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Chapter 326: Don’t Cry. Once You Cry, My Heart Messes Up

Mo Suixin frowned slightly and stared at the bag in Zhou Wu’s arms. He looked at the cable car behind the three of them and said in understanding, “You guys came from the West Mountain?”

The three of them didn’t answer.

Mo Suixin thought of the secret of the West Mountain and thought of the sneaky actions of these three people. He suspected them. He stared at the bag in Zhou Wu’s arms and asked, “What’s in your bag?”

Zhou Wu hurriedly shook his head. “N-Nothing, just some information books.”

Mo Suiyun understood Mo Suixin’s attitude and knew that he didn’t intend to let the three of them off. Mo Suiyun walked up to Zhou Wu and said coldly, “Show us the thing!”

Zhou Wu hugged his bag tightly and refused to let go.

The smile on Mo Suixin’s face also disappeared. He glanced at the Song sisters and asked them, “Song Fei, Song Ci, why are you guys going to the West Mountain?”

The real Song Fei didn’t speak. The fake Song Fei said, “I went there to shop and plucked some Spirit Enlightening Fruits.”

Mo Suixin was stunned. “Pluck the Spirit Enlightening Fruit?”

Zhou Wu also said, “The Spirit Enlightening Fruits of your Mo Family are very tasty, but your canteen doesn’t provide the Spirit Enlightening Fruits. We are greedy. Thinking that everyone is attending the family meeting tonight, we…”

Zhou Wu touched his nose and said, “Secretly took some.”

The trio’s performance looked normal, but Mo Suixin was worried that they might discover the secret of the medicine man. Mo Suixin coughed at Mo Suiyun and said, “Check.”

Mo Suiyun snatched the bag from Zhou Wu’s arms and opened it in front of Mo Suixin. He unzipped it and saw a bag of Spirit Enlightening Fruits.

He turned to look at the Family Head and said in a complicated tone, “Family Head, it’s really a Spirit Enlightening Fruit…”

Mo Suixin stared at those Spirit Enlightening Fruits and was silent for a moment before suddenly laughing out loud. “Hahaha!” Mo Suixin smiled and placed his hand on Song Ci’s shoulder. He said, “Song Fei, if you guys want to eat the Spirit Enlightening Fruits, just tell the manager. Is there a need to steal it?”

Song Ci said honestly, “Butler Mo said that the Spirit Enlightening Fruit is a specialty of the Mo Family. We thought that this thing was precious and didn’t dare to mention it. But recently, the stress of the exam has been great and I keep losing sleep. I didn’t sleep well last night and wanted to go to the West Mountain to see this Spirit Enlightening Fruit.”

“In the end, when we arrived at the West Mountain, we discovered that it was very big. We searched for a long time before finally finding the Spirit Enlightening Fruit in a small cove. Butler Mo also said that there weren’t many Spirit Enlightening Fruits, but I saw that the wall of that hill was filled with fruits.” With that, Song Ci even glanced at Butler Mo coldly, despising him for being petty.

Butler Mo was speechless.

Mo Suixin kept his smile and looked at Mo Suiyun reproachfully. “Stingy. Look at how you neglect our guest.”

Mo Suiyun listened with a smile on his face, but his heart skipped a beat.

Mo Suixin handed the bag in Mo Suiyun’s hand back to Friday. He said, “No one lives in the West Mountain. It’s our herb plantation. There are so many snakes and insects there. Even in winter, there will be venomous snakes lurking around. Don’t go to the West Mountain if you have nothing to do.”

The three of them hurriedly nodded to show that they remembered.

After fooling Mo Xin, the three of them returned to the dormitory. Their dormitory was in the same building but on different levels. Returning to the main hall of the dormitory, the three of them distributed the Spirit Enlightening Fruits and returned to their respective rooms.

The moment they entered the room, the sisters threw the Spirit Enlightening Fruit aside in disdain. Song Fei turned on her computer and was about to video call Yan Jiang when she received a notification.

“Eh?” Song Fei waved at Song Ci. “Song Ci, come and see.”

Song Ci walked up behind Song Fei and the two of them looked at the news on the computer. “Southern D Nation suddenly went into a riot and suffered countless casualties. Our country urgently organized an overseas…”

This news was very simple. Anyone who was sensitive to international situations knew that this matter had blown up.

