die in this lake. He struggled a few times with all his might, but he was more than twenty meters deep in the water. There was no ripple at all.

Nangong Xian stared at the lake surface that was shaking slightly. She said, “Why isn’t Ling Xiao up yet?”

Mo Liansheng said, “Guard Ling is the most adept at water. He can often stay in the water for more than an hour. General, you don’t have to worry.”

Nangong Xian looked at the swaying water in front of her and felt uneasy.

“No, I have to go take a look!”

Although Ling Xiao had good water abilities and could last for more than a minute in the water, he was not on a mission right now. There was no need for Ling Xiao to work so hard.

“Liansheng, you’re not good with water. Sit on the boat. I’ll go down and investigate!”

Mo Liansheng looked at her deeply before nodding and reminding her, “General, be careful. The waters are deep.”


Nangong Xian jumped into the water and swam for more than twenty meters, but she did not see Ling Xiao. Nangong Xian felt that something was amiss as she continued diving. After diving for another ten meters, she finally saw Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao was already dead. His body was floating at the bottom of the water, slowly floating upwards!

Nangong Xian was shocked. She hurriedly swam to Ling Xiao’s side and pulled Ling Xiao’s ankle as she swam upwards.

Nangong Xian’s water nature was ordinary. If she had to drag a man who weighed a hundred and sixty kilograms into the water to swim, it would take her life.

Nangong Xian swam to the surface with all her might and spat out the water in her throat. She anxiously shouted to Mo Liansheng, “Liansheng, quick, Ling Xiao is drowning. See if you can save him…”

Nangong Xian turned to look at Mo Liansheng as she spoke. When she saw Mo Liansheng’s expression, Nangong Xian was stunned and forgot what she wanted to say.

“Liansheng, you—”

Mo Liansheng used all his strength to pull apart all of Nangong Xian’s arrows. The sharp arrows on the bow were aimed at her!

“Mo Liansheng, what are you doing!”

Nangong Xian’s gaze turned cold. Even though she was in a sorry state, her majestic aura still made Mo Lian fearful!

Mo Liansheng was not as strong as Nangong Xian. He had already used all his strength to pull the Chasing Sun Arrow away.

Mo Liansheng’s arms trembled as he aimed at Nangong Xian. His eyes were red as he roared softly, “Nangong Xian, are you stupid! There’s no such thing as a mystical beast in this world! You’re a mystical beast! I’m going to dig out your heart and refine it into medicine to save your sweetheart!”

Nangong Xian frowned as she looked at the crazy Mo Liansheng. She couldn’t help but ask, “Can my heart save His Majesty?”

Mo Liansheng’s expression became twisted. “Of course! You’re a medicine man! You were born with a medicinal fragrance and are a treasure of heaven and earth. Your entire body is a divine medicine for saving lives!”

These were all things he had read from his father-in-law’s shaman book. The book said that medicine men were people who had taken special medicinal herbs since they were born. The biggest difference between medicine men and ordinary people was that their bodies carried a strange medicinal fragrance.

This medicinal fragrance was something that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to detect. Only those who studied medicine and were extremely sensitive to medicinal ingredients would be able to detect it.

Mo Liansheng, on the other hand, was a medical genius. He had a sense of smell that far surpassed other doctors.

Twelve years ago, when he first met Nangong Xian at the Northern Wilderness Mountain, Mo Liansheng discovered the medicinal fragrance on her body.

However, he had always thought that it was only the fragrance of Nangong Xian’s body. It was only when he saw his father-in-law’s witchcraft book and recalled that Nangong Xian had once taken the pregnancy stabilizing medicine that Divine Doctor Zhou prescribed in her mother’s womb that Mo Liansheng boldly guessed that Nangong Xian was the legendary genius treasure—

Medicine man!

Didn’t Nangong Xian like Dugu Jie?

Didn’t Dugu Jie want me dead? Didn’t he take away my taste buds and sense of smell? Since that was the case, I would make Dugu Jie’s life a living hell!

