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Chapter 310: Du Xueyan: Gu Shengyao is Dead, No One In This World Will Love Me Anymore

Song Ci’s heart ached slightly at the sight of Aaron in this state. But she instantly recalled how Aaron had thrown her into the sea when they first met and instantly dispelled that pity.

This is not a pitiful child.

Song Ci comforted Aaron. “Don’t worry, just open up your heart and fall in love. When you get married, your brother and I will give you a big red packet!”

Aaron’s eyes lit up. “How big? It’s as big as a nine-digit number?”

Song Ci was so angry that she laughed at Aaron’s words, as he asked for a billion immediately. “Nine digits? Do you think your brother’s money fell from the sky? Hurry up and leave. I don’t want to see you.”

Only after being despised by Song Ci did Aaron stand up from the wooden floor, dust himself, and leave.

Song Ci spent a few days knitting Han Zhan’s sweater. That night, Han Zhan had a dinner party and would only be back very late. After coaxing the children to sleep, Song Ci went to practice her violin for two hours. Still not sleepy, she turned on the television and watched a movie.

Around 10.40pm, Han Zhan finally returned.

He alighted from the car and instinctively looked up at the master bedroom. He was slightly shocked to see that the lights were still on in the master bedroom.

Baby Ci is still awake?

Brother Long, it’s getting late. Let’s stay here tonight.” The manor had prepared rooms for Long Yu and the python. Occasionally, they would send Han Zhan back too late and stay directly in the manor.

Hearing this, Long Yu didn’t stand on ceremony with Han Zhan. “Alright!” He rubbed his stomach and said, “I want to have a bowl of noodles and am slightly hungry.”

“What a coincidence. I’m hungry too.”

Han Zhan brought Long Yu to the kitchen. The chef was still awake and preparing breakfast for tomorrow morning. Seeing Han Zhan and Long Yu enter the kitchen, the chef hurriedly came up. “Sir, Mr. Long, are you hungry? What do you want to eat? I’ll make it!”

Han Zhan turned and asked Long Yu, “What do you want to eat?”

“Do you have beef? I want beef noodles.”

Han Zhan asked the chef, “Is there?”

“Yes, how many servings?” The chef asked Han Zhan.

Han Zhan said, “Wait a moment.” Han Zhan called Song Ci and asked if she wanted to come down for a bowl of noodles. Song Ci was very strict about her figure and would never eat supper.

“I’m not eating. Eat first. I’ll wait for you to go back to your room to sleep. Oh yes, I’ve prepared a small present for you.”

“What is it?” Han Zhan’s curiosity was aroused.

“You will know when you see it. I’m keeping it a secret.” After Song Ci hung up, Han Zhan told the chef, “Just make three servings and send one to Second Young Master.” Second Young Master was the way the servants at home addressed Aaron.

But Chef said, “Second Young Master hasn’t returned yet.”

“Two sets then.”


Long Yu and Han Zhan went to the dining room to wait for supper. After pulling out a chair and sitting down, Han Zhan picked up his cell phone and chatted with Song Ci on WeChat. Long Yu asked Han Zhan, “Aaron is still not back so late and is still delivering takeout?”

Han Zhan said, “He’s in a relationship. I wonder if he’s delivering food or dating tonight.”

“Aaron is in a relationship?” Long Yu felt slightly envious. Why is it that even those older and younger than me are in a relationship, but no one likes me?

Noticing Long Yu’s envy, Han Zhan teased him. “Why, you also want to fall in love?”

Long Yu chuckled and said with a red face, “We are all boorish people. How can we find a partner?” Long Yu’s family was poor. He didn’t join the army to repay the country back then. He just wanted to join the army to make a living.

He was almost 30 when he retired from the military. Although he had a sum of savings, it was still not easy to get married in the city. After that, when he worked under Han Zhan, Long Yu had a lot of work to do and didn’t have time to find a partner.

Han Zhan stared at Long Yu and thought for a moment. He suddenly said, “In the future, I’ll organize a few social gatherings every year and let you guys find a partner. It’s not good to be single all the time.”

