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Chapter 341: Who is the Traitor?

Song Ci was shocked.

Granny Yao had disappeared? (italics)

Song Ci secretly took out her phone and was about to send a message to Han Zhan to ask if this was his work.

She had just touched her phone when she heard Mo Zhangkuang say, “Why are you still playing with your phone! What time is it now!”

Song Ci was surprised and quickly put her phone back into her pocket. She lied and explained, “I’ll check the time.”

Mo Zhangkuang did not reply.

The cable car arrived at the West Mountain. As the three of them walked towards the small col, Mo Zhangkuang said, “When I heard those people making a scene just now, I secretly instructed Mo Suiyun to quietly move Granny Yao away.”

That way, even if the clansmen went to the west mountain to investigate, as long as they couldn’t find the person, he would think of a way to fool them. But now, Granny Yao had been secretly transferred away. No one knew what would happen next. In short, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

Mo Zhangkuang’s expression was so serious that Song Ci and Mo Suiyun didn’t dare to answer him casually.

When they arrived at the small col, Mo Zhangkuang opened the stone door and led the way. Song Ci and Mo Suiyun followed behind them silently.

After they entered the back mountain, Mo Zhangkuang turned on the lights and said to Song Ci and the others, “Look carefully and see if Granny Yao is hiding!”

Mo Suiyun said, “I’ve looked for her, but I didn’t find her.” Mo Suiyun brought Mo Zhangkuang and Song Ci to the second floor and stood at the door of Granny Medicine’s cell. Mo Suiyun pointed at the pile of chains on the ground and said, “The chain that bound her was thrown here.”

Song Ci looked at the ground and saw the two iron chains. The iron chains emitted a cold aura and were arranged into the shape of a smiling face. Song Ci could see a strong sense of mockery from that smiling expression.

She held back her laughter and lowered her head. After she tidied up her expression, Song Ci tilted her head to observe Mo Zhangkuang’s expression. Mo Zhangkuang stared at the pile of iron chains with a gloomy face.

“Damn it!”

With a few quick steps, he walked into the cage and kicked the smiling face into a twisted and hideous appearance. Turning around, Mo Zhangkuang roared at them, “Find her! Even if you have to search through the entire valley, find her!”

Every mountain of the Mo clan was controlled by someone. Outsiders could not sneak into the Mo clan without permission.

Even if there were outsiders, there was only a sickly Mr. Zhong and a warm Mr. Han.

Mr. Zhong was sickly. He had to rely on the help of others to walk. Mo Zhangkuang had personally checked Mr. Zhong’s pulse. That person’s body had really become a rotten piece of wood. His body did not support him in doing such things.

Han Zhan was his disciple’s relative and was very sensible. Every time he went out to relax, there would be someone accompanying him. It was impossible for him to do this alone.

Mo Zhangkuang understood in his heart that the person who let Granny Yao go was definitely someone from the clan.

Who could it be? (italics)

Mo Yang was busy getting rid of Mo Suixin, so she obviously didn’t have time to let him go.

Could it be Fengying? (italics)

This thought only flashed for a moment before it was rejected by Mo Zhangkuang. That girl Fengying valued the reputation of the Mo Clan very much. She would not do something that would ruin the reputation of the Mo Clan. (italics)

Who could it be? (italics)

Unable to guess the identity of the mastermind, Mo Zhangkuang had no choice but to call all the elders and stewards to search for Granny Yao’s hiding place in the valley.

The sky became darker and darker, and it was already close to ten at night. Mo Zhangkuang and the rest had not found Granny Yao’s whereabouts for a long time. At this time, a child in the Shen Si Building began to cry and sleep. The villagers were getting impatient.

They started to get frustrated and started talking among themselves. They became more daring when they spoke.

“What did the elderly head do when he took all the elders away? He hasn’t returned after so long, and we still have to wait?”

“It’s already ten o’clock. My chicken coop is still open. The dogs of the Ades better not drag them out to eat.”

“My little granddaughter wants to sleep—”

Mo Fengying’s heart was in a mess when she heard the discussion of the villagers. Something big must have happened. Otherwise, her grandfather and the elders wouldn’t have left for so long without returning.

Mo Fengying walked to the window. As she approached the window, she heard ‘Song Ci’ say, “Granny Yao is missing.”

Mo Fengying was shocked.

No wonder! (italics)

So Granny Yao had disappeared!

