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Chapter 306: This Old Man is Getting Older and More Interesting

Song Ci’s quiet departure didn’t attract the attention of the host and the Mo Family.

At this moment, everyone’s attention was focused on the three unfamiliar young men who had suddenly arrived. They all stared at the yellow-dressed girl in curiosity and confusion. Which immortal is this? Why have I never seen her before?

What kind of divine pill is that medicine in her hand?

If not for the miraculous elixir, Old Master Long wouldn’t have revealed an ecstatic expression after seeing that pill.

It had to be known that the Long Family was not only a pharmaceutical family, but also a major family in pharmaceutical research and development. Meanwhile, Old Master Long was also a respected old Chinese doctor!

How could it not be a miracle pill to make him so agitated?

Mo Fengying held the wooden box with both hands. Her voice was gentle and comforting. “Grandpa Long, this is the gift that Father asked me to bring you. This pill is called the Rejuvenation Pill. I believe you know it.”

Of course Old Master Long knew about the “Rejuvenation Pill”.

Old Master Long and the Mo Family had a close relationship. Of course, he had heard of the Mo Family’s special medicine called “Rejuvenation Pill”. This medicine could allow a dying person to recover in the shortest time possible. It was not an exaggeration to say that it had the effect of reviving the dead.

Old Master Long excitedly grabbed the wooden box with both hands. He held the box and looked down at the pill. Smelling that medicinal fragrance up close, he couldn’t help feeling intoxicated.

“Your father really thinks highly of me. I must keep such a precious thing.”

“Ms. Mo, please take a seat!”

After the gifts were brought, Mo Fengying sat down at table 1 with her two subordinates.

Coincidentally, Han Zhan and his wife were also arranged at table 1.

Tonight’s birthday banquet was arranged according to status and relationship. Seeing that the young lady from before was actually sitting at the same table as Han Zhan and the rest, everyone’s expressions were even more unfathomable.

Han Zhan was also slightly surprised.

But what surprised him was not the fact that Mo Fengying’s seat was at table 1, but the reason for her appearance.

In his impression of the Mo Family, they should be a low-profile family. Very few people in this world knew of their existence.

Although Old Master Long was indeed of noble status, there was no need to attract the Miss of the Mo Family to personally come and congratulate him.

The Mo Family had changed from their previous low-profile and had taken a high-profile route. Were they planning to make an appearance?

A hidden family suddenly decided to come into being. Either they had reached the end of their rope and were planning to find another way out, or they couldn’t resist the temptation and wanted to make money.

After all, no matter how powerful a family was, they couldn’t survive without money.

The Mo Family’s medical skills were superb and definitely wouldn’t be the first case. In that case, it could only be the second case.

That’s right. With the influx of western medicine, Chinese medicine’s status was getting lower and lower. Now that everyone was sick, they were more willing to go to western medicine. After all, western medicine was very effective and the surgery results were immediate.

Han Zhan put down the glass in his hand and thought to himself: What I’m most afraid of isn’t the lack of money, but that he doesn’t lack anything.

If he knew what the other party lacked, he could do what he liked.

Mo Fengying sat down beside Han Zhan through an empty seat. Mo Fengying was slightly surprised to see someone familiar here again.

“Mr. Han, we meet again.”

Han Zhan glanced at the empty seat between them and guessed that Mo Fengying had specially reserved it for Song Ci. He smiled and said, “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to see Miss Mo at such a lively place.”

“Mr. Han, you must be joking. Old Master Long is an old friend of our Mo Family. When he was young, he also went to our Mo Family to seek education. He can be considered a student of the Mo Family.”

“Old Sir’s birthday banquet must be attended.”

The two of them chatted briefly before Song Ci returned.

From afar, Mo Fengying’s eyes lit up when she saw Song Ci walking over with her dress.

Previously in Shunchen City, although Mo Fengying had seen Song Ci, she had been very low-key in her dressing. Mo Fengying had only paid attention to Old Mr. Chen’s health and not much attention to Song Ci.

After returning, in order to find out the whereabouts of the medicine man, Mo Fengying searched for everyone’s identity information that day.

Mo Fengying had long heard of the famous Beauty Song of Wangdong City. At that time, Mo Fengying thought that the number one beauty was just so-so. But today, seeing Song Ci dressed up, Mo Fengying knew that Song Ci’s beauty and elegance as the top debutante was not at all inferior.

Her looks were indeed incomparable to those girls from the Mo Family.

Song Ci sat down elegantly beside Han Zhan. When she sat down, she carefully pressed her chest to prevent herself from being exposed. After she sat down, she turned and smiled at Mo Fengying. “Miss Mo, we meet again.”

