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Chapter 340: The Mo Family’s Internal Strife Is Continuous, Nangong Yingying Is Gone!

When Mo Yang heard Mo Zhangkuang’s words, her legs went limp and she almost fell to the ground.

When Song Ci heard Mo Zhangkuang open his mouth to speak, she expected Mo Yang to give herself away, so she quietly stood behind her.

The moment Mo Yang almost fell to the ground, Song Ci grabbed her waist and pinched her hard.

Mo Yang snapped out of her daze when she felt the pain on her waist. Realizing that she had almost exposed herself, she hurriedly lowered her head and continued to wipe her tears.

In the eyes of the other clansmen, her action of wiping her tears was completely a display of grief after hearing that her husband had been killed.

When Mo Zhangkuang said that he wanted to conduct an autopsy for his son, the others did not dare to object. After all, he was a respected elderly head. Mo Zhangkuang asked someone to bring Mo Suixin’s body to another house, and he personally conducted an autopsy on Mo Suixin.

When the sky was about to turn dark, Mo Zhangkuang walked out of the autopsy room. When he came out, his expression was unreadable, and his gaze was gloomy. He looked at everyone with suspicion.

Seeing the elderly head’s expression, everyone knew that the family head was indeed killed by someone.

The family head was not kind to others in the family, but he was not strict or unapproachable. He did things fairly and justly, and he did not make any mistakes. Then, who was the murderer?

The villagers looked at each other, thinking that anyone could be the murderer.

Mo Zhangkuang didn’t say anything. He only ordered Mo Suiyun to open the loudspeaker in the valley and called all the people and foreign guests to Shen Si Building.

Han Zhan and Mr. Zhong were also invited into the building. As Mo Zhangkuang’s new disciple, Song Ci had entered the building with Mo Zhangkuang long ago. When Han Zhan heard the announcement and came to the building together with Song Fei, almost everyone had gathered.

There were a total of 394 people alive in the entire Mo family. Together with Song Ci, Song Fei, Mr. Han Zhanzhong, and Friday, there were 399 people. There were nearly 400 people sitting together, so one look across, all one could see were human heads.

Mo Zhangkuang stood on the podium and said, “Among you, there is one or a group of people who are the murderers of my son!” Mo Zhangkuang’s wife had left early. He and his wife did not have a deep relationship, but they had treated each other respectfully for more than twenty years. After his wife died, Mo Zhangkuang did not remarry.

Mo Zhangkuang was his and his deceased wife’s only child. In order to break the curse on Mo Suixin, Mo Zhangkuang had been searching all over the world for a suitable and weak spare tire since Mo Suixin was eight years old and had nurtured a medicine man for Mo Suixin.

Mo Suixin was Mo Zhangkuang’s hope and also his hope for love.

Mo Suixin had died. How could Mo Zhangkuang tolerate this!

As he spoke, Mo Zhangkuang’s gaze paused on his daughter-in-law, Mo Yang, for a few seconds. “I’ll give that murderer ten seconds. If you take the initiative to step forward, I’ll give you a swift death!”

“If you don’t stand out, I will pull out your tendons and skin you alive if I find out! I will let the entire clan know how serious the consequences of murdering our clansmen are!”

Mo Zhangkuang’s words echoed through the entire great hall, full of dignity. Mo Zhangkuang wasn’t trying to scare people, he was speaking the truth.

His dark eyes were filled with something that made people panic. It was pressure!

Mo Zhangkuang was able to murder his own brother at such a young age. This person was old and his methods were even more vicious. He was definitely capable of pulling out people’s tendons and skinning them.

Below the stage, everyone was whispering amongst themselves, trying to guess who had caused the death of the family head. It was Mo Yang’s first time doing something like this, so she didn’t have much self-control. Soon, her face turned pale.

Mo Fengying sat with Mo Yang. When she saw her mother’s expression, she thought that she was angry at her father’s death. She held her mother’s hand and said, “Mom, we’ll definitely catch the murderer!”

Mo Yang glanced at her daughter. Her lips quivered a few times, but she quickly lowered her head in silence. Mo Fengying would never have imagined that the person who had harmed Mo Xin was none other than her!

Every day, Mo Yang would ask Mo Fengying to send her father a bowl of poison. However, the poison wasn’t in the bowl, it was the bowl itself.

Mo Yang had applied the word ‘six days collapse’ to the mouth of the bowl. As the name suggested, it was a medicine that would cause the poison to take effect after six days.

