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Chapter 337: You can Lead a Horse to Water but you Can’t Make Him Drink

Zhou Wu tilted his head and glanced at Song Ci. Seeing Song Ci’s abnormally serious expression, he knew that this girl had understood his meaning. “Then, do you believe it?”

Song Ci played soccer and threw the question to Zhou Wu. “Uncle Zhou, do you believe it?”

Zhou Wu shook the cigarette ash and said, “I didn’t believe it before, but now I do.” He stared at Song Ci’s mysterious face and smiled. “Do you believe it or not?”

Song Ci believed him, but when she thought that Han Zhan was really the reincarnation of the Taiping Emperor, he had once loved another woman wholeheartedly in his previous life and that woman was so outstanding, Song Ci was upset.

She snorted and said, “I don’t believe it!”

At this moment, Mo Zhangkuang walked out of the house and stood in front of his small courtyard. When he saw that Song Ci was still talking to Zhou Wu, he scolded her with a smile, “Song Fei, what are you waiting for? Come up quickly!”

Song Ci heard Mo Zhangkuang’s energetic shout and quickly threw the lighter to Zhou Wu. “I’ll get going first, Uncle Zhou. We’ll talk tonight!”

Song Ci ran away on her bicycle.

Zhou Wu bit his cigarette and stared at Song Ci’s back, sneering with unknown meaning.

When Song Ci arrived at Mo Zhangkuang’s place, she saw him changing his shoes. “Teacher, are you going out?”

“I’m going to the West Mountain.” Mo Zhangkuang gave a short answer, but Song Ci’s heart sank.

What was he going to the West Mountain for? He was obviously not going to pick the Spirit Enlightening Fruit.

Song Ci followed Mo Zhangkuang to the West Mountain with a heavy heart. When they left, Mo Kuang took a white jade Guanyin bottle from the ancient shelf.

Mo Zhangkuang brought Song Ci into the back mountain of the West Mountain. After turning on the lights, Mo Zhangkuang led Song Ci directly to the corridor on the second floor and stood at the door of the cell where Grandma Yao was imprisoned.

Nangong Yingying sat on the bed with her back against the wall and her head lowered. It was unknown if she was sleeping or if she had fainted from discomfort.

In the prescription that Mo Zhangkuang gave to Song Ci, there was a medicine that needed the blood of the medicine man, but he found that Song Ci had never come to get blood.

As the young master of the Mo family, Song Ci couldn’t be so soft-hearted. If she didn’t come, Mo Zhangkuang would have to bring her along.

Mo Zhangkuang stuffed the Guanyin bottle into Song Ci’s arms and said in a domineering tone, “Song Fei, go get the blood!”

Song Ci hurriedly held the Guanyin Bottle tightly and felt that the jade bottle in her hand was especially cold.

Seeing that Song Ci didn’t move for a long time, Mo Zhangkuang couldn’t help but ask with a cold smile, “What? You can’t bear to?”

Song Ci admitted directly. “Yes, I thought that the doctor’s duty is to save people. Teacher, I find it hard to accept what you asked me to do.”

Song Ci openly questioned Mo Zhangkuang’s actions, which was in line with her status.

After all, she was a virus specialist. What she did before was to save human beings. Now, asking her to take a woman’s blood to make a drug was equivalent to murder.

It would be strange if ‘Song Fei’ was willing to do it.

Mo Zhangkuang also understood that it was indeed difficult to get ‘Song Fei’ to acknowledge their thoughts and correct her attitude towards the medicine man.

However, all the reputable medicines produced by the Mo Clan required the blood of the medicine man, so she had no choice but to do so.

Mo Zhangkuang gently placed his wrinkled hand on Song Ci’s shoulder and said earnestly, “Song Fei, you have to understand that hurting someone can save countless people. It’s worth it.”

“I know you won’t approve of what we’re doing, but when you see those people who’ve lived their whole lives in pain and suffering through the pain of their illness taking the drugs from my Mo family to regain their health, you’ll know it’s all worth it.”

“Song Fei.” Mo Zhangkuang pinched Song Ci’s thin shoulders and told her, “As the young master of the Mo family, you must do this!”

