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Chapter 339: Master Mo Is Dead! Who’s the Murderer?

“Yang’er, what are you talking about?” Mo Suixin’s expression remained impeccable.

Mo Yang saw that he refused to admit it, so she angrily took out the photo under the pillow and threw it at him.

The photo fell between Mo Suixin and Mo Yang. Mo Suixin bent down to pick it up. He flipped through the photo and narrowed his eyes.

Mo Yang’s voice rang in his ears again. “You found this photo long ago! You know that I have that child in my heart, and you know that I went to Dali to see that child!”

“You clearly know everything, yet you pretend to know nothing. You purposely let me go out to meet that child, and then you found someone to use a car to knock him down!”

Mo Yang asked him with tears in his eyes, “Mo Suixin, are you going to destroy everything I love?”

“I love Qi Tingxue, so you forced him to become a lunatic and made me watch him jump off a building in front of me! I love Qi Jun, so you made me kill him after I met him! I love Fengying, so you silently agreed that your father would acknowledge Song Fei as his young master and let him abandon my child!”

“Mo Suixin! I can’t bear your love!”

Mo Yang was determined to fall out with Mo Suixin today. She was certain that Mo Suixin was the person who hurt Qi Jun. No matter how Mo Suixin tried to explain himself, he wouldn’t be able to clear his guilt.

Hence, she spoke without any restraint and completely lost her bottom line.

When Mo Suixin heard Mo Yang’s accusation, he couldn’t help but let out a long sigh. “So no matter how I explain, you won’t believe that I’m innocent, right?” At that moment, Mo Suixin looked extremely dejected, like a stray dog.

Mo Yang: “Don’t try to defend yourself, any explanation you make will make me feel disgusted!”

Her words had finally angered Mo Suixin and made him unhappy. Mo Suixin walked to the other side of the bed and sat down. He stared at Mo Yang’s tear-stained face and frowned.

After a long while, he sighed. “If I could control my feelings, if I could stop loving you, Mo Yang, I definitely wouldn’t. You b*tch, how are you worthy of my love?”

Mo Yang froze on the spot when she heard Mo Suixin describe himself as a ‘bitch’.

“What did you say I am?” Mo Yang was in disbelief.

Mo Suixin was very patient. He repeated the word, “B*tch.”

Mo Suixin saw the shock in Mo Yang’s eyes and found it funny. Perhaps it was because no one had ever said that to Mo Yang, so when she heard the word ‘bitch’, Mo Yang found it unbelievable.

Mo Suixin laughed mockingly and asked Mo Yang, “Aren’t you a bitch? You slept with another man while we were still a couple and even got pregnant…”

“If this isn’t being a bitch, then what is?”

Mo Suixin’s words were too harsh, Mo Yang was furious. She opened her mouth to retort, but realized that she couldn’t stand her ground.

She had nothing to say!

“Mo Yang, do you think you and Qi Tingxue had true love?” Mo Xin shook his head. “No.” His hand caressed Mo Yang’s face and he pinched it hard, telling her clearly, “That’s not true love! That’s called cheating, that’s called poaching. The love that you think moved the heavens and the earth, the one who was touched was none other than yourself!”

“Go out and ask anyone. Ask them if what happened between you and Qi Tingxue was right or wrong. Trust me, nine out of ten people will think that you’re wrong.”

“I said you’re a b*tch. You’re not innocent. You deserve it.”

Mo Suixin had never said these words to Mo Yang, so Mo Yang forgot that when she got together with Qi Tingxue, she was already taken.

The dead ones were the best. They were the cinnabar mole in Mo Yang’s heart, and the living ones were her enemies. She only remembered that Qi Tingxue was forced to jump off a building by Mo Suixin, but she chose to ignore that in the beginning, it was Qi Tingxue who stole Mo Suixin’s woman first.

Mo Suixin clearly saw Mo Yang’s scumbag side, but he was also despicable. He knew that Mo Yang had cheated on him, he knew that this woman was a bad person, but he still liked her!

