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Chapter 305: It’s Scary When Men are Jealous

Song Ci sat on the chair aggrievedly, her two index fingers intertwined as they gently touched each other. She said softly, “I just want to make you proud. Think about it, which man doesn’t envy you? You’re already 35 years old and you still have such a beautiful and sexy little wife by your side.”

“Don’t you want to be envied?” Song Ci knew what men were thinking.

Han Zhan was slightly speechless. He poked Song Ci’s glabella and told her, “No matter how young you are, you will still become 30 years old, 35 years old, or even 50 or 60 years old.”

“I can be satisfied today because you are young and beautiful, but I can also feel empty in the future because you are old and dull. Song Ci, I do love you for being young and beautiful, but I will also love how you look old and gray-haired. I love you the most.”

As long as it was Song Ci, it didn’t matter if she was slightly fatter or thinner.

He wanted a healthy Song Ci.

“Don’t say such things. I don’t like romantic words.” Especially when those romantic words came from Han Zhan.

This was because Han Zhan never said romantic things to make her happy. He meant every word he said.

Song Ci was touched by Han Zhan’s words, but her ears were slightly red. She shifted her butt on the leather chair and said, “Let’s go eat first, then go for a spa.”

Thinking that it was time to cut Han Zhan’s fingernails, Song Ci added. “I will book another leg wash and pedicure service for you. Let’s go together.”

Han Zhan’s fingernails looked like Han Aoyu’s. They were very thick and needed to be trimmed regularly. Otherwise, after a long time, the tips of his fingernails would become sharp and painful when he walked.

Han Zhan took a deep look at Song Ci and suddenly said playfully, “In the past, you were afraid that I would be touched by others. Didn’t you cut my toe nails? What happened today?”

Song Ci said, “It’s okay. There are many male servers at the restaurant we went to today.”

Han Zhan’s face darkened. “You got a man to do a full-body spa for you?” Do you think I’m dead?

Song Ci suppressed her laughter and hurriedly explained before Han Zhan flew into a rage. “No, no. I mean that there are men and women in the group who do pedicures.”

“If I don’t come, are you going to look for a man or a woman?” Han Zhan looked at Song Ci dangerously, his tone turning chilly. His manner showed that if Song Ci dared to speak nonsense, he was going to execute her on the spot.

Song Ci answered boldly, “If Little Brother is handsome, then I’ll get a man. If Little Sister is beautiful, then I’ll get a girl.”

Han Zhan was domineering to the end. “It can only be a woman!”

Hearing this, Song Ci smiled and agreed to Han Zhan’s request.

She was actually teasing Han Zhan.

In the afternoon, the two of them ate beef jerky pot and went to the beauty salon. Song Ci and Han Zhan steamed in a sauna together, before changing into the bathrobe of the beauty salon and going to their respective cubicles.

Song Ci’s spa room was very hidden and was a small cubicle, while Han Zhan went to cut his toe nails and massage them in a big suite.

Han Zhan casually chose a chair and sat down. Someone massaged him and someone washed his feet.

He had not been to such a place for a long time. The staff recognized him and worked very hard to serve him.

The young man’s massage skills were very good. Han Zhan unconsciously relaxed and closed his eyes.

After a while, a young man sat down beside Han Zhan. He instinctively turned and saw a familiar man.

Sensing that the person sitting on the chair next door was looking at him, Cheng Ziang turned around.

Their eyes met and two words flashed across their minds at the same time.

Damn it.

Suppressing all the past grievances in his heart, Cheng Ziang smiled and took the initiative to say to Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, long time no see.”

Han Zhan and Cheng Yanmo had a good relationship, but his relationship with Cheng Ziang was like fire and water.

In the past, Cheng Ziang dared to strut around in front of him because Han Zhan had no power or influence. But now, in front of Han Zhan, Cheng Ziang could only tuck his tail between his legs.

Han Zhan also tugged at his lips. He reached out and didn’t hit a smiling face. He replied coldly, “Long time no see.”

Cheng Ziang and Han Zhan’s relationship was very awkward. With Song Ci between them, there was absolutely no common topic to talk about. As a result, the two of them held their phones and played their own games.

Han Zhan noticed that the person washing Cheng Ziang’s feet was a beautiful girl. He hurriedly took a photo and sent it to Song Ci.

