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Chapter 336: Her Active Pleasures are All Fake

When Mo Yang heard Song Fei’s instigation, she thought about how Mo Suixin had been obedient to her all these years, so she faltered.

Now that her thoughts were clear, Mo Yang didn’t even feel a headache.

When Mo Suixin returned home that night, he saw Mo Yang sitting on the wooden sofa watching television. She seemed to be in good spirits, which made him feel relieved.

“Are you better?” Mo Suixin walked over to Mo Yang’s side and sat down. He cupped Mo Yang’s face in his hands and looked at it carefully.

Mo Yang’s face was red, a stark contrast to her weak appearance in the morning.

Mo Yang held the back of Mo Suixin’s hand in an intimate manner.

Mo Yang’s sudden initiative shocked Mo Suixin. “Yang’er…” Mo Suixin lowered his head and leaned his forehead against Mo Yang’s.

A warm feeling flowed through his heart.

Mo Yang took the initiative to kiss his lips. Mo Suixin was over the moon. “Are you in a good mood today?” Even though they looked like a married couple, their relationship wasn’t as harmonious as outsiders thought.

Because of what happened when he was young, Mo Yang blamed Mo Suixin in his heart. All these years, he had been making Mo Suixin unhappy.

In the early years, even when they were intimate, Mo Yang would use different methods to make Mo Suixin unhappy. However, Mo Suixin was truly loyal to Mo Yang. Even if he wasn’t happy being with Mo Yang, he would still continue to pester her.

You see, time does not let down those who are determined. Mo Yang finally accepted him from the bottom of her heart.

Mo Suixin’s heart heated up, and he suddenly hugged Mo Yang. In the living room, he lifted her up and placed her on his lap. Mo Suixin’s physique was strong, and as he carried Mo Yang upstairs, he responded to Mo Yang’s passion.

After a round of passion, Mo Suixin was somewhat satisfied and lay lazily on the bed.

After Mo Yang cleaned herself, she applied some perfume on her neck. Every year, Mo Suixin would go out a few times, sometimes with Mo Yang, sometimes alone.

If he left the tribe alone to treat someone, he would always bring back a bottle of perfume for Mo Yang, so Mo Yang had a cabinet of precious perfume.

Just like Mo Fengying, Mo Yang had the looks of a pretty girl from a humble family. Even though she was getting on in years, Mo Yang’s facial features were still exquisite, making her look young.

Mo Yang, who had sprayed perfume on her, walked around the room in circles, appearing adorable.

Mo Suixin held Mo Yang’s hand and smiled at her. “You’re weird today, you’re so proactive, I’m flattered.”

Mo Yang gave him a reproachful look. “Do I usually treat you badly?”

Mo Suixin’s heart was itching from Mo Yang’s gaze. He pulled Mo Yang into his embrace and said, “You don’t want me to rest tonight?”

Mo Yang didn’t say anything, only smiling lightly in his embrace.

Mo Suixin was moved and bent down again.

The next morning, Mo Fengying came to visit her mother. When she saw that her mother’s head no longer hurt and that she seemed to be in good spirits, she felt strange. “Mom, is your headache better?”

“Yes, I recovered yesterday.”

“Daddy prescribed you medicine?” Mo Fengying thought that Mo Suixin had taken medicine for Mo Yang.

Mo Yang shook his head. “It’s not a big problem. I’ll be fine soon. But you, why are you here again? Song Fei comes to visit Grandfather every day, but you’re so lazy.”

Mo Fengying pouted and said, “Why would I go? Grandpa’s all on Song Fei now. Why would he care about me?”

In the past, Mo Fengying was the granddaughter that Mo Zhangkuang was most proud of. She was also the Young Mistress that he valued the most. At that time, he had stared at Mo Fengying studying every day.

In the past, Mo Fengying had been quite annoyed with learning Chinese medicine. However, now that someone else had replaced her, her days had become lighter. However, she did not feel happy. Instead, she felt a little disappointed.

“After he found a new young master who has a longer life and more talent, I became a piece of trash that has been abandoned.” Mo Fengying spoke objectively, not because she was jealous of Song Fei or that she blamed her grandfather.