He could only blame himself. He was devoted but Mo Yang wasn’t. A devoted one falling in love with a flirt, he deserved to be unlucky.

Mo Yang widened his eyes and stared at Mo Suixin as though she was looking at a stranger. “So that’s how you see me…”

When Mo Suixin saw Mo Yang’s hurt expression, he felt happy. “I like you, not because you’re the best, but because you’re too clean when I liked you.”

“If I liked the clean you, I won’t be able to despise you.” It was his bad luck and his cheapness!

Mo Yang was so angry she cried. “Mo Suixin, shut up, you murderer, what right do you have to despise me for being a bitch! I’m so cheap, why do you still love me! Don’t love me then. You said I’m cheap, you’re even more cheap than me!”

Mo Yang grabbed the pillow and threw it at Mo Suixin’s head.

Mo Suixin allowed her to hit him as she wished. He thought in despair that if the nearest thing to her hand was not a pillow but an ashtray, she would probably raise the ashtray and smash it against his head.

Women were always so heartless towards men they didn’t love.

Mo Yang broke down when she saw that Mo Suixin didn’t retaliate. She threw the pillow away and questioned Mo Suixin with bloodshot eyes, “Did you do Qi Jun’s incident?”

She clenched her fists so tightly that her fingers almost dug into the flesh of her palms. “I just want to know the truth. Don’t lie to me.”

They had fallen out, and Mo Suixin could not be bothered to pretend to be a gentle husband anymore. He nodded and admitted, “Yes, I got someone to do it.”

Moving closer, Mo Suixin stared at Mo Yang’s face and asked curiously, “Mo Yang, you know I did it, but you can’t do anything to me. Do you feel pain?”

Of course Mo Yang felt pain!

She was in so much pain that she couldn’t even breathe properly. It was as if a sharp knife was mercilessly cutting her chest.

Mo Suixin laughed until his eyes were red. “Pain is good. When I received that letter back then, I knew that you had gotten together with another man behind my back. I ran to your rented apartment to look for you, but I saw you and Qi Tingxue walking out of the rented apartment hand in hand. I was in such pain too.”

Mo Yang panted heavily, cursing Mo Xin. “Mo Suixin, you’ll die a horrible death!” Perhaps it was because she was too angry, Mo Yang fainted from anger.

When the furious Mo Suixin saw that Mo Yang had fainted, he immediately went over to catch her, pulling her into his arms and lying on the bed with her.

Mo Yang’s face was covered in tears, and he gently wiped them away.

Staring at the woman in his arms, he muttered, “Why do you have to do this? Can’t you just stay by my side obediently? Why can’t you forget that man? Why do you keep thinking about that child?”

Mo Yang’s heart ached, but am I not in pain too?

Mo Suixin understood that as long as he was willing to let Mo Yang go, he would be free. However, he wasn’t willing to let Mo Yang go so easily. He would rather live in pain for the rest of his life than see Mo Yang be free.

Mo Yang slept through the night. When she woke up the next morning, she carefully recalled what happened the night before and instantly laughed coldly. Last night, she was also furious, that was why she had argued with Mo Suixin.

Since they didn’t like each other, what was the point of living together? Wasn’t divorcing better?

Mo Yang walked into the washroom to wet the towel. She covered her face with the warm towel, and her swollen eyes felt better. After applying it for a while, she went downstairs to look for Mo Suixin.

Mo Suixinn practiced Tai Chi in the courtyard downstairs, looking rather imposing.

There was a stone table in the courtyard with four stools beside it. Mo Yang picked a stone stool and sat down. Mo Suixin knew that she was here, but he didn’t stop to greet her like before.

Mo Yang waited patiently for Mo Suixin to finish practicing Tai Chi before saying, “Mo Suixin, come over, let’s talk.”

Mo Suixin walked over and sat opposite her.

“Talk about what?”

Mo Yang looked at him seriously, her gaze calm, without the anger from last night. Mo Yang said, “Let’s just live this life like this.”

Mo Suixin thought that Mo Yang would give him the cold shoulder. He was prepared to be neglected by Mo Yang for half a year or even a year. When he suddenly heard Mo Yang take the initiative to back down, Mo Suixin was shocked.

