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Chapter 307: Han Zhan is Drunk, What Is His Bank password?

Song Ci wanted to visit the children, so she stopped at the children’s room level. The two of them walked out of the lift and saw Aaron.

Aaron was walking out of the nursery yawning.

Seeing Song Ci and her husband, Aaron’s eyes were filled with resentment. “The two of you are so carefree. You just patted your buttocks and went to the banquet, leaving me alone to face the two starving children.”

Aaron’s Chinese improved day by day.

He also noticed that one of the straps of Song Ci’s dress was broken and she hurriedly grabbed it with one hand. Aaron’s lips curled up in a teasing manner. “Oh, you’re playing quite fiercely.”

Song Ci retorted with a red face. “What nonsense are you talking about? The quality of this dress is not good. It’s broken.”

“Oh, this is the first time I’ve seen someone with such poor quality clothes that they would break off from the straps.” If it were to break off, it should break from the ends.

Aaron glanced at Han Zhan and couldn’t help saying, “I didn’t expect you to be so fierce.”

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci’s face was getting redder and redder. He pulled her into his arms and covered her reddened face with his big hand. “Don’t tease your sister-in-law.”

Aaron pouted.

“Spring is coming soon and it’s time for you to start a family and work. Wait for me to choose a suitable partner for you and I will marry you off.” Han Zhan patted Aaron’s shoulder and said, “Those who are not married won’t know the joy of being husband and wife.”

Hearing the words “marry out”, Aaron frowned unhappily. It seemed that in China, only girls could be considered “married off”.

By the time Aaron understood what Han Zhan meant and wanted to clarify things with him, Han Zhan had already entered the nursery with Song Ci in his arms.

The children’s personal butler was still awake and putting on sleeping bags for them.

Seeing that Song Ci and Han Zhan had returned, the butler hurriedly buttoned up the last few buttons of the sleeping bag, stood up, and said softly to Song Ci, “Miaomiao and Junjun kept crying and making a fuss tonight. I couldn’t coax them even if I wanted you to tell a story. In the end, Aaron was the one who coaxed them to sleep.”

“I didn’t expect Aaron to be so good at coaxing children.”

Song Ci nodded and said to the butler, “You’ve worked hard today. Go to bed early too.”

“Alright, Madam. Goodnight, Sir.”

“Good night.”

After the housekeeper left, Song Ci pulled Han Zhan to sit beside the children’s beds. She stared at Miaomiao and Junjun’s sleeping faces and couldn’t help sighing. “I didn’t expect Aaron to actually coax them to sleep.”

Han Zhan smiled and told Song Ci, “Aaron has always been very patient with children. When I was young, I wasn’t close to anyone. Only he successfully became my little friend because of his chatterbox kindness.”

“You don’t know, right? Aaron’s dream is to be the director of an orphanage and be a father to all homeless children.” Apart from Orianna, the other three children of Edward had undergone baptism.

Sicilio had killed his nanny, and Han Zhan had aimed the gun at Edward. As a result, Edward had thrown him to the research lab to be tortured. As for Aaron, he was the only one who had dropped the gun, knelt down, and cried that he couldn’t shoot.

It was because of his kindness and cowardice that completely enraged Edward, causing him to lose a leg.

It was precisely because he knew how kind-hearted Aaron was that Han Zhan still wanted to help him despite knowing that he had committed a heinous crime and was already in hell.

“It’s quite rare to want to be a father to everyone.”

“Mmm, only those who love will have such dreams.” But that beloved child had his wings broken by Edward and was forced into being a killer with both hands stained with blood.

Aaron didn’t know that Han Zhan and Song Ci were talking about him. He had already worked for more than 20 days in a row. Seeing that it was already past 10pm, he didn’t really want to deliver takeout.

Unable to fall asleep and feeling slightly hungry, Aaron called Han Zhan.

Han Zhan answered the call. “What?”

Aaron sat on the sofa in the main hall on the first floor and ate an orange. He chewed it and said, “I’ll treat you to supper. Are you going?”

Han Zhan didn’t really want to go.

Aaron added, “Roasted sheep. Want some?”

The meat-loving Han Zhan instantly wavered. “I have to ask your sister-in-law for permission.”


Aaron hurriedly hung up.

Han Zhan walked into the bathroom and came to the side of the bathtub. Song Ci seemed to be asleep and closed her eyes, not noticing Han Zhan’s approach.

