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Chapter 346: Put On Your Clothes, Then Let’s Talk

Eunuch Chen Desheng was an old man who had watched Dugu Jie grow up. When Dugu Jie was still the Seventh Prince, Chen Desheng had accompanied Dugu Jie. He was Dugu Jie’s most trusted eunuch.

Chen Desheng had always been by Dugu Jie’s side. He knew very well how his master felt about the Northern Protector General, Nangong Xian.

He had also guessed what would happen in the chamber later.

The eunuch sighed and could only bring Nangong Xian in.

Nangong Xian followed the eunuch into the chamber. She stood in the bright yellow palace, feeling a little uneasy. It was difficult for anyone to remain calm in front of the Son of Heaven. Even Nangong Xian, who was used to killing, felt her heart palpitate.

Eunuch Chen Desheng said, “General Nangong, His Majesty is waiting for you inside. I will take my leave first.” With that, Chen Desheng quietly left.

When Nangong Xian heard the sound of the door closing behind her, she was alarmed. She could not help but recall the night she almost lost her virginity two years ago. She clenched her fists and hesitated for a moment between turning around and staying. In the end, she decided to stay.

The curtain in front was suddenly pulled open.

Nangong Xian raised her head and saw Dugu Jie walking out from inside. The slender man was only wearing a black sleeping robe, revealing his fair chest. He was not wearing a crown, and his hair was disheveled. He only had a black wooden hairpin stuck on his head.

Leaning against the pillar, Dugu Jie crossed his arms and sized up Nangong Xian.

She was dressed in her regular clothes and was dressed like a man. Her face was a little rough due to the weather at the border, but her facial features were still beautiful and bright. Looking at her skin, Dugu Jie’s heart ached at the thought of those women in the harem who had such delicate skin.

After sorting out his emotions, he pretended to be puzzled and asked, “Little General Nangong, it’s lunchtime now. Why are you looking for me?” As he spoke, Dugu Jie’s sickly white face had a pair of bewitching and alluring red lips.

Nangong Xian stared at His Majesty’s alluring chest and said with a frown, “Your Majesty, can you dress properly?”

Wear what? I’ll have to take them all off later anyway.

Dugu Jie opened his arms and lifted his chin slightly. His expression was arrogant and half-smiling as he deliberately humiliated her. “Why don’t you help me?” He stretched out his arms, and the belt, which was already unbuckled, fell to the ground.

The robe parted to reveal Dugu Jie’s sacred body.

When Nangong Xian saw something she shouldn’t have seen, her pretty face turned red. She struggled on the spot for a few seconds before sighing silently. Then, she slowly walked over to Dugu Jie.

She bent down and picked up the belt that had fallen to the ground. She passed the belt through Dugu Jie’s narrow waist and tied a knot on his abdomen. Then, she raised her hands and tidied Dugu Jie’s sleeping robe.

At this moment, Dugu Jie suddenly grabbed Nangong Xian’s wrists. His hot breath landed on her eyes. “Northern Protector General, are you really going to help me put on my clothes?”

Nangong Xian stared at the white chest in front of her. Her breathing rose and fell without a word. She knew that since she was here today, she had to leave something behind before she could leave.

Seeing that Nangong Xian was silent, Dugu Jie laughed out of anger. “Nangong Xian, you’re walking right into a trap!” With that, Dugu Jie pulled her into the bedroom and threw her onto the dragon couch.

Nangong Xian was lying on the royal bed. She knew that she must be the first woman lying on Dugu Jie’s bed.

Dugu Jie leaned over and pinned her down. His fingers held up a strand of her hair as he asked her, “Actually, you know that once you enter this bedroom today, you won’t be able to leave completely, right?”

Nangong Xian closed her eyes and nodded in resignation. “Yes.”

Dugu Jie kissed her forehead and asked gently, “You’re not going to persuade me? Persuade me to be a wise ruler and persuade me to let you go?”

However, Nangong Xian grabbed the thin layer of clothes on his shoulder and whispered, “Your Majesty, I beg of you. Although I… I’m also afraid.”

Dugu Jie was stunned for a moment. His dark eyes were filled with pain. He asked pitifully, “Since you’re afraid, can’t you just stay by my side? How painful would it be to be surrounded by swords and knives? Would the battlefield be as comfortable as my arms?”