“What tricks are you trying to pull this time? Are you trying to convince me to let you visit Qi Jun?” Before Mo Yang could say anything, Mo Suixin rejected her with a cold snort. “Impossible, don’t even think about it.”

It was already the greatest mercy that he did not kill the child.

Mo Yang shook her head. “I know you won’t agree, I’m not planning to discuss this with you.” She didn’t dare to look at Qi Jun.

The closer she got to Qi Jun, the more dangerous it was for him. For Qi Jun’s safety, Mo Yang wouldn’t see that child again.

“I’ll live my life peacefully with you, but you have to promise me one thing.”

Mo Suixin pondered for a moment before asking, “What is it?”

Mo Yang: “Save our Feng Ying!”

Mo Suixin narrowed his eyes and stared blankly in the direction of the West Mountain.

Mo Yang purposely provoked Mo Suixin. “Mo Suixin, don’t forget that you’re Feng Ying’s father! Old Master abandoned Fengying, how could it be that you abandoned our Feng Ying too? How old is Feng Ying? She’s only twenty this month! If she wasn’t your Mo Suixin’s child, would she have fallen under that stupid curse!”

“Since we brought her into this world, we must protect her well! If you can’t do it, then Mo Suixin, let’s get a divorce.”

Mo Suixin’s face immediately darkened. “Don’t mention the divorce again. I’ll think of a way to cure Fengying’s health.”

Mo Yang calmed down a little and told him, “It doesn’t matter if you kill Granny Yao or nurture another medicine man. I don’t care what method you use, I only want you to save our Fengying!”

Mo Suixin looked at her silently.

After his morning exercise, Mo Suixin was drenched in sweat. He needed to take a shower. While he was showering, Mo Yang was in the room preparing his clothes for the day.

The sound of running water came from the bathroom.

Mo Yang held a pinhole camera in her hand. Song Fei had given it to her. Mo Yang swiftly hid the pinhole camera on the sleeve of Mo Suixin’s jacket. The pinhole camera was very small, so she just needed to cut a small hole in his shirt.

Mo Suixin came out quickly with a grey towel wrapped around his body. Mo Yang coldly pointed at the pile of clothes on the bed and said to Mo Xin, “The clothes are on the bed.”

Mo Suixin felt flattered.

He thought that after the fight, Mo Yang wouldn’t prepare anything for him. Mo Suixin changed his clothes and said, “I have some documents to look through today. I won’t come back for lunch, I probably won’t come back tonight too. You have to eat on time.”

Mo Yang didn’t seem to hear him. She sat by the bed and played with her phone.

Mo Suixin glanced at her and left.

As Mo Suixin showered, he kept thinking about what Mo Yang had said. If he wanted to break the curse and save Mo Fengying, there were only two choices.

One, kill Granny Yao.

Two, cultivate another medicine man.

As for Granny Yao she was the last medicine man in the world. His father was constantly keeping an eye on the land behind the mountain. Without his father’s permission, no one could think of harming Granny Yao.

Then, nurturing another medicine man was the most suitable method. Fengying could still last for another five years. Five years was enough for him to find a suitable fetus and nurture it into a medicine man.

Having made up his mind, Mo Suixin had a plan.

After he went to Shen Si Building, he did not go to the pharmacy where he usually read. Instead, he went straight to the collection hall on the top floor.

This storehouse was only open to the family head and the family head’s wife. Mo Suixin walked into the storehouse. He stood in the hall and meditated for a moment before walking straight to a row of storage shelves with the words “rheumatism” written on them.

Mo Suixin stood on his tiptoes and took out a document from the shelf on the sixth row. On the document was the “Windswept Pain 99” document.

Mo Suixin opened the document and took out a thick stack of prescription papers. No one could guess that Mo Suixin had hidden the prescription for fetal stabilization into the prescription for rheumatism.

The reason why he did this was to prevent others from knowing the existence of the prescription and wanting to steal it.

