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Chapter 325: Reunion

Song Fei said, “There should be a light here.” She shone the torchlight on the stone wall and saw the switch. She walked up and turned it on.

The originally dark secret room instantly lit up. Song Ci and the rest used their arms to cover their eyes. Only when their eyes adjusted to the brightness did they look up.

Song Ci was stunned by the environment.

In front of her was a half-curved cage building. If someone looked inside from the outside, they might only see a house built against the mountain, but no one knew that inside that house was half a cage built against the wall!

The building was five stories tall and each level had six cubicles with a long corridor outside. There was only one window outside each cubicle and it was leaning against the corridor.

Presumably, those compartments were used to imprison the medicine man. A medicine man was imprisoned in one of those compartments. When the Mo Family was at its most famous, this place might be overcrowded with medicine men…

After Song Ci saw what was here, all the pores on her body stood up and her body temperature gradually turned cold. Song Fei and Zhou Wu also remained silent. They pursed their lips and frowned as they sized up the cage in front of them.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Wu growled. “Beast!”

Song Fei was a person with very few emotions, but at this moment, standing in this sinful place, Song Fei’s bones felt slightly cold.

She instinctively looked at Song Ci behind her and saw that her face was pale and she was trembling slightly. She hurriedly supported Song Ci. “Song Ci, don’t be afraid. Elder sister is here.”

Song Ci leaned into Song Fei’s arms and was about to cry. “How can they be like this…”

How can they!

Song Fei didn’t answer. She just squeezed Song Ci’s arm hard and used the pain to calm her down. After a moment, Song Ci gradually calmed down.

She pushed Song Fei aside and walked to the center of the hall. Song Ci looked up at the small cubicles above. She pondered for a moment before saying, “Junior Song Ci, I brought my sister Song Fei and my good friend, Zhou Wu, to ask if you’re well.”

After Song Ci said that, the sound of metal chains dragging sounded in the silent air. Song Ci and the rest looked up in the direction of the sound and looked at a small compartment on the second floor.

Behind the window of the small cubicle on the left side of the corridor on the second floor stood an elderly with fluffy hair.

The old lady was very old and her face was covered in wrinkles. She was sizing up Song Ci through the fence of the cubicle.

Upon seeing Song Ci and Song Fei’s beautiful looks, the old man’s aged eyes gradually flickered. “You guys are not from the Mo Family…” This time, the old woman’s voice sounded much more normal and didn’t have that uncomfortable feeling.

The lights in that small cubicle were very dim. Song Ci actually couldn’t see the old woman’s face clearly. She stared at that blurry figure and thought of the letter she saw in her grandfather’s hometown a few months ago.

Nangong Yingying must also be beautiful with such a moving name.

“We are not from the Mo Family. We are foreign students who came to the Mo Family to seek knowledge.”

Hearing this, the old lady chuckled and reprimanded Song Ci sternly. “Go back to where you came from. If the Mo Family discovers you, you will never be able to leave the Mo Family!”

The old woman’s words sounded sarcastic, but Song Ci could hear the old man’s concern for them. She had clearly experienced the most unimaginable sin in this world, but she still cared about the safety of others…

Song Ci’s heart ached.

Her lips quivered for a moment. After a moment of hesitation, she asked, “May I ask Senior, is your name Nangong Yingying?”

It had been too many years since she heard this name. Hesitation flashed across the old woman’s aged eyes. Then, she looked at the exquisite little girl in surprise.

“How do you know my name?” Nangong Yingying was puzzled.

Song Ci and Song Fei looked at each other with joy.

It was really Nangong Yingying!

Song Fei, who had been silent all this while, suddenly said, “Our grandfather used to be called Mo Qingkuang. Last year, when the sisters were paying respects to his elderly self in our hometown, we discovered a letter in his old house. We discovered that the owner of that letter was called Nangong Yingying. Senior, do you know our grandfather?”

Hearing this, the old woman was silent for nearly a minute before asking hesitantly, “When did your grandfather pass away?”

“He died in the early spring of 1980. Our father was only 15 years old when he died.”

