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Chapter 317: Changing Identities, Song Ci Taking the Exam

Song Fei looked at Song Ci in shock. After a long while, she murmured. “So you also have a brain.”

Song Ci could hear Song Fei’s mockery. She rolled her eyes and said, “I am also very smart, alright?” It was just that Song Fei’s IQ was too high and she had extraordinary talent in numbers. Compared to Song Fei, Song Ci appeared too mediocre.

But Song Ci was never an idiot. “Next, we need to figure out how many medicine men the Mo Family has. The fewer medicine men there are, the better for Han Zhan and my plan.”

Song Fei couldn’t help asking, “What does Han Zhan want to do?”

Song Ci looked at the school that was getting closer and closer. She smiled without any warmth. “Destroy the Mo Family!”

From the moment Song Ci entered the Mo Family and saw that bow, she felt a strong sense of anger. She could feel the anger and hatred of the bow’s owner before his death. She felt like she had been betrayed and wanted revenge.

Song Ci vaguely guessed that the owner of that bow might also be a medicine man. Medicine men had telepathy between their own kind.

Destroying the Mo Family was both her and Han Zhan’s wish.

They just didn’t know where her grandmother was hidden.

The cable car stopped. Song Ci and Song Fei walked side by side into the school, found their seats, and sat down. Song Fei sat in the student’s seat, while Song Ci sat with the other assistants.

The teacher was an old gentleman from the Mo Family. This old gentleman’s lecture was completely boring, as if he was memorizing a book. Song Fei was drowsy, while Song Ci listened intently. After class, Song Ci and Song Fei discussed the contents of the old gentleman’s lecture. Song Ci realized that Song Fei actually knew nothing.

Seeing this, Song Ci finally looked doubtful of Song Fei. “Song Fei, are you sure you can do it?”

Song Fei pursed her lips and looked at the buildings in the valley below the mountain. In the end, she decided to be honest with Song Ci. She said, “Song Ci, actually, I am not proficient in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I only remember the acupuncture chart of the human body and only know acupuncture…”

Song Ci was shocked. “What about the name and effect of the Chinese medicine? Don’t you know how to treat the symptoms?”

Song Fei didn’t speak, but her red face said it all. The cold and arrogant Song Fei seldom blushed. Song Ci stared at Song Fei’s red face and gasped. “Song Fei, you…”

“You are f*cking trying to kill me!”

Song Ci gritted her teeth, wishing she could bite Song Fei.

Song Ci sat down on the stone floor and gazed at the rising sun on the other side of the mountain. Her heart felt cold. “We are here to compete and save our grandmother. If we are eliminated in the first round, we won’t even know which mountain our grandmother is locked up in.”

Song Fei also felt apologetic, but she was also very helpless. “Song Ci, I do have a very strong memory for numbers, but I really can’t remember those words that Traditional Chinese Medicine taught.”

Geniuses also had their shortcomings.

Song Ci said, “It’s very easy to remember. Every herb has a different name. Even if some herbs look at them, their roots are different and their aura is different…”

Song Fei frowned. “I can’t differentiate them at all. I can’t tell their scent either.”

Song Ci stopped talking. Her face was wrinkled and she felt very bitter.

“I’ll tell you.” Song Fei suddenly grabbed Song Ci’s hand and squeezed it hard. Song Ci looked at her in confusion and couldn’t help asking, “What?”

Song Fei said, “Song Ci, let’s change identities.”

Song Ci was confused.

She understood what Song Fei meant and hurriedly waved her hands to reject her. “That won’t do. I have bigger breasts than you and taller than you. I will be exposed.”

Song Fei said, “Our information doesn’t include height. Moreover, if your chest is big, just wrap it tighter.”

Song Ci asked, “What about you? Steamed buns?”

Song Fei’s brows twitched wildly. She really wanted to press Song Ci to the ground. She took a deep breath and said reluctantly, “I’ll stuff some fabric…”

Song Fei continued to persuade Song Ci. “You’ve been following Father around since you were young and took a fancy to medical books. Didn’t you love to play medicine guessing games with Father when you were young? Perhaps we can still stay if you take the assessment.”

What else could Song Ci do? She could only agree!

When they returned to the dormitory to rest in the afternoon, Song Ci and Song Fei changed their clothes. Song Ci couldn’t breathe with her deliberately restrained chest. Song Fei also felt strange and kept adjusting her chest shape.

Song Ci couldn’t stand it anymore and said to Song Fei, “Forget it, don’t be picky. No one can tell with such thick clothes.”

Song Fei saw that Song Ci looked very upset and felt slightly guilty. “I’m sorry, Song Ci…”

Song Ci was relieved. “Why are you apologizing? You are a human, not a superman. You are already very outstanding. It is useless to blame you previously. I should be the one apologizing.”

No one was born with talent. Even Song Fei was someone she couldn’t compare to. It was Song Ci who always thought highly of Song Fei. It was her lack of respect and love for Song Fei.

Song Ci hugged Song Fei. “Song Fei, you must always be by my side and protect me. If I get agitated, you must cover for me.”

These people from the Mo Family all had a pair of dog noses. Even if Song Ci had removed her armpits’ sweat glands, when she was abnormally agitated, the countless sweat glands all over her body would still emit a medicinal fragrance. If these dogs from the Mo Family discovered this, we would really never return.

Song Fei nodded seriously. “I will.”

After taking an afternoon nap, they went to class again in the afternoon. After the last lesson, the teacher called out to everyone and told them, “Thank you all for thinking highly of our Mo Family and coming from afar to attend school. Our family head specially set up a banquet and will personally entertain all your colleagues tonight.”

“Everyone, please follow me.”

That gentleman brought everyone on a cable car to the valley.

At this point, the sun had already set and the lights were turned on in the valley. Song Ci and the rest were crossing a small wooden bridge to attend the banquet. Standing on the bridge, Song Ci looked up at the tall mountain hugging them and felt suffocated.

The banquet was held in the welcoming building in the middle of the valley. The dishes were all authentic Sichuan cuisine. It was spicy and spicy with lots of oil. It looked very fragrant.

Song Ci and Song Fei could both eat spicy food and loved spicy food. Their appetite was whetted at the sight of those dishes. But the couple who came to the Mo Family yesterday in the car with Song Ci and the rest were from Guangdong. Their expressions changed the moment they saw the table full of Sichuan dishes.

The two of them started chatting in Cantonese. Song Ci roughly understood what they were talking about and her shoulders trembled with laughter.

Song Fei asked her, “What are you laughing at?”

Song Ci leaned close to Song Fei’s shoulder and said, “Just now, that uncle behind us told his wife that if she ate these dishes, her anus would swell tonight…”

Song Fei was speechless.

But the Mo Family was rather considerate. Knowing that there were guests who couldn’t eat spicy food, they also prepared a few light dishes. Only when they saw that light dishes were served did the couple relax.

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