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Chapter 308: Congratulations on becoming My Boyfriend

Yan Jiang’s gaze landed on Nan Yanyan and Aaron. He realized that Nan Yanyan’s eyes were fixed on Aaron while he was chewing his lamb leg. He instantly scolded Aaron for being a fool in his heart!

In front of a beauty, all he could see was goat’s legs!

Is he still human?

“Please sit, Little Missy.”

Being called a beauty by Yan Jiang, Nan Yanyan was still slightly embarrassed and blushed slightly. Seeing that Aaron didn’t react, she felt that it was too unrestrained to just sit down like this and hesitated for a moment.

At this moment, Han Zhan, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly said sternly, “Aaron, move over a little and make room for your friend.”

Aaron had always been very obedient to Han Zhan. He instinctively shifted his butt and left the other half of the sofa to Nan Yanyan. That was tacitly allowing Nan Yanyan to sit beside him.

Nan Yan was flattered. She sat down and sized Han Zhan up. It looked like Han Zhan was the leader among the three of them, and the delivery boy listened to him.

Yan Jiang asked Nan Yan, “Beauty, what’s your surname?”

“No need for formalities. My surname is Nan and my name is Nan Yanyan.”

“Nan Yanyan, a good name.” Yan Jiang had just praised her name when Han Zhan suddenly frowned. “I am going to call Song Fei. Yan Jiang is flirting outside.”

Yan Jiang was speechless.

Aaron finally didn’t eat meat. He smiled and said to Yan Jiang, “He’s drunk and can’t control his mouth. He can say whatever he wants. Yan Jiang, you have to be careful.”

Yan Jiang felt wronged.

Nan Yanyan stared at Han Zhan in surprise. It turned out that Mr. Rich Man was so interesting after he got drunk.

After saying that, Han Zhan started to touch his cell phone. Yan Jiang hurriedly grabbed Han Zhan’s arm and explained. “Mr. Han, I didn’t flirt just now. Really.”

Han Zhan said, “You’re brainlessly praising a girl’s name. Clearly, you’re interested in her.” What was so good about Nan Yanyan’s name? It was not as nice as Song Ci’s.

Yan Jiang knew that he couldn’t explain it to a drunk person. Seeing that Nan Yanyan was here, Yan Jiang was worried that there would be rumors about Han Zhan harming him in the future. He hurriedly wiped his mouth with a napkin and said, “Aaron, you and Miss Nan chat first. I will get someone to send Mr. Han back first. He still has work tomorrow.”

Aaron also understood Yan Jiang’s intentions. He also felt like leaving, but he had yet to finish his meat. It was a shame to waste it. “Alright, you guys can leave.”

Yan Jiang pulled Han Zhan up and instinctively grabbed his wrist to walk out. But Han Zhan slapped Yan Jiang’s hand away and said with a cold face, “Why are you pulling me? Be mindful of your boundaries and don’t make any fanciful movements.”

Yan Jiang rolled his eyes and said unhappily, “I am a man.”

Han Zhan actually said, “I am rich and handsome. Not only are women coveting me, men are also coveting me. You are a man and I have to be wary of you.”

Yan Jiang was completely convinced. He stopped holding hands and instead pulled Han Zhan’s arm.

Han Zhan added. “Don’t pull me. I haven’t taken my things!” With that, he threw Yan Jiang down, returned to the back of the chair, took his down jacket, thunder, and hat, and left behind Yan Jiang.

After boarding the car, Han Zhan sat down in the backseat with his precious hat in his arms. Yan Jiang glanced at him and planned to drive him back himself. He had just opened the door to the driver’s seat and didn’t have the time to sit down when he heard Han Zhan say, “If you dare to drive after drinking, I will call the police.”

“Alright, alright, I am afraid of you!”

Yan Jiang sat down reluctantly beside Han Zhan, opened his cell phone app, and started looking for a designated driver. After finding a designated driver, the waiting time was also rather boring, so Yan Jiang wanted to tease Han Zhan.

