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Chapter 302: Aaron: Did You Give Me a Name That Year?

After ending the call with Sicilio, Han Zhan returned to his room to change clothes.

There was no sun today and the air outside was chilly. Han Zhan put on a thermal inner war and sweater, and even wrapped himself in a down jacket to ward off the cold.

When he was young, even during the cold winter, Han Zhan never wore thermal underwear. He always wore a thin sweater and a windbreaker to live the entire winter carefreely.

But now, even without his grandmother’s instructions, he knew that it was going to be winter soon.

He had grown up and become sensible.

Han Zhan went downstairs and saw Song Ci hugging Han Jun and coaxing her softly. Han Jun’s face was slightly red and she looked listless. Her small hands were limp on Song Ci’s arms.

Han Zhan walked over and stood in front of Song Ci. He stared at Little Treasure in her arms and asked, “What happened to Junjun?”

“Her tonsils are inflamed and she has a fever. I just fed her some medicine but she didn’t eat it. She even vomited all the milk she ate this morning.” Han Jun’s vomit was all over Song Ci’s dress.

“I will feed her medicine. Go and change clothes.”


Song Ci boarded the lift to her room to change clothes. When she went downstairs, she saw Han Zhan feeding Han Jun medicine.

Han Jun, who had been making a fuss about not drinking the medicine, was as obedient as a little rabbit in front of Han Zhan.

Han Jun sat very obediently at the infant’s dining table. Han Zhan held a five-milliliter syringe in his hand and said to Han Jun rationally and coldly, “Are you going to eat it yourself, or should I feed you?”

There was no such option to not eat.

Han Jun thought carefully for a moment before opening her mouth. Han Zhan stuffed the syringe into Han Jun’s mouth and slowly pushed the syringe. Meanwhile, Han Jun also frowned and drank the disgusting liquid.

After Han Zhan finished feeding her all the medicine, Song Ci walked up, smiled at the frowning Han Jun, and said to Han Zhan, “Why does she listen to you so much?”

Han Zhan threw the syringe into the dustbin, stood up, and said, “There’s no need to deliberately treat the feeding of medicine as a special matter. Just discuss it with them in the calmest tone possible. Children also know whether it’s good or bad, so they will naturally be obedient.”

“If you don’t believe me, try again in my way this afternoon.”

Song Ci really wanted to give it a try.

As Han Jun had a cold and they were worried that it would spread to Han Miao, the two sisters started to move around separately and slept in their own rooms.

Only when it was breakfast time did Aaron leisurely walk from his room to the dining room.

Aaron was wearing a hoodie and a motorcycle leather jacket today. His long legs were wrapped in a pair of black jeans and didn’t look out of place on him.

Seeing that Han Jun was sickly, Aaron walked over and purposely waved his lollipop in front of her. “Xiao Junjun, do you want some?”

Han Jun opened her mouth happily. She was about to touch the lollipop when she realized that Aaron had moved it away again.

Han Jun felt wronged and pouted, about to cry.

Han Zhan threw a chopstick at Aaron. As if he had a pair of eyes on the back of his head, Aaron suddenly turned back, quickly raised his hand, and grabbed the long chopsticks that were flying over.

Seeing that his sneak attack didn’t succeed, Han Zhan threatened Aaron coldly. “Don’t bully Junjun.”

Aaron said, “Oh, my heart aches.”

Song Ci placed a glass of milk in front of Han Zhan and told Aaron, “Junjun is sick and has a fever. Don’t tease her.”

Since Song Ci had spoken, Aaron didn’t argue with Han Zhan anymore.

He pulled out a chair and sat down. He poured himself a glass of milk, downed it in a few gulps, and picked up his cutlery to eat his fried egg.

Aaron knew how to use chopsticks, but he was not used to using them. Whether it was western food or Chinese food, he preferred to use knives, forks, or spoons.

Han Zhan stared at the reincarnation of Aaron’s evil spirit and asked him, “What were you doing last night?” The butler said that Aaron’s room light was switched on the entire night.

Aaron said, “Playing games with someone.”


