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Chapter 332: When the Grandmother and Grandchild Met Again, they Could Not Acknowledge Each Other

Mo Zhangkuang turned and pushed open the stone door behind him. Turning back, he saw Song Ci looking at the stone door in front of her in shock. He pretended to be mysterious and said, “The secret is behind the door.”

With that, Mo Zhangkuang led the way.

Song Ci hesitated slightly before following him.

Walking into the corridor again, it was brightly lit. This corridor could only accommodate two people. Song Ci was one step behind Mo Zhangkuang and followed him closely through the corridor.

Mo Zhangkuang pushed open the stone door at the end of the road and turned on the chandelier above him. At the same time, countless small lights lit up on the wall.

Song Ci only opened her eyes after adapting to the light. When she saw how strange the environment was, her face was instantly filled with shock. “Teacher, what is this place?”

“Look, what does this look like?” Mo Zhangkuang asked her calmly.

Song Ci said honestly, “Like a cage.”

Mo Zhangkuang chuckled softly and told Song Ci, “What you see is the place where my Mo Family detained the medicine man. 200 years ago, this place was filled with medicine men. Now, the medicine man is on the verge of extinction. There is only one medicine man left in this world.”

Song Ci was confused. She pretended to be confused and asked, “What is a medicine man?”

Mo Zhangkuang said, “They are born with medicinal fragrance. As they grow up, the medicinal fragrance on their bodies will be hidden. But when they are agitated, they will emit the medicinal fragrance again.”

“We call such a person medicine man. The body of a medicine man is very intriguing. Their blood can increase the effectiveness of all medicine. Their flesh can allow patients who have been ill for a long time to recover. Their hearts can even resuscitate a living dead!”

“Their entire bodies are treasures!”

After hearing Mo Zhangkuang’s words, Song Ci looked shocked.

Mo Zhangkuang sized up Song Ci’s reaction. Her reaction was within his expectations and was even calmer than what he expected.

Mo Zhangkuang knew that “Song Fei” could accept such a thing.

Song Ci slowly calmed down. She looked up at those cages and suddenly asked a question. “Teacher, is this medicine person a medicine or a person?”

Hearing this question, Mo Zhangkuang was momentarily dazed.

Instantly, Mo Kuang thought that time had traveled back to more than 60 years ago. That year, he was 16 years old, his elder brother was 18 years old, and Mo Xiaokuang was 19 years old.

That day, the head of the Mo Family, their father, brought the three of them to the back of the mountain. That was the first time Mo Zhangkuang saw the medicine man.

At that time, after knowing the existence of the medicine man, Mo Zhangkuang felt that it was very magical. In this room, Mo Zhangkuang saw the medicine man and felt very excited.

Meanwhile, Mo Xiaokuang was also slightly curious. He and Mo Xiaokuang sized up the medicine man, wanting to see how different this medicine man was from ordinary people.

As he was sizing her up, he heard his elder brother, Mo Qingkuang, ask softly, “Father, is this medicine person human or medicine?”

When his father heard this question, he looked at Mo Qingkuang in surprise and smiled. His father said, “It’s considered medicine.”

Mo Qingkuang stared at the two medicine men. He walked up and touched the medicine man’s wrist, as if checking his pulse.

Mo Qingkuang released the medicine man’s hand and squatted in front of him. Staring at his beautiful face, he said, “They are like us. They are in human form. They have hearts and can think. They know fear and pain.”

Mo Qingkuang turned and stared at his father with cold eyes. “They’re like that, yet you still told me that they are considered medicine?”

At that time, his father couldn’t quite maintain his composure. His face darkened as he scolded Mo Qingkuang. “You are still young and don’t know the importance of a medicine man. When you grow up, you won’t think so anymore.”

The first time Mo Qingkuang saw the medicine man, he felt disgusted by the actions of the Mo Clan. That conversation back then also became the prelude to Mo Qingkuang letting the medicine man go in the future.

After more than 60 years, hearing this similar question again, Mo Zhangkuang clenched his fists.

“Teacher? Is this question very difficult to answer?”

Mo Zhangkuang pulled back from his memories and turned to look at Song Ci.

Gazing at the young disciple’s clean and beautiful face, Mo Zhangkuang said, “They are humans.”

He could not deny that medicine men were not medicine, they were humans.

