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Chapter 319: Have a Duck Egg and Work Hard on the Exam

Song Ci could hear the sourness in Song Fei’s voice. She comforted her. “Don’t be disheartened. You were just unlucky and happened to be in a coma during the two years of puberty.” In her teens, her body was rapidly growing, but Song Fei was in a coma.

Song Fei was not comforted by Song Ci. She knew her limits and said, “When you were 13 years old, you already developed better than me.” Large breasts and small breasts were something that is natural. She couldn’t be envious.

The two of them exchanged glances and felt that this topic was rather boring. Song Ci changed the topic and asked Song Fei, “How is it? Am I handsome tonight?”

Hearing Song Ci mention this, Song Fei took out her cell phone and said, “I secretly recorded your conversation at the banquet. When I have the internet, I will send it to Han Zhan.”

Song Ci gave Song Fei a thumbs-up. “Beautifully done! Come, let me admire my valiant and heroic figure first.”

Song Fei found the document and handed her cell phone to Song Ci. “Take a look.”

There were many people at that time, so it was not convenient for Song Fei to shoot herself openly. She had secretly taken a photo with her cell phone under the table. In the camera, Song Ci only revealed half her body and her side profile. She looked confident and slightly arrogant.

Song Ci’s voice was loud and clear in the entire video.

After hearing her own words, Song Ci supported her chin with both hands and leaned against the table. She sighed. “How can I be so eloquent? With this mouth in multi-level marketing, I can at least be a small leader.”

Song Fei said, “In that case, I will visit you at the detention center twice a year.”

With that, Song Fei smiled.

Song Fei was born with a milder expression. She only chuckled briefly before pursing her lips.

Song Ci reached out and pinched the corners of Song Fei’s lips, pulling them up to form a smile. But no matter how she looked at it, it was strange. Song Ci gave up and asked Song Fei in confusion, “Song Fei, don’t you feel that your cheeks is stiff if you don’t smile?”

Song Fei shook her head. “No.”

The sisters had different personalities. Song Ci was born with a smile, while Song Fei was cold. She was not used to Song Fei always smiling.

Song Ci asked again, “Then are you still used to acting as me?”

“It’s alright. The main thing is that everyone isn’t familiar with you. I just have to smile occasionally.” Song Fei didn’t ruin her act by maintaining Song Ci’s image in front of a group of strangers.

“That’s good.”

Song Fei suddenly said, “I see that you didn’t eat much of this at night. This fruit tastes pretty good. Try it.” As Song Fei left the banquet hall, she took out a few Spirit Enlightening Fruits and gave them to Song Ci.

Song Ci held that Spirit Enlightening Fruit and felt disgusted again. Song Ci was increasingly sure that this fruit was related to the medicine man.

Looking up, she saw that Song Fei had already taken a bite of the fruit. Song Ci suddenly said, “These fruits grow on the medicine man’s bones.”

Song Fei spat out the fruit in her mouth!

She stared at Song Ci in shock and stammered. “Wh-what?” Song Fei, who always looked calm and cold, had a crack on her face now. She even stammered in a rare manner and couldn’t speak properly.

Song Ci shrugged and added. “This is just my guess. It still needs to be verified.”

Regardless of whether Song Ci’s guess was right or wrong, Song Fei didn’t dare to eat this fruit again. She threw all the fruits into the dustbin. Thinking that Song Ci didn’t touch this fruit during her meal, she asked Song Ci, “You discovered it long ago? Are you alright?”

Song Ci said, “Nope, I feel very bad. Heartache.”

Song Ci felt pity for the Nangong family. She stroked her own heart and said, “Song Fei, I can vaguely sense Grandma’s location…” Perhaps all medicine men could sense each other.

Song Ci gazed at the mountains in the west and murmured in a daze. “On that mountain, there is something calling me.”

Song Fei thought that the Spirit Enlightening Fruit was growing on that mountain and felt that Song Ci’s senses might be right. “Do you still remember that letter we saw previously?”

“I remember.”

“In the letter, Nangong Yingying once said that she was that woman locked up on the hill behind…” Song Fei walked behind the windowsill and stared at the mountain range in the west in the dark. She said thoughtfully,” Could it be that behind that mountain is the place where our grandmother was imprisoned? ”

Song Ci walked up to Song Fei and leaned against the windowsill with her.

The dark mountain top exuded a cold aura under the moonlight. Song Ci felt uneasy at the thought of the countless medicine men buried on that mountain.

She rubbed her arms through her sweater and felt a chill, as if there were countless invisible ghosts crying in the sky of the Mo Family.

Song Ci leaned closer to Song Fei. Song Fei knew that she was shocked and hugged Song Ci considerately. Only then did Song Ci feel more at ease. She said, “Song Fei, let’s find an appropriate opportunity to sneak to the back of the mountain to take a look.”

“It’s very difficult to find a suitable opportunity.”

“It’s not difficult. On the day the top three of the competition are out, the old master will also appear. On that day, the entire clan will go to the square to watch. At that time, you can secretly sneak into the back of the mountain to investigate.”