Song Ci laid on the bed with essential oils dripping onto her body. The elder sister was scrubbing her back. Song Ci was slightly afraid of the itch but was embarrassed to keep moving. She gritted her teeth and resisted the urge to retreat.

Hearing her cell phone ring, Song Ci took out the cell phone that she had hidden under her pillow. She opened WeChat and saw that it was a photo from Han Zhan.

Big Fat Han: [Picture / jpg]

Big Fat Han: [Cheng Ziang is such a fool. Even his feet are flirtatious.]

Big Fat Han: [Smoking emoticon.]

Song Ci zoomed in on Cheng Ziang’s feet. They were all very normal feet. She really couldn’t tell how a pair of feet grew into a “flirtatious”.

When men were jealous, they could also distort the truth.

Song Ci took some time to complete the spa. After Han Zhan finished his pedicure, he fell asleep on the chair. Song Ci put on her clothes and walked to the main hall. Seeing the sleeping Han Zhan, she was about to reach out and pat his chest to wake him up.

But it was as if Han Zhan had a radar on him. Just as Song Ci’s hand was about to reach him, he suddenly opened his sharp eyes.

After seeing that it was Song Ci, the wariness and coldness in his eyes faded to gentleness.



“Let’s go then.”

After sleeping for a while, Han Zhan was in high spirits. He thought of something and said, “The batch of Lego toys that I ordered for Junjun has arrived. Let’s go back after taking the toys.”

As Han Jun liked to play Lego, Han Zhan collaborated with a Lego factory and let the other party design Lego toys according to the photos Han Zhan provided regularly for Han Jun to play with.

Han Jun had a talent for playing Lego and would definitely be very smart in the future.


As soon as the package arrived, it was sent to a toy store in a shopping mall. In the past, Long Yu would personally get it. Han Zhan drove the car to the basement carpark of the mall and boarded the lift with Song Ci to the children’s section on the fourth floor.

This time, Han Zhan had custom-made a family portrait of Lego for Han Jun. Song Ci received the toy and said, “This is rather difficult for Junjun.”

“If she can’t play it now, we can keep it for later.”


Since she was already here, Song Ci also planned to buy some more toys for Han Miao. She chose two picture books and a cat doll that could meow.

After settling the bill, Song Ci pulled Han Zhan and was about to leave when Han Zhan said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to buy a silk scarf for your windbreaker? Shall we go take a look?”

That was just something Song Ci said unintentionally the day before yesterday. She didn’t expect Han Zhan to still remember.

Song Ci looked at the time. There were still four hours to the birthday party. There was still time.

“Alright then.”

Song Ci pulled Han Zhan to the ladies’ clothing level. Passing by the cheongsam shop that Su Huanyan used to frequent, she instinctively slowed down.

The cheongsams in the shop were all very exquisite. Even through the cupboard, one could see how exquisite and perfect the embroidery on the cheongsams was. Song Ci suddenly had an idea and said, “I think we should customize a cheongsam for the daughters and me, and take a family photo during the new year.”

“Let’s go in and take a look.”


The cheongsam was going to be delivered on New Year’s Eve and the timing was rather urgent. The shopkeeper suggested that Song Ci choose one of the finished cheongsam and modify the size. Then, they would remake the cheongsam for the two little princesses so that they could make it in time.

Song Ci agreed.

Song Ci chose a cheongsam and bought a silk scarf. It was getting closer and closer to the banquet.

The two of them hurried home to change clothes. Ai Lun was already waiting in the manor. Seeing Song Ci return, he took a sip of coffee and stood up.

“Mr. Han.”

After greeting Han Zhan, Ai Lun said to Song Ci, “Song Song, I brought three dresses over. They are all your sizes. Choose one.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan’s gaze landed on the gown first. He didn’t pick much and reached out to point at one of the dresses. “I think that one is quite good.”

Of the three dresses, one was a dark blue cheongsam, the other was a red open-back halter dress, and the one chosen by Han Zhan was a matching long dress. The upper half of the dress was made of black velvet with a deep V-neck design, the waist was very close, and the lower half was a floral print dress, making it look elegant and noble.