And this afternoon, Mo Suixin had taken that bowl of medicine for the sixth time.

The cup of tea that Mo Yang brewed for Mo Suixin at night was laced with poison as well. However, the poison didn’t last six days. Instead, it was called “smiling epilepsy”. After drinking a few mouthfuls, one would die. The symptoms of smiling epilepsy were the same as the symptoms of death after six days of pouring poison, as well as the condition of the corpse after death.

Mo Suixin didn’t drink the cup of tea. It was just a prop used by Mo Yang to clear Mo Fengying’s name after Mo Zhangkuang found out.

Once Mo Zhangkuang became suspicious of the cause of his son’s death and conducted an autopsy on Mo Suixin, it would be discovered that his son had died from poisoning. At that time, he would definitely not let the matter rest.

Mo Yang was indeed doing this to break the curse on her daughter, but she didn’t want Mo Fengying to know that she was the murderer who had killed Mo Suixin with her own hands. In order to protect Mo Fengying, Mo Yang planned to carry the crime of killing Mo Suixin on her back.

Ten seconds quickly passed.

Seeing that no one was willing to step forward, he laughed coldly. “Good! Good! Very good. No one is willing to admit it, right?”

Everyone was silent. Even those who were feeling unwell and wanted to cough suppressed that urge and shut their mouths tightly. They were afraid that if they coughed, they would be labeled as’ guilty ‘by the elderly head.

Mo Zhangkuang’s eyes swept over the faces of the clansmen one after another. The eyes of everyone who was stared at by him flickered.

Even though they were not the culprits, they were still very afraid of the elderly head. The elderly head was much fiercer than the Mo Family Head. This person was the most ruthless and cruel when he was young.

Mo Zhangkuang’s gaze finally landed on Mo Yang’s face.

“Mo Yang!”

When they heard Mo Zhangkuang call out Mo Yang’s name, the villagers didn’t realize the severity of the problem. They thought that the elderly head was simply asking Mo Yang to speak.

When Mo Yang heard her name, her shoulders trembled slightly before she slowly stood up under the sympathetic gazes of everyone.

Looking at the family head’s wife who stood up, everyone pitied her in their hearts. How pitiful is she? She was only in her forties, yet she already lost her husband.

Other people could not understand the undercurrents in the hall, but Mo Fengying understood everything after seeing how cold her grandfather’s gaze was when he looked at her mother.

She could not believe that her mother was the murderer of her father!

As for the others, they slowly realized that Mo Zhangkuang’s gaze wasn’t right. It wasn’t the gaze one should have when looking at his son’s widow, but more like looking at a murderer!


Gradually, they realized that the elderly head wasn’t just calling his daughter-in-law’s name, he was asking Mo Yang!

Mo Yang, who was in the eye of the storm, calmed down. Now that things had come to this, no matter how scared she was, it was useless.

Seeing how calm Mo Yang was, Mo Zhangkuang was furious.

Mo Zhangkuang picked up the cup of water that he had hidden behind his back. He held the cup in his right hand and pointed at the cup with his left hand, accusing Mo Yang. “Mo Yang, this is a cup of tea that I found in the bedroom of you and my son. I’ve detected that in this cup of tea, there’s a lethal poison, ‘smiling epilepsy’!”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this name.

“Madam actually fed the Family Head with ‘smiling epilepsy’!”

Smile epilepsy was the Mo Clan’s most famous poison. Anyone who consumed it would fall to the ground and die without any medicine to save them! How deep of a hatred did Madam have for the Clan Leader to be so heartless and not give the Clan Leader a chance to live!

“Mo Yang! Do you admit it or not?!” Mo Zhangkuang stared at Mo Yang as though he couldn’t hear everyone’s discussion, wanting her to give an affirmative answer.

Mo Yang was about to nod when she saw Mo Fengying stand up.

Mo Fengying told Mo Zhangkuang loudly, “Grandpa! This must be a misunderstanding! My mother won’t hurt my father. She dotes on him a lot. These days, Dad has been busy with work and was worried that he would forget to take his medicine. Mom even instructed me to send medicine to Dad every day!”

“Grandpa, there must be a misunderstanding!”

That’s right. Mom is clearly very concerned about Dad. Recently, she has been asking me to deliver medicine to Dad every day!

Mo Fengying did not believe that her mother was such a vicious person.

However, there was another voice telling Mo Fengying that her mother was the one who poisoned her! Because in the entire Mo Clan, the person who hated Mo Suixin the most and wished for him to die the most was Mo Yang!

