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Chapter 304: Nourishing Han Zhan: Be Careful of Your Waist

Sophie’s death strangled Aaron’s yearning for love.

It was the first time Han Zhan heard of this and he couldn’t comment on it. But he noticed another detail and couldn’t help praising Aaron. He said, “You actually know the words’ I didn’t kill Bo Ren, but Bo Ren died because of me ‘.”

Aaron’s expression was slightly complicated. He asked slowly, “Is this the main point?”

“Isn’t that so? For a person who didn’t know how to use Chinese to send messages a year ago, your current Chinese improvement is very rapid.”

aron couldn’t help asking, “What level is my current Chinese at in your country?”

Han Zhan killed him with one sentence. “Just barely qualified to take the middle school examination.”

Aaron was speechless.

He kicked the slowly closing lift door. That kick shook the lift door. Han Zhan saw that the lift door swayed and closed. Only then did the smile in his eyes gradually disappear.

As the Lunar New Year was approaching, the company was very busy. Not only were the low-level employees busy, even the high-level executives who loved to socialize outside had to obediently clock in on time to answer Han Zhan’s call.

The company had recently established a new “special logistics department”. The office was set up under Han Zhan’s office building, next to the two vice-presidents’ office.

Meanwhile, there were very few people in the special logistics department. With the head of the logistics department, Han Rang, as the leader, there were only eight people. Among these eight people, there were men and women, old and young. They were the kind of ordinary people who would not stand out anywhere.

But these people had the same salary as the middle management.

The senior management of the company felt doubtful of the existence of the special logistics department. They didn’t understand the meaning of this department’s existence! It looked like a group of unemployed tourists!

At first, some people were curious about the special department. But after discovering that these people either skipped work or dozed off in the office everyday, everyone sneered at them.

This was probably Han Zhan’s group of relatives who specially entered the company to register their salaries!

There were many people who harbored such thoughts. However, near the end of the year, this group of people had all gone missing. The main door of the department was tightly shut, like a no man’s land.

Bei Zhan and Li Li would occasionally stare at that no man’s land and reveal thoughtful expressions.

Bei Zhan said, “Looks like the company is going to undergo a major change this year.”

Li Li crossed his arms and agreed with Bei Zhan’s point of view. He nodded and said, “If those people want to know the true meaning of the existence of the special logistics department, I’m afraid no one will dare to underestimate them.”

Only a few people knew that when the special logistics department was busy, some people would lose their heads.

20th December was the last and most important meeting of the company. This was because some people would be promoted and some people would be fired.

Regardless of whether they were from the country or from overseas, all of them returned to the country and attended the meeting on time.

There were cameras recording the entire meeting.

When Han Zhan walked into the meeting room in his iron-grey suit with a thermos flask, the noisy venue instantly fell silent.

Everyone stood up and looked at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan stood at his seat and raised his hand to press it down. “Everyone, sit.”

Everyone sat down at the same time.

The entire conference hall was silent.

Zeus Corporation had more than 20 companies of all sizes and was involved in all fields. Hotel, aviation, car manufacturing, tourism, entertainment, online gaming, and venture capital…

Every company’s CEO and main manager were all present. There were 300 to 400 people sitting in the meeting center. It was comparable to a high school student meeting.

Han Zhan was the head of the cohort and the general manager of each corporation were the form teachers. The assistant manager was a student.

Han Zhan was amused by the scene he imagined in his mind, but when he thought of what happened secretly, he couldn’t smile.

“It’s a good year this year. The country is peaceful and the global situation is rather harmonious.”

Han Zhan’s opening was very much like a national leader’s speech. Some people below smiled, but they were scolding in their hearts: It’s none of your business if the world is harmonious!

“The country is peaceful, but some people’s hearts might not be…” With that, he swept everyone’s faces with his seemingly calm eyes.

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

What does Mr. Han mean?

Han Zhan held his thermos flask in his left hand and knocked it on the table neither lightly nor heavily. There was a microphone on his table, and the bottom of the flask made a deep sound when it hit the table. It was magnified in every corner of the hall, like a demon’s sickle sharpening at one’s ear.