Hearing this answer, Song Ci was still rather surprised. She thought that Mo Zhangkuang would deny the fact that the medicine man was human.

Song Ci’s expression turned even colder and uglier. “Teacher, since they are human, you are committing a crime by doing this.”

Mo Zhangkuang was slightly agitated. He said angrily, “We are committing a crime, but we are also doing good for society! Do you know how many people who are useful to society have recovered their health after taking the medicine produced by our Mo Family?”

“But anyone’s life is their life. Teacher, this is unfair to them.”

Mo Zhangkuang said, “This is great love. Song Fei, as the young master of the Mo Family, you should understand and you must understand!”

Song Fei took a deep breath and remained silent.

If one’s medical skills were not good enough, they could only walk on the crooked path. This was not called great love, but no love!

“So that medicinal ingredient in the Rejuvenation Pill is not the heart of an animal, but the heart of a medicine man.” Song Ci looked slightly disgusted, as if she was about to vomit.

Mo Zhangkuang patted her back and said, “It’s good that you’re used to it.”

Song Ci remained silent.

Knowing that his little disciple was a cold person, Mo Zhangkuang didn’t argue with her. “Let me show you, the last medicine man in this world!”

With that, Mo Zhangkuang brought Song Ci to the stairs, went up to the second floor, walked through the usual corridor, and stopped at the door of a small cubicle on the left.

Nangong Yingying was already very old. As she lowered her head, Song Ci couldn’t see her face clearly. But Nangong Yingying’s figure was very stooped. Her feet were chained up and she was sitting on a stone platform dozing off.

“Yingying,” Mo Zhangkuang called out to her.

Song Ci was slightly shocked to hear Mo Zhangkuang addressing Nangong Yingying.

What is going on?

Nangong Yingying was old and listless. She had been dozing off most of the day. Hearing his voice, Nangong Yingying slowly looked up.

As she had been imprisoned in this cage her entire life, Nangong Yingying’s skin was pale to the point of being sickly, but her hair was jet-black. Her face was covered in wrinkles, and even her eyelids were drooping. When her two turbid brown eyes looked at people, it always made one panic.

A mocking smile instinctively appeared on Nangong Yingying’s face at the sight of Mo Zhangkuang. But her expression froze when she noticed a cold and arrogant young woman standing beside Nangong Yingying.


Nangong Yingying was shocked.

Why is this girl standing with Mo Zhangkuang?

Nangong Yingying pretended not to know Song Ci. She sneered and asked Mo Zhangkuang, “Is this your granddaughter?” Nangong Yingying had always known that Mo Zhangkuang had a granddaughter called Mo Fengying. The last time they met, Mo Fengying was only 12 years old.

As a result, Nangong Yingying thought that she was Mo Fengying, when she saw a young woman with Mo Zhangkuang.

Mo Zhangkuang shook his head. “This is my little disciple called Song Fei. Song Fei, come and take a closer look. This is the medicine man, Nangong Yingying. You can call her Granny Yao.”

Song Ci walked closer and looked at Nangong Yingying through the fence. Like a curious child, she asked Mo Zhangkuang, “Can I go in and see her?”

Mo Zhangkuang didn’t refuse and nodded.

The door of the cubicle was not locked. After all, Nangong Yingying’s legs were bound by metal chains. She would never be able to escape.

Song Ci entered the small house and squatted down in front of Nangong Yingying.

Only when she looked at Nangong Yingying’s face at such a close distance did Song Ci realize that her father’s eyes actually looked very much like her grandmother’s. They were both inner pupils and very beautiful hazel eyes.

Nangong Yingying looked at Song Fei greedily. This was probably the closest she would ever be to her family. She enjoyed every minute and second of it.

The grandmother and granddaughter duo couldn’t hug or speak of their feelings when they met. They just stared at each other quietly. Soon, Nangong Yingying’s eyes were filled with tears.

Song Ci wiped Nangong Yingying’s tears away and stroked her cheek in front of Mo Zhangkuang.

Mo Zhangkuang thought Song Ci was observing the difference between a medicine man and a normal person and was very happy to see this.

Song Ci gently cupped Nangong Yingying’s chin. With her back facing Mo Zhangkuang, she mouthed, “Grandma.”

Nangong Yingying saw Song Ci’s lips clearly. She pursed her lips and nearly cried. But Nangong Yingying was very good at holding back her tears.

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