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Chapter 322: If You Don’t Let Me Die, You Can Let Me Live?

Song Ci had already changed and was sitting by the bed in a daze.

Hearing Song Fei’s words, Song Ci’s mind started to spin. She waited for Song Fei to wake up before saying, “As expected, the tests after this will only get more and more difficult.”

“Let’s take it one step at a time.”

The two of them went downstairs and sent off the batch of people who had failed the exam. Turning back, they saw candidate number 12 standing behind them. This uncle was old enough to be Song Ci’s father. His name was Zhou Wu, ‘wu’ as in five.

Friday looked up at the results list and smiled bitterly. “Song Fei, what do you think of this first competition?”

Song Ci said, “It’s difficult.”

Zhou Wu smiled and said, “Actually, this is really just the most basic assessment. Do you know that in the era of the Mo Family’s Old Ancestor, there was also a formidable Doctor Zhou? He was a blind person. Although Divine Doctor Zhou was blind, he could identify medicinal herbs.”

“In that era, Divine Doctor Zhou was a famous doctor in the capital. The reason why the Old Ancestor of the Mo Family wanted to leave the capital and come to Sichuan was because the capital already had a Divine Doctor Zhou and no longer had any place for Old Ancestor Mo to develop.”

“But later on, when the emperor was critically ill, Divine Doctor Zhou received a decree to enter the palace to treat the emperor, but didn’t treat him well. In the end, it was Ancestor Mo who returned to the capital with a pill refined from the heart of a strange beast and revived the emperor.”

“After the emperor recovered, Old Ancestor Mo received the good name of the country’s divine doctor. Meanwhile, Doctor Zhou’s reputation became weaker and weaker. Later on, he moved out of the capital and became a countryside doctor…”

Zhou Wu crossed his arms and said, “Old Ancestor Mo is very impressed by Doctor Zhou’s ability to recognize each medicinal ingredient based on the aura of the medicinal herbs. That’s why he added this test content in the future tests.”

Song Ci and Song Fei didn’t know that there was a genius like Doctor Zhou in this world, so they listened very seriously.

There was no one else around and only the three of them were left in the entire dormitory. After Doctor Zhou finished speaking, Song Ci pursed her lips and smiled. She had a guess in her heart and asked Zhou Wu with a smile, “Although Doctor Zhou’s lineage is declining day by day, he didn’t lose his inheritance, right?”

Zhou Wu was not tall, only about 1.7 meters. He was as tall as Song Ci. Hearing this, Zhou Wu turned to look at Song Ci and suddenly smiled. “Teacher Song Fei is indeed a smart person.”

Song Ci suddenly took a step forward, very close to Zhou Wu.

Zhou Wu looked at Song Ci in confusion and couldn’t help asking, “Teacher Song Fei, do you have something to say?”

Song Ci lowered her voice and said softly, “Doctor Zhou has a good sense of smell. I wonder if he could tell which divine beast it was when he smelled that magical beast.”

Zhou Wu’s expression changed slightly. Song Fei’s question was very thought-provoking.

“Teacher Song Fei…” Zhou Wu looked at Song Ci in shock and doubt.

Song Ci suddenly took a step back and said to Song Fei, “We should go and have breakfast. Otherwise, it will be cold.”

Song Fei followed behind Song Ci.

Zhou Wu stared at Song Ci’s back view. He thought of something and gradually narrowed his eyes.

Doctor Zhou had already passed away 600 years ago, but before he passed away, he had written a family letter that had been passed down from generation to generation. And every successor of the Zhou Family had memorized that family letter.

On the upside-down letter was:

[To my descendants:

In the 48th year of Jianwu, a group of imperial physicians and I knelt on both sides of His Majesty’s chambers. When we heard that Mo Liansheng had returned with the divine medicine, we were all happy that His Majesty could be saved.

Mo Liansheng hurried into the temple. When he opened the box containing the Godly medicine, we all smelled a strange medicinal fragrance.

