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Chapter 316: The Mo Family Will Definitely Die!


But Mo Suiyun still shook his head. “No.”

Mo Zhangkuang thought for a moment and said regretfully, “Perhaps, Fengying is really mistaken.” Medicine men had already started to become extinct. Now, apart from that old antique in the clan, there was no other medicine man at all.

“You can leave first.”

“Alright, Family Head.”

After the news broadcast was over, Mo Zhangkuang got up and walked out of the small building. He stood in the courtyard outside the building and looked at the houses on the East Mountain.

I wonder if anyone will give me a surprise in this competition?

It had been many years since he had met a little genius that even he felt was breathtaking. All these years, apart from Mo Fengying, no one in the Mo Family could show him the future.

But because of that damn curse, Fengying was destined to not live past 25 years old!

If he wanted Fengying to live, he could only kill Nangong Yingying. But with Nangong Yingying’s death, there would be no medicine man in this world. In the future, the medicine produced by the Mo Family would get worse and worse. The Mo Family’s status would be shaken sooner or later.

The Mo Family had been in the limelight for hundreds of years and was about to reach its end.

Thinking of the decline of the Mo Family in his hands, Mo Zhangkuang felt guilty. He couldn’t help thinking that if that person hadn’t been driven out of the Mo Family back then and the Mo Family had been handed over to that person, would they have found a new way out?

But this thought was extinguished by Mo Zhangkuang.

That person is already dead. What else is there to think about…

When Song Ci opened her eyes again, it was already daytime.

She leaned against the head of the bed and looked at Song Fei, who had already washed up. She hurriedly asked, “I fell asleep just like that last night? I didn’t even eat?”

Song Fei turned and looked at her in a speechless manner. She pointed at the watch on her wrist and told her, “Song Ci, you really can sleep. You slept for 13 hours.”

Song Ci went to bed at 7pm last night. It was already 8am and it was already past breakfast time. Song Fei pointed at the breakfast on the plate on the table and said, “I brought you breakfast.”

Others were all assistants queuing up to get breakfast, but she was the one serving the assistant.

Song Ci lifted the blanket, walked to the table, and sat down. The Mo Family’s breakfast was fried dough sticks, soy milk, and steamed buns. The steamed buns tasted really good and were fragrant and soft.

Song Fei probably knew that the buns were delicious and brought six back for Song Ci. Song Ci finished all the buns in one go. After finishing the buns, she started to pinch the small belly on her stomach and said worriedly, “If the Mo Family’s breakfast is always so good, I will become fat.”

Song Fei said, “The premise is that we can advance all the way. If we can’t, we can pack our luggage and get lost three days later.”

Song Ci said, “What are you afraid of? You are a little genius.”

Song Fei looked at Song Ci hesitantly. She really wanted to tell Song Ci that she was really not good at Traditional Chinese Medicine, but Song Fei controlled herself.

She wanted face!

Song Ci saw that Song Fei’s clothes were rather strange. It was a black cotton shirt with a red belt around her waist. Song Ci picked up that belt and saw the number 17 on it.

“These are the clothes sent by the Mo Family?”

“Mmm, school uniform.”

Song Ci pouted. “So ugly. Not fashionable at all.”

Song Fei also felt that this dress was especially ugly, but she had no choice. Everyone was wearing this. “Go out and take a look. You will know that in the entire Mo Family, no one is compatible with fashion.”

Song Fei lifted her chin at the stool beside her and said to Song Ci, “That’s your clothes. Go change into them.”

Song Ci was very reluctant. She had no choice but to take off her own private clothes and change into the Mo Family’s school uniform. She said as she put on her clothes, “Do we have to wear school uniforms as assistants?”

“Mmm, they say they treat everyone equally.”

“Don’t tell me we have to listen to your class too?”

“What do you think?” Song Fei gave Song Ci a meaningful look.

Song Ci suddenly felt like a frosted eggplant. “I really want to go back.” But thinking of how her grandmother was locked up in the Mo Family and had to have her blood released every day, and her heart dug out even after her death, Song Ci pulled herself together. “Let’s go out and take a look.”

“Let’s go.”

The sisters walked out of the room. There was no one in the corridor and it was eerily quiet. Song Ci followed Song Fei down the wooden stairs. The two of them walked around the narrow corridor and finally saw a Mo Family member.

It was a man in his twenties. He looked ordinary and was drying the newly collected herbs. Song Ci smelled the fragrance of the herbs. She walked over and sniffed. “Is this lotus vanilla?”