He said to Han Zhan, “Who am I?”

Han Zhan looked at his face and didn’t speak. It looked like he didn’t recognize him.

Yan Jiang purposely teased Han Zhan. “I am Song Ci, your Baby Ci.”

Han Zhan said, “Shameless!”

Yan Jiang’s smile froze. “How did you know I’m not Song Ci?”

Han Zhan glanced at Yan Jiang’s face and chest disdainfully. He said, “You chest is flat. How dare you have the cheek to pretend to be her?”

Yan Jiang took a deep breath and chose to turn to look out the window. He decided not to say another word to this grandson Han Zhan. He would die of anger if he said another word!

Han Zhan leaned against the car seat. After a while, he actually fell asleep.

After the designated driver arrived, he saw that his guest was actually Yan Jiang and that the man sitting beside him was Zeus Corporation’s CEO. He instantly felt slightly nervous.

“That…” The designated driver sat in Yan Jiang’s Ferrari and asked softly,” May I know if you are Yan Jiang? “He asked Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang smiled and nodded. He touched his chain glasses and said worriedly, “Sigh, I’ve already retired from the entertainment circles for so long and you guys are still thinking about me. It’s so troublesome to be so popular.”

The little fan had been Yan Jiang’s fan for many years and knew that he was a narcissistic and willful person. Hearing this, he smiled. “Mr. Yan Jiang, you are so interesting.”

He was as interesting as his persona on variety shows.

Yan Jiang urged him. “Drive. We have to send this man home.”

The little fan was filled with respect. “Alright, Mr. Yan Jiang.”

The little fan drove towards Yulan Mountain. The road up the mountain was very wide but slightly winding. Luckily, there were very few cars and the substitute driver drove happily.

Arriving at their destination, the little fan alighted from the car and looked out the window. He sized up Han Zhan’s manor up close and thought to himself that rich people were indeed different. Their houses were so big that they could be hotels.

As Yan Jiang’s car drove into the surveillance area at the foot of the mountain, Butler Cai woke up. He quickly dressed up and brought a few servants out, standing at the door waiting for Han Zhan’s return.

Once Han Zhan alighted, Butler Cai and the rest welcomed him. “Mr. Han, you drank?” Madam had called him previously to tell him that Sir had drunk and asked them to take good care of him.

Han Zhan nodded. “I drank a little, but I’m not drunk.” As he spoke, Han Zhan walked straight towards the pool in front of the manor.

Seeing this, Butler Cai hurriedly pulled Han Zhan’s arm. “Mr. Han, the road is here.”

Han Zhan acknowledged sluggishly and returned to the manor under Butler Cai’s lead. Song Ci had also woken up. She draped a furry shawl over her shoulders and stood in the living room on the first level of the building, waiting for Han Zhan’s return.

Once Han Zhan entered the house, Song Ci walked over and grabbed his hand. “Han Zhan, how do you feel? Are you feeling dizzy?”

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci in confusion and asked, “Why are you wearing Baby Ci’s clothes?”

Song Ci slapped the back of Han Zhan’s hand. “I’m still wearing Pin Ru’s clothes! Look carefully, I am Song Ci!”

Han Zhan made a very dirty move. He reached out his hands and touched Song Ci’s good figure, then leaned close to her neck and sniffed hard.

He could smell the shower gel that made him feel at ease. “You are Baby Ci.”

Hearing this, Song Ci blushed and said to Butler Cai and the rest, “You guys go and rest first.”

Butler Cai and the rest left obediently.

Song Ci coaxed Han Zhan upstairs and returned to his room. Han Zhan didn’t shower or take off his clothes. He took off the warm hat on his head, hugged it, knelt on the ground, and said sadly, “The hat is still here, but Grandpa left…”

Hearing this, Song Ci felt slightly sad. She was about to squat down and hug Han Zhan, but Han Zhan said, “They actually eat dogs. They are too cruel!”

