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Chapter 335: Too Beautiful Wife, Too Many Love Rivals, Han Zhan’s Endless Jealousy

Song Ci said, “I’ll apologize on his behalf. It’s also your fault for always threatening him in the past. He finally found a chance to take revenge today. It would be strange if he could hold it in.”

“Han Zhan is about to collapse. Song Fei, can you give me the antidote since he’s still injured?”

There were so many Chinese medicine big shots in the Mo family. Song Ci could easily find a doctor to treat Han Zhan. However, she didn’t look for a doctor. Instead, she came to ask Song Fei for the antidote, mainly because she wanted to save Song Fei’s face and make her calm down.

Song Fei understood what Song Ci meant, but she wasn’t willing to let Han Zhan off so easily.

She could still smell the fishy grass in her throat. It was really uncomfortable.

Song Fei rolled his eyes and had a bad idea. “It’s fine if you want the antidote, but you have to stand in the corridor and say loudly three times that Han Zhan is a bitch in front of me, and I’ll give you the antidote.”

Song Ci heard this rude request and frowned. “Don’t go too far.”

Song Fei: “Then there’s no antidote.”

Song Ci could only take a step back. “I’ll go ask!”

Song Ci quickly ran back to her room and told Han Zhan about Song Fei’s rude request with a helpless expression. “Han Zhan, Song Fei refused to give me the antidote and said…”

Han Zhan: “What does she want you to do?”

Song Ci stammered and said, “She wants me to stand in the corridor and say three times… three times…” Staring at Han Zhan’s weak gaze, Song Ci said weakly,” Han Zhan is a bitch. ”

Han Zhan almost fainted, but he couldn’t.

Han Zhan’s stomach started to feel uncomfortable again. He ran to the toilet weakly and squatted for a few minutes. When he came out again, Han Zhan’s face looked even weaker.

“Song Ci, promise her.” Han Zhan accepted his fate. He didn’t dare to bully Song Fei anymore.

Song Ci was speechless.

After a while, Song Ci’s voice sounded in the corridor.

“Han Zhan is a b*tch.”

“Han Zhan is a b*tch.”

“Han Zhan is a bitch…”

Han Zhan squatted in the toilet, listening expressionlessly as he made a mental note of this.

Han Zhan drank the antidote and his stomach felt better.

Song Ci gave Han Zhan some salt water and fed it to him. Then she borrowed a pot from Zhou Wu and cooked a pot of porridge.

Song Ci was cooking downstairs. Zhou Wu stood at the kitchen door and asked her, “Did you just call your husband a bitch upstairs?”

Song Ci naturally had to protect Han Zhan’s face. She shook her head and said, “No, no, Uncle Zhou, you heard wrongly.”

“How could it be…” Z walked to Song Ci and stared at the porridge bubbling in the pot. He asked Song Ci,” Did you fight? ”

Song Ci had no choice but to tell Zhou Wu what happened at the dining table. When Zhou Wu heard that, he immediately rubbed her hands together and said, “Do you still have Song Fei’s viral medicine? If you do, give me some. I’ll keep it. If anyone dares to offend me, I’ll drug them!”

Song Ci pushed Zhou Wu out of the kitchen. “No, no! Don’t even think about it!”

Han Zhan’s voice suddenly cut in. “What are you guys doing?” Han Zhan’s eyes were like icicles, piercing Zhou Wu everywhere.

Song Ci looked up in surprise and saw Han Zhan standing on the last step of the stairs, holding the railing. He was staring at her and Zhou Wu.

Song Ci said, “Why did you come down? If you’re not feeling well, just lie down!”

Han Zhan walked over slowly and saw that Song Ci’s hands were still on Zhou Wu’s shoulders, and she was still pushing Zhou Wu.

As he took Song Ci’s hand down, he lectured her in a gentle voice, “Your hand is stained with vegetable crumbs. It’s not polite to push others like this.”

Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and said to Friday, “Song Ci is insensible and delayed your rest time. Uncle, you should go to sleep.”

Zhou Wu, who was not very old, felt his teeth ache when he heard this. He whispered, “I’m only 52 years old, I’m still young.”

Han Zhan didn’t say anything and only looked at Zhou Wu with a gentle expression.