Song Fei sat cross-legged on the wooden floor of the dormitory. The computer in front of her was playing Mo Suixin’s every move at the same time. When she saw Mo Suixin take out the prescription for rheumatism and pain, Song Fei couldn’t help but click her tongue. “This cunning fox.”

Han Zhan stood by the window and looked down at Song Ci who was picking herbs in the farmland halfway up the mountain.

The sun was quite bright. Song Ci was wearing a straw hat and working in the field. Perhaps it was too hot, Song Ci took off her shirt and sat down on the edge of the field. She spread her legs and took off the hat on her head, fanning herself with the wind.

Han Zhan felt that this scene was interesting, so he filmed this scene and sent it to Sicilio and Aaron for everyone to see.

Han Zhan had obviously forgotten about the time when he sent Song Ci the photo, but he forgot to edit the photo and was reprimanded by Song Ci, so he was a little arrogant.

Han Zhan locked the phone screen and turned over to put it on the windowsill. He looked at the medicine field again and saw Song Ci playing with her phone. Didn’t Song Ci know how bad it was to play with her phone under the sun?

She was a pilot. Her eyes had to be protected.

Han Zhan was about to give Song Ci a lesson when his phone rang.

Han Zhan looked down at his phone screen and found that it was a call from Song Ci. Han Zhan was surprised and picked up the call. He held back his laughter and said, “Baby Ci, are you thirsty? I can bring you a cup of water.”

Song Ci gritted her teeth and scolded him on the phone. “Han Zhan, did you send my photo to Aaron?” How could someone else see such a bad image!

Han Zhan was speechless.


“Han Zhan, do you believe that one night, when you fall asleep, I will take a picture of you sleeping in your underpants and post it on Weibo to make you laugh?”

Han Zhan quickly begged for mercy. “I was wrong.”

“Get lost!”

Song Ci angrily hung up the phone. Then, she pointed her middle finger at the window of the dormitory building from a hundred meters away.

Han Zhan raised his brows.

This little steel cannon!

Song Fei carried the laptop to the window and said to Han Zhan, “I’ve found that prescription.”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan immediately wiped the smile off his face. He glanced at the image on the computer. Because the pinhole camera was installed on Mo Suixin’s shoulder, the camera was taken from Mo Suixin’s angle.

In the video, he could only see the rows of shelves in the storeroom and a corner of the prescription. Han Zhan asked Song Fei, “Where did he hide the prescription?”

Previously, when Mo Yang was cleaning the place, she had gone through all the information on the medicine for infertility, but she couldn’t find the suspicious pharmacy.

Song Fei frowned and said, “They’re very cunning. They mixed the prescription into other prescriptions and hid it on the information shelf to treat rheumatoid arthritis.”

Han Zhan shook his head. “How cunning.”

He crossed his arms and stared in the direction of the West Mountain. The corners of his lips curved upwards. “Sister Fei, tell Mo Yang the news. She knows what to do.”


When Song Fei went to visit Mo Yang in the afternoon, she brought her phone with her. She showed her the picture she had taken from the surveillance camera.

“Madam Mo, the prescription is hidden in the 99th folder on the shelf for treating rheumatoid arthritis.”

The only people who could enter the library were the family head and his wife. Who was Mo Suixin guarding against? Mo Yang laughed coldly. “Cunning!”

Mo Yang told Song Fei, “I’ll follow our collaboration plan, but you have to do as you promised and give us enough money to send us overseas.”

After the scandal of the Mo family was exposed, they could no longer stay in the country and could only leave their hometown.

Song Fei nodded. “Of course.”

The cold in the Mo Family lasted for an exceptionally long time this time. After drinking the medicine, everyone still had a headache. Even Mo Suixin had a few headaches every day.

One day, when Mo Fengying went to the canteen to collect her medicine, Mo Yang called out to her, “Fengying, don’t leave yet, do me a favor.”

Mo Fengying finished her bowl of medicine before asking Mo Yang, “Mom, what do you want me to help you with?” Mo Fengying thought Mo Yang was tired and wanted her to help her scoop the medicine.

