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Chapter 321: Could Baby Ci be the Reincarnation of Nangong Xian?

The assessment sequence was randomized. After Song Ci, another three to four foreign students participated in the assessment, but the results were all very regretful.

Mo Fengying was fifth after Song Ci. She walked up and was blindfolded. Her expression didn’t change at all. She was obviously very confident in the exam.

The 20 sets of herbs were presented to Mo Fengying. Mo Fengying’s performance was the same as Song Ci’s. Without hesitation, she accurately named each set of herbs, as well as their growth and effects.

The assessment only ended at 10pm. Throughout the entire examination, only Song Ci and Mo Fengying managed to say the names of each medicinal herb. Some of them performed well and managed to say the names of 17 to 18 types of medicinal herbs.

The results would only be announced tomorrow morning. After the examination ended, all the examinees went downstairs. Many foreign students started sighing and saying goodbye to their companions whom they had interacted with for two to three days.

Song Ci stood at the back and watched them exchange name cards with smiles. She couldn’t help curling her lips as they agreed to meet again next time.

These people were the real doctors. If they lost, so be it. They could calmly accept their own failure, face their own shortcomings, and continue to absorb knowledge. They were much more open and honest than the Mo Family.

Realizing that the exam had ended, all the assistants walked out of the lounge.

Song Fei searched the crowd but didn’t see Song Ci.

Where is she?

She took a few steps inside and saw Song Ci. Song Ci was surrounded by the youngsters of the Mo Family, asking all sorts of questions. Song Fei approached and heard them all praising Song Ci for her outstanding performance tonight.

Hearing this, Song Fei couldn’t help smiling.

Good job.

Song Fei called out to Song Ci. “Song Fei.” It felt rather strange to call her own name.

Song Ci was stunned for a moment before realizing that Song Fei was calling her. She hurriedly bid farewell to her peers in the Mo Family and walked towards Song Fei. “I should have passed.” Song Ci’s tone sounded rather calm, but her eyes looked smug.

Song Fei raised her hand and rubbed her head. “Beautifully done!”

The two sisters brought their companions back to the dormitory building. Sitting on the cable car, Song Ci sighed. “Tomorrow morning, we will probably be the only ones left in our dormitory building.”

“No one else passed?”

“Maybe 12.” After the exam ended, Song Ci chatted with Uncle 12 for a while and learned that all five generations of the uncle’s family were Chinese doctors. He had been learning Chinese medicine from his father since he was young and had some foundation in smelling medicine.

Song Fei asked her, “What exactly did you get?”

Song Ci told Song Fei about what happened at the examination venue. Song Fei’s expression was equally grave. “Luckily I didn’t go to the competition. My performance might be similar to Number 1’s.”

Song Ci supported her forehead with her hand and sighed. “In the end, I alone bear all the responsibility.”

Arriving at the dormitory building, Song Ci noticed that many people were packing their luggage. It looked like they had packed up and were leaving at dawn tomorrow.

They were all very passionate when they saw the Song sisters. “Teacher Song Fei!”

Song Fei instinctively stopped in her tracks, while Song Ci continued walking as if she was deaf. After taking two steps, she was stopped by Song Fei again. Song Fei called out to her. “Song Fei, they’re calling you.”

Song Ci had forgotten that she was taking the exam on Song Fei’s behalf.

Realizing that someone was calling her, Song Ci hurriedly stopped. She put on a cold face and scanned the people in the building with her naturally domineering eyes.

Noticing that they were all packing up, Song Ci said, “The results are not out yet and you are already packing up? Let’s wait for the results to be announced tomorrow morning.”

Hearing Song Fei’s words, everyone started gossiping.

“Hey, I might have answered two or three of the 20 sets of herbs correctly. If I don’t pack my luggage, I would just wait for the Mo Family to chase us out tomorrow?”

“I’ve lost all my face. God knows why I would pull out star grass. I even f*cking ate star grass to see the stars in the sky…” Wang Zhigang felt like he had lost all his face. He couldn’t help covering his face with his palm, unable to face his parents.

Someone also said, “Since we can’t pass it, we might as well pack our things early.”

“Teacher Song Fei, you are really awesome. You don’t even know that when you easily said the names of those herbs, those Mo Family members looked at you with shock and admiration. You have really brought honor to us foreign students!”

“After we leave the Mo Family and reach a place with internet, I will post this on Weibo.”

Song Ci performed very well in the examination hall. She had gained face for the foreign students and also slapped the faces of those students from the Mo Family. Song Ci accepted everyone’s compliments and couldn’t help blushing and blushing.

The two sisters returned to their room. Song Ci patted her face with cold water and stuck out her tongue sheepishly. “Hearing their compliments, I feel like I am a big boss in Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

Song Fei said, “You are a big boss.”

Song Fei opened her computer. She had a business deal on the Internet. Realizing that there was no internet in the dormitory, Song Fei said, “I’ll go out and ask around to see where there is internet.”


After Song Ci took a shower, she saw Song Fei putting on a thermal jacket. Song Fei said, “They said that the network signal at the North Mountain is not bad. I am going to stay there for an hour to settle some matters. What about you? Are you resting or are you coming with me?”

