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Chapter 327: Han Zhan’s Brilliant Moment

Han Zhan could feel Song Ci’s anger and hurriedly explained. “Your grandmother is very weak and should have passed away long ago. But the Mo Family has been giving your grandmother medicine to extend her life for the sake of the medicine man.”

“Song Ci, you don’t understand how painful your grandmother’s life is every day. She is like a volcano now. Her organs are in constant pain, like fire roasting her. And death is a form of release for your grandmother.”

“So I promised Madam Mo that after we destroy the Mo Family and your grandmother dies of old age, I am willing to give your grandmother’s heart to Mo Fengying.”

“I know you will think that I am very cruel, but Song Ci, you are still inexperienced and don’t understand human nature enough. But I do. Do you really think that just by simply exposing the Mo Family’s scandal to the world, the Mo Family will be brought to justice?”

Song Ci was appeased by Han Zhan’s question. She asked in confusion, “Won’t it?” If I exposed the Mo Family’s vicious side, wouldn’t I ruin their reputation?

“No.” Han Zhan’s expression was cold. He told Song Ci an even more terrifying truth. “After those with ulterior motives know of the existence of the medicine men, do you think they will capture the Mo Family in one fell swoop and destroy the embryonic medicine room that can nurture the medicine men? Or are they more willing to support the Mo Family so that they can continue to nurture new medicine men and use them to save more patients?”

Song Ci followed Han Zhan’s words and thought carefully. She was shocked to realize that the latter was more likely than the former!

Han Zhan’s analysis was right. If they knew of the existence of the medicine man, those selfish and heartless people would probably cultivate more medicine men for their use.

At that time, countless Nangong family people would appear!

Only by completely destroying the pregnancy stabilizing medicine that could nurture the medicine man, eliminating everyone who knew the prescription, and eliminating the possibility of the medicine man’s existence, could this matter be resolved!

Song Ci started sweating again. This time, she was not scared by the Mo Family, but by the disgusting ugliness of human nature.

“Song Ci, I need to collaborate with Madam Mo. She will help us destroy the prescription. Song Fei will kill all the Mo Family members who have the prescription. After Grandma passes away, I will give Grandma’s heart to Madam Mo like I promised.”

Taking a deep look at Song Ci, Han Zhan told her, “Only then will you be safe.” This was Han Zhan. For Song Ci, he would sacrifice the entire Mo Family.

Song Ci’s heart was in turmoil. She said, “When are you setting off for D Nation? Before you set off, let’s video-call. My heart is in a mess now and I don’t want to speak for the time being.”

Han Zhan could understand Song Ci’s feelings. He didn’t say anything else and hung up.

At this moment, the Mo Family’s family meeting had already ended and everyone started queuing up to board the cable car home. Song Ci hurriedly returned to the dormitory and saw that Song Fei had already washed up and was about to sleep. She said, “You and Yan Jiang are done?”

Song Fei said, “You’re so gullible.”

Song Ci didn’t argue with Song Fei. She was especially cold. She washed her face, took off her clothes, and burrowed into Song Fei’s arms. “Song Fei.”


Song Fei hugged her to warm her up faster.

Song Ci asked her in a muffled voice, “You already know Han Zhan’s plan, right?”

Song Fei was silent for a moment before nodding softly.

“Song Fei, will you really kill those people?”

Song Fei said, “No.”

Song Ci was about to heave a sigh of relief when she heard Song Fei say, “The virus will invade their brains and destroy their memories. They won’t die, but their memories and intelligence will be affected. At that time, they won’t remember anything related to the prescription.”

This outcome was slightly more merciful than killing Mo Xin and the rest, but it was still cruel. Song Ci thought of the Nangong Clan and Nangong Xian. She knew that Song Fei and the rest were right to do this.

]Song Ci buried her head in Song Fei’s chest. “I am slightly sad.”

Song Fei patted her back. “You are too soft-hearted.”

Song Ci remained silent.

After a while, Song Ci said, “Han Zhan is going on a mission. Song Fei, I am so worried about him.”

Song Fei asked her, “In your previous life, did Han Zhan experience these things?”

Song Ci said, “I don’t know…”

hinking of something, Song Ci’s eyes suddenly lit up. “It’s Han Zhan!”

Song Ci suddenly sat up and said, “In my previous life, when Han Zhan was staying in the convalescent hospital, I was invited to visit his dormitory. There were many trophies in his dormitory, including the prizes he won as an entrepreneur and the prizes he won when he participated in missions. At that time, he had introduced the origins of those awards to me. One of the awards was related to this matter!”

