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Chapter 303: Brother Aaron’s Little Wife

Aaron pinched that card and felt that his palm was hot.

He asked Gao Yunyun, “I just want to make me feel better, and money is the only thing I can afford. Do you really not want it?” He was alone. Apart from money, there was really nothing else that could compensate Gao Yunyun’s family.

Gao Yunyun still shook her head. She told Aaron, “If you really want to make it up to me, then live your own life happily. In the future, remember to visit us often when you are free.”

Gao Yunyun also had her own temper. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have quit the entertainment circle at her youngest and most successful age. Gao Yunyun’s determination moved Aaron.

Aaron kept the card. “Alright, I will come and visit you often in the future.”

“Do you want to stay for the night?” Gao Yunyun looked slightly happy. She told Aaron, “I have a daughter called Zhong Ling’er. She is not even 20 years old. You guys haven’t met yet. Do you want to have a meal together and get to know each other?”

Gao Yunyun wanted to introduce Aaron to her daughter and let her know that she still had an elder brother. She also wanted Aaron to know Zhong Ling’er and let him know that he had a sister.

But Aaron said, “I’ve seen that girl.”

With that, Aaron noticed Zhong Ling’er walking over from the lift. She was carrying a takeout box. It turned out that she had gone to the restaurant to pack food.

Staring at Zhong Ling’er’s figure, Aaron said to Gao Yunyun, “She is very outstanding and upright. I just arrived in town and she brought me to the hospital.”

Hearing this, Gao Yunyun smiled. “She was pampered since she was young and is not as sensible as you.”

Aaron said, “But I’d rather be more pampered.” Only children who had been pampered by their parents had the right to be pampered.

Zhong Ling’er quickly noticed Aaron and Gao Yunyun. She couldn’t help feeling shocked to see that handsome brother standing with his mother.

“Mother!” Zhong Ling’er hurried to stand behind Gao Yunyun’s wheelchair. She looked at Aaron in shock and suspicion and asked curiously, “Sir, the family you want to meet is my mother?”


Zhong Ling’er looked at Gao Yunyun in confusion. “Mother, you know him?” What’s the relationship between the two of them?

Gao Yunyun held Zhong Ling’er’s hand and patted it before saying, “Lingling, this is your elder brother whom I told you about in the past.”

Zhong Ling’er felt like she had been struck by lightning.

She stared at the handsome mixed-blood man and felt her head buzzing.


The legendary elder brother who was taken away during Mother’s confinement period?

Zhong Ling’er was bewildered and looked at Aaron with doubt, shock, and curiosity. Aaron smiled kindly at Zhong Ling’er and lost his usual mischievous and unruly manner when facing Han Zhan and Song Ci.

“Hello, little girl.”

Zhong Ling’er was half a beat slower before stammering. “H-Hello.”

Thinking that Aaron had yet to answer her question, Gao Yunyun asked him, “Child, are you staying for a meal?”

Aaron still rejected her. “I shave a competition tonight. I will visit you another day.”

“What competition?” It was the little girl, Zhong Ling’er, who asked. Gao Yunyun also looked at Aaron curiously and asked, “What are you doing now? Playing basketball?”

Aaron was slightly embarrassed. Should I tell Gao Yunyun that I’m preparing to play games?

“It’s not basketball. It’s a holographic game competition. If you win, you can get a million yuan.” Aaron wanted to earn money to buy his own house as soon as possible. It didn’t need to be very big. One bedroom and one living room were fine.

He wanted a home of his own, a home bought with his own clean money. Han Zhan had also bought a house for him previously, but that was not his own money after all. He had no sense of belonging.

Gao Yunyun knew about holographic games. In the past, a child next door spent a huge sum of money to buy a holographic gaming cabin. Everyone in the alley scolded him for burning money.

Zhong Ling’er looked at Aaron in admiration. “Brother, you are so awesome!”

The little girl and Aaron were both stunned by this greeting. The two of them exchanged a silent look and smiled again.

After pushing Gao Yunyun back to the ward, Aaron chatted with Uncle Zhong for a while more and was about to leave.