Mo Fengying turned her head to look at ‘Song Ci’. Her eyes moved slightly, and the way she looked at Song Fei was full of suspicion. “How did you know? No…” Mo Fengying immediately became vigilant.” How did you know about the medicine man? ”

‘Song Ci’ is sitting here. How did she know what happened in the valley? (italics) “Could it be… you let Granny Yao go? ”

Song Fei shook his head on the spot. “I’m not that capable. I’ve always been sitting there. Even if I had three heads and six arms, I wouldn’t be able to run to the West Mountain to release her.”

Even if Granny Yao wasn’t let go by Song Fei and the rest, Song Fei’s motive for coming to the Mo family wasn’t pure. Mo Fengying frowned and asked, “You sisters didn’t come to the Mo family to seek knowledge at all! What are you trying to do!”

Song Fei: “We want to save the medicine man.”


“Because…” Song Fei smiled coldly and said,” Because the poor woman you imprisoned and tortured is my grandmother! And the young man who was chased out of the Mo Clan by you is our grandfather! ”

Mo Fengying was even more shocked. She found it hard to believe that this was real. “Mo frivolous… You are actually Mo Qingkuang’s granddaughter!”

“No wonder!” No wonder Song Fei was so smart and even more talented than her. It turned out that she was the granddaughter of that perverted genius, Mo Qingkuang!

Because she had lost to a foreign girl, Mo Fengying had been very depressed recently. She was like a tall pine tree that had suddenly been snapped in half.

And after knowing that ‘Song Fei’ was Mo Qingkuang’s granddaughter, Mo Fengying suddenly straightened her shoulders.

If her grandfather could lose to Mo Qingkuang, it wouldn’t be too embarrassing for her to lose to Mo Qingkuang’s granddaughter.

Song Fei didn’t know what Mo Fengying was thinking. She told Mo Fengying, “This is a good opportunity. The villagers have already planted a seed of doubt in their hearts. If we release them now and someone runs into ‘Granny Yao’, then your grandfather and the rest can’t deny it anymore. They can only acknowledge the existence of the medicine man.”

“Most of the people in the clan are kind. If they knew about the existence of the medicine man, they would definitely protest against the Mo family’s actions. Mo Fengying, if you really want to save the medicine man, you know what to do.”

Mo Fengying rejected Song Fei on the spot. “Don’t use me. I won’t cooperate with you.” Mo Fengying didn’t really care if the medicine man was dead or alive. She really couldn’t stand how her grandfather and the others treated the medicine man as medicine, but she had been influenced by her father and grandfather since she was young, so she didn’t respect the medicine man much.

Seeing that Mo Fengying was unwilling to cooperate, Song Fei shifted his feet and moved closer to Mo Fengying. Song Fei placed his lips next to Mo Fengying’s ear, and her cold voice sounded strange and unpredictable. “You don’t care if the medicine man is dead or alive. Then, do you care about the lives of the people?”

At this moment, the temperature on Mo Fengying’s face froze. “What do you mean?!” Because she wasn’t sure what Song Fei had done to the Mo family, Mo Fengying’s voice trembled slightly.

Song Fei smiled happily and reminded Mo Fengying, “Have you been having a headache lately?”

Headache… (italics)

Mo Fengying thought of the frequent headaches of the people recently and her expression changed on the spot. “You did it! Song Ci, you poisoned us!”

Song Fei admitted frankly, “Yeah, the second day we came to the Mo family, I poisoned you guys. They didn’t catch a cold, but I infected them with the virus.” Seeing Mo Fengying clench her teeth, Song Fei enjoyed it.

She continued to threaten Mo Fengying. “If you don’t cooperate with me, the Mo family will be wiped out within three days!”

“Don’t doubt my words. I can really do it.”

Mo Fengying was furious, but she didn’t lose her composure because of Song Fei’s provocation. She thought to herself that she would bring her people to the big hospital tomorrow for a test. As long as she found the source of the virus, she would be able to resolve this matter.

After seeing what Mo Fengying was thinking, Song Fei used one sentence to destroy all of Mo Fengying’s plans. “Don’t even think about solving my virus. The virus that I, Song Fei, created isn’t that easy to solve.”