Song Ci lowered her head. Looking at her expression, she seemed to have been successfully convinced by Mo Zhangkuang.

When Mo Zhangkuang said this, Nangong Yingying finally raised her head. Her muddy old eyes stared straight at Song Ci and Mo Zhangkuang. Her lips quivered for a moment before she sneered and scolded, “Old dog.”

“Listen, your mouth is full of righteousness and morality, boundless love. How ironic!”

“You need to use my blood to increase the efficacy of the medicine. This can only mean that your Mo Clan’s medical skills are not good enough! The Mo Clan is just a bunch of evil people!”

When Mo Zhangkuang heard Nangong Yingying’s words, he was afraid that her words would affect Song Ci’s state of mind, so he pushed Song Ci hard and pushed her into the cage. “Song Fei, hurry up. Stop dilly-dallying. It’s hard to achieve big things!”

Song Ci staggered a few steps before she regained her balance.

She stood in front of Grandma Yao and blocked Mo Zhangkuang’s gaze behind her. Song Ci’s eyes were filled with tears as she stared at Grandma Yao. The hand holding the jade bottle was trembling.

Nangong Yingying looked at her lovingly.

Song Ci said very softly, “Grandma, I’m sorry…”

Nangong Yingying understood Song Ci’s lips. She was afraid that Song Ci’s heart would soften and she would not be able to do it. She was afraid that Song Ci’s identity as a medicine man would be discovered by Mo Zhangkuang. She made up her mind and moved her lips and cheeks a few times. Then, she opened her mouth and spat hard at Song Ci!


Song Ci was stunned for a moment before she heard Nangong Yingying scolding angrily, “You’re not a good person if you worship that bastard Mo Zhangkuang as your master! The little girl looks like a human, but she’s heartless!”

“Son of a bitch, come on, draw my old woman’s blood!” Nangong Yingying’s voice sounded full of anger, but the way she looked at Song Ci was loving and tolerant.

After cursing, Nangong Yingying silently mouthed to Song Ci, “Child, do it.”

Song Ci understood her grandmother’s lips and felt as if a knife was cutting her heart. She really wanted to turn around and stab Mo Zhangkuang to death, but she knew very well that killing Mo Zhangkuang alone would not save her grandmother.

If Mo Zhangkuang was dead, there would still be Mo Suixin, Mo Suiyun…

Song Ci endured her heartache and squatted down to look at Grandma Yao. She pretended to be angry and scolded Grandma Yao. “Old thing, shut up! We are doing this to save other people’s lives! The family head is a person with great love. You can’t slander him!”

Grandma Yao was almost disgusted to death by Song Ci’s words. She glanced at Mo Zhangkuang who was in the corridor and scolded sharply, “Mo Zhangkuang, his heart is even smaller than a needle hole, and he’s still broad-minded?”

“Compared to his brother, he’s nothing!”

Granny Yao’s words had truly provoked Mo Zhangkuang. Even though he was already eighty years old, Mo Qingkuang was still the reverse scale in Mo Zhangkuang’s heart. No one was allowed to mention who he hated.

Mo Zhangkuang frowned and urged Song Ci. “Song Fei, hurry up and stop talking nonsense with her!”

Song Ci cried and lowered her head. She disregarded Granny Yao’s struggle and undid the plug on the soft tube on her arm.

The air entered through the soft tube and blood immediately flowed out of Granny Yao’s body. Song Ci quickly caught the blood with the Guanyin Bottle.

She could not bear to see this scene, so she stared at her toes and silently cried.

Nangong Yingying noticed that Song Ci was crying. From the corner of her eye, she saw Mo Zhangkuang walk in. She was afraid that Mo Zhangkuang would be suspicious if he saw Song Ci’s tears. She suddenly raised her other hand and pressed it hard on Song Ci’s face.

“I’ll remember your face. I won’t let you off even if I die!” She said the most vicious words, but her action of wiping Song Ci’s tears was unusually gentle.

“Song Fei, ignore her.” Mo Zhangkuang had already walked behind Song Ci.