Mo Yang held a bowl in her hand. She said, “Your father is in Shen Si building and forgot to take care of himself when he got busy. Pass this bowl of medicine to your father.”

Mo Yang was very attentive and even prepared a beautiful white porcelain bowl for Mo Suixin.

Mo Fengying heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this.

Mother was so concerned about Father. It seemed like Qi Jun’s matter was really not done by him. Mo Fengying was relieved, and only then did she bring the bowl of medicine to Shen Si Restaurant.

Mo Suixin left the Collection Pavilion and returned to his office. He saw Mo Fengying carrying a lunchbox in. Mo Suixin found it strange and asked her, “Why are you here to deliver food today?”

Every day, someone would deliver food to Mo Suixin, so when Mo Suixin saw Mo Fengying, he found it strange.

Mo Fengying placed the food box on the table. Mo Suixin could smell the scent of Chinese medicine. Mo Fengying opened the food box and took out the bowl of medicine. She handed it to Mo Suixin. “Dad, drink the medicine!”

Mo Suixin smiled and shook his head. “You still love me. You won’t forget me even when you drink medicine.”

“I’m Daddy’s sweetheart.”

Mo Suixinn picked up the bowl of medicine and drank it in one gulp without any hesitation. After finishing the medicine, Mo Suixinn wiped his mouth with his handkerchief and asked Mo Fengying, “Is everyone’s cold better?”

Mo Fengying frowned and said, “No, Dad, I suspect that everyone’s headache might not be due to the cold.”

Mo Suixin had been learning medical skills from the elderly head since he was very young. His medical skills were very advanced and it was not a problem for him to deal with a small cold. If they really had a cold, everyone should have recovered long ago.

Mo Suixin also agreed with Mo Fengying’s view. He said, “How about this, bring a few people with serious headaches to the city hospital for a blood test tomorrow to see if there’s any other reason.”

Although Mo Suixin was an old Chinese doctor, he also acknowledged Western medicine. Chinese and Western medicine combined together was already a trend, and Mo Suixin had to follow the trend.

Mo Fengying nodded and said, “Okay.”

The next day, Mo Fengying found six or seven people with serious colds in the valley and brought them to the city for a comprehensive system checkup.

The results of the checkup had to wait for a day before anything would go wrong. Mo Fengying and the others stayed in the city for a night. The next day, Mo Fengying went to get the results but was told by the doctor that they were fine.

Mo Fengying returned to the family with the results and handed it to Mo Suixin. After Mo Suixin read the report, he also found it strange. “If the results are fine, why does everyone have a headache for no reason?”

There was always a reason for bodily discomfort.

That night, Mo Suixin went to see Mo Zhangkuang and specially reported this matter to him. Mo Kuangkuang rubbed his temples and said, “It’s not just them, it’s me too. I’ve been having a headache recently and it’s not stopping.”

“It could also be a virus invasion. Suixin, go and write a few prescriptions to treat the virus and flu. Observe for a few days and see the effects.”


The next day, Mo Xin changed the prescription and got Mo Fengying to bring the medicine to the kitchen.

Mo Suixin was busy treating Mr. Zhong’s body. He had to get Mo Suiyun to find a suitable mother to nurture the medicine man. Every day, he was very busy. Whenever he got busy, he would forget to take medicine. Mo Yang, on the other hand, remembered to get Mo Fengying to deliver medicine to Mo Xin every day.

Mo Suixin drank a bowl of medicine Mo Yang asked Mo Fengying to send over every day. The medicine tasted slightly bitter, but he felt sweet in his heart. He thought that Mo Yang always remembered that he didn’t drink the medicine, so it seemed like she was still concerned about him.

After all, they had lived together for twenty years, and they were each other’s first loves. Even if Mo Yang hated him, blamed him, and blamed him, he still had a place in her heart.

Mo Suixin was happy to understand this.

When they returned to the bedroom at night, Mo Suixin was smiling when he saw Mo Yang.

Mo Yang knew why Mo Suixin was in such a good mood, so she brewed a cup of tea for him. Seeing that Mo Suixin only smelled the tea before putting it down, Mo Yang didn’t say anything and pretended not to see it.

