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Chapter 334: Han Zhan: Never Dare to Offend a Woman in this Lifetime

Han Zhan pressed Song Ci into his arms and said, “Take it off.” His voice suddenly became much lower and his hoarse voice made Song Ci tremble all over.

Song Ci and Han Zhan had been separated for two months. She stayed in the pharmacy every day like a pool of calm spring water. When Han Zhan spoke, there was wind and the spring water rippled.

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan meaningfully and said, “Old hooligan!”

But she happened to be a little gangster.

The little hooligan sat up from Han Zhan’s arms and gently helped Han Zhan take off his clothes and pants. In the past, Song Ci would definitely tease Han Zhan when she did such things, but today, she couldn’t bear to do it.

For the first time, she didn’t pay attention to Han Zhan’s muscular body. All her attention was on Han Zhan’s wound.

Although Han Zhan had successfully protected his stomach with his bulletproof vest during the mission to Country D, his left arm and calf had been shot.

The gauze on the wound had long been removed, revealing two gunshot wounds. The wound had been stitched up with surgical needles, and it had already started to heal. However, it had not completely healed. The pinkish flesh formed a huge contrast with Han Zhan’s original skin color.

Song Ci thought of Han Zhan’s figure running in the rain of bullets, and her chest ached. She gently touched the wound on Han Zhan’s left arm and asked him, “Does it still hurt?”

Han Zhan: “It hurts.”

Hearing that, Song Ci’s heart ached even more.

However, Song Ci was satisfied that Han Zhan could come back alive. “Han Zhan, promise me that you won’t do such things again, okay?”

This time, he had successfully brought back his comrades, so Han Zhan had a clear conscience.

Hearing Song Ci’s request, Han Zhan held half of Song Ci’s right fingernail. He felt the coldness on Song Ci’s fingertips and couldn’t help but put her finger to his lips and kissed it.

“From now on, I will only be Zeus International’s boss, Song Ci’s husband, Miaomiao and Junjun’s father.” He didn’t care about anything else.

He was a human, not a god. With a family, Han Zhan cherished his life too. He only wanted to spend his days with his wife and children.

Hearing this, Song Ci was relieved.

Han Zhan suddenly cried out in pain. “My wound hurts so much. Blow it and it won’t hurt anymore.” He was already so old, but Han Zhan still acted coquettishly to Song Ci.

Miao Miao and Jun Jun were always acting coquettishly to Song Ci. Han Zhan was also Song Ci’s Baby Zhan, so it was not overboard to act coquettishly.

Song Ci laughed at him. “You’re not a three-year-old baby anymore. Why do you still want a blow?” Song Ci said that she despised Han Zhan very much, but she still lowered her head and gently blew on Han Zhan’s wound.

When she lowered her head, her hair fell on Han Zhan’s chest and it felt a little itchy.

It was not just his skin that was itchy, but also his heart.

Han Zhan suddenly pinched Song Ci’s arm and hinted to her. “If you’re blown away, let’s do something else.” Blowing was meaningless, biting was more interesting.

Song Ci said subconsciously, “I didn’t prepare anything.”

Han Zhan never let Song Ci down. He reached for the wallet on the bedside table and opened it. Under Song Ci’s dumbfounded gaze, he took out two little things from the wallet.

“I’ve got everything.”

Song Ci was speechless.

“Old bastard!”

Song Ci cursed, but she still reached out to take the thing in Han Zhan’s hand and went to work.

As Han Zhan’s body had not fully recovered, there were many positions that could not be put into practice. After tasting some meat, the two of them hugged and slept.

The next morning, Song Ci asked Han Zhan why he suddenly came to the Mo Family.

Han Zhan said, “I’m here to give the Mo family some warmth.”

Song Ci asked, “What warmth?” She didn’t believe that Han Zhan would be so kind.

Han Zhan: “Whatever the Mo family needs, I will give it to them.” Before dying, it was humanitarian to give a criminal a full meal.

Song Ci suddenly felt that Han Zhan was too evil.