But when Mo Yang heard Mo Fengying’s words, she felt a little emotional.

Fengying was right. Father had found a more talented Song Fei, and he had abandoned Fengying.

In the past, Father could not make a decision between Fengying and Nangong Yingying. Now, he probably had a balance in his heart.

Mo Yang clenched her fists.

What should I do?

Let Fengying kill her father?

Mo Suixin really loved Mo Fengying. If Mo Fengying knew that the other way to break the curse was to kill Mo Suixin, she would rather die than do that!

Mo Yang thought about it, her expression changing unpredictably. She didn’t say a word. Mo Fengying sensed that her mother’s expression was dark, and she felt uneasy. “Mom? What are you thinking about?”

Mo Yang lifted her head, her gaze fixed on Mo Fengying. She said, “With a new young master, you, the little young master is worthless.”

Mo Fengying had long recognized this fact, but hearing it from her mother made her heart jump. “Mom…”

Mo Yang’s eyes sparkled and her tone turned darker. “They will abandon you. They will not kill the last medicine man for you.”

“Fengying, your grandfather and father abandoned you…” Mo Yang’s heart was bleeding. The thought of her daughter not having many years left filled her with hatred!

Mo Fengying’s expression didn’t look too good either. She lowered her head and resigned herself to her fate as she said, “This is pretty good too. Even if I die, there’s still Song Fei. The heavy burden that was on my shoulders in the past has finally been lifted. I even heaved a sigh of relief.”

“Song Fei is so powerful. Her talent is higher than mine, and she’s willing to suffer. She’s also a virologist. With her leading our Mo family, our family’s medical skills will definitely flourish. We might even be able to return to our glorious position in the Luo Dynasty six hundred years ago.”

Mo Fengying sounded relaxed, but no one knew what she was thinking.

When Mo Yang heard this, her heart ached even more for her daughter.

She held Mo Fengying’s hand tightly and told her, “Fengying, even if everyone abandoned you, Mom wouldn’t abandon you.”

Mo Fengying was a piece of flesh that had fallen out of Mo Yang’s stomach. She had brought Mo Fengying into this world to protect her.

If even a mother could not protect her own daughter, who else could she count on?

When Mo Fengying heard Mo Yang’s words, her heart ached. She threw herself into her embrace, hugging her waist tightly. “Mom, I don’t want to stay in the family anymore.”

This Mo Clan made her feel oppressed.

“This Mo Clan is making me feel like I can’t breathe.” Before I died, isn’t it better to let me live a relaxed life for two years?

This wasn’t the first time Mo Fengying had said this. She had said it before the exam too. Mo Yang patted Mo Fengying’s head and said, “Alright, Mommy will talk to your father and try to get him to agree.”


After Mo Fengying left, Mo Yang left the house to look for Mo Suixin.

Mo Suixin was devoted, a medical devotee, and also a lovesick devotee. Other than accompanying Mo Yang, he spent most of the day studying medical books at the Hall of Thoughts, which were extremely complicated.

Mo Suixin was a little surprised to hear that Mo Yang was here. He put down the medical book that recorded all kinds of complicated diseases and stood up to welcome Mo Yang.

Mo Yang had specially dressed up today. She wore a light green cheongsam, half of her hair was tied up and she wore a pair of dazzling pink pearl earrings.

Mo Suixin stared at her for a few seconds before grabbing her arm and asking, “Why are you here?”

Mo Yang said, “I was going to the top floor to clean the pharmacy today. I guessed you might be reading here, so I came to see you.”

Mo Suixin pulled Mo Yang into the room. He sat on the office chair with Mo Yang in his arms and asked her, “Why are you dressed so nicely today?”

“All the flowers in the valley are blooming. I want to look better too.” Spring had truly arrived. All the flowers were blooming and the valley was as beautiful as a fairyland.

Under the influence of the environment, these women in the valley had been dressed up so beautifully that they were eye-catching. They had all taken off their heavy coats and put on light dresses or spring shirts.

