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Chapter 348: The God of War Is Dead, The Emperor Lives Alone

To Mo Liansheng, not only had he taken revenge on Dugu Jie, but he had also verified the secret of the medicine man. He had gained a lot.

To the Prime Minister, only by getting rid of the woman in the Emperor’s heart would his daughter be able to obtain the Emperor’s favor. Perhaps she could even give birth to a grandson to inherit the throne, so he was also very satisfied.

The two of them exchanged glances. No one knew what their deal was.

In the bedroom, the concubines and the Crown Prince were still kneeling. No one dared to get up and leave even after dark.

In the middle of the night, Dugu Jie woke up once. He opened his eyes and looked at the people kneeling and praying for him. He was furious that he didn’t see Nangong Xian in the crowd.

I almost died. Is she not coming back?

Did I really have no place in General Nangong’s heart?

Dugu Jie’s heart was filled with desolation. He raised his weak right arm and waved at the crowd. In a weak voice, he said, “Everyone, you’re dismissed…”

Hearing this, Chen Desheng quickly turned around and said to the Crown Prince and his concubines, “Your Highness, all the consorts, go back to the palace to rest. His Majesty has already passed the difficult hurdle. I believe that His Majesty will definitely be able to defeat the illness and recover his health as soon as possible!”

Upon hearing this, everyone kowtowed in unison and replied loudly, “His Majesty is blessed with great fortune. He will definitely be able to defeat the illness!”

After the concubines had left, Empress Zheng Yue’e walked over to the bed and looked at His Majesty’s dragon face. Even though His Majesty was still in a state of confusion, the Empress did not dare to sit down on His Majesty’s dragon bed.

Other than the personal maids changing the bedsheets, no other women were allowed to touch His Majesty’s dragon bed.

The Empress was relieved to see that His Majesty’s face had turned red. She then said to Chen Desheng, “Eunuch, I’ll go back first. You’ve worked hard these past few days, so you should sleep for a while too.”

“Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty, I will rest.”

“That’s good.”

After the Empress left, Dugu Sheng sat down on the dragon bed.

He held his father’s wrist and felt that his father’s pulse had become stronger. He smiled happily and said to Chen Desheng, “Father is really safe now. Doctor Mo’s medicine is really amazing!”

Chen Desheng was genuinely happy for His Majesty. “His Majesty has survived this calamity. He will definitely enjoy eternal life!”

“Eunuch, you’re right.”

Seeing that his royal father wouldn’t wake up for a while, the Crown Prince returned to the Eastern Palace. After everyone had left, Chen Desheng sat down on the footboard in front of the dragon bed and leaned against the corner of the dragon bed to doze off.

Because the emperor was critically ill, Chen Desheng hadn’t slept for almost three days. His old bones couldn’t take it anymore and he fell asleep very quickly.

At dawn, Chen Desheng heard His Majesty’s voice.

“Is she not here yet?”

Chen Desheng woke up with a start and saw His Majesty staring at the door of the bedroom with his eyes wide open.

Chen Desheng felt bitter.

General Nangong was already dead, how could she still come!

Chen Desheng quickly stood up and bowed before replying, “Your Majesty, I’ve asked Doctor Mo. Doctor Mo said that General Nangong was injured by the strange beast during the battle. One of her legs is broken and she’s still recuperating in Sichuan. Hence, she can’t make it in time.”

In order to make His Majesty believe his words, Chen Desheng asked someone to imitate General Nangong’s handwriting and wrote a short letter.

Chen Desheng took out the forged letter and said to Dugu Jie, “This is a letter from General Nangong, that Doctor Mo brought back. Your Majesty, are you going to read it yourself or should I read it to you?”

Dugu Jie’s body felt a little better. His internal organs were no longer in pain, and he felt more energized. He said, “Bring water.”

“I will pour water for Your Majesty now.”

The warm water was always prepared. Chen Desheng poured a cup of warm water for Dugu Jie and fed it to him. Dugu Jie drank the water and felt better. He instructed Chen Desheng to help him up.

Leaning against the pillow, Dugu Jie picked up the letter beside him, spread it out, and looked at it seriously.

Seeing that His Majesty had just recovered from his illness, I am deeply gratified. When this subject’s foot injury had healed, I would definitely return to the capital as fast as possible. I hope Your Majesty’s health will be healthy, like a dragon or tiger, and I hope that the world will be peaceful!

The letter was short, but it was General Nangong’s usual tone.