Song Ci shook her head and gave up on saving Han Zhan.

She turned and walked into the room, soaked the towel in cold water, returned to the bedroom, and smashed that towel hard on Han Zhan’s face.

Han Zhan was stimulated by the cold water and instantly woke up. He wiped his face with that towel, looked up in a daze, looked at Song Ci, then looked at the hat in front of his legs, and couldn’t help asking uneasily, “Why am I kneeling?”

Song Ci said, “You are kneeling down for the departure of a dog.”

Han Zhan didn’t believe it.

Song Ci walked to the bed and laid down, throwing her cell phone to Han Zhan. Han Zhan raised his hand and grabbed the cell phone. He heard Song Ci say, “Believe it or not, just look at my chat history with Yan Jiang.”

Han Zhan unlocked Song Ci’s cell phone, opened her chat with Yan Jiang, and scrolled up. He saw the video Yan Jiang sent Song Ci.

After watching the video, Han Zhan quietly stood up from the ground. As he took off his clothes, he pretended to be carefree and said, “Who hasn’t been drunk before…”

With that, he entered the toilet, turned on the cold water, and rinsed himself thoroughly before calming down.

Damn it!

I was actually drunk!

Only after sending Han Zhan safely home did Yan Jiang return home. He was also slightly tipsy and couldn’t resist his sleepiness on the way home. He fell asleep.

Yan Jiang opened his eyes again and realized that he was already downstairs. The designated driver had already left. Song Fei was sitting beside him in a set of pure cotton pyjamas.

Yan Jiang instantly sobered up. “Ah Fei.” He hurriedly sat up straight, rubbed his face, and couldn’t help asking, “How long have I been here?”

Song Fei said, “More than 20 minutes.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Yan Jiang touched Song Fei’s hand and realized that it was slightly cold. He softly blamed Song Fei for not taking good care of herself. “It’s so cold. You should just wait for me at home. Why did you come personally? It’s so cold.”

Song Fei saw that Yan Jiang couldn’t hide the fatigue in his eyes. She said, “I saw that you were rather tired and wanted to let you sleep more.” Yan Jiang had already been working for five consecutive days. Song Fei didn’t know when he returned or when he left.

If not for the other person’s marks on the pillow beside her, Song Fei would have thought that Yan Jiang had never returned.

“The case has been solved. I am on leave tomorrow.” Yan Jiang pulled Song Fei out of the car and hugged her waist tightly. “I can sleep with you for the entire day.”

This sleep was a verb, not a noun.

Song Fei sneered. “Don’t be so shameless. If you don’t have the capability, don’t say that. What do you mean sleep for the entire day? I’ll consider you capable if you can last an hour.”

Yan Jiang reminded her. “I ate mutton and ginger mutton soup.” He always knew that mutton and ginger mutton soup were good for nourishing the kidney and strengthening the Yang.

Song Fei was silent for a few seconds before she said mockingly, “You have to rely on sheep to nourish your kidney at just over 30 years old. I am worried about our future blissful lives.” She asked considerately, “Since you are resting tomorrow, should I make another cow whip soup for you?”

Yan Jiang couldn’t win against Song Fei, so he just covered her mouth with his palm. “You are still more obedient when kissing.” When they were busy kissing, she didn’t have the chance to speak.

Yan Jiang pressed Song Fei’s lips and lowered his head to kiss her. But he felt that the glasses were in the way and said, “Help me take them off.”

Song Fei raised her hand to take Yan Jiang’s glasses, before Yan Jiang carried her up horizontally and strode towards the main door of the house. Once the door was closed, Yan Jiang put Song Fei down, pressed her against the wall behind the door, and did whatever he wanted…

After Yan Jiang brought Han Zhan away, only Aaron and Nan Yanyan were left at the barbeque table.

Nan Yanyan was feeling awkward and nervous. Suddenly, Aaron lifted his head and asked her politely, “Do you eat goat ribs?”

Nan Yanyan was flattered. “Yeah.”