Long Yu smiled and didn’t have much hope.

The beef noodles were cooked. Han Zhan quickly ate a bowl of noodles and returned to his room immediately. Song Ci was browsing Weibo when she heard Han Zhan’s footsteps. She said without looking up, “The present is in the changing room.”

Han Zhan turned and went to the changing room. On the platform where the jewelry box was placed, he saw an exquisite costume box. Han Zhan opened the costume box and saw a warm gray turtleneck sweater.

The corners of his lips curled up as he hurriedly picked up the sweater to take a closer look. There were no patterns on the sweater this time, but Song Ci had used a dark blue yarn to draw the word “Ci” on the hem.

Han Zhan hurriedly took off his suit and put on his sweater.

Song Ci knew Han Zhan’s size very well and the sweater he was knitting was naturally very fitting. Han Zhan hurried out of the changing room and said happily to Song Ci, “The sweater is very nice and fits very well. Thank you, Baby Ci.”

Song Ci’s expression was slightly serious. She seemed to have seen something on Weibo. Hearing this, she put down her cell phone and looked up at Han Zhan. She saw that the sweater was fitting and the warm gray sweater suited Han Zhan very well. Only then did Song Ci smile.

“I’m just afraid that the color of this sweater doesn’t suit you. It seems to be quite nice.”

“I like it.” Han Zhan repeated his fondness for this sweater.

He turned and returned to the changing room. He took out his cell phone and took several straight male selfies. He then sent them to the head of the public relations department and asked him to post them on Zeus Corporation’s official Weibo account.

After receiving the order, the department head, who was planning to sleep, hurriedly sat at the head of the bed and edited a paragraph of words. He placed those few photos on Weibo.

Zeus International: [Congratulations, boss, for winning the lady boss’s handmade sweater. attached photo.jpg.]

Han Zhan really wanted to sleep in a sweater, but there was a heater at home and he would sweat profusely in a sweater, so he could only take off his clothes.

After taking a shower, Han Zhan put on his pyjamas and laid in bed. Realizing that Song Ci was still awake, he turned and hugged her. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

Song Ci said, “Han Zhan, Du Xueyan is awake.”

Han Zhan was slightly shocked. “She’s awake? When did she wake up?”


“Not bad. It’s a good thing that she can wake up.”

Song Ci turned over in Han Zhan’s arms. Her palm slid under Han Zhan’s pyjamas, into his clothes, and gently pressed against his chest.

It was very warm inside. Song Ci stroked it and said, “I want to visit her. After all, that disaster was caused by me. I feel guilty that Du Xueyan lost Gu Shengyao.”

Han Zhan had no objections to this. He said, “But I don’t have the time to accompany you.” He had been especially busy recently. The company’s matters were more or less settled, but he still had to meet some important people to send them New Year greetings.

Although he had already secured his position as the richest man, he couldn’t miss out on any elder who should visit.

Song Ci said, “It’s okay if I go alone. If you’re worried, let Long Yu or Python accompany me.”

“Long Yu then.”


The news of Du Xueyan finally waking up swept across Weibo like a hurricane and quickly caused a trending topic.

Du Xueyan’s Instagram had not been updated for a long time. The last update was still in February this year. That was a post that she had forwarded to the production team of “Le Chi.”

But at 10.50pm tonight, there was finally a new update on Du Xueyan’s news.

Shirley: [Only after dying once will I know how precious it is.]

Shirey was Du Xueyan’s English name. Her update on Instagram was also trending. Du Xueyan was the world’s top singer and also had a terrifying number of fans overseas.

Tonight, the entire world was welcoming the return of the queen of songs, Du Xueyan.

The next morning, Song Ci boarded a plane with Long Yu and left China for America. It was also snowing in New York City, which was slightly bigger than Wangdong City. Long Yu drove very slowly to prevent the wheels from splashing snow and wetting the clothes of passersby.

Song Ci sat in the car, pursed her lips, and looked solemn. How should I tell Du Xueyan about Gu Shengyao later?