Song Ci heard Mo Zhangkuang’s voice and her back suddenly straightened. She lowered her head, not daring to look at Grandma. After a long time, she heard Mo Zhangkuang say, “It’s done.”

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief. She quickly blocked the soft tube and covered the Guanyin bottle before standing up.

Looking down at the weak Nangong Yingying, Song Ci tilted her head and asked Mo Zhangkuang, “Will Granny Yao die?” They took a lot of Granny Yao’s blood just now.

Mo Zhangkuang shook his head. “People don’t die so easily. Let’s go. You still have to concoct medicine.” Mo Zhangkuang turned around and left.

Afraid of arousing Mo Zhangkuang’s suspicion, Song Ci did not dare to look at Nangong Yingying again and followed behind Mo Zhangkuang.

After walking out of the cage at the back of the mountain, Song Ci saw Mo Zhangkuang take out his phone and call the person who was taking care of Nangong Yingying. He informed the other party to make more blood nourishing food and send it to Nangong Yingying.

They were simply treating Nangong Yingying as a beast, a beast that had been reared and allowed to be used by them! She had no human rights, no freedom, and her entire life was filled with despair.

At that moment, Song Ci suddenly wished that Nangong Yingying would die just like that.

Death meant release.

After leaving the West Mountain and talking to Mo Zhangkuang, Song Ci went back to the pharmacy. She took some blood from a straw and put it into the small pellet. Song Ci smelled the familiar medicinal fragrance that made her feel nauseous, and her eyes were filled with tears again.

At night, when Song Ci returned to the dormitory, she was a little distracted.

Because Han Zhan lived in the dormitory building, the canteen sent the food to the dormitory building. Han Zhan and Song Fei didn’t eat dinner and were waiting for Song Ci to come back.

Seeing Song Ci’s distracted look, Han Zhan and Song Fei frowned. “What’s wrong with you, Song Ci?” Song Fei thought that someone had bullied Song Ci.

Song Ci sat down at the dining table and found that there was a vegetable soup made of pig blood in the food tonight. Song Ci remembered what happened this morning. She stood up abruptly and ran quickly to the public toilet on the first floor.

Hearing the sound of Song Ci vomiting, Song Fei was stunned. She slowly turned around and asked Han Zhan, “Are you guys planning to have a second child?”

]Han Zhan glared at Song Fei coldly. “If she’s pregnant now, then the child’s father is someone from the Mo family.” Song Ci and Han Zhan had been separated for two months, so it was impossible for Song Ci to be pregnant. If she was pregnant, it would mean that she had an affair.

It was impossible for Song Ci to have a child with another man. Song Fei’s frown deepened. “Then what happened?”

Han Zhan noticed that Song Ci only showed that painful expression after she saw the bowl of pig blood soup. Han Zhan stood up and walked quickly to the toilet.

After recuperating in the valley for a few days, Han Zhan’s leg injury was almost healed. His walking speed was much faster.

As soon as he approached the toilet, he saw Song Ci using both hands to catch a handful of water. She drank the water and rinsed her mouth before spitting it out.

After doing it several times, Song Ci raised her head and stared at herself in the mirror.

Because she had vomited, the corners of her eyes were red, and her slender and charming eyes added a hazy and pitiful feeling of weakness. Seeing Han Zhan standing silently behind her, Song Ci smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

She was smiling, but she looked so pitiful that he wanted to hug her.

Han Zhan didn’t ask her what happened today. He just turned Song Ci around and pressed her into his arms. “You’ll feel better if you lean into my arms.”

Song Ci smelled the faint woody perfume on Han Zhan’s body. Her guilty and uneasy heart gradually relaxed.

“Han Zhan.”

Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s shirt at his waist. She used so much force that her knuckles turned white.

“Han Zhan, I went to the back mountain today and took Grandma’s blood…” Song Ci’s tears wet Han Zhan’s chest.

I see.

Han Zhan held the back of Song Ci’s head with his big palm and said, “Don’t feel guilty and don’t be sad. You have to be stronger. Song Ci, bear with it for a while more. We will be able to save Grandma very soon.”

“What you are doing right now is not your intention. Thus, you do not have to feel guilty.”