After all, Mo Suixin had killed Mo Yang’s lover 22 years ago, and last week, she almost killed her child!

Every child was a piece of flesh that had fallen from their mother’s body. Mo Yang could still bear with her lover being killed, but the child was almost killed by Mo Suixin, so it was strange that she could still bear with it.

Mo Zhangkuang gave Mo Fengying an unhappy look. “Fengying, I’m asking your mother. Don’t interrupt.”

Mo Fengying stomped her feet anxiously. She pulled her mother’s arm anxiously and shook it vigorously before saying, “Mom, say something! Tell Grandpa that this is all a misunderstanding!”

Mo Yang tilted her head and gave Mo Fengying a sad smile. That smile made Mo Fengying’s heart jump.

“Mom…” Mo Fengying subconsciously let go of Mo Yang’s arms, her heart beating faster and faster, her legs trembling.

“Mom, don’t scare me—”

Mo Yang caressed Mo Fengying’s cheek, then gracefully took a few steps forward. She nodded and said, “That’s right, I did it!”

Mo Yang’s nod shocked everyone.

“No way!”

“How could it be Madam!”

“Why would the Madam want to do that? It doesn’t make sense!”

“Why did Madam murder Family Head! Their relationship is clearly not bad. A few days ago, I even saw that Madam was concerned about Family Head’s health and asked Young Master to deliver medicine to Family Head every day…”

Mo Zhangkuang listened to the discussion of the people, his heart also harboring doubts. “Mo Yang, in the 21 years of marriage, my son has always been devoted to you. He has never let you down, looked down on you, bullied you, why did you harm my son’s life!”

Mo Yang clenched her fists and raised her head, her delicate face filled with indignation. She suddenly asked, “He’s deeply in love with me, do I have to thank him for it?”

Mo Zhangkuang frowned slightly.

Mo Yang continued, “What happened between us twenty years ago, many of the people here vaguely know about it. That’s right, Mo Suixin and I were indeed first loves. When we were in our third year of university, I did cheat on him and fall in love with another man. I was indeed in the wrong, but Mo Xiuxi was jealous and poisoned him slowly, forcing a healthy person to become crazy!”

“I was on my confinement, holding the child in my arms. I watched as the man held his head and begged for mercy in pain. I begged God to let him go and not let him suffer so much. After saying that, he cried and said sorry to the child. Then, he jumped down from the twelve-story balcony in front of me!”

“Is it excusable for him to casually harm others because he’s deeply in love with me?”

When they heard this secret, the younger generation were all shocked. As for those in the same generation as Mo Suixin and the others, as well as the older generation, they had heard of this matter before.

But they only knew one thing, not the other.

They only knew that the Madam of the family had cheated on the Master when she was dating him. After that man passed away, the Master disregarded the past and married the Madam of the family. Because of this, the people of the family thought that the Master was a very good man.

But after hearing Mo Yang’s words, everyone’s impression of the family head as a “good man” was greatly reduced.

At the scene, Mo Fengying and Mo Zhangkuang were the most embarrassed.

The former was embarrassed because her parents’ loving relationship was just an illusion. As Mo Suixin’s father, seeing his son’s ugly and evil side exposed to the public, the latter also felt embarrassed.

An elder next to Mo Zhangkuang couldn’t stand it anymore, so he questioned Mo Yang, “How many years has that been? Your child is already so big now, all these years, he has treated you well. Even if it’s a rock, it’s time to warm up.”

“Mo Yang, aren’t you being too cruel?”

“I’m cruel?” Mo Yang laughed, her eyes red.

She pointed in the direction outside the building and cried, “A few days ago, because I went to Dali to see my eldest son a few times, Mo Suixin found out about this. He actually ruthlessly found someone to kill my son!”

“If not for the fact that my son was lucky enough to be saved by a good person, he would have died a long time ago! Elder Xiaokuang, tell me, am I the cruel one or is it Mo Suixin!”

This was another shocking piece of news that no one knew about!

When they heard this, the women couldn’t help but look at Mo Yang with sympathy. The men, on the other hand, frowned, feeling that this was a thorny matter. It was really fair and reasonable on both ends.

After hearing Mo Yang’s words, Mr. Zhong, who was sitting diagonally in front of Han Zhan, had a strange expression on his face. Han Zhan quietly peeled walnuts and ate them while enjoying the drama of the Mo family.