Dugu Jie felt much better after knowing that Nangong Xian couldn’t rush back to the capital in time because she was injured.

But immediately after, he frowned deeply. He was concerned about Nangong Xian’s injury. Dugu Jie asked Chen Desheng, “Is General Nangong’s injury serious?”

With blood dripping from his heart, Chen Desheng replied as calmly as he could, “It’s a little serious. I heard that her left leg was almost broken. Fortunately, Doctor Mo was by her side and operated on her in time to save her leg.”

If it was just a normal fracture, based on General Nangong’s deep affection for His Majesty, she would definitely rush back to the capital city and witness His Majesty’s recovery.

Therefore, General Nangong’s injury must be serious!

Hearing this, Dugu Jie scolded in a low voice, “This damned woman, who allowed her to take risks!” Dugu Jie’s words were fierce, but he carefully folded the letter in his hand and handed it to Chen Desheng. He said, “Put it in my collection box.”

In the collection boxes of the other emperors, all of them were priceless treasures. Only his collection box contained some trivial items.

For example, there was a set of old-looking sheets, some letters, a pair of earrings, and some other miscellaneous items. However, all of them had been used by Nangong Xian or given by her.

Chen Desheng held the letter and walked into the collection room in the bedroom. He placed the letters on top of the other letters. Thinking that the owner of these letters was no longer around, he felt a sense of pity.

When Chen Desheng returned to the bedroom, he saw that His Majesty had fallen asleep again with a phoenix hairpin in his hand.

Chen Desheng sighed and left the bedroom.

Four days later, Dugu Jie was able to walk. Mo Liansheng’s medicine was indeed miraculous. Not only did it save his life, but it also removed the stubborn poison in his body.

Although Dugu Jie’s movements were still somewhat inconvenient, his body felt unprecedentedly comfortable.

Realizing that he had really become a healthy man, Dugu Jie was overjoyed. During the morning court session, he summoned Mo Liansheng in front of all the officials and praised him for being the sacred doctor of the Luo Dynasty!

Mo Liansheng immediately knelt down to express his gratitude!

He knelt in the middle of the bright yellow hall, his head pressed against the cold and clean ground. When he thought of leaving Beijing to go to Sichuan and getting poisoned by Dugu Jie on the outskirts of Beijing, he couldn’t help but feel sad.

In a place where no one could see, the corners of Mo Liansheng’s lips curled up into a sinister smile. Dugu Jie, oh Dugu Jie, if you knew that your current health was exchanged for the life of the woman you loved, would you be in so much pain that it felt like a knife was twisted in your heart?

Mo Liansheng couldn’t wait to see that scene!

Not long after, Mo Liansheng left the capital. Before he left, something strange happened in the capital. Doctor Zhou had prescribed the wrong medicine and killed someone.

The family of the deceased patient cried in front of Doctor Zhou’s medical center for a month. In the end, Doctor Zhou had no choice but to lose all his family assets and leave the capital with his family.

The person who had been treated to death was the second son of the Minister of Revenue. This matter had blown up and even reached Dugu Jie’s ears. When Dugu Jie heard about this, he felt strange.

Sitting under the pavilion beside the peony garden, Dugu Jie stared at the yellow fruit that was covered in thorns on the small table beside him and asked in bewilderment, “What fruit is this? It stinks.”

Dugu Jie was about to throw up.

Chen Desheng said, “It’s a fruit from the south that was offered as tribute. It’s called durian. The Empress praised this fruit for being soft, smooth, and delicious. It’s a rare and delicious fruit. The Empress misses Your Majesty, so she asked someone to deliver this fruit to you.”

Chen Desheng asked Dugu Jie, “Your Majesty, do you want to try it?”

Dugu Jie felt disgusted at the smell. He definitely wouldn’t try it. “Throw it far away. I’m going to vomit just from smelling it. Why is the fruit so smelly?”

Chen Desheng quickly asked someone to send the durian back to the Empress.

Dugu Jie picked up a few grapes and peeled them himself. Staring at the pool in front of him, he couldn’t help but ask, “So Divine Doctor Zhou has already left after dispersing all his assets?”

“Yes, he left.”

Chen Desheng said, “Before Doctor Zhou left, he wanted to see His Majesty, but he was stopped. When I found out about this, Doctor Zhou had already left the capital.”

“Oh?” Dugu Jie couldn’t help but ask, “Why is he looking for me?”

“I heard from the guard that Doctor Zhou wanted to tell you about the Rejuvenation Pill.”