Mo Fengying caught the main point. She narrowed her eyes and asked Song Fei, “Song Fei? You’re Song Fei? Then that Song Fei…”

“That’s Song Ci,” Song Fei told Mo Fengying. “During these days in the Mo family, we sisters have been swapping identities. All along, the person who defeated you was Song Ci. And the person who drugged the Mo family was me.”

Mo Fengying clenched her fists and gritted her teeth as she complained to Song Fei, “You’re not human. Even if my grandfather and the rest did something wrong, the people are innocent!”

Mo Fengying lost control of her emotions and grabbed Song Fei’s shirt, shouting at him fiercely, “Song Fei, you’re an expert. You’re utterly heartless! Take out the antidote!”

Song Fei wasn’t afraid of Mo Fengying’s threat at all. Her clothes were tugged, but she still smiled calmly and beautifully. “Your Mo family is innocent, but aren’t the Nangong family members who have been harmed by you for generations innocent?”

“Nangong Yingying, who wants to die but can’t die, isn’t she innocent?”

“Mo Fengying, what I’m doing now is just returning a tooth for a tooth. You let the Nangong clan be exterminated, why can’t I let the Mo clan be exterminated?”

Everything Song Fei said was the truth, and not a single word of it was slandering the Mo family. When Mo Fengying, who had been filled with righteous indignation just now, heard Song Fei’s words, she was like a frosted eggplant, instantly losing her fierce aura.

Song Fei said, “Mo Fengying, if you don’t want your entire family to die with your grandfather and those old farts, then you have to do as I say next.”

Mo Fengying looked back at the people behind her.

Some of them were dozing off, some were coaxing the crying children, and some were squatting on the ground and playing a boxing match. The harmonious scene was heartwarming.

At the thought that these people might die from the virus outbreak within three days, Mo Fengying’s heart felt like it was being stabbed by a knife. She resisted the urge to spit on Song Fei’s face and cursed, “You’ll die a horrible death!”

Song Fei: “I’m not afraid. I won’t die a good death. It’s better than you dying young.”

Mo Fengying held her breath and wanted to curse.

She took a deep breath and silently let go of Song Fei’s clothes.

She asked Song Fei, “What do you want me to do?”

Song Fei said, “I want you to inform all the clansmen to find the missing Granny Yao! If you want them to believe that what you said before is true, then let them personally see if Granny Yao really exists!”

This was not a violation of ethics. Mo Fengying did not hesitate and walked to the platform where Mo Zhangkuang and the others were talking before.

Seeing Young Master Feng Ying step onto the stage, the several hundred people gradually quieted down.

“Everyone, the medicine man imprisoned in the West Mountain has gone missing. She might still be hiding in a corner of the valley. That medicine man is getting old, and it’s late at night. I’m worried that something might happen to her if she’s alone outside. There are many of us here, so we might as well go look for her together.”

Hearing this, everyone stood up.

“Young master Fengying, is there really a medicine man?”

“Young Master Fengying, is the Rejuvenation Pill really made from the heart of an alchemist? If it’s true, then our Mo Family has been killing people for the past few hundred years!”

“That’s right, Young Master Fengying. We learn medicine to save people. We can’t harm people! That’s against morals!”

Mo Fengying told them, “If you want to know if it’s true, it’s very simple. You’ll know once you find the medicine man.”

Upon hearing that, everyone looked at each other before they really turned around and went down the stairs. They left the building and turned on the flashlights that they carried with them to search for Granny Yao’s whereabouts in the valley.

And on the western mountain, Mo Zhangkuang and the rest had yet to find Granny Yao.

Mo Zhangkuang suspected that Granny Yao might have been successfully brought out by someone. Just as he was about to ask the elders to go somewhere else to take a look, he suddenly realized that hundreds of electric torch lights had suddenly lit up on the hillside of the Shen Si Building.

Mo Zhangkuang’s expression suddenly turned ugly. “Who released them!”

Mo Suiyun also raised his head and stared in that direction. He said, “The Clan Leader is no longer here, and the Old Clan Leader and the Young Clan Leader are both here. Then, other than Young Master Fengying, who else can instigate those people in the Hall of Thoughts?”

“This incompetent thing!” Mo Zhangkuang stamped his feet anxiously.

Han Zhan and the others also joined the Mo Clan’s operation and followed the clansmen to look for Granny Yao. Walking at the back of the crowd, Han Zhan asked Song Fei, “Where was Granny Yao hidden?”

Song Fei said, “She’s at Shen Si Restaurant.”