Thinking of Gu Shengyao, Song Ci felt terrible and regretful. Such a young person had been affected by me and passed away…

Long Yu parked the car in front of the convalescent hospital. “Madam, we are here.” Long Yu looked around and said, “There are reporters.”

There were some people standing outside the convalescent hospital. These people were holding cameras, wearing down jackets and hats. They were indeed dressed like reporters. Song Ci’s gaze quickly swept across those people. She said, “It’s okay, it’s okay to be photographed.”

Putting on her hat, Song Ci picked up the umbrella in the car and said, “Stay in the car. I will be back soon.”

“Okay, Madam.”

Song Ci pushed open the car door, alighted, held up a black umbrella, and walked in. This was a high-class convalescent hospital, and all entry and exit had to be registered. Song Ci was only allowed in after registering.

The moment she entered the convalescent hospital, her gaze was snatched away by the snow in the courtyard.

The courtyard was filled with trees and the snow was about to crush the branches. Du Xueyan was sitting in a wheelchair admiring the snow in the courtyard. She was wearing a purple jacket and a woolen blanket on her legs. The person accompanying her was not a nurse, but an acquaintance.

It was Earl Ace.

Reynolds Ace.

Reynolds Ace was bending over and talking to Du Xueyan with a rare gentleness and joy. Song Ci had stayed in Earl Ace’s manor for a period of time. In her impression, he had always been a slightly neurotic man.

He was happy at times and sinister at other times.

When he was happy, he would speak with a smile. At that time, Su Qingjia would pester him for candy. But when he was in a bad mood, he would exude a distant coldness. At that time, Su Qingjia didn’t even dare to get close to him.

But Earl Ace looked at Du Xueyan as if he was looking at a treasure.

Han Zhan had already told Song Ci that Earl Ace was Du Xueyan’s number one fan. So after knowing that his idol was awake, his hardcore fan couldn’t wait to meet him?

This is fast!

Earl Ace noticed Song Ci’s arrival first. He looked up slightly and saw Song Ci standing under a tree with an umbrella and wearing a red woolen coat. He smiled at her.

“Mrs. Han.”

That gorgeous voice was indeed Earl Ace.

Song Ci snapped out of her trance and nodded in agreement. Only then did she approach the two of them with the umbrella.

Du Xueyan immediately looked up and saw Song Ci walking quickly towards her. She smiled weakly and said, “You are the first… friend in the country to fly over to visit me.” We are considered friends.

Song Ci squatted down in front of Du Xueyan and stared at her beautiful face. After lying in bed for nearly a year, Du Xueyan had lost a lot of weight. Her cheeks were not chubby anymore, revealing her cheekbones. But Du Xueyan was still beautiful and moving.

Song Ci told Duo Xueyan, “I came to visit you when you were still unconscious.”

“I know.”

Song Ci was slightly shocked. “You actually know?” This was shocking.

Du Xueyan told Song Ci, “I have always been conscious, but I just can’t wake up.” The doctor said that she subconsciously refused to wake up.

“Then why are you willing to wake up now?” Song Ci’s tone was filled with curiosity.

Du Xueyan didn’t explain, but Earl Ace, who was behind her, revealed an awkward expression.

Only then did Song Ci stand up and look up at Earl Ace. “Earl Ace, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

The embarrassment on Earl Ace’s face faded. He smiled elegantly and said, “If you want to meet, you can meet me anywhere.”

“That’s true.” Glancing at Earl Ace’s hands on the wheelchair, Song Ci smiled and said, “Earl Ace, you are indeed Xueyan’s top fan.”

Earl Ace just smiled and didn’t retort.

Du Xueyan suddenly turned and said to Earl Ace, “Mr. Earl, you can go back first. My friend is here and I want to chat with her for a while.”

Although he really didn’t want to leave Du Xueyan, Du Xueyan had given the order to chase him out. Earl Ace couldn’t be thick-skinned and continue to stay here. He could only turn back and leave.