“Rejuvenation Pill?” At the thought of that, Dugu Jie felt disgusted.

If Doctor Zhou was still in Beijing, Dugu Jie would really want to ask him about the Rejuvenation Pill and see what it was made of.

After all, Mo Liansheng was his disciple. Doctor Zhou might have done some research on the Rejuvenation Pill.

However, now that Doctor Zhou was gone, Dugu Jie dismissed the idea.

“When will General Nangong return to the capital?” Doctor Mo had been away from the capital for more than a month. Nangong Xian had only written him a letter midway, but she did not mention when she would return.

Dugu Jie missed Nangong Xian dearly and couldn’t wait to see her.

When Chen Desheng heard His Majesty mention General Nangong, he was frightened.

Chen Desheng forced himself to lie and said, “I reckon it will take at least two months.”

“That long?”

“Your Majesty, General Nangong almost lost a leg. If she doesn’t recuperate well, it will be difficult for her to move his leg in the future. By then, Your Majesty, your heart will ache.”

Dugu Jie thought that it made sense and did not probe further.

Dugu Jie’s body was getting better and better. After the toxins in his body had been completely removed, his previously frail body had become stronger. He had broad shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs. Wearing a bright yellow dragon robe, he looked even more imposing than before.

It was July in the lunar calendar and Beijing was a little chilly.

On this morning, Chen Desheng stood in front of the bedroom and asked, “Your Majesty, today is your day off. Do you want to wake up early?”

The officials of the Luo Dynasty rested once every eight days, while His Majesty rested once every ten days. Today was Dugu Jie’s day off.

When he did not hear His Majesty’s reply, Chen Desheng thought that His Majesty was still resting, so he cast a glance at the palace servants. “All of you can leave. Come back in two hours.”

Everyone left quietly.

Two hours later, Chen Desheng brought the palace maids outside the bedroom. He raised his voice slightly and asked, “Your Majesty, are you awake? Do you want to get up?”

Chen Desheng still did not hear His Majesty’s reply.

Chen Desheng finally realized that something was wrong. Was His Majesty feeling unwell?

Chen Desheng quickly pushed the door open and bent down to walk in. When he entered the bedroom, Chen Desheng raised his head to look at the dragon bed, only to find that it was empty.

His Majesty was nowhere to be seen!

Chen Desheng was shocked. “Your Majesty!”

“His Majesty has disappeared!”

Where could His Majesty go?

Chen Desheng quickly found the commander of the imperial guards and asked him to lead his men to search for Her Majesty’s hiding place in the palace. They searched the entire palace but could not find Dugu Jie!

Chen Desheng’s expression changed. “Oh no!”

Chen Desheng quickly changed his clothes and left the palace in a low-profile manner. He took a carriage to the end of Chang’an Street. At the end of the street was a Suzhou-style house that His Majesty had bought to house his mother’s memorial tablet.

In the past, during the Zhongyuan Festival, His Majesty would come to this residence to pay respects to the late Empress.

How could I have forgotten!

When the guard saw Chen Desheng, he bowed to him with his saber. “Eunuch Chen, why are you here?”

Chen Desheng stared at the two tightly shut doors and asked anxiously, “Is His Majesty inside?”


Chen Desheng heaved a sigh of relief.

He thought of something and felt anxious.

Today was the Zhongyuan Festival, and every family would burn incense and paper money for their deceased friends. The Kingdom Protector General’s Estate would definitely have a sacrificial ceremony today!

If His Majesty wanted to visit the general’s residence on a whim and coincidentally met Old General Nangong and the others, then this matter would be exposed!

Chen Desheng quickly said, “Let me in!”

The guard hesitated.

At this moment, the door was pulled open from the inside. Dugu Jie stood under the door in a black robe with gold embroidery.

He frowned and looked at the impatient Chen Desheng. He couldn’t help but feel puzzled. Chen Desheng was a steady person. What could have happened to make him look so anxious?

Dugu Jie walked out calmly and said to Chen Desheng, “Let’s go back.”

Chen Desheng heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly invited His Majesty onto the carriage.

However, Dugu Jie said, “I won’t ride a carriage today. I’ll ride a horse.” It had been many years since he had ridden a horse. Now that his body had recovered, Dugu Jie wanted to experience the feeling of indulgence on the horse’s back!

He mounted his horse and rode past Chang’an Street.