Han Zhan narrowed his eyes and said, “Then let’s wait here.”


They did not wait for more than a few minutes before they heard someone shouting, “Everyone, come and look! There’s an old granny here!” Hearing this call, everyone stopped their search and quickly rushed towards the small square in front of the Shen Si Building.

The person who shouted was none other than Chef Mo. Pointing at the old woman who was leaning against the Sun Chasing Arrow as if she had already stopped breathing, Chef Mo said in bewilderment, “Is this old woman… the medicine man?”

There were only four hundred people in the clan. Everyone knew each other, but the old granny in front of him was a stranger.

Chef Mo walked closer and put his hand under Granny Yao’s nose to feel for a while. Then, he heaved a sigh of relief and said loudly, “She’s still alive!”

Seeing that Granny Medicine had been found, someone gave Mo Zhangkuang a call. “Old Master, we found Granny Medicine. She is at Shen Si Building!”

When Mo Zhangkuang learned that Granny Yao was hidden in front of the Shen Si Building, he stomped his feet and cursed angrily, “Damn it! How did she get there!”

Mo Zhangkuang shouted and called all the elders over. He then brought them to the Shen Si Building in a hurry. When they arrived at the Shen Si Building, they saw all the clansmen gathered in the small plaza, surrounding the Sun Chasing Arrows in front of the Shen Si Building.

Mo Zhangkuang and the rest pushed through the crowd and walked to the middle of the square, where they saw Granny Yao.

Granny Medicine had not come out for decades. When Mo Zhangkuang saw her, Granny Medicine was squinting her turbid eyes and raising her head to greedily admire every bright star.

Her hair had grown past her waist, and it covered half of her face.

However, no one could imagine how Nangong Yingying looked like when she was young when they looked at her wrinkled face. She was really beautiful when she was young. Mo Qingkuang had boldly let Nangong Yingying go back then because he could not escape the beauty trap.

Mo Zhangkuang and the others passed through the crowd and arrived at the stone platform. Seeing Granny Yao, Mo Zhangkuang first let out a sigh of relief. Then, realizing that the existence of the medicine man had been discovered by the entire clan, Mo Kuang’s expression became ugly again.

“Nangong Yingying!”

Hearing Mo Zhangkuang’s voice, Nangong Yingying slowly raised her head.

She pulled away the long hair covering her face, revealing an aged and haggard face. Staring at Mo Zhangkuang’s flustered and exasperated appearance, Nangong Yingying laughed heartily.


“Mo Zhangkuang, I didn’t expect that I would be able to see the light of day again, right?” After being silent for so many years, Granny Herbs’s voice sounded a little ear-piercing, like sandpaper gently rubbing against the wall.

Mo Zhangkuang squatted down and looked at Nangong Yingying. He asked—

“Who released you?”

Nangong Yingying asked, “Then who do you think betrayed you?”

Mo Zhangkuang frowned.

The only people who knew of Granny Yao’s existence and could find the entrance to the back mountain were him, a few elders, the in-charge Mo Suiyun, his little disciple Song Fei, and Mo Fengying.

Mo Zhangkuang asked, “Is it Fengying?” But Feng Ying was in the hall tonight. (italics)

When she heard this answer, Nangong Yingying suddenly burst into laughter. “Hahaha, Mo Zhangkuang, I didn’t expect that the first person you suspected was actually your own granddaughter! Don’t you think this is pathetic?”

Mo Zhangkuang frowned and didn’t say anything. Mo Fengying, who was standing beside Song Fei and the others, turned her face away in grievance and stared blankly at the Sun Chasing Arrow behind her.

Before Mo Zhangkuang could speak, Nangong Yingying stabbed an invisible knife into his body. “I heard that your son died? Was he poisoned to death by his wife Mo Yang?”

Nangong Yingying gloated as she slapped her thigh and said, “Good death! Good death! That brat doesn’t look as sinister as you, but when he released my blood, he was more ruthless than anyone else.”

Nangong Yingying’s laughter suddenly stopped. She looked up at Mo Zhangkuang and said with hatred in her voice, “Mo Zhangkuang, your Mo Clan has been running amok for six hundred years, and you’re finally going to be out of luck! I didn’t expect that I, an old woman, would be able to see the Mo Clan collapse before my death. My life is not in vain.”