After all the imperial physicians and eunuchs smelled that medicinal fragrance, they were all shocked and so was I. But I felt that the medicinal fragrance was somewhat familiar and couldn’t remember it for a moment.

After the emperor took the divine medicine, he really turned the situation around and revived. Those few days, the thick layer of black clouds above the capital finally dispersed.

I returned to the medicine hall and was shocked to hear that General Nangong Xian had already passed away. But as His Majesty’s dragon body was in good health, the entire world was celebrating. The Nangong Residence didn’t see any funeral banners or couplets.

General Nangong Xian had led a military life and contributed greatly to the country. After his death, he couldn’t even hold a funeral. I couldn’t help sighing at General Nangong Xian’s death.

Another day, the Old Master of the Nangong Family came to the medical center and asked me for some sleeping pills. Originally, because of the death of her daughter, the Old Madam of the Nangong Family couldn’t fall asleep all night and needed sleeping pills to fall asleep.

I prescribed medicine for Old Madam Nangong. I suddenly remembered why that medicinal fragrance I smelled at the Holy Temple that day was so familiar. I suddenly realized that that strange medicinal fragrance was identical to that of General Nangong Xian!

That year, when the old lady Nangong Xian was pregnant, she nearly had a miscarriage. She asked me for a pregnancy stabilizing medicine and took it continuously for several months. That baby girl was finally born.

During the full moon, Mr. Nangong had invited me to a banquet. The first time I saw General Nangong Xian, I smelled that strange medicinal fragrance on her body. But strangely, no one else could smell it.

Thinking of the strange medicinal fragrance that I smelled on the Divine Temple, a guess surfaced in my mind. In order to verify it, the next day, I personally wrote a letter and sent someone to the Mo Residence to obtain Mo Liansheng’s explanation.

In the letter, I questioned Mo Liansheng about whether the existence of the strange beast was fake. From the beginning to the end, the real strange beast was General Nangong Xian!

The next day, Mo Liansheng asked to meet me in the suburbs. I was cautious and found two big shots from the underworld to secretly protect me. I went to meet Mo Liansheng.

The moment we met, Mo Liansheng pulled out his knife and stabbed me. He also questioned me about the prescription of the pregnancy stabilizing medicine. Luckily, the hitman appeared in time and Mo Liansheng hurriedly escaped.

When I returned to the capital, I was shocked to hear that someone had taken my prescription and passed away. I knew that this was Mo Liansheng’s scheme to force me to leave. I could only escape through the night and leave the capital to find an unfamiliar countryside to settle down in.

I will use this letter to tell my descendants that if they meet the Mo Family, they must not befriend them.]

Zhou Wu didn’t admire the Mo Family’s medical skills much. He just bore a grudge against the contents of his ancestor, Doctor Zhou’s letter. He always wanted to find out the truth.

Zhou Wu wanted to understand the connection between that strange beast and General Nangong Xian!

And was that legendary Old Ancestor Mo a saint doctor or a peerless hypocrite? The question Song Fei asked just now made him wonder. Could it be that Song Fei also knew some secrets of the Mo Family?

After breakfast, the in-charge, Mo Suiyun, arrived at the dormitory and got someone to move Song Ci, her sister, and Mr. Zhou Wu’s luggage to the north mountain to stay with the Mo Clan’s examinees.

Song Ci and Song Fei were still staying in the same room.

The houses here were all four-story buildings with four rooms on each floor. Song Ci and Song Fei’s rooms were on the east side of the fourth floor. There was a morning exercise square downstairs and a few similar-looking dormitory buildings beside it.

Song Ci laid on the soft bed and swiped her cell phone. She sighed. “We have finally returned to the 21st century from the era of the Republic of China.”

Life without the Internet was too boring!

Song Fei was chatting with Yan Jiang on her laptop. Thinking that Han Zhan was at work now, Song Ci didn’t disturb him. She was about to watch a movie when she received a message from Shen Yubei.

Teacher: [Have you been practicing the violin recently?]

Song Ci was speechless.