Knowing that Aaron was about to return to Wangdong City, Father Zhong felt slightly reluctant and couldn’t help saying, “Stay at my house for a night and go back tomorrow.”

ather Zhong also liked Aaron. After all, he had watched the child be born.

The first time he carried a baby and bathed it was all for Aaron.

Aaron rejected again. “I will come again next time. I really have something on today.”

Zhong Ling’er told Father about Aaron’s participation in the competition. Knowing that Aaron was going to do something that could earn a million yuan, Father Zhong didn’t continue to stop him.

Zhong Ling’er had sent Aaron to the airport in town.

The station in town was at the head of the town and they needed to take a taxi over. In the car, Zhong Ling’er said, “When I saw you earlier, I realized that the pendant hanging around your neck looked slightly familiar.”

With that, Zhong Ling’er pulled out the zodiac jade pendant that she had hidden in her turtleneck sweater. “Look, I also have a zodiac pendant. Mother went to the temple to pray for blessings. It belongs to the same series as yours.”

Aaron touched Zhong Ling’er’s zodiac pendant and suddenly felt a sense of familiarity towards his sister. “You can come to Wangdong City to play in the future. I will bring you around.”

“Brother, what do you usually do?”

Aaron said, “I work in the day for eight hours. I deliver takeout during the holidays and at night.”

“Wow, you’re so hardworking.”

“This isn’t hard work. I like the feeling of earning money.” Especially after earning money and seeing the bills increase one by one, that satisfaction was something Aaron couldn’t describe to anyone.

Arriving at the bus stop, Zhong Ling’er carried the specialties that she had prepared for Aaron. She watched as Aaron boarded the bus before returning home.

Aaron returned to the Han Family manor at 7pm.

After a day of adaptation, Han Zhan could already walk properly now. He stood by the fountain and walked slowly, carrying Han Jun who was still slightly sickly.

He was slightly surprised to see Aaron returning in his car with a bunch of sealed specialties. “Where did you go today? You didn’t go to deliver food?”

Aaron’s footsteps were filled with joy. He said, “I went to South City, Qingshui Town.”

Han Zhan knew that it was the city where Aaron’s biological mother lived. He observed Aaron’s expression and guessed a possibility. “Your mother is awake?”

“She’s awake.” Aaron happily shared what happened today with Han Zhan. “I saw my mother, as well as her daughter and husband. They are all pretty good.”

Aaron’s eyes were very sharp. To be able to be evaluated by him as “quite good”, they must be very kind people. Han Zhan was very happy for Aaron. He said, “You can invite them to Wangdong City as guests and stay at my house.”

Fighting spirit burned in Aaron’s eyes. He said, “No, after I buy a house, I will invite them over to play!”

Han Zhan thought of how the once awesome little bandits who ran wild in the Mediterranean had to work hard to save money to buy houses in China and felt slightly emotional.

China is indeed a magical place.

However, it was good to have some pursuits.

Aaron teased Han Jun and made her pout before quickly running away. Aaron went to the kitchen to steal some food. After eating, he planned to return to his room to play games.

On the way back to the room, he met Song Ci and Han Miao playing in the fountain square. Aaron stopped and said to Song Ci, “I brought back some specialties. They have the signature sausages from South City. If you want to eat them, get the chef to make them yourself.”

Aaron knew that Song Ci liked to eat sausages.

Song Ci asked him, “You went to see your mother?”


“What happened?”

Aaron glanced at Song Ci and said proudly, “If I’m doing it, will anything turn bad”

Song Ci sensed Aaron’s joy and felt happy for him. But thinking of something, Song Ci hurriedly reminded him. “Oh yes, have you seen the rules of the game? That game is a couple competition. You can’t compete if you can’t find a partner.”

“Mmm?” Aaron stopped and turned to ask Song Ci, “Couple competition?”

“Yes, if you win the competition, you can get a million yuan.”

Aaron’s face darkened. “Then isn’t there only 500,000 yuan left in my hands?”

Song Ci nodded.