“Your Majesty, I want to guard the great rivers and mountains of the Luo Dynasty for you.” The Great General of the Luo Dynasty had already retired. Although there were many generals, none of them could create Nangong Jue’s glory.

Only Nangong Xian was the most anticipated general. She had promised His Majesty that she would love him for the rest of her life!

Dugu Jie punched the pillow and lowered his head to kiss her fiercely.

Dugu Jie locked Nangong Xian’s hands so that she had nowhere to run. The way he kissed her was extremely domineering, but when he had her, he was filled with patience and was exceptionally gentle.

When the sky was about to turn dark, the eunuch brought the servants into the bedroom with hot water. When he saw the black hair on the yellow quilt, he thought to himself, As expected, the worst thing happened!

Dugu Jie sat by the bed with his clothes draped over his shoulders. There were some messy and shallow finger marks on his body. Chen Desheng didn’t dare to look at him anymore. He lowered his head and stood by the bed.

“Keep an eye on her. If she wakes up and wants to leave, let her go.”

“As you command.”

Dugu Jie took a shower and changed his clothes. However, he said to Chen Desheng, “Don’t wash the bedsheets. Just leave them in my bedroom.”

Chen Desheng: “I understand.”

Dugu Jie was going to meet the envoy from another country that night. When he returned to his bedroom after the banquet, Nangong Xian had already left without a word. The bedsheets had been changed into new ones, and the previous ones were neatly folded and placed on the bed.

Dugu Jie put the used bedsheets into the cabinet before lying down on the bed.

Sensing that there was something strange under the pillow, Dugu Jie removed the pillow and found a phoenix hairpin hidden under it.

He picked up the hairpin and touched it gently. Then, he hid it back under the pillow. For the rest of his life, day and night, as long as Dugu Jie slept, the hairpin would be in his hands.

The next day, Nangong Xian woke up and missed the morning court assembly. She woke up and sat by the bed. She called Ying’er to fetch water and wash her face.

Ying’er walked into the room with a basin of water. As she wrung the towel dry, she asked, “Miss, what did you do yesterday? Why are you so tired?”

It was rare for her to see her mistress sleeping so soundly. She slept to dawn the next day.

Nangong Xian did not explain in detail. She put on her clothes and asked, “I missed the morning court assembly. Did you apply for leave?”

“I’ve already asked someone to apply for leave for you.”


Taking the towel from Ying’er and washing her face, Nangong Xian heard Ying’er’s gossipy tone, “Miss, you did not attend the morning court assembly today, you missed out on a big piece of news.”

Nangong Xian returned the towel to Ying’er. Feeling the discomfort in her body, she frowned and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“His Majesty has made Consort De his queen!”

Consort De was the daughter of the prime minister, the Crown Prince Consort of Dugu Jie, Zheng Yue’e.

Nangong Xian was stunned for a moment before she smiled and said, “That’s good. Now, no one will say anything bad about His Majesty anymore.”

“I heard rumors that His Majesty never slept with the Crown Prince Consort when he was still the master of the Eastern Palace. It’s said that after His Majesty ascended to the throne, the concubines all had a master, and he never slept in the harem. Thus, these harem bridesmaids only have one noble title.”

“It’s a good thing that you didn’t marry into the Eastern Palace back then. If you did, it would have been hard on you for the rest of your life.” A woman couldn’t be favored by a man for the rest of her life. How wronged would that be?

Ying’er also knew that there was no one else here, in addition to her close relationship with Nangong Xian, that was why she dared to say such disgraceful words.

She did not know if His Majesty was impotent or if there was another reason.

Nangong Xian wanted to tell Ying’er that His Majesty was actually very capable. Her body was still sore and weak.

Three days later, Nangong Xian returned to the border of the Northern Region. She was always in a daze on the way. Mo Liansheng asked her, “General, is there something on your mind?”

There was a reason for Nangong Xian’s restlessness these past few days. She could not forget what happened that afternoon. When no one was around, Nangong Xian called Mo Liansheng over and asked, “Can you give me a pair of birth control pills?”

Mo Liansheng was shocked.

“General, you!” Mo Liansheng stared intently at Nangong Xian.

The general had lost her virginity!

Mo Liansheng’s heart ached and his face turned pale. “General, who was the one who took advantage of you?” Mo Liansheng didn’t think that the General would hand herself over to a man.

However, Nangong Xian said, “It’s not what you think. Give me a pair of birth control pills to ensure that I won’t get pregnant.” Nangong Xian absolutely could not get pregnant.