Zhou Wu was just a country doctor, had never seen a person with such a strong aura like Han Zhan. He looked at Song Ci playfully and said with a smile, “Okay, I’ll go to sleep then. Little Song, remember to wash the pot clean when the porridge is ready.”

“Okay, Uncle Zhou.”

Seeing that Zhou Wu had gone upstairs to sleep, Han Zhan brought Song Ci into the kitchen and washed her hands under the tap.

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan’s side profile with a smile and said, “His grandson is about to be born soon. Even if you’re jealous, you have to see the other party first.”

Han Zhan: “You’re so good-looking. From an old man in his sixties to a dragon in his teens, there are many people who loves you.”

His wife was too beautiful, and he had too many love rivals. He had to be on guard at all times. “What if you run away?”

Thinking of the vicious words Song Ci said before leaving the mission, Han Zhan said sourly, “Young wolfhounds are good as young wolfhounds, and old wolfhounds are better as old wolfhounds. If I don’t pay attention, you’ll run into the arms of other wolves, and I’ll really become a lone wolf.”

Lone Wolf of the Northwest was going to be a lone wolf.

Song Ci was amused by Han Zhan. “Why are you so passively flirtatious?”

Han Zhan asked her, “Then do you like to be openly flirtatious?”

Song Ci stopped this topic and didn’t want to continue this boring topic with him. “I came down to see what you are doing.”

Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s waist from behind and said, “I haven’t seen you in a long time. Once you’re not in my line of sight, I always miss you.”

“Where did you learn these vulgar words of love?” Song Ci felt awkward listening to it.

Han Zhan chuckled. “I don’t need to learn. I’m telling the truth.” Although the words of love were a little crude, it was true that he missed Song Ci.

When Song Ci was cooking the porridge, she also made some appetizing side dishes for Han Zhan. These were all the ingredients Zhou Wu got from the kitchen that morning.

When Song Ci was cooking, Han Zhan had been hugging her all the time. It was so intimate and outrageous.

After eating some porridge, Han Zhan felt better.

After the exam, this dormitory building was basically empty. At the moment, only Song Ci and her sister were staying here. Now, there was Han Zhan.

After dinner, Song Ci locked the door of the dormitory and went back to her room with Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was still weak. He lay on the bed and touched his stomach. His stomach, which had eaten porridge, felt warm. As he touched it, Han Zhan suddenly thought of what happened this afternoon.

He was a little dazed.

Song Ci washed up and lay down beside him. Seeing Han Zhan in a daze, Song Ci asked him, “Brother Han, what are you thinking about?”

Han Zhan didn’t reply.

Song Ci poked Han Zhan’s face with her finger. “Han Zhan, come back to your senses!”

Han Zhan finally came back to his senses.

He pinched Song Ci’s naughty hand and heard her ask him, “What did you guys do today?”

“Clan Leader Mo brought me around and took me to look at the medicinal field. He asked me indirectly if I had any plans to open a pharmaceutical company. If I did, he probably wanted to sell me a few prescriptions.”

They wanted to sell prescriptions for money. Did the Mo family lack money?

Song Ci guessed what Han Zhan was thinking. She said, “Ever since western medicine entered the country, Chinese medicine is indeed not as profitable as in ancient times. The Mo family is not really noble people. They also pursue fame and status. After understanding the situation, it’s normal for them to want money.”


“Oh right, he also brought me to the Shen Si Building and told me how powerful their Old Ancestor Mo is and how he holds a high position in the Chinese medical world…”

Han Zhan snorted. “He’s really impressive as a jerk.” He’s even worse than Chen Shimei.

After thinking for a while, Han Zhan said again, “Today, I saw that Sun Chasing Arrow.” When they arrived at the Mo Clan yesterday, the sky was almost dark. When Han Zhan passed by Shen Si Building, he didn’t pay attention to the Sun Chasing Arrow.

After seeing the Sun Chasing Arrow today, Han Zhan always felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. He said, “That bow is a little evil. I touched it today, and I felt very uncomfortable. When I think of that bow now, my heart hurts.”

Song Ci thought seriously and said hesitantly, “Maybe you feel the resentment of the Sun Chasing Arrow.”