These few days, she had been focused on her exams and didn’t touch the violin.

Song Ci said honestly: [Teacher, I was wrong. I will go practice the violin now.]

Shen Yubei: [Ha!]

That one word was filled with disappointment and disdain.

There were no classes in the morning, so Song Ci didn’t need to pretend to be Song Fei to attend classes and deal with the Mo Family.

She hurriedly took out her violin, put on her windbreaker, and went to the hill behind the mountain to practice. Song Ci stood on a big rock and looked around at the surrounding mountains. She slowly exhaled, before raising her violin and playing.

Song Ci’s music attracted the attention of the youngsters of the Mo Family.

Mo Fengying was trying to develop a new medicine, but she couldn’t succeed. Hearing the sound of the violin on the hill, she put the powdered herbs in a small glass bottle, got up, left the house, and went to the hill behind.

From afar, she saw a woman in a red windbreaker. Mo Fengying recognized her at a glance. No one in the Mo Family had Song Ci’s figure and talent.

Mo Fengying waited for Song Ci to finish her song before walking over.

“No one in our Mo Family knows how to play the violin. Mrs. Han, your violin is so nice.” Mo Fengying stared curiously at Song Ci’s violin and saw the words “Baby Ci” carved on it.

Mo Fengying guessed that Han Zhan had given this violin to Song Ci and instantly smelled the sour smell of love.

Song Ci saw that Mo Fengying was rather interested in the violin and asked her, “Do you want to try it?”

Mo Fengying was flattered. “Can I?”

“It’s okay to try.”

Mo Fengying didn’t even know how to hold the violin, so Song Ci taught her how to hold it. Mo Fengying learned how to hold the violin, before grabbing the bow and tried to pull it.

A wooden sound escaped from the violin. Hearing that piercing sound, Song Ci’s head trembled.

Mo Fengying blushed and hurriedly returned the violin to Song Ci. She lowered her head and blushed all the way to her neck.

“I’m sorry to have embarrassed myself in front of you.” Mo Fengying thought that playing the violin was a very simple thing. Song Ci’s casual play was clearly melodious, but it was like a saw in her hand.

Song Ci said, “It’s okay. This also happened when my lover tried to play violin for the first time.”

Hearing this, Mo Fengying’s awkwardness lessened slightly. She suddenly started coughing and couldn’t stop coughing. She coughed so hard that she was trembling. Song Ci hurriedly helped her smooth her back. After a while, Mo Fengying stopped.

She coughed for a while. At this moment, her cheeks and throat were all pink. The corners of her eyes were red and there were tears in them. It was truly a pitiful sight.

Song Ci waited for Mo Fengying to calm down before saying, “You have a serious cold. Why aren’t you taking any medicine?”

Mo Fengying shook her head with a lonely expression. She said, “I’ve been in poor health since I was young. I’m always ill and can’t even take medicine well.”

The child of the cursed family head was always like this.

“There are so many capable doctors in the Mo Family. Is there no doctor who can treat your body? I heard that the elderly head of the Mo Family is very capable and has excellent medical skills. Can’t he treat your illness?”

How could Mo Fengying tell Song Ci that she was a cursed child? Actually, not only her, her father and grandfather were also cursed children.

It was just that they had all found a suitable medicine man and successfully passed 25 years old. And for her generation, the medicine man was about to go extinct. If he took Granny Yao’s life for her, it would be a huge loss.

It was very difficult for Mo Suixin to make a choice between the Mo Family’s future and his daughter’s life.

Mo Fengying shook her head and said calmly, “My body is weak. Even my grandfather can’t nurse me back to health.”

Song Ci nodded. “It must have been tough on you.”

Mo Fengying smiled weakly. She was about to say something when she coughed again. Song Ci stood behind her and watched coldly as her illness acted up. No one knew what she was thinking.

The wind was strong outside and Mo Fengying couldn’t stay long. She left very quickly. Song Ci hugged the violin and looked at the dense cables above the valley. She thought to herself that Nangong Xian’s curse was really too ruthless.