She saw that Mo Suixin was massaging his head again, so she asked him, “After you changed the medicine, is your headache better?”

Mo Yang’s concern made Mo Suixin’s heart warm. He said, “Actually, it still hurts, but if you care about me, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Mo Yang snorted. “What a glib tongue.”

Mo Suixin saw Mo Yang’s feigned indifference, and when he thought about how much she cared for him these days, his heart started to race.

He extended his hand towards Mo Yang. “Come.”

Mo Yang hesitated for a moment before handing it over. Mo Suixin grabbed Mo Yang’s hand and pulled her into his embrace. He lowered his head and kissed Mo Yang’s cheek. “Are you still angry?”

Mo Yang’s eyes turned red. “What do you think?”

Mo Suixin sighed before saying, “Yang’er, I was too angry and went berserk, that’s why I did such a foolish thing. Luckily, that child was saved, otherwise I would have committed a huge crime.”

“Yang’er, when I’m free one day, I’ll accompany you to visit that child. Don’t be angry, okay?” Look at how despicable he was. In the end, he was the one who gave in first.

When Mo Yang heard this, her gaze flickered slightly. “Really?” she asked carefully, looking at Mo Suixin skeptically. She suspected that Mo Suixin was saying this to make her happy.

Mo Suixin nodded vigorously. “It’s true. I’m not lying to you.” His expression turned cold again as he warned her sternly, “I’ll only allow you to see him once so that you can be at ease. But you won’t be able to see him in the future.”

“I’m a petty person. I can’t bear to see anyone else in your heart besides me and Fengying.”

Mo Yang nodded. “Okay, I promise you.”

The two of them had a cold war for more than a week. When they finally made up, Mo Suixin couldn’t hold it in any longer. He started to move his hands and feet on Mo Yang’s body. His fingers lifted Mo Yang’s clothes and entered her smooth back.

Mo Yang gave in.

When everything was done, it was already 11 pm. Mo Yang went to her room to take a shower. When she came out of the shower, she saw Mo Suixin wearing a pair of long pants. He pressed his hand against his heart and sat on the sofa beside the bed with a frown. He looked like he was in pain.

Mo Yang was a little worried about him, so he asked, “Suixin, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Mo Suixin lowered his head and said in a pained tone, “Yang’er, my heart hurts…” Waves of pain. Mo Suixin suspected that he had a myocardial infarction. He said,” Quickly, quickly call Father! ”

Mo Yang was shocked. “Angina? Is it serious?”

Mo Suixin didn’t go into detail and only urged her. “Quick, call my father!”

“Alright! I’ll make the call now!”

Mo Yang found her phone, turned it on, and called Mo Zhangkuang. However, she broke down and realized that her phone had stopped working!

Mo Yang was so anxious that her face turned red. “Suixin, where’s your phone? My phone has stopped working!”

Mo Suixin pressed against his heart. It was so painful that he couldn’t speak.

Mo Yang’s eyes flickered. She suddenly ran to the window and shouted, “Help! Help! Help!”

Mo Yang’s house was right next to Mo Fengying, Song Ci, and the rest. They could reach it in two to three minutes by walking. When they heard Mo Yang’s cry for help in the middle of the night, Song Ci, Song Fei, and the rest woke up.

Song Ci jumped down from the bed in her pajamas and pulled Han Zhan to run outside. Song Fei also walked out of his room and stood in the middle of the corridor. The three of them looked at each other.

Song Fei said meaningfully, “This Madam Mo is really quick!”

Before the three of them arrived at Mo Suixin’s house, they saw a beautiful figure enter the house faster than them.

Song Ci said, “It’s Mo Fengying.”

Zhou Wu followed behind the three of them and asked as he pulled up his pants, “What’s going on? Is it Madam Mo calling for help?”

Song Ci said, “I’m not sure yet!”

The few of them ran to the second floor of the small building. The moment they entered the master bedroom, they saw Mo Fengying kneeling on the ground, performing acupuncture for Mo Suixin’s resuscitation.

