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Chapter 309: Do You Believe that Brother Han Does Everything Evil?

He just wanted to come out for a barbeque but didn’t expect to get a girlfriend.

Aaron stared at the brilliant smile on Nan Yanyan’s face. When she smiled, there were stars in her curved eyes, bright and intoxicating.

Aaron had seen all sorts of people. He could tell at a glance what kind of people were scheming, what kind of people pretended to be deep, and what kind of people were innocent.

The woman in front of him was looking up at the fireworks and smiling so widely that her teeth were exposed. She looked like a child who had grown up in a happy family. Her smile was clean and radiant. A girl like her had a fatal attraction to dirty-minded people like them.

The dirtier a person was, the more they liked clean people. Some people wanted to destroy that cleanliness, while others yearned for that cleanliness.

Meanwhile, Aaron was very envious of Nan Yanyan.

After Nan Yanyan finished admiring the last firework, she turned to look at Aaron and asked him, “Have you dated before?”

Aaron shook his head. “It’s my first time.”

Nan Yanyan was slightly shocked. “Really?”


“You are very handsome. How can you not be in love? Han Rang, how old are you?”

Very few people called Aaron by his full name. Everyone usually called him Aaron. For a moment, Aaron was still not used to being called Han Rang. He rubbed his chest and said, “34.”

Nan Yanyan’s mouth widened slightly and her expression was slightly strange.

Seeing this, Aaron smiled again. “What’s the matter? Are you despising me for being old?”

“No, you don’t look old.” Nan Yanyan smiled. “You look especially young. I thought you were only 26 or 27 years old.” That was why Nan Yan called Aaron little brother the first time she saw him.

Aaron took it that Nan Yanyan was praising him for being young. He asked Nan Yan, “What about you? How old are you?”

Only after confirming their relationship did the two of them start to understand each other.

Nan Yanyan said, “I am 29 years old.” She glanced at Aaron meaningfully and said, “But this is not my first time in a relationship. I have been in a relationship before. This is my second time.”

“Mmm.” Aaron had no objections to this. In today’s society, who had not been in a few relationships?

“My first boyfriend was my Captain. He was a man with a lot of character and played the game very well. At that time, I thought that a man who played the game well had a good character. Later on, that jerk Captain told me with his real actions that gaming skills and character were two things that were not related at all.”

Hearing this, Aaron smiled. “You are too naive.”

Nan Yanyan shot Aaron a reproachful look. “Shouldn’t you be gentler to your girlfriend? You keep insulting me and I might not be able to go to the base.”

Aaron asked very sincerely, “What do you mean by going to the base?”

Nan Yanyan was speechless.

I forgot that this guy is a foreigner. It’s his first time in a relationship.

“Going to the base means going to bed.” Nan Yanyan’s tone was calm, but her ears were very red.

But it was dark and Aaron didn’t notice the change in Nan Yanyan.

Aaron clicked his tongue and leaned against his motorcycle. “As long as I want to, there’s nothing I can’t do.” But he was not passionate about sex. It was better to earn money.

Nan Yanyan stared at Aaron’s face. In the dark, his handsome face was covered in a protective layer. No one could see his true face.

What a mysterious delivery boy.

Nan Yanyan took the initiative to tell Aaron about her past so that he could understand her. She said, “I’ve liked computers since I was young. I’m considered one of the earliest eSports players in the country.”

“I was selected by an eSports company when I was 15 years old and became their trainee. At 17 years old, I participated in team battles as an official member. From 17 to 24 years old, I had always served my first team, but later on, due to some problems with my hands, I could only retire.”

“After I retired, I rested for a year and went to race for a year. At the age of 26, I was found by the boss of the AK team and became the coach of the AK team.”

“You are a coach?” Aaron frowned. “But they call you manager.”

“Mmm, I am not only a coach, but also the second boss of an eSports company. But they like to call me manager.” Nan Yanyan pointed at her own heart. “Manager Nan, it sounds very cool.”

Aaron nodded, indicating that he remembered all of this.

After sharing her past with Aaron, it was Nan Yanyan’s turn to understand him. Nan Yanyan asked him, “What about you? What did you do in the past?”

