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Chapter 333: Han Zhan Came to the Mo Family to be A Hooligan

Song Ci touched Nangong Yingying’s arm again and realized that there was a tube on it.

The end of the tube was blocked. As long as she opened this tube, the air would flow and Nangong Yingying’s blood would flow out.

He was treating Nangong Yingying like a blood reservoir!

Seeing this scene, Song Ci suddenly closed her eyes, her heart filled with rage.

Damn the Mo Family! (italics)

At this moment, Mo Kuang suddenly smelled an unfamiliar medicinal fragrance. He said in a bewildered voice, “Hmm?”

Mo Zhangkuang sniffed the air, wanting to distinguish it carefully.

At this moment, Nangong Yingying noticed Mo Zhangkuang’s actions and suddenly grabbed Song Ci’s arm.

Song Ci finally snapped out of her trance from the pain. Realizing that she was too agitated and that the medicinal fragrance might spread through her sweat glands, she hurriedly took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Song Ci stood up and said to Mo Zhangkuang, “Teacher, I can smell the medicinal fragrance on Granny Yao’s body. It’s so rich and pure. Is this the fragrance of a medicine man?”

Mo Zhangkuang stared at Granny Yao and said thoughtfully, “You smelled it just now?”

Song Ci said, “Mmm, it’s faint at one moment and thick at the other. It smells especially good.”

Song Ci’s words dispelled Mo Zhangkuang’s suspicions. Perhaps that faint medicinal fragrance was also emitted by Granny Yao.

This was the only way. (italics)

Apart from me, there was only “Song Fei” left. Could she be a medicine person? (italics)

That was impossible. After interacting with my little disciple for so long, I had never smelled the scent of a medicine man on my little disciple. (italics)

“Mmm, all medicine men are like this. Only people who are sensitive to the scent of herbs can smell the fragrance of herbs on them. Ordinary people can’t smell it.”

Song Ci said, “I see.”

“Let’s go. I brought you here today because I want to tell you about the medicine man’s existence. Tomorrow, I will give you some of the medicine formulas of my Mo Clan. If you need the medicine man, you can come and get the medicine yourself.”

Mo Zhangkuang trusted “Song Fei” very much. After all, she had already become the young master of the Mo Family and the next family head.

Although the Mo Family lived in the depths of this Old Mountain, they had accumulated a lot of wealth over the past few hundred years. Meanwhile, the Mo Family was also the most prestigious Traditional Chinese Medicine family in the country. Song Fei should be very grateful to be able to become the young master of the Mo Family.

How many people could coolly reject power, money, and status?

There was only one fool like Mo Qingkuang in this world. There couldn’t be another.

Mo Zhangkuang’s head hurt slightly, so he brought Song Ci away. Before leaving, Song Ci turned and exchanged glances with Nangong Yingying. Nangong Yingying looked at her granddaughter worriedly, feeling anxious for her.

Actually, Nangong Yingying had also smelled that medicinal fragrance just now. Thinking of how Mo Zhangkuang sniffed the air just now, Nangong Yingying knew that Mo Zhangkuang also smelled it.

Nangong Yingying was worried. How did my granddaughter become a medicine person? (italics)

As a medicine man, my granddaughter actually dared to acknowledge that bastard Mo Zhangkuang as her master. How could she be so bold? (italics)

After leaving the West Mountain, the sky was almost dark. Returning to the North Mountain, Mo Zhangkuang said, “Rest tonight. You don’t have to go to my place. Tomorrow morning, follow me to Shen Si Building to get the prescription.”

“Alright, Teacher.”

Song Ci returned to the dormitory and collapsed weakly on the bed. She felt like all her strength had been sucked out. Song Fei was not in the dormitory and she didn’t know what she was doing.

Song Fei only returned at 9.30pm.

As the weather warmed, Song Fei had already taken off her down jacket and sweater, only wearing a thin black jacket. After entering the room, she took off her baseball cap and said, “According to my observation today, the Mo Family’s virus has already started to act up.”

“Song Ci, we must resolve this matter within a month. If we delay the detoxification, we will implicate those kind-hearted people in the Mo Family.”