Thinking of this, Song Ci relaxed. But… Song Ci hurriedly picked up the phone and called Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was surprised that Song Ci had thought things through so quickly. He picked up the call and felt slightly uneasy. “Have you vented your anger? Or are you even angrier?” He had to figure out the situation in advance so that he could resolve the crisis.

But Song Ci said, “Do you believe me when I say that you will come back alive this time?”

Han Zhan was stunned for a moment, before laughing softly. “In my previous life, I also participated in this rescue mission?”


He leaned back in his chair and asked leisurely, “Am I injured then?”

“You were injured, but you nearly lose your assets as a man.”

Han Zhan felt a chill down his spine.

“Pfft!” Song Ci laughed.

Only then did Han Zhan understand that Song Ci was teasing him. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Song Ci, you are too evil. Is it very interesting to tease me?”

Song Ci said, “I think it’s interesting to see you smile.”

She just wanted to see him smile.

Han Zhan pressed his left index finger gently on his temple. He couldn’t help asking, “Then what exactly happened to me?”

Song Ci said, “You were shot a few times and one of them hurt your stomach. You cut off half of your stomach and can only eat digestible food for the rest of your life. I ate spicy bar in front of you once and you smelled it. You were salivating…”

It was true that he had cut off half of her stomach, but Song Ci had made up the the fact that he drolled at spicy bars.

Han Zhan nodded seriously and said, “Alright, I understand. I will take good care of my stomach. When I come back in the future, I will continue to eat and drink with you.”

Song Ci said, “Then I will have ice cream every day in the summer.”

Han Zhan said, “Dream on.”

The two of them chatted for a while more before hanging up. The next day, Han Zhan turned off his cell phone and Song Ci never called again. Song Ci realized that Han Zhan had turned off his cell phone and felt slightly disappointed. Her heart clenched tightly.

Song Ci chose to believe in Han Zhan’s capabilities and placed her focus on the second exam of the Mo Family.

Everyone had already guessed the contents of this exam. These few days, they had been doing boring smelling medicine to differentiate the ingredients. The contents of the exam were most likely the same.

Song Ci didn’t know her own capabilities or the standards of the geniuses of the Mo Family. She was afraid of being eliminated and had to stay behind to try her best to get into the top three. She wanted to stay in the Mo Family for a longer period of time so that she could wait for the right opportunity to rescue her grandmother.

As a result, Song Ci had to do her best.

Song Ci locked herself in the pharmacy everyday and let Song Fei train with her. Every time Song Fei picked out a medicinal ingredient, Song Ci would answer within 10 seconds. If the answer was right, Song Fei would stroke her head. If she was wrong, Song Fei would hit the back of her hand.

Like children playing a game, the sisters accompanied and encouraged each other in this way.

In a flash, it was the day of the exam.

Before entering the examination hall, Zhou Wu said, “I will try my best to stay.” There were still 40 candidates, and 25 would be eliminated in this afternoon’s examination.

If Zhou Wu wanted to stay, he could only work hard to get into the top 15. Song Ci gave Zhou Wu an encouraging look. “You can do it, Uncle Zhou.”

Zhou Wu Song Ci and Song Ci entered the examination hall on the second floor of the building. The other thirty-odd candidates had already arrived and sat down at their seats.

This time, everyone was taking the exam together. There was a distance of three meters between the table and the table. No one could think of copying anyone’s answer. As geniuses, Song Ci and Mo Fengying were directly placed on both sides of the examination hall.

After Song Ci sat down, she opened the medicine box on the table and saw that it contained five types of medicine. There were circular pills and small oval pills.

The smell of that small pill was very faint. It must be the difficult part of today’s exam.

After Song Ci sat down, she picked up the first pill, touched it, placed it in front of her nose, and sniffed. The smell was very complicated. There were about seven to eight types, some of which were rather precious herbs.

Song Ci thought for a moment and wrote down two answers on the paper. She sniffed seriously for a moment before cutting off one of the answers and leaving behind the correct answer.

It was easy to differentiate the other three, but the last small oval pill stumped Song Ci. Not only was the medicinal ingredient very faint, it also had a faint fishy smell.

What kind of stench is this?

Song Ci’s inspiration suddenly turned cold. Her hand that was holding the medicine was trembling slightly. Song Ci took a deep breath before answering.