Once Earl Ace left, Song Ci told Du Xueyan, “That guy is your hardcore fan. He’s Italian. Han Zhan and I stayed at his house for a period of time. This guy specially cut out your scenes in Le Chi and watched them repeatedly.”

“He’s just a private fan.”

Song Ci was very worried and had to remind Du Xueyan. “Du Xueyan, Earl Ace is a very strange person. In Europe, everyone calls him a lunatic. When he’s crazy, he’s especially ruthless. You have to be careful.”

Du Xueyan woke up yesterday and Earl Ace was standing by her bed.

Du Xueyan didn’t know anything about Earl Ace at first, but last night, Du Xueyan had also checked some information about him and roughly understood him.

Since Song Ci could say such a thing, it meant that those rumors about Earl Ace were true.

Du Xueyan couldn’t help feeling a headache.

Du Xueyan asked Song Ci a question. She said, “Song Ci, do you think a person who has been in a coma for so many years will suddenly wake up and become a hardcore fan of some idol?”

The crazy type too.

Song Ci thought about it carefully and said, “I don’t know if others will, but I definitely won’t.” Song Fei also wouldn’t. After being in a coma for so many years before waking up, she was busy meeting her family and trying to catch up on the general knowledge that she had lost over the past few years. How could she have the time to chase after celebrities and watch movies?

Du Xueyan said, “I won’t either.” She asked again, “Then do you think a lunatic like Earl Ace will?”

Song Ci thought for a moment and said, “You also said that Earl Ace is a lunatic. If he’s a lunatic, we can’t use a normal person’s thinking to guess his actions.”

Du Xueyan smiled. “You are still so interesting.”

Song Ci also smiled sheepishly. As she smiled, she thought of Gu Shengyao and couldn’t smile anymore.

eeing that Song Ci suddenly stopped smiling, Du Xueyan couldn’t help asking, “Are you unhappy?”

“There’s something I want to clarify with you.”


“Actually, someone planned that explosion. That racist man was plotted by someone to do such a thing. And the person they really wanted to catch is me.”

“Du Xueyan, you are the person who was implicated. And Gu Shengyao is also the innocent person who died because of me.”

I’m sorry.”

Song Ci hung her head in shame.

Du Xueyan remained silent and just looked at her with a deep gaze.

Song Ci felt uneasy. She slowly looked up and met Du Xueyan’s complicated gaze. Song Ci’s heart felt like it had been stabbed by a sharp thorn. “Do you hate me?”

Du Xueyan shook her head. “Why should I hate you? I am also responsible for that accident. That man was indeed targeting me back then. He really wanted to kill me.”

“I can only say that those people died because of you and me. The ones who should feel guilty are the two of us and not you. Meanwhile, Gu Shengyao…” At the mention of Gu Shengyao, Du Xueyan’s heart bled.

It was so painful that she almost couldn’t straighten her back.

“Gu Shengyao, he is my lover.” The snow landed on Du Xueyan’s head, and a few drops melted into her eyes. Du Xueyan shed tears and said in a choked voice, “When he was alive, I didn’t take our relationship seriously. Now that he is dead, the thought of me never seeing him again and no one being fierce to me makes me feel terrible.”

“Song Ci, after dumping Han Zhan back then, I thought I would never fall in love with another man again. Only now do I realize how naive my thoughts were back then and how foolish I was in the past.”

“From 11 years ago, Gu Shengyao has been by my side. In the first few years in America, we had a very difficult time. Some celebrities sent themselves to other men’s beds to be pets and mistresses in order to achieve success. Only I have always been clean under Gu Shengyao’s protection.”

“At that time, I felt that everything was reasonable. Later on, I recalled those few years when I first arrived in America. Only then did I know how much Gu Shengyao had secretly sacrificed to protect me.”

“Gu Shengyao is dead. Song Ci, no one in this world will like me as much as he does.” Du Xueyan grabbed Song Ci’s hand tightly and leaned her forehead against it in tears.

“Song Ci, no one in this world loves me anymore.”

Her father married a new wife and had a little brother a few months ago.

Her mother, who loved her, was long dead.

