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Chapter 299: Song Ci, You are the Medicine Man

Song Tingyun had never told the Song sisters the truth behind her grandfather’s death. They only knew that their father lost his grandfather when he was 15 years old.

From what the village head said, Grandfather died an unnatural death?

Only then did Song Fei, who had been silent all this while, ask the village chief, “Village Chief, how did my grandfather die? Was he murdered?”

Village Chief looked at the sisters in astonishment. “Don’t you know?” Village Chief glanced at the two sisters suspiciously, slightly doubting their identities and motives.

Song Ci and her sister looked like their mother and didn’t have any similarities with Song Tingyun. Song Qingkuang had died so tragically and the case had yet to be solved. It had become the only unsolved case in their land. The village chief couldn’t help feeling suspicious of this pair of sisters.

He suspected that the Song sisters were related to the murderer.

Song Ci could tell that the village chief was on guard and hurriedly explained. “It’s like this. Our father usually doesn’t tell us such things. Perhaps he feels that it’s too bloody.”

The village leader still didn’t believe it.

The village leader looked at them warily and suddenly said, “Let me see your identification cards.”

Song Ci and Song Fei were both stunned. They didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as they took their identification cards. Seeing that the two of them indeed had the surname Song, the village chief’s doubts faded slightly, but he still didn’t trust them.

“Is there anything else that can prove your identities?” The village chief said frankly, “Uncle Song’s death is a major event. We usually don’t mention it.”

“We understand. Please wait a moment.” Song Ci opened her cell phone and found a photo of her family of four from many years ago.

“Village Chief, look. This is my father’s appearance when he becomes an adult. You must have seen him before.”

After Song Tingyun and Jiang Shiyu retired to Wangdong City, they had come to Lan Ying Village to pay respects to their deceased father. He must have met the village chief after coming all the way back.

As expected, after the village chief saw the photo, all the doubts in his eyes disappeared. “Sigh, Brother Yun is so capable to have found such a beautiful wife. No wonder you sisters are so good-looking. You followed your mother.”

Song Tingyun was also a handsome man and looked rather compatible with Jiang Shiyu.

After returning the cell phone and identity cards to the sisters, the village chief lit another cigarette.

The village chief said faintly, “Your grandfather used to live on that mountain. At that time, our village hadn’t been connected to the road. Your grandfather helped dig this road at the entrance of our village committee. It was just laid with cement a few years ago.”

He smoked and narrowed his eyes as he gazed at the tall mountain opposite the village commission’s office. It was three mountains that were close together. The mountain in the middle was hidden behind the mountains on both sides. One could vaguely see a huge maple leaf halfway up the mountain.

In this season, the maple trees were bare and looked bleak.

“After Uncle Song brought the one-year-old Brother Yun to our village, he stayed there. I also heard this from my parents. I was still in my mother’s womb then.”

“Brother Yun and I grew up together. My house is at the foot of the mountain. The children then were even more wild than the children now. They didn’t feel tired running around the mountains.”

“There are medicinal herbs planted behind Uncle Song’s door and behind his house. They are all things I have never seen before. Uncle Song is a very kind-hearted person. No matter who it is, if they come to seek his treatment, he will accept them.”

“At that time, Uncle Song was the same as us. He lived in a mud house built from bricks and wood. Uncle Song had two guest rooms. All year round, there were always people staying at his house to recuperate. Sometimes they were from the village, sometimes they came from the county, and sometimes there were even people from other provinces.”

“Uncle Song’s fees for treating patients are also reasonable. He is a famous good doctor in this area. It’s a pity…” The village chief heaved a long sigh and said,” How can such a good person die so tragically? ”

Song Ci instinctively grabbed Song Fei’s hand. Song Fei remained silent but patted the back of Song Ci’s hand to comfort her.

The village chief’s pupils quivered. He probably thought of how Uncle Song looked when he passed away and felt terrified. His voice was trembling as he said, “One morning, I went to look for Brother Yun to play. On the way, I realized that something was hanging under that maple tree. I thought it was something Uncle Song and the rest sunbathed, so I didn’t think much of it. I ran to the Song Family and called Brother Yun. Then I looked up and saw Uncle Song…”

The village leader’s voice was slightly unsteady and his expression was filled with fear. He said, “Uncle Song was hanged under that maple tree in front of the door. His nose was dug out and his hands were cut off…”

“As for Brother Yun, he hid in the toilet for the entire night in the pig pen. When we found him, he was lying on the pile of feces like a big word. His face was so cold that it was purple.”