It was not what I thought. The general was willing!

Mo Liansheng’s heart ached. Who was that man? How could he have won the General’s heart? The General had slept with him even though she wasn’t married!

How much did she love him!

Mo Liansheng didn’t dare to let Nangong Xian notice his abnormality. He put on a normal expression and asked Nangong Xian, “How many days has it been? General, you have to tell me so that I can concoct medicine.”

Nangong Xian did not know medicine, so she answered honestly, “Three days.”

Three days!

Who had the general met three days ago?

“Alright, I understand.”

Mo Liansheng followed Nangong Xian’s instructions and prescribed her with a set of birth control pills. After three consecutive days of taking birth control pills, Nangong Xian finally relaxed.

For a period of time after that, Mo Liansheng had been wondering who the man who had stolen the general’s heart was.

Until one day, Mo Liansheng realized that the general was staring at the Chasing Sun Arrows in a daze. Her gaze was filled with longing and adoration. It was only then that Mo Liansheng realized that the general was probably thinking about the owner of the Chasing Sun Arrows, Dugu Jie!

This realization made Mo Liansheng despair.

The general actually had feelings for His Majesty!

If that was the case, why did they cancel the engagement back then?

Mo Liansheng was in pain. I loved the General, but the General didn’t care about me. As for the Son of Heaven, he had a backyard filled with concubines.. What right did he have to be admired by the General?

Mo Liansheng was extremely jealous!

However, he came from a humble background and was not worthy of General Nangong, let alone compete with the current emperor for love! Who in the Luo Dynasty’s territory and citizens did not belong to the emperor? Whoever the emperor wanted could be obtained by name. He was definitely not a match for the emperor!

Mo Liansheng’s heart was in agony. On the way back to the Northern Region, he became quiet.

Northern Protector General Nangong Xian had guarded the northern territories for many years. There were constant wars of all sizes, but Bandit Rong Di had never gained any benefits from the Luo Dynasty.

In the midsummer of the four years of peace, the three countries of Qiang, Jiang, and Chen in the north had been suppressed and beaten by Nangong Xian for many years. They had secretly built an allied army of 160,000 soldiers and launched an attack on the Luo Dynasty.

Nangong Xian was furious. She ordered her 12 cavalrymen to lead 100,000 elite troops to form the “Chasing Sun Army” and fight against the allied forces. She changed her name to Bobona and transformed into a dancer to infiltrate Qiang Kingdom’s capital.

In the spring of the fifth year of Taiping, the emperors of Qiang, Jiang, and Chen Kingdom gathered in the capital of Qiang Kingdom, Spirit City, to discuss the great matter of conquering the Luo Dynasty.


The King of the Chen Kingdom, Zhou Kan, stared at the masked woman on the stage. His eyes lit up when he saw her black hair cascading down her back like a waterfall and her eyes as bright as stars.

The king of Qiang Kingdom stroked his beard and laughed. “No, no. This woman is our country’s famous dancer, Bobona!”

“So it’s her!”

Bobona was dressed in a red halter top and was performing a flying dance. Her dance was full of energy, but her movements were light. As she danced, her immortal aura floated around her. It was unforgettable.

Amidst the immortal music, Bobona stepped on the drum and flew into the air. She reached out and pulled the pendant from the round box above her head.

After the pendant was removed, the big box hanging above the stage was opened, and countless red petals fell down. Bobona spun among the petals, as light as a goose.


Everyone applauded!

Zhou Kan smiled and teased the King of Qiang Kingdom beside him. “This dancer’s dance is so moving. I wonder if she’s also so seductive in bed?”

The king of Qiang Kingdom magnanimously waved his hand and said, “Tonight, I will gift her to you. Won’t you know after tasting her for a night?”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Kan laughed out loud. Beside him, the King of Jiang Country also laughed ambiguously.

The petals on the stage had all fallen, and another two red ribbons had fallen. The scantily clad dancer held onto the ribbons with both hands, her graceful figure dancing along with the ribbons. Her clothes fluttered in the wind, making her look like a goddess descending from heaven.

No one noticed that a bright red longbow was sliding down the red ribbon. As it danced, Bobona grabbed the longbow. She stepped on the stage and quickly pulled out three arrows from the silk!

Pulling the bow, aiming, and shooting!

The three moves were done in one go!