Song Fei thought about it seriously and felt that Song Ci’s method was feasible, but the premise was…

“Can you enter the top three?”

Song Ci was speechless.


It was especially cold on this mountain and Song Ci didn’t even want to shower. She took off her sweater and pants, only wearing her thermal underwear, and laid down. Song Fei also laid down lazily. She couldn’t fall asleep for a while, so she turned over and poked Song Ci’s shoulder. “Let’s chat for a while.”

Song Ci clicked her tongue and turned to look at Song Fei. “Talk about what?”

Song Fei asked her, “Who was the person Han Zhan bribed?”

Song Ci snorted proudly. “Why should I tell you?”

Song Fei asked, “What do I have to do for you to tell me?”

Song Ci immediately followed up. “Tell me then, what is your WeChat password?”

Song Fei was amused. “Do you still have any shame?”

“Are you going to tell me?”

Song Fei thought that her WeChat allowance would not exceed 50,000 yuan and said, “889900.”

Song Ci asked, “So simple?”

“Mmm. Are you willing to tell me now?”

Song Ci said, “I’m lying to you. I won’t tell you.”

Hearing this, Song Fei immediately turned around in a fit of pique, her back facing Song Ci, unwilling to talk to Song Ci anymore. Knowing that Song Fei was angry, Song Ci stopped. She raised her index finger and started writing on the back of Song Fei’s thermal underwear.

Song Fei focused on Song Ci’s strokes. After Song Ci finished writing, Song Fei drew those strokes in her mind. Composing all the strokes into words, Song Fei’s eyes widened in shock.

“How can it be that person!” Song Fei never expected that the person Han Zhan bribed would be that person!

Song Ci smiled. “You think it’s very unbelievable, right?”

“Of course.”

“If you find it unbelievable, the Mo Family would never guess that that person to be a traitor. So, Han Zhan’s move is very ruthless.”

Han Zhan was indeed heartless and ruthless.

She liked it.

As Song Fei knew the identity of that Mo clansman who was collaborating with Han Zhan, she had been secretly observing that person the next day. She couldn’t understand why that person chose to collaborate with Han Zhan.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed since Song Ci and the rest entered the Mo Family residence. At noon, when class was ending, the lecturer informed everyone of a piece of news.

“Everyone, the first assessment will be held at 7.30pm sharp tonight. The examination venue is at Shen Si Restaurant. I hope that everyone will not be late.”

Everyone was shocked to know that the examination was held at night. “Why is it held at night?” Everyone was whispering and curious about the contents of the examination tonight.

The auntie from Guangdong asked, “Mr. Mo, what is the assessment today?”

The man surnamed Mo stroked his beard enigmatically. He said, “The assessment will be announced on the spot in the examination hall. Everyone, calm down.”

Hearing this, everyone felt even more uncertain.

Is there a need to be so secretive?

No one knew what the assessment entailed. Even if one wanted to improvise, it would not be successful. In the end, the Mo Family was after the knowledge of all the students.

As a result, these foreign examinees were slightly nervous.

The candidates for the assessment tonight were far more than just the 30 foreign descendants. There were also the young juniors of the Mo Family. The assessment was held every five years and all the juniors from 15 to 20 years old were included.

That proud daughter of the Mo Family, Mo Fengying, would also participate in the assessment tonight.

When it was time for dinner, there were fewer conversations in the canteen than in the past two days. Everyone was worried about their exams tonight and didn’t have the mood to eat. Under the influence of these people, Song Fei also became nervous.

She gave Song Ci all her drumsticks and duck eggs. She wanted her to be full so that she could focus on the exam. “Eat it. Work hard after the exam.”

Song Ci stared at the boiled duck egg in the bowl and asked Song Fei, “You want me to score duck eggs?”

Realizing that she had done something stupid, Song Fei hurriedly put the duck egg into her own bowl, picked up a slice of tomato for Song Ci, and said, “Eat this tomato, it’s a good start!”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Since when did you believe these?”

Song Fei looked around at the candidates and said, “Don’t you realize that everyone is very nervous?” Even now, they still didn’t know what the assessment was about. How could they not be nervous?

Song Ci also noticed it. “The Mo Family’s assessment is indeed very difficult. Let’s eat first. It’s useless to be nervous.”

The examination hall was on the second floor of the building. Song Ci and Song Fei arrived at the building and saw that it was already packed. Song Fei counted and saw that only three to four candidates had not arrived.

Song Ci noticed that Mo Fengying had yet to arrive. As the young mistress of the Mo Family, Mo Fengying would definitely be the finale.

There were still more than 20 minutes to the exam. Some foreign students stood under the Chasing Sun Arrow, looked up at the bow curiously, and asked the Mo students about the origins of this sword.

Amongst the foreign students, a man who looked to be in his fifties called out to a young man beside him and asked humbly, “Why is there a bow and arrow in this square?” Logically speaking, the Mo Family was a medical family and shouldn’t advocate military strength.

That Mo Family student’s expression was slightly unfathomable. He said, “This bow is called the Sun Chasing Arrow. It is not a weapon of our Mo Family. It is the weapon of the female war god, Nangong Xian, 600 years ago. That year, the female war god used this bow to wipe out the foreign countries on the battlefield and settle the internal strife.”