Ai Lun snapped his fingers and said, “Actually, I already guessed that Mr. Han would like this.” After all, this was the most conservative and elegant dress.

“Song Song, go and change your clothes.”

Song Ci changed and walked out of the changing room. She sat on the dressing stool and let Ai Lun put on her makeup while listening to him mutter about the recent gossip.

“Isn’t Second Young Master Dongfang married to the eldest daughter of the Cheng Family? Recently, he got back together with Miss Jin. Yesterday, someone took a photo of the two of them entering the hotel.”

Song Ci was stunned. “Won’t Miss Cheng go crazy then?”

“No, Miss Cheng went overseas with an actor today.”

Song Ci shook her head. “These days…”

“Oh yes, do you still remember that Jiang Family that is about to go bankrupt?” The Jiang Family did shampoo. Many years ago, one could see an advertisement for his shampoo on every household’s television.

In the 90s, the Jiang Family was once on par with Chuan Dong Group. But later on, with the influx of imported products from overseas and the slow replacement of products from the Jiang Corporation, they were gradually eliminated by the market and declined.

But a skinny camel was still bigger than a horse. No matter how poor the Jiang Family was, they were still a wealthy family.

Ai Lun said, “Didn’t the Jiang Family adopt a girl five years ago?”

“Mmm, Jiang Yuchi?”


Ai Lun told Song Ci, “I heard recently that that girl was expelled because of her bad behavior. The Jiang Family felt that she ruined their reputation and sent her back to the countryside.”

When the Jiang Family adopted Jiang Yuchi, she was already 14 years old. They adopted her from a poor mountain area. Unexpectedly, the Jiang Family could still adopt a child and return it.

Song Ci was not familiar with Jiang Yuchi, but she had seen that girl before.

When Jiang Yuchi was adopted, the Jiang Family held a welcome party for her. At that time, Song Ci was most passionate about attending parties, so she went to the Jiang Family with Zheng Suyue and the rest.

In her impression, Jiang Yuchi was a very depressed girl.

The first time she saw Jiang Yuchi was not at the Jiang Family but near Wangdong High School. At that time, Song Ci was still in university and Mu Qiu had just finished her examinations.

Song Ci went to fetch Mu Qiu, who had just finished her college entrance examination, but found a girl at the alley near the school. That girl was squatting on the ground and observing a seriously injured puppy.

Song Ci was bored waiting and walked into the alley. She asked the young lady, “What happened to this dog?”

The young lady didn’t look up and said very softly, “There was an accident.”

Song Ci turned and glanced at the road. She saw a pool of blood on the road. It looked like it belonged to that puppy. Song Ci saw that blood was flowing out of the puppy’s mouth. She said, “This puppy has an intracranial hemorrhage. It’s very likely that it won’t survive.”

The girl asked, “Is that so?”

Feeling that the girl’s tone was slightly strange, Song Ci’s gaze lingered on the top of the girl’s head for an exceptionally long time.

A moment later, the girl suddenly stood up. She said, “If you can’t survive, just die straightforwardly…” The girl’s tone was filled with sorrow.

Before Song Ci could fully understand what she meant, she saw the girl suddenly raise her right leg and step on the dog’s head.

The dog struggled for two or three moments before taking its last breath.

Song Ci stared at the relieved smile on the young lady’s lips. Her scalp went numb and she didn’t know what to say.

Admittedly, a girl’s actions were cruel, but she was also trying to free that dog. But if that happened to Song Ci, Song Ci wouldn’t be able to kick him.

Her conscience didn’t allow her to do so.

The girl turned to leave, but Song Ci suddenly grabbed her shoulder. “Hey, little sister, apart from despair, there is still hope in life. You are still young, don’t be so pessimistic.”

Song Ci felt the “sadness” coming from the girl. She saw that the girl was still young and hoped that she could live a brighter life.

The girl turned to look at her.

Under her long fringe, the girl’s eyes were as deep as darkness, filled with two black swirls.

Song Ci retracted her hand and heard the girl say, “If you have experienced a life worse than death, you will know that dying is also a form of happiness.”

With that, the girl turned and left.

The next day, when Song Ci saw Jiang Yuchi at the Jiang Family residence, she had already changed into a pink dress and a shy and innocent smile.