What could be more painful than being tricked into taking the heart of the person you love!

“Nangong Xian, you will forever be one with your sweetheart. Your good Majesty will forever be one with you. Shouldn’t you be thanking me?”

Mo Liansheng had gone crazy.

Mo Liansheng had been preparing for this day for months!

From the day he intentionally got people to spread the news that there were strange beasts in Sichuan, to the day he secretly contacted the Prime Minister, Mo Liansheng had no way to turn back!

He thought of the relationship between Nangong Xian and the Son of Heaven. He thought of the humiliation the Son of Heaven had given him and gritted his teeth in hatred!

Nangong Xian was a smart person. She immediately understood everything after hearing Mo Liansheng’s words.

It turned out that the so-called strange beasts in Sichuan were just a trap set up by Mo Liansheng. He had deliberately tricked her into coming here so that he could kill her and use her heart to deceive His Majesty!

“Mo Liansheng, you’re deceiving His Majesty by doing this! Aren’t you afraid of being punished by the heavens?!”

“The wrath of heaven?” Mo Liansheng teared up. He questioned Nangong Xian crazily, “Dugu Jie poisoned me and stole my sense of smell and taste! He stole you, whom I’ve loved for so many years, as well as the talent I’m proud of. I’ve long tasted the wrath of heaven!”

“Now, it’s time for Dugu Jie to have a taste of heartache!”

Mo Liansheng tightened his grip on the arrow in his hand and narrowed his eyes as he aimed it at Nangong Xian. With tears streaming down his face, he said, “Grand General! I’m sorry! Twelve years ago, you shouldn’t have saved me from the wolves!”

Wolves were not scary, but an ingrate like him was!

Mo Liansheng released his right hand as the red arrow whistled towards Nangong Xian! The distance was too close and Nangong Xian had nowhere to hide. Her chest was pierced by the arrow!


Nangong Xian was knocked into the lake by the might of the arrow.

She saw blood gushing out of the wound, staining the water that should have been clear in her vision. Nangong Xian pulled the arrow away and struggled to swim to the surface. She leaned weakly against Ling Xiao’s corpse and stared at the man on the ship with hatred in her eyes.

“Mo Liansheng!”

Nangong Xian bit off the blood on her fingertip and raised three fingers to swear a blood oath!

“Mo Liansheng, I curse you to die a horrible death! Not only you, your children, your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren… none of them will live past twenty-five years old!”

Seeing Mo Liansheng’s stiff expression, Nangong Xian’s lips twitched. She then said, “Do you want your child to live? Fine, let them kill you! Only if you die can your child live!”

If he dared to scheme against me, how could I let him off?

After saying those words, Nangong Xian closed her eyes with hatred.

Before she died, Mo Liansheng grabbed her body and pulled her onto the boat…

Half a month later.


Dugu Jie was bedridden and in critical condition. He had already written his will.

Doctor Zhou and the imperial physicians all knelt on both sides of the bedchambers. The crown prince and the concubines also rushed to the emperor’s bedchambers and knelt on the ground.

On this night, the lights in the Imperial Palace were brightly lit. On Chang’an Street outside the Imperial Palace, countless commoners stood at the entrance of their homes holding prayer lamps. They gazed in the direction of the Imperial Palace as they chanted the scriptures of blessing.

The Taiping Emperor was a wise ruler. In the years he had been in power, the Luo Dynasty had been through many storms, but they had never been defeated! Under the Taiping Emperor’s philosophy of governing the country, the citizens of the country lived and worked happily, and the capital was even able to stay out of the household at night.

They all wanted the Taiping Emperor to live!

Live well!

They hoped that the Taiping Emperor would continue to govern the Luo Dynasty and lead it to live a truly peaceful and prosperous life!

In the emperor’s chamber.

Dugu Jie tapped his fingers on the side of the bed. Due to his weak body, his movements looked very soft. Fortunately, Chen Desheng was very meticulous and noticed it.

Chen Desheng hurried over and asked with tears in his eyes, “Your Majesty, what do you want to say?”