Han Zhan flicked Song Ci’s forehead.

Song Ci opened her eyes in pain. “What’s the matter? Do you want to take a bath too?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “Aaron called and asked me to eat roasted lamb. Are you going?”

Song Ci wanted to eat meat, but she didn’t want to grow meat.

Seeing that it was getting late, Song Ci rejected him. “You go ahead, I won’t go. I want to get my beauty sleep.”

“Alright, I will ask Yan Jiang and the rest if they are going.”


Han Zhan put on his jacket and was teased by Aaron the moment he went downstairs. “Does your queen allow you to go out and have fun?”

Han Zhan said, “That’s called respecting her.”


Let’s go.” Aaron turned and took two steps, then turned back to look at Han Zhan. “Do you have a McLaren? A black one?”

Han Zhan looked at him with a faint smile. “Yes.” He paused and met Aaron’s bright eyes. Han Zhan added, “But I won’t let you drive it.”

The light in Aaron’s eyes instantly extinguished.


Aaron drove his black and red Harley to bomb the streets.

Han Zhan stared at the fleeting exhaust, shook his head, and laughed. He drove his own Volvo, called Yan Jiang, and set off for the barbeque shop.

It was a high-end barbeque restaurant that emphasized privacy. The decor was very unique. The walls were filled with all sorts of animals. Almost everything drawn on the walls could be found on the menu.

Han Zhan parked the car in a BMW Mercedes-Benz Porsche luxury car fleet and sent Yan Jiang a message: [Where are you?]

Yan Jiang: [Five more minutes.]

Han Zhan waited for a moment until Yan Jiang arrived before alighting.

As it was not working hours, Han Zhan dressed in a very low-profile manner. He was wearing the white panda sweater that Song Ci had knitted for him years ago. He was wearing a thick down jacket with fuzzy thermal pants under his feet, a pair of leather shoes, and a western-style thunder hat.

This hat was worn by Han Aoyu when he was alive.

Han Zhan stood behind the car and watched as Yan Jiang reversed the car into the garage. As he was wearing thick clothes, the winter of December didn’t conquer him.

Yan Jiang alighted and looked up as he put on his glasses. When he saw Han Zhan’s outfit, he couldn’t help complaining. “You don’t even have the aura of a domineering CEO.”

Yan Jiang touched the hat on Han Zhan’s head and asked curiously, “Where did you get this?”

The last time Yan Jiang saw this item was many years ago when he participated in a variety show. He went to the countryside to record a show and saw a bamboo editor wearing it in the mountains.

Han Zhan slapped Yan Jiang’s hand and said, “Rich people exude nobility in whatever they wear.”

Yan Jiang actually couldn’t retort Han Zhan.

He had rushed over from the police station. The two of them chatted about the cases Yan Jiang encountered at work as they walked into the shop.

Han Zhan and Yan Jiang successfully attracted everyone’s attention the moment they entered the shop.

The reason was simple. Yan Jiang casually wore a casual suit and a pair of chain glasses, which made him a gorgeous beauty. Meanwhile, Han Zhan’s down-to-earth, warm, sharp hat, and the adorable and warm panda sweater inside the down jacket became the most cutting-edge combination in the shop.

Han Zhan was oblivious to their stares. He walked in front and carried Yan Jiang to the barbeque table by the side.

Aaron took off his jacket and placed it on the chair. He was wearing only a green sweater and was staring at the roasted whole goat drinking.

Seeing Han Zhan, Aaron teased him. “I’ve long wanted to tell you not to wear that silly hat. Look, everyone is looking at you.”

Han Zhan said, “Your sister-in-law said it’s cold and asked me to find a hat to wear.” But Han Zhan didn’t have many hats to begin with, and the only warm one was his family heirloom Leifeng hat.

Yan Jiang stared at Han Zhan’s hat and laughed so hard that his shoulders were trembling. “It’s really a carrot and a pit. You’re as casual as Song Song is fashionable.”

Han Zhan sat down and felt hot, after a moment.

He took off his down jacket and hat. “This sheep is quite big. I only eat two pieces of meat.”

Yan Jiang and Aaron looked at Han Zhan together and asked, “Which two pieces?”

Han Zhan added slowly, “I want two front legs.”

“Get lost!”

Yan Jiang threw a chopstick at Han Zhan, who caught it accurately.