In the morning, Song Ci stayed at the pharmacy. At noon, the manager, Mo Suiyun, came to ask her to go for lunch. The richest man, Han Zhan, came and gave the Mo family many good things for free, so the Mo family wanted to thank Han Zhan and specially prepared a banquet for him.

Song Ci followed Mo Suiyun to the banquet hall. On the way, she asked Mo Suiyun, “What did Han Zhan give us?” When Song Ci called him ‘we’, Mo Suiyun laughed.

“Replying to Young Master, Mr. Han sent us two helicopters. In the future, when we go out to treat patients, we won’t have to travel so much anymore.”

Song Ci’s heart ached.

Two helicopters, so much money!

It’s more than enough to buy gemstones for me, toys for the children and meat for Han Zhan.

Song Ci arrived at the dining room and saw Han Zhan as well as Song Fei, who was sitting with Han Zhan.

Although Song Ci and Song Fei looked similar, one was born with a smile, while the other had a cold face. Song Fei had to act as Song Ci and couldn’t fall behind. She would smile at everyone she met, and her smile was so cold that her face froze.

When she saw Song Ci, Song Fei looked at her with resentment.

Song Ci held back her laughter and sat down beside Song Fei. Once she sat down, Song Ci heard Song Fei say, “Hurry up and finish this. Let’s change back.”

Song Fei smiled at everyone she met, and she was about to have cramps.

She didn’t know why Song Ci liked to smile so much.

Song Ci said with a stiff face, “You should be satisfied that I lent Han Zhan to you for a show. You should know that I never lend men and bra to outsiders.”

“Get lost. Your Han Zhan is too serious. He’s not cute at all.” Yan Jiang was still the cutest, he let me touch and pinch him whenever I wanted. He’s very fun.

The two sisters whispered to each other. Han Zhan couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

But it was the beginning of spring, and the Chun Tree had just sprouted.

The Mo family had planted many Chun Trees. Seeing that Han Zhan, a tycoon from a big city, had come, they thought that he might not eat much of the food in the mountains. The chef of the Mo family specially went to get some Chun Chun dishes and made a plate of Chun Chun Ye scrambled eggs. He also used coriander, fish grass, and dried red chili pepper to make a bowl of salad.

Those who liked these two dishes loved them to death, and those who didn’t loved them to death.

Just like Song Ci, Song Fei didn’t like to eat coriander. Song Fei, on the other hand, was a little picky. Not only did she not like coriander, but she also didn’t like to eat chun vegetables.

Han Zhan suddenly picked up a pair of chopsticks and picked up some coriander. He placed them into Song Fei’s bowl and said gently, “Song Ci, try this. It’s especially delicious.”

When Mo Suixin saw this scene, he said with a smile, “Mr. Han, you really have good taste. The dish that you just picked up is a famous dish from our side. In the past, our days were tough. With just this dish, we can eat two bowls of rice!”

“Madam Han.” Mo Suixin said to Song Fei expectantly, “Madam Han, try it and see how it tastes.”

Song Fei stared at the coriander in the bowl. Under the table, she suddenly lifted her shoe and stepped hard on Han Zhan’s feet.

Song Fei was wearing sneakers, and that step didn’t have the power of high heels. Han Zhan didn’t even frown.

“Song Ci, try it. If you like it, we can bring some back when we go back.” Han Zhan acted like he doted on his wife very much.

When Song Fei saw that Mo Suixin and Madam Mo were both looking at him expectantly, she could only pick up her chopsticks and eat the coriander expressionlessly.

Song Fei bit onto the Chameleon Plant.

She originally thought that coriander was the most disgusting vegetable in the world, but the Chameleon Plant refreshed Song Fei’s senses once again.

Song Fei’s mouth was filled with the fishy smell of fishy herbs, and she almost vomited.

Song Fei closed his eyes and swallowed the mouthful of coriander and Chameleon Plant before quickly taking a sip of water.

Madam Mo was amused by Song Fei’s expression. “Isn’t the taste weird? Is it more unacceptable?”

Song Fei was afraid that Han Zhan would continue to trick her, so she quickly nodded and answered honestly, “I’m not used to this dish. It has a strong fishy smell.”