“I…” Aaron turned and winked slyly at Nan Yanyan.” Do you believe that I will commit all sorts of evil? ”


“Why not?”

Nan Yanyan remained silent.

Nan Yanyan’s intuition told her that Han Rang was not someone who would commit any crime.

Han Rang stared at Nan Yanyan’s face for a while. He didn’t see any signs of lying on her face. He said, “I used to be very chaotic. My family background is rather complicated. I had to obey orders and do many illegal things. So I am really not a good person.”

I am a terrible person.

Nan Yan didn’t probe into his past. She just asked, “Is Han Rang your previous name or a new one?”

“It’s new.” Aaron smiled until his eight teeth were exposed. He said proudly, “I have already obtained Chinese citizenship, so my surname is Han with my brother.”

“My brother is Han Zhan. You’ve met him before.” Aaron said, “He is my half-brother.”

“Oh I see.”

Unexpectedly, the delivery man was the brother of the richest man. No wonder the delivery man was trending on the forum on the first day of delivery.

To be able to successfully obtain the Chinese citizenship meant that what Han Rang had done in the past was not unforgivable. Nan Yanyan asked him, “In that case, will you be a good person or a bad person in the future?”

“I don’t know if I will be a good person, but I definitely can’t be a bad person.” He wanted to live the rest of his life clean and calm more than anyone.

Aaron took out a lollipop from his pocket, peeled it, and was about to throw it into his mouth when he remembered that he already had a girlfriend.

He couldn’t eat alone.

Aaron threw that lollipop to Nan Yanyan.

Nan Yanyan hurriedly bent over to catch the candy and popped it into her mouth.

Aaron peeled another candy. He licked it with the tip of his tongue, looked up at the few dim stars in the night sky, and said, “I want to work hard to earn money, buy a house, and then set up an orphanage to be a father to all the orphans!”

Nan Yanyan was stunned before saying, “Not bad.”

Aaron snorted. “I will have many children in the future. I will teach every child to love life.”

Suddenly, Nan Yanyan’s cell phone rang.

[Only when I see that you are silver in color and can’t differentiate the seasons will I dare to say that I am addicted. How much longer will it take for me to enter your heart? How long will it take for me to get close to you, the person who is so close yet so far away…]

Nan Yanyan hurriedly picked up the call. It was from the captain of the AK team.

“Manager, you’re not back yet? Should I lock it for you?”

Nan Yanyan glanced at Aaron before saying, “Stay, I will be back soon.”

“Alright, be careful.”


Nan Yanyan hung up and heard Aaron ask, “What song?”


“Your ringtone is nice. What song is it?”

Nan Yanyan smiled and told him, “It’s’ Mercury ‘.”


Aaron put on his helmet. “Let’s go. It’s time to go back.”


The two of them rode their respective cars down the hill. Aaron followed behind Nan Yanyan and sent her to the basement of the AK eSports building. After watching her enter, he returned home.

The next morning, Aaron woke up feeling refreshed. He saw that it was snowing outside the window and there was already a layer of snow on the ground.

Aaron wanted to play with snow.

He arrived at Han Miao and Han Jun’s nursery. The two little guys were putting on clothes.

Aaron found two consecutive down jackets in their wardrobe. “Wear this.” Aaron handed the down jacket to the butler.

The butler also felt that this down jacket was warmer, so he helped the two little girls change into it. Once they changed, Aaron carried a child in one hand and ran downstairs.

Han Zhan woke up rather early today. When Aaron carried the child downstairs, Han Zhan had already finished his morning exercises.

On the cold winter morning, Han Zhan was only wearing a thin sportswear. As he had exercised a lot, he was sweating profusely and the back of his sportswear was wet.

He was drinking fresh salt water.

Seeing Aaron carrying his baby over, Han Zhan put down the glass, stopped Aaron, and asked him, “What are you doing?”

Aaron said, “Bring them to play in the snow.”

Han Zhan frowned and looked at Aaron disapprovingly. “It’s too cold outside. They will catch a cold…”

“How can they be so delicate! We soaked in ice water when we were young and nothing happened!” Aaron went around Han Zhan and carried the children out.