Along the way, some people recognized Dugu Jie and hurriedly knelt down to kowtow. When they saw that the Son of Heaven was out on a patrol, all the citizens and citizens knelt down one after another. None of them dared to raise their heads to look at the face of the Emperor.

Dugu Jie rode his horse past the entrance of the banquet hall. He suddenly stopped as he thought of something and looked up at the window on the left of the second floor.

He thought back to the first time he met Nangong Xian at the Veranda Banquet Pavilion ten years ago. That stern and terrifying handsome face finally revealed a gentle and moving smile.

Xian’er, the flowers have blossomed in the Capital, it’s also time for you to come back.

Dugu Jie thought of Nangong Xian and wanted to visit the General’s residence. Behind him, Chen Desheng sat in the carriage, chasing after Dugu Jie.

Seeing Dugu Jie suddenly turn around and run towards the street where the General’s Estate was located, his heart skipped a beat and his head started to buzz.

It’s over!

Oh no, oh no!

Dugu Jie rode his horse to the entrance of the general’s residence and realized that the atmosphere in the general’s residence was a little unusual. When the guard at the door saw him, his expression was not one of joy and respect, but of shock, fear, and panic!

Dugu Jie’s small eyes narrowed.

What was going on?

The guard came back to his senses and quickly walked down the steps to kneel and pay his respects to the Son of Heaven. “Greetings, Your Majesty, may you live long, Your Majesty!”

Dugu Jie stared at the tightly shut door and couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “Are you afraid to see me?”

The guards trembled before saying, “We are all terrified to see Your Majesty suddenly.”

Something was wrong!

In the past, when I came, these people were not so fearful and uneasy.

What exactly happened?

Dugu Jie pondered for a moment and guessed a possibility. He asked suspiciously, “Could it be that your general has returned?” This was the only possibility he could think of.

Before the guards could reply, Dugu Jie strode up the stairs to the front door and pushed it open.

“Your Majesty!”

Dugu Jie swept a cold glance at the guards behind him. The two guards immediately shut their mouths and didn’t dare to say anything.

Dugu Jie pushed the door open and saw that in the general’s residence, from the butler to the servant who was trimming the tree branches, there was a white mourning cloth wrapped around their heads.

Dugu Jie was stunned.

Feeling ridiculous, he murmured in surprise, “Who passed away in the general’s residence?”

The only people who could make the entire residence mourn were the masters. And in this general’s residence, there were only three masters. One was Nangong Xian, and the others were Nangong Xian’s parents.

Xian’er was still recuperating in Sichuan. The only people who could have died were Old General Nangong Jue or Madam Nangong!

Dugu Jie was a little angry. How could no one inform me about such an important matter!

Dugu Jie strode into the general’s residence. All the servants knelt on both sides of the road, their bodies trembling in fear.

Under their influence, Dugu Jie felt even more perplexed.

Who exactly died?

Dugu Jie walked all the way to the main hall. The moment he entered the main hall, he saw Madam Nangong bending over to offer incense. Seeing Madam Nangong, Dugu Jie thought that she was offering incense to Old General Nangong Jue.

Dugu Jie made some noise.

The butler of the general’s residence reminded the old lady with a trembling voice, “Old Madam, H-His Majesty are here.”

Upon hearing this, the old lady’s hands trembled and the incense in her hands fell to the ground.

She quickly turned around and kowtowed on her knees. “Your Majesty, I didn’t know that you would come personally. I pay my respects to you! Please don’t blame me, Your Majesty!”

Dugu Jie looked at Madam Nangong’s body and saw that she had lost a lot of weight. Her cheeks were pale and her cheekbones were protruding. He couldn’t bear to see her like this.

“Madam, there’s no need to be so afraid. I passed by the general’s residence and wanted to take a look. Only then did I know that the old general had passed away. How many days has the old general passed away? Those dog slaves in the palace actually never told me. When I return to the palace, I will definitely punish them!”

Old General Nangong Jue had devoted his entire life to the Luo Dynasty. Now that he was dead, I, Dugu Jie, who was the emperor, ought to send the old general on his last journey.

Damn it!

Those people did not tell me! If Xian’er came back and knew that I did not attend the old mister’s funeral, she would definitely blame me for being heartless.

Upon hearing Dugu Jie’s words, Madam Nangong’s expression turned sorrowful. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud. However, when Dugu Jie saw Old Madam Nangong’s hesitant look, he interpreted it differently.

Madam and the old general’s relationship was stronger than gold. They rarely quarreled in their entire lives. In this huge capital city, they were an immortal couple that everyone envied.