Nangong Yingying remained silent.

In 1980, the two children’s father was already 15 years old, meaning that their father was born in 1965.

That year was also the time when Nangong Yingying became a mother.

Nangong Yingying looked at the faces of the two little girls below. She stared at them for a long time before asking, “Do you guys look like your father?” She was about to die, but had never seen how her child looked like when he grew up.

Tears streamed down Song Ci’s face. She shook her head. “We sisters look like our mother.”

Nangong Yingying’s eyes were filled with tears. I can’t even see my child’s face from these two children’s looks…

Nangong Yingying thought of Mo Qianbei again. He actually died early!

That man was born in the Mo Family and was a rare genius in the 600 years of the Mo Family. But he was also the only “traitor” of the Mo Family who objected to using medicine men to make drugs!

That man loved her without hesitation. He was the only ray of hope in her sad life.

Nangong Yingying asked the Song sisters, “Was your grandfather miserable when he died?” He must have been very miserable. As the pride of the Mo Family, he secretly released the last two medicine men of the Nangong Family.

After betraying the entire Mo Family, what kind of good ending could Mo Qingkuang have?

Song Ci couldn’t bear to tell Grandma the truth about Grandpa’s death. If Grandma knew that Grandpa was hanged from a tree and had his nose dug out, she would definitely be very upset.

But Song Fei’s thoughts were different from Song Ci’s. She felt that Nangong Yingying was not a fragile vase. Under the torture of the Mo Family, she could still persist until now. This meant that she had a determined heart.

Song Fei felt that she should tell Nangong Yingying the truth.

Song Ci was still hesitating when Song Fei said, “Grandpa was killed and hung on a big tree outside his house. When he died, his nose was dug out.”

Hearing this, Nangong Yingying collapsed weakly to the ground and finally shed bitter tears.

She scolded while crying. “Mo Zhangkuang! You will die a horrible death!”

Mo Zhanguang and Mo Qingkuang were biological brothers. They were both geniuses of the Mo Family, but Mo Qingkuang was born with a sharp sense of smell and an outstanding memory. He only needed to sniff gently to replicate any medicine.

Mo Zhangkuang had been jealous of his elder brother’s capabilities from a young age. After his elder brother betrayed the entire Mo Family, he hated his elder brother and would naturally chase him to the ends of the earth!

The moment she heard that Mo Qingkuang had lost his nose when he died, Nangong Yingying knew that the real culprit behind this was definitely Mo Zhangkuang.

Nangong Yingying sat on the ground and started sobbing. She hated herself for being unarmed and unable to kill Mo Zhangkuang to avenge him.

Being imprisoned in this cage for the rest of her life, the only thing that supported Nangong Yingying’s persistence was to meet her husband and child. She had always hoped that Mo Qingkuang and her child could return to the Mo Family and meet her.

Although she knew that the chances were slim, Nangong Yingying still looked forward to it.

After knowing that her husband had passed away more than 40 years ago, Nangong Yingying’s heart was about to break. She wiped her tears and asked hoarsely, “How is your father?”

Song Ci and Song Fei remained silent. They couldn’t bear to tell Nangong Yingying about their father.

Nangong Yingying was smart and instantly understood the reason behind the two children’s silence. After suffering the double blow of her lover and child’s death, Nangong Yingying was still rather rational.

She clenched her fists and asked in a choked voice, “Why did your father die?”

Song Ci said, “10 years ago, an earthquake happened in Bijiang City. Both our parents died in the earthquake.”

Nangong Yingying was disappointed. “Is it a natural disaster?”


Nangong Yingying remained silent. Since it was a natural disaster, there was no one to hate. In the end, this old monster had the longest life in her family of three!

Song Fei asked Nangong Yingying, “Senior, you… What is your relationship with our grandfather?”

What is my relationship with Mo Qingkuang?

Nangong Yingying looked up at the blinding light in the sky, smiled, and said in an extremely gentle voice, “He betrayed the entire Mo Family for me and killed his father by mistake. We are husband and wife. Although we never had a glorious wedding, I am still his wife!”