When Mo Zhangkuang heard Nangong Yingying’s words, he was not angry, but now was not the time to confront Nangong Yingying. Mo Zhangkuang turned around and looked at his clansmen who were eagerly waiting for an explanation.

Mo Zhangkuang let out a long sigh before saying, “Everyone, this grandma is a patient sent over by a distant relative of mine. She suffers from a very serious mental illness with violent tendencies. This relative of mine has never been married in her entire life, so until now, she still doesn’t have a child to support her in her retirement. I locked her up in the West Mountains for her own good.”

“The reason why you are not allowed to go to the West Mountain is because I am afraid that you will be accidentally injured by her if you see her.”

Hearing that, everyone wavered again.

As members of the Mo Clan, they were very opposed to what the Mo Clan had done to the medicine man. On the other hand, they couldn’t believe that the Mo Clan’s medical skills that they were so proud of were actually exchanged for by the medicine man’s body!

Therefore, after hearing Mo Kuang’s explanation, some people really believed his words, while others pretended to be confused, unwilling to delve into the truth.

Only a small number of young people still had doubts about this matter.

At this moment, Han Zhan suddenly bent down. He lifted Nangong Yingying’s left arm and pulled her sleeve away. Han Zhan pinched the blood-soaked tube on Nangong Yingying’s arm and couldn’t help but ask, “Old Master, how do you explain this?”

As soon as they saw the soft tube used to draw blood, the expressions of the clansmen who had their doubts dispelled by Mo Zhangkuang’s words changed again.

“Old Master! That’s to extract one’s blood! She’s a lunatic. Do you still want to draw her blood?” The person who asked was Chef Mo who cooked in the canteen.

Chef Mo had a kind of anger after being deceived, “Old Master! What Madam said before was true, wasn’t it? Our Mo Family’sR ejuvenation Pill was made with the heart of a medicine man!”

“If all of this is true, then it’s really unreasonable for Senior Mo Qingkuang to be kicked out of the clan back then! Senior Mo Qingkuang’s medical skills and talent are only seen once every 600 years in our Mo clan. Such a genius, yet you treat him like that!”

Mo Suiyi had been cooking for his entire life. Although his medical skills were mediocre, he had always felt honored and proud as a member of the Mo Clan.

But now, he realized that the Mo family was so despicable and evil!

He felt humiliated!

“Did our Mo Family’s six hundred years of glory really come from stepping on the bones of the medicine man? If that’s the case, then the Mo Family of Sichuan and the Divine Hand of the Nation are just a joke!”

Being questioned by Mo Suiyi like this, Mo Zhangkuang felt embarrassed. How could I explain anything with a blood vessel drawn in front of me? There was no mental patient that needed to be treated through bloodletting! (italics)

Seeing that Mo Zhangkuang was silent, everyone felt uneasy.

“Old Master, say something! Are you unable to answer Chef Mo’s question?”

“That’s right, Old Master. Give us an explanation if this is true or false!”

Mo Zhangkuang’s eyes kept flickering. He suddenly reached into his pocket and took out a small knife. He turned around and prepared to slit Granny Yao’s throat, planning to kill her and leave no evidence.

However, just as he was about to turn around with the knife in his hand, Song Ci, who had been standing beside him, suddenly exclaimed and hurriedly reminded Han Zhan, “Han Zhan! Mo Zhangkuang wants to kill Grandma Herbs!”

Han Zhan quickly pushed with his palm, and that palm landed directly on Mo Zhangkuang’s abdomen. Mo Zhangkuang held his saber and pushed back several steps, almost falling off the stage. Fortunately, the two elders behind him held onto him.

Mo Zhangkuang lifted his head, still in a state of shock. Just as he was about to demand an explanation from Han Zhan, he suddenly smelled wisps of medicinal fragrance in the air. Such a young, fresh, and rich medicinal fragrance!

Mo Zhangkuang’s nose was very sensitive. After all, he had been dealing with medicinal herbs all his life. He immediately locked onto the location of the person with the medicinal fragrance…

Mo Zhangkuang looked in the direction of the smell, but when he saw his little disciple ‘Song Fei’, whose face was slightly red from agitation, Mo Zhangkuangfelt that something was wrong.

“It’s you—” said Mo Zhangkuang suddenly.

Song Ci found that Mo Zhangkuang was talking to her. She frowned and said subconsciously, “What?”