Mo Suixin smiled and said, “You’re already so old, but you’re still so vain.”

Mo Yang said, “Who am I dressing up for?” As she spoke, she gave Mo Xin a seductive look.

Mo Suixin thought to himself that it was daytime and he couldn’t do anything rash, so he suppressed the evil thoughts in his heart.

The two of them cuddled for a while before Mo Yang went upstairs to clean up. After he left, Mo Yang’s expression darkened.

Something was wrong!

Mo Yang’s enthusiasm was too unusual.

Mo Suixin returned the medical book to its original position. Without disturbing anyone, he returned to his house in North Mountain alone.

He called his aunt, who took care of Mo Yang’s daily needs. She was a woman in her early sixties. Because she was born ordinary and didn’t dress like Mo Yang, she looked very old.

Mo Suixin pointed at an empty chair opposite her and calmly invited Auntie Qing to sit down. “Auntie Qing, please sit.”

“Alright, Family Head.”

Auntie Qing sat anxiously on the chair and carefully observed Mo Suixin’s expression. Seeing Mo Suixin’s calm expression, Auntie Qing couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, so she didn’t dare to speak rashly.

It was better to speak less.

“Auntie Qing, has Madam been having a headache recently?”

Seeing that Mo Xin was asking this question, Auntie Qing’s tensed heart loosened.

Auntie Ah Qing answered honestly, “She was in a lot of pain yesterday morning, so she didn’t eat lunch. She was lying in bed the whole time. Madam only came downstairs when it was almost dark. At that time, her headache had already recovered.”

When Auntie Qing saw Mo Suixin furrow his brows, she quickly added, “However, there have been quite a lot of people with headaches in the valley recently. Perhaps it’s because the weather is unpredictable, so it’s more or less because of the flu season.”

It was merely a headache. There were no other abnormalities. Thus, no one paid attention to it.

Mo Suixn’s brows relaxed a little. “Old Master has been having a headache these few days. It should be the flu.” Mo Xin pondered for a while and decided to prescribe some medicine in the afternoon. He asked the canteen to brew the medicine and asked the residents of the valley to drink the medicine themselves.

Even common colds needed treatment.

“By the way, I’ve been busy these past few days too. I went on a business trip some time ago and didn’t have time to accompany Madam. During the time I wasn’t around, no one made Madam unhappy, right?”

“That’s not the case. When you weren’t around, Madam only went back to her maiden home once and usually stayed at home.” Knowing that Mo Suixin loved his wife dearly, Auntie Qing didn’t think too much about it when she heard his question.

“Oh? Madam went back to her maiden home?”


“To do what?”

Auntie Qing said, “Madam’s mother sprained her ankle and is recuperating at home. When Madam heard about it, she went back for a meal and sat for a while. She came back that day.”

Mo Yang’s mother lived in the valley, it was convenient for her to go back and forth.

Back then, Mo Yang was forcefully brought back to the Mo family by Mo Suixin to get married. Mo Yang’s parents had tacitly agreed to Mo Suixin’s actions, so Mo Yang wasn’t close to her biological parents.

Unless it was Chinese New Year, Mo Yang would never return to her parents’ house.

Hearing Auntie Qing’s explanation, Mo Suixin thought to himself, I see. If Mo Yang’s mother wasn’t injured, Mo Yang wouldn’t have gone back to visit her.

Knowing that he couldn’t get the reason for Mo Yang’s headache from Auntie Qing, Mo Xin dismissed Auntie Qing.

Mo Suixin’s head had been hurting these few days. Since he was back, he decided to take a nap.

Mo Suixin returned to his room to lie down. Without Mo Yang by his side, he wasn’t used to it and couldn’t fall asleep.

Mo Suixin flipped over towards Mo Yang’s side, his head lying on Mo Yang’s pillow, his arms reaching under the pillow to rest, only then could he sleep more comfortably.

Mo Suixin rarely took an afternoon nap. It was rare for him to take an afternoon nap, and when he woke up, he still refused to open his eyes. His hands casually touched under the pillow. This was just a habitual small action, but he felt something.


Mo Suixin opened his eyes.