Aaron had ordered a roasted whole goat in advance, but it would only be cooked half an hour later. Yan Jiang poured a glass of wine for Aaron. When it was Han Zhan’s turn, Yan Jiang asked him, “There’s no wolfberry tea here. Do you want some wine?”

Han Zhan instinctively asked, “Find someone to drive for us?”

“It’s already so late. There are no more traffic police checking,” Aaron said.

Han Zhan immediately frowned. “That’s okay. One call from me and there will be traffic police on duty immediately.”

Yan Jiang and Aaron both wanted to roll their eyes. They could only say, “We will definitely find someone to drive for us.”

“Then let’s have some.”

Yan Jiang poured a glass of wine for Han Zhan and asked him, “How’s your alcohol tolerance?”

Aaron was also slightly curious.

Han Zhan said, “Massive.”

“Mmm, I guess so.”

But Han Zhan, who was shouting about his massive amount, only drank three to four glasses of white wine. It looked like a sheep was not a sheep but a dog.

Aaron followed Han Zhan’s request and gave him a leg, but Han Zhan stared at that leg and refused to eat it.

Yan Jiang told him, “This foreleg is fat, tender, and juicy. It’s delicious.”

Han Zhan shook his head solemnly and rejected him clearly. “I don’t eat lackeys.”

Aaron and Yan Jiang were speechless.

Yan Jiang found it unbelievable. He asked Aaron, “Is your brother drunk?”

Aaron looked at Han Zhan suspiciously, took that lamb leg from Han Zhan’s plate, and took a bite himself. But Han Zhan stared at Aaron’s cheek that kept moving and said, “How can you be so cruel? How can you eat dogs?”

Yan Jiang nearly spat out his tea.

This was because he thought of a classic quote from the second female lead in a movie: “Rabbit is so cute, how can you eat rabbit!”

Aaron confirmed that Han Zhan was drunk.

“Han Zhan.”

Han Zhan looked at Aaron in a daze. “Mmm?” That deep sound of the violin could be heard with some confusion and obedience.

Yan Jiang’s intuition told him that Aaron was going to mess with Han Zhan. He hurriedly turned on the cell phone camera and prepared to start filming.

Aaron held that lamb leg in his left hand and waved his right hand in front of Han Zhan.

Han Zhan said, “Don’t shake. I feel dizzy.” His words were still logical and didn’t look like he was drunk at all.

Aaron clicked his tongue in excitement.

“Han Zhan, who do you love the most?”

Han Zhan said, “Grandpa, Grandma!”

After thinking for a moment, he shook his head and added. “Baby Ci, little ones.” It had been a long time since Han Zhan had gotten drunk. The last time he got drunk was when he was just handicapped and had a chaotic life.

Once he was drunk, his thoughts were slightly slow.

Yan Jiang hooted. “You actually don’t love Song Ci the most. Be careful, Song Ci might hit you.”

Han Zhan was stunned. He lowered his head and explained. “It’s different. It’s different. I love my grandparents for 29 years and I love Song Ci for only 3.5 years.”

“I love them all.”

He was clearly drunk, but this guy still clearly remembered all the time.

Yan Jiang stopped teasing and remained silent.

Aaron added. “Tell me, how many women have you slept with?”

Yan Jiang was curious about this question and wanted to hear the answer, but was afraid that Han Zhan’s answer would make Song Ci fly into a rage. But Han Zhan said, “Just one. Grandpa said that he will only sleep with one person in his entire life, from when he was young to when he was old. That’s what’s amazing.”

And I wanted to be an amazing man.

Yan Jiang heaved a sigh of relief. Aaron had obviously expected this answer and was not surprised.

Aaron asked again, “Sicilio, Orianna, and Aaron, who do you like the most?”

Han Zhan said, “Aaron.”

Aaron asked, “What’s the bank password?”

Han Zhan said, “ICBC or Construction Bank? Or China Bank…”

Aaron asked, “Which one has the most money?”

“Construction Bank.”

Aaron asked, “What’s the password?”

Han Zhan shut his mouth.

Aaron was indignant and asked him, “Where’s the password?”

Han Zhan suddenly narrowed his seemingly clear blue eyes and stared at Aaron for a moment. He suddenly said, “The person you love is indeed not my person but my assets. I am already prepared. I won’t tell you the password. Give up. I am a man you can’t love.”

Aaron was stunned.

He waved at Yan Jiang. “Don’t record it. It’s boring.”

Yan Jiang found this scene very interesting.