“Mmm.” Aaron was slightly excited, as if he had discovered a new joy. He said, “Didn’t your company develop a companion holographic projection game? Nowadays, more and more users are using a companion, and it also produces a holographic game competition.”

“Unlike traditional eSports competitions, holographic games are more exciting. Last night, I played that game on Demon Island and realized that the mental quality of gamers is generally lower.”

“I heard that the winner of the Demon Island game will receive a million yuan reward. I intend to participate.”

Han Zhan asked him, “You lack that million yuan?”

Aaron finished the egg yolk in the egg with one gulp before saying, “Who will despise money?”

Demon Island was rated as the most challenging game in the accompanying holographic online game. The story of Demon Island was about a group of civilized people boarding a plane and landing on a nameless Demon Island to fight with the original residents of Demon Island.

As the game graphics were too bloody and realistic, there were two sides to the user’s evaluation. Game users who liked excitement treated it as a treasure, while netizens who liked beautiful paintings and romantic fairy games felt that Demon Island was a game that only perverts played.

And a little pervert like Aaron loved Demon Island very much.

Actually, the companion gaming cabin was developed by Han Zhan’s company, and one-third of the games in the companion system were developed by Han Zhan’s gaming company.

Han Zhan had really made enough money.

“Aren’t you afraid of losing the competition?” Han Zhan saw that Aaron looked very confident and couldn’t help pouring cold water on him. “After all, this is just a game and not the real world. Perhaps someone’s mental fortitude is better than yours.”

Aaron didn’t believe it. He had seen the most extreme darkness and evil. To Aaron, the Demon Island was a portrayal of his previous life. He didn’t believe that anyone was better than him. In this competition, Aaron was determined to win!

“I won’t be following you guys anymore. Tonight’s first round of the preliminary round will officially start at 8pm. I will be competing then, so don’t disturb me.”

With that, Aaron got up and was about to leave.

Han Zhan asked him again, “Are you going to work dressed like this? You are after all the manager of the special logistics department. Go and change your clothes.”

Aaron said, “I am on leave today. You promised me that I can rest four days a month.”

Han Zhan couldn’t be bothered with Aaron anymore.

After breakfast, Aaron went to the airport. He took out his identification card with the name “Han Rang” written on it, straightened his back, walked to the ticket window, and said to the staff, “I want a ticket to South City.”

Aaron enjoyed the feeling of buying tickets openly with his identity card.

“Sir, your ticket.”

Aaron boarded the plane with the tickets.

Sitting on the plane heading to South City, Aaron kept catching up on sleep.

South City was located in Jiangnan. The winter was so cold that it sent chills down one’s spine. Aaron wrapped his leather jacket tightly around himself, rubbed his nose, and boarded a private car to Qingshui Town.

After two years, when he stepped into Qingshui Town again, Aaron actually didn’t dare to take a step forward. He stood at the entrance of the town, looked up, and stared at the signboard that said “Qingshui Town” in front of the town.

That woman’s face surfaced in Aaron’s mind.

The doctor said that the woman had finally woken up. After knowing that her husband had lost a leg in an accident to protect her, she cried bitterly.

Aaron touched the snake-shaped jade pendant on his neck.

He took a deep breath and walked towards Qingshui Town.

Qingshui Town was as peaceful and quiet as ever. Occasionally, when a car drove past Aaron, they would subconsciously slow down, worried that the wheels would roll up the water on the ground and wet the pants of passersby.

This was a town filled with kindness and beauty.

]As the town was a tourist town, it was filled with ancient buildings that surrounded Qingshui River.

It had just snowed the day before and the ground was wet. On some trees, the snow had not completely melted. Aaron walked past a banyan tree and was even covered in snow.

He shook his head and heard laughter.

Aaron looked up and saw a girl standing at the entrance of a small alley. She was about 20 years old and was wearing a long grey-green down jacket. Her long hair was tied up and she had put on some light makeup.

This was a beautiful girl, very much like Aaron’s mother.

Aaron instantly recognized the other party.

She was his biological mother’s daughter.