He sat up, removed the pillow, and lifted the bedsheets beneath him. He saw a photo hidden between the bedsheets and the cushions. The photo was facing the cushions with the back film facing Mo Suixin.

Mo Suixin’s eyes flickered a few times before he reached out to pick up the photo. He flipped through the photo and saw a handsome youth’s face. Mo Suixin’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

Is this… that child?

This child looked too similar to his father. After twenty years, Mo Suixin could still clearly remember the man’s appearance, so he recognized him with just one look at the child’s face.

Why would Mo Yang have a photo of that child?

[When you weren’t around, Madam only went back to her maiden home.]

Thinking back to Auntie Qing’s words, Mo Suixin quickly understood everything. Although the child didn’t know of Mo Yang’s existence, Mo Yang’s parents had always been paying attention to the child’s growth.

From the looks of it, when Mo Yang returned to her mother’s house, she had accidentally found a photo of the child. When she saw the child, she must have missed him. She must have something on her mind, no wonder her head hurt.

When he thought about how Mo Yang had tried to curry favor with him last night, Mo Suixin looked as though he had eaten a piece of sh*t, his expression extremely ugly.

Her joy had never been for him. Every now and then, she would show him some face to please him.

Mo Suixin was a little indignant. She clearly loved him in the beginning. On the day he sent her to the university to enroll, she was also reluctant to part with him and turned back every three steps.

But she fell in love with another man.

Mo Suixin clutched the photo tightly. By the time he came back to his senses, the photo had already been crumpled.

Mo Suixin placed the photo on the table and smoothed it down with his hand. Then, he put the photo back and pretended that nothing had happened. He got out of bed and went to the building.

When he reached the building, he saw Mo Yang walking out.

Cleaning up the pharmacy would take hours. Mo Yang had just finished cleaning and was about to leave. When she saw Mo Suixin, Mo Yang walked towards him and asked, “Where did you go just now? I didn’t see you inside.”

I felt a little dizzy, so I went home to take a nap.” Mo Suixin looked at Mo Yang thoughtfully. “You went to look for me just now?”


“What’s the matter?”

Mo Yang pulled Mo Suixin’s arm and shook it before saying, “Walk with me for a while, we can talk as we walk.”

Mo Suixin agreed.

Flowers bloomed everywhere in the valley, and the scenery was enchanting.

Mo Yang and Mo Suixin weaved through the flowers, chatting about trivial matters. Mo Suixin wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the scenery. The moment he thought about the person in the heart of the woman beside him, he felt terrible.

Mo Yang casually tucked an azalea behind her ear. She lifted her head and looked at Mo Suixin. “Am I pretty?”

Mo Yang’s skin was fair and tender. Compared to those women who grew grass and sunbathed every day, she was a noble lady. The azaleas were placed beside her ears, accentuating her beautiful face, giving her a unique charm.

Mo Suixin stared at her with a deep gaze and nodded. “Yes, it’s pretty.”

Mo Yang’s face turned slightly red. She took the flowers down and shook them around. As she walked, she asked, “Do you still remember? The first time we met was in spring.”

Mo Suixin naturally remembered. “Of course I do. When you were young, you were always living at your maternal grandmother’s house. When your parents brought you back to the clan, you were already 15 years old.”

Mo Yang’s grandmother lived in the city, and she was dressed fashionably. She wore a light green dress with a baby collar, and when Mo Yang stood on the bridge, he was mesmerized by her beauty.

Mo Suixin happened to be participating in the Mo Clan’s assessment that year. After the first assessment ended, Mo Suixin followed his brothers back to the valley from the Shen Si Building.

On the way to the cafeteria, they saw Mo Yang.

At that time, the little girls in the valley were all dressed very simply. When they suddenly saw a fashionable city girl, a group of young men stood in their original spots, unwilling to leave. They just stared blankly at Mo Yang on the bridge.

Mo Yang also noticed the group of young men. She was being sized up by the boys, and her face flushed red.

The first time Mo Suixin saw the 15-year-old Mo Yang, he fell in love with her at first sight.

