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Chapter 338: Han Zhan: Who’s to blame for my kidney loss?

Han Zhan’s injury had already healed, and his wound looked tender and fragile. Song Ci squatted by the sofa and checked the wound on Han Zhan’s leg. She finally smiled. “Now you don’t need to drink medicine anymore.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci up to his lap and pressed her into his arms. “Can we play other poses now?” Han Zhan only cared about this.

Song Ci tapped Han Zhan’s forehead. “Old hooligan, your mind is full of dirty thoughts. No wonder you always like to drink wolfberries. You must be suffering from kidney deficiency!”

Han Zhan pinched her waist and said shamelessly, “I don’t have a kidney deficiency. It’s all your fault for being so capable. You always have a way to make my kidney deficient.”

Song Ci couldn’t win against Han Zhan and her cheeks turned slightly red.

Song Fei stood in the corridor, brazenly listening to this adulterous couple flirt. When they stopped talking, she reached out and knocked on the door.

Song Ci suddenly stood up from Han Zhan’s embrace. When she looked up, she saw Song Fei leaning lazily against the door. She couldn’t help but scold Song Fei angrily. “Song Fei, why did you open the door?”

Song Fei: “The door was always open. The two of you were too thirsty and forgot to close the door when you were flirting.”

Song Ci suspected that Song Fei was lying to her, but Han Zhan said, “You did forget to close the door.”

Song Ci immediately blushed.

Song Fei asked them, “Are you done flirting? If not, I’ll come back later.”

Han Zhan pointed at the solid wood sofa opposite him. “Sister Fei, sit.” Ever since he was tricked by Song Fei, Han Zhan didn’t dare to be disrespectful to her anymore. He kept saying the word ‘Sister Fei’ and was as obedient as he could be.

Song Fei sat down on the sofa and immediately took off his shoes, sitting cross-legged on it.

When there were outsiders around, Song Ci would definitely not do this. She had a heavy burden as an idol, and she always sat like a swan in front of others, her curves beautiful and sexy. However, Song Fei didn’t have her burden as an idol. She would always sit wherever she wanted, never caring what others said.

After sitting down, Song Fei said to Song Ci, “Give me a few grapes to eat.”

Song Ci grabbed a bunch of washed grapes from the plate and threw them at Song Fei. Song Fei suddenly stretched out her hands and caught all the grapes like she was catching a ball.

As she tore the grape skin, she said to Han Zhan, “Who did you send to Dali?”

Han Zhan: “Long Yu.”

Song Ci asked, “Why did you ask Long Yu to go to Dali?” Song Ci had been dealing with Mo ZhuangKuang recently, and she didn’t know what Han Zhan and Song Fei were planning.

Song Fei glanced at Song Ci lazily and said, “Madam Mo saw her eldest son on this trip to Dali.”

Song Ci immediately understood what Song Fei meant. “Did the Mo family head know about this?”

“I’m sure he knows.”

The Mo family head was very possessive of Madam Mo. If he found out that Madam Mo had met the eldest son of her and her ex-lover behind his back, he would definitely not tolerate it.

“Do you think Mo family head will attack that child?”

Han Zhan nodded. “Yes.”

Song Ci stared at Han Zhan thoughtfully and couldn’t help but ask, “Han Zhan, if you were Mo Suixin, would you treat that child like this too?”

Song Ci dug a pit and waited for Han Zhan to jump into it. However, Han Zhan’s jumping power was amazing and he directly jumped over the pit. He said, “Don’t compare Mo Suixin and me, I won’t let a woman coaxed by me to fall in love with another man.”

Song Ci looked at him playfully. “Oh, are you so sure that I won’t fall in love with someone else?”

It was rare for Han Zhan to be so confident. “When we first got married, I might have been a little unconfident. But after a long time, you know how good I am. If you can still fall in love with another man, my name will be written backwards.”

Song Ci: “Zhanhan doesn’t sound nice. Han Zhan sounds better.” So, Han Zhan would never write his name backwards.

Song Fei sat on the sofa and was quietly fed another round of dog food. She felt that the grapes in her mouth were sour and didn’t taste good at all. She missed Yan Jiang so much. Yan Jiang also knew how to say nice things to make her happy.