“You’re not from our town, right?” Zhong Ling’er looked at Aaron curiously. When Aaron shook off the snow on his head and revealed his handsome mixed-blood face, her eyes were instantly filled with astonishment.

“A foreigner?” Zhong Ling’er was slightly surprised.

Aaron smiled at her and said, “I am not a local. I am from Wangdong City.”

]”Wow, you’re from a big city!” Zhong Ling’er asked Aaron, “Are you here for a holiday?”

“I came to see a family member.”


Zhong Ling’er turned to leave.

Aaron suddenly called out to her. “Little sister.”

Zhong Ling’er turned and smiled. “I am not that young. I am 20 years old this year.”

“That’s still a little sister.” Aaron said, “I am already 30 years old.”

“I couldn’t tell.” Zhong Ling’er was very honest. “I thought you were only 26 or 27 years old.”

Aaron said, “Perhaps I look young.”

Zhong Ling’er smiled again. She probably felt that Aaron was thick-skinned. “Why did you call me?”

Aaron instinctively touched the snake-shaped pendant on his neck and looked hesitant, looking very conflicted.

Zhong Ling’er waited patiently for him to speak.

After a long while, Aaron asked, “I wanted to ask you, where is the town hospital?”

Zhong Ling’er asked him, “Is the relative you want to see at the hospital?”


She kept her smile and said, “The hospital is behind the town, next to the middle school. I am going to the hospital too. Let’s go together.”


Aaron went to the hospital with Zhong Ling’er. In order to reassure the young lady, Aaron took the initiative to walk ahead. Zhong Ling’er stared at Aaron’s back and really wanted to take a photo to tell the sisters in town that a handsome man had come to our town!

But Zhong Ling’er controlled herself.

Due to her upbringing and manners, she was not allowed to secretly take photos of others.

After walking for about half an hour, they walked out of the alley and arrived at Town Middle School. The buildings here were similar to Wangdong City. There was a cement road, tall buildings, and endless streams of cars.

“That’s the hospital.” Zhong Ling’er pointed across the road at the hospital diagonally behind the middle school. “I still need to buy something and can’t go with you. Go yourself.”

“Alright, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Aaron crossed the road and turned to look at Zhong Ling’er. She had entered a restaurant and might have gone to eat.

Aaron looked at the time. It was almost lunchtime.

He walked forward alone and arrived at the town hospital. Standing in front of the nurse’s consultation table, Aaron asked the nurse, “Hello, may I know which ward Gao Yunyun is in?”

Gao Yunyun was transferred from the provincial hospital three months ago. She had been hospitalized for three months and was a famous beauty in Qingshui Town. The nurse naturally remembered her.

The nurse stared at Aaron’s handsome face in a daze. After Aaron repeated the question, she answered, “She’s in bed 36.”

“Alright, thank you.”

Aaron strode towards the ward area and stopped in front of bed 36. For a moment, he didn’t dare to push open that door. The patients and family members passing by were all staring at him curiously.

Aaron clenched his fists before loosening them again.


Aaron took a step forward and opened the door.

There were three beds in the ward.

Although it was just a hospital in town, there were many patients and not a single empty bed. In the middle bed laid a woman sleeping. She was lying sideways with her face facing the window.

Beside the woman sat an uncle in his fifties. He was wearing a down jacket and a hat. He looked very dignified but his expression was very calm. Beside the bedside table in front of him stood a walking stick.

In order to save his wife, he lost a leg.

And they were supposed to live happily ever after. It was all because of me that Edward took revenge on them…

Noticing that there was someone at the door, the man looked up and glanced at Aaron. Suddenly seeing a handsome mixed-blood man’s face, Father Zhong was stunned.

His eyes flashed a few times before he supported himself by the bed with both hands and stood up unsteadily. “You are here to visit Yunyun?”

Father Zhong recognized Aaron.

Why does this Mr. Zhong know me? Aaron was slightly shocked but didn’t show it.

Aaron walked in bewildered. The patients in the other two beds looked at him curiously, then at Gao Yunyun and Father Zhong.