Song Fei closed the news and logged into WeChat.

To her, these things were unrelated. One look and she would forget them very quickly. She said to Song Ci, who was standing behind her, “I want to video-call Yan Jiang.”

Song Ci said, “Your video.”

Song Fei saw that Song Ci was not conscious at all and told her, “We are going to be intimate in the video. Are you sure you want to watch?”

Song Ci’s jaw dropped. “Is video flirting so exciting?” She hurried to the side, picked up her jacket, put it on, found her cell phone, and went to the small field downstairs.

Song Ci squatted under the basketball hoop and video-called Han Zhan.

At this moment, Han Zhan’s manor welcomed a guest. Han Zhan called him Uncle Liu.

This Uncle Liu was once Han Aoyu’s subordinate.

The tea in front of Uncle Liu was steaming hot, indicating that he had just arrived not long ago. “Han Zhan, you have been discharged from the military for so many years, but your figure is still not bad. I don’t see you gaining weight.”

Han Zhan smiled and teased himself in a self-deprecating manner. “I’m already old. If I still look like that, my wife at home will despise me.”

Uncle Liu laughed out loud. “Oh you, I didn’t expect you to also be a wife slave after getting married.”

“Didn’t I learn this from you, Uncle Liu?”

Uncle Liu laughed again.

Han Zhan took a sip of hot tea and put down his teacup. “Uncle Liu, you are a busy person. Did something happen to you for you to suddenly come visit?”

Han Zhan took the initiative to expose this seemingly friendly stalemate. The smile on Uncle Liu’s face disappeared. He stared at the hot tea in his cup and said, “You should know about the sudden riot in Southern D Nation.”

Han Zhan nodded.

“It’s like this…” Uncle Liu suddenly hesitated and didn’t continue. His expression was very serious and solemn.” Song Lian is dead. ”

Han Zhan was shocked and felt terrible.

How did such a good Song Lian die?

“What does Uncle Liu want me to do?”

Uncle Liu looked at him deeply before saying, “Han Zhan, we need you…”

After sending Uncle Liu off, Han Zhan returned to the study alone. He sat in front of the computer and pondered for a long time before opening the document and typing an email to Li Li and Bei Zhan.

It was a dangerous trip and Han Zhan had to account for everything in the future.

Just as he sent the letter, Han Zhan’s cell phone rang. Hearing the video call, Han Zhan knew that his Baby Ci had called.

Han Zhan accepted the video and saw Song Ci squatting on a dark basketball court, her nose red from the cold.

“Han Zhan, are you working?” Song Ci’s voice was so cold that it was trembling.

Han Zhan smiled and shook his head. He asked her, “It’s so cold outside. Why didn’t you go in? Your nose is red from the cold. Be careful not to catch a cold.”

Song Ci pouted and said angrily, “Song Fei chased me out. She wanted to flirt with Yan Jiang via video call.”

Han Zhan said with certainty, “She lied to you.”

Song Ci also felt that Song Fei was lying to her, but she also had something to tell Han Zhan and didn’t want Song Fei to hear it. Song Ci said, “I miss you very much.”

Han Zhan wanted to reach out and touch Song Ci’s face, but he touched the smooth, cold screen of his cell phone. Han Zhan retracted his hand and said, “Baby Ci, I have something to tell you.”

“Mmm? What’s the matter?” Song Ci felt uneasy when she saw Han Zhan’s expression turn grave. Gradually, the smile on her face faded.

After pondering for a moment and organizing his words, Han Zhan said, “Tonight, my Uncle Liu found me and asked me to do something.”

Song Ci thought of the news article she had just seen on her computer and asked probingly, “Is it about that incident on the news?”

Han Zhan asked, “You know?”

Song Ci’s heart quivered and she felt slightly flustered. She vaguely guessed what Han Zhan was going to say next. She stood up, leaned against the basketball hoop, and said, “He sent you a mission?”

Han Zhan replied, “Mmm.”

Han Zhan suddenly opened the drawer under the computer table and opened a pack of cigarettes that were about to expire. Han Zhan took one and lit it. He took a big drag and puffed behind the computer table. “Song Ci, I have to go.”

Song Ci asked, “Can you come back?”