“It’s like this. I’ve been monitoring Mo Suixin’s phone call with a wealthy businessman surnamed Zhong. It’s from this morning.” Song Fei looked outside the door. After making sure that there was no one outside, Song Fei said, “He agreed to treat that wealthy businessman, but on one condition, he asked that person surnamed Zhong to kill Qi Jun.”

After a pause, Song Fei added, “Qi Jun is Madam Mo’s eldest son.”

Han Zhan suddenly looked up at Song Fei and asked, “Will you monitor my phone?”

Song Fei said, “Your phone has anti-monitoring equipment. I didn’t manage to crack it. I forgot to ask you, who gave you your anti-monitoring equipment?”

Han Zhan: “The phone I use has the same system as my grandfather.”

“No wonder.”

Han Zhan narrowed his grayish-blue eyes, and the way he looked at Song Fei was filled with wariness and vigilance. “So you really tried to monitor my call?”

Song Fei said, “When I first woke up, I didn’t dare to hand my sister over to you just because I was worried about your character. I did try to monitor your equipment.”

She had done it, and Song Fei admitted it boldly.

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan’s expression became better. “I won’t betray Ci Bao.”

Song Fei snorted but didn’t retort.

Song Fei had seen Han Zhan’s feelings for Song Ci. She didn’t believe that Han Zhan was a good person, but she believed that Han Zhan’s love for Song Ci was real.

At this time, the kitchen called Song Ci and informed them to go over for dinner. It turned out that Madam Mo was back. The Mo family head had set up a banquet and invited Han Zhan and Song Ci to eat together.

The three of them went to the dining hall.

The Spirit Enlightening Fruits had all ripened and would be off the shelf in a few days. There were two plates of Spirit Enlightening Fruits on the table today. Once Song Ci sat down, Mo Zhangkuang stuffed a handful of Spirit Enlightening Fruits into her palm.

Mo Zhangkuang said, “Don’t you like this? Come, eat more.”

Song Ci hugged the Spirit Enlightening Fruit and smiled impeccably. “Thank you, Teacher.”

Under the table, Han Zhan secretly took away the Spirit Enlightening Fruit from Song Ci’s palm and left only one for her. When Song Ci talked to Mo Zhangkuang and the others, she would occasionally take a bite to make herself look good, but she didn’t reveal anything.

During the meal, Mo Suixin asked Mo Yang about the interesting things they had encountered on their journey. During the trip, Mo Yang placed all her attention on Qi Jun. As for whether the scenery was beautiful or not, she didn’t pay attention.

So when Mo Suixin asked, Mo Yang could only make up some random things to brush him off.

Mo Fengying kept quiet and ate her food in an uninterested manner. She felt that it was not good for her mother to lie to her father like this. Mo Fengying wanted to tell her father the truth, but she was afraid that her parents would break up.

Mo Fengying had a lot on her mind and barely spoke at dinner.

After dinner, Mo Fengying went back. Mo Suixin chatted with Han Zhan for a while, and the meeting only ended at 8: 30 pm.

After leaving the canteen, Mo Suixin first sent Mo Yang home. When he reached home, he said, “Yang Er, you’re tired from the long journey, you should rest first. I’ve taken in a new patient, he’ll be coming to the valley tomorrow. His illness is a little troublesome, I need to check on some information now.”


Mo Yang didn’t suspect anything. She took a shower and fell asleep.

Mo Suixin, who said that he wanted to check the information, didn’t go to the Hall of Thoughts. Instead, he went out for a walk and went to Mo Fengying’s house.

Mo Fengying had something on her mind and could not fall asleep, so she turned on the television and watched the movie her idol Yan Jiang filmed when he debuted. Mo Suixin walked into the small building and saw that his daughter was infatuated with handsome guys again. He reminded Mo Fengying with a laugh, “Haha, are you watching pretty boys again?”

When Mo Fengying, who was sitting on the sofa, heard the laughter, she quickly turned around and looked at Mo Suixin. “Dad!” Mo Fengying turned the volume of the television down and retorted softly, “Yan Jiang is a man, not a pretty boy.”