Mo Suixin had used three years to win Mo Yang over. The process was so complicated that he could write a novel that would make people laugh.

In the end, Mo Yang managed to get into the Academy of Fine Arts and was determined to study art. However, her parents felt that studying art wasn’t as promising as studying medicine and weren’t willing to send her to school.

Mo Suixin couldn’t bear for Mo Yang to go to university. Every day, he looked forward to marrying Mo Yang and being a couple with her. However, Mo Suixin wanted Mo Yang to be happy. He convinced Mo Yang’s parents to let him go to university.

On the first day of school, Mo Suixin personally drove Mo Yang to school.

Mo Suixin thought that they would continue living happily until Mo Yang graduated from university and they would get married. However, Mo Suixin never expected that another man would enter Mo Yang’s life.

That man’s name was Qi Tingxue, and his parents gave him a good name. Once someone heard it, they would know that he dabbled in the arts.

During his four years in university, Mo Yang would only return home during the summer and winter holidays because the journey was long. He was separated from Mo Suixin by two different places, so they didn’t spend much time together. Mo Yang’s feelings for Mo Suixin gradually faded.

When Mo Yang was in his third year, Qi Tingxue barged into her life. Qi Tingxue was one year older than Mo Yang and was about to graduate and return to school. She met Mo Yang at the art exhibition held by the school.

They were students from the same faculty, so they had the same interests and topics to talk about. In addition, Qi Tingxue was handsome and elegant. Under his fierce pursuit, Mo Yang found it hard to keep her heart.

During that period of time, Mo Suixin had just taken over the Mo family. As the head of the family, he was flustered and didn’t even have time to rest. Naturally, he didn’t have time to care about Mo Yang.

Mo Suixin naively thought that loving someone meant a lifetime, he wouldn’t change his mind. He never thought that Mo Yang would fall in love with another man.

After all, in that era, it was rare for people to break up when they were dating.

Mo Yang had long stopped loving Mo Suixin. There were many times when she wanted to break up with him over the phone, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so.

After graduation, Mo Yang decided to stay in the city to live with Qi Tingxue. Mo Yang made up his mind to break up with Mo Suixin, so she wrote a letter. In the letter, she told Mo Suixin everything that happened around her and officially broke up with him.

After reading the letter, there was only one thought in Mo Xin’s mind—

This was fake!

Mo Yang wouldn’t betray me!

Mo Suixin drove to the big city to look for Mo Yang. When he reached the city Mo Yang was in, it was early in the morning.

Mo Yang walked out of a small district, holding another man’s hand.

It was a handsome man. He looked much better than Mo Suixin. His every movement was filled with an indescribable aura.

In front of him, she was a shy girl, but in front of that man, she took the initiative and was honest. It turned out that she wasn’t shy. She just couldn’t let go in front of him…

Mo Suixin was deep in thought and didn’t notice that he almost stepped on air. It was Mo Yang who quickly grabbed him to prevent him from falling.

“Suixin, what are you thinking? Don’t you look down when you walk?”

Mo Suixin came back to his senses and realized that he had unknowingly walked to the edge of a slope. If he had missed that step just now and fell down the slope, he would have been bedridden for at least a month.

Mo Suixin shook his head and sighed. “I’m thinking about how you were when you were young.”

When Mo Yang thought about her younger days, she thought about Qi Tingxue.

She did not dare to think deeply, as she would get a heart ache. “I’m already so old, yet you still keep thinking about my younger days. Why? Do you think I’m getting old and you’re starting to miss my younger days?”

“Do you think it’s better to be young?”

Hearing Mo Yang’s teasing, Mo Suixin’s face turned serious. “Yang’er.” Mo Xin looked at Mo Yang lovingly and said, “Do you not know whether I like young or mature? In my entire life, I’ve only ever liked you.”

When Mo Yang was young, he liked young people.

When Mo Yang was old, he liked old people.

He had always liked Mo Yang.

When Mo Yang heard these words, it wasn’t that she wasn’t moved, but she didn’t dare to listen to such words. If she heard too many nice words, she would let her guard down.