“Today, let’s not talk about performance or looking forward to the future. Let’s talk about being human.” Han Zhan smiled slightly and continued, “After all, Zeus Corporation is a major international corporation. What we use is not beasts.”

The word “beast” was too heavy and some people already frowned.

Bei Zhan and Li Li exchanged glances and thought to themselves, Here it comes! The moment of a major change has finally arrived! (italics)

Han Zhan picked up a USB flash drive and raised it. “This is the information given to me by the head of the logistics department. Everything inside has been strictly vetted. There is no lie at all.”

“If the person involved in the incident recorded on the USB flash drive still doubts our investigation results, we can call the police and let the police investigate.”

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes turned solemn.

They stared at the USB drive in Han Zhan’s hand like criminals kneeling on the execution grounds at noon. They looked up and stared at the knife in Butcher’s hand.

A guilty person’s heart was already in turmoil.

Han Zhan waved his hand and the head of the Special Logistics Department, Aaron, walked in. Aaron was wearing a slim-fit black suit today. His blonde hair was combed into a bun, revealing his sunny and handsome face.

He took Han Zhan’s USB drive, opened it, and opened a blood-red document called “Bad Things”.

The densely packed incident records made one’s scalp tingle.

“Everyone, as there are many documents, it will delay everyone’s time. We have already informed the canteen staff to add more food so that everyone can stay for lunch. We have coffee and tea. Please don’t be anxious.”

Aaron smiled mischievously. That evil smile sent chills down one’s spine.

Aaron opened the document and said, “Chen Dejun, the general manager of the financial department of the rising online gaming company, was reported anonymously to harass a female colleague of the company, drugged her, caused her to lose her virginity, and threatened her to leave her post. After investigation, the news is true and there is video and information about the victim’s hospitalization as evidence. According to the company’s rules, he should be fired from his position and the incident needs to be written on his resume, before we call the police to settle it.”

“The head of Zeus Airlines’ Department of Engineering, Zhang Chengkang, was involved in the leaking company confidential documents. Although he was intercepted, his betrayal is bitterly disappointing…”

“The head of the publicity department of Yu Hua Entertainment, Su Ruyun, seduced the vice-president of the Empire Entertainment, Jiang XX. She also spent money to hire someone to injure Vice-president Jiang’s wife, causing her to have a miscarriage and is suspected of attempted murder. She should be fired and reported to the police…”

Aaron used his gloating tone to spend more than 20 minutes reciting the deeds of his employees who had committed crimes this year.

After reading it, he smiled at the neatly-dressed and seemingly serious criminals in the hall. He couldn’t help mocking. “Everyone, you have really broadened my horizons. I thought all the bad guys were in prison. It seems like society is the biggest prison because you can never guess who the real criminals are.”

All the employees who were called turned pale.

Han Zhan was very satisfied with their reaction. He finished his wolfberry tea and said considerately, “There’s no hurry, everyone. The meeting isn’t over yet and the police won’t be coming in for the time being. Please calm down.”

He was no longer interested in these smelly bugs’ reactions. Instead, he turned and said to Aaron, “Continue.”

Aaron nodded and said, “The criticism meeting is over. It’s time for the commendation meeting. Next, it’s time to reward the big red flowers!”

Aaron chuckled and opened another green document. He read aloud, “Sheng Hui Technology Chief Engineer Lei Yu, met a male harassing a female on his way home and took the initiative to help a female escape danger. He’s given a red star and rewarded 200,000 yuan worth of shopping vouchers. He can buy any product from Zeus Corporation.”

“The general manager of the Shanghai branch of the Jetta International Hotel, Guo Dasheng. As he was passing by the tunnel, he happened to meet an injured plain-clothes police officer and sent him to the hospital. He saved a life and is given a red star as a reward, including 250,000 shopping coupons.”