“Nangong Xian…” Song Ci walked under that bow. She looked up at the bow on the platform and couldn’t help but voice her doubts.” As far as I know, Nangong Xian should be from the Nangong Family. Why would Nangong Xian’s bow appear in your Mo Family? ”

Song Ci turned and looked expressionlessly at the Mo Family student who spoke. She asked him, “I wonder if there’s something else going on?”

That young man was instantly stunned by Song Ci’s stunning face when he saw her. His eyes lit up. The young man stared at Song Ci’s cold face and asked happily, “May I ask if this lady is Teacher Song Fei?”

Song Fei had a very high position in the field of viruses. Even the elites of the Mo Family had to respectfully call her teacher.

Song Ci imitated Song Fei’s attitude towards people and replied coldly and politely, “We are about the same age. Just call me Song Fei.”

“Alright, Student Song Fei. My name is Mo Fengyang and I am also a student participating in this assessment. As for why Nangong Xian’s weapon is in my Mo Family, there is indeed a reason…”

Mo Fengyang was about to tell the legend behind the bow when he heard a clear female voice from the back of the crowd. It was getting closer and closer.

“600 years ago, our Mo Family’s Old Ancestor, Mo Liansheng, was once a military doctor under the command of the Nangong Fairy Battle God. The Old Ancestor followed Nangong Xian to conquer the world for several years. The two of them spent all day together and became a loving couple.”

The crowd parted as three to four people strode in.

Song Ci turned and saw Mo Fengying.

Mo Fengying was wearing the same black school uniform as Song Ci. She had a red belt with the number 28 printed on it.

She didn’t realize that Song Ci and Song Fei had gotten intimate and mistook Song Ci for Song Fei. Mo Fengying nodded at Song Fei. “Teacher Song Fei, it’s better to see you than to hear about you. Teacher is much younger than I imagined.”

Song Ci’s face was wooden as she said coldly, “Miss Mo is also very outstanding.”

Mo Fengying thought that “Song Fei” was just being polite. She turned to look at “Song Ci” and said, “We meet again, Mrs. Han.”

Song Fei imitated Song Ci’s smile and tried her best to smile radiantly and naturally. “Miss Mo, so you are also a participant.”

Mo Fengying had met Song Ci twice. Song Ci saw that Song Fei’s reaction was passable and didn’t let Mo Fengying notice anything amiss, so she was relieved.

Mo Fengying said, “Five years ago, I was not yet 15 years old and was not qualified to participate in the competition. I naturally can’t miss this year’s assessment.”

Song Fei acknowledged and ignored Mo Fengying.

Sensing Song Ci’s coldness, Mo Fengying felt slightly strange. This Mrs. Han seemed slightly different from the previous two times she met her. Her attitude towards her was much colder. Could it be that she still blamed me for accidentally spilling the hot water on her the last time?

As Mo Fengying thought this, she heard the beautiful woman beside her ask, “What happened after that?”

Mo Fengying was stunned for a moment before realizing that “Song Fei” was asking her about Nangong Xian and her ancestor.

Mo Fengying looked up at the bow and arrow. She said, “After that, the border was pacified and there was no more fighting. Nangong Xian returned to the capital and became an official. She became a rare female general in that era. Meanwhile, the old ancestor brought his servants to Sichuan and founded the Mo Family Medicine Hall.”

“So they separated?” Song Ci only cared about this.

Mo Fengying nodded.

Song Ci added. “In that era, it was not easy to say that it was love or break up. Who initiated the breakup?”

Mo Fengying pondered for a moment before saying, “It’s our ancestor.”

Song Ci sneered and pointed out. “So, Old Master Mo abandoned the woman he once loved.”

Mo Fengying frowned, feeling slightly offended. “Isn’t it too serious to say that she has been abandoned? It’s just that everyone has their own ambitions. Nangong Xian wants to protect the country and serve it. Meanwhile, Old Master wants to bring Traditional Chinese Medicine to greater heights.”

Mo Fengying couldn’t tolerate anyone looking down on their ancestor.

But Song Ci felt that Mo Fengying’s words were full of sarcasm. She asked, “Where can’t you promote Traditional Chinese Medicine? The capital is so big, can’t it accommodate your ancestor? Why must he come to such a remote Sichuan? Could it be that he has some secret that he can’t be an expert?”

Mo Fengying remained silent.

Hearing Song Ci’s words, everyone also felt that Old Master Mo was too heartless to Nangong Xian. It was just that the reputation of the first generation Medical Saint, Mo Liansheng, was very well-known. Everyone valued his Chinese medicine skills and didn’t care so much about his character.

Moreover, this person had already been dead for hundreds of years. It was pointless to discuss her relationship matters.

A thought surfaced in Mo Fengying’s mind when she saw that ‘Song Fei’ was so aggressive. Her grandfather had said that every medicine man would feel resentful when facing the Sun Chasing Arrow.

Every medicine person could share Nangong Xian’s resentment. Could it be that this Song Fei…

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