Mo Yang continued, “I was the one who killed Mo Suixin! I was also the one who put the smiling mania in the cup. The tea that Mo Suixin drank was also personally handed to him by me!”

“He deserves it!”

Mo Yang’s tone was ruthless, as if she was really that cold-hearted. In the end, Mo Yang couldn’t tell whether it was her true intention to kill Mo Suixin.

When Mo Zhangkuang saw that Mo Yang was still so arrogant even after her scheme was exposed, he was extremely angry. He said angrily, “The family head’s wife and family head have a deep relationship. She is given to be buried with the family head. She is willing to live and die together with the family head at the wedding!”

Mo Fengying was the first to disagree. “No! Grandfather, you can’t do this to my mother!”

Mo Zhangkuang stared at Mo Fengying in disappointment and said, “Fengying, she killed your father!”

Mo Fengying was angry and sad that her mother had killed her father. But even so, she did not want her mother to die with him!

Mo Zhangkuang shouted, “You ignorant fool, you are not allowed to plead for your mother. It is her honor to be buried with your father.”

Mo Fengying said, “To be buried with the dead… is not like he’s the emperor.This is a lawful society. Even if my mother killed someone, she should be handed over to the court for trial!”

“I won’t allow anyone to touch my mother!”

The others also said, “Old Master, Young Master Feng Ying is right. This is a lawful society. Even if Madam is guilty of murder, she should be handed over to the court. The law will naturally sentence her.”

“Punishment!” Mo Zhangkuang asked the people in front of him with bloodshot eyes. “Can the court’s revive my son?”

“The one who died is my son, not your son. That’s why you make it sound so easy. If your son was poisoned to death by your daughter-in-law, then come and talk to me about the law!”

Song Fei stood behind Mo Zhangkuang as if she was watching a farce and listening to their conversation. She thought to herself, You’ve killed countless people in your life, but you’ve finally tasted the pain of having your heart cut out.

When Mo Yang heard the villagers discussing the law with Mo Zhangkuang, she couldn’t help but laugh mockingly.

Hearing Mo Yang’s mocking laughter, everyone held their breaths and looked at her in surprise.

Mo Yang shook her head, her face filled with mockery. “Talk about the law? You’re talking about the law with a bunch of animals?” She pointed at the group of people on the elder’s seat and threw out a deep bomb. “If you know that the Mo family’s signature ‘Spring Rejuvenation Pill’ is a medicine made from human hearts, you’ll know how lawless these people are!”

As soon as these words were spoken, Mo Zhangkuang and the elders behind him sat up in shock.

]”Mo Yang, don’t spout nonsense!” It happened so suddenly, no one expected Mo Yang, the Madam of the family, to reveal the biggest secret of the Mo family.

It must be known that the secret of the medicine man was only known to the young master, the elders, and the biggest stewards of the Mo Family.

And these people could not reveal their secrets.

There was once someone who got drunk and told others about the Mo Clan’s medicine man. After this matter was discovered, that elder was removed from the Mo Clan’s elder’s seat. Before long, that elder was bitten to death by a poisonous snake.

When Mo Yang released the news, she had completely blocked off all hope of survival.

“Mo Yang, you can’t slander my Mo Clan just because I want you to die with my son! You’re also a member of the Mo Clan, you’re really muddleheaded for spouting such nonsense!”

Mo Zhangkuang wanted to blur out this matter, purposely bringing the topic to Mo Yang, wanting the people to think that Mo Yang was spouting nonsense out of anger.

However, Mo Yang’s expression remained calm. She turned around to face all the people of the Mo Family and coldly said something else. “Everyone should know that our Mo Family had once produced a genius called Mo Qingkuang!”

The older generation all remembered Mo Qingkuang. Even when they were young, they treated him as their idol. As for the younger generation, even if they had never seen Mo Qingkuang before, they had heard of his name.

In the Mo Family, Mo Qingkuang’s name was like a god!

When Mo Zhangkuang heard Mo Yang mention Mo Qingkuang’s name, his face darkened. At that moment, he hated himself for not having bought a gun. If he had a gun, he would have shot her the moment Mo Yang brought up the medicine man!

She really has a devilish heart!

Everyone opened their eyes and were watching closely, so even if Mo Zhangkuang wanted to teach Mo Yang a lesson, he couldn’t do it.