Aaron cut two ribs for her and placed them on a plate in front of Nan Yanyan. “It’s been hard on you,” he said.

Nan Yanyan felt puzzled. “Why do you say that?”

“Nothing.” Aaron shook his head and said, “Anyway, it’s been hard on you.”

The third round of the Demon Island Game had already passed. During this period, Nan Yanyan had always worked well with him. Now, the two of them had already entered the top 30. In another three rounds, this match would be over.

Aaron suddenly lifted his hand and patted Nan Yan’s head gently. “Sister Yan, please continue to perform well in the next three rounds. Don’t screw up. I need that 250,000 yuan.”

Nan Yanyan was using a knife and fork to cut the goat’s ribs. Hearing this, the knife in her right hand drew a line in the plate. Nan Yanyan looked at Aaron in shock and asked in disbelief, “You are Brother Rang?”

Aaron raised his brows. “I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Han Rang.”

Usually, takeout was ordered by her teammates. Nan Yanyan didn’t know Aaron’s name. Knowing his name under such circumstances didn’t make Nan Yan happy. She just felt awkward.

Nan Yanyan’s hands and feet were trembling slightly. She recalled how she had chatted with Brother Rang in the game about how handsome the delivery man was and how much she liked him. She had even sworn in the game to woo that delivery man.

Now, the delivery guy was sitting beside her, who was also her husband and partner in the game. This feeling was very subtle.

Nan Yanyan was not a shy person. The first time Aaron delivered food to the AK team, Nan Yanyan had even teased him. But at this moment, that unrestrained and free woman’s face was red to the neck.

Nan Yanyan knew that she must be blushing because she felt hot as if she was roasting firewood. “Are you really Brother Rang?”

Aaron said, “Yes, I am Brother Rang.”

Hearing Aaron’s confirmation, Nan Yan was confused and felt dizzy.

She had used a lot of self-control to not escape on the spot.

Nan Yanyan poured herself a glass of white wine and drank it in one gulp. Her throat felt hot, as if it was being burned by a raging fire. Nan Yanyan put down the glass and smacked her lips. She said, “I’m sorry. I said some nonsense previously. Don’t take it to heart.”

“What are you referring to?” Aaron wiped his hands, turned to look at Nan Yanyan, and asked her, “Are you talking about how you praised me for being good-looking? Or about how you threatened to woo me? Or are you bragging that you went offline early to go on a date with me?”

Nan Yanyan was speechless.

Her face burned even hotter.

She had never been so embarrassed in her life. She hated that she couldn’t find a hole to hide in.

Aaron looked at her blushing and shy manner with interest. Thinking of her cold and elegant manner in the game, his mind moved slightly and he suddenly said, “Do you want to compete with me?”

Nan Yanyan looked up and asked, “Compete what?”

Aaron said, “You drove a motorcycle here, right?”

Nan Yanyan nodded. “Yes.”

“Let’s compare our biking skills then.”

Nan Yanyan glanced at him meaningfully and asked softly, “What’s the bet?”

Aaron smiled. His eyes were curved and his dimples were deep, making Nan Yan’s heart race.


Nan Yanyan’s pupils quivered.

Aaron said, “If you win, I will be your boyfriend. If you lose, you are not allowed to love me anymore.” But Aaron didn’t think he would lose.

Nan Yanyan said, “Wait a minute, I’ll record it. I’m afraid you’ll regret it.”

Aaron was slightly stunned.

Nan Yanyan turned on the recording function and raised her cell phone in front of Aaron. “Say it again. I will remember it.”

Aaron held his forehead and had no choice but to say again, “We are racing. If you win, I will be your boyfriend. If you lose, you are not allowed to love me anymore.”

“Alright!” Nan Yanyan put away her cell phone, got up, and strode towards the AK trainees’ table.

“Manager!” The little brats all looked up at their beautiful manager. Seeing that the manager picked up the helmet she placed on the stool, they couldn’t help asking, “Manager, where are you going? Are you leaving just like that?”