Father Zhong’s voice woke up Gao Yunyun, who was in a light sleep. She opened her eyes and asked her husband, “Is Lingling here?” Lingling was their daughter, Zhong Ling’er.

Not hearing her husband’s reply, Gao Yunyun felt that something was off. Only then did she widen her eyes and look curiously at the person. Gao Yunyun turned and saw a tall, thin, blonde mixed-blood man standing at the end of the bed.

After two years, Gao Yunyun recognized Aaron at a glance.

“You…” Gao Yunyun noticed the snake-shaped pendant that she had given Aaron on his neck and understood everything.” Long time no see. “Her words were filled with indescribable sadness.

Aaron nodded.

Father Zhong hurriedly said to Aaron, “Sit on the stool.” With that, Father Zhong sat down on the bed.

Aaron didn’t decline modestly. He pulled out a stool and sat down. When he looked down, he noticed the empty section under Father Zhong’s pants and felt very upset.

Aaron looked up at Mr. Zhong’s face that was obviously much thinner than two years ago and couldn’t help saying, “Mr. Zhong, if you are willing, I want to customize a pair of prosthetic limbs for you.”

Father Zhong was momentarily stunned. He hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I’m not young anymore. I won’t trouble you anymore. Thank you for your concern.”

Aaron knew that Father Zhong would refuse. He took out a name card from his pocket and said, “I have already contacted the doctor for you. By then, you just need to cooperate with the doctor for his checkups and rehabilitation exercises. This is the doctor’s number. He will come to Qingshui Town in the next few days and will come to look for you.”

Father Zhong was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say.

Gao Yunyun, who had been staring at Aaron in silence, suddenly said, “Child, push me out. Let’s go out for a walk and talk, alright?”


Aaron carried Gao Yunyun up from the bed and placed her on the wheelchair.

Father Zhong hurriedly covered Gao Yunyun’s legs with a blanket, patted her shoulder, and said, “You guys chat, I will lie down and rest for a while.”


Aaron watched the interaction between Gao Yunyun and Father Zhong and felt slightly envious.

He used the wheelchair to push Gao Yunyun to the resting area of the Inpatient Department. There were two rows of chairs there. Gao Yunyun sat in the wheelchair and Aaron sat in the chair.

The mother-son duo looked at each other with a myriad of emotions in their eyes.

“Child.” Gao Yunyun reached out her hands to Aaron.

Aaron was stunned for a moment before understanding that Gao Yunyun wanted to hold his hand. Aaron hurriedly reached out his hands.

Gao Yunyun held his hand and felt the gun cocoon in his hand. Her eyes reddened. “I still don’t know your name.”

But Aaron said, “I don’t know my name.” His eyes burned slightly and he actually felt like crying.

Aaron asked Gao Yunyun, “Did you give me a name back then?”

Gao Yunyun’s tears blurred. She gently wiped them and said, “Yes, I gave you a name. It’s not very nice. It’s called Gao Shan.”

Aaron tasted the word on the tip of his tongue before asking, “What do you mean?”

Gao Yunyun smiled sheepishly and said, “The high mountains are high and the scenery is vast. This is a famous poem in our country. Meanwhile, Gao Shan means the quality of virtue.”

Gao Yunyun hoped that Aaron would become a virtuous person when he grew up and not be as arrogant and heartless as his cold father.

Aaron was momentarily silent after hearing the meaning of the name Gao Shan.

A virtuous person…

His life before the age of 31 could be said to be filled with evil deeds. He was completely incompatible with the word “virtuous”.

But Aaron didn’t want Gao Yunyun to know about those things.

Aaron just smiled, revealing two friendly dimples. He said, “My name is Aaron, and my surname is Han because I followed my second brother. My second brother is Han Zhan, the boss of Zeus Corporation. I am living very well with him now.”

Gao Yunyun had been in a coma for several months and was not familiar with Zeus Corporation. She was relieved to know that Aaron was doing well now. But she also noticed his words: “I am living very well with him now’

If he’s doing well now, what about in the past?