He sent the video to the WeChat group. Song Ci didn’t block the news from the group. Hearing the commotion, she groggily picked up her cell phone and took a look. Realizing that it was a video taken by Yan Jiang, the main character was still her husband, Song Ci’s eyes widened slightly as she opened the video.

After watching it, Song Ci also laughed heartily at Han Zhan’s seemingly calm but ignorant manner after getting drunk. But she was also really sleepy and quickly fell asleep again after putting down her cell phone.

Han Zhan didn’t blush or make a fuss or sleep when he was drunk. He just sat quietly and ate whatever Yan Jiang and Aaron handed him.

He was terrifyingly obedient.

In the past, Han Zhan barely drank and only took a few sips of red wine when he drank. At that time, she thought that Han Zhan, who was born a soldier, was strict with himself.

Now he understood. Han Zhan must have known how adorable he was when he was drunk and was afraid of being laughed at and used, so he never drank.

Aaron’s appetite was very large, especially when it came to food he liked. He cut a piece of meat from his back and was about to eat it when he heard a commotion. It sounded like there were many young people.

Aaron looked over at the entrance of the barbeque shop and saw a group of eSports students wearing training suits entering. The words “AK eSports Club” were still printed on their black and red training suits.

Aaron recognized these people at a glance, but he didn’t know their names.

After everyone walked in, Aaron lowered his head without seeing that familiar woman. Suddenly, he heard a young e-sports player shout, “Manager, this table!”

Aaron instinctively looked up at the door again.

Nan Yanyan walked in. She was not wearing an OL dress today, which was rare. Instead, she was wearing a windbreaker with a black turtleneck sweater inside.

Light grey tight jeans wrapped around her sexy legs and flat Roman boots, making them look straight.

She held a safety helmet in her left hand and hooked her car keys with her right index finger. She was striding out. Nan Yanyan, who was not working hours, was cool, elegant, and unrestrained.

Aaron was in a rare daze.

Yan Jiang snapped his fingers. “Come back.”

Aaron snapped out of his trance, turned around, lowered his head, and continued eating.

Yan Jiang teased him. “Why? Have you taken a fancy to that lady?”

Aaron said, “No, that’s a trainee from an eSports company. That woman is their manager. I frequently deliver food to them, so I’m very familiar with her.”

However, Yan Jiang saw through many things at a glance. He teased Aaron ambiguously. “You definitely didn’t just deliver food to the AK eSports team continuously in Wangdong City. Why don’t I see you daydreaming about other female customers?”

Aaron frowned and remained silent.

“If you like her, go after her!”

“Don’t spout nonsense.”

Aaron placed a rib in Yan Jiang’s bowl and tried to stop him from talking.

At this moment, the waiter suddenly walked over with a plate. On the plate were two fruit drinks designed by the shop.

The waiter placed the beverage in front of Aaron and Yan Jiang and explained. “A lady asked me to give the fruit juice to the gentlemen.”

Aaron instinctively looked over at where the AK team was sitting and saw Nan Yanyan holding her fruit juice and smiling at him.

It was really from Nan Yanyan.

Seeing that the manager was smiling in another direction, the team members all looked in the direction that Nan Yanyan was looking at. Everyone was excited to see that it was actually the delivery boy. Meanwhile, the person sitting at the same table as the delivery boy was actually the famous artist Yan Jiang and Han Zhan!

As expected of a delivery boy who went viral on his first day of office because he drove an expensive car to deliver food. All his friends were big shots.

Nan Yanyan stood up and walked over to Aaron amidst the laughter of her team members. “What a coincidence to meet you here. It’s fate that we met. I’ll treat you guys to something to drink.”

Aaron tried his best to force a smile. “What a coincidence. You guys didn’t train tonight?”

Nan Yanyan said, “It’s going to be the new year soon. There are a few foreigners in this group of children. They have to go back early and might as well take the annual leave. What about you?”

Aaron explained calmly, “I’m just tired and want to rest.”

“It’s also a good thing to stop and rest for a while. I see that you deliver food every night. You’re too hardworking.”

Aaron said, “I have no choice. It’s a tiring life.”

In the past, Nan Yan had always thought that Aaron needed to earn money because of his poor family situation. But after seeing him eat with Yan Jiang and Han Zhan, Nan Yan Yan knew that she had made a mistake.

This was basically a rich young master who found life boring and came out to deliver takeout and experience work.

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