Song Ci looked at the time. It was very late, but she was worried about leaving Song Fei alone outside. Song Ci also put on her down jacket, took out her cell phone, followed Song Fei downstairs, and took the cable car to the North Mountain.

The North Mountain was where Family Head Mo, Mo Fengying, and the rest stayed.

The two sisters found a small square and sat down on a stone bench. Song Fei turned on her computer and started her work. Song Ci asked her, “What are you doing?”

Song Fei said, “I accepted a new job and helped a venture capital company make an app. I earn quite a bit.”

Song Ci didn’t know any of that. She turned on her cell phone. The night was very cold. Her breath landed on the cold cell phone and it immediately fogged up.

Song Ci wiped the fog and realized that her cell phone was switched on. She hurriedly called Han Zhan.

Song Ci was not at home and Han Zhan led a very regular life. He would fall asleep before 10pm every night. Han Zhan was already asleep when he received Song Ci’s call. He hurriedly got up, leaned against the head of the bed, and scrutinized Song Ci’s face through the phone.

Realizing that Song Ci didn’t smile, Han Zhan felt strange. “Baby Ci, are you in a bad mood or did you suffer in the Mo Family? Why aren’t you smiling when you see me?”

Song Ci had been acting as Song Fei these few days and was used to keeping her smile. Hearing this, she hurriedly smiled sweetly and called out through the phone, “Brother Han Zhan ~”

Han Zhan’s heart quivered and he nearly thought Song Ci was having a stroke. “What?” Han Zhan suppressed his laughter, got up, picked up the teacup, and poured himself a glass of warm water.

As Han Zhan drank the water, his cell phone was placed on the potted plant on the table, aimed at himself. When he drank the water, his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down in an especially sexy manner.

Song Ci quietly averted her eyes. She couldn’t stand this stimulation.

Han Zhan drank the water and didn’t put down the thermos cup. He stroked the cup in boredom and chatted with Song Ci. “How is it? Are you happy in the Mo Family?”

Worried that the walls might have ears, Song Ci didn’t tell Han Zhan the details. She said, “Let’s type and chat.”

Han Zhan raised his brows and agreed.

After hanging up the video call, Song Ci retold the events of the past few days into words and sent them to Han Zhan. She also sent the video recording of Song Fei to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan found it funny when he found out that Song Ci had replaced Song Fei for the assessment.

He couldn’t tell that his Baby Ci was not only a violin expert, but also a Traditional Chinese Medicine big boss.

After watching that video, Han Zhan called Song Ci.

Song Ci accepted the video call and heard Han Zhan praise her. “After marrying into the Han Family and eating the rice of the Han Family for three to four years, your mouth is getting better and better at bragging.”

Song Ci covered her mouth and giggled.

She missed her daughters a little.

“Where’s Miaomiao Jun?”


“Then I won’t look at them in case I wake them up.” Song Ci missed her daughters very much.

Han Zhan told her, “Don’t mention those two monkeys. They fought today. Although Han Jun is skinny, she actually pinned Han Miao to the ground and bit her. Miaomiao still has a tooth mark on her face.”

Song Ci was shocked. “Why are they fighting?”

“Miaomiao’s hands were so naughty. Junjun had painstakingly pieced together a dragon puzzle, but it was disrupted by Miaomiao. Junjun couldn’t resist and bit her elder sister.” After Han Zhan returned home and saw the surveillance footage of the children fighting, he felt rather amused thinking about it.

Knowing that Miaomiao had been hit because she was cheap, Song Ci felt slightly helpless. “Is the bite serious?”

“It will be fine in two days.”

Han Zhan told Song Ci more interesting things about Han Miao and Han Jun. His mouth was dry as he took another sip of water. After talking about the children, Song Ci told Han Zhan about Nangong Xian and the Mo Family’s ancestor.

After hearing the story of Nangong Xian and Mo Liansheng, Han Zhan opened his computer and checked on Nangong Xian. After discovering some interesting things, Han Zhan edited those documents into a document.

He said to Song Ci, “I’ve compiled a set of information related to Nangong Xian and discovered something interesting. I’ll send it to your email. Download it into your cell phone first and look at it when you return to the dormitory.”

Song Ci said, “Okay.”

Song Ci had just accepted the email when she heard Song Fei say, “It’s settled. Let’s go back.”

Song Ci asked her, “Aren’t you going to chat with Brother Jiang for a while?”

Song Fei said, “He must be working overtime at the police station.” Yan Jiang’s insomnia was still not cured. Since Song Fei was not at home, Yan Jiang usually didn’t go home. He was used to working overtime at the police station and found something to do for himself when he had nothing to do.

There were many people during the day, so Yan Jiang took naps where there were more people around.

Song Ci also knew Yan Jiang’s condition. She said worriedly, “If this goes on, Yan Jiang’s body won’t be able to take it.”

“I can’t help it. His grandmother’s death has left a deep shadow in his heart. It can’t be removed.” The influence of an original family on a child was forever.

Song Fei turned off her computer, carried her notebook, and walked towards the cable car with Song Ci. Halfway there, she bumped into two people.