Han Zhan didn’t think too much about it and went to sleep with Song Ci in his arms. The next day, Song Ci continued to make medicine, while Song Fei pretended to admire the scenery and set up the surveillance cameras in various hidden corners.

Han Zhan, on the other hand, felt uneasy. After Song Ci left, he came to the building alone. When he arrived, he unexpectedly saw Zhou Wu.

Zhou Wu took the initiative to greet Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, what a coincidence.”

Han Zhan slowly walked towards Zhou Wu and realized that he was also sizing up the Sun Chasing Arrow. Han Zhan walked towards Zhou Wu and asked, “Mr. Zhou Wu, what do you think of this bow?”

Zhou Wu said, “It’s the most loyal weapon in the world.”

From Song Ci’s description, Han Zhan already knew that Zhou Wu’s ancestor knew Old Ancestor Mo. Han Zhan asked Zhou Wu, “Mr. Zhou, what kind of person is Nangong Xian?”

Zhou Wu: “She’s an old ancestor from six hundred years ago, how would I know?”

Zhou Wu shrugged and went to the platform, crouching under the Chasing Sun Arrow.

He stared at the words’ Nangong Xian ‘for a moment before saying, “If you want to talk about this Nangong Xian, she is truly an extraordinary woman. She was very petite when she was born. Back then, many people were certain that Nangong Xian would not grow up. Old Mister Nangong was a martial officer. He did not believe the fortune-teller’s words. When he was free, he accompanied his daughter to practice martial arts. He wanted to give his daughter a healthy and strong body.”

“Under Old Mister Nangong’s meticulous care, General Nangong Xian has really grown up. Furthermore, she became very strong. As she has been learning martial arts from her father since she was young, and has studied military books, General Nangong Xian yearns very much to rush into the battlefield and fight to protect her country.”

“Reportedly, this General Nangong Xian is always dressed like a man. At that time, many people did not know that the tomboy beside old mister Nangong was a woman.”

“When General Nangong Xian was fourteen years old, the new crown prince moved into the Eastern Palace and the Imperial Court began to select a concubine for the crown prince. That year, all unmarried girls who were fourteen years old had to participate in the talent show.”

“It is said that although this General Nangong Xian is dressed like a man, she is very beautiful. At that time, the Crown Prince took a liking to Nangong Xian at first glance. However, Nangong Xian did not have a good impression of the Crown Prince. She yearned for the battlefield and was unwilling to be locked in the Eastern Palace as a canary, so she rejected the Crown Prince.”

“At that time, the entire world belonged to the Son of Heaven, and all the beauties belonged to the Son of Heaven. Nangong Xian dared to reject the Crown Prince, so she would definitely lose her head. However, the Crown Prince was a wise ruler. After he found out about Nangong Xian’s ambition, he fought with Nangong Xian. In the end, Nangong Xian won, and the Crown Prince let her go, allowing Nangong Xian to leave the Eastern Palace and go to the battlefield.”

“General Nangong Xian went to the battlefield at the age of fifteen. She died young at the age of twenty-five. She dominated the battlefield for ten years and did not lose a single city at the borders. Back then, Nangong Xian was a war god! With her around, the Luo Dynasty would be stable.”

Zhou Wu turned around and smiled at Han Zhan. He said, “These are all recorded in history books. They are real.” Zhou Wu pointed at the bow on his head and told Han Zhan, “It is said that this Sun Chasing Arrow is the weapon that the Crown Prince gave to Nangong Xian.”

Han Zhan listened attentively. When he realized that Zhou Wu was suddenly silent, Han Zhan could not help but ask, “Is that all?”

“That’s all I know. After all, after six hundred years, be it the God of War Nangong Xian, the Medical Sage Mo Liansheng, or the Holy Sage Dugu Jie, they are all just a pile of dirt…”

It sounded sad.

Six hundred years ago, Nangong Xian, Dugu Jie, and Mo Liansheng were the rulers of that era. However, no matter how powerful one was, they would only be left with a handful of yellow soil after death.

Zhou Wu stood up and patted his butt. He asked Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, are you interested in the Sun Chasing Arrow? Could it be that you want to move it home to collect it?”