The Mo Family had to rely on medicine to continue developing, so she let them personally kill the medicine men one by one. After all the medicine men were killed, the Mo Family would reach the end of the road.

This was truly the cruelest and most despairing revenge.

Song Ci started playing again. This time, her music was filled with sorrow.

Madam Mo was about to have lunch when she suddenly heard a sorrowful sound. She couldn’t help asking the servants, “Who is playing the violin?”

The waiter said, “It’s Song Fei’s assistant, Song Ci.”

Mo Suixin had a deep impression of the Song sisters. Hearing this, she said, “Her violin skills are not bad.”

“Yes, many children are watching her play the piano at the back of the mountain.”

Madam Mo smiled and said, “It’s quite good. These children interact with old things like us everyday. Now that a lady who can play the violin has suddenly appeared, aren’t they as happy as seeing a fairy?”

“That Mrs. Han is so beautiful. Isn’t she a fairy?”

Recalling Song Ci and Song Fei’s looks, Madam Mo praised. “They are indeed beautiful.”

As she spoke, Madam Mo saw Mo Fengying walk in. Seeing that Mo Fengying was covering her mouth and coughing, Madam Mo hurriedly stood up and walked towards her daughter. Her heart ached as she asked, “Fengying, you’re coughing again?”

Mo Fengying acknowledged.

Madam Mo hurriedly took out a pill from the box she always carried and fed it to Mo Fengying. The pill didn’t have any special effects, but it made Mo Fengying’s throat feel better.

Mo Fengying took the pill and felt that her throat was very cool. She sat down at the dining table and coughed for a while. After the heat subsided, she said hesitantly, “Mother, I want to leave the family.”

Madam Mo was stunned.

Returning to her senses, she shot a look at the servants.

The servants hurriedly left.

Only when there was no one else around did Madam Mo hold Mo Fengying’s hand and ask her, “What’s the matter with you? Why do you want to leave the clan?”

Mo Fengying said, “I just want to go out and take a look. I don’t want to stay in this clan anymore. It’s boring.” She lowered her head and sighed. “Waiting for death like this is worse than leaving the clan to do what I want.”

Madam Mo’s face suddenly turned cold as she scolded. “Nonsense. I won’t let you die.”

Mo Fengying knew that she had angered her mother and she was also angry. Mo Fengying looked up and straightened her neck as she asked her mother loudly, “If you don’t let me die, can you still let me live?”

Madam Mo was suddenly speechless.

Mo Fengying saw her mother’s incompetence and her heart ached. “Mother, you also know that Father will never kill Grandma Yao for me. I am just buying time if I continue to live.”

“The world outside is so exciting. I’ve been living in the clan since I was born and seldom go out. A 20-year-old girl is still in university outside, but what about me? I’ve been living in the clan since I was young and have been learning how to read medicine since I learned how to read.”

“But Mother, I don’t like to study these things! I just want to study, go to school, and live outside like an ordinary person!”

The Mo Family had their own school. All the children of the Mo Family received education from the Mo Family school.

The first time Mo Fengying left the clan was when she was 9 years old. That year, she went to the capital with her parents to attend a national banquet. Before she was 9 years old, Mo Fengying thought that life in the valley was a reflection of the entire world. Everyone lived the same life as them.

But the first time she stepped out of the mountains, the first time she boarded a plane, and the first time she arrived at the bustling capital, Mo Fengying finally realized how colorful the mountains were. It turned out that the scenes on television were all real.

Mo Fengying practically begged her mother for help. “Mother, can’t you just let me live the life I want for a few years before I die?”

Mo Yang’s heart ached at his daughter’s words.

She looked at her daughter’s teary eyes and finally softened.

Quickly wiping his tears with a handkerchief, Mo Yang patted Mo Fengying’s back. She said, “Let’s talk about this after this assessment. At that time, if you insist on leaving the clan, I will convince your father.”

Seeing that her mother still took her words to heart, Mo Fengying heaved a sigh of relief.

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