Song Ci shuddered and didn’t dare to imagine that scene.

Song Fei also frowned, her expression slightly ugly. “Where’s the murderer? Hasn’t anyone seen the murderer?”

“No.” The village chief shook his head and said, “At that time, the electricity in the village was not turned on and every family used kerosene lamps. Once it was dark, they closed the door and went to bed. Moreover, Uncle Song and the rest lived halfway up the mountain and were very far from the families at the foot of the mountain. The murderer killed someone and left whenever he wanted to.”

“We called the police at that time, but there was nothing the police could do. It was not like now. There was no fingerprint or DNA test. Without any witnesses or suspects, this murder case became unsolved!”

The village leader added. “Uncle Song is respected in our village and doesn’t have any bad relationships. He doesn’t even bicker and speaks amicably to anyone. That murderer is very likely Uncle Song’s old enemy.”

Uncle Song was very young and a very capable doctor, but he carried the child to this remote village, it was probably to seek refuge.

Unexpectedly, the enemy was so difficult to deal with. They had already hidden so far away, but still couldn’t escape death.

Song Ci and Song Fei agreed with the village chief’s views, but the sisters wisely didn’t discuss this topic. Song Fei asked the village chief, “Village chief, where is my grandfather buried?”

Village Chief pointed at that maple tree and said, “Brother Yun buried Uncle Song under that maple tree.”

“We want to pay our respects to him…”

The village leader waved his hand. “Tomorrow. We have to worship the dead in the morning and not in the afternoon. The Yin aura is very strong.”

Song Ci and Song Fei were in no hurry and decided to go tomorrow morning.

“Stay at my house tonight. Tomorrow morning, I will bring you up the mountain. The road on the mountain will most likely be gone.”


At night, they had dinner with a group of village leaders in the village council office. After dinner, Song Ci and Song Fei drove to the village chief’s house and alighted with the gifts they had bought from the city.

Song Fei said, “Luckily you bought gifts.”

After staying in the county last night, Song Ci said that she wanted to buy some gifts. At that time, Song Fei felt that she was being superfluous.

Unexpectedly, it really came in handy.

Song Ci was indeed good at being likable. Song Fei stroked Song Ci’s hair and said, “No wonder Father and Mother both like you. You are likable.”

Song Ci retorted. “Father and Mother like me mainly because I was always sick when I was young, alright?” Song Ci was weak before she was 7 years old and would be locked at home to drink medicine every winter.

As they felt that she was a pitiful little girl, her parents doted on her even more. But they also loved Song Fei.

“Alright, go in.”

The village head returned home and started a fire. He was rather surprised to see Song Ci and the rest carrying gifts.

Song Ci didn’t buy an especially expensive gift. It was just a small token of appreciation. The village head was also a person who didn’t mind trifles and accepted the gift graciously.

The countryside was very cold, especially in the high mountains. Once winter came, the cold wind would blow so hard that one’s face would turn red. At night, Song Ci applied skincare products to her face vigorously.

Song Fei only applied some facial cream and laid on the bed to fiddle with her computer. When she turned on the computer, Song Ci was applying skincare products. After she finished talking to someone, she looked up and saw that Song Ci was still applying skincare products.

Song Fei placed the laptop aside and asked her, “Can your face handle all this?”

Song Ci turned and patted her own face. Song Ci was very satisfied with her elastic and tender skin. “What do you think? Don’t you think my skin is very good?”

Song Fei said, “I only use facial cream. Do you think my skin is bad?”

Song Fei’s skin was really not bad.

Song Ci stared at the bottles and jars on her table, then looked at Song Fei’s small jar of facial cream. She suddenly felt that all her years of skincare costs had been wasted.

Song Ci climbed into bed and laid down where Song Fei was sleeping comfortably. She said, “There must be a reason why skincare products are so expensive. The more expensive they are, the better the composition…”

“It’s enough to use facial cream and sunscreen. If there are too many, your skin won’t be able to take it. Some people always have pimples and shut up. Actually, their skin is too delicate and can’t accept so many skincare products.”