Gao Yunyun couldn’t help asking, “Does your father treat you well?”

Aaron shook his head. “Very bad.”

Gao Yunyun’s heart ached. “Did he bully you?”

“He always asked me to do things that I don’t love…” But Aaron didn’t explain in detail what he did, afraid that Gao Yunyun would feel pain in her heart.” But it’s good now. He’s dead and I’m free.”

At the mention of his father’s death, Aaron was very cold. After saying that, he even smiled sincerely.

Gao Yunyun stared at Aaron’s smiling face and felt very pained. How inhumane must a father do to a child to make the child smile happily at the mention of his father’s death?

Gao Yunyun didn’t dare to think too deeply.

Aaron saw that Gao Yunyun’s eyes were red again and realized that his words might make her unhappy. Aaron changed the topic and said, “Mr. Zhong is very good to you.”

Hearing Aaron mention Mr. Zhong, Gao Yunyun smiled. “He is indeed very good to me. I knew him when I was still in Harbor City. At that time, he was my driver and my bodyguard. When I decided to leave the music circles, he also followed me back to my hometown.”

“Although your Uncle Zhong looks dignified, he is actually a very gentle man.” At the mention of Mr. Zhong, Gao Yunyun’s eyes were filled with happiness and love.

Aaron was happy for Gao Yunyun.

Thinking of Mr. Zhong’s leg, Aaron frowned again. Aaron said to Gao Yunyun, “That accident was actually not an accident.”

He didn’t know if Gao Yunyun knew the truth, but Aaron decided to let her know.

Meeting Gao Yunyun’s stunned expression, Aaron understood that Gao Yunyun knew nothing about this. Aaron suppressed the uneasiness in his heart and continued, “It was Edward. In order to threaten me, he purposely harmed you guys.”

“I’m sorry.”

Aaron was not a crybaby, but at this moment, his eyes couldn’t help turning red as tears streamed down his face.

After a moment of shock, Gao Yunyun accepted this fact. “I see. I knew that the car accident was somewhat strange.”

“You can blame me, and you should blame me. I am the one who has let you down. I found a doctor for Mr. Zhong. The prosthetic limbs made by that doctor are very compatible with one’s bones and are very flexible. Please accept my help. Otherwise, my conscience will not be at ease.”

What kind of blow was it for a pillar of the family to suddenly lose his leg?!

Aaron even took out his own card and handed it to Gao Yunyun. He said, “I have donated all my previous assets. The money in this bank card is my salary for the past few months and the money from my delivery. They… they are all clean.”

“In the future, I will continue to transfer money into the card. In the future, I will bear the responsibility of your family, including your daughter’s studies.”

Mr. Zhong had become handicapped because of him. He should take good care of this family.

Gao Yunyun stared at the card in a daze and didn’t reach out her hand. “I will get your Uncle Zhong to work with the doctor for his prosthetic limbs, but this money…”

Gao Yunyun shook her head and said gently, “Child, I brought you to this world. It is my regret not being by your side for a day.”

“Edward is to blame for this disaster, not you. You don’t have to live such a tiring life. Since the money is clean, keep it for yourself.”

Looking at Aaron lovingly, Gao Yunyun smiled and suddenly said, “Are you married?”

Aaron shook it. “No.”

“Then use this clean money to find a good lady. Watching you build a family and a career is the best way to repay me.” Gao Yunyun pushed Aaron’s hand that was holding the card back into his arms. “I won’t accept the money. But you can visit me frequently in the future. Your Uncle Zhong and I welcome you.”

Aaron gripped the card tightly and couldn’t help asking, “How did Uncle Zhong know of my existence?”

Gao Yunyun smiled calmly and told Aaron, “When I was in confinement, it was your Uncle Zhong who took care of me. He was the one who bathed you and made milk for you…”

Hearing this, Aaron fell silent.

He couldn’t help thinking that if Edward hadn’t taken him away back then and he had been raised by Gao Yunyun and Mr. Zhong, would he have also grown into an upright, noble man?

Aaron felt despondent at the thought of this.

He was rotten.

Rotten from inside out.

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