“Otherwise, why would it be called Chameleon Plant?” Han Zhan tsked and picked up another piece of stir-fried egg with Chunchi and placed it in Song Fei’s bowl.

]”Chef said that this is a dish he just picked from a tree. It’s especially fresh. Song Ci, didn’t you say last time that you wanted to try the most authentic dish, Chun Ci? Come, try it.”

This time, Han Zhan didn’t force Song Fei to eat the tofu pudding. He quickly picked up some fresh bamboo shoots with the chopsticks.

He put the spring bamboo shoots into Song Ci’s bowl and said to her, “Sister Fei, I heard from Song Ci that you like stir-fried bamboo shoots with cured meat. Come, try it.”

Stir-fried bamboo shoots with cured meat was a dish that Song Ci especially liked to eat. She looked at the bamboo shoots in her bowl, then looked at the tofu pudding in Song Fei’s bowl, and she instantly wanted to laugh.

But she didn’t dare.

Song Ci sat beside Song Fei and could feel the suppressed anger in his body. Song Ci felt that something was wrong. She kept feeling that Han Zhan was going to get his retribution.

One was her sister, while the other was her husband. She could not afford to offend either of them, so she would not help either of them. She would only lower her head and eat her own food.

After dinner, Song Ci used the excuse of wanting to make medicine to slip away early.

If she continued to stay, Song Fei would definitely find an excuse to take her away and teach her a lesson.

After Song Ci left, Mo Suixin took Han Zhan to visit the Mo Family. He took Han Zhan to visit the medicinal field, to visit the pharmaceutical workshop, and to Shen Si Restaurant to introduce Mo Liansheng’s ancestor’s life history to him.

After coming out of the Hall of Thoughts, Han Zhan specially glanced at the Chasing Sun Arrow.

Han Zhan looked down at Mo Suixin and said, “My wife told me about this bow over the phone. Is this the Sun Chasing Arrow?”

Mo Suixin smiled. “Yes!”

Mo Suixin saw that Han Zhan was very interested in the bow, so he invited him to the high platform and took a closer look. “Mr. Han, follow me.”

Han Zhan followed Mo Suixin onto the stone platform.

Under the spring sun, the Sun Chasing Arrow’s entire body was red like fresh blood. It looked demonic.

When Han Zhan was looking up Nangong Xian’s documents, he had seen pictures of the Sun Chasing Arrow drawn by experts in the documents. Although the Sun Chasing Arrow in the documents was imposing, it looked even more sinister and beautiful. It was obvious that it was a woman’s weapon.

However, the real Chasing Sun Arrow was only a simple bow and arrow. It was so simple that there were no decorations on it. There was only the name Nangong Xian.

Looking at this bow up close, Han Zhan suddenly felt a trace of pain in his heart.

He asked Mo Suixin, “Can I touch this arrow?”

“Of course.”

Over the years, countless people had touched this sword.

This sword looked sinister, but it was actually not evil. Touching it was not an issue.

After receiving the Mo Family’s permission, Han Zhan stared at the bow for a while more before raising his broken right hand and gently pressing his thumb on the words’ Nangong Xian ‘.

]As soon as he came into contact with the Sun Chasing Arrow, Han Zhan’s heart throbbed in pain.

He frowned and pulled his hand back.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Xin was shocked.

Han Zhan didn’t show any abnormality. He said, “This touch is actually so smooth. This doesn’t look like an ancient weapon at all. There aren’t any old traces at all.”

Mo Suixin nodded and said, “This bow has been exposed to the elements for six hundred years and has always been brand new and shiny. It’s also quite amazing.”

Han Zhan extended his hand toward the Chasing Sun Arrow again.

This time, his heart was still throbbing painfully. However, Han Zhan had experienced more painful experiences in his life, so he appeared very calm.

Han Zhan repeatedly touched the words “Nangong Xian” and felt an unclear sadness in his heart. He felt like crying and did not even realize that he was crying.

“Mr. Han, why are you crying?” Mo Suixin noticed Han Zhan’s tears and was shocked.

Han Zhan came back to his senses and was surprised.

I’m crying?

Han Zhan touched his eyes. He really felt something wet.