Mo Yang held Mo Suixin’s hand. “I have something to tell you.”

“Tell me.”

Mo Suixin knew that the main event was about to begin.

She had deliberately tried to please him and make him happy. Now, she was finally asking for benefits.

Mo Yang didn’t know what Mo Suixin was really thinking. She walked down the stairs into the valley and said, “Fengying’s health has been deteriorating recently, and she’s not in a good mood. Suixin, I want to bring Feng Ying out to play. Hasn’t she always wanted to go to Dali to take a look? I want to accompany her out to Dali.”

Mo Suixin remembered that the child lived in Dali. It seemed that artists loved that city.

“Suixin, what do you think?” Mo Yang looked up at Mo Suixin, his eyes shining with a charming light.

Mo Yang knew what Mo Xin liked to see the most about himself. Every time she looked at him affectionately, his heart would soften.

Mo Yang raised his head, not noticing that Mo Suixin’s hands were clenched tightly.

Mo Suixin suddenly smiled. “Of course. Fengying has grown up and hasn’t seen the outside world yet. I’m also worried about her going out alone. It’s naturally best if you’re with her.”

“It’s just…” Mo Suixin’s brow creases, troubled. “It’s just that I’m too wrapped up in my business to go with you and your daughter.”

Mo Yang held Mo Xin’s arm, gently patting the back of his hand, looking understanding.

“We don’t blame you for being busy. Let me go alone with Fengying this time. When you’re free, we’ll go on a trip together.”

“… Okay.”

Mo Suixin gently looked at the happy smile on Mo Yang’s face. The smile in his eyes slowly disappeared before being replaced by gloominess.

Was she that happy to leave my side?

Mo Yang’s heart had already flown to the top. The thought of seeing her eldest son with her own eyes filled her with joy, so much so that she didn’t even notice Mo Suixin’s malicious gaze.

When Mo Fengying found out that her father allowed her to go out and play, she was a little surprised. “Mom, did Dad really agree?” Mo Fengying had argued that she wanted to go out to play when she was eighteen, but Mo Suixin and Mo Zhangkuang did not allow it.

Mo Yang smiled. “Yes, your father really agreed. I told him myself.”

“That’s great, I’ll go pack my luggage now! Mom, help me buy a plane ticket. Remember my identification number.”


After watching her daughter leave, Mo Yang retracted her smile.

How should I explain my identity to my eldest son? What should I give him as a greeting gift?

That night, Mo Yang bought plane tickets online.

The next morning, Mo Fengying carried her small bag and went to the Mo family’s private jet with Mo Yang. Mo Suixin also accompanied the mother and daughter. The family of three stood on the plane and had a conversation before they left.

“Fengying, keep your phone switched on when you’re outside. Don’t run around. Stay with your mother.” This was the first time Mo Fengying was going on a trip, so Mo Suixin was still worried about her.

Knowing how much his daughter yearned for the outside world, Mo Suixin was worried that Mo Fengying would lose her way in the beautiful world outside.

It was early in the morning and the temperature was slightly cold. Mo Fengying was only wearing a thin shirt, so she might have caught a cold and started coughing. The moment she started coughing, she couldn’t stop. Mo Suixin hurriedly held her arm and asked Mo Yang, “Did you bring Fengying’s medicine?”

“Yes, yes!” Mo Yang quickly took out a pill and fed it to Mo Fengying. Mo Fengying took the pill and waited for her throat to feel better before holding Mo Xin’s hand. “We’ll be back in a few days. Daddy, I’ll bring you a gift.”

His daughter’s words warmed Mo Suixin’s heart.

Mo Yang reminded Mo Fengying, “Fengying, we should go, say goodbye to your father.”

“Bye, Daddy!”

Mo Fengying and Mo Suixin hugged each other, before she got into the helicopter with their bags.

Mo Yang and Mo Suixin looked at each other wordlessly. Under their loving gazes, there was something deeper.

How could the bird not be happy when it was about to fly out of the birdcage?

How could the owner not be angry when he saw that his beloved bird was about to escape?

Even though they both had their own ulterior motives, they still smiled and hugged each other.