Mo Suixin sat down beside Mo Fengying. He pointed at Yan Jiang on the television and said, “Do you like this guy that much?”

“Of course I like my idol.” Mo Fengying pouted and said in disdain, “Song Fei is really lucky to have been married to my idol…”

Mo Fengying wasn’t jealous that Song Fei was a virologist, nor was she jealous that she had snatched away her Young Master position. However, she was jealous that Song Fei had obtained all the love from her idol, Yan Jiang!


Mo Suixin was amused by Mo Fengying’s innocent look. “If you really like him that much, Daddy will find a way for you to marry a man who looks similar to him.”

“I don’t want to. My idol is a godsend. Other than him, no one else deserves this face.” Mo Fengying was Yan Jiang’s die-hard fan.

Mo Suixin burst into laughter again.

However, Mo Fengying said, “I won’t get married. Dad, at my age, getting married is harmful.”

Mo Suixin couldn’t laugh anymore.

Mo Suixin didn’t really approve of his father making the decision to take Song Fei as his last disciple and making her the Young Master. He secretly hoped that Mo Fengying could become the Young Master and the future head of the Mo family.

In that case, Feng Ying might still be saved.


However, Song Fei was indeed more talented and capable than Feng Ying. Song Fei was a famous virologist herself. If she could become the head of the Mo family, the Mo family’s medical skills would definitely flourish under her influence and leadership!

Not only was Mo Suixin Mo Fengying’s father, but he was also the head of the Mo family. If the Mo family was destroyed by him and his daughter, they would be sinners!

Mo Suixin lovingly caressed Mo Fengying’s head and said, “I really hope that Granny Yao can die in these two years.” If Granny Yao died naturally, he could still plead with his father and treat her heart.

Mo Fengying leaned on her father’s shoulder, her eyes filled with tears. She smiled bitterly and said, “Of course not. Even if Granny Yao wants to die, Grandpa will still let her live.”

As the last medicine man, how could Granny Yao die! If she was not squeezed dry of her last bit of value, even if she was not arrogant, Mo Zhangkuang would not allow her to die.

How could Mo Suixin not understand this principle?

She couldn’t think too deeply about this matter. The more she thought about it, the more unwilling she became. The more she wanted to do some unconventional things.

Mo Suixin sat with her for a while and suddenly asked, “Fengying, did you make any new friends on this trip to Dali?”

Mo Fengying’s heart skipped a beat.

What did Dad mean by that?

Did he know something, so he deliberately came to test me? Or was he simply concerned about my life?

Mo Fengying hesitated for a moment before saying, “I didn’t make any new friends. When I was at Golden Shuttle Island, I did meet a very handsome young artist. His paintings were quite nice. I wanted to buy them, but he despised that the painting wasn’t perfect enough. He actually tore them up in front of me. I’m so angry!”

Mo Fengying picked out some unimportant matters to talk about. Mo Suixin saw that she was so frank about Qi Jun’s existence and thought that Mo Fengying didn’t know that Qi Jun was Mo Yang’s eldest son.

After dispelling the doubts in his heart, Mo Suixin stood up. “Fengying, you sleep early. I’ll go back first.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

Mo Suixin returned to his bedroom and saw that Mo Yang was already asleep. He stared at Mo Yang’s peaceful sleeping face and suddenly closed his eyes. After taking off his clothes, Mo Suixin climbed onto the bed and hugged Mo Yang from behind, kissing her ear.

Mo Yang woke up the moment he fell asleep. She was still confused. “What’s wrong?”

Mo Suixin said, “I miss you.”

It was always like this. When Mo Suixing wanted something, Mo Yang wouldn’t reject it, but wouldn’t take the initiative either. It was the same tonight.

After that, Mo Yang quickly went back to sleep. Mo Suixin rested his head on his right hand and stared at the ceiling in a daze.

Mo Yang’s reaction tonight was normal. Those two days of flirtatious behavior were really just her deliberate attempt to please him. This realization made Mo Suixin feel bitter.

Qi Jun packed his luggage. Before he left, he accidentally swiped a travel guide which mentioned a place called the Stone Museum.