Dugu Jie opened his eyes and looked around weakly. He didn’t see the shadow of the woman in front of the dragon bed and didn’t want to take his last breath. “Is, is she back?”

Hearing this, Chen Desheng could not help but wipe his tears. “Your Majesty, please hold on for a while longer. The Great General will be back soon! The Great General has already found the strange beast. Doctor Mo will soon bring you the life-saving medicine. Your Majesty, you must hold on!”

The news of Great General Nan Gong finding the strange beast had long been sent back to the capital. Now, everyone was hoping for Doctor Mo to arrive earlier. However, no one dared to tell His Majesty about Great General Nangong’s death.

They were araid that His Highness would think of committing suicide after hearing this news and immediately follow General Nangong…

Upon hearing this, Dugu Jie’s eyes shone with a light of survival. “I, I want to wait for her!” Without looking at the woman for the last time, he would die with a remaining grievance!

Chen Desheng coaxed Dugu Jie and said fiercely, “Yes, Your Majesty must wait for Great General Nangong to come. If she doesn’t come, Your Majesty will punish her when you recover!”

At that moment, a eunuch outside the palace shouted, “Doctor Mo is here!”

Hearing that, Chen Desheng was overjoyed.

The men and women kneeling on the ground were all overjoyed. Crown Prince Dugu Sheng stood up excitedly and turned to welcome them.

Ten seconds later, Dugu Sheng and Mo Liansheng walked in together.

“Mr. Mo, hurry up. Father is waiting for your medicine!”

In order to race against time, Mo Liansheng ran into the bedroom.

He walked to the dragon bed and knelt down. Mo Liansheng said respectfully, “I greet Your Majesty. Your Majesty, the Rejuvenation Pill has been successfully refined. Please take it!”

“Ah! Mr. Mo, you’re finally here. We’ve been waiting for you!” Chen Desheng hurriedly opened the box and examined the pills inside.

The moment the box was opened, a strange medicinal fragrance spread throughout the entire palace! Smelling this medicinal fragrance, everyone’s spirits were lifted!

Doctor Zhou knelt on the ground and lifted his head when he smelled the fragrance of the medicine. He couldn’t see anything, but he knew where Mo Liansheng was. Doctor Zhou faced the direction of the dragon bed and couldn’t help but curl his nose.

This smell…

Doctor Zhou felt that this smell was very familiar, as if he had smelled it somewhere before.

Where did I smell it?

Doctor Zhou couldn’t remember.

As time was tight, Chen Desheng did not even have time to examine the medicine. He used a handkerchief to pick up the pill and fed it to His Majesty.

As the pill was stuffed into his mouth, Dugu Jie tasted a hint of sweetness. That sweet taste should be honey. It was obviously very sweet, but it couldn’t suppress the smell of blood that came with the pill.

Dugu Jie felt disgusted and wanted to vomit.

He held up his hands, his voice a blur. “Let go. Let me throw up…”

“Your Majesty, please take this medicine. This is a miracle medicine that can save lives!”

Dugu Jie also knew that this was a miracle medicine that could save lives, but he felt a strong sense of resistance.

I can’t take this medicine!

Tears welled up in Chen Desheng’s eyes as he begged Dugu Jie. “Your Majesty, please drink this medicine. Drink it!” Chen Desheng pressed Dugu Jie’s lips tightly as he watched Dugu Jie gulp down the medicine before letting go.

Mo Liansheng knelt by the bed, holding the medicine box with both hands. He watched as the Son of Heaven swallowed the Rejuvenation Pill in the end, and the corners of his lips curled up into a strange smile.

After drinking the Rejuvenation Pill, His Majesty’s breathing became calmer and his face became visibly rosy.

Seeing this, Chen Desheng was overjoyed and so was the Crown Prince.

“We’re saved! Father is saved!”

Everyone in the palace heaved a sigh of relief.

Mo Liansheng walked out of the bedroom and exchanged glances with the Prime Minister, who was waiting outside the door. Both of their gazes were unfathomable.

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