Mo Fengying nodded with a smile. “Mrs. Han, I suddenly thought of something when I saw you.”


Mo Fengying said, “You are the most beautiful. The only person who can defeat you is the next time you appear in formal wear.”

Hearing this, Song Ci was slightly stunned before smiling. “Miss Mo, are all girls with high medical skills so good at speaking?”

Mo Fengying took a sip of tea and said sincerely, “I’m serious.”

Song Ci smiled but cursed in her heart.

Like hell I believe you!

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci was smiling. He suddenly picked up the red wine bottle in front of him, tilted his head, leaned close to Song Ci, and asked, “Do you want some red wine?” With that, he whispered again, “Don’t be agitated. She is suspecting you.”

Song Ci’s smile remained unchanged as she raised her glass. “Let’s have some.” With that, she winked at Han Zhan.

Seeing this, Han Zhan knew that his worries were unnecessary.

Song Ci was never a fool. After seeing the precious Rejuvenation Pill, she truly understood how attractive the medicine man was.

Knowing that when she was agitated, Mo Fengying would be able to smell that medicinal fragrance, so she would naturally be more guarded.

Mo Fengying had said those likable words just now to purposely flatter her and make Song Ci happy. Though Song Ci’s face was all smiles, her heart remained calm.

Song Ci took a sip of red wine and put down her glass.

Mo Fengying looked at Song Ci’s smile and couldn’t help feeling suspicious. Could I have guessed wrongly? The medicine man isn’t Song Ci?

But that day, she had smelled the same scent twice. The first time was at the Chen Family, and the second time was at the hotel. The two scents were the same, and Song Ci and Han Zhan were among the people who appeared at the Chen Family and the hotel at the same time.

I must find out the answer!

Soon, the dishes were served one by one.

Recently, the rumors in Wangdong City had been rather tight. It was not allowed to be extravagant, so the menu for the birthday party was simple. There were no wild animals. They were all ingredients that could be bought on the market.

The main soup was black chicken soup made with the Long Family’s homemade Chinese medicine. The fragrance of the chicken soup was very appetizing.

It was not convenient for Song Ci to get up in her gown, so she handed the small bowl to Han Zhan. Han Zhan scooped a bowl of soup for her. “Be careful, it’s quite hot.” It should be freshly made chicken soup.

Song Ci took the soup and glanced at Han Zhan.

She scooped a spoonful of soup and took a sip. It was indeed hot. Song Ci lowered her head to drink the soup. Mo Fengying suddenly asked, “Mrs. Han, how does this soup taste?”

Song Ci put down her spoon and wiped the corners of her lips with a napkin. She turned to Mo Fengying and said, “It tastes very good. This is the first time I’ve had such a tasty medicinal soup. Miss Mo, do you want to try it?”

“… Okay.”

The dining table could be turned. Mo Fengying transferred the bowl of soup to her. Mo Fengying got up, picked up a big spoon, scooped a spoonful of soup, and was about to send it into the bowl when she was suddenly bumped by a passing waiter.

Mo Fengying turned her elbow and the spoon coincidentally flew towards Song Ci’s chest.

“Be careful!” Mo Fengying warned.

At that moment, Han Zhan suddenly pulled Song Ci into his arms. The spoon landed on Song Ci’s seat and her skirt.

Mo Fengying’s nose twitched quickly. She couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed that she didn’t smell anything.

Could I have guessed wrongly?

Mo Fengying put down her spoon in a panic and hurriedly looked down to ask about Song Ci’s condition. “Mrs. Han, how are you? Did I scald you?”

Many people noticed the commotion and looked over curiously.

Song Ci was like a frightened little deer lying in Han Zhan’s arms, as if she was scared. Han Zhan helped Song Ci up, held her arms lovingly, and said to her, “It’s alright, Baby Ci.”

Song Ci also snapped out of her trance.

She glanced at the chair, shook her head, and said to Mo Fengying, “I’m fine, Miss Mo. Don’t worry.”

Long Gaogao quickly walked over. He first sized Song Ci up with concern. Seeing that Song Ci was not scalded but that her skirt was slightly dirty, he was relieved.

“Someone, change the chair!” Long Gaogao got the butler to bring the chair over. He asked Song Ci, “Sister Ci, are you really alright?”

Only then did Song Ci stand up from Han Zhan’s arms. Frightened, she gently patted her own chest and said to Long Gao, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“That’s good.”

“Miss Mo, you must be shocked too. The waiter is so clumsy. He bumped into you and nearly scalded Sister Ci. I will definitely deduct his salary later!”

Mo Fengying tested Song Ci twice in a row. After confirming that both Song Ci and Han Zhan were not the medicine men, Mo Fengying’s expression was rather calm. She waved her hand and said, “It’s good that you’re fine.”