Han Zhan’s words were reasonable, but how could Song Ci not feel guilty?

When she went to the hospital to take a few tubes of blood for testing, Han Zhan’s heart ached terribly. But today, she took away a whole bottle of Grandma’s blood!

Song Fei also walked over quietly. When she heard her younger sister’s helpless cries and thought about what happened to Grandma at the back of the mountain, her originally hesitant heart became even colder.

After Song Ci went back to her room to rest, Song Fei called out to Han Zhan and said, “If Mo Suixin didn’t follow the plot we had in mind, then Han Zhan, I’ll do it myself.”

Han Zhan knew that Song Fei was starting to get anxious.

He said, “Don’t worry. He’ll do that.”

Song Fei: “It better be.”

Mo Fengying and Mo Yang reached Dali that afternoon.

They had booked a hotel on Golden Shuttle Island in advance, and the mother and daughter shared a room.

A butler personally came to fetch them to Golden Shuttle Island. When they reached their accommodation, Mo Yang tidied up her things and changed her clothes. She put on her slippers, walked to the balcony, and sat down on the deck chair.

She quietly stared at the picturesque view of the Er sea outside the glass, her mind wandering.

That child was currently on Golden Shuttle Island. If I went out to take a look, I might even see him.

It was Mo Fengying’s first time traveling from afar and she was very excited. She changed into a beautiful dress and stood in front of the mirror to braid her hair.

Mo Fengying’s face was small and exquisite, perfect for a double braid. After she finished tying her hair, she held a fresh camellia and squatted down beside Mo Yang.

“Mommy, put the flowers in my hair.”


Mo Yang took the flower and stared at Mo Fengying’s face and hairstyle for a moment, before placing the flower on the left side of her head.

Mo Fengying ran to the mirror and spun around. She thought that it looked good and smiled happily. She took out her phone and took a photo, sending it to Mo Suixin.

Upon receiving the photo, Mo Suixin immediately made a video call. The mother-daughter pair chatted with Mo Suixin for a long time. They only hung up when it was time for dinner.

Mo Fengying was dressed so nicely because she wanted to go out for dinner, take some photos, and tour the Er sea at night.

“Mom, let’s go eat.”


Mo Yang picked out a pearl handbag and followed Mo Fengying to the dining room to eat. Mo Fengying was really happy, and she chattered non-stop at the dining table. Perhaps because she was in a good mood, she didn’t cough much after arriving at Golden Shuttle Island.

Mo Yang was absent-minded and rarely agreed with her.

When Mo Fengying noticed this, she stopped talking and looked at her mother suspiciously. “Mom, are you unhappy?”

From the moment they boarded the plane, Mo Fengying noticed that her mother had become less talkative. This was unusual.

Like Mo Fengying, Mo Yang had never gone out alone. Every time she left the valley, her father would accompany her. She could finally go out alone, Mo Yang shouldn’t have such an attitude.

Mo Yang put down her knife and fork, picked up her glass and took a sip of champagne.

Her gaze fell on the reefs on the coast ahead.

There, a group of tourists was playing with water by the reef, taking pictures.

A handsome young man was sitting on the ground with a drawing board in front of him and oil painting materials placed beside him. A few young ladies surrounded the young man. What attracted the young lady was not the young man’s painting, but his handsome face.

Mo Yang looked at the young man’s face, as though she had returned to twenty years ago.

At that time, Qi Tingxue was also at such a beautiful age. He wore a light gray checkered shirt, and the first time he appeared in front of Mo Yang, she could hear her heart racing.

“Mom!” Mo Fengying called out to her in surprise.

Mo Fengying came back to her senses and asked Mo Fengying, “What’s wrong?

Mo Fengying pointed at the young man on the other side of the reef and said in surprise, “Mom, you actually peeped at handsome guys behind Dad’s back and couldn’t take your eyes off them!”

“Mom, wake up. He’s about the same age as me. You guys are of different generations.”

Mo Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “It’s not what you think.”

“Then what is it? You were so focused when you looked at him just now. I’ve never seen you look at my father like that.” Mo Fengying spoke the truth.