Han Zhan smiled and said, “Of course not. This is the Mo Family’s most precious treasure. Even if I have a fortune, I can’t bring it home.”

Zhou Wu smiled and said, “We can’t bring it home either.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan felt strange. “What do you mean?”

Zhou Wu pointed at the Sun Chasing Arrow and said, “No one can use this Sun Chasing Arrow at all. After Nangong Xian died, the Sun Chasing Arrow sealed its spiritual consciousness.”

“At that time, no one in the Mo family was able to move this bow. So, they had no choice but to bring over the shelf where the bow was placed.”

Han Zhan said, “How is that possible? It’s just a bow. How heavy can it be?”

“Don’t doubt me.” Seeing that Han Zhan didn’t believe him, Zhou Wu rolled up his sleeves and squatted in a horse stance. After holding the Sun Chasing Arrow with both hands, he raised it forcefully.

The Sun Chasing Arrow did not budge an inch!

He tried a few more times, but still failed.

He held his breath until his face turned red.

Zhou Wu stood up and shook his slightly numb hand. “It’s really heavy,” he said.

Seeing that Zhou Wu didn’t look like he was acting, Han Zhan was a little suspicious. Was this bow really that heavy? He said, “Come, let me try.”

Zhou Wu: “You try, you try. Do you think that just because you look good, the Chasing Sun Arrows are different to you?”

Han Zhan felt that the suit on him was a hindrance, so he took off his jacket and handed it to Zhou Wu. “Mr. Zhou, please help me get my clothes.”

Zhou Wu hugged Han Zhan’s suit jacket and calmly watched Han Zhan embarrass himself. With Zhou Wu”s attempt, Han Zhan also squatted down and exerted all his strength. After holding the Sun Chasing Arrow with both hands, he lifted it up forcefully!


Han Zhan suddenly fell backward and fell onto the stage!

When he fell, he actually raised the Sun Chasing Arrow with both hands!

At this moment, Zhou Wu could no longer be bothered to mock Han Zhan’s sorry state. He looked at the Sun Chasing Arrow in Han Zhan’s hand in shock.

The Chasing Sun Arrow that he had used all his strength but was unable to move at all was now easily held in Han Zhan’s hand as if it did not weigh much!

Han Zhan stood up, adjusted the bow in his hand, and said, “It should be 140 pounds.” Soldiers who could draw 120 pounds of bow and arrow were considered elite soldiers. And soldiers who could draw 140 pounds of bow and arrow were big shots who were qualified to accompany the Son of Heaven in hunting.

Han Zhan was very strong. Holding the bow, he also felt that it was a little heavy. “It’s quite heavy, but not to the extent that I can’t lift it.” He naively thought that the bow was very heavy and even used all his strength. In the end, he even fell down.

Zhou Wu didn’t say anything. He just looked at Han Zhan with a strange gaze. His fingers trembled slightly. “You…” Seeing Han Zhan put the Sun Chasing Arrow back to its original position, Zhou Wu took a shallow breath and said,” I’m the one who’s weak. ”

Han Zhan patted Zhou Wu’s shoulder and said, “When people get old, they become like this.” He was in his prime and was different.

Zhou Wu didn’t know what he was thinking. He wasn’t angry at Han Zhan’s teasing. He just said absent-mindedly, “I haven’t finished planting the herbs. I’ll get going first. Mr. Han, please excuse me.”

Zhou Wu walked quickly towards the parking area of the cable car behind the building. When he reached the roof of the building, he couldn’t help but look back at Han Zhan.

There was something that he didn’t tell Han Zhan. It was said that after the Sun Chasing Arrow sealed its spiritual consciousness, it could only be shaken by its owner.

The Sun Chasing Arrow only had two masters in its entire life. Its true master was the Taiping Emperor Dugu Jie of the Luo Dynasty! Dugu Jie had given the Sun Chasing Arrow to Nangong Xian years ago. The Sun Chasing Arrow had accompanied Nangong Xian through many battles before finally acknowledging her as its master.

Of course, these were only legends. After all, whether or not the Chasing Sun Arrows had spiritual awareness was a mystery.

Zhou Wu shook his head and thought to himself that he was letting his imagination run wild. Perhaps he and the Mo family were too weak and could not move the heavy Chasing Sun Arrows.

