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Chapter 320: Test Performance Slapped the Entire Mo Family

Mo Fengying’s nose twitched slightly as she tried her best to smell the medicine man. Song Ci saw the tip of Mo Fengying’s nose move and instinctively tensed up, not daring to be too agitated.

Mo Fengying couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed that she didn’t smell the medicine man.

At this moment, the woman from the Guangdong couple spoke. She said, “Then why is Nangong Xian’s bow in the Mo Family? They’ve already broken up but her bow is still here. It doesn’t make sense.”

Mo Fengying temporarily forgot about the medicine man and collected her disappointed mood. She said rhythmically, “The next year after Nangong Xian returned to the capital, Son of Heaven was critically ill. I heard that there is a strange beast in Sichuan. The blood of that strange beast has the effect of enhancing the medicine’s effects. Its flesh is even more miraculous. It can heal people who are plagued by long-term illnesses, and its heart can even revive people who are dying!”

“The Son of Heaven sent guards to search for the strange beast, but they failed after several months. At that time, Nangong Xian was the soldier that the Son of Heaven trusted the most. The Son of Heaven ordered Nangong Xian to lead a team into Sichuan to search for the strange beast! The Emperor’s order was hard to disobey, so Nangong Xian led a team into Sichuan and found the Old Ancestor. We went to search for the strange beast with him.”

“Nangong Xian and the old ancestor searched for two to three months in the Sichuan region and finally found that strange beast deep in the mountains. In order to capture that strange beast, Nangong Xian fought a fierce battle with it. In the end, although he killed the strange beast, he was seriously injured and lost his life.”

“On the account of their loving relationship, the ancestor buried Nangong Xian’s body in our clan’s graveyard and sent the pill that was developed from the heart of a strange beast to the capital. After the Son of Heaven took the divine medicine, he was revived and completely recovered! As a result, the Son of Heaven bestowed a plaque with the words’ Mo Family of Sichuan, the Holy Hand of the Nation ‘! Meanwhile, Nangong Xian was also conferred the title of the Great General. The descendants of the Nangong Family all enjoyed the glory that Nangong Xian brought and fought for the country for generations!”

Mo Fengying walked up to the high platform and gently stroked that bright red bow. This sword had followed Nangong Xian through life and death battles and had long become a soulful weapon. After hundreds of years, the Sun Chasing Arrow was still as good as before, emitting a cold aura under the night lights.

“Our ancestors will never forget Nangong Xian. Before his death, he personally placed Nangong Xian’s weapon, the Sun Chasing Arrow, here and made it our family’s treasure!”

Mo Fengying tried to pick up that bow, but it didn’t budge.

Mo Fengying seemed to have expected this and didn’t look embarrassed. She said, “After our ancestor passed away, this bow also sealed itself. No one in this world can pick it up again.”

For the past 600 years, it had been consecrated here, absorbing the light of the sun and moon, quietly waiting for its master to return!

Everyone felt sorry for Nangong Xian’s ending and admired her loyalty for the Chasing Sun Arrows. But after hearing the story, Song Ci and Song Fei looked at each other and saw suspicion in each other’s eyes.

But there were many people here and it was not convenient for them to talk. They could only communicate after the exam.

The exam was about to start. Song Ci stood at 17th according to the code. After more than 10 minutes, the invigilator arrived.

There were a total of five invigilators. The five of them were wearing the same uniform. Behind them, the door of the building opened. The five invigilators raised their incense sticks and bowed three times respectfully to Mo Liansheng’s statue in the building.

Old Ancestor Mo was the belief of this group of people. He looked like a believer worshiping a god.

Behind them, the juniors of the Mo Family were also paying their respects. It was also awkward for the outsiders to just stand there, so they also paid their respects. Mo Liansheng was a Medical Sage, so there was nothing bad about paying their respects before the exam.

After the cumbersome worship ceremony ended, the invigilator turned to remind all the candidates. “All candidates, follow me upstairs. All unrelated people, wait outside the house!” With that, the invigilator took the lead and strode into the building.

Hearing this, Song Ci turned and made a farewell gesture to Song Fei. Song Fei murmured something that Song Ci couldn’t hear but guessed. Song Fei said, “Just do your best.”

Song Fei leaned against the stone platform on the square. She watched as Song Ci and the rest entered the building. After the door was closed, she turned and stared at the Sun Chasing Arrow on the stone platform.

She recalled Mo Fengying’s previous story and her eyes were filled with mockery.

Mo Fengying’s story was complete nonsense!

Song Fei felt that the so-called search for the “strange beast” was just a shocking lie from the start. The goal was to trick the medicine man, Nangong Xian, to Sichuan and kill her to snatch her heart!

And the person who purposely spread the rumor that the strange beast was in Sichuan was the person who knew of Nangong Xian’s identity as a medicine men and wanted to use her life to achieve his goal. This person was most likely Mo Liansheng!

At that time, Mo Liansheng wanted the world to acknowledge his medical skills, so he had been waiting for an opportunity. Later on, when the Son of Heaven was critically ill, the cunning and cruel Mo Liansheng knew that the opportunity had come.