Main ingredients: bullhorn cheeks, supplementary ingredients: chicken crown flower, leftover charcoal, human blood.

Song Ci and Mo Fengying raised their hands almost at the same time. Realizing that the other party had both raised their hands, the two of them exchanged glances and quickly put down their hands to do their own things.

After the exam ended, Song Ci was in no hurry to leave. She stayed behind.

The invigilators saw that Song Ci didn’t leave and asked her with a smile, “Song Fei, why are you still here?”

Song Ci held the small oval pill in her hand. She walked up to the invigilator table and looked up at the few respected gentlemen. She couldn’t help frowning. “Gentlemen, I have a question. I wonder if you can answer it for me.”

“Tell me.” They stared at the herbs in Song Ci’s hand and roughly guessed what this child was thinking.

Song Ci said, “This pill…” She raised the pill and looked puzzled. She said,” This is obviously a pill, but I smell blood in this pill. It’s not animal blood but human blood. ”

“Let me ask you gentlemen now. Did I make a wrong judgment, or is there human blood in this medicine?”

The invigilators exchanged glances. In the end, the oldest-looking old man spoke up. “Student Song Fei is indeed a genius. I saw the answers of your 40 candidates just now. Only your and Mo Fengying’s answer cards are correct.”

“You didn’t judge wrongly. There is indeed blood in this medicine.”

Song Ci’s expression changed slightly. She said angrily, “Since when can human blood be used as medicinal herbs? This is against morality!”

“Song Fei, this is a very rare situation. But in certain medicines, adding a small amount of human blood can indeed increase the effectiveness of the medicine. This was discovered by our Mo Family after hundreds of years of research.”

“If adding a small amount of blood can increase the efficacy and benefit more patients, why not?”

This old man spoke very slowly and sounded very comforting. Song Ci stared at him for a long while before suddenly saying, “You are the old family head?”

Mo Zhangkuang was stunned.

Following that, he chuckled rather happily. “How did you recognize me?”

Song Ci said, “A feeling.”

Mo Zhangkuang had just said that among the 40 candidates, only she and Mo Fengying had answered this last question correctly. This also revealed a piece of information. In this Mo Family, there were a lot of people who actually didn’t know of the existence of the medicine man, so they couldn’t guess where the stench of the medicine came from.

It looked like Mo Zhangkuang and the rest also knew very well that using medicine men to increase the purity of the medicine was a shady thing.

Song Ci gave Mo Zhangkuang a meaningful look. If she wanted to gain his trust and love, she could only agree with his actions!

Song Ci suddenly smiled again. She said in awe, “Old Master is right. Just extracting a little human blood won’t cause any harm to others, but it can save more lives. This is also another kind of great love.”

Hearing this, Mo Zhangkuang nodded repeatedly. He smiled at Song Ci and said, “You are very outstanding. I think very highly of you. Little kid, work hard to get into the top three!”

A hint of curiosity gradually appeared in Song Ci’s cold eyes. She boldly asked Mo Zhangkuang, “What are the rewards for entering the top three?”

Mo Zhangkuang said bluntly, “Is being my last disciple a reward?”

A hint of excitement surfaced on Song Ci’s face, but she concealed it again. This was exactly what she should do at her age. “I will work hard!” Song Ci kept the pill and bid farewell to the invigilators before leaving.

Staring at Song Ci’s departing figure, the rest asked insolently, “Old Master, are you really taking Song Fei as your disciple?”

“She is very outstanding and smart. She can understand our actions better. Such a person is most suitable to be a student of the Mo Family, right?”

The existence of the medicine man could only be told to those who approved of their way of doing things. Meanwhile, most of the children of the Mo Family were pure-hearted and couldn’t accept the existence of the medicine man. But Song Fei was different. Song Fei could understand and agree with their actions. She was the best successor!

Everyone exchanged glances and agreed with Mo Zhangkuang’s view.

After Song Ci returned to the dormitory, she sat at the table. Her heart was heavy and she didn’t want to speak.

Song Fei poured her a cup of tea and took the pill from her fingers. She sized up the pill and couldn’t tell what it was. Song Fei said, “What is this? Why do you keep holding it in a daze?”

Song Ci looked at that pill in disgust and felt disgusted. She said, “Inside that pill is the blood of the medicine man. This is the contents of today’s exam. I can smell human blood. I even saw Old Master Mo Zhangkuang today.”

“How is this Mo Zhangkuang?”

“He has a benevolent face.” What a beast-faced dog!

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