Everyone was praising the adopted daughter of the Jiang Family for being a cute little girl. Only Song Ci knew that the little girl had been wearing a mask.

“What are you thinking about?” Seeing that Song Ci remained silent, Ai Lun’s brush swept across her face.

Song Ci ended her memories.

“That Jiang Yuchi doesn’t look like a child who will mess around. Is there a misunderstanding?”

“We are not sure about this either. I only heard that the man who was seduced by Jiang Yuchi was her high school teacher. After that incident was discovered, her teacher’s wife went to the Jiang Family and caused a scene, causing the Jiang Family to lose face. Only then did the Jiang Family send Jiang Yuchi back.”

“Send her back?” Song Ci couldn’t help asking, “To where?”

“Send her to wherever she came from.”

But Song Ci remembered that Jiang Yuchi was adopted by the Jiang Family from the mountains.

Song Ci suddenly thought of a story. There was a group of frogmen in the well, one of whom had become a traitor. He was unwilling to be a frog in the well. He wanted to climb to the mouth of the well and see the world outside.

He tried his best to climb and finally reached the well. He saw a boundless blue sky and huge trees swaying in the wind. He saw the beauty of this world and fell back into the well before he could love it.

And Jiang Yuchi was that frog.

“Alright, let’s get some blush.” Ai Lun gently swept a layer of blush on both sides of Song Ci’s cheeks, and the makeup was done. Ai Lun opened the accessory cabinet and asked Song Ci, “Which necklace do you want?”

Every time he opened Song Ci’s jewelry cabinet, Ai Lun felt like he was shopping in a jewelry shop. It was a dazzling array of jewelry.

Song Ci said, “The emerald set.”

“I also think this suits your outfit the best today.”

After dressing Song Ci up beautifully, Ai Lun went to the kitchen to steal a roasted duck and drove off. Han Zhan’s chef was very capable. The roasted duck he made was even more delicious than the authentic Beijing roasted duck Ai Lun had eaten.

Song Ci carried her skirt and walked out of the lift. Han Miao and Han Jun, who were playing puzzles together, looked up at Song Ci at the same time.

]Upon seeing Song Ci’s outfit, Han Miao immediately clapped excitedly and shouted, “Princess! Princess!”

Her mother was like Snow White in a picture book.

But Han Jun corrected Han Miao and said fiercely, “Mother, it’s Mother.” It’s Mother, not a princess.

The sisters started quarreling again.

Han Zhan stood behind the two sisters and spread out his hands helplessly. “They are quarreling again.” One could imagine how lively this house would be when the children grew up.

“Alright, we should set off. We can’t be the last to arrive.”


By the time Han Zhan and Song Ci arrived at the Long Family residence, there were already many guests.

Han Zhan and Song Ci went to write the wedding registration book and arrived at the banquet hall. They saw Old Master Long surrounded by people. The birthday boy was wearing a red Tang suit today. His gray hair couldn’t conceal his aura of an old man chatting wildly.

Long Gaogao also changed into a suit today and stood respectfully beside his grandfather. Long Gaogao even winked at Song Ci when he saw her.

Song Ci shot him a mischievous look. Turning around, she saw two to three young men in Chinese-style green robes walking in. One woman and two men, all very good-looking.

Two of them were old acquaintances of Song Ci and Han Zhan.

Song Ci leaned close to Han Zhan’s ear and said softly, “Why are Mo Fengying and Mo Suifeng here too?”

Han Zhan explained. “Old Master Long has a good relationship with the Mo Family. He often buys prescriptions from the Mo Family and is a business partner. It’s not strange for the Mo Family to come on Old Master Long’s 80th birthday.”

The Mo Family’s arrival didn’t attract the attention of the guests, but Old Master Long saw Mo Suifeng and the rest and stood up with a smile.

“Grandpa Long, Fengying wishes you a long life ahead of the Southern Mountains and a long life ahead!” Mo Fengying reached out her right hand to Mo Suifeng, who immediately handed a wooden box to her.

Mo Fengying opened the wooden box. As Song Ci and Han Zhan were close, they smelled a strange medicinal fragrance.

Song Ci stared at the pill in the wooden box and suddenly felt nauseous.

She turned and got up to go to the toilet.

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