Han Zhan felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t show it.

He said, “Thinking of the story between General Nangong Xian and Old Ancestor Mo, I feel sorry for them.”

Mo Suixin’s expression was somewhat awkward. He dryly said, “Mr. Han’s feelings are quite delicate.” He was already an old man in his thirties or forties, yet he still shed tears so easily. It feels quite… strange.

Han Zhan felt awkward too. “My tear ducts are more developed and I cry easily.”

Mo Suixin expressed his understanding and changed the topic, saying, “Since Mr. Han is injured and still needs to rest for a period of time, why not stay in the valley for a period of time?”

This was what Han Zhan was waiting for. “Sorry to disturb you then.”

“What are you talking about? It’s the Mo Clan’s honor to be able to receive an honored guest like Mr. Han. I hope Mr. Han won’t mind.”

“How can that be?”

As the head of the Mo Family, Mo Suixin had no time to accompany Han Zhan.

After leaving the building, Mo Suixin was called away by someone. Han Zhan was accompanied by Mo Suiyun back to the dormitory. When they reached the ground floor, Han Zhan felt a little uncomfortable in his stomach.

This feeling…

Could it be that I ate something bad in the afternoon?

Han Zhan’s legs weren’t nimble, but his stomach wasn’t feeling well, so he could only rush to the toilet.

Mo Suiyun watched as Han Zhan quickly returned to his room and went straight to the toilet.

He was stunned and realized that Han Zhan was in a hurry to go to the toilet. He touched his nose awkwardly and left.

Han Zhan had been squatting in the toilet for five minutes before he felt comfortable. He returned to the bed and lay down again, thinking that he could sleep for a while. In the end, his stomach started to rumble again!

For the next two hours, Han Zhan kept running back and forth between the bed and the toilet.

At night, Song Ci went to the cafeteria for dinner. When she returned to the dormitory building, she found Han Zhan lying on the bed. His face was weak, like a balloon that had been deflated.

He looked soft and pitiful, as if he had been ravaged.

Song Ci was shocked and thought that Han Zhan was seriously ill. “Han Zhan, what’s wrong with you?” She noticed that Han Zhan’s lips were dry and quickly checked his pulse.

Song Ci didn’t know how to check pulses before, but after learning from the big shots of the Mo family for a period of time, Song Ci also knew how to check pulses.

Han Zhan’s pulse was obviously…

“You have diarrhea?” What did he eat to cause such a serious diarrhea?

At this moment, Han Zhan had already figured out the reason for his diarrhea. How was it because I had eaten something bad? I had been tricked!

Han Zhan was extremely weak, and his voice sounded especially dry. He said, “Baby Ci, Song Fei tricked me.” Han Zhan was like a child complaining. “Baby Ci, you have to talk about Song Fei properly. That woman is vicious. I haven’t stopped for more than two hours.”

Song Ci didn’t really feel sorry for Han Zhan, as Han Zhan provoked Song Fei first.

Han Zhan deserved to be punished.

Song Ci comforted Han Zhan. “Aren’t you better now? You messed with Song Fei first. You’re in the wrong, I won’t be able to get justice even if I look for her.”

Han Zhan was miserable. He said, “I’m not better. I’m just empty…”

In the past, Han Zhan had always heard people mention the word “vicious”. Now, he truly understood how vicious “vicious” was.

He stared blankly at the ceiling, filled with regret. “I won’t bully Song Fei anymore…”

Song Ci felt that Han Zhan was too pitiful. In the end, she braced herself and went to look for Song Fei.

Song Fei closed the door and was doing something in the room.

Song Ci knocked on the door three times.

After a while, Song Fei came over to open the door. She was wearing pajamas and had a pair of earphones around her neck, leaning against the door frame.

Song Fei looked at Song Ci expressionlessly outside the door and sneered at her. “You want the antidote for your man? Song Ci, good job. Your man bullied me first. It’s fine if you don’t help me, but you still have the face to settle scores with me?”

My sister is an ingrate. There was no need to raise her anymore. It was more interesting to raise a little puppy. The little puppy could even accompany me to eat and sleep.

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