Mo Yang was certain that Mo Zhangkuang wouldn’t kill anyone in front of everyone, so she continued, “Do you know why our valley’s West Mountain is a restricted area? Because there are medicine men locked up there! I’m sure you guys don’t know what medicine men are!”

Mo Yang smiled faintly and said, “Medicine men, they were born with a medicinal fragrance. Their blood can increase the medicinal effects, their flesh can cure those who have been ill for a long time, and their hearts can even revive the dead!”

“Do you feel that the medicine man’s effect is very magical? It’s just like the legendary ‘magical beast’ that our Mo family’s ancestor killed together with Nangong Xian.” Mo Yang laughed strangely. “I wonder if the one our ancestor killed was a magical beast or a human?”

Mo Yang became more and more suspicious. Back then, the Spring Rejuvenation Pill that his ancestor had refined was actually Nangong Xian’s heart!

“Everyone only knows that Mo Qingkuang was expelled from the Mo clan because he accidentally killed the previous elderly head. But this is all fake! The reason why Mo Jiangye was expelled from the clan was not because he killed the previous master by mistake, but because he couldn’t stand the Mo clan’s attitude towards the medicine man! He let the medicine man go on his own accord and triggered the Mo clan’s greatest clan rules. That’s why he was chased out of the Mo clan!”

“Stop deceiving yourself and others by thinking that the Mo Family’s medical skills are amazing. Pui! The glory of the Mo Family and the glorious history of the Mo Family are all trampled upon by the harm done to the medicine man!”

Mo Yang turned around to look at the group of old geezers on the elder’s seat. She laughed until her tears fell. “You can talk about the law with anyone, but don’t talk about the law with these lunatics!”

Mo Yang’s revelations came one after another, and everyone felt like they were listening to a heavenly book, unable to believe that this was real.

At this moment, Mo Fengying also stood up. “I can testify that what my mother said is true.”

Mo Fengying stepping forward bravely made the skeptical clan members believe her completely.

“The medicine man does exist. She is imprisoned at the back of the mountain in the west. I am the young master of the Mo family. I was once groomed by my father and grandfather as the successor. I have seen the last medicine man in this world. She is already very old, in her seventies. Her body is already dying. However, in order to extract her final value, my grandfather did not hesitate to use all kinds of medicinal herbs to preserve her life…”

Mo Fengying was born in the 21st century. This was an era that relied on the Internet to live. Even if Mo Fengying was locked up in the family, she would still play with her phone.

As someone who often played with her phone, she had naturally come into contact with the knowledge of modern society. She knew that the Mo family’s behavior towards the medicine man was shameless and that they would suffer retribution.

However, she used to be the young master of the Mo Family and had the responsibility to lead the Mo Family to greater heights. Even if she did not agree with the saying that the medicine man was not human, she had to convince herself that the medicine man was only medicine and not human.

Now, she was no longer the young master of the Mo family. Her mother had also stood up bravely like Senior Mo Qingkuang and revealed the existence of the medicine man. Then, Mo Fengying could no longer remain silent.

If Mo Yang was the only one who said that, everyone might suspect her, but since Young Master Feng Ying had stepped forward, everyone had no choice but to believe them.

Below, all the clansmen were whispering to each other. Many people were criticizing Mo Zhangkuang for their despicable actions. Mo Zhangkuang and the others sat in the elders’ seats, their eyes dark, wishing they could tear the culprit Mo Yang apart.

Mo Yang and Song Fei looked at each other.

Mo Yang had already done what Song Ci and the others asked him to do. Now, it was up to them.

Mo Zhangkuang saw that the commoners had been encouraged by Mo Yang and his daughter. He exchanged glances with a few elders, all of them thinking about how to resolve the crisis before them.

At this time, Mo Suiyun suddenly rushed towards Mo Zhangkuang. He leaned over and whispered something to Mo Zhangkuang. Hearing this, Mo Zhangkuang suddenly stood up.

His movements were fast and violent, attracting everyone’s attention.

Mo Zhangkuang realized that he was too agitated. He said to the elders behind him, “Look after Mo Yang, don’t let her play any tricks. Something happened, I’ll be right back!”

Before he left, Mo Zhangkuang said again, “Everyone, calm down and don’t run around!” The last sentence was what Mo Zhangkuang really wanted to say.

Mo Zhangkuang led Song Ci and Mo Suiyun out of the building. After they left, Song Ci asked Mo Zhangkuang, “Teacher, what happened?”

Mo Zhangkuangg led her directly to the cable car. After getting in, he said, “Granny Yao is missing!”

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