Three arrows pierced through the air like a hot knife through butter, shooting straight at the three kings sitting together on the high platform.

The commander realized something was wrong and shouted, “It’s Nangong Xian! Protect His Majesty!”

However, it was already too late.

The three kings heard the commander’s order and raised their heads in unison. Before they could see what happened, they were shot in the chest.

Before they died, the three of them only saw a red shadow follow the red ribbon and hide in the wooden box…

Everything happened too quickly and too suddenly. By the time the commander sent his guards to shoot at the wooden box, it had already been closed from the inside. Meanwhile, the person controlling the wooden box in the dark had already moved the wooden box containing Nangong Xian away from the wall…

Seeing Nangong Xian escape like that, the commander was so angry that his head was buzzing.

In the spring of the Five Years of Peace, the Northern Protector General, Nangong Xian, disguised as a dancer, infiltrated the capital of Qiang Country and assassinated the kings of Qiang Country, Jiang Country, and Chen Country. She successfully broke out of the encirclement and was known as the ‘Three Lords of Death’!

With the death of the three kings, the remaining 140,000 soldiers of the allied forces were thrown into chaos. They were utterly defeated by the remaining 80,000 soldiers under the command of the 12 armored cavalry under Nangong Xian! On the battlefield, the Zhuri army killed 60,000 enemies, subdued 20,000, and fled for 60,000!

This battle was known throughout history as the ‘Conferred God Battle’!

In the summer of the five-year period of peace, Nangong Xian led the twelve cavalrymen back to the capital to be conferred nobility. Taiping Emperor Long Yan was very pleased. He bestowed Nangong Xian with the title of National General-in-chief and bestowed her with a residence of the National General-in-chief. The twelve cavalrymen under her name were conferred the title of General-in-chief and given a residence with countless treasures.

That year, Nangong Xian was only 23 years old!

On the day they moved into the new residence, the Son of Heaven personally came to the General Manor of the country and wrote the words “General Manor” on the plaque. On that day, the General Manor had a lively meal of housewarming.

Late at night, her family and friends had all left. Nangong Xian was also a bit drunk. She returned to her room to wash up. Just as she was about to take off her clothes, she heard the door open.

Nangong Xian thought that Ying’er had entered and said, “Ying’er, the temperature of the water is a bit high. Help me get some hot water.”

The person behind her said nothing. Footsteps approached her, each step heavy.

Nangong Xian turned her head warily and saw Dugu Jie, who had left after lunch. Nangong Xian hurriedly put on the clothes that had been removed to her elbows and bowed to Dugu Jie. “Your Majesty, why are you here?”

Dugu Jie said nothing. He walked behind Nangong Xian and helped her take off her clothes.

It had been five years since they were this close.

Nangong Xian’s delicate body was trembling faintly. She did not dare to move or speak. Dugu Jie caressed the deep and shallow wounds on Nangong Xian’s back. He felt as if a knife was being twisted in his heart.

“Xian’er.” Dugu Jie hugged her and said, “I miss you a lot.” After five years, he missed her so much that he was going crazy.

Nangong Xian’s delicate body trembled in his embrace.

“Xian’er, the war in the north has died down. Bandit Di Rong will not launch a second attack in the next twenty years. Are you willing to stay in the capital and accompany me?”

Nangong Xian had indeed planned to stay in the capital after her return.

She was willing to stay in the capital, but she could not brazenly accompany His Majesty. Although she was His Majesty’s subject and the general of the Luo Dynasty, she was still a woman. There were differences between men and women, so how could she always stay by Dugu Jie’s side?

Knowing how ruthless Nangong Xian was, Dugu Jie could not help but smile bitterly. “I don’t have many years left to live. Doctor Zhou checked my body. My body can’t hold on much longer…”

As he spoke, Dugu Jie started coughing.

Nangong Xian turned around to look at him worriedly. It was only then that she realized that the phlegm that Dugu Jie had coughed out had traces of blood. Nangong Xian was shocked and her expression changed drastically. “Your Majesty, what’s wrong?”

Dugu Jie sat down beside Nangong Xian’s bed. Panting, he said, “My body is getting weaker and weaker. I almost collapsed last winter. If not for Doctor Zhou waiting at the palace, I might not have been able to see you.”

Last winter, Rong Di from the north was restless. Dugu Jie was afraid that Nangong Xian would get flustered when she found out about his condition, so he didn’t let Ling Xiao inform Nangong Xian about his illness.