Song Fei said, “Believe me, I’ve seen the price list of ingredients for the most expensive skincare products. You’ll vomit blood if you see it.”

Hearing this, Song Ci pointed out sharply. “How can you tell?”

Song Fei stopped talking.

Song Ci asked her, “Did you hack someone else’s company again?”

Song Fei remained silent.

“Song Fei, let me tell you. You can’t do whatever you want just because you are skilled. There is always someone better. Be careful that you will be arrested one day.”

Song Fei turned off the lights. “Sleep!”

Only then did Song Ci shut up.

She even had to wear an eye mask to sleep.

The night in the countryside was very peaceful. In winter, one could hear the cold wind whistling outside the window. Lanying Village was not like the northeastern families who heated their kang beds. At night, they had to hide in their beds and rely on themselves to heat up.

The more Song Ci slept, the colder she felt. In the end, she kept burrowing into Song Fei’s arms. Song Fei simply hugged Song Ci, and only then did Song Ci settle down.

She slept through the night. When she woke up, Song Ci realized that she had reached out to Song Fei’s stomach.

She hurriedly pulled her hand out.

Song Fei was already awake and playing with her cell phone.

Realizing that Song Ci was awake, Song Fei said, “You kept touching me last night and touched many parts of me…” Song Fei’s expression was slightly gossipy.” Do you always like to touch Han Zhan when you sleep? ”

Song Ci was speechless.

Song Fei added. “You touched some places and even asked me why it disappeared.” Song Fei looked at Song Ci with a faint smile and despised her. “You are really a sex demon.”

Song Ci was too ashamed to face anyone.

She hurriedly got up and put on her clothes. “Don’t you touch Yan Jiang?”

Song Fei shook her head. “No.”

After a pause, Song Fei added. “He always touches me.”

Song Ci admitted defeat.

The two sisters got dressed and went downstairs to wash up and brush their teeth. The village chief’s wife had already made breakfast. It was shredded meat and egg noodles and it tasted rather good.

After eating, the village chief applied for leave from the village council and brought the two sisters up the mountain.

Song Ci was carrying a big bag. Song Fei carried a hoe in one hand and a shovel in the other. She planned to go up the mountain to renovate Grandpa’s grave.

Song Qingkuang had been dead for more than 40 years and not many people remembered Dr. Song anymore. As a result, no one went up the mountain to pay respects to him. In addition, after his economy developed and his life improved, no one stayed on the mountain anymore.

Forty years ago, this path that they had stepped on was called the path of survival. But now, everything had changed. The path was covered in trees and weeds, and there was no way to see the path.

The village leader stopped smoking after reaching the top of the mountain. He was afraid of igniting the volcano.

He was holding a scimitar and a wooden stick. As he scouted the way, he cut down the weeds.

It looked like a very short road, but it took more than two hours.

he maple tree was still there and was even thicker than 40 years ago. Village Chief stood under the tree and pointed at a branch of the maple tree. “Uncle Song was hung on this branch.”

Song Ci and Song Fei looked up at that branch. They couldn’t help feeling sad at the thought of their grandfather being hung here.

There were all sorts of weeds growing under the maple tree. Song Ci’s expression brightened when she saw those things. “They are all herbs!”

Song Fei stared at those herbs with a lost expression. “What herbs are they?”

Song Ci shot Song Fei a questioning look. “Song Fei, you don’t even know the herbs and you still want to participate in the Mo Family’s competition?”

Song Fei actually nodded calmly. “I don’t know anything about Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

Song Ci was stunned.

If you don’t know anything about Traditional Chinese Medicine, why did you participate in the Traditional Chinese Medicine competition?

Song Fei said, “We’re going to the Mo Family to investigate the truth behind Father and Grandpa’s expulsion. Don’t even think about competitions. I don’t understand at all.”

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Song Fei was inferior to Song Ci.

Song Fei had a good memory for numbers and symbols, so she was very talented in the field of viruses and chemistry. But for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Song Fei couldn’t do it.

Song Fei couldn’t remember all the strange names of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs. Meanwhile, Song Ci’s health had been poor since young and she often drank Chinese medicine. Under Song Chengyun’s influence, she also dabbled in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Song Ci just wanted to roll her eyes. It looked like geniuses were not all-rounded.