The Gu Shengyao who loved her had also passed away to protect her.

She was the world’s best actress and had countless true fans, but she just felt so alone and lonely.

“Song Ci, what should I do?”

Song Ci had never expected that one day, her love rival, Du Xueyan, who was as proud as a queen, would also hold her hand and cry so hard against the back of it.

Song Ci stared at Du Xueyan in a daze. Looking at her trembling shoulders, she didn’t feel good either. “Du Xueyan, pull yourself together. You are the woman Gu Shengyao risked his life to save. You have all his love. You cannot give up on yourself.”

Du Xueyan cried even harder.

Earl Ace stood in the director’s office upstairs. He stood at the window and looked down at Du Xueyan, who was crying bitterly. The pain in his heart was intense and excruciating.

It was very cold outside and Du Xueyan’s hands were already cold. Worried that Du Xueyan would catch a cold, Song Ci sent her back to the ward.

Du Xueyan could walk herself, but she was still weak and would be very tired if she walked. She got into bed with Song Ci’s help and leaned against the head of the bed to rest.

After crying, Du Xueyan felt much calmer.

Seeing that it was getting dark, Du Xueyan asked Song Ci, “Where are you staying tonight?”

Song Ci said, “A hotel.”

“It’s getting dark. You should go back first. The later it is, the colder it will get.”

Song Ci had yet to eat and Long Yu was still waiting outside. She got up and bid farewell. “I will go back tomorrow night. I will visit you again tomorrow. Do you have anything that you need me to bring?”

Du Xueyan thought for a moment and said, “Please bring me two new sets of undergarments and two sets of clothes. I also intend to be discharged.” There were too many people in the convalescent hospital and reporters outside. Du Xueyan didn’t like it.

“Alright then.”

Once Song Ci left, Earl Ace returned.

When he arrived, he was holding a food container filled with soft corn paste. Earl Ace placed the corn paste in a small bowl on the small table. “You will feel better after eating something. This is very soft. Your stomach can digest it.”

Du Xueyan especially liked corn paste, especially those with sugar. Du Xueyan stared at the bowl of corn paste, a strange glint flashing across her eyes. She suddenly looked up and stared at Earl Ace’s handsome, pale face, deep in thought.

“Eat it while it’s hot.” Earl Ace sensed Du Xueyan’s gaze and remained very calm.

Du Xueyan picked up her spoon and realized that the corn paste was not hot. She then ate it. Earl Ace sat aside and watched her gently.

Du Xueyan ate six to seven mouthfuls of porridge and felt full. She put down her spoon and suddenly said, “You are my fan?”

Earl Ace hurriedly nodded. “Mmm, I am your fan.”

Du Xueyan said, “Private fan?”

Earl Ace was stunned before saying, “No, I just especially like you, but I’m not a private fan.”

“You chased all the way to my ward. If you’re not a private fan, what are you?” Du Xueyan said with a cold face, “I hate private fans the most.”

Earl Ace remained silent, but he didn’t leave either. He was like a shameless candy clinging to Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan gave him a meaningful look and suddenly said, “Don’t come tomorrow. I want to go out for a while.”

Earl Ace instinctively frowned and disagreed with Du Xueyan’s actions. “What for? Your body is not suitable to go out now.”

Du Xueyan said, “I am going to pay my respects to my husband.”

Earl Ace froze. “…Husband?”

Du Xueyan said, “Mmm.”

Earl Ace stared at Du Xueyan and asked with a subtle expression, “You are married? Who is your husband?”

Du Xueyan said, “My manager, Gu Shengyao.”

A firework suddenly exploded in Earl Ace’s heart and he was about to explode. “Gu Shengyao is your husband… When did you two get married?”

Du Xueyan said, “It’s none of your business.”

Earl Ace took a deep breath, stood up, and walked out of the ward with unsteady steps. He arrived outside and took a few deep breaths of cold air. The throbbing in his chest was still unable to calm down.

Du Xueyan treated Gu Shengyao as her husband!

Earl Ace suddenly smiled.

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