“Have fun. Call me when you get there. Let me know if you need money.” Mo Suixin hugged Mo Yang, his heart filled with sorrow.

Mo Yang agreed and boarded the helicopter.

Song Ci and Song Fei stood on the rooftop of the dormitory building, looking up at the helicopter flying further and further above the plane. She suddenly said, “This is also part of your plan?”

Song Fei listened to the loud sound of the helicopter’s propeller, and her lips curled into a cold smile as she said in an unpredictable tone, “Madam Mo’s ability to handle things is indeed fast.”

She thought she would have to wait a few more days before Madam Mo could leave the Mo Clan.

“Just wait and see.” Song Fei crossed his arms and sneered. “When Madam Mo comes back, the Mo family will be in chaos soon.”

The more chaotic the Mo Family was, the more beneficial it would be for them.

Song Ci saw the sneer on Song Fei’s face. She secretly touched the goosebumps on her body and told Song Fei, “Song Fei, I love you very much. Don’t bully me.”

Song Fei pursed his lips and patted Song Ci’s head angrily. “Idiot.”

Song Ci held her head and scolded angrily, “Stop taking photos. You’re getting more and more stupid!”

Song Fei smiled again, but it was a very faint smile. “Song Ci, I love you the most in this world. I’ll bully anyone, but I can’t bear to bully you.”

These words sounded half true, but Song Ci knew that what Song Fei said was true.

After Mo Suixin sent Mo Fengying and her daughter off, he returned to the front of the building and saw Han Zhan standing beside the Sun Chasing Arrow in a daze.

“Mr. Han.” Mo Suixin walked up the stage with a smile and thanked Han Zhan politely. “I have to thank Han Zhan. If it wasn’t for the helicopter that Mr. Han gave us, it would have taken three to four hours to get to the airport from our valley.”

With the helicopter, it wouldn’t even take an hour to get to the airport.

“The Mo family is a medical family. Over the past few hundred years, you have done countless good deeds and saved countless lives. It’s only right for me to do all these.” Han Zhan was the best at speaking pompous words.

When Mo Suixin heard this, he felt a sense of pride in his heart, but his attitude remained humble. “Mr. Han is too kind. As a doctor, this is what we should do.”

“I heard that Mr. Han is very interested in this Sun Chasing Arrow. You have to come and see it every day.” Mo Xin said with a faint smile, “It’s a pity that no one can move this bow. Otherwise, I would give it to Mr. Han.”

It was precisely because he knew that no one could use the Chasing Sun Arrow that Mo Suixin said this.

Han Zhan was full of questions.

Zhou Wu also said that no one could shake the Chasing Sun Arrow. Today, Mo Xin also said the same thing, so it was obviously true.

Han Zhan found it strange. Why was it that no one else could hold this bow, but I could?

Just then, his phone rang twice. It was Han Zhan’s alarm clock.

After turning off the alarm, Han Zhan smiled apologetically and told Mo Xin, “My medicine should be ready. Please excuse me, Mo family head.”

Han Zhan was recuperating. He drank Chinese medicine regularly every day.

“Mr. Han, please go.”

“Excuse me.”

After Han Zhan left, Mo Suixin looked back at the sky behind him, his expression turning cold.

He waved his hand, and Mo Suiyun, who was following him from a distance, walked to his side. “Clan Leader, what can I do for you?”

Since there was no one around, Mo Suiyun didn’t need to hide his words. He told Mo Suiyun, “Find someone to keep an eye on Madam. No matter who Madam has met or done in Dali, you must report to me truthfully.”

o Suiyun was surprised. However, he cleverly turned around and left without saying a word.

Before Han Zhan reached the dormitory building, he could smell the faint scent of Chinese medicine.

Song Ci had just turned off the fire and opened the lid of the jar. Seeing Han Zhan come back, Song Ci stood up and said to him, “The medicine is not hot anymore. Come and drink it.”

Han Zhan’s medicine was given to him by Song Ci. Han Zhan was Song Ci’s first patient.

One dared to be treated, the other dared to be treated.