Hearing this, Song Ci and Song Fei knelt down on the spot.


Hearing her granddaughters call her grandmother, Nangong Yingying’s muddy eyes were filled with tears again. Nangong Yingying looked up and sighed. “I didn’t expect to see my granddaughters in my life!”

At this moment, Zhou Wu suddenly said, “Should we leave?” If we stayed any longer, we might be discovered by the Mo Family.

Nangong Yingying suddenly snapped out of her sorrowful state and hurried them. “Quick! You must leave quickly. The infrared light will be turned on every 40 minutes. If you are discovered, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

This was also the reason why there were no guards guarding the back mountain.

Song Ci and Song Fei hurriedly stood up and said to Nangong Yingying, “Grandma, hold on for a while more. We will save you!”

Although Nangong Yingying agreed readily, she didn’t have much hope.

It was easier said than done to save her!

Under Nangong Yingying’s urging, Song Fei hurriedly turned off the lights and returned from the same route as Song Ci and Zhou Wu. Just as they closed the door, less than two minutes later, the infrared lights in the prison suddenly lit up and scanned every corridor and hall…

Nangong Yingying stared at the infrared lights and sneered.

Song Ci and the rest crossed the mountain and returned to the col. They stood in the col and remained silent.

Zhou Wu really wanted to smoke a cigarette, but the conditions didn’t allow it. He hugged his small backpack and took out a Spirit Enlightening Fruit. As he chewed, he said, “You guys are actually Mo Qingkuang’s granddaughter. I really didn’t expect…”

Hearing Zhou Wu’s words, he seemed to know about Mo Qingkuang. Song Ci asked him, “You know my grandfather?”

Zhou Wu nodded. “Ah, I know. When my father came to seek education, he was in the same batch as your grandfather and the rest. According to my father’s memory, Mo Qingkuang can be described as a ‘genius.’”

“To this day, my father still has a look of admiration when he mentions Mo Qingkuang. That year, the news of Mo Qingkuangbeing expelled from the Mo Family caused a stir in the entire Chinese medical world.” Zhou Wu took another bite of the Spirit Enlightening Fruit and sighed. “No wonder you are so awesome. So you are Mo Qingkuang’s granddaughter…”

Song Ci yearned for that era. She wanted to travel through time and return to see her grandfather’s valiant and heroic figure.

Zhou Wu thought of something and suddenly said, “Speaking of which, why did you call yourself Song Ci? Aren’t you Song Fei?” Zhou Wu’s gaze drifted back and forth between Song Ci and Song Fei. “What happened between the two of you?” Song Fei said, “It’s like what you saw. We switched identities. This is a long story. I will explain it in the future when I am free.”

Zhou Wu didn’t probe further. He said, “The elder sister is a virology specialist and the younger sister is a Traditional Chinese Medicine genius. What kind of gene does Mo Qingkuang have?”

Song Ci didn’t hear Zhou Wu continue muttering. She pointed at the fruit core in Zhou Wu’s hand and asked him, “Do you know why the Spirit Enlightening Fruit grows in this small col?”

Zhou Wu frowned. “Why?”

Song Fei said, “Because there are countless medicine men’s corpses buried in this small col.”

Zhou Wu suddenly felt that the Spirit Enlightening Fruit in his mouth was no longer sweet. He hurriedly threw it away and returned to the mountainside with Song Ci and her sister. They boarded the cable car and returned to the north mountain.

The three of them had just arrived at the north mountain and were walking down from the cable car when they suddenly heard a question. “Eh? Where did you guys come from?” Zhou Wu’s trio immediately stopped in their tracks and turned to look to the left. They saw that under the dim light, the in-charge, Mo Suiyun, and the family head, Mo Suixin, were standing together and looking at the three of them suspiciously.

Song Ci and Song Fei’s expressions changed slightly, but Zhou Wu panicked for a moment and quickly thought of a countermeasure. He instinctively hugged the bag in his arms tightly and stammered. “We… we didn’t steal anything. We really didn’t steal anything!”

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