Mo Yang hesitated. Should I tell Mo Fengying that she had an older brother?

“Mom, do you have something to say?” Mo Fengying could tell that Mo Yang wanted to say something but stopped himself. “If you want to say something, just tell me. There’s no one else here.”

Mo Yang thought about it and agreed.

Rhere was no way she could hide this from her. Instead of waiting for Mo Fengying to find out and argue with her, she might as well take the initiative to confess. Mo Yang thought it through and put down the cup in his hand, looking at her daughter sternly.

Mo Fengying subconsciously sat up straight. “What are you going to say?”

“Fengying, you actually have an older brother.”

Mo Fengying:!

It was fine if Mo Yang didn’t say anything, but once she did, she revealed such a huge piece of news. Mo Fengying was stunned. She asked in confusion, “I have an older brother? Why didn’t I hear you tell Dad?”

She did not remember having an older brother. If she really had an older brother, then she would not be the young master of the Mo family.

Mo Yang bit her lip and said hesitantly, “He’s your half-brother.”

The knife and fork in Mo Fengying’s hand fell onto the table. At this moment, her mind was in a mess.

After a long while, Mo Fengying finally regained her senses. There were no outsiders here, but Mo Fengying lowered her voice and asked Mo Yang, “Does my father know about this?”

Seeing Mo Yang nod, Mo Fengying heaved a sigh of relief. “When did this happen? Weren’t you and my father’s first love? Why would you… have a child with someone else?”

“I was in university.” Mo Yang spent some time telling Mo Fengying about Qi Tingxue and Mo Suixin.

From Mo Yang’s words, Mo Fengying heard a story filled with love, hate, and revenge. And this story overturned everything Mo Fengying knew.

She thought that her parents, who had a deep relationship with each other, were just a result of her father snatching her away forcefully. She thought that she was the product of her parents’ love, but she did not know that she was just a burden that her father created to keep her mother.

The food in front of her was exquisite and delicious, but Mo Fengying had no appetite at all.

“Is Qi Tingxue dead?”

“… Mm.”

Mo Yang’s face was filled with sorrow. She drank a mouthful of wine before saying, “I was pregnant with your brother. I was only six months pregnant when Qi Tingxue lost money because of the art exhibition. He gradually lost his mind. When I was about to give birth, he suddenly went crazy and jumped off the balcony…”

“At that time, I always thought that his death was due to stress and mental disorder. I still insisted on giving birth to that child. When I was in confinement, Mo Suixin found me.”

“At that time, I didn’t have any money either. I gave birth to your brother and didn’t know how to raise him in the future. Mo Suixin told me that as long as I was willing to go back and marry him, he would find a good family for my child. That child would also be very promising in the future.”

“Considering that I am indeed unable to nurture that child into a talent by myself, I agreed. I was just a few days in confinement period when your brother was taken away by Mo Suixin and sent to a wealthy family.”

“One year after we got married, I got pregnant with you. I only found out the truth about Qi Tingxue’s death on the day I held your first birthday party. It turned out that he didn’t lose his mind because of stress. Instead, Mo Suixin poisoned him with a slow-acting poison that damaged his nervous system, turning him into a lunatic!”

Mo Yang’s eyes filled with tears as she spoke about this secret past. “Fengying, your father does love me, but he’s also the person who hurt me the most.”

He killed my lover and took away my child!

This was the first time Mo Fengying heard her mother talk about these past events. She could not believe that it was true. My father had always been kind and benevolent. Why would he kill someone?

Mo Fengying’s heart was in a mess and she could not eat.

When they walked out of the restaurant, Mo Yang suggested walking around the Er Hai. Mo Fengying had no objections. Her mind was filled with things and she was in no mood to look at anything.

As the mother and daughter walked, they reached the reef area. It was growing dark, and many of the tourists were getting ready to return to their hotel, but the young painter was still sitting on the reef, staring at the distant shoreline in a daze.

Mo Fengying noticed that this little brother was the young man her mother had been looking at in the restaurant. She squatted down beside the young man and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Qi Jun’s train of thought was interrupted. Surprised, he looked over and saw a pretty young girl sitting next to him. He answered coldly, “I’m thinking about how to come up with a painting.”