“Director of Ascension and general manager, Zhu Wen, fought with the CEO of Shu Kang Daily Consumables Company on 23 September to protect his artistes from underhanded means. He caused the other party to lose two front teeth and have a broken left wrist. Although he is a culprit, he has his own reasons. He will be rewarded with 150,000 shopping coupons and would be given one red star.”

Zhu Wen didn’t expect Aaron to find out such an obscure thing. She was both embarrassed and impressed by Aaron and his group’s capabilities.

Are these people from the special logistics department mosquitoes? Why are they everywhere?

“The male singer under Yu Hua Entertainment, Liang Bo, donated 10 million yuan last year for public service and took the initiative to build a Hope Primary School. Heart-warming and touching. He’s given a red star and rewarded $150,000 shopping vouchers…”

After reading everything on the USB drive, Aaron’s mouth was already dry.

He took a sip of water, pulled out the USB flash drive, and looked at his colleagues in the hall. He suddenly smiled and said gently, “Everyone, when our department is busy, it will be the time for you to suffer. I look forward to the day when the entire special logistics department sleeps soundly every day!”

After understanding Aaron’s hint, everyone felt very miserable. No wonder the Special Logistics Department had been missing all day recently. It seemed like they had gone out to investigate.

They finally understood that the Special Logistics Department didn’t raise Han Zhan’s best relatives, but the investigative branch! They were Han Zhan’s lackeys and would bite wherever Han Zhan pointed!

After the commendation ceremony ended, Aaron left in a low-profile manner. When he left, countless resentful gazes were fixed on his face. But Aaron didn’t mind at all. He even turned over, smiled sweetly at everyone, and raised his middle finger provocatively.

After that, they sanctioned a batch of people and promoted another batch. The meeting only ended after 12pm. The moment the meeting ended, a group of police officers filed in and dragged away those frightened senior management.

“Han Zhan! You will die a horrible death! Who do you think you are? Do you really think you can laugh your entire life! Just you wait and see!”

“When a person is unlucky, even cold water will stuff their teeth. You, Han Zhan, also have times when you are unlucky!”

“Han Zhan, you will definitely go to hell! You are a bad person. I curse your entire family to be unlucky!”

Han Zhan sat calmly on the chair and accepted their insults calmly and coldly. He didn’t care about their words. They were just a bunch of stray dogs.

If a mad dog screams at you, are you going to shout at it?

Just kill it.

Zeus Corporation’s incident quickly became trending that day. Song Ci was playing mahjong with a group of wealthy ladies in the card room.

Ever since Song Ci got married, she rarely attended these card games and ball parties organized by the socialites. She was now the wife of the richest man in the world and would occasionally attend parties. She was the target of everyone’s admiration.

But Song Ci knew her limits. When she was outside, she would say what she needed to say and not speak nonsense. Trouble came from the mouth, and it was true.

Song Ci’s cautious words made many people who wanted to pry information from her lips get rejected.

After the card game ended, Song Ci looked at the time and thought that it was time to go home. She still had to go to the beauty salon for a full-body spa in the afternoon and accompany Han Zhan to Old Master Long’s birthday party tonight.

Song Ci was about to mention leaving when she heard an unfamiliar young lady holding her cell phone say, “Hey, look, Zeus Corporation is trending again.”

This sentence successfully left Song Ci behind.

Song Ci took out her cell phone and opened Weibo. She saw the hottest topic at # 4.

# Zeus Corporation, large-scale murder arresting scene #

Song Ci clicked on that topic and saw a screenshot of a large group of police officers walking out of the Imperial Dragon Building with more than 10 well-dressed criminals.

The blogger wrote what happened on Weibo. The crowd who knew the truth all left comments.

First post: Zeus Corporation: Don’t compare yourself to me. When I am ruthless, I will even report my own employees.

Second post: Zeus Corporation is really a clean stream in the corporate world.

Third post: Zeus Corporation’s actions are indeed commendable, but this also has a drawback. Its overly strict requirements will block a large number of elites.