She felt that she would be eliminated in the first round if she went to the Mo Family this time.

Indeed, geniuses were not all-rounded.

“Uncle Song’s grave is over there.” The village chief pointed at the land with the most lush herbs. Song Ci and Song Fei walked up and stared at the herbs. Song Ci said, “I will transplant all these herbs and bring them back later.”

“What is this?”

Song Ci stared at the medicinal herb before saying, “I think it’s Soul-Subduing Herb.” Soul-Subduing Herb was a very effective herb for treating mental illnesses. This herb was very rare and was often used by Traditional Chinese Medicine to suppress depression and mental illnesses.

This herb could suppress the mental disorder of a mental patient and allow them to maintain their composure for a period of time.

“That’s quite useful.”

Song Ci plucked the herbs, tied them into a bundle, and placed them carefully on the empty ground. She plucked all the herbs clean before revealing the true appearance of the grave below. That grave had already turned into a pile of dirt and didn’t have the shape of a tombstone.

Uncle Song said, “The last time Brother Yun came back was more than 10 years ago. At that time, he even said that he would renovate the grave the next time he came, but he never came…”

]”Father passed away in the Bijiang earthquake with my mother.”

“I see.” The village leader sighed. “Brother Yun and Uncle Song are not that fortunate.”

Song Ci and Song Fei thanked the village chief and let him go down the mountain first. The sisters took a hoe and shovel to repair the grave. They erected a wooden tablet in front of the tombstone and used paint to write Song Gan’s name on it.

The two sisters offered incense to Grandpa and kowtowed.

After doing all of this, Song Ci and Song Fei were slightly tired. The two sisters sat in front of their grandfather’s grave, eating bread and drinking water. Song Ci stared at the two herb fields in front of her, as well as the ruined house at the end of the herb fields that had many corners collapsed.

Song Ci said, “Our father grew up here.”

Song Fei said, “Perhaps there are traces of Father and Grandpa living here.”

The two sisters looked at each other and said, “Let’s go and take a look!”

After finishing her bread, Song Ci stood up, clapped her hands, and entered the house with Song Fei. In the middle of the long row of houses was the main house. The main house had already collapsed and was filled with weeds.

The side door on the left side of the main house was already overgrown with weeds. Song Ci stood at the door and said, “This house doesn’t seem to have collapsed yet.”

Song Fei said, “Perhaps the house will collapse if you open the door.”

Song Ci said, “Let me try.”

She pushed open the door easily.

Inside the house, there should be a room. A rack that had been chewed up by insects could be seen. There were also some stools in the room that were already broken.

Song Ci and Song Fei stood at the door for a while. After confirming that the house wouldn’t collapse immediately, they entered. This should be their grandfather’s room. There was a bookshelf in the room and the medical books on it had long been stuck together and couldn’t be opened.

Song Ci tried to take out a medical book. She opened it and saw the yellowing paper and faint handwriting. She sighed. “Our grandfather’s handwriting is so good.”

Song Qingkuang’s handwriting was very beautiful. Occasionally, one could see some fountain pen words. The calligraphy writing was made of thin gold, while the calligraphy writing was made of straw. The handwriting was like a person, frivolous and unrestrained.

Song Ci placed that book back and looked at the other books.

Song Fei also opened a wooden box and saw that it was filled with messy herbs. She instantly lost interest. Song Ci searched the shelves and chose a red book.

She opened the book and realized that there was a letter inside.

“Song Fei! Look!”

Song Fei walked over and stood beside Song Ci. She looked down at the letter. The handwriting on the letter was very delicate. The recipient was called Mo Qingbei, but there was only one word:


Song Ci and Song Fei exchanged glances.

Song Ci asked, “Are you going to open it?”

Song Fei said, “If I say no, won’t you open it?”

Song Ci rubbed her nose. “Let’s open it then.”

Song Ci took out that letter. The two sisters squatted on the floor of the room and carefully opened it. Once the envelope was opened, something fell.

The thing fell onto Song Ci’s lap.

Song Ci looked down and realized that it was a maple leaf that had been carefully stored.

Song Fei took the leaf and said, “This is a leaf specimen. At that time, they already knew how to give others a leaf specimen. Looks like the person who wrote to our grandfather was a lady.”