After Qi Jun saw the recommendation, he became interested in the museum and decided to postpone his departure for a day. He planned to visit the museum.

The next morning, Qi Jun went to the Stone Museum alone. He calmed down and admired every piece of work. When he saw a marble piece called “Phoenix Seeking Phoenix”, he immediately stopped.

When Qi Jun saw this piece of artwork, he was amazed by the beauty of nature. He engraved this painting in his heart and planned to copy this Phoenix Seeking Phoenix painting when he returned.

It was already one o’clock in the afternoon when Qi Jun left the museum. He was also a little hungry. He walked aimlessly along the street for a long time before he realized that there was a very popular restaurant across the street.

It had been many days since he came to Dali, but Qi Jun had never tasted the bridge rice noodles. His appetite was aroused, so he stood on the side of the road and waited for the green light.

Seeing that the green light had turned on, Qi Jun stepped on the zebra crossing and crossed the road. Suddenly, Qi Jun heard an ear-piercing braking sound.

Qi Jun tilted his head and saw a seven-seater van rushing towards him. Even though the van had slammed on the brakes, he still couldn’t escape!

Qi Jun’s eyes widened and the hairs on his back stood up.


Qi Jun carried his backpack and flew into the air.

Qi Jun’s body was ruthlessly smashed into the front of a bus stop. His internal organs and head violently shook a few times.

Qi Jun’s muscles were torn apart. The pain made him unable to scream. He could clearly feel the heart-wrenching pain. In that instant, he wished that he could die within a second.

If he died, it wouldn’t hurt anymore.

But things didn’t work out the way he wanted them to. Not only was he not dead, but he was emotionally aware of something spewing out of his mouth, a wave of heat…

“Someone got into a car accident!”

The pedestrians regained their senses and quickly called for an ambulance.

At this moment, a short man with dark skin rushed out from the crowd. He shouted as he walked, “Make way! There’s a doctor here!”

Long Yu had been following Qi Jun for the past two days. He had followed Han Zhan’s instructions and loaded the ambulance with emergency medicine. He had also brought along Sanming’s capable surgeon. Mr. Han said that this man called Qi Jun would be murdered, so that they could follow Qi Jun and save his life immediately.

Unexpectedly, Mr Han was right!

The doctors brought by Long Yu performed resuscitation on the spot for Qi Jun. The crowd automatically separated into a circle to make room for the patient and the doctor.

When the driver who caused the accident saw a doctor suddenly rush over to perform emergency surgery for Qi Jun, he knew that this mission was most likely a failure.

He unwillingly hit the steering wheel a few times before getting out of the car. He sat on the ground and cried while shouting, “I hit someone! What should I do?! I still have my parents and children!”

Soon, the police arrived and arrested the driver. The ambulance also arrived and took Qi Jun to the hospital.

Long Yu followed him to the hospital and waited for two hours before the doctor came out. The doctor announced that Qi Jun’s life was fine, but his internal injuries were serious. He still needed two more surgeries to recover.

Long Yu thanked the doctor and walked to a place with fewer people before calling Han Zhan.

“Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan sat on the hill in the north mountain. Beside him was a beautiful azalea flower. He was biting on the petals of an azalea flower when he heard Long Yu say, “Qi Jun was in a car accident. Two of his ribs were broken, and his spleen is severely damaged. He needs surgery, but his life is no longer in danger.”

After knowing that Qi Jun’s life was saved and that he only had to suffer a little, Han Zhan felt more at ease. “Not bad. Continue to guard Qi Jun to prevent anyone from tampering with the medicine.”

“Alright, Mr. Han.”

After hanging up the call with Long Yu, Han Zhan gave Song Fei a call. “Fei Jie, Qi Jun got into a car accident at the second zebra crossing on XX Street. Get the surveillance camera out and send it to Madam Mo.”

After Madam Mo saw the surveillance footage, she would be smart enough to notice the abnormality of the car accident. When that happened, she would be suspicious of Mo Suixin. Once the seed of suspicion was planted, everything else would be easy.

Hearing this, Song Fei scolded him. “You’re really good at scheming against people!”

After hanging up, Song Fei immediately hacked into the local traffic office and stole the video of the car accident. She then uploaded it online.