It was the head of the Mo Family, Mo Suixin, and his wife, Mo Yang.

Song Ci instinctively put on Song Fei’s expression and stood in front of her to greet the Mo Family couple. “Family Head Mo, Madam Mo, it’s already so late. You guys still haven’t rested?”

“It’s Song Fei and Song Ci.” Mo Suixin saw that Song Ci’s expression was very loving. He said, “I just went to sit with my father for a while and chatted with him for a while before returning. I heard that you performed very well in the examination hall today. Song Fei, I think very highly of you. When you enter the top three, I will give you a big present!”

Song Ci asked boldly, “How big is the gift? Can you give me a Happy Spring Pill?”

Mo Suixin was stunned for a moment before laughing out loud. “You are really greedy.” However, it was Song Ci’s greedy mouth that revealed the frivolity that matched her age.

Mo Suixin didn’t investigate how Song Ci knew about the Happy Spring Pill. He smiled and pointed at Song Ci’s face. “If you can get first place, I will give you a Happy Spring Pill!”

Song Ci smiled coldly. “I will work hard to defeat your daughter and get first place.”

“Alright, alright, young woman, I like your temper!”

On the other hand, Mrs. Mo noticed that Song Ci’s assistant was carrying a laptop. She was enlightened and said, “You guys are still awake so late at night. Is there no internet at Dongshan?”

Song Fei nodded. “No.”

Madam Mo turned to Mo Suixin and said, “Suixin, tomorrow morning, the results of the exam will be announced. The dormitory at Dongshan will probably be empty. In my opinion, why don’t we let Song Fei and the rest of the examinees move to the North Mountain? There’s internet here. If young people these days don’t have internet, it’s very boring.”

“Alright, let’s do that.” Mo Xixi obviously doted on his wife a lot and agreed without thinking.

Song Ci and Song Fei were both overjoyed. “Thank you, Madam Mo.”

After a simple chat, Song Ci and Song Fei bid farewell to Mo Xin and his wife. Sitting on the cable car, Song Fei asked Song Ci, “Did you purposely mention Happy Spring Pills in front of Mo Suixin to clear your suspicion?”

Song Ci nodded. “Mmm, I don’t think any medicine man would take the initiative to ask the Mo Family for something like Happy Spring Pills.” As medicine men, they couldn’t wait to destroy all the Happy Spring Pills before they were willing to give up. Why would they want something like that?

Song Fei nodded. “I see.”

Song Fei gazed at Song Ci’s profile and couldn’t help feeling slightly emotional. In the eight years that she was in a coma, Song Ci had really grown up. Song Ci was clearly a heartless person when she was young, but now she had also become rather shrewd.

Thinking of this, Song Fei’s heart ached slightly for Song Ci. She raised her hand and patted Song Ci’s head lovingly.

Song Ci looked at her in confusion and couldn’t help asking, “Why are you suddenly so gentle?”

Song Fei said, “I just feel like I want to dote on you.”

Song Ci smiled.

The two of them were especially cold after an hour of cold wind outside. After returning to the house, they fetched a basin of hot water to warm their feet and laid down.

Song Ci opened the email that Han Zhan had sent her and realized that he was compiling some information about Nangong Xian, as well as research papers on her by future archaeologists.

The literature said that Nangong Xian was extremely beautiful. If not for her being overly brave and good at fighting, making her a capable general in war, she would be more suitable to be placed at the border to protect the country. Even the emperor wanted to take her as his wife.

According to historical records, the crown prince loved Nangong Xian very much. But at that time, the country was in turmoil and Nangong Xian could only put her personal love aside. It was also an analysis that the emperor didn’t have a wife in his entire life because he had General Nangong in his heart.

Nangong Xian was very good at shooting. She had once shot two birds with one stone in the Royal Hunting Ground and won the championship.

There were many things related to Nangong Xian recorded in the documents. It was unknown if they were true or false, but at the end of that email was an ancient painting recovered. That painting was discovered by an archaeologist from the burial items of the emperor 600 years ago. The person in the image was Nangong Xian personally drawn by the emperor.

The person in the painting was not wearing armor but was wearing a light purple dress and carrying a bow on her shoulder. That photo had been edited into a high-definition photo by the experts and was actually 60-70% similar to Song Ci!

Han Zhan left a teasing message in the document: Could Baby Ci be the reincarnation of Nangong Xian?

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If she was the reincarnation of Nangong Xian, Han Zhan would be the Son of Heaven who ate her heart and was reborn! Perhaps in her previous life, the Son of Heaven’s prayer for his sweetheart before his death had come true!

After all, that Son of Heaven didn’t have a successor until his death. Even when he died, he didn’t have a prince. The crown prince was even adopted!

The next morning, Song Ci woke up to the commotion downstairs.

Song Fei lifted the blanket, got out of bed, quickly changed her clothes, and walked out to investigate. A moment later, Song Fei returned and told Song Ci, “The results of the exam are out. As you expected, 28 of the 30 foreign students were eliminated, and the other two Mo students were also eliminated. Apart from you, only Number 12 is left in our batch.”

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