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Chapter 318: The Bragging Song Ci

After all the dishes were placed on the table, the steward called Mo Suiyun from yesterday walked into the dining room.

He bowed to everyone and said, “Everyone, our Family Head and Madam are rushing over here. Please wait a moment. We have also prepared the specialties of the clan for everyone. The green fruit on the porcelain plate in front of you is the special spirit awakening fruit from the valley. It can relieve fatigue and help you sleep. It also tastes very sweet. Why don’t you try it?”

Song Ci chose a fruit that looked like winter dates and took a bite. It was indeed very sweet, but Song Ci felt disgusted after taking a bite.

She put down the fruit and didn’t touch it again.

A female scholar in her thirties said, “This is my first time eating this fruit. I’ve never seen it on the market. It tastes pretty good.”

Mo Suiyun smiled complacently. He said proudly, “This kind of fruit is only produced in our valley. They grow on the hillside on the west side. This kind of fruit suddenly appeared 200 years ago. Its fruit is fresh and sweet. You can sleep well after eating it. As the yield is small, it has never been sold.”

“Then we are in for a treat.”

But Song Ci raised a question. “Could it be that the soil in the valley is special and that’s why it produced such a strange fruit?”

Mo Suiyun looked over at Song Ci. He smiled enigmatically and didn’t explain in detail. He just said, “Miss Song is right. It is indeed because that soil is too fertile that such fruits grow.”

As for why it was fertile, Mo Suiyun didn’t elaborate.

During the afternoon break between classes, Song Ci had carefully sized up the four mountains of the Mo Family. She noticed that there were almost no houses on the mountains to the west, but there were the most rare herbs on those mountains.

A blurry thought surfaced in Song Ci’s mind.


Perhaps the bones of generations of herbalists were buried on that mountain. Herbalists’ flesh and blood were all treasures, so those bones were naturally useful.

Once this thought surfaced, Song Ci stared at the fruit in front of her and nearly vomited on the spot. She hurriedly picked up a glass of sweet fruit juice and drank it, suppressing that disgusting feeling.

At this moment, the head of the Mo Family and his wife arrived.

The new Mo Family head was called Mo Suixin. Mo Suixin was the only son of Old Master Mo Zhangkuang. Mo Zhangkang had a son at an old age and only got such a son at the age of 35. Mo Suixi was also talented in Traditional Chinese Medicine and had been groomed by Mo Zhangkuang for his entire life. Now, he was also the big boss of the medical world.

Mo Suixin was Mo Fengying’s father. His face was very elegant and there were no signs of age on it. At a glance, he was just an ordinary middle-aged man.

Mo Suixin was wearing a black long gown with a modified Chinese tunic suit inside. As he walked, he exuded the majestic aura of a great family head. Meanwhile, the Madam of the family behind him was wearing a winter cheongsam with a cloak draped over her shoulders. Her hair was pulled up, revealing a pretty face.

Mo Fengying looked just like her mother, elegant and pure.

Song Ci stared at Mo Suixin’s face thoughtfully.

According to their relationship, this person should be her and Song Fei’s uncle.

Song Ci knew that the Old Master of the Mo Family, Mo Zhangkang, was still alive. He was in his seventies and still very healthy. Song Ci thought that the Old Master would also appear at the banquet tonight. She was slightly disappointed to not see him.

On second thought, the elderly head was of high status and should not attend such a small event.

Perhaps only after the competition ended and the top three were selected would that mysterious elderly head appear.

As soon as Mo Suixin sat down, he noticed a pair of twins behind the banquet table. He had already heard that Zeus Corporation’s CEO’s wife and her elder sister were also in the competition team this time. It looked like this peerlessly beautiful pair was Song Ci and Song Fei.

Mo Suixin retracted his gaze, raised his glass, said a few polite words, had a few drinks with everyone, and started chatting.

Everyone was talking about things related to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some were sharing the interesting things that they had encountered in their lives, while others were teasing them about the ridiculous debates that they had discovered when they interacted with people about Western Medicine.

Song Ci listened quietly and seldom spoke.

But Mo Suixin had already noticed Song Fei. He knew that Song Fei was the youngest virus specialist in the country. Thinking that such a genius was also well-versed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, he felt proud and wanted to give Song Fei some face.

“Miss Song Fei, what do you think of Traditional Chinese Medicine?”

Song Ci, who was acting as Song Fei, was suddenly called. She put down her drink, held her face, and imitated Song Fei’s cold face slightly. If not for the people who interacted with her all day and night, they would never have recognized the difference between her and Song Fei.

Song Ci said, “Traditional Chinese Medicine is our country’s traditional art and culture, but I don’t think it is perfect. Although it has developed for thousands of years, it is still a stumbling child learning how to walk. But I won’t deny that it is indeed a very impressive and huge discipline.”

“It’s like when we stand at the top of a mountain and look at the valley. I can see the subdivisions and structures of every house in the valley clearly. I can figure out the name and gender of every resident, but this doesn’t mean that I am qualified to be the patriarch of this race. Meanwhile, Traditional Chinese Medicine is this valley we are in. You think you can see through it, you think you understand it, but in reality, what you see is always just superficial and superficial.”

“Traditional Chinese Medicine is a medical field with experience. It’s only right to seek knowledge without limit. Previously, there were ancestors who wrote the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Scripture, Shennong Hundred Herb Scripture, and The Theory of Painting Cold. And I also hope that in the future, there will be Song Fei’s Medicine Identification Record and The Study of Heartless Medicine.”

Everyone fell silent at Song Ci’s words.

Following that, thunderous applause sounded.

Song Fei looked at her sister’s side profile and thought: Keep bragging.

Song Ci’s words made Mo Suixin enthusiastic. He praised her twice. “Good! Good! What a good Song Fei’s Medicine Identification Record and Heart to Pharmaceuticals! Young people should have the ambition of a swan like you!”

After a long discussion, they could finally have a good meal. Song Ci used her chopsticks to pick up the coriander on each dish before lowering her head to eat. She thought to herself that it would be great if Han Zhan was here. He liked coriander so much and the coriander here could make him full.

After dinner, it was already dark. Song Ci and Song Fei boarded the cable car back to their room.

Once she returned to the room, Song Ci took off her clothes and untied the straps around her chest. She bent down and heaved a long sigh.

Staring at her chest, Song Ci said worriedly, “Song Fei, will my chest deform if this goes on?”

Song Fei expressed that she didn’t know. She was slightly melancholic and said in a slightly peeved tone, “Don’t ask me. This question is too much.” Only people with big boobs would be worried about their chest drooping and expanding. Even the small-breasted people didn’t have this worry.

She had no right to worry.

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