Song Fei made a link to the video and hacked into Madam Mo’s phone, sending the virus into Mo Yang’s phone. As long as Mo Yang opened any browser or social media app, she would receive this video.

Mo Yang would definitely see the news!

After doing all of this, Song Fei let out a long sigh.

The matter with the Mo Family was about to end.

Recently, there was a trend of catching a cold in the valley. Many people had headaches and low fevers. Mo Suixin specially prescribed a prescription for the symptoms of this cold and asked Chef to boil medicine in a big pot and distribute it to every clansman.

As the wife of the family head, it was time for Mo Yang to show her virtuous side, so she went to the canteen every day to distribute medicine.

After giving out the medicine, Mo Yang’s wrist started to hurt. She massaged her wrist as she walked home. When she reached home, Mo Yang called Auntie Ah Qing to massage her sore right arm.

There was nothing else to do during the massage, so Mo Yang took out her phone to surf the internet. Her favorite app was a short video app that showed many short videos of family ethics.

Mo Yang always watched with relish.

Mo Yang opened the app and scrolled through two or three videos. She saw a surveillance video that was named ‘Young Painter Qi Junliu’s car accident scene’.

When Mo Yang saw Qi Jun’s name, he sat up straight.

When Auntie Qing saw Mo Yang suddenly sit up straight, she jumped in shock, thinking that she had hurt Madam. “Madam, did I do wrong?” Auntie Qing looked like she had done something wrong.

Mo Yang absent-mindedly waved his hand and said, “Auntie, you can go ahead, my hand feels much better.”

Only then did Auntie Qing heave a sigh of relief. “Alright then.”

After Auntie Qing left, Mo Yang quickly opened the video. When she saw the van crashing towards Qi Jun and Qi Jun falling to the ground, Mo Yang’s heart trembled violently.

How can this be? (italics)

Why did the accident happen to Qi Jun?

Mo Yang finished watching the video and realized that after Qi Jun was sent flying, he was luckily saved by three passing doctors. Only then did her tensed heart relax a little.

Mo Yang felt that this wasn’t normal. It was the zebra crossing. There were many pedestrians on that road, and when cars passed by the zebra crossing, they would subconsciously slow down.

The van in the surveillance video obviously didn’t slow down. He suddenly stopped when he was only two to three meters away from Qi Jun. When the van stopped, the impact was very strong. Qi Jun was lucky to survive such a violent collision!

Mo Yang felt like this van driver was trying to murder him!


She must investigate this matter thoroughly!


Although Mo Yang was the wife of the Mo family, she didn’t have any real power. She wanted to find someone she could trust to investigate this matter, but no one could! This knowledge made Mo Yang feel discouraged.

Should she ask Mo Suixin for help?

The moment this thought flashed through his mind, Mo Yang dismissed it.

Mo Suixin would never find out about her meeting with Qi Jun. He was a jealous and possessive person. If he found out that she had secretly met with that child, Mo Suixin would get angry and not know what he could do.

Mo Yang was distraught. Because of Qi Jun’s car accident, she didn’t eat lunch.

Mo Fengying followed Song Ci today and memorized the prescription for the whole day at Shen Si Restaurant. After memorizing the prescription, it was almost dark. Mo Fengying was a little hungry. She touched her stomach and said, “I really want to eat fish-fried eggplants.”

Song Ci said, “I really want to eat roasted duck.” Her chef’s roasted duck was really delicious. It was oily but not greasy, fragrant and crispy. Just thinking about it made Song Ci drool.

Mo Fengying said, “When I was very young, I went to the capital with my parents and ate the roasted duck there. It was indeed delicious.”

The two foodies looked at each other and secretly swallowed their saliva. Song Ci’s WeChat suddenly rang. She opened it and saw a message from Song Fei: “Qi Jun got into a car accident and almost lost his life. He was saved by Long Yu.”

Silently putting away her phone, Song Ci tilted her head and looked at Mo Fengying, thinking to herself, “Does Mo Fengying know about her brother’s existence?”

When they arrived at the North Mountain, Song Ci only opened the video app after the network was ready. She deliberately searched for Qi Jun’s news and saw the news of Qi Jun’s car accident. Song Ci pretended to be surprised and said, “Huh? An accident?”