Mo Fengying stared at the drawing on the drawing board and said, “Your drawing is very nice. Are you selling it?”

Qi Jun stared at the painting in front of him silently.

He was in the sea of Er, but what he drew was not the sea in front of him, but the forest under the night sky. That painting looked eerie and made people uncomfortable.

But this kind of painting was also appreciated by others.

In the end, Qi Jun shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, but this painting is a failure.” With that said, he tore the painting apart.

Qi Jun turned around and was about to leave when he realized that there was a woman standing behind him.

The beautiful woman was wearing a light purple silk dress with her hair draped over her shoulders. She wore white high heels and stood on the reef. She had a unique beauty.

It was not that stunning look, but it was enough to make people fall in love with her.

Qi Jun gave Mo Yang a light smile before walking away.

After Qi Jun left, Mo Yang sat down where Qi Jun had sat before. “He’s your brother.”

Mo Fengying was stunned.

After understanding what Mo Yang was saying, Mo Fengying jerked her head back, but all she saw was a distant back view. Mo Fengying asked Mo Yang, “Why don’t you talk to him for a while? Even if you don’t want to disturb his life, you can chat with him for a while.”

Mo Yang’s hands tangled together. She licked her lips. “I wouldn’t dare—” she whispered.

Mo Fengying raised her eyebrows.

She wasn’t a mother, so she couldn’t understand Mo Yang’s feelings.

Mo Yang said, “He lives in a happy and wealthy family. The people who grew up with him are his parents, and I’m just a stranger. If my appearance makes him suspicious and breaks his peaceful and happy life, that wouldn’t be good.”

“I just want to take a look at him. I want to see if he’s tall or handsome, if his personality is healthy or dull, then I’ll be at ease.”

Mo Fengying felt terrible hearing Mo Yang say that. She held his hand and smiled. “Then let’s stay on this island for a few more days and look at him more.”

Her daughter’s thoughtfulness warmed her heart.

n the next few days, Mo Fengying brought her bodyguard, Mo Suifeng, to tour around the various scenic areas in Dali. Mo Yang, on the other hand, stayed on Golden Shuttle Island, looking for a place that was not easily discovered and secretly observing Qi Jun.

That afternoon, Qi Jun walked into a coffee shop and ordered a cup of coffee. He walked to a bookshelf and picked out a novel by Keigo Higashino, Red Finger.

Qi Jun found a sofa chair and sat down. He opened his book and focused on reading the novel.

Mo Yang was hiding on the other side of the partition, quietly watching Qi Jun read.

Qi Jun’s coffee arrived. He tasted the coffee and felt that it tasted good. Then, he put down his coffee cup.

Qi Jun drank his coffee while reading.

Two hours later, Qi Jun finished reading Red Finger. He finished the last mouthful of coffee that had cooled and stood up.

Mo Yang thought Qi Jun was about to leave, but Qi Jun walked past the partition wall and headed straight for Mo Yang’s coffee table.

Under Mo Yang’s shocked gaze, Qi Jun sat opposite her.

Qi Jun was honest and quiet, while Mo Yang’s heart was in chaos.

“You…” Mo Yang opened his mouth, but she didn’t know what to say.

Qi Jun smiled at her. He suddenly opened his mouth and said something without rhyme or reason. “When I was very young, my mother told me that I was their adopted child. Even so, they still loved and doted on me very much. In terms of food and clothing, they had never been harsh on me. On the path of painting, they had high expectations of me.”

“When I was young and had just started learning to paint, I also lost my temper, threw paint, and smashed easels. But under the urging of my parents, I persevered and became a slightly famous young artist.”

“As you hoped, I became a young and promising youth.”

Qi Jun smiled through his tears. “I’m doing well, don’t worry.”

When Mo Yang heard the last sentence, she suddenly covered her mouth with her hand and lowered her head to sob.

Qi Jun was patient and gentle. He pulled out a soft tissue and handed it to Mo Yang.

Mo Yang took the tissue and wiped her tears. After crying for a while, she calmed down a little.