Nangong Xian was shocked. “Even Doctor Zhou couldn’t cure you?”

“No.” Dugu Jie coughed for a while before saying, “My body was too badly injured when I was young, and the toxins in my body have not been completely removed. It’s already tough for me to survive all these years.”

He extended his right hand towards Nangong Xian. This time, Nangong Xian held Dugu Jie’s hand without hesitation and sat beside him on the bed.

Dugu Jie patted her hand and said, “The Crown Prince is 13 years old now. I’ve taught him everything that I should. If I pass away one day, I hope Xian’er will look after him more.”

“He is still young and will inevitably make mistakes. However, he is the future emperor. Ordinary people can make mistakes, but the Emperor cannot. Xian’er…” Dugu Jie coughed again, and Nangong Xian hurriedly helped him smooth his back. She said,” Your Majesty, speak slowly. Don’t be anxious. ”

Dugu Jie held onto Nangong Xian’s arm tightly. He removed the Dragon Vein Jade Pendant from his waist and handed it to Nangong Xian. “Xian’er, this is the True Dragon Jade Pendant. Seeing the jade pendant is like seeing the Son of Heaven!”

“If Sheng’er refuses to listen to you and refuses to admit his mistake, you can help me take care of him.”

Nangong Xian tightly gripped the True Dragon Jade Pendant. She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes before nodding and replying, “Your Majesty, please rest assured. I will definitely take good care of His Highness the Crown Prince and work hard to make him a wise ruler like Your Majesty.”

Dugu Jie laughed. “I’m relieved that you’ve agreed.”

Dugu Jie raised his hand and touched Nangong Xian’s cheek. He said emotionally, “When we first met on Chang’an Street, you were just 14 years old. In a flash, we’ve known each other for nine years.”

Thinking of that scene, Nangong Xian laughed.

Dugu Jie placed her hand on his chest and said, “That day, you asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, or if I wanted to have a fling with you.” He squeezed Nangong Xian’s hand and hammered his chest hard before saying, “I, Dugu Jie, want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Nangong Xian could no longer hold back her emotions. She laid on Dugu Jie’s lap and cried. “Your Majesty, don’t say anymore. I understand.”

“You don’t understand, you don’t understand, you don’t understand how much I hate myself. Why can’t I have a good body? Not only do I want to become a wise ruler of a generation, I also want to be an ambitious and ruthless person! If possible, I want to fight alongside you when the war comes!”

“But my broken body!” Dugu Jie hammered his legs and sighed in despair. “Xian’er, in my next life, I must have a healthy and strong body. Leave the safeguarding of the country to me. You only need to live happily, like those concubines in the harem, admiring the flowers and nurturing your body…”

That night, Dugu Jie nagged at Nangong Xian for a long time before finally falling asleep in her room.

The next day, Dugu Jie ate breakfast before returning to the palace.

After he left, Nangong Xian went to greet Divine Doctor Zhou.

“Doctor Mo, where’s your master?”

Mo Liansheng was surprised to see Nangong Xian. “Are you feeling unwell,, General?”

“No, I have something to ask you.”

Mo Liansheng said, “Master is resting. Please wait a moment, General. I’ll go get Master now.”


After Mo Liansheng invited Doctor Zhou over, he poured a cup of tea for Nangong Xian. Nangong Xian raised her teacup and glanced at Mo Liansheng before saying, “Doctor Mo, I have something to say to your master. Please leave.”


After Mo Liansheng left, Nangong Xian asked Doctor Zhou about Dugu Jie’s condition. Doctor Zhou knew that Nangong Xian had a close relationship with the Son of Heaven, so he told her about his condition.

When they left Divine Doctor Zhou’s residence, Nangong Xian’s steps were a little unsteady.

Dugu Jie only had two years to live at most!

His Majesty was so young, yet he only had two years to live!

Nangong Xian was in a daze and did not notice that Mo Liansheng was looking at her from under the roof of Doctor Zhou’s house. Seeing that Nangong Xian had kicked a rock and almost fell down, Mo Liansheng quickly reminded her, “General, be careful!”

Nangong Xian stabilized her body before looking at Mo Liansheng. “Doctor Mo.” Nangong Xian stopped Mo Liansheng. When Mo Liansheng approached, she asked, “Doctor Mo, this person’s organs are starting to fail. Can he still live?”