Aaron muttered again. “If I meet a newbie, I might not get the award.” Aaron stared at Song Ci for a long while before finally saying, “You can’t. You’re especially lousy.”

Song Ci rolled her eyes. “I don’t want to team up with you? It’s not like I don’t have money and I don’t fancy that 500,000 yuan.”

Aaron snorted and left.

He returned to his room and finished the half-eaten roasted duck he had stolen from the kitchen. He washed his hands, brushed his teeth, changed into casual clothes, and laid down in the holographic gaming cabin.

Aaron successfully logged into the game.

He was sitting on a stool on a plane heading to Demon Island. This plane was filled with real players. Sometimes, when Aaron boarded the game, the plane was filled with people. Sometimes, he was the only one coming up.

But this time, there was someone else on the plane.

As there were only two minutes left until the competition, those who wanted to participate had already logged into the game, so there were very few people on the plane.

Aaron glanced at the players.

]It was a female player in a black dress. She sat in the corner silently, her face pinched like a mess. Meanwhile, Aaron’s own face was pinched so hard that his nose was not his nose and his mouth was not his mouth.

Aaron suddenly sent a request.


“The other party released 520 fireworks in your direction. He requests to be your lover.”

When Nan Yanyan saw this line, she was blinded by the dazzling fireworks. She wanted to turn off the notification and pressed the bottom right corner.

But she didn’t know that when someone confessed, the left side was the rejection, while the right side was consent.

After the fireworks ended, Nan Yanyan noticed that there was something above her head. She took a closer look and realized that the words “Brother Aaron’s Little Wife” were written on her head.

Nan Yanyan: What the hell?

Aaron stared at the woman opposite him. Seeing that she remained silent, he said, “Sister Yan, I am going to participate in the championship. Are you coming with me?”

Nan Yanyan’s game name was Sister Yan.

Needless to say, their names were quite compatible.

Nan Yanyan snapped out of her trance and realized that she had just agreed to the couple’s invitation. She thought that she was not busy recently and could get another 500,000 yuan for winning the competition.

There was a child’s mother in the team who was seriously ill and needed a large sum of money. If she could win the award, she could also help that child.

Thinking of this, Nan Yanyan agreed.

“Let’s go.”

The two of them clicked on the competition and became contestants with the order of 999.

There were a total of 1,000 spots in the competition game. They were coincidentally stuck at number 999. Aaron teased. “999, is this a long-term relationship?”

Nan Yanyan felt that the other party’s pronunciation was not very standard, so she asked him, “Where are you from? Your Mandarin accent is slightly strange.” It didn’t sound like a Guangdong accent, nor did it sound like a Fujian accent, nor did it sound like a Sichuan or Northeastern accent.

Aaron laughed. His voice was rather likable. He said, “Italian.”

Nan Yanyan was slightly surprised. “An international friend.”

Aaron said, “I’m Chinese now.”

As they spoke, the plane arrived at Demon Island. After a rush of dizziness, they arrived.

Demon Island was very large. The beginner competition was the simplest elimination round. The content was simple and rough. Players and game NPCs killed each other. The top 400 teams that killed the most NPCs won.

In the first preliminary round, six hundred people would be directly eliminated.

Aaron killed four NPCs in a row. He turned and saw Sister Yan holding a gun with both hands and shooting an NPC in the head, hitting him right between the brows. He was slightly shocked.

The holographic gaming cabin had a very high requirement for the player’s mental control. It relied on mental power to issue commands. The higher the mental power, the higher the hit rate.

Meanwhile, Sister Yan’s every bullet hit the NPC between his brows. It was hard to imagine how strong this person’s mental strength was. Even if her mental strength was not strong, her control over her own mental strength was very precise.

Aaron suddenly felt slightly excited.

I found a treasure!

The game lasted for 40 minutes. Aaron and Sister Yan felt that they could advance into the next round and stopped attacking. The two of them sat among the corpses and chatted.

Aaron said, “I am going to work after the game ends. Let’s continue on Wednesday night and persevere. We will win the award if we play another five rounds.”

Sister Yan asked, “Are you so sure that we will win the award?”