Nan Yanyan hugged her helmet and gave them a devilish smile. “I am going to catch a boyfriend.”

With that, she left the barbeque shop in half a minute.

Aaron finished the last rib, paid the bill, and left the barbeque shop. He walked out of the barbeque shop and saw Nan Yanyan under a billboard.

Nan Yanyan stood there smoking.

Aaron walked over and asked her, “You smoke?” It was the first time he saw Nan Yan smoke.

Nan Yanyan vaguely explained. “In the past, I was a professional eSports player and often stayed up late to train. Occasionally, I would smoke to refresh myself.”

“Are you sleepy?” Otherwise, why would you smoke?

Nan Yanyan shook her head and stared at Aaron with fiery eyes. She said, “I will smoke a cigarette to cheer myself up.”

Aaron couldn’t help saying, “I am very good at driving. You will definitely lose.”

Nan Yanyan remained silent and just looked at him.

Aaron drove his car over first. He asked Nan Yanyan, “Where are we going?”

Nan Yanyan said, “There’s a still-built Panshan Road between Wangdong City and Wanyu County. There’s no traffic. Let’s go there.”


Aaron’s car disappeared like it was flying. He arrived at the newly repaired junction and waited for a while before hearing the sound of a car.

Aaron returned and saw Nan Yanyan chasing after him. Nan Yanyan stopped the car beside him. Aaron noticed that there was a bundle of items tied to the back of Nan Yanyan’s car. “What is tied to the back of your car?”

Nan Yanyan said, “Fireworks.”

Aaron raised his brows. “Why did you bring this?”

Nan Yanyan said, “Let’s celebrate my escape from singlehood later.”

Aaron’s expression was slightly strange. He was amused by Nan Yanyan’s overly confident manner. “Are you so sure that you will win?” He didn’t know if he should say that she was overly confident or that she was just a newborn calf who was not afraid of the tiger.

Nan Yanyan said, “I will win.”

Aaron didn’t waste any more time talking to her. Whether he won or lost, he spoke with skills. He looked at his watch and said, “Wait another minute and we will start. The rules of the competition are very simple. Whoever is the first to reach the end will win.”


Aaron counted down. When he counted to one, the two cars were like off-target arrows as they sped away. Aaron was slightly shocked. He glanced at Nan Yanyan, who was not slower than him, and finally understood where this person’s confidence came from.

It looked like this girl was not an amateur motorcycle enthusiast but a professional racer.


Aaron sped up and the car turned a corner at the first bend. It was too fast. When the car brushed past the ground, his knees were almost touching the ground. Nan Yanyan did the same action as him. Her actions were also very handsome and elegant.

After running past four to five bends, not only did Nan Yanyan not lag behind Aaron, she even slowly overtook him. Aaron’s heart shuddered as he felt like he had jumped into a trap.

He regretted making such a promise so easily.

Nan Yanyan completely overtook Aaron at the next bend and left him far behind!

Aaron tried his best to catch up, but he failed again.

On the hilltop, Nan Yanyan’s car was parked at the end of the road. She leaned against the motorcycle and took off her safety helmet. The wind was very strong on the hill and Nan Yan’s hair danced wildly in the wind. The lights of the motorcycle were aimed at Aaron’s face. Aaron narrowed his blue eyes and saw Nan Yanyan’s eyes clearly.

Her clear eyes were filled with smiles and the swagger of victory.

Nan Yanyan suddenly raised her hand, pointed at Aaron, and swore domineeringly. “Han Rang, you are mine.”

Han Rang’s heartbeat suddenly stopped for a few seconds.

Nan Yanyan carried the fireworks down and placed them in the middle of the two motorcycles. She used a lighter to light the fireworks and jumped two meters away. She shouted at him with a smile, “Han Rang, congratulations on becoming my boyfriend!”


The fireworks exploded.

Han Rang’s heart shuddered.

Damn, I misjudged you this time…

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