Zhou Wu went to the medicine field and met Song Fei on the way.

Zhou Wu called out to her. “Song…” Noticing that Mo Fengying was standing not far behind Song Fei, Zhou Wu quickly changed his words and said,” Song Ci, what are you going to do? ”

Song Fei was carrying a pot of cherries that Han Zhan had brought over. She said, “I’ll send some cherries to Madam Mo.”

Zhou Wu walked over quickly, grabbed a handful of cherries from the basin, and slipped away feeling guilty.

Song Fei didn’t calculate it with Zhou Wu. She walked towards Mo Fengying with the fruit platter and asked, “Where’s your mother?”

Mo Fengying said, “Mother isn’t feeling well and is resting.”

“What happened to Madam Mo?”

Mo Fengying shook her head. “She said she was dizzy.”

Song Fei had already put the antidote to the virus in Madam Mo’s daily tea. Clearly, Madam Mo’s headache had nothing to do with the virus.

“Can I go and see her?” Song Fei imitated Song Ci’s smile and said to Mo Fengying, “Han Zhan brought these cherries over. We have to eat it as soon as possible, or it’ll spoil.”

It was rare to see cherries in this season, and they were considered rare items. Mo Fengying looked back at her mother’s bedroom upstairs, thought for a while, and said, “I’ll call her to ask.”

Mo Fengying called her mother right in front of Song Fei. After getting Mo Fengying’s confirmation, Mo Fengying then brought Song Fei to Madam Mo’s bedroom.

Madam Mo was lying on the bed, exhausted and pale. She did look sick.

Seeing Song Fei come over, Madam Mo slowly sat up and leaned against the headboard to talk to her.

“It’s not easy to get such fresh cherries in this season.” Madam Mo tasted a few cherries and noticed that Mo Fengying was still waiting in the room. She grabbed a bunch of cherries and gave them to Mo Fengying. “Fengying, I want to talk to Song Ci. Aren’t you going to learn from your grandfather this afternoon? Go quickly, don’t delay the important matters.”

Mo Fengying saw that Madam Mo was in better spirits and turned to leave with the cherries in her hand.

Song Fei stood by the window and looked downstairs. When sshe saw Mo Fengying riding her bicycle to Mo Zhangkuang’s house, she turned around and looked at Madam Mo.

Mo Yang put down the cherry in her hand, her face full of worry.

“Madam Mo, you look very unhappy. Is there something on your mind?” Song Fei actually knew very well what was troubling Mo Yang.

Madam Mo took out a photo from under her pillow.

]Song Fei glanced at the photo in her hand and saw a handsome young man.

Mrs. Mo murmured, “This is my eldest son…”

Song Fei nodded.

Madam Mo said sadly, “When I was still in confinement, I was forcefully brought back to the Mo family by Mo Suixin. I don’t even know what the child looks like…” She touched the child’s face in the photo through the cold plastic, as she really wanted to meet the child.

“Look, isn’t he very handsome?” Mo Yang passed the photo to Song Fei.

Song Fei took the photo and took a closer look. In the photo was a young man wearing a denim shirt. He had a slender figure and looked pretty and handsome. He was a school hunk.

“Not bad.” Song Fei returned the photo to Mo Yang and asked, “How old is this child?”

Mo Yang wiped away her tears before saying, “He’s 22 years old. I heard he’s very talented in painting. He opened an art exhibition at such a young age…”

“I really want to see him.” Mo Yang was a painting enthusiast herself. Knowing that her eldest son loved painting as much as she did, Mo Yang missed him even more.

Song Fei knew that Mo Yang wouldn’t be able to leave the Mo family. Mo Suixin loved and doted on her, but he wouldn’t let her leave the family.

He wanted to keep Mo Yang as his own canary in his cage.

Song Fei deliberately provoked Mo Yang. “You can go out and see him. It’s been so many years, Master Mo shouldn’t be so calculative.”

Song Fei’s words gave Mo Yang hope. “Really?”

Song Fei: “How would you know if you don’t try?”

Mo Yang nodded. “You’re right, I should talk to him.” All these years, I had been obediently staying in the Mo family, wanting to see my son shouldn’t be too much, right?

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