Fourth post: Replying to the commenter above, although what you said makes sense, doesn’t this also indirectly confirm that employees who can work at Zeus Corporation for a long time are at least all moral people?

Fifth post: After reading the comments on the fourth floor, I suddenly have an idea. If someone introduces a blind date partner to your parents who works at Zeus Corporation, can we still escape the fate of blind dates?

After Song Ci finished reading the Weibo post with relish, there was only one thought in her mind. No wonder Han Zhan said that he was going to do something major today before leaving this morning.

So this was the major thing.

After gradually figuring out what was going on in the trending topics, someone smiled and said to Song Ci, “Song Song, your Mr. Han is famous again.”

Song Ci said, “He’s just like that. He can’t tolerate anything.”

“A person who can’t tolerate anything is also absolutely loyal to relationships. Song Song, I really envy you.” The person who spoke was a lady who used to play quite well with Song Ci. Her surname was Xu and Song Ci called her Sister Xu.

Hearing this, Song Ci leaned over to Miss Xu and said softly, “Sister Xu, is Mr. Zhong still with those women?”

Miss Xu smiled bitterly. “How can they break? How many men are as devoted to you as Mr. Han? You don’t know how envious the people in the entertainment circles are of you now.”

Those who thought Song Ci was blind back then were all envious of her now.

Song Ci felt a headache coming on when she saw that Sister Xu was about to cry again. She was just thinking of how to persuade Miss Xu when the entire card room suddenly fell silent. Song Ci looked up in surprise and saw that Miss Xu and the rest were all staring at the door of the card room. She thought that a queen of topics had arrived.

Song Ci turned and didn’t see the topic queen, but the topic old prince.

Her Han Zhan was still wearing his work clothes. He was wearing an iron-grey three-piece suit with a pure black shirt and a starched dark blue tie.

That tie was chosen by Song Ci for Han Zhan in the morning.

It was that tie that broke the overly mature and steady aura on Han Zhan’s body, making him appear slightly friendly. At this moment, Han Zhan was standing under the door, gazing gently and calmly at Song Ci.

Seeing that Song Ci had finally noticed him, Han Zhan walked in. Walking behind Song Ci, Han Zhan bent over and leaned against the back of Song Ci’s chair. He asked her sensibly and considerately, “Are you still playing?”

He had given Song Ci enough face.

Song Ci looked at the mahjong tiles in front of her, then looked at Han Zhan behind her.

Mahjong was nothing compared to Han Zhan.

Song Ci pushed the mahjong tiles away and said, “I’m not playing anymore. You haven’t eaten, right? I’ll bring you to eat.”

Han Zhan nodded and looked up to ask the women in the room, “Ladies, it’s past lunchtime. I’ll take my wife away first. You can ask her out next time.”

With that, Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and took the initiative to pick up the bag Song Ci had placed on the stool with his broken right hand.

Watching the two of them leave together, the group of women who were kept as full-time housewives couldn’t help feeling slightly envious.

We all married people, but why did Song Ci marry such an outstanding man?

However, a man’s excellence was just a facade that he purposely put up for Song Ci and her plastic sisters to see. After they got into the car and no one else could see, Han Zhan tore off his handsome and gentle mask to reveal his true, slightly fierce face.

He glared at Song Ci and criticized her. “It’s already 12.40pm. If I don’t look for you, are you going to continue playing cards?!”

“You play mahjong and don’t want your health anymore? You don’t want to eat? You think your stomach is too good and want to experience the gastric pain, right?”

“How old are you already? You’re almost 25 years old. You’re not a 5-year-old kindergarten kid. You even need a teacher to personally urge you to eat.”

Song Ci listened unhappily. After Han Zhan finished lecturing her, she said, “I want to wear a beautiful dress tonight and just want to skip lunch.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan was even angrier. “Then put on something looser!”

“A loose one won’t reveal a good figure!”

“Who do you want to see your good figure?” Han Zhan glared at her fiercely. “You’re not allowed to wear revealing clothes. Be careful of your cold waist!”

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