Song Ci smiled knowingly. “Perhaps it’s our grandmother.”

Song Fei also nodded.

Song Ci opened the letter.

On the mottled letter, a page of elegant handwriting was written with a thin black brush.

Zhan Xinjia:

You asked me in the letter before. Who am I?

I know who you are. Mo Qianbei, the most dazzling genius of the Mo Family.

So now I will tell you the answer.

Hello, Mo Qiangkuang. I am Nangong Yingying, someone that was raised on the hill behind the Mo family by them.

You must have seen me. Five years ago, your father brought your brother to the back of the mountain to retrieve the medicine. At that time, you asked your father if the medicine man was a human or medicine?

Your father told you it was medicine.

But you didn’t answer. You just kept looking at me like you were thinking about what I was.

Then, the most dazzling young genius of the Mo Family, please tell me the true answer in your heart. I want to know if in your heart, the medicine man is the medicine or a person?

Mo Qingkuang, what is the present I want the most?

What I want is freedom.

Mo Qingkuang, if you can give me freedom, I will give you my heart and my life.

Looking forward to your reply. Nangong Yingying.

After reading this letter, Song Ci was confused. She turned to look at Song Fei and saw that she was frowning deeply. Song Ci asked her, “What’s the matter?”

Song Fei smiled at her. “No, I just feel that it was rather romantic to rely on letters to bond in that era.”

But Song Fei’s expression didn’t look like it at all.

Song Ci couldn’t help asking, “What is the medicine man?”

Song Fei shook her head. “I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve heard of it.”

“Could it be that the medicine man is medicine into the shape of a person?” Song Ci read the letter again and said, “That’s not right. From the meaning of this lady called Nangong Yingying’s words, she’s obviously that medicine man.”

“Song Fei, only people can write. What the hell is this medicine man? What do you mean by medicine man? Is it a person or a medicine? Isn’t it human who can write, speak, and think?”

Song Fei’s expression turned even colder. She snatched the letter from Song Ci’s hand and said, “This Mo Family is boring. I think we shouldn’t go to this Mo Family.”

But Song Ci said, “No way. Grandpa was murdered just like that. It must be the Mo Family! I can’t let the Mo Family off just like that. I can’t accept it if I don’t seek justice for Grandpa.”

“I want to find out what exactly Grandpa did to deserve having his nose pinched after his death! Is the Mo Family kind-hearted or heartless?!”

Song Fei saw that Song Ci was so determined and regretted it slightly. She clenched the paper in her hand tightly. After a long while, she said, “Song Ci, I know the medicine man.”

Then you said you didn’t know just now!” Song Ci asked Song Fei unhappily, “What is a medicine man?”

Song Fei said, “In ancient times, there was a Nangong family. The men of this family were born to be warlike and were the pillars that supported the defense of the country. The women of this family were born beautiful and smart. Many empresses were once from this family.”

“But the Nangong Family has a very low fertility rate. It’s easy for the fetus to miscarry in the womb. In order to ensure the family’s reproduction and development, their patriarch asked the patriarch of the Mo Family for a powerful pregnancy stabilizing medicine. After taking that medicine, almost every fetus can be successfully born. After they are born, their bodies are very weak and they need to be treated with good medicine.”

“These children who were raised by medicinal herbs, after their bodies were modified by medicinal herbs, they became the best medicinal herbs. The Mo Family called them medicine man.”

“The medicine man’s blood can improve the medicine’s efficacy and cleanse the medicine. Taking their flesh for a long time can even allow the terminally ill to recover.”

Song Ci frowned. “Isn’t that murder?”

“Yes, it’s murder. But to the Mo Family, the medicine man is not human but medicine. The destruction of the Nangong Family is because of the Mo Family.”

Song Fei looked at Song Ci with a complicated expression. She said, “Medicine men have a medicinal fragrance. When they are agitated or after a lovemaking session, their bodies will emit the medicinal fragrance.”

“As for the Mo Family, they are born sensitive to the scent of medicine people. They can always accurately find the whereabouts of every medicine person…”

Song Ci secretly swallowed and patted her chest. “So disgusting!”

But Song Fei’s next sentence turned Song Ci into a popsicle.

“Song Ci, you are a medicine man.”

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