Long Gaogao left after that and Song Ci’s chair was sent over.

Song Ci sat down again. Before her butt could warm up, she suddenly heard Han Zhan ask, “You knew Long Gaogao before?”

Song Ci nodded. “Yes.”

“Sister Ci…” Han Zhan felt that the meat tonight was all sour. He said sourly,” So mushy. Can’t he call you Sister Song? Why must he call you Sister Ci. ”

“Jealous?” Song Ci immediately sensed that Han Zhan was throwing a tantrum.

Han Zhan snorted and lowered his head to eat his meat. As he ate, he didn’t forget to scoop up two large prawns for Song Ci with clean chopsticks.

Mo Fengying was just 20 years old and had never been in a relationship. Hearing Song Ci and Han Zhan’s conversation, she also felt slightly mushy.

After the birthday party ended, the guests left.

After greeting Old Master Long, Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and left. Once they got into the car, Han Zhan started the accelerator and drove Song Ci away quickly.

Only after driving the car to the parking lot of the manor did Han Zhan turn on the lights and curse with a dark face. There was a viciousness in his voice that could tear people apart. “That dog Mo Fengying!”

Han Zhan cursed!

He was scolding a woman!

Song Ci felt that Han Zhan was extraordinarily handsome even when scolding people.

Why is this old man getting more interesting the older he gets?

Song Ci had been forcing a smile the entire night because of the Rejuvenation Pill. After the banquet ended and the bustle faded, she shed her facade and revealed her fragility.

On the way back, Song Ci’s hands and feet were cold from the fear of the unknown.

But just now, after hearing Han Zhan’s scolding words, Song Ci suddenly smiled. The blood in her body started to warm up, and her limbs turned warm.

“Why are you scolding her? Her name is dirtying your mouth.” Song Ci hurriedly handed Han Zhan a bottle of mineral water.

“Come, Brother Han, have some water to cool down.”

Han Zhan was still very particular. “I want warm water.”

Song Ci threw down the mineral water, opened Han Zhan’s thermos, and handed him a sip.

Seeing that Han Zhan was not as angry as before, Song Ci said, “Actually, when you told me to be careful and said that the chicken soup was very hot, I knew that you were hinting to me to be wary of Mo Fengying’s little tricks later.”

“As expected, that woman didn’t give up and actually thought of such a trick to scare me.”

She didn’t grow up in a fright. She had experienced something even more terrifying than this, so she naturally could stabilize herself.

Hearing this, Han Zhan said, “This also means that Mo Fengying or the Mo Family doesn’t know that we already have information on the medicine man and know that you are the medicine man.”

Han Zhan turned off the lights, alighted from his side, and circled around to Song Ci’s side.

Opening the car door for Song Ci, he unbuckled his seatbelt, hugged Song Ci, and brought her home.

“But if they discover the existence of the medicine man, they will definitely keep searching for him. Baby Ci, we can avoid this time, but not the next…”

He stopped in his tracks. Under the night sky, a vicious and murderous glint flashed across the man’s dark eyes. He said, “Baby Ci, instead of waiting for death, why don’t you take the initiative to attack?”

Song Ci’s expression was stern. She hugged Han Zhan’s neck and asked curiously, “How?”

“I just had a plan and need to make thorough arrangements.”

Han Zhan didn’t tell Song Ci his detailed plan. He just told her to relax and leave everything to him. “Practice your violin well and remember to groom a champion for me.”

“Later, put your trophy together with my entrepreneurship award and offer incense to our grandparents to make them happy.”

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci was rather happy.


It was already very late when they returned. It was already past 11pm and all the helpers and children at home were asleep. Arriving at the lift, Han Zhan placed Song Ci down.

Song Ci had just stabilized herself when Han Zhan pulled her into his arms.

Song Ci asked, “Why? Haven’t you hugged enough?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “How is it enough? I will never feel enough hugging you my entire life.” He used the ring finger of his right hand to hook the straps of Song Ci’s gown. “Can you open this?”

Song Ci chuckled. “Why don’t you give it a try? If it’s really so easy to remove, no one in this world will dare to wear suspenders. I have a high-end brand with tens of thousands of yuan…”


Han Zhan tugged hard with both hands and the rope around Song Ci’s left shoulder broke.

Song Ci’s remaining words were: “?”

“I just wanted to try…” Han Zhan’s expression was slightly innocent. There was still a broken strap on his ring finger.” I didn’t expect it to succeed. ”

Song Ci flew into a rage out of humiliation and snatched the strap back from Han Zhan. “I won’t buy this gown in the future!” What lousy quality is this!

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