When Mo Fengying heard this, she asked, “Who got into an accident?”

Song Ci said, “A painter that I like very much. He’s very handsome and his paintings are very good. I saw the news just now and found out that he was in a car accident and in critical condition. What a pity!”

Because of Qi Jun, whenever Mo Fengying heard the word “painter”, she would pay more attention to it. Hearing this, she casually asked Song Ci, “What’s the name of the painter you mentioned?”

“Qi Jun, a very famous young artist.”

The moment she heard Qi Jun’s name, Mo Fengying’s expression changed. “Ah, I remember there’s a bucket of snail powder at home. I’m eating snail powder tonight, so I won’t be going to the canteen. Song Fei, see you tomorrow.”

Mo Fengying carried her bag and quickly returned to her house.

Once she sat down, Mo Fengying opened Baidu and searched for Qi Jun’s news.

When Mo Fengying saw the surveillance video of Qi Jun’s car accident, her back was already drenched in cold sweat. She touched her forehead and felt cold sweat all over her body.

Qi Jun’s accident was too coincidental.

Mo Fengying thought about what her father had asked her last night before he left, and a suspicion arose in her heart.

Could her father already know that her mother had met Qi Jun?

Could this accident have been caused by his father?

After all, his father had once murdered Qi Tingxue to get his mother!

The more Mo Fengying thought about it, the more afraid she became. She felt guilty and uneasy. She felt that she had let her mother down, let her innocent brother down. Mo Fengying suddenly understood her mother. Her mother must have felt very heavy being loved by such a jealous man.

Worried that her mother would be sad after finding out about this, Mo Fengying had to go and take a look before she could feel at ease. It was dinner time. When Mo Fengying entered the house, she only saw Auntie Qing sitting alone in the living room watching television. She didn’t cook, so she felt strange.

“Grandma Ah Qing, why aren’t you cooking?” Not seeing her mother in the living room, Mo Fengying asked again, “Where’s my mother?”

Auntie Qing stood up and asked her, “Fengying, have you eaten? If you haven’t, I’ll cook for you.”

Mo Fengying said, “I ate. I came to look for my mother. Where is she?”

Auntie Ah Qing frowned and said, “Madam wasn’t feeling well in the afternoon and has been sleeping. I asked her what she wanted to eat for dinner, but she said she had no appetite and couldn’t eat anything.”

Auntie Qing glanced at the stairs and asked Mo Fengying, “Fengying, why don’t you go up and ask Madam if she has anything she wants to eat?”

Mo Fengying felt uneasy the moment she heard that her mother was unwell. Did her mother know about Qi Jun’s accident?

“I’ll go take a look.”

Mo Fengying went straight to the master bedroom and knocked on the door, saying, “Mom, it’s me. Auntie Qing said you weren’t feeling well and didn’t eat dinner. What’s wrong?”

Hearing Mo Fengying’s voice, Mo Yang quickly wiped away her tears. She lifted the blanket and walked barefoot to the door, opening it.

When the door opened, Mo Fengying lifted her head. The moment she saw Mo Yang’s red eyes, she understood that her mother knew everything. Mo Fengying didn’t say anything. She walked into the house and hugged Mo Yang.

Leaning into his daughter’s embrace, Mo Yang was like a person who had fallen into the water and finally caught hold of a piece of driftwood. “Fengying…” Mo Yang hugged Mo Fengying’s thin body tightly. She cried,” Your brother got into a car accident and almost died! ”

And even if she wanted to visit Qi Jun, she couldn’t!

Mo Yang hated her own incompetence.

“Fengying, Fengying!” She called out Fengying’s name sadly, as if this would make her feel better.

This was the first time Mo Fengying had seen Mo Yang cry so sorrowfully, and she didn’t feel good either.

Mo Fengying felt that it was her fault. She felt that she had said something wrong last night because she had mentioned Qi Jun and caused her father’s suspicion. She had indirectly caused Qi Jun’s death.

Mo Fengying felt extremely guilty. She helped Mo Yang to the bed and sat down. Biting her lip, Mo Fengying struggled internally for a long time before she finally opened her mouth with much difficulty and admitted her mistake. “Mom, I’m sorry!”