Their courage was commendable.

Han Zhan picked up the Chinese medicine in the small bowl and drank it without even frowning. After drinking the medicine, Han Zhan sat down on the solid wooden sofa and asked Song Ci, “Can no one move that Sun Chasing Arrow?”

Song Ci hummed in agreement. “Song Fei said that you went to the Shen Si Building every day. Why? Do you like that Sun Chasing Arrow?” Song Ci placed her left knee between Han Zhan’s legs and hugged Han Zhan’s neck. She bent over and said to Han Zhan, “If you really like it, after this matter with the Mo family is over, I’ll get a truck to bring it back.”

There was a road in the Mo family’s dilapidated mountain ditch, but it was winding.

Han Zhan was amused by Song Ci’s words. “No, I don’t have any intention of taking it for myself. It’s just that every time I see the Sun Chasing Arrow, I can’t take a step forward. I always feel that it’s attracting me.”

“Oh.” Song Ci was amused by Han Zhan’s words. “Don’t tell me your lover from your past life lives in there?”

Han Zhan slapped Song Ci’s butt. “Nonsense!”

Song Ci obediently closed her mouth. She hugged Han Zhan’s head and leaned against him.

After pondering for a moment, Han Zhan told her his secret. “Baby Ci, I can hold that bow.”

Song Ci let go of Han Zhan and looked at Han Zhan suspiciously. “Are you serious? Or are you joking?”

Han Zhan: “Really. Zhou Wu was there too.”

Song Ci frowned and murmured, “This is really…” How could Han Zhan use the Sun Chasing Arrow? Didn’t they say that no one had been able to use it for six hundred years?

The two discussed this matter for a while, but they didn’t come to a conclusion. At ten o’clock, Mo Zhangkuang called Song Ci. “Come to my place.”

“Alright, Teacher.”

She did not know why Mo Zhangkuang was looking for her, but since he called, it must be something important.

Song Ci packed up and rode her bicycle to find Mo Zhangkuang.

When she passed by a medicinal field, Song Ci saw Zhou Wu. Zhou Wu was studying the fruit of a medicinal herb. Song Ci parked her bicycle on the edge of the medicinal field and asked Zhou Wu, “What are you looking at?”

Zhou Wu held up the pinky-sized red fruit in his hand. “Is this thing poisonous?” he said.

Song Ci said, “There’s no poison. The poisonous ones are all planted in the West Mountain.” There were still children in the valley. The herbs planted in the North Mountain were all non-toxic or slightly toxic.

Zhou Wu thought that was true. He said, “There are indeed many medicinal herbs in the Mo Clan. I didn’t recognize the one in my hand. Do you know it?”

“A master’s fruit. Strong and masculine.”

Zhou Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He said, “This name is quite appropriate.” If men took it, they would have many fruits of labor.

As soon as Song Ci saw Zhou Wu, she remembered what Han Zhan said. She didn’t believe that Han Zhan could use the Sun Chasing Arrow, so she wanted to verify it with Zhou Wu.

“Uncle Zhou, did you really see Han Zhan raise the Sun Chasing Arrow?”

Upon hearing this, the smile on Zhou Wu’s face slowly disappeared. He sat down on the edge of the field and looked in the direction of the building. He took out a cigarette from the pack and put it in his mouth.

Song Ci took the lighter from Zhou Wu’s hand and lit the cigarette herself.

Zhou Wu chuckled. “You lass!”

Zhou Wu held the cigarette and took a big puff before saying, “Song Ci, do you believe in past lives?”

Song Ci didn’t believe it in the past, but now that she was reborn, how could she not trust her past life?

“Some parts, I guess.”

Zhou Wu nodded and said, “Legend has it that after the Sun Chasing Arrow seals its spiritual consciousness, only its owner can awaken it again.”

“The Sun Chasing Arrow has two masters in its life. One is the creator of the arrow, Peace Emperor Dugu Jie. The other is Nangong Xian, who brought it to battle.”

“If you believe it, then Han Zhan is Dugu Jie’s reincarnation. If you don’t believe it, then Han Zhan is Hercules.”

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