The old general had passed away, and Old Madam must be feeling terrible.

Dugu Jie said, “I’m here to give the old general an incense stick.”

He went into the main hall and took three incense sticks. Just as he lit them, he heard a male voice say, “My lady, I hear His Majesty is here. His Majesty he—”

Before Nangong Jue could finish speaking, he saw the Son of Heaven standing before the memorial tablet with his head lowered.

Nangong Jue was stunned on the spot and his face turned pale!

Dugu Jie, who was holding three sticks of incense in both hands, turned around in disbelief when he heard the old general’s familiar voice.

He saw the old general standing outside the door. Under the sunlight, his shadow was elongated.

This man had a shadow. He was human, not a ghost.

Since the old general was still alive, then…

Dugu Jie seemed to have thought of something. He exerted strength in his hands and broke the three joss sticks.

“Your Majesty…”

Madam Nangong and Old General Nangong looked worriedly at Dugu Jie, their expressions filled with grief and heartache.

Dugu Jie slowly turned around and his gaze finally shifted onto the memorial tablet—

National General, Nangong Xian’s memorial tablet!

Dugu Jie read out the words on the memorial tablet word by word. When he read the words “memorial tablet”, a metallic taste rushed up from Dugu Jie’s throat and entered his mouth.

Before Dugu Jie could react, he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. That red blood sprayed onto the memorial tablet, staining the words’ Nangong Xian ‘on the spot!

“Nan, Gong, Xian!”

Dugu Jie’s hands trembled as he pointed at the memorial tablet. His dignified and handsome face had already turned pale as though he was about to die. Dugu Jie grabbed the memorial tablet and threw it mercilessly onto the ground.

Dugu Jie looked up with bloodshot eyes.

He stared at Nangong Jue and Madam Nangong, his eyes almost popping out as he condemned them, “Do you know how severe the crime of deceiving the emperor is?! Nangong Jue, do you believe that I will chop off your head?!”

Seeing Dugu Jie in this state, Nangong Jue closed his eyes on the spot, leaving two streams of hot tears. He thought that he had already shed all his tears in the past few months. Who would have thought that he would still be able to shed tears now?

“Your Majesty!”

Nangong Jue dropped to his knees in front of Dugu Jie. He kowtowed hard on the ground several times before sobbing and sighing. “Your Majesty, I wouldn’t dare to lie to you!”

Dugu Jie really hoped that Nangong Jue was deceiving the emperor!

Trembling all over, he threatened Dugu Jie. “The crime of deceiving the emperor is punishable by death! Nangong Jue, if you still dare to quibble, believe it or not, I will get someone to kill you immediately!”

Nangong Jue knelt on the ground and did not speak. He only shook his shoulders and cried until he could not raise his head.

Madam Nangong knelt down beside Dugu Jie.

“Your Majesty, please calm your anger. My husband did not deceive Your Majesty. My daughter, my daughter, Nangong Xian, has indeed passed away…” Madam Nangong sobbed, her voice breaking as she sobbed, “Your Majesty, Xian’er has already passed away for more than three months. Today, today is Xian’er’s hundredth day…”

“Your Majesty, my condolences!”

Hearing this, Dugu Jie’s body started to move violently. “Impossible!” He stepped on the memorial tablet and said crazily, “Impossible! Nangong Xian’s leg is seriously injured and she’s currently recuperating in Sichuan! Nangong Xian isn’t dead! She’s a war god! She’s the General-in-Chief! How could she have died!”

Madam Nangong cried even louder. “Your Majesty, what I said is true. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Eunuch Chen! Ask the Empress!”

In the entire world, there was no one who did not know the truth of Nangong Xian’s death. Only the supreme Son of Heaven was kept in the dark!

Dugu Jie was dumbfounded.

He picked up the memorial tablet on the ground and threw it on the ground again. He broke it into several pieces before flicking his sleeves and leaving.

He walked out of the General’s residence and saw Chen Desheng and a group of guards standing at the door.

Seeing Dugu Jie’s sorrowful expression as he walked out crazily, Chen Desheng knew that the matter had been exposed!

Chen Desheng hurriedly knelt on the ground and walked up to Dugu Jie, hugging Dugu Jie’s legs when he was about to leave. “Your Majesty, I deserve to die! It’s all my fault. It was me who acted on my own initiative and got someone to hide the news of General Nangong’s death from you!”

“Your Majesty, please punish me with death!”

Dugu Jie kicked Chen Desheng away. “Get lost, stupid slave!”