Aaron said, “If I want to do one thing successfully, I will do it even if I have to kneel.”

Sister Yan felt that he sounded rather silly and asked, “How old are you?”

Aaron said, “34 years old.”

Sister Yan was slightly surprised. “I thought you were only 17 years old.”

Aaron asked, “Why do you think so?”

Sister Yan said honestly, “You sound so pretentious.” Only a teenage child would be so pretentious.

Aaron was speechless.

There were still three minutes before the game ended. The two of them couldn’t just sit there. Quitting the game midway was equivalent to automatically abstaining from the game. It wasn’t worth it.

Aaron asked Sister Yan, “If we win, how are you going to spend this 500,000 yuan?”

Sister Yan said, “For someone’s medical treatment.”

Aaron said, “I want to buy a house.”

“You haven’t bought a house at 34 years old?”


“It will be very difficult for you to get a wife then.”

Aaron chuckled.

Hearing his laughter, Sister Yan played along. “What are you laughing at?”

Aaron said, “Perhaps there’s someone like you, who would accidentally get together with me?”

“To be honest, I was blind just now and pressed the wrong button.” Sister Yan was frank again.

Aaron smiled even wider. “To be honest, I also pressed randomly and caught you easily.”

Both of them were too honest and didn’t have any ulterior motives. The two of them chatted instead. “It’s already so late and you still have to go to work. What work do you do?”

Aaron said, “Meituan Food Delivery, you deserve it.”

Sister Yan couldn’t resist complaining. “Forget it. It’s just so-so. In the past, your employees always complained that we were too far away. No one accepted our order.”

Aaron said, “Just complain.”

Sister Yan said, “There’s no need for that. There was a little brother who was willing to accept the bill, but it was slightly expensive. But he is handsome, so it’s understandable that he accepted more money.”

Aaron didn’t like hearing this. Could a delivery guy be more handsome than me?

I’m Wangdong City’s number one delivery boy!

“How handsome can he be?”

Sister Yan said, “I’m afraid that you would feel inferior, so I won’t go into detail.”

Aaron said, “To be honest, Brother Rang is the most handsome man in our city’s Meituan Food Company. Everyone in any city is in the same line of work. There might be someone in the middle who knows him.”

Sister Yan said, “Wangdong.”

Aaron was speechless.

He recalled their conversation and felt slightly puzzled. “How handsome is that little handsome guy you mentioned? Describe him to me?”

Sister Yan said, “He’s tall, mixed-blood, has golden hair and blue eyes. I’m not boasting, but he’s even more handsome than the male model of the advertisers. I order takeout every day just to look at him and relieve my eye fatigue.”

Aaron was speechless.

A strong intuition told Aaron that the little brother the other party was talking about was most likely him.

Aaron hesitated, not knowing how to answer, when he heard the system announce the end of the game. After confirming that his team had won, Aaron went offline.

He opened the gaming cabin, sat up in the cabin, walked to the window, pushed open the window, and reached out. Feeling that it was rather cold tonight, Aaron changed into a down jacket and cotton pants, boarded his motorcycle, and entered the city.

After two hours of delivery, it was 10.30pm.

“You have a new order.”

Aaron parked the car by the side of the road and saw a familiar address, a familiar person, and a familiar takeout food. His expression was even stranger.

22 minutes later, Aaron entered the AK eSports building with a pair of milk tea and desserts in each hand.

All the little brothers and sisters in the building knew Aaron. Seeing him come, they all greeted him. “Same old rules, handsome. The Empress of China belongs to our manager!”

Aaron acknowledged.

He went to the second floor and knocked on the door of the manager’s office.

The manager opened the door and saw that it was Aaron. Her eyes lit up slightly. Aaron’s heart felt slightly itchy. Oh no, I’m targeted by a female hooligan.

“Your Empress of China has arrived.”


The other party took the Empress of China and leaned against the door. Just as she was about to send Aaron off like before, she realized that Aaron was not in a hurry to leave today.

The beautiful female manager instinctively stood up and asked Aaron in confusion, “May I know if you have anything else?”