Mo Yang was crying pitifully when she heard her daughter apologise. She wipes her tears and held Mo Fengying’s face lovingly. “Why are you apologizing? It wasn’t you who caused Qi Jun’s accident.”

“Silly child!”

Mo Fengying felt even worse.

She gripped Mo Yang’s arms, her eyes red. “Last night, Dad came to ask me if I’d made any new friends on this trip. I… I was a little afraid of Dad, wondering if he knew something. I didn’t dare lie to Dad, so I told him I knew a young painter…”

The more Mo Fengying spoke, the more afraid she became. She saw that Mo Yang’s expression had suddenly stiffened, and his expression was grave. She knew that Mo Yang had guessed something. Mo Fengying cried and apologized, “I’m sorry, Mom. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have mentioned Qi Jun.”

“Mom, do you think Dad was behind Qi Jun’s accident?”

Mo Yang’s heart was filled with despair. If Mo Suixin really did this, then she definitely wouldn’t let him off!

Mo Yang wiped away Mo Fengying’s tears and said, “Fengying, don’t be suspicious of your father, he wouldn’t do such a thing. I’ve seen the video of Qi Jun’s accident, but the driver was too distracted and didn’t notice anyone on the zebra crossing.”

“Your father has nothing to do with this.”

Hearing Mo Yang say this, Mo Fengying felt that she had wronged her father. “It’s best if it’s not Dad, if it is…”

Mo Yang’s face was cold. “It can’t be him!”

Even if it was him, Mo Yang couldn’t let her daughter know the truth.

Mo Suixin was vicious to himself, but he truly loved Feng Ying. No daughter was willing to accept that their father was a murderer.

After Mo Yang coaxed Mo Fengying away, she sat down and thought about the whole thing seriously. She thought about how every time she mentioned leaving the valley, Mo Suixin would strongly object to it, but this time, he readily agreed to her request. Mo Yang felt suspicious.

She was so afraid that she would leave his control. Why was he so easy to talk to this time?

Mo Yang thought of something and hurriedly removed the pillow. She pulled up the cushion and found the photo. When she saw the faint wrinkles on Qi Jun’s photo, what else did Mo Yang not understand?

It turned out that Mo Suixin had long discovered Qi Jun’s photo and knew that she was thinking about that child. He guessed that her excuse for going on a trip to Dali was actually to see that child!

He had already guessed it, but he still pretended not to know. He even hid in the dark and pretended not to know anything, watching her lie to him like a clown…

Thinking about how Mo Suixin would always call her and joke with her, Mo Yang’s fear towards Mo Xin grew deeper!

Why was he so scary?

Mo Suixin took in a new patient today. He was a wealthy businessman with the surname of Zhong. He had to accompany Mr. Zhong for dinner tonight. When Mo Xin returned home, it was already 9: 30 p.m.

He drank some wine, his breath reeking of alcohol.

Mo Suixin pushed open the door to the master bedroom and realized that Mo Yang wasn’t watching television or reading any novels. She was just sitting quietly by the bed as though she was waiting. He felt that it was strange.

“Yang’er, what’s wrong? You don’t look very happy.” Mo Suixin was a little tipsy, his tongue was a little loose, and he spoke slower than usual.

Mo Yang turned on the lights.

Under the bright light, Mo Yang’s face was filled with gloom and unhappiness. Mo Suixin saw it clearly and couldn’t help but think about why Mo Yang was angry. Did I do something wrong recently?

Apart from Qi Jun’s incident, there was nothing else. However, Mr. Zhong was the one who found someone to commit Qi Jun’s car accident. He had removed himself from this matter completely.

Even if Mo Yang knew about Qi Jun’s accident, he shouldn’t have suspected her.

With this thought in mind, Mo Suixin felt as if he had eaten a tranquilizer, and his words became more confident. “Oh, then who in the valley made you angry? Tell me, I’ll help you get back at them.”

Mo Yang sneered. “Mo Suixin, you’re such a hypocrite.”

With a hypocritical hat on his head, Mo Suixin immediately stopped smiling.

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