Mo Yang composed herself before smiling apologetically at Qi Jun. “Sorry, I lost my composure.”

Qi Jun said, “It’s okay.”

Mo Yang smiled, looking upwards, afraid that tears would fall again. She held it in for a while, waiting for the sourness in her chest to dissipate before asking Qi Jun, “You know of my existence?”

Qi Jun nodded. “I know. All these years, your mother, my grandmother, has been communicating with my family.”

Thus, from a young age, Qi Jun knew that his own mother lived far away in Sichuan. She found a new husband and gave birth to a daughter.

He had never seen his mother, but he had a picture of her.

Hence, the first time he saw Mo Yang a few days ago, Qi Jun recognized him. These few days, Qi Jun realized that Mo Yang was secretly paying attention to him.

Qi Jun could understand Mo Yang’s actions back then. After all, it wasn’t easy for an unmarried woman to raise a child alone.

Although Qi Jun understood Mo Yang, he didn’t have deep feelings for her. To him, his mother was the gentle but strict woman in his house.

When she found out that her mother had been caring for Qi Jun all these years and had even told her about herself, Mo Yang wanted to cry. All these years, she had always blamed her mother for being ruthless. Little did she know that her mother had always been silently caring for her child.

Qi Jun stood up and bowed to Mo Yang. “Madam Mo,” he said, “I can understand your decision back then. I don’t blame you, but please forgive me for not being able to call you mother. To reassure my parents, I won’t see you again.”

“Please understand!”

This was what Qi Jun was thinking.

To Mo Yang, these words were heartbreaking, but she was satisfied that the child didn’t blame her.

She had no intention of acknowledging Qi Jun. It was better this way.

Mo Yang wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded. “Thank you for not blaming me.”

Qi Jun continued to look at her gently.

Mo Yang continued, “Child, I wish you happiness and peace for the rest of your life. I…” Mo Yang turned her head to look elsewhere and sobbed,” I will pray for you. ”

Qi Jun nodded and left with his bag.

After staying on Golden Shuttle Island for so many days, he finally met the person he should meet. It was time for him to leave.

The second day after Qi Jun left, Mo Yang and Mo Fengying also boarded the flight home. It was also on this day that Mo Suixin received many pictures. In every picture, there were Mo Yang and Qi Jun.

Mo Suixin stared gloomily at Qi Jun’s face in the photo. He suddenly picked up his cell phone and made a call. The call went through, and a weak but ruthless male voice sounded. “Family Head Mo?”

“Mr. Zhong, I can treat your illness.”

Upon hearing that, Mr. Zhong was overjoyed. However, when he thought about how the Mo Family had refused to treat him previously and that his attitude suddenly changed. It was highly likely that he had something to request of him.

Mr. Zhong asked hesitantly, “Mo Family Head, may I know how I can help you?”

“Mr. Zhong is a smart man.” Mo Xin’s mind flashed back to those days when Mo Yang took the initiative to curry favor with him. When he saw the young man’s appearance, his face turned darker and darker.

“I want someone to disappear from this world.”

Mr. Zhong was silent for a moment on the other end of the line. Finally, the desire to beg for life overcame his moral heart. “Who?”

“Qi Jun.”

When Mo Yang and Mo Fengying returned, they brought many gifts.

When they got off the helicopter, Mo Yang smiled when she saw Mo Suixin waiting for them on the plane. She walked over and hugged Mo Suixin.

“Suixin. We’re back.”

Mo Xin smiled and stroked Mo Yang’s hair. “Did you have fun?”

Mo Yang nodded. “Not bad, the environment is beautiful. If there’s a chance, I want to go with you again.”

Mo Suixin said, “There will be a chance.”

Mo Fengying stood behind Mo Yang, quietly listening to her parents’ heartfelt words.

In the past, when Mo Fengying heard these words, she would only feel that her parents had deep feelings for each other. However, after knowing the grudges her parents had when they were young, when she heard these words, she felt as though Mo Yang was lying to Mo Suixin.

Mo Fengying felt sad for her stubborn father.

A forced melon would not be sweet, a forced person would not have the heart. I understood the logic, why did my father not?

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