Aaron said, “What’s your name? I don’t know how to address you.”

The beautiful female manager said, “Nan Yanyan.”

Sister Yan.

Nan Yanyan.

It was most likely the same person.

Aaron acknowledged and turned to leave.

Nan Yanyan closed the door and placed the food bag on the table. She sat in her office chair and recalled the strange look in the delivery boy’s eyes when he looked up and asked her name. She couldn’t help thinking narcissistically: Could it be that the delivery guy is interested in me?

Nan Yanyan was amused by her own thoughts.

Aaron sent a few more takeout orders and it was past midnight. He still had to go to work tomorrow, so he closed the order software and returned home with the night star draped over his shoulders.

The next morning, Han Zhan spoke about the new year.

Aaron was wearing a well-ironed blue suit. As he hugged Han Jun, he saw that the back of Han Jun’s neck was covered in sweat and touched her back.

“Junjun is sweating and her clothes are all wet.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan got the butler to carry Han Jun to take a shower and change clothes. “Looks like her fever is getting better, that’s why she keeps sweating.”

After watching Han Jun leave, Han Zhan said to Aaron, “Are you spending the new year with us or going to Qingshui Town?”

Aaron thought for a moment and said, “It’s better to do it at your place. I can just visit Qingshui Town.”

“Alright then.”

After dinner, Han Zhan and Aaron boarded the car to work.

Aaron said to Han Zhan, “Aren’t you taking two days off? Why didn’t you continue resting today?”

“It’s the end of the year and there are many things to do.” It was mainly because Song Ci was not at home today and had gone out to play with Song Fei. It was pointless for him to stay at home alone.

Aaron teased him. “Are you a giant baby? Can’t you live without Song Ci?”

“Call her sister-in-law.”

“Song Ci.”

“Do you have ulterior motives towards Song Ci? Otherwise, why don’t you call her sister-in-law?” Han Zhan had wanted to ask this question countless times.

Aaron rubbed his nose. He said, “She is several years younger than me. I can’t call her when I see her face.”

Han Zhan said, “Then close your eyes and say it.”

Aaron shut up.

Arriving at the company, the two brothers alighted together and welcomed the attention of countless employees. Aaron leaned close to Han Zhan’s ear and said, “Guess if they are looking at you or me?”

Han Zhan said, “They want to marry me and sleep with you.” It was every woman’s dream to marry a rich man and sleep with a good-looking one.

Aaron snapped his fingers. “Bingo.” Walking into the lift, he leaned against Han Zhan’s shoulder like a koala bear and said seriously, “I am clean and cannot be slept with by those women.”

In Italy, Aaron led a very gloomy life. The thing he thought about the most was how to kill Edward and gain freedom.

And Aaron had never thought of possessing something like love.

Aaron’s office was below Han Zhan’s. When they were about to reach, Han Zhan suddenly said to Aaron, “Aaron, Edward is already dead. No one will stop you from doing anything anymore. You can fall in love boldly. Your lover will definitely not be the second Ye Chen.”

Aaron hated Edward very much but was also very afraid of him. Only he knew if he was not interested in love or not.

Aaron suddenly turned and smiled at Han Zhan. He suddenly said, “Do you know the Hollywood movie star Sophie?”

Han Zhan frowned. “That Sophie who jumped off a building in the Pentagon and died?”

Aaron nodded. “Mmm, it’s her.”

Han Zhan’s deep eyes were filled with curiosity. He sized up Aaron and asked, “Why are you mentioning her?”

Aaron smiled bitterly. He said, “Sophie is my employer. During the mission, she developed feelings for me. After the mission ended, she pursued me relentlessly. I didn’t like her and even slightly hated the unreasonable her. But Edward found out about that matter, so she fell off the building…”

“I didn’t kill Bo Ren, but Bo Ren died because of me. Brother…” Aaron pointed at his own heart and said resignedly,” Love is with me. Before it sprouted, it was strangled to death by Edward.” ”

“Can you understand how much I envy you now?”

Han Zhan was lucky to have a grandfather with a powerful background, but he was unlucky.

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