Mo Zhangkuang: “At that time, I smelled a fresh medicinal fragrance in the back mountain, but I thought I was mistaken…” Staring at Song Ci’s face, Mo Kuang asked her thoughtfully,” How did you get rid of the smell of the medicine man on your body? ”

Only then did Song Citong realize that when Mo Zhangkuang was about to assassinate Nangong Yingying, she was too agitated and lost control of her emotions. The medicinal fragrance in her body seeped out from her sweat glands.

Realizing that she was exposed, Song Ci calmed down. “I cut my sweat glands.”

Mo Zhangkuang was suddenly enlightened. “I see!” Mo Zhangkuang stared at Song Ci in amazement and murmured, “I didn’t expect that there would be a young medicine man in this world…”

However, Mo Zhangkuang was immediately confused. In this world, only the Mo family could create medicine people. Who turned Song Ci into a medicine person? (italics)

“Song Fei, when your mother was pregnant with you, who was the person who prescribed birth control pills for her?” Who was it that knew about the Mo family’s birth control pills? (italics)

Song Ci smiled strangely and asked Mo Zhangkuang instead, “Teacher, when you killed Mo Qingkuang back then, didn’t you realize there was one person missing?”

Their conversation was not soft. After hearing Song Ci’s words, many people’s expressions changed again.

“The elderly head killed Mo Qingkuang! When did this happen?”

The elders standing behind Mo Zhangkuang also stared at Mo Zhangkuang in bewilderment. They did not know about this. They thought that Mo Qingkuang died because he did not find the medicine man.

So it was the elderly head who killed him? (italics)

Mo Zhangkuang had already understood that the Mo Clan was going to have a big reshuffle today, and he could not change this situation. With all of his dirty deeds had been exposed, Mo Zhangkuang had become even more frank.

He didn’t care if other people could hear his conversation with Song Ci. He asked Song Ci directly, “What’s the name of Mo Qingkuang’s child again?”

Song Ci: “Mo Sang.”

“Yes! I searched all over the hill for that Mo Sang kid, but I couldn’t find him. Can you tell me where Mo Sang was hiding the night Mo Qingkuang died?”

At that time, Mo Zhangkuang had almost searched the entire hill, but he still couldn’t find Mo Sang. Later on, when the sun rose, Mo Zhangkuang was afraid of being discovered, so he could only give up on Mo Sang and leave quietly.

Song Ci told him, “Mo Sang hid in the toilet’s feces pit for an entire night. When he was found, he almost froze to death.”

“Cunning child!” Staring at Song Ci and Song Fei, Mo Kuang understood everything. “You sisters are Mo Sang’s daughters?”

Song Fei walked to Song Ci’s side. The two sisters stood together, looking equally beautiful.


“I really didn’t expect that after half a century, my granddaughter Fengying would still lose to Mo Qingkuang’s granddaughter.” Mo Qingkuang, oh Mo Qingkuang, even if you are dead, you still want to make me unhappy! (italics)

Mo Zhangkuang stared at Song Ci and said thoughtfully, “You’re a medicine man, and you’re also the granddaughter of Mo Qingkuang, so you didn’t come to the Mo clan to seek knowledge. What do you want to do…”

Song Ci said, “Save my grandma and give my grandpa justice!”

“Hahaha!” Mo Zhangkuang laughed mockingly. “Very good! You guys are really Mo Qingkuang’s good granddaughters!” After being betrayed and deceived by Song Ci, Mo Kuang’s old face looked twisted and ferocious. His eyes almost split open as he growled at Song Ci, “Song Fei, did you let Granny Yao go?”

Song Fei shook her head and told Mo Zhangkuang, “Firstly, teacher, my name isn’t Song Fei. I’m actually Song Ci. From the day I took the test, I’ve swapped identities with my sister.”

“Secondly, I really didn’t let Granny Yao out…” As she spoke, Song Ci looked at Han Zhan.” Han Zhan, tell Teacher who betrayed him. ”

Mo Zhangkuang stared at Han Zhan and questioned him sternly, “Who is it! Who is that traitor!”

Han Zhan was about to reply when he heard a gloomy middle-aged man’s voice behind him. “It’s me.”

After Mo Zhangkuang recognized the identity of the person who spoke, he was surprised for once. He slowly turned around and looked at Manager Mo Suiyun behind him. He felt as if he had been struck by lightning. “Suiyun? Why did you betray me?”

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