What else could prove medical skills better than reviving the Son of Heaven?

As a result, they spread the rumor of a “strange beast” to lure Nangong Xian into Sichuan, before hypocritically accompanying her to search for the strange beast. Meanwhile, Nangong Xian and Mo Liansheng were a couple who had been in love. So what if Nangong Xian was a female general? She was a woman after all.

As for women, once they were poisoned by love, they would rarely be rational at all times.

Nangong Xian trusted Mo Liansheng completely and would naturally entrust her back to him.

Meanwhile, Mo Liansheng had waited for the right opportunity to stab Nangong Xian in the back when she wasn’t paying attention. He took her life and carved out her heart. Then, he used her heart to refine a Spring Pill and enter the palace to offer it to the Son of Heaven to revive him.

He had also successfully received the praise of the Son of Heaven for bestowing the Mo Family of Sichuan, the sacred hand of the country.

Mo Liansheng’s scheme was truly flawless!

Song Fei suddenly understood why Song Ci’s heart ached every time she saw the Sun Chasing Arrow. In this world, other than the murderer Mo Liansheng, only Nangong Xian’s personal weapon, the Sun Chasing Arrow, knew of her master’s grievances!

The owner had died an unjust death, but the murderer was glorious and accepted the offerings and respect of future generations. How could the Chasing Sun Arrow not have any resentment!

Back then, the Sun Chasing Arrow had followed its master, Nangong Xian, into battle to kill the enemy. It had long become a great killing weapon. After its master died, the Sun Chasing Arrow absorbed all its master’s hatred and resentment. After hundreds of years of immersion, the Sun Chasing Arrow had become an evil weapon!

No wonder when Song Ci first saw this sword, she said that a woman was crying uncontrollably.

Song Ci followed the other candidates upstairs. During this period, she kept thinking about the story that Mo Fengying had told her previously. Her view was the same as Song Fei’s—they both felt that “finding a strange beast” was a deliberate hoax set up by someone.

She figured out Mo Liansheng’s position in that scam and instantly felt goosebumps all over her body and a chill down her spine.


Song Ci found a seat and sat down. She was still in a daze until the invigilator started explaining the contents and rules of the exam. Only then did Song Ci put away all her thoughts and focused on listening.

“In this first test, we want to test your ability to differentiate Chinese medicine herbs. Every candidate will be blindfolded during the test. Everyone can only distinguish the names of the herbs from their sense of smell and touch.”

“It requires the examinee to accurately say the name of each medicinal herb and tell us the effects and environment of the medicinal herb. The more medicinal herbs one answers correctly, the higher the chances of winning, vice versa.”

“In the first assessment, there are a total of 80 candidates. The elimination system will eliminate 30 candidates in the first round. Everyone, please grasp the opportunity.”

“The exam is fair and impartial. There is no cheating involved. Now, those examinees whose names I have pointed out, step forward and take the exam!”

Once the contents of this assessment were announced, many people’s expressions changed, especially those students who didn’t have enough accumulation of medicinal herbs. Their faces immediately turned bitter. Everyone was not blind and still had to differentiate medicinal herbs with their eyes covered. This Mo Family was really perverted!

This kind of assessment method was very unfair to the foreign students because they had almost never undergone any special training in this area. But it was different for the Mo Family. Their elders had all taken the exam. Even if they couldn’t cheat for the children, they could still share the exam experience with the children.

With their parents’ experience, this group of children must have received special training from a young age. If an outsider competed with a Mo clansman, they could only be crushed.

Song Ci also looked surprised. She didn’t expect the opening to be so difficult. But she quickly calmed down. If it really came to this, there was no point in panicking.

Let’s take it one step at a time.

“Number 1, Wang Zhigang.”

Wang Zhigang was a foreign student in his forties and the director of a famous Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital.

Wang Zhigang walked forward and was blindfolded.

Song Ci noticed that Wang Zhigang was slightly nervous and his fingertips were trembling. The invigilator casually took out 20 types of herbs from countless herbal warehouses for Wang Zhigang to identify. One had to know that there were more than 10,000 types of herbs in this world. To randomly choose 20 types of herbs to test an examinee was truly perverted!

The comrade frowned when he touched the first herb. He realized that he was a blind man who touched an elephant. He knew that he was touching the roots of a certain herb but didn’t know which herb it was.

Wang Zhigang used his sense of smell to carefully identify the smell of the medicine before giving an uncertain answer. “Chonglou?”

The invigilator didn’t answer.

Wang Zhigang was not confident. He explained the effects of Chonglou and the environment for growth, before going onto the second herb.

This time, Wang Zhigang was even more confused.

What the hell is this?

Wang Zhigang gave a few guesses. The further he went, the deeper his brows furrowed. By the time he reached the tenth set of herbs, he had already let go of himself and started spouting nonsense. “This is star grass. It has a bitter smell. Consuming this medicine can clear your eyes. At night, you can see how many stars are in the sky.”

Song Ci: God can see how many stars there are.

The invigilator was also speechless.