Mo Yang stood at the side in a daze. As she wiped her tears, she said, “I don’t know what happened either. I was showering then. When I came out of the shower, I saw your father pressing his chest. He said his heart hurt!”

“I wanted to call your grandpa and ask him to come down and show your dad, but my phone stopped working! I couldn’t find your dad’s phone, so I yelled…”

“Fengying, how’s your father?”

Mo Fengying was burning with anxiety. She realized that her father had no reaction even after performing acupuncture.

Mo Fengying had no choice but to give up on acupuncture and perform CPR on her father. She pressed Mo Suixin’s heart repeatedly, but when she saw that he had no reaction, she almost cried.

“Daddy! Wake up! Daddy, hurry!”

Mo Fengying was almost exhausted, but Mo Suixin did not wake up.

Just then, Mo Zhangkuang arrived downstairs on his scooter. He shouted from downstairs, “What’s going on?! Fengying, what happened?!”

Mo Yang ran to the window and cried, “Dad, come up quickly, Suixin can’t hold it much longer!”

Upon hearing this, Mo Zhanguang’s legs turned weak.

By the time Mo Zhangkuang ran up, Mo Fengying had already stopped trying to save Mo Suixin. Hearing her grandfather’s footsteps, Mo Fengying slowly turned around and cried as she told Mo Suixin, “Grandpa, Dad, he…”


Mo Fengying suddenly lay on top of Mo Suixin’s body and started crying her heart out. As she cried, she called for her father. Her sorrowful and despairing cries could be heard.

Mo Zhangkuang pulled the crowd apart and stumbled to his son. When he saw his son lying motionless on the ground, he knelt down and reached out with his fingers. He carefully touched his son’s nose.

After confirming that his son was no longer breathing, Mo Zhangkuang shook his head and nearly fainted.

Song Ci quickly stepped forward to support Mo Kuang. “Teacher!”

Mo Zhangkuang only recovered after Song Ci held him up.

“My son!” Mo Zhangkuang also laid on Mo Suixin’s body and cried. “My son, you were fine during the day. Why did you suddenly… my son!”

Mo Yang also knelt beside Mo Xin, crying non-stop.

Song Fei and Han Zhan stood behind them coldly, looking at this family without any pity in their eyes.

Zhou Wu was a bystander. He felt that this matter was very strange. Firstly, the Mo family head was healthy. He didn’t have any heart disease, high blood pressure, and he didn’t stay up late either. How could someone like him, who paid attention to the rules of life, suddenly die from cardiac angina?

Also, why did Madam Mo’s phone stop? Was it a strange coincidence?

Zhou Wu secretly glanced at Han Zhan and Song Fei. When he saw the cold side profile of these two gods, he instantly felt that this matter was strange and worth pondering over.

The death of the clan master was like a bolt out of the blue for the Mo Clan. After experiencing the pain of losing his son, Mo Zhangkuang seemed to have aged a lot overnight. His hair, which was only a little gray, had turned completely white.

Early in the morning, Mo Zhangkuang sat beside his son’s corpse, his expression uncertain.

After a night of calmness, Mo Zhangkuang also figured out that something was wrong.

My son had always been in good health. Why would he suddenly die of heartache?

Several core disciples of the Mo Clan were helping Mo Suixin put on his graveclothes, preparing to carry him into the coffin. Mo Yang, on the other hand, was at the side preparing the white poplar with the others. Later on, it and Mo Suixin’s corpse would be placed in the coffin.

This was the etiquette of the Mo Clan’s burial. After a person died, their body would be stuffed with white poplar trees, and their remains would be filled with rice, soybeans, and other food. This meant that the later generations would not have to worry about food or clothing.

After putting on the burial clothes, a few young men were about to carry Mo Suixin into the coffin when Mo Zhangkuang suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

Everyone was shocked.

Mo Zhangkuang strode towards the wooden bed where Mo Zhangkuang was temporarily placed. He said, “I suspect that my son did not die by accident. I want to do an autopsy on him!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire hall was in an uproar!

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