The man who was drying the medicine tilted his head in surprise and said to Song Ci, “Miss, you know it?”

“Mmm, lotus vanilla, leaves like camphor leaves, flowers like lotus flowers, and the heart of the lotus can be boiled into medicine to treat insomnia. Nowadays, some expensive insomnia medicine on the market uses it.” These were all written on Song Ci’s medical skills booklet in the past. Song Ci memorized them after reading them once.

Seeing that Song Ci could accurately tell the characteristics and medicinal properties of this medicine, the man looked at her affectionately. Noticing that there was no number on Song Ci’s red belt and that the belt of the girl who looked like her had number 17 on it, he instantly understood.

“You are sisters?”

Mmm.” Song Ci pointed at Song Fei behind her. “This is my elder sister.”

The man nodded and smiled. “As an assistant, you can recognize this lotus vanilla at a glance. I believe your elder sister must be even more knowledgeable and have exceptional medical skills. May I know where you are from?”

Song Fei felt awkward at the man’s compliment.

How am I exceptional?

Song Ci added. “Our father is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. He’s not from a famous family. He’s just a barefooted doctor in the countryside.”

“I believe your father must be an extraordinary gentleman.”

Song Ci chuckled and asked the man, “What’s your name?”

The man said, “Mo Fengqing.”

Song Ci frowned slightly and asked, “What’s your relationship with Mo Fengying?”

“We are all juniors of the Feng generation. Miss Fengying is one of the best in our generation. I don’t have much contact with her.” In reality, in the Mo Family, those who could befriend Mo Fengying were all geniuses of the Mo Family.

Ordinary juniors like them had no chance of befriending Mo Fengying. Seeing that these two ladies knew Mo Fengying, Mo Fengqing respected them even more.

Song Ci knew that such families respected the strong, so she didn’t ask Mo Fengqing about anything else. Even if she wanted to ask, she couldn’t get any useful answers.

“Oh yes, Brother Fengqing, how are we going to the school?” The new foreign students had to undergo three days of systematic teaching before they could participate in the competition three days later.

Mo Fengqing hurriedly said, “It’s on the hill to the north. You can ride cable car number 9 straight there.”

“Thank you!”

With that, Song Ci pulled Song Fei to cable car 9.

After boarding the car, Song Fei frowned and lectured Song Ci. “If Han Zhan knows that you are fooling around with men outside, he will definitely teach you a lesson when he gets back. Take it as my loss.”

Song Ci said, “If you don’t say it and I don’t say it, who will know?”

Song Fei glared at her.

Song Ci looked down at the valley and saw many Mo Family members busy. She said, “Song Fei, do you think I am flirting with little brother?”

Song Fei said, “Isn’t it?” She watched as that young man called Mo Fengqing’s ears turned red from Song Ci’s flirting.

Song Ci shook her head. “No.” Song Ci told Song Fei, “In just a few words, I received a lot of news.”

Song Fei asked skeptically, “What do you know?”

“Mo Fengying is considered the cream of the crop in the Mo Family, but in my opinion, that Mo Fengying is just so-so. I once heard from Han Zhan that when Old Master Long came to participate in the competition, the Mo Family produced many geniuses. In that generation, there was the genius Mo Zhangkuang, the strange genius Mo Qingkuang, and the pharmaceutical monster Mo Xiaokuang.”

“But in just a few decades, the Mo Family has already fallen to such a state. A mere Mo Fengying is already the most capable young generation. Do you think the Mo Family has lost its talents and is about to fall?”

Song Fei thought about it and agreed.

“Moreover, the Mo Family is a cursed family. Every family head’s biological child is a cursed person who won’t live past 25 years old. If this Mo Fengqing wants to live past 25 years old, she must dig out the heart of a medicine man. But the medicine man is already on the verge of extinction. Any medicine man is a precious treasure. If Mo Fengying digs out the medicine man’s heart in order to live, the Mo Family will face the point of having no medicine man left. At that time…”

Song Ci’s lips curled into a smile. She said gloatingly, “Without the help of the medicine men, the medicine developed by the Mo Family will lose its powerful effects. How is it different from the pharmaceutical companies outside? The Mo Family’s position as a Traditional Chinese Medicine family will definitely collapse!”

“The Mo Family is about to perish!”

This was the information Song Ci had gathered from Mo Fengqing’s few words.

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