After Wang Zhigang finished his exam, both the invigilator and Wang Zhigang heaved a sigh of relief.

Wang Zhigang had already accepted the fact that he was going to be eliminated. He grabbed his eye mask and looked at the herbs in front of him. He realized that they were all common herbs. But because he had covered his eyes and was nervous, he behaved very badly.

Noticing that the invigilators looked slightly gloomy, Wang Zhigang shook his head and said in a complicated and fragile tone, “I will go to Western Medicine this time.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine had made him increasingly bald and haggard. His belief in Traditional Chinese Medicine had successfully collapsed at this moment.

The invigilator comforted him dryly. “You are very outstanding. Really, don’t give up on yourself.”

With that, he picked up the name list and shouted, “Number 2, Liu Quanneng.”

Hearing this name, Song Ci felt like laughing.

Liu Quanneng was a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in his thirties. He was a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and his family had opened Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics for several generations. But this was also Liu Quanneng’s first time facing such a perverted assessment. He could only answer the questions in a daze, but there were tens of thousands of types of herbs. It was not as simple as reading ABCDE during an English exam.

He answered randomly, and not many were correct.

The more ambitious his name was, the worse his answer would be.

Song Ci watched as her colleagues were cruelly kicked away one by one. She instantly admired Old Master Long. No wonder Old Master Long had always been proud of being able to get top three in the Mo Family’s assessment. He indeed had the reason to be proud.

But when Number 12 accepted the test, these foreign students finally saw the light. Number 12 was that 50-year-old uncle. Out of the 20 sets of herbs, he had answered roughly 13 correctly. He was already very outstanding.

After him, the other foreign students still performed very badly.

Soon, it was Song Ci’s turn.

“Number 17, Song Fei!”

When they called Song Fei, not only did the invigilator look at Song Ci with concern, even the Mo Family students behind her looked curiously at this legendary genius.

They didn’t know if Song Fei’s attainments in Traditional Chinese Medicine were as deep as hers in virology.

Song Fei, who was the center of attention, stood up and walked confidently to the examination table.

The moment her eyes were covered, Song Ci felt slightly flustered. She touched the stone on her neck. It was the stone that Han Zhan had brought back for her after his business trip. She had designed it into a necklace.

Touching the stone, Song Ci felt as if Han Zhan was by her side. Her erratic heartbeat gradually calmed down.

“I am ready.”

Hearing that Song Ci was ready, the invigilator placed the herbs on the table in front of her. The assistant handed the first herb to Song Ci and the invigilator said expectantly, “You have one and a half minutes to give your answer. Song Fei, think carefully before answering.”

Hearing the invigilator’s reminder, Song Ci nodded. Her nose twitched in the air and she smelled a cooling stimulating medicine.

Song Ci didn’t even touch that medicinal ingredient and said very firmly, “This is cold lotus grass. It’s similar to the smell of mint and grows on shady hillside areas. The smell is cool and stimulating, but it’s a kind of poison that can cause a temporary stabbing pain. But this medicine is also an antidote and is very good for those who are poisoned by anesthesia.”

Not only did the invigilator nod in approval, but the rest of the Mo Family students also looked shocked, when they saw that Song Ci could accurately name the herb and its effects just by smelling it.

This is a strong enemy!

The second medicinal ingredient was presented to Song Ci. This time, Song Ci smelled something similar to Chameleon Grass, but the smell was slightly different from that.

Song Ci frowned and thought for a moment. She answered without hesitation. “This should be a shy fruit. It grows in the soil where the Chameleon Plant is concentrated. As it is close to the Chameleon Plant, it has the smell of the Chameleon Plant. The real smell of the Chameleon Plant should be sweet. This fruit is a heat-dispelling medicine. After drying the fruit and grinding it into powder, it can be taken with water to save patients who suffer from heatstroke.”

The invigilator nodded again and presented the third ingredient…

There were a total of 20 herbs. Song Ci only hesitated for a moment when she faced the last herb.

]The smell of that medicinal ingredient was very unique and faint. It was almost impossible to smell. Song Ci leaned forward slightly and leaned her nose close to that medicinal ingredient. After thinking seriously for a moment, she said, “This is a kind of foot called a forest bird. Dry feet and medicinal wine can nourish the sun.”

With that, Song Ci took off her eye mask and glanced at that thing. It was indeed a strange animal’s foot. Looking at it, it was indeed a bird’s foot.

The invigilator didn’t announce the scores on the spot, but nodded at Song Ci in satisfaction. Song Ci knew that her performance had passed. She heaved a sigh of relief and turned to walk back to her seat. She didn’t see the invigilator behind her look at each other in surprise.

Mo Fengying sat in the middle of the crowd and stared at “Song Fei’s” back view in surprise. She had long heard of Song Fei and knew that she was a virus specialist who had developed the antidote to the Ebola virus with Mr. Fu Hanshen’s team.

Before this, Mo Fengying had only treated “Song Fei” as a potential opponent to pay attention to. But at this moment, after watching “Song Fei” ‘s answer performance, Mo Fengying pulled “Song Fei” from a potential opponent to a “strong opponent”.

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