Dugu Jie walked past Chen Desheng and strode towards his horse. He flipped over on the horse’s back, whipped it, and left.

He was not heading towards the Imperial Palace, but towards the city gate!

Chen Desheng expected that Dugu Jie was going to Sichuan to investigate. He panicked on the spot. “Quick! Get someone to find His Highness the Crown Prince!”

Dugu Jie spurred his horse to the city gate. The soldiers guarding the city did not dare to stop His Majesty and could only let him pass.

Dugu Jie rode his horse through the city gate. Just as he walked out, he saw a person kneeling in front of the city gate.

It was a youth, no more than fifteen years old.

The youth was wearing a pale yellow python patterned robe and a white jade hair crown. He knelt respectfully outside the city gate, his forehead touching the ground.

Dugu Jie’s horse charged towards the youth. Dugu Jie recognized this person and roared, “Sheng’er! Get lost!”

Dugu Sheng knelt on the ground and refused to move.

Dugu Jie was furious and stopped his horse.

Just as the horse’s hooves were about to step on Dugu Sheng’s back, Dugu Jie finally managed to stop the horse in time. The horse’s front hooves were raised high, and Dugu Jie grabbed onto the rope tightly, but he was still thrown off the horse.

He got up, pulled the whip from his horse, and whipped Dugu Sheng’s back. “Get lost! Unfilial son!”

Dugu Sheng knelt down and replied in a resounding voice, “Father, I won’t get lost. Father, you can’t leave the capital city to go to Sichuan now!”

Dugu Jie’s body had just recovered and he had vomited blood from the shock. If he didn’t seek treatment from the royal physician, he would die halfway!

Dugu Sheng clenched his fists tightly and said stubbornly, “If Father insists on going to Sichuan, then fine!” Dugu Sheng raised his head, straightened his back, and said loudly, “Then please step over my body, Father!”

Dugu Jie’s eyes sparkled as he stared at Dugu Sheng with sorrow. “You also know that she’s dead?”

Of course, Dugu Sheng knew who the ‘she’ was referring to.

Dugu Sheng said, “I know.”

“Even you hid it from me…” Dugu Jie’s tone was filled with sorrow.

Dugu Sheng glanced at Dugu Jie. Seeing that his father was about to cry, he didn’t feel good either. Dugu Sheng braced himself and said, “It’s indeed a crime to deceive the Emperor, but I don’t think I did anything wrong.”

“The Luo Dynasty has already lost a general, we cannot lose our current emperor! Royal Father, the Luo Dynasty is a piece of land that Mentor protected with all her might! Now that Mentor is no longer around, Royal Father, if you really love Mentor, you should also deeply love the country that Mentor loves and the subjects!”

“Father, Mentor fought hard for your life. You can’t let her down!”

“I sincerely request Father to stay in the capital city to govern the country and create a world of peace for Mentor to see!”

Dugu Jie stared blankly at his adopted son, whom he had raised single-handedly. It was only after hearing these words from his adopted son that he realized his identity and responsibility.

I am the ruler of a country, the God that stood above the Luo Dynasty. The God of War had already fallen, and the Emperor could not fall with me!


However, the thought of Nangong Xian being gone made Dugu Jie’s heart ache. He pounded his chest hard and asked Dugu Sheng with tears in his eyes, “Make a peaceful world for your mentor to see… But my son, your mentor can’t see it anymore!”

“She will never see it!”

Another mouthful of blood spurted out of Dugu Jie’s mouth. This time, the blood sprayed directly onto Dugu Sheng’s face.

Dugu Sheng wiped the blood off his face and supported his father’s fallen body. He hugged Dugu Jie and muttered, “Mentor may not be able to see it, but your descendants will be proud of you!”

Dugu Jie had fallen ill and was carefully cared for by the imperial physicians for more than half a year before he fully recovered. After he recovered, Dugu Jie became even more diligent. Every day, he held an early morning court hearing, and every year, he had to go out incognito twice to secretly observe the situation of the people.

In the 39th year of Dugu Jie’s reign, he had traveled incognito 65 times, built two canals, and built thousands of granaries.

In the north, the Jiang and Qiang nations were affected by the war and had to recuperate for nearly twenty years before they could recover. However, in these twenty years, the Taiping Emperor had developed the Luo Dynasty into the most powerful nation in the east. The small countries in the north could no longer stir up trouble.

In those years, the Luo Dynasty dominated. It became a true place with peace and prosperity!

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