Song Ci sat up straight and said, “I saw Grandma today and saw the blood tube on her arm. I was so agitated that Mo Zhangkuang nearly noticed something amiss.”

Hearing this, Song Fei also became nervous. “Then how did you fool him?”

“It’s just acting.”

Song Ci crossed her legs and looked up at Song Fei. “Think of a way to get Madam Mo to settle the matter as soon as possible. After she destroys the prescription, I will take the opportunity to save Grandma.”


The next day, Song Ci followed Mo Kuang to get the prescription. The most precious prescription of the Mo Family was placed on the top floor of the building. Any prescription that required the medicine man was a secret prescription.

Mo Zhangkuang really planned to groom Song Ci as the future head of the Mo Family, so he brought her straight to the top floor.

One couldn’t enter the top floor casually. One needed to verify their identity. Although the Mo Family looked poor, the security on the top floor was the most advanced in the world. It had to be audited through sound, fingerprints, and facial features.

Mo Zhangkuang stood there, passed the facial recognition, and pressed the fingerprint on the sensor. After the fingerprint passed, he said, “Open the door.”

His voice also passed. The various mechanisms inside the door started operating and only opened after more than 10 seconds.

Seeing this complicated and strict way of opening the door, Song Ci gave up the idea of secretly barging into the top floor to destroy the prescription. It looked like she could only rely on Madam Mo.

Mo Zhangkuang brought Song Ci to the top floor. Every small compartment on the top floor was neatly filled with prescriptions. All the prescriptions were kept according to the pharmaceutical faculty.

Song Ci said, “These prescriptions can only be cleaned by professionals to maintain hygiene.” No outsiders were allowed to enter such a place.

Mo Zhangkuang said, “Of course, only the Madam of each family has the right to clean and tidy this house.”

Song Ci nodded. “It’s rather tough for Mrs. Mo then.”

“She’s only in charge of this. It’s not hard on her.”

Mo Zhangkuang retrieved several prescriptions. These were all from ancient pharmacies and the words on them were written in calligraphy. Mo Zhangkuang said to Song Ci, “Memorize these prescriptions. I still need to return them to their original positions.”

It was a rule not to bring the prescription out.

“Alright, Teacher.”

It was a few medical formula for treating infertility and paralysis. There was a prescription for infertility that required the blood of the medicine men.

Song Ci was born with a strong memory for Traditional Chinese Medicine. In less than three minutes, she memorized the prescriptions. After putting it back, Mo Zhangkuang brought Song Ci out of the building.

“I want you to make the pills according to the prescription within a week.” Mo Zhangkuang started to assign tasks to Song Ci.

Song Ci instinctively asked, “Don’t tell me I can only become the head of the Mo Family after I create all the prescriptions?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Mo Zhangkuang smiled in a rather good mood. He said, “The current head of the family, in other words, does as he pleases. He still hasn’t been able to make all those medicines. Our Mo Family has already developed for 600 years. Over the generations, there have been more than 60,000 sets of perfectly preserved pharmacies. How can we make all of them?”

“Even I have many prescriptions that I haven’t researched.”

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good. I thought I had to make all the prescriptions.”

“Child’s thoughts.”

“Alright, go ahead and make the medicine. You can ask me if you have any questions.”

“Alright, Teacher.”

Song Ci went to the pharmaceutical lab and asked for all the herbs needed for the prescription. She then started to concoct the medicine.

At night, Song Ci walked out of the pharmacy and heard the sound of a plane flying low overhead.

She was puzzled and thought to herself, Which big boss came to the Mo Family to ask for medicine again? (italics)

Song Ci looked up in the direction of the building and saw a luxurious private plane hovering over the square in front of it, preparing to land.

The Mo Family had a small parking lot and was built for free by the country. The reason was that there were always big shots coming to the Mo Family for treatment.

Song Ci returned to the dormitory building and was grabbed by Zhou Wu. “Why didn’t you fetch him?” Zhou Wu lowered his voice and spoke to her.

Song Ci was slightly stunned. She asked, “Who should I fetch?”