He placed the two little guys in the snow and said, “Come, let’s have a snowball fight!”

Han Miao and Han Jun stood in the snow, not daring to move. They were both stunned. Han Jun and Han Miao had never played in the snow before. They stood in the snow and didn’t know how to walk.

Aaron despised them for being stupid. “Uncle will teach you how to play!”

Han Jun and Han Miao didn’t wear gloves. Aaron carried them and sat down in the snow, letting them touch the snow with their hands. Feeling the cold snow, Han Miao and Han Jun felt that it was novel.

“Snow snow.” Han Miao had seen many picture books. One of them told a story about a snowman. Han Miao looked up and said to Aaron, “Uncle, build a snowman!”


Aaron brought his two nieces to build snowmen in the snow.

Song Ci came downstairs for breakfast. She saw the three of them in the snow and was slightly angry. “Han Zhan, why did Aaron bring the child into the snow? He is a child and so are you? Don’t you know how to stop him?”

Han Zhan stared at his daughters who were having a good time outside the house and said with a smile, “It’s okay, the children are not so weak.” He said to Butler Cai, “Burn the fireplace.”

“Alright, Sir.”

Song Ci glared at Han Zhan fiercely and warned him with her index finger. “If Miaomiao and Junjun catch a cold, I will settle the score with you.”

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s index finger. “Why are you so fierce? Sit down and let’s have breakfast.”

Han Zhan brought Song Ci to the dining table and sat down. There were fried dough sticks this morning and Han Zhan’s favorite pancake beef rolls. Song Ci held her cutlery elegantly as Han Zhan grabbed the beef rolls and ate them in big bites.

The butler and the helpers were already used to this and did their own things, not paying much attention to the two of them.

Song Ci slept rather late last night. Before she fell asleep, she seemed to hear Aaron’s car. Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Why didn’t Aaron come back with you last night?”

Han Zhan looked up at the sky. His blue eyes darted around before he slowly recalled what happened last night. “Yan Jiang and I left first. He stayed in the shop to accompany a friend.”

“Aaron has friends?” As far as she knew, Aaron was busy earning money everyday and had no time to make friends.

“It’s a woman wooing Aaron.”

Han Zhan was very observant. He could tell at a glance that that girl called Nan Yanyan was wooing Aaron. Han Zhan ate the last bite of beef roll and asked Song Ci, “What time did you sleep last night?”

“About 2am.”

But it was only past midnight when Han Zhan returned.

Han Zhan suddenly got up and walked out of the room. He came to the side of the pool. Aaron was skating on the frozen pool and the two little guys were also crawling on the ice.

Han Zhan chuckled at Aaron.

Aaron turned and saw Han Zhan. Thinking that Han Zhan was here to call him for dinner, he said, “I’m not hungry. I won’t eat breakfast.” I ate too much last night.

Han Zhan squatted down and asked him, “You came back at 2am last night?”


“What did you do?”

Aaron answered honestly, “Racing and watching fireworks.”

“Watch fireworks? With who?” He saw that Aaron’s eyes were wandering and flashing, and instantly understood everything. “You went racing with that woman last night and even watched fireworks?”


Han Zhan still felt strange. “Why did you guys set off fireworks for no reason? Could it be…” He smiled ambiguously and asked Aaron,” She confessed to you? ”

Han Zhan was like an old mother checking on her daughter’s relationship.

Aaron said, “Kind of.”

“What do you mean by kind of?”

Aaron threw the snowball in his hand to Han Zhan’s feet. Han Zhan picked it up and threw it at Aaron’s neck.

Aaron hurriedly dodged the snowball that was thrown at him. He said, “She likes me. I told her that if she wins in racing, I will be her boyfriend. If she loses, she is not allowed to like me anymore…”

“In the end, you lost.” Han Zhan’s tone was very certain.

Aaron couldn’t help asking, “Why are you so sure?”

Han Zhan said, “If she lost, she won’t set off fireworks.”

Aaron said, “That’s true. She won.”

“Damn.” Han Zhan looked slightly excited and gossipy. “Not bad, Aaron. It’s a joyous occasion to be single again.”