Mo Liansheng took a deep look at her and then pointed at the withered grapevine in the yard. Beside the grapevine were two or three grapevines. Mo Liansheng said, “The roots of this grapevine are broken, so it withered and died.”

If the root broke, the plant would die.

If his organs failed, he would die.

Nangong Xian’s face turned even paler.

Mo Liansheng and Nangong Xian were already good friends. He guessed, “Is General worried about His Majesty?”

It was no secret that His Majesty was not in good health.

Nangong Xian nodded.

Mo Liansheng asked again, “General, back then…” He squeezed his hands behind his back and asked,” Back then, you asked me for a medicine. That person… that person who was close to you, was it Your Majesty? ”

Nangong Xian did not reply.

Mo Liansheng understood the deeper meaning behind Nangong Xian’s silence. His heart was filled with bitterness. “General, I like you. General, I wonder if I have a chance?”

Nangong Xian glanced at him and rejected him mercilessly. “Liansheng, I only treat you as a brother, a friend, and a confidant.” All these years, Nangong Xian had been bringing Mo Liansheng everywhere she went. This made everyone think that Mo Liansheng had something going on with Nangong Xian.

This time when she returned home, even Madam Nangong was asking her about this.

It was time to clarify some misunderstandings.

“Liansheng, the war in the north has calmed down, and I will settle down in the capital. Liansheng, your medical skills are outstanding, so staying by my side is a waste of your talent. This is a vast world, so you should make other plans.”

The starlight in Mo Liansheng’s eyes dimmed bit by bit. He sighed and said, “It’s been so many years since I’ve been by General’s side. Even so, I can’t replace that person’s position in General’s heart, right?”


Mo Liansheng clenched his fists tightly. “I understand, General.”

The next day, Mo Liansheng bade farewell to his master, Doctor Zhou, and left the capital with a sum of money, preparing to travel to Sichuan.

He rode a fierce horse outside the city and saw a carriage beside a small river.

The carriage was in the middle of the road, blocking Mo Liansheng’s way. Mo Liansheng had no choice but to get off the horse. He led the horse to the front of the carriage and asked with cupped hands, “May I know which Sir is in the carriage? Can you give way to me?”

The curtain of the carriage was pulled open, and a man wearing a black robe with dragon patterns on it walked out with his back bent. Mo Liansheng was shocked when he saw the man’s dignified appearance, and he hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed.

“I am Mo Liansheng. Greetings to the Emperor. Long live the Emperor!”

This was not the first time Mo Liansheng had seen the Son of Heaven. A few days ago, he had accompanied Nangong Xian and the others to return to the imperial court. He had once seen the face of the Son of Heaven from afar under the city walls.

Mo Liansheng couldn’t figure out why the Son of Heaven had appeared in front of him, so he didn’t dare to ask. He knelt on the ground respectfully and waited for the Son of Heaven to speak.

“Mo Liansheng.” Mo Liansheng felt as if he had been bitten by a venomous snake, when he heard his name coming out from the Emperor’s mouth.

“I’m here.”

Dugu Jie stared at the young man on the ground. He was a little jealous of him. He was jealous that he could follow Nangong Xian around and share her burdens.

“You’ve been following General Nangong through life and death all these years. It’s been hard on you.”

Mo Liansheng hurriedly said, “It’s not hard on me! To be able to serve the Great General, I am extremely fortunate!”

“It’s indeed a blessing of three lifetimes!” Dugu Jie laughed ambiguously. Then, he got the eunuch dressed as a man to serve him a bowl of wine.

Dugu Jie pointed at Mo Liansheng and said, “Mo Liansheng, all these years, you’ve done a great service for the country-protecting general. I’ll give you a bowl of fine wine. I wish you a safe journey to Sichuan!”

Mo Liansheng froze, his fingers almost digging into the soil.

He raised his head and stared at the bowl of wine in the eunuch’s hands, his face pale.

He knew in his heart that the Son of Heaven must have known of his admiration for General Nangong and was here to punish him. Mo Liansheng stared at the bowl of wine and felt that he would die if he drank it.

Seeing that Mo Liansheng didn’t move, Chen Desheng scolded him with a dark expression, “Why? The emperor gave you wine, do you dare to refuse?”

“I wouldn’t dare!”

Mo Liansheng quickly stood up and took the wine from Chen Desheng’s hands. He closed his eyes and finished the wine in one gulp. He even said respectfully, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

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