Zhou Wu said, “Your husband, isn’t your husband here?”

Song Ci was confused.

My husband? (italics)

Song Ci blinked and understood what Zhou Wu meant. She turned and ran towards the cable car.

By the time Song Ci boarded the cable car and arrived at Shen Si Building, Han Zhan had already alighted and was talking to the Mo Family Head.

It was early spring and March. Han Zhan was wearing an azure loose shirt, light grey casual pants, and a thin windbreaker.

He had been in Country D for more than a week and had gotten slightly tanned. After returning to the country, he had recuperated for a few days and had not returned in vain.

Han Zhan’s injuries recovered very quickly, but the gunshot wound on his calf was gaining weight. It hurt slightly when he walked and he felt uncomfortable standing for too long.

When Song Ci saw Han Zhan, he wasn’t standing very upright. His injured left leg was slightly lifted and he didn’t use much strength.

After Han Zhan and Mo Suixin finished talking, they looked up and saw his Song Ci.

Song Ci had just walked out of the pharmacy. She was wearing the Mo Family’s pitch-black school uniform. Her long hair was tied into a high ponytail and her face was clean. She didn’t put on makeup and was still as beautiful as ever.

Seeing that Song Ci had lost some weight and was still energetic, Han Zhan was relieved.

Han Zhan wanted to hug Song Ci, but Song Ci also wanted to rush over and hug Han Zhan. She had already taken two steps when she realized that her current identity was Song Fei!

Song Ci saw Song Fei behind Han Zhan and instantly snapped out of her trance.

Han Zhan shot Song Ci a comforting look before nodding at her. “Sister Fei, I heard that you got first place and was even accepted by Old Master as his last disciple. Congratulations on becoming the young master of the Mo Family!”

Han Zhan felt proud at the thought that his Baby Ci had defeated all the geniuses of the Mo Family.

Song Ci always had a smile on her face when she saw Han Zhan, but she was acting as Song Fei now. She could only purposely keep a straight face and walk up to Han Zhan with a cold expression. She said enigmatically, “I have no choice. I’m too smart.”

Han Zhan was already laughing crazily in his heart, but his handsome face was still tense.

“Mr. Han, it’s cold outside at night. Please follow me to the valley.”


Han Zhan brought Song Fei and Mo Suixin into the valley. Perhaps he had something to discuss, but Song Ci didn’t follow. She returned to her room alone, took a hot shower, and laid down to rest.

After seven to eight hours at the pharmacy, Song Ci was very tired and fell asleep not long after lying down.

After sleeping for some time, Song Ci’s face felt slightly itchy. She opened her eyes reluctantly and saw Han Zhan sitting by her bed, caressing her face.

Song Ci instinctively glanced behind Han Zhan but didn’t see Song Fei. She asked, “Where’s Song Fei?”

“I sent her away.”

“Where is she sleeping tonight?”

“She’s in my room now.” Han Zhan pulled Song Ci up and said, “Come, go to my room to sleep.”

In a daze, Han Zhan brought Song Ci to another room. Song Fei was sitting at the tea table in that room. Seeing Han Zhan bring Song Ci over, Song Fei got up and bid farewell.

A long separation was better than a newlywed marriage. This couple was definitely going to mess around tonight.

Song Fei returned to her room and closed the windows, afraid of hearing any ambiguous sounds.

After Han Zhan tucked Song Ci under the blanket, he also took off his clothes and laid down beside her.

He had showered on the plane and didn’t need to shower now.

Song Ci was already awake and dozing off. After being separated from Han Zhan for so long, she missed him very much. At the same time, she thought about Han Zhan’s injuries and didn’t want to sleep at all.

Song Ci sat up and fussed about looking at Han Zhan’s wound. Han Zhan said, “One is on your arm and the other on your calf. You either take off your clothes or roll up your sleeves and pants for me to see.”

Han Zhan’s expression was very serious, but his tone was very frivolous.

Song Ci said gently, “Hello, Meng Lang.”

Han Zhan said, “Speak human language.”

Song Ci said, “You’re being a hooligan!”

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