Aaron couldn’t feel Han Zhan’s joy at all. He said, “I wanted to reject her and make her give up, but I didn’t expect her driving skills to be no worse than a professional racer.”

It was Aaron’s carelessness and underestimation that allowed him to escape singlehood.

“Don’t worry about the process. I just want to see the results.” Han Zhan narrowed his eyes at Aaron and pointed out sharply. “You still have a good impression of her, right? If you really don’t like her, you should just reject her. There’s no need to make a racing bet.”

Any bet would have variables. Aaron was still looking forward to those variables, so he made such a bet.

He was afraid of touching love, but he also hoped for love, so he was so conflicted.

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Aaron was stunned. He didn’t even notice that Miaomiao had thrown a snowball at his feet.

Han Zhan saw that Aaron still didn’t understand his own heart, so he carried Han Miao and Han Jun back into the house, leaving Aaron alone to think about life on the ice.

Song Ci hurriedly took off the down jackets on the children and changed into warm jackets for them. She carried them to the fireplace to warm them.

Han Zhan had to go to work. Before leaving, he asked Song Ci, “Baby Ci, are you coming to work with me?”

Song Ci rejected him. “I won’t disturb you from your work.”

Han Zhan left on his own.

Not long after he left, Aaron came to the fireplace. He sat cross-legged on the wooden floor, looked up at Song Ci, and said, “Song Ci, I have a girlfriend.”

Song Ci was slightly shocked. “When did this happen?”

“Six hours ago.”

Song Ci revealed the same gossipy and excited look as Han Zhan. “Who is it? Which family’s lady? Do I know her? Is she good-looking?”

Aaron said, “prettier than you.”

Song Ci didn’t believe him. “There aren’t many girls who are better looking than me in Wangdong City. If there were, she wouldn’t fancy a stingy guy like you.”

Aaron snorted. “She’s really prettier than you.”

Song Ci said, “How pitiful. You are so young, why are you blind?”

“Never mind if you don’t believe me.”

Aaron stared at that flame and didn’t speak, but didn’t get up to leave either. Song Ci touched Han Miao and Han Jun’s hands and realized that their hands were warmer. Only then did she allow them to have breakfast.

The two little guys skipped away. Only then did Song Ci look at Aaron, who was on the ground, and ask him, “Do you have something to say?” If there was nothing to say to her, there was no way Aaron would sit there obediently and warm himself up.

Aaron looked up and looked at Song Ci hesitantly.

Song Ci raised her brows. “What do you want to say?”

Aaron lowered his head again and refused to speak.

There was a bamboo basket beside Song Ci’s sofa with yarn balls and needles. She was very patient and picked up the needles to knit.

For the past two years, Song Ci had no time to knit a sweater for Han Zhan. He always wore that panda sweater and wandered around, so Song Ci decided to knit another one for Han Zhan.

The sweater was already lined up, so it was done very quickly. Soon, a sleeve was done knitting. At this moment, Aaron suddenly said, “I was awakened by a nightmare this morning.”

Song Ci didn’t stop. “What kind of nightmare?”

Aaron covered his face with his hand and said fearfully, “I dreamed that someone fell from the rooftop of a building in front of me. I took a closer look and realized that that person was my girlfriend…”

“I also dreamed of Edward. He was covered in bloody holes and told me darkly that he wouldn’t let me off…”

Aaron’s tone was filled with pain. “Song Ci, my heart is in a mess and I am also scared.” Even if Edward was already dead, the fear that Edward created in Aaron’s heart would never dissipate.

Feeling Aaron’s pain and pleading, Song Ci finally put down the sweater in her hand.

She looked down at Aaron and finally couldn’t resist raising her hand to land on his short golden hair. “Edward is already dead. He died in that tsunami and his corpse has long been eaten clean by the fish in the sea. That Edward who appeared in your dream is just the fear in your heart.”

]”The one who committed suicide was Sophie, not your girlfriend. Everything is just your inner demon.”

How could Aaron not understand this? But how could something like a mental demon be eliminated just like that? Aaron sighed. “I finally understand how Sicilio felt when he took the initiative to send Su Huanyan away back then.”

He loved her deeply and didn’t dare to touch her.

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