Han Zhan hesitated slightly before saying, “I promise you that I will never let go of any chance to return.”

Song Ci suddenly covered her mouth and nearly cried.

“Han Zhan, can you not go?” Song Ci knew that her request was too selfish, but she was not even 25 years old. She was just the mother of two daughters and Han Zhan’s wife. She didn’t have such a lofty spiritual pursuit. She just wanted her man to be safe and sound.

Hearing Song Ci cry, Han Zhan’s heart was in turmoil. His hand holding the cigarette was slightly unsteady. Sighing, Han Zhan looked at Song Ci helplessly and said pleadingly, “Don’t cry. My heart will be in turmoil if you cry.”

Song Ci couldn’t stop crying. It was like she was acting.

But Song Ci really didn’t act today. She was really scared and worried.

Han Zhan waited for Song Ci to calm down slightly before saying that he took out the photos from the past. His eyes reddened as he looked at his tanned, smiling teammates in the photos. “Song Ci, as my wife, of course you can ask me to stay. But as Han Aoyu’s grandson, I must go.”

Han Aoyu successfully implanted the word “country” in Han Zhan’s heart. When the country needed him, Han Zhan couldn’t refuse or refuse.

Through the cell phone, Song Ci looked at Han Zhan’s increasingly red eyes. She could understand Han Zhan’s feelings, but she still felt uneasy.

Song Ci kissed the stone necklace on her neck and said, “Han Zhan, I won’t stop your decision, but I want you to promise me that you must come back.”

Her eyes were red as she threatened Han Zhan. “If you don’t come back, I will find an even younger wolfhound to marry and let Han Miao and Han Jun call him father.”

Han Zhan smiled until his eyes were red. He scolded her. “You are so ruthless, little ingrate.”

Song Ci wiped her mucus with the back of her hand and said, “You haven’t realized how ruthless I am.”

Han Zhan explained his business and said to Song Ci, “Tell me about your progress in the Mo Family.”

he family meeting was not over yet and the lights of Shen Si Building were still on. Song Ci glanced at Shen Sirou and said in a low and serious voice, “I saw Grandma. She is still alive and locked up behind the West Mountain. It is impossible to secretly save her.”

Han Zhan spread his arms and placed them on the back of the chair behind him. He narrowed his eyes and asked, “How many medicine men are there in the Mo Family now?”

Song Ci said, “My grandmother should be the only one.” She only saw one and didn’t know if there were any medicine men imprisoned elsewhere.

If there was only one medicine man left, this was good news. This meant that the Mo Family was reaching the end of the road.

Han Zhan checked the logistics status of the package and said, “I’ve already sent Song Fei what she wanted and signed it. Someone will pass it to her.”

“What did Song Fei want?”

Han Zhan said, “Some listening devices.”

On the first day Song Ci and the rest entered the Mo Family, they were searched. The Mo Family was very strict in this aspect. In order to transport the surveillance equipment into the Mo Family, the Mo Family had to be the insider…

“Did Madam Mo bring it in for you?”


No one dared to believe that as the Madam of the Mo Family, Mo Yang would betray the Mo Family.

When Song Ci found out that Han Zhan had convinced Mo Yang to collaborate with him, she was also very shocked. Only yesterday, when she received Mrs. Mo’s macarons, did Song Ci finally believe that Mo Yang was really collaborating with Han Zhan.

“Han Zhan, what bargaining chip do you have to convince Madam Mo?”

Han Zhan teased Song Ci with a smile. “You are so smart. You will definitely guess it.”

Song Ci said without thinking, “It’s Mo Fengying.”

“You are indeed a smart Baby Ci.”

Song Ci couldn’t figure out how Han Zhan could save Mo Fengying. “Han Zhan, what conditions did you promise Mrs. Mo?”

How tempting would that be for Madam Mo to agree to collaborate with Han Zhan?

Han Zhan felt slightly guilty and remained silent for a moment.

Song Ci thought again and thought of something. Her expression changed suddenly. “Han Zhan, did you use my grandmother as a bet?”

Han Zhan remained silent.

Song Ci was enraged and her expression was very ugly. Her tone became stern. “Han Zhan, you can’t treat my grandmother like this. She is a human, not a bargaining